“Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua” – The murder of two tourists leads Five-0 to a man suffering from multiple personality disorder, where one of them becomes violent and another is a child. McGarrett is accompanied on the case by a stress management consultant, whom Danny and the others have hired to help him manage his health.

CBS translated Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua to Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers

I’m sure you expected a detailed review for last Friday’s episode. Yeah, me too. I didn’t expect to turn off the TV 10 minutes into the show. But that is what I did. I couldn’t bear to watch that crappy storyline.

I did finish the episode the next day though. Did it get any better? Nope, not really.

Tell me something, when has Steve ever shown any signs of stress? Stress he couldn’t handle? I can’t think of a single scene. Not one.

And again this was not about Steve. No, it was about the unbearable sidekick who’s not able to handle any situation that life throws at him. He can’t handle his family situation, he can’t handle his work, and he for sure can’t handle that his friend might or might not get sick down the road.

And we had to endure all this crap, and the very unfunny consultant lady just because of him.

He thinks Steve takes the situation too lightly? You have to be an idiot to think that Steve isn’t scared. And you also have to be an idiot not to know your friend, and how he handles himself and all situations he’s ever been in. Head on, not obsessing about it, but simply dealing with it.

You know, when the only sane people in the room are Steve, Junior, and, wait for it… The Bounty Hunter, I seriously have to think about if this show is still the right one for me.

One thing I am sure about is that this episode was one of the worst since the three drunken idiots from a few seasons back.

What a waste of time.

P.S. This is my opinion about the episode, and mine alone. Don’t get your panties in a twist if you loved the episode and think I’m an idiot. Fine by me. Simply do what I’m doing… move on.


38 thoughts on “8.06

  1. Steve is a Seal! He can handle whatever pain that can come his way. But the C.O.T.W. was sadly pushed on back. Wished the show would had given a PSA over on it. As really know the feeling of mental illness. As taken medication as well as seeking counseling. A little OT but have Aspergers a form of Autism. And also was part of in a sense an intervention. Know the feeling a bit.

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    1. My kid has Aspergers too, Babe. Some days are definitely harder than others. ❤

      And I agree…McG is the toughest one among them. They got no idea what he can bear, that would crack every single one of them. Well said. 😉

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  2. I expected the worst and well, it got worse…
    Ok, let me quickly summarize what was good:
    – Steve (looking mighty fine)
    – Steve (staying calm and polite)
    – Steve (focused, large and in charge)
    – Steve (playing along – I bow my head!)
    – Steve…
    – Eddie
    – Junior (thank you for being a voice of reason because you KNOW!)
    – Dog (wow…)
    – and here I‘m running out of more things to list…

    I need a week to digest this crap and whew, next week the one who came up with the clever idea to corner his best friend in his own house will miss yet another episode. Grateful for small favors.
    I still love this show but this was so very bad.
    The COTW could’ve been very intersting but dwindled into the background as the writers thought we should rather watch an insensitive partner do his thing and learn about chatty so called girlfriends. Seriously?

    Things can only get better, right??
    One can never hope too much.
    I’m still here, cause I will „watch and see“… 😉

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  3. I would call this a very ill-considered episode. For just the reasons Sam noted above.

    McG has never lapsed into a stress meltdown, even when he was carrying the glowing crap that got him radiated in the first place…as Dannoying freaked out but doing NOTHING to help. And Danno the Betrayer, Danno the Pants-Shitter, did panick and can’t sleep cos he IS the one light-weight on this team. I also note he waited til Chin and Kono were gone before he decided to jack his boss and supposed friend. Cos dem cuzzes, aware of the man-god that is McG, woulda had nothing to do with this bullshit move.

    That said, I enjoyed this ep way more than thought I would. First of all, McG looked splendid. Absolutely beautiful. Radiation poisoning becomes him, apparently. He definitely had a glow. 😉

    Also, Alex acted the shite outta this. The calm, collected, at large and in charge SmoothDog oozed and ahhhed in every scene. He once again showed he is the adult on this team. And Alex is the actor among this cast.

    I adore that Junior and Dog…Dog!…stood up for their better man, recognized that he IS the better man, and yay, Dog, for calling Danno out for the part pussy/part worm he is and always has been. Him blabbing about McG’s sex life deserved the cold rap he got from his boss and *supposed* friend. And yes, Sam, while the stress nurse was an idiot, she correctly fingered Dannoying as the main culprit in McG’s daily irk load.

