More doggie news

Peter Lenkov posted a short clip of Five-0’s new member on Instagram. 😉

Not sure, but I think I hear the name Riley when the dog is allowed on the bed. Maybe the dog’s name is Eddie and the character’s Riley? We will see soon enough.

I think it’s a wonderful dog they found; perfect match for McG. I truly hope they won’t screw this up. This could be a great and wonderful addition.

35 thoughts on “More doggie news

    1. Oh you are too funny. As I said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      I’ve never heard of the eyeS of the tiger.
      Steve is an eyecatcher.
      *eyes eyes baby*

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      1. Hey now, while we *may* have done some whump a time or two, the last time I checked, Steve still had all of his appendages and eyes, ears, nose (although it did get broken)… Here’s a secret for you… when I initially read leiCa’s story, I didn’t know she was writing about Steve’s “new” partner. I got to the point where Steve put his hand on his “partner’s” back and I thought, OK… Partner was silent and I thought “that doesn’t sound like Danny”… Got to the part about the scars on the back and the loss of an eye, and I thought, OK, Danny really was injured. And I was OK with ALL of that… including Danny losing an eye. Then when I read that it was Steve’s NEW partner, a doggie, who lost his eye, I was highly upset. Danny, I’m OK with. 🙂 But did leiCa care? did she take my thoughts of the poor puppy into consideration? No, of course not. Puppy lost his eye. 🙂

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  1. Looks like Steve finally got a partner worthy of him. I can hardly wait to see his McDoggie riding shotgun. I’m sure Danny will be jealous, but since he is retiring……please let him retire. PLEASE

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  2. My only complaint was that the clip got cut short. Dang I wanted to see the pup cuddle up to Steve in bed. Eddie or Riley is fine with me. I tried to show this to my Nova so that she would know how to behave and of course she ignored it. I was sure that she would find him her new crush and we could watch 5-0 together. Oh well.

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    1. Hm, I don’t think it’s Steve in the bed. What do the others think?
      Pinsel has a thing for dogs like Eddie/Riley. They would make beautiful puppies. If she could. But nope, she can’t. Snip snap.

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      1. It doesn’t look like Casa McG but hey, everything is possible.

        Sounds like the dog will be named Eddie and some fans (guess which) are already indulging in fantasies beyond my imagination… 😳

        But I’m tremendously looking forward to this cute furry guy and I think he’ll be a wonderful partner for McG. Did I say partner? Lol!

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  3. Don’t laugh, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lenkov make a tweet along the same lines as this famous cover from National Lampoon saying “If you don’t watch (or like) this show, I’m going to kill this dog,” LOL.

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  4. The dog is adorable (all dogs are though!) But I love this clip. Looks like they changed the dog from Lucy to whatever his name is. Guess the only dude that’s gonna be in McG’s bed is a dog #SorrynotSorry.

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    1. At least won’t be some blonde who is super cute, fun in bed and has her phone number written on the bathroom wall of a gas station. Just sayin……………..

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  5. Didn’t Steve get angry at Danny for wrecking his house, trying to set the kitchen on fire and letting his dog sleep in Steve’s bed? Interesting to see if he lets Eddie rest his head on the other pillow.

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    1. Season 2, Steve let Danny house sit while he spent V-Day with Cath. & 5000 other sailors (good times). Danny always looks like a unmade bed, I’d be surprised if his dog didn’t also have Danny’s cooties.

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  6. I don’t think that was Steve’s house and while it did sound like Steve, I don’t think it was. IF it was Steve, he got a new cover for his bed. And while he SHOULD have a new cover (the old one is truly ugly in my opinion), I don’t think that was him.

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    1. Okay it still sounded like Steve at the end but I am often wrong. Leave it to PL to jerk fans around that way. Don’t tell me he didn’t expect fans to assume it was Steve.

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    2. If I know a room in Steve’s house, then it is his bedroom. And he has no window to the left of his bed. There we find the dresser. You know, the one with the drawers. You McRoller SHOULD know this.
      And Steve does not need no stinking sheets. Not in my world.

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