So, we finally watched the episode. I really liked it. I loved Eddie, but was a bit disappointed about the amount of screen-time. I hope we’ll see a lot more of him.

Looking forward to the integration of Junior, I think he will be an interesting and likeable character.

Loved Steve and Grover, a great pairing.

The case was way too predictable to be interesting.

The highlights surely were Steve and Eddie. Such an adorable pair. 😉 Their scenes were the best parts of the episode.

All in all, I have nothing much to complain about. It was, for me, a very enjoyable episode.
(By the way, this was Sam’s POV)

12 thoughts on “8.02

  1. Are you two together? Please say that McBear and Cap’t Lou are tagging along. We need pictures of their exploits. Lots of luck keeping them in line.

    Happy you liked 803. Eddie is the best new addition to the cast in years. I am patiently waiting for Harry and 802. Things are looking up and I don’t mean the flying house. I am feeling a little better about a possible S9 renewal .


  2. You heard my SQUEE all over the pond so you know how much I loved this episode. The scenes between Alex and the dog were simply wonderful, and both, yes both, are really good actors. They should give acting classes and open an acting studio! “O’Woof – Learn to be Pawsome”.
    I loved it that Steve didn’t care and crossed the police line (where have I seen something similar these days, hmmm???) only to be yelled at, but he was the only one who cared about the dog. At least nobody else bothered to look for Eddie. And then we had that wonderful scene with Steve sitting down with the dog (spreading his legs, flexible SoB…), caressing him and calling for help. Did you notice that he made sure that Eddie’s ear covered his ear-canal before he was shouting? Le Sigh.
    So many people and cops and colleagues and who was there for Eddie? Steve. What an amazing man. The cemetry scene made me cry. Nobody saw me so I didn’t have to hide my sniffles, lol.
    And the other perfect thing in this episode? McGrover. These two rock their scenes. They are funny, earnest, best friends and just so refreshing and relaxing to listen to. They are two terrific actors! I hope tptb partner them up more often. Mumbling mumbler who mumbles can stay with Tani.

    “A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And no one can talk to a horse, of course,
    That is, of course, unless the horse
    Is the famous Mr. Ed.”

    “A dog is a dog, of course, course
    And Steve can talk to a dog, of course,
    That is, of course, because the dog
    Is the famous Mr. Eddie.”


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    1. leiCa – you nailed it! (as so often – lol!)
      Oh, did I enjoy this episode! The plot served only as a set up for McEddie and was predictable, but I was ok with it.

      Given this was actually 8.03 already Tani seems to have settled well into the team and it looks like she’ll pair nicely with Danny. They kinda balance each other – let them 🙂
      Junior is determined and I’m looking forward to learning more about him and hope he has a great mentor in Steve.

      A lot of people still complain that 5-0 is not the same anymore and OHHH, how much they miss Kono and Chin. Yes, I liked the old 5-0 and was shocked and saddened by the news, too. But the actors made a choice, the writers obviously keep us in the loop about their characters’ development (hey, continuity of a SL!) so I will not shed any tears. I am willing to embrace the new members and look forward to more good to come this season.

      Have I mentioned how much I LOVED Eddie and Steve? Le sigh…
      leiCa – I too noticed how caring Steve was with injured Eddie (covering the ear etc.), you can see the dog person Alex is shining through. I read that adding the dog was Alex’ idea and it looks like he puts his heart into it. Well done 🙂

      McGrover? Man I adore these two.

      It wasn’t an awesome episode but I give it a great. I was well entertained and had a lot of fun. More please!

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  3. Very good episode will be one of my fav this season

    Loved Steve and all his scene with Eddie such a good pairing glad they are keeping Eddie so we can watch their relationship develop in season 8.
    Love Eddie the dog is an excellent actor and action star
    Really sad when Eddie got wounded loved how Steve found him. Funeral scene with Eddie very sad. The end was very sad as well with Eddie lying on the grave with Steve.

    Loved Steve and Grover pairing up
    Grover was funny not liking Eddie at the beginning but loving him at the end
    Duke nice seeing more of him in episodes

    Junior I like him would like to know his story about getting out of the NAVY early. Like the chemistry between Steve would like more scene with them together and good story lines. It’s crazy Steve is making Junior join the Academy to learn to be a cop. What about Jerry when dose he graduate.
    Tani Rey at the moment I don’t like her she may grow on me but she may not. I am glad she is teamed up more with Danny so I can fast forward their scene together

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  4. There was a case? I just remember a dog, and Steve, and the dog. I can’t wait to see more of the two! I did enjoy the McGrover partnership this week. I assume the original 8.02 may have had more Tani in it, so it will be interesting to see her first moments as a true team member next week. I look forward to learning more of Junior’s story too. Now, I wonder how long they will keep him in academy before he is running around with the team. Time passes a bit differently on this show. I’m really sad we won’t have Eddie this week.

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  5. Daniel and Grace’s absence make it known over this season. As really think that there is hope but very slim they could come back as guest stars.
    And really like Junior’s moxie. But really he has to go to the academy and Tani did not? Does not make sense.
    Jerry may have graduated from some kind of college but do not now where
    Love McGrover more than McDanno. Come a long way.
    Both Steve and Lou have great chemistry and compliment one another. And at times they treat each other like equals
    Danny is the dog person and Steve is a cat person. But really Steve seemed to take a liking over to Eddie in a heartbeat.
    Love Duke and hope we get a backstory on him.

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    1. I think McG loves Eddie, even tho he’s a cat person, cause the dog is brave and strong and loyal and kind and all-in for serving his community and his team. That’s just like McG. Eddie is the canine McG. 🙂

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  6. I am so glad you two got to view the episode and enjoyed it. I did too and ended up tearing up at the end. I am a huge dog person and now want my Nova to meet Eddie while I stare and drool over Alex. Too bad it will never happen. Sigh. The COTW was okay, nothing special but it gave us some fun McGrover and other than some stupid Danny’s bottled water business, the dog/cat discussion was an improvement.

    I liked Junior and Tani so far. At least Junior going through the Academy makes the switch in the order of episodes won’t seem so strange. That is unless the writers stick in comments that make the time sequence strange. It was so nice to have an episode that didn’t make me cringe. Alex was great as always.

    By the way, Cath Bear says she’ll meet McB and Captain Lou if they take any side adventures.

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  7. Don’t faint, I liked this show for the most part, see http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log8.htm#2

    I am late with my review because I couldn’t get the show from my “usual sources” on Friday night, I think only the second time this has happened since the show began. Very annoying! Usually watching it in this manner eliminates the commercials, which I hate sitting through. I had to watch it this morning on the WWW site of Global TV in Canada … which has f***ing commercials, ugh!! This wasn’t too bad an experience, though, because I could control the whole thing from my easy chair.

    Anyway, it’s not like I am busy today. Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving, so I was able to squeeze the show in before I had to throw my turkey roll into the oven, and I have to stick around and monitor that for four hours or so. 🙂

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  8. Yes- yes-and yes… to all of the above!
    It is fun to watch the new season so far- and I like McEddie very very much!
    And as always it is fun to read the comments in this blog! Thank you!
    Have a wonderful Holiday! I wish I could play a tiny mouse and travel with you 😉


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