    He’s the worst *friend* ever. McG’s the best. Show has never once shown any reason for McG to put up with, much less like, this miniature pale windbag. This ep cemented my correct POV regarding him. McG is a Saint.

    And a pretty one. Did I mention the pretty?

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      1. Hey, Dog called out Dannoying for the rat he is. I now have an iota of respect for Dog.

        And btw, his acting in this ep beat out Scott’s too, tho that’s always been a low bar to leap…

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  4. Steve will get me to watch pretty much anything. Steve and Eddie with make me watch more. Steve and Lynn need to talk about boundaries. Everything else, y’all said.

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    1. I am thinking that Lynn and Melissa are commiserating about the lack of commitment from Steve and Danny and they are talking about that. Must be lots of text messages going back and forth between them. Rachel and Cath are still in the background, so it can’t be easy for them to know that. I think that is how Lynn and Melissa will exit their lives.

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      1. Oh please make that how it goes. Clearly Melissa and Lynn need to commiserate on the men in their lives because they aren’t spending much time with them. I doubt Lynn is sleeping over much with Junior staying there.

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  5. with Danny it’s always about Danny. He does this super insulting intervention, talks others into participating, despite them not being “all in” with it, hires a damn typical H50 Charletain crackpot stress counselor (notice they are always overweight, quirky wimmens? ) all because Steve isn’t acting in a way that Dannoying finds appropriate. Danny either doesn’t know how to read people or just doesn’t care to look. I Danny is feeling it and others aren’t – well then THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM. Why show continues to portray Danny as the weak-minded self absorbed boob is beyond me. Why people like this and think it’s beautiful stumps me even more. Steve should have thrown both Danny AND the stress chick out of the car during the sex talk.

    Remember when Navy-Cath showed up at a crime scene and people lost their shit because she wasn’t “Qualified” to be there? Did they similarly lose their cool when Stress Lady got all kevlar’d up? No? knock me over with a feather.

    Alicia was properly used in this one, until things got weird at the end anyway. But, yay Alicia for saving the day! Glad you didn’t get your ass shot in an ugly blue dress. PS – I am so glad she wasn’t at the intervention.

    I watched late. after reading reactions. I didn’t hate this one nearly as much as others – my bar is set really really low these days. McG looked great – he must be getting laser treatments to remove all of his scars. The makeup team has just thrown their hands in the air and said “F*ck it” like the rest of us, it seems.

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  6. OK, let me go out on a limb here. I liked parts of the show. In fact, I really liked parts of it. Steve was wonderful and he kept it all together with class. Junior just went to the top of my list. He knows what Steve has gone through and he gave his opinion – very respectfully… Junior is very sweet. I really like his character.

    Eddie as a traitor? Poor doggy. 🙂

    Speaking of Dog, WHY is that man still on the show? He adds nothing but face time for this person and not a thing to the storyline. I. Can’t. Stand. Him. And I saw that he and his wife were at Sunset last Friday. Ugh. OK, I digress.

    I could not stand Danny. As you all said, this was all about him. Nothing to do with Steve. But I did like that in the end, they talked, and Steve got HIS point across. Not that Danny will remember it, but Steve said his peace.

    Didn’t like the therapist, but she did realize that Steve was who he is and he is coping just fine without all her interference. Loved that Steve called her out for talking to Danny, although everything she said to Danny was oh-so-true.

    Steve is the most calm person on that show. He thinks through what needs to be done (yes, sometimes he QUICKLY thinks what needs to be done and does it. Danny sees that as reckless but it is procedure from Steve’s point of view. I only hope that once Junior gets on the team, they show them together.

    All in all, I was so glad to see Steve again, I am in process of watching it again. And this time, I can fast forward through what I don’t want to hear.

    Looks like I’m in the minority here… but that’s OK, too. I can take it. 🙂

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    1. I totally agree with you about Junior and Steve. And I wonder why Dog is still there, but in this episode I liked him.
      Despite enjoying Steve, the ridiculous storyline simply ruined the episode for me.
      Sometimes pretty is not enough.

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    2. good point – Steve was being the old Steve here. He’s matured a bit, maybe doesn’t take so many chances, but he’s there. I was just so struck by the lack of self awareness from Danny, and the things he would put his “BFF” through simply because he can’t handle his own stress – I would have been livid if I were Steve.

