8.03 Review


“Kāu pahi, ko’u kua. Kāu pū, ko’u po’o.” – Five-0 enlists the help of an old friend when the boss of a major crime family is murdered, triggering revenge killings across the island. Also, MacGarrett and Danny begin sorting out particulars in their new restaurant venture, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Kāu pahi, ko’u kua. Kāu pū, ko’u po’o. to Your Knife, My Back. My Gun, Your Head.

The episode surely felt out of order. But I guess sometimes things like that are unavoidable, so let’s not dwell on that.

I was really looking forward to seeing Harry again, and I was not disappointed by his appearance on the show. You hear a but coming, right?

Yeah, well, let’s just say that the episode was less than satisfying. Even though I didn’t think Danno was back to his annoying self just yet, I found the whole restaurant stuff utterly ridiculous and stupid, and a complete waste of time. McDanno’s? Please have mercy and stop this crap of catering a fantasy. Either make it real or stop it. And since there has never been any hints that these two were interested in each other or any other men, just stop catering to one part of the fandom that will never get what they wish for. And I for one would not want to have one of those ridiculous tee shirts.

It seems that my question from last week was pretty legit to ask how in the world would they pay for it. Guess they don’t, or at least Danny doesn’t do his share.

I did enjoy watching an amused Harry tagging along. He would make a great partner for Steve. These two are good together. Mature, serious, professional, and still having fun doing what they are doing. I loved watching them.


Well, I did not enjoy the crime of the week. Simply because it was ridiculous to see Walcott transform into this terrorist. And no, he was not one bit better than the crime guys. It is not OK to murder bad guys; no matter how much you want to.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to get into detail about this show, even though I’d really love to. This was an episode to give you guys a normal review.  I hope to give you a real review for all episodes when I get home.

I loved Harry and McG, but the rest of the show was just barely OK.

26 thoughts on “8.03 Review

  1. Just cannot wait to see what the two of you have been up to on vacation. I really hope we have some quality time photos with McBear and Capt. Lou.

    Back to 802 which was preempted by 803 for obvious reasons.

    I adore Harry. He is handsome, urbane, educated and “yummy” just like Steve. And he kills a $4,000.00 suit. OK, the COTW was unbelievable, but this is H50 and we accept that.

    The restaurant is just annoying. And phony attempts at placating a segment of the fandom who believes the show will deliver on their fantasy is insulting and cruel. What the show sees as a running gag is hurtful to members of a community who watch two straight guys making fun of their lifestyle. I am only surprised more people have not been vocal about this.

    Some things struck me about this episode.

    1. Harry has retired at age 45 and is living it up in casinos. private jets, fancy parties, and fancy women.

    2. Harry has started dating again, but considering how he flirted with Tani, I don’t think it is serious.

    3. Harry is bored with the life of a Jet Setter and was thrilled to help the Task Force. They didn’t ask him—he volunteered. (And he dumped his GF to do it.)

    4. Looks to me like Harry wants back in to the exciting life he had before he retired. Do you have to be a citizen to be on the Task Force? Even if you do, I am sure the writers can ignore that since they already gave the George Cross to Steve an Danny in 702.

    Therefore, forget the joint venture of the doomed to fail restaurant, let Danny open it up himself in Jersey, and let Harry take his place. Then we can hear Steve say “Book ’em, Harry”.

    Be still my heart.

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  2. Yeah love Harry. And really think that Harry is great. And look forward to more McHarry moments.
    Less Lou and do not like that. He is one of my favorite characters.
    Could someone give Harry his own show?
    Plus the violence and murders were way up over on this. As really it was just way too much.
    The shirt with McDanno’s BTW is the scene from the famous Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti scene.
    As really that sounded way too gay IMHO.
    Overall Harry’s presence helped an unusually violent episode.
    Give it 7/10! Would had been higher had it not been way too violent.


