8.01 “Review”

This won’t be a full review, or even any kind of an actual review. Since iTunes took forever to offer H50, I wasn’t able to really watch it before Tuesday. And since I am leaving for a vacation this Friday, I won’t post a review for the episode. And probably not for the next couple of episodes either, but we’ll see.

But please feel free to discuss it. I will make a post on Sunday, so that you can also discuss 8.02 which will actually be 8.03.

So, what did I think about the season premiere?

Well, I was thrilled to see Steve again. Large and in charge. That was great.

I like Tani, although so far she really doesn’t have her own character. Feels like a mix of Chin and Kono. But I will wait and watch what they will make of her. She sure has potential.

Have they listened to the hundreds of comments on various entertainment sites about the unbearable whiny sidekick? Because… <drum roll here> this Danny I liked. I hope Dannoying stays off the islands and we can keep this version. It is still very hard to listen to SC without yelling for him to use some kind of speech rhythm, but that has nothing to do with the character.

The restaurant idea. Ugh, give me a break. One question about it just to make it real. How in the world would they be able to even finance that place? That this will be a year-long project is ridiculous.

I liked the action, and the fights. But honestly, this episode had no real story, no purpose. What the heck was all this about? Sorry, but there have been way better season openers in the previous years. I am really glad there was no SOTB for this kind of premiere. There was nothing spectacular or great about it.  But it wasn’t bad either.

All in all it was an OK episode for me. I had fun watching it. And isn’t that what the show should be about? Fun watching it?

For now, that is enough for me.

13 thoughts on “8.01 “Review”

  1. Have a blessed vacation my friend. As well as you have earned it. Liked the new gal too. Though really wished they could had send off Chin and Kono like they did Max well.
    Really CBS missed that opportunity. But always hope they can come back as guest stars. But it was indeed action packed. Even though over the top was the copter ride to that of in the whole cabin.
    Afraid the restaurant thing will be dominated in this season.
    Jason D is dead. Joey L did not convince me as a villain. Give it 8/10! Chin and Kono’s absence felt. But really looking forward to this season. Again enjoy your R&R!

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  2. Happy to see you back. And happier still that you are going a a vacation which you truly deserve.

    Other than the trip to OZ the episode was OK. The special effects were amazing. I kept expecting Danny to sing “We represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild…….” but enough for the Munchkin Land.

    I agree about the restaurant- silly, impractical and unbelievable. Where are they going to find the time and the money to renovate the space? Steve purchased the lease? How does one do that? Usually you sign a lease as a rental but did they mean to say he bought the building? A landlord has to approve renovations so that they are up to code and the local building department will issue permits and CO’s. Do Steve and Danny own or rent? As for where the the money comes from, I am still betting on Rachel’s divorce settlement. It will probably be easier to get the money than to find the time to fix the place up.

    Now on to Tani. The actress is really very good and I particularly like her voice. Her character, as written, has me confused but not as confused as the out of character McGarrett, She was being compared to Chin but Chin had worked with Steve’s father and he was known to him. Also, Steve was satisfied that Chin was innocent and took him at his word before offering him a spot on the task force.

    Does Steve know something about why Tani was thrown out of police Academy that has not been shared with us? Why did she punch her superior officer? Did he do something inappropriate to her and was she defending herself? We don’t know this yet. The details about how Steve found out about her are sketchy. Maybe we should ask Duke.

    She was thrown out because she cheated on her exam and Steve “understood” because she had just lost her father? Wait just one minute here. Steve went to Annapolis and he understands the honor code for cadets. You do NOT cheat. Bad things happen to people all the time. Tani had three options here. She could not show up for the test and ask for a postponement for cause, she could take the test and possibly not do well or she could cheat. She chose option three and the McGarrett we know would not have offered her a job. Honor Code.

    Now it is possible that we will find out that Tani is innocent, did not hit her superior officer and did not cheat on her exam. Steve somehow knows this but he is not sharing yet, probably because the explanation has not been written by the writers. They are too busy adding paragraphs to Doris’ diary.

    We need to stay tuned and prepare to be amazed.

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  3. So glad to hear from you! Sorry bout the itunes debacle. I liked the premiere. I really liked the fight scene bw duclair and Steve. I’m extra excited to meet Eddie this week.
    Have a great vacation!

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  4. Just re-watched the episode. I fully agree that the restaurant is a dumb idea and I have no clue where they will find the time or money to et it ready. Yes, Danny was more balanced in this episode although I can’t imagine why he would think that Steve wanted to run a restaurant too. Oh well…..I can ignore it if I write any more stories, it is not a topic I wish to write about. The major stunt with the fire and the cabin was too over the top for me. How did they manage to disconnect the plumbing?

    I did like Tani, she packs a good punch and if she learns to follow Steve’s orders all will be well. She certainly keeps her head in a crisis. I loved the fights, it is good to see big, bad SEAL and chuckled when Steve croaked out that he had it when Grover and Tani showed up even though he looked to be in trouble.

    I am looking forward to meeting Eddie and Junior this Friday. I think I get why the episodes were switched since it appears there are a lot of shooting murders in the 8:02 episode with Harry. Better to give it a week if it doesn’t look too out of place in the sequence department. And Sam, enjoy your trip. You deserve the time and I know you will have a blast.

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  5. Thanks for taking the time Sam though I know you’re incredibly busy.