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  7. Thank you, Sam. For me, this was the worst episode in the show’s history and considering some of the horrors perpetrated on the fans, that is saying something. When the best thing I can say about this is that Alex looked fine you know the end is near. The network won’t kill this show. It is killing itself. It’s jumping right over the cliff and in the way of the shark. And it is unfair to fans who have supported H50 all along to be repaid in this way.

    Is Danny so insecure that he needs to accuse Junior of disagreeing with his “intervention” and that he implies it is only because Steve lets him live there? Is he jealous that there is someone that Steve wants to mentor? I think so. I have always believed that Danny would rather be Steve than Danny. The stress counselor was not funny at all. It makes me wonder why mental health professionals are treated as jokes instead of as professionals.

    I did not enjoy the COTW at all. That is a complex disorder and was not written well. I think Alicia is flat out crazy and that stunt of wearing the dead mother’s dress and not knowing which personality was in control was beyond belief. For a minute I thought the big turn was that another female character was being written out. So much for cutting bananas the long way.

    When Steve and Danny had that ridiculous conversation at the end, they looked embarrassed to have to say those lines out loud. It seemed as though they would both prefer root canal. Maybe Eddie should just do twenty minutes of licking Steve’s face. That’s a bromance where there is no whiny partner. Now we know Steve wants to maybe get married and have kids someday. But first there is that little problem of radiation poisoning.

    The only hope this show has it to have Steve host a going away party for Danny. They could invite the same characters from the intervention. Maybe Eddie could water Danny’s shoes as a parting present.

    I vote no on 806.

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  8. I feel in good company with this site. I did stick it out for the whole show because my addiction to Alex/Steve is so strong that I can’t ignore an hour he is on screen. I have become very good……very, very good at tuning Dannoying out or if that doesn’t work then I just revel in how much I dislike him. My regard for Junior is rising and even though Tani was there she sort of downplayed the fact. Don’t need Dog the Bounty Hunter there but at least he made sense. I was a bit disappointed in Lou and was thrilled that Alicia wasn’t present. Danny probably figured that she would shoot him down if he suggested it to her. We all know what he thinks of profiling.

    The COTW could have benefited from more detail which took a backseat to this stupid intervention idea. At least the therapist…so called therapist figured out that Danny was the problem, not Steve. I don’t know how SC feels when he reads these scripts, Danny is such a shell of a man it is sad. He can’t cope with the thought of losing Steve??? However did he go on after his partner died on 9/11? Cops lose friends all the time and they keep going. His losses are nothing compared to Steve’s. I will halt this rant now before I bore everyone.
    Thanks Sam for the review.

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  9. I remember reading years ago that Alex said he’d stopped watching the finished show, and I remember thinking then that that dovetailed completely with the show going downhill. I think he’d be astonished, and disappointed, if he did watch it. I honestly don’t get the impression that any one person is there from script to finished product anymore. Consequently, the show’s become silly.

    And yes, I’ve been fast forwarding through Danny for some time. Totally unbearable.

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    1. I have to agree the ‘intervention’ was beyond idiotic. and PL is completely playing to the 5 fans he hasn’t blocked. I was sorely tempted to change the channel.. but Alex was looking fine, despite the idiocy.

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  10. Do I think that this was the worst episode ever?
    No. The Three Stoodges or the OOChristmas episodes come to my mind. And last season’s “Instructions and road signs are for detectives who are not as brilliant as me, do you hear me coma guy?” annual ‘hey, Scott’s here’ episode.