  3. It was a ok episode

    The episode and Story was not as good as in season 7 episode that Harry was in
    Missed seeing Steve with Eddie my fav couple now
    I love Steve and Harry together good chemistry would love to see more of Harry
    I would like more Grover
    I see Peter is still big on the queer baiting and he is writing only for the McDanno fans I hope this is not going to be the end game.
    I hate the shirt and the name Bar & Grill sounds like some where lorry drivers stop to eat. What a waste of a story line making them look like idiots
    I don’t like Tani

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    1. This episode was delayed a week… So Eddie the dog had not been introduced yet. They aired Eddie’s episode a week early. Why don’t you like Tani? You’re the first negative comment I’ve read about.


  4. I will get in line to agree that the COTW was not that interesting to me. I have watched it twice now and I can say with complete honesty that I totally HATE the restaurant. Danny didn’t send the check for his big idea?????? How stupid is that and then he expects Steve to cover for him? I agree with Harry…..this is not a good retirement venture. I will admit that I like the look of the space for the restaurant but let Kamekona take it over……PLEASE! The T-shirt idea id dumb and I am afraid that from a clip I saw posted for a future episode there is going to be even more baiting of that certain fandom. It made my stomach hurt seeing even that small clip. PL is setting this show up for this being its final year and he thinks it is funny.

    Loved seeing Harry even though it was strange that he says he is enjoying retirement but is eager to help out 5-0. He needs to set up a detective agency or security business on the island. Then he can show up frequently. He works well with Steve but I wonder how long before they would butt heads wanting to be the leader? However, those scenes would be entertaining because he would do it with style.

    Thanks for taking time to give us a forum for commenting on the show. I do hope that your vacation is going well. Try and keep the bears out of trouble.

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  5. I loved Harry. This episode was saved by his presence. I stop my DVR beyond this episode cause the SLs are not as good as beginning. Love interests gone and less family interaction makes it too boring to watch more than once, that is if I watch! Bring back Cath and Rachel and will interest me more than 2 guys arguing on every issue!

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  6. Loved Harry and any opportunity to watch Steve sanding a bar top. Other than that, I didn’t really pay attention to how good guy turned bad guy. I agree that the writers and producers are behaving highly unprofessionally. Their entire SL (just learned that one) is veering into grade school silliness. It’s like they had no idea where they were going when they wrote these characters…. I continue to feel sorry for AOL. Can someone please create a quality job for him. He has invested way too much into Steve McGarrett to be given what he deals with in these scripts.

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  7. This was a pain.

    I want you to feel my pain.

    Hallefreakinglujah Dannoying is back.
    Mumbling mumbler who mumbles dannoyed the heck outta me in this episode. I was snorting in my coffee that I needed badly at his remark that Harry would ‘talk funny’! Seriously Danny? Ya think? Well at least I can understand what he is saying. And he speaks fluently. He … does … not … need … to … breathe … between … his … words … a … zillion … times … and … does … not … bore … the … audience … till … they … Zzzzzzzz. But then – most of the time I am zoning out to better places the moment D opens his mouth. So did he really say that Steve’s no cop? Did he call him ignorant? Did he make decisions about the restaurant without asking his business partner? (I am with Steve here, black would be way more stylish than this boring overused ‘garnet’) Did he NOT send the check and want Steve to cover for it? Really? Is there anything he is capable of? Oh wait – we are talking about a guy who made a mess with Steve’s house and nearly burnt it while he was trying to make a frittata for just TWO persons. I wish Duclair would rise from his ashes and burn this whole restaurant. And he would burn that shirt. I would have never thought that I would say ‘Burn that Shirt’ in such a context. But yeah – burn it. Where’s Duclair when you need him? Sadly he seems to be toast. Well maybe D should make French toast, that’s easy. And it is fitting. Steve is the shining knight in Danny’s restaurant adventure, Danny’s not even a ‘poor knight’ ← ha! See what I did here my German speakers?

    This whole restaurant thing is painful to watch.
    But I was thankful for Steve the handyman. What a sight to behold.

    Loved all of Steve’s faces, all his facial expressions were priceless. And did you notice that most of the time the camera caught HIS facial reactions? Only his? Smart move, director, smart move!

    Loved Steve’s line: “Hey Danny, is that the colour of the booths?” LOL. Too funny.