    I actually really liked the episode. Was it great? No! Did it lack a good plot? Yes.
    But – as you said, I too was well entertained and had a lot of fun watching. I enjoyed Tani so far an I am curious where they will take her character. But mostly I am looking forward to Junior being introduced and of course Eddie!
    Yes, this was different and felt like a reboot. And while it wasn’t a typical premier for me either I didn’t mind it. And guess what? Yes, I liked this version of Danny, too. Unbelievable, right? 😉 I hope they will not screw up his character again and make him unbearable like often in the past. Here’s to hoping!
    I am open to the changes this season and foremost grateful that 5-0 is back. It’s been a long wait.

    Looking forward to to your reviews, I’ve missed them!

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  6. Steve in the helicopter was quite a bit over the top. If it were me, I would have stuck my foot in that grappling hook and tell him to haul me up. forget about the house. But it was for effect. Personally I would rather have something believable instead of over-the-top stunts, but no one asked me…

    so, Sam, where ya headed for vacation? hope you have fun!

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  7. I agree totally with you season premiere was okay but have been better. And why Duclair again just let him be free since the justice system can’t seem to hold him. Lol. Looking forward to next episode,hopefully, more solid! Also Tank okay but I am waiting for my girl… Catherine (Michelle Borth) back now she the real female Steve.

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  8. LeiCa’s things to rant about:

    I like the new girl, means, I like the actress. She is pretty good. But what is grating on my nerves is this stupid wonderwoman stuff. I hated it with Kono, I hated it with Cath and I hate it with Tani. There you have it. I don’t want that, it is as if the writers don’t know how to build a strong woman and they rely on this wayyyyy over the top badassery.
    And we have another candidate who thinks following orders is optional. Hope that changes.

    Guess who I liked too? Drum roll – rataplan (Not Rantanplan. That’s a dogs name. Dogs are cute. What I am talking about right now is not cute. Nope. By no means. Furry yes. Cute not.) I liked this version of Danny. Oops. Sorry. Should I’ve had warned ya all? Did you fall from your office chair, or – because it’s friday – from the hairdresser’s chair, nail studio’s one, beauty studio’s (nah, you don’t need that) or you spilled hot coffee all over your new cargo pants? Tight fitting cargo pants of course. Oh oh oh, silly you. Didn’t you pay attention to the title? Rant about. Rahahaaant ladies. So. Here it comes.
    Especially the first restaurant scene was a perfect example why writing and acting are two sides of the same coin. I always said that and this proved me right. The writers really tried to make Danny more likeable, but the actor did nothing with this opportunity. After two seconds of overacting and ‘overvoicing’ I was looking for a slate to scratch with my fingernails just to relax. Wasn’t he supposed to be friendly and nice? Isn’t that the way to behave when you’re looking for a PiM (Partner in Meatballbusiness)? What the hell was that?
    So he deserved it that Steve crushed his hand in the last scene. Roar.
    But it was nice what Danny had to say about Steve to Tani. Nevertheless it would have been way nicer if he had told Steve about it too. Because, man, Steve deserves to finally hear something nice from Danny after more than 7 freaking years.
    But all in all Danny was nicer than the last times we saw him. Did he contribute anything to get the job done? Hmmm… Anything? Even a simple thing like kicking down doors? 😉

    LeiCa’s things to love about:

    You just read all my rants, but they did not dampen my enjoyment of this first episode of the season. I really liked it, it was fast, exciting, funny and entertaining. That’s all I am asking for, I am that shallow. It was better than 7.01.
    I love that Steve was large and in charge from the get go. He knew it wasn’t Duclair who burned the house, he can kick down doors, knows in which direction to move in a fire and absofreakinglutely saved the day.
    And the best thing is Alex’ portrayal of Steve. Oh how I’ve missed him. He pursuits a criminal, weapon drawn, high aware of the danger around them – I believe him. He IS Steve.
    He is faced with a situation, he weighs his options, he looks behind the obvious- I believe him. He IS Steve.
    He runs through a horrible firestorm, coughing, stumbling. And I believe him. Although I know there was just the woods/jungle/forest and no fire at all, because I am that smart – I believe him.
    He is flying a chopper with all the exhaustion and relief that he saved his team shown in his face and I believe him.
    And after all that he goes and becomes Danny’s partner because he knows Danny needs his help. And than they shake hands on the deal and he shows Danny who is in charge. Always. (LOL, I found that moment funny, I don’t know if Alex realized that he was bruising Scott’s hand that much. Ouch.)
    Let’s hope Steve becomes a SPiM. A silent partner in Meatballbusiness. Because he doesn’t belong there. And he would not be happy there.

    You want to hear from me about the ‘UP’ moment? Well, I liked it. No complaints. A little bit exaggerated but I’ve seen something like that several times. And let’s be real here: Everyone stepping into these rings at the end of the belts? I don’t think Grover’s feet would have fit and it is really hard to hold on when the chopper is flying. So for me it was fun and not that much of a stretch, just a little bit. TV entertainment, nothing’s wrong with that.
    So that’s it.
    I love it.
    And Steve sniffed!
    And he had a little shiny button at just the right place below his zipper.

    I can’t do short. I.Just.Can’t.

    Have a pawsome vacation Sam!

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  9. I like Tani just fine…and skipping ahead to this week, I liked Junior just fine. Just as I liked Kono and Chin fine. But I never watched for them, nor cared if they were absent for any eps. And I won’t care if these guys are awol.

    I don’t like NewDanny cos, mark my words, OldDannoying is still in there, and btw he eats like a pig. Stop letting him eat on camera Show! He’s the actual Neanderthal.

    I thought it was a plotless ep, pretty sure the arsonist didn’t die, and the Oz moment was just 🙄 .
    Alex needs to make some movies or get onto a better show. This is a cartoon now. They don’t need to draw it, Show is already a cartoon.


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