    Do I think this was a wonderful episode, showing what a wonderful friend D is?
    For me the writing AND the portrayal of Danny in this episode was extra dannoying. Extra extra. This intervention was an epitome of impudence. Not Eddie was the traitor there. Not Eddie. Steve’s BFF. His best furry friend. I sighed in relief that Alicia was not there. And I got the feeling that nobody but Danny was really into in this whole thing. But when I have to agree to the Bounty hunter something is seriously wrong and I am getting furious.
    So there’s the Navy SEAL (who learned to deal with stress) coming from his daily 2 miles swim, he wants to go to his daily run, but you stop him, put him into a room (his home) with a bunch of people who couldn’t do anything of this, people who can’t even handle or deal with their own lives and you have the chutzpah to tell him what to do and you have hired a stress counselor behind his back? And you think that is what wonderful friends do?
    No. It is not.
    Danny is just a PITA with no self-awareness at all. The scene in Steve’s office showed that clearly. It is never Danny, he does everything right, he doesn’t need to change, oh no, he is perfect. It is all Steve. Steve is always wrong in Danny’s world, and in this world everybody has to change because Danny can’t deal with people living their lives in a different way. A way he does not approve. Steve didn’t act the way Danny wanted him to and that is unacceptable in his small minded world. You don’t change the one’s you love. Because then, why do you love them? D never sees Steve for what he is, after eight years he has no idea about him. Does not know the way Steve processes and deals with things, but he does it pretty good. He is more content and able to be happy than Danny, the misanthrope. But Steve Steve had to go through all this embarrassing counseling crap because of Danny. And Danny made it even worse and more stressful, what is really saying if you think about it.
    This sex talk. (I tend to believe Steve, I just want to witness at least some foreplay. May I have it now that Alicia is in the picture, show? He he) Well, I don’t think Lynn was the blabbermouth here. If men a reading, listen up: Girls talk, you know. And they do not only talk about rainbows, unicorns and menstrual cramps! No. They talk … about … SEX. Believe it or not, they do. But you never tell your hubby or your boyfriend about these talks. You Don’t! Girls code! So the stupid blabbermouth was Melissa. Because Steve did not know anything about Danny’s sex life. Or there was nothing to tell, that may be.
    Do I get misty eyes thinking about the last scene?
    Hells no! It.Was.All.About.Danny. If you think Danny was wonderful let me ask you one thing. If someone you really love dearly is very sick, would you tell him “I am always worrying, I can’t sleep at night, I am so scared, I so full of fear of what can happen to you”. You would say that? Put that burden on your love too? You would make him deal with your fear too? Really? Well, then there’s nothing we have in common.

    Rant over, because there have been things I really enjoyed. I love Alicia, I love Steve and Alicia scenes. And I love Junior!!! Sticking up for Steve because he knows! And I think the COTW was a good one, but too hushed because of stupid scenes.
    And what I enjoyed was Alex portrayal of Steve. He elevated the material, he elevated the scenes, he commandeered every moment he was in. Top notch. I love the way he copied Danny in the car. That was hilarious. So the episode wasn’t so bad, but a little bit very bad, lol.

    Looking forward to next week and especially to episode 8.

    One thing at last, I think we will have a Season 9, and I love that. But I hope someone won’t sign a new contract. Just thinking about Junior joining the team, replacing someone else, and a whole season without dannoyance makes me happy!

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    1. EXACTLY how I felt – Dannoying, OMG – he might really care about his “BFF” but – what a horrible thing to do to someone – want to change them so that YOU feel better about yourself. Like I said above – they just keep showing him in not attractive light. Steve handled himself very well, and (of course) in the process – STILL made Danny feel better about himself. Danny is closed-minded and self absorbed.

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  11. I agree about this episode was about Danny and HIS feelings. However, I disagree about the sex talk. His description of her was telling, nice lady…translation = friends with benefits. If she really knew Steve at all, she’d have never confided in Melissa in the first place. Steve values his privacy, and obviously she doesn’t know or care. The women knew Melissa would tell Danny and he would tell Steve. And Steve would never readily admit to his Ohana, much less a stranger the details of his sex life. As soon as he said 5 times and the speed he said it, I knew he was embellishing BIG TIME. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated for him. Obviously, his relationship with her has / is more off than on. Like was previously said, the ex’s loom large, and that ‘s gotta be difficult to deal with. If Danny is so concerned about Steve’s health, why did he get malasadas for breakfast then take him away from his exercise? I wanted to punch out my TV bcuz of Danny’s actions. He treats Steve as if he is the same age as Charlie ugh…At least Steve has Eddie’s unconditional love !! As always, I appreciate and love the perfection that is Steve McGarrett… I love and appreciate this blog to read hilarious posts and vent the frustrations…

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    1. “The women knew Melissa would tell Danny…” < — Sorry but no, not in my world. If I would have been in Lynn's place I would never, never ever assume, that Melissa would blabber to Danny. No. We girls talk, but what's told among us stays among us. We know it just fun and some wine or beer.


    2. When a group of women get together and have a few glasses of wine, the conversation can get raunchy and often hilarious. But this seems to me to be a one on one conversation between two friends who have relationships with men who work together, and that’s why I believe there was something else going on here.

