Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.05

Finally I had some time.

I really enjoyed this episode (well, minus the part where Danny blames Steve and disrespects Hawaiian culture again, bla bla). I love Alicia and Steve, wouldn’t mind something more between them. Two adults, with a troubled past, who seem to understand each other very well. And it doesn’t hurt that Alex and Claire have great chemistry  and their scenes are intriguing.

But let’s have some fun with Steve, but be aware: It does not, by no means, top the comment coming from a fierce McDanno shipper, who said that Steve could/should never get together with Alicia because – dunn dunn dunn – wait for it – she killed someone in cold blood!!! Don’t expect Let’s pic(k) Steve to be so funny.

Just enjoy! leiCa


There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: the way you have your coffee, brown shoes with blue suits – and The Great Pumpkin!


Give me a cup of coffee in the morning and no one gets hurt!


Oh come on, Steve! Seriously? No way…


All stressed up and ready to kill.


“I’ve got Sodastream.”

“I’ll stay with Netflix.”


Tough, badass Navy SEAL. Making an entrance through the exit.


I licked it. So it’s mine.


He doesn’t believe in no win scenarios.


He doesn’t do polka dots, but he knows how to zigzag, bitch!


Me: Ewww a spider! Burn the house!

Steve quoting Hamlet, act III, scene iv, line 64: No!


Even with a Rolex you don’t have more time.



He does not need no stinking eyes while driving.



9 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Keep them up. Love the pics. As really think producers are trying to make him and Alicia get together. But really hope Catherine does make an appearance. She and he belong together. But really love Alicia too.

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  2. leiCa, you are getting better and better with these. Love all of them. Steve in a suit is a lovely change of pace and very easy on the eyes. My fav is the “I licked it. So it is mine.” Perfect. And I had to chuckle at the McDanno fan who is clearly living in a fantasy world where Danny didn’t shoot Reyes in cold blood.

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    • Thank you,Sam. Yeah, the pics. I‘ve got a problem with the pics because I‘ve got so much more awesome ones but no idea what to do about them. It’s a shame, LOL.
      The way my brain works is crazy. For episodes now I‘ve got a caption in my mind that’s driving me nuts because there is never the right picture that fits. So I‘ve pics with no idea and an idea with no pic. Dang, I need Steve in bed. HIS bed. Geez. His bed with pillows and all.
      Welcome back! We missed you and your take on things.

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