    The good cop/bad cop thing was an overacted pain until the men owned the screen. Steve taking Harry’s jacket and saying “Harry, please, you’re our guest”. That cracked me up.

    Speaking about Harry, I am not really fond of him. The character falls flat, he lacks layers and dimensions. He is just a cliché. I don’t feel him, or at least, get any of his motivation. There was nothing. I found it painful, sorry. They missed the opportunity to have him and Steve talk. Just the two of them. About legacies, sacrifices, hurt and loneliness. But pfft. They decided to make him a caricature. But the two actors did the best they could with little glimpses or a slight nodding and agreeing.

    I don’t want to talk about piano teacher turned super killer. Just a COTW. Forgotten soon.

    Random notes:

    Steve wins the shirt off contest by a mile, or hundreds of them. I want this swim trunks on him, thank you very much.

    I don’t like Cath at the moment, you know that, but I would squee with delight if we get a t-shirt at the end of the season with Steve and Cath on it and a big red heart around! Just because! Fairness to the whole fandom instead of being disrespectful to a lot of fans.

    All *I* want is a McEddie shirt! I would buy it in my size and a smaller size for Pinsel. Hear that, PTB?

    Hubby has the same blue suit as Harry, and hubby looks way better in it. Just saying. #onlytallmenaresexyinjoop #noiamnotblushingforbeingahubbyfangirl

    No pain – no gain. I had to endure this so now it is over I’m looking forward to next Friday’s episode. That looks awesome for so many reasons.

    Show: Ask Duclair. He knows how to burn cotton.
    Burn that shirt. Use Ouzo. That works for H50 too.

    What a pain.
    I’ll take airlifting of cabins over dannoyingness and cliché any time.

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    1. It did occur to me that Harry may possibly be a set up for S9 if SC decides to not resign. So maybe they will be thinking ahead in case they have to adjust their plans.

      But all this is just speculation inside my head. Just day dreaming. No inside knowledge about how the minds work inside the writers room. (if the minds actually work inside the writers room considering that T-shirt)

      I wonder if the actor would be interested if approached. He could have other commitments.

      Personally, I really like Harry and his addition would at least be fresh. The stupid carguments would end and the conversations would be above a third grade level.


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      1. Although I’d take Harry over Danny everytime I am not crazy about Harry joining 5-0. Not because it would be ridiculous because he is a Brit, but because he adds nothing really different. Plus, they don’t need a replacement if Danny leaves, with Steve, Lou, Junior, Tani, Eddie and the man staying inside, Jerry, there are enough capable people.

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    2. I really like Harry. I love his amusement over the arrogant Danny who thinks he is so superior.
      Confident, capable persons don’t need to point anything out, they just smile knowingly. Just like Steve and Harry do. And I love that.

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  8. The whole restaurant business is approaching the “beating a dead horse” level, and we’re only on the third show. The episode contained eight restaurant references (actually seven, but I threw in one when they visited Kamekona’s with Harry), which I was quite happy to chronicle:


    As far as the crime of the week was concerned, it was beyond ridiculous — there was a huge goof which made it improbable. Walcott is told by Grover and Tani to lay low at his place when Derek’s men show up, but he escapes while the two are preoccupied with the firefight. So where does he get all the hardware which he uses in the final assault on Derek’s place? Unlikely it was from the “man cave” in his basement, duh!

    Tani was really Kono 2.0 in this show. Like Kono in many episodes, she comes into the office while everyone else is gathering around the SuperComputer® with some astounding revelation which will totally alter the plot!

    I think Tani is very hot and she has a gorgeous smile. As well, I like the way her hair bounces when she moves. But isn’t this long hair a liability which could get caught on something while she is doing her job? Maybe they will make her wear a hair net like people working at Burger King or McDonald’s, LOL.

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    1. 😉 Well at least you have a girlie to love as we all do Alex. That definitely helps forbearing the OOC, the ridiculous, the Dannoying, and the boring.


  9. Ah, Tani.

    The spaceship which picked up Kono and returned her to the home planet dropped off Tani. She also has supernatural unexplained skills and can chase down the bad guys in any kind of footwear.

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