8.07 Press Release and Promo Pics


“Kau ka ‘ōnohi ali’i i luna” – Junior and Adam back up McGarrett when a bank heist in progress forces Steve to make a potentially heartbreaking mistake. Also, Adam is forced to face an empty home without Kono, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“Kau ka ‘ōnohi ali’i i luna” is Hawaiian for “The Royal Eyes Rest Above”)

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

Kunal Sharma (Koa Rey)
Anna Enger (Layla)
Nolan Hong (Manager)
Saint Thompson (Bobby Akamu)
James Unabia (Banger #1)
Fernando Murguia (Banger #2)
Vikram Mruthyunjayana (ER Doctor)
Laura Bayne (ER Nurse)
Kila Packett (Dave Lockhart)
Ben Villeza (Guard)

WRITTEN BY: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim
DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer

16 thoughts on “8.07 Press Release and Promo Pics

  1. I am curious to know what ” a potentially heartbreaking mistake” Steve almost makes. Heartbreaking is a strong word but on this show it could be meaningless.

    Kono left her HUSBAND without a second thought to follow her own path. No wonder Adam likes duct tape. At least he can count on it to stick around.

    Duct tape never judges you and you never have to say you’re sorry.

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    1. What I wonder about is the wording “forced to make a mistake”. Mistakes are unintentional. Otherwise it’s a wrong decision. Makes no sense to me. And I bet the heartbreaking will only evoke a tired smile from me.
      A more important question is, how the is Adam allowed a gun, or to leave the state.
      Oh right, this is Five-0, no rules apply.

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    2. it doesn’t say he “almost” makes it but that he is forced to. So, he does make a bad decision that may lead to someone’s death? that is all i can think of that could be heartbreaking but may not end up that way. As ya’ll have insinuated, we are probably trying to find a greater plot here than there ever could be….

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  2. someone pointed out on twitter that the presence of Tani’s brother in the cast list may have something to do with the heartbreak. I agree the term “mistake” is weird. anyway, since the stress management episode originally was numbered after this one, were the events of this episode the precipitous agent to lead to the intervention? Of course, that will now make no sense, but what kind of sense can we ever make of this show.
    As far as Adam, how can he join the team in the field without the “required for Junior” police academy? I know academy is probably not an option for an ex-con. I’ll have to see what his position really is, but this looks like he goes into the field. If I were a team member, I would have a big problem with him doing anything more than the consultation that Jerry does. Of course, I’m not the best team player. I hope his presence doesn’t just come across as a way to keep IAD on the show. I like him as an actor but I have never felt Adam fit into the Ohana. I think he may just be a bit to suave.
    I look forward to this episode because it centers around Steve, and Alex will make it awesome!

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  3. The fact that they are reshuffling this years eps, for no apparent reason, just shows the contempt in which the EP and writers hold this show.

    Get out Alex! While you still might have a career! This dingy is sinking….

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    1. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s an EP’s idea or decision to reshuffle the epis. It’s on CBS.
      And I disagree, it is not sinking, actually I like this season (by now) better than last year’s starters, there is just the typical H50 silliness and “fanbase feeding”. Four shows in and we had the wonderful addition of Eddie and Alex showing his amazing acting talent. So I am not really unhappy. Just some eye rolling and the need to punch a special someone. But what else is new.

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      1. So far I have enjoyed this season, and I had been thinking that many shows have probably shuffled episodes in our lives of watching TV and we never knew. I think we all understand the reason for the first switcheroo, but it would be interesting to know what other reasons cause them to be swapped around. Delaying the episode last week, I can understand (even if i didn’t like the decision!) but changing the order I cannot.


    2. They may be trying to renegotiate Alex’s contract for a S9. Whether or not he is interested is another matter. I just don’t think the show can survive without him. And after what happened with DDK and GP, it looks like CBS plays hardball. What part Magnum plays in the decision remains to be seen. I wish they did not plan to do a reboot of that show, but it could have been worse. They may have tried to reboot MASH which would be like rewriting the Bible.

      There are so many “ifs” that trying to guess what is going to happen is almost impossible. Take a look at this quote from PL and tell me what you think.

      Peter Lenkov tells TheWrap,
      Ryan Gajewski | September 29, 2017

      Do you have a sense of how the show might eventually end?

      “Every time I thought the show may possibly end, I’ve told that story — I’ve sort of hidden that story in an episode. I have an idea of how it’s going to end, but I hope it doesn’t. I think people have to be realistic. If the show continues, the family’s going to grow because actors are going to come and go, but hopefully the spirit of the show and the core members of the show stay intact.”

      Did you see any hints during S2 or S5? I think those were the two seasons where things were up in the air. I could be wrong.

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        1. That was my guess too, especially since Steve said that Ellie was just a friend and he wasn’t ready to move on. The wedding ended on a strange note and I did wonder if there was something left out that wound up on the cutting room floor (like am engagement ring).

          If S8 is the end, then I am going to start paying attention and look for a hint. We already know Danny is still in love with Rachel. We know that Lynn is not in McG’s future. There may be another page written in Doris’s diary. They may be filming 812 or 813. Maybe when Alex is directing an episode they will account for his absence with a hint.

          I think I know how PL’s brain works. Please don’t judge me. I have leftover Halloween candy and it knows my name.

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          1. I would love nothing more for that to be endgame but 1st McG has to kick “not the future” out of his bed, realize alicia is unstable and get his head out of his posterior. Also, ditch the restaurant. And.. One or two scenes in a series finale isn’t enough. But that is what we will get.

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  4. It probably is all we will get but I will take that. Steve and Cath deserve to be endgame.

    The McDannos and the ab’Cs will simply have to get over it, let it go and move on to the next fictional character they can hate and actress they can torment while they just sit back and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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