      Discussing the number of times you have sex with your partner doesn’t come up when things are good but may when one party is trying to determine where the relationship is going. If all he does is call up and say “come over, I just changed the sheets, then there is a feeling of being used as a biological convenience. Looks to me like Steve and Lynn have a different views of what they want from each other. An on and off relationship does not appear to be one that is being taken seriously by Steve. There is where the problem lies. He likes things fine the way things are but she’s talking about very personal things with a friend who has a similar situation. These women want more and they are not getting it from these two men. They want to know their destination when the ride stops.

      As for Melissa blabbing to Danny about Steve and Lynn’s sex life, that’s easy to explain. She is only a woman and we all know that women can’t keep a secret, right? And men never gossip? Or exaggerate?

      Melissa should have kept Danny on a “need to know” basis. He didn’t need to know about her conversation with Lynn because she should have realized Danny could use it as a weapon. He did.

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  12. I had to watch this show while it was really on (with commercials — which I hate) because, as has happened for the last several episodes, there has been no commercial-free version of it posted to my “usual sources” on Friday night — maybe the copyright police are clamping down or something. I had already watched and done “anal-ysis” for a 2-hour episode of Streets of San Francisco earlier so I was REALLY TIRED (see http://www.thestreetsofsanfrancisco.info/, my other current project). Still, I slogged it out…

    To quote from my review of S08E06 (http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log8.htm#6): “As this opening sequence [with the stress counsellor] dragged on and on, making me anxious for the usual phone call that ends the comedic opening stuff, I started talking more and more to the TV, and not with nice words, as well as other expressions like ‘Leonard and Rose Freeman must be rolling over in their graves’.”

    When it was over, I was like shell-shocked and texting people, “This is the worst episode ever,” “I am done with this show,” etc. But then I reconsidered. I can’t stop, that would mean “they” won, LOL.

    I watched the episode again the next day streaming from Global TV in Canada … which has commercials, and often the same commercials repeated over and over (which I hate — ugh).

    After this second viewing, I thought the crime of the week was actually not bad, maybe worth 3 stars. The counsellor part was worth NOTHING, though — maybe even a “bomb” rating, which would put it right up there with the “Grover on a mission of vengeance to Chicago” episode (S06E13). So the average of these two would be 1½, but considering there were a few laughs, especially those at Danno’s expense, I gave it 2.

    By the way, I think, physically speaking, Dog the Bounty Hunter (whose presence is totally unnecessary on the show) is the Steve Bannon of Five-Zero. However, unlike Bannon, Dog has someone who prepares his hair and beard and does his makeup so that he looks like a “clean slob” instead of just “a slob.”

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    1. Ewww, you had to mention Bannon, why??? Ewwww. As if the Dog guy isn’t enough. 😉 But you are so right, his presence is unnecessary, it’s ridiculous, needed like a hole in the head.


  13. I wrote this stuff out a couple of days ago, so I thought I would post this, even though we are mere hours away from the “next” episode. By the way, I am amazed that I was able to summarize the crime of the week in my review in only three short paragraphs, given my penchant for blabbing on incessantly (see below, LOL).

    The whole business about asking McGarrett about his sex life in the presence of Danno was totally wrong. This is the kind of discussion a doctor or some other medical professional would have which is covered by doctor/patient confidentiality, unless the patient has given the doctor permission to discuss it elsewhere.

    According to one WWW site, “By law, doctors and other health professionals such as nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and **counsellors** [emphasis mine] have to keep most of what you tell them confidential [exceptions include if you are going do something to harm yourself or others]. Your counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist should talk to you about confidentiality in your first session. If you’re concerned about it, you should ask them to explain to you exactly what is confidential and what’s not.”

    There are questions as to whether a “stress counsellor” is a “medical professional.” In BC, Canada, where I live, this friend of mine who counselled people with bankruptcy, where you have to take certain courses in order to be able to do this work, said that anyone can print up a business card saying they are just a “counsellor,” helping people with emotional problems and so forth. There is no “medical association” which governs the rules in this case. Of course, some counselling companies might make their employees sign an agreement which says that what they talk about with their clients is confidential.

    I don’t know what the “rules” are like this in the USA, or specific states in the USA.

    The only reason this sex business was mentioned was so the counsellor in the show could use the expression “you guys,” making people think she was referring to McGarrett and Danno, rather than saying to McGarrett something else, like “you and your girl friend,” “you and your lady friend,” or just “you.” And she still should not have brought this up in front of Danno!

    Of course, the ding a lings writing this show have never shown any great regard for making things like “real life.”

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