New players

Hawaii Five-0 gets two new players, and one who gets a promotion.

Let’s start with Adam. To be honest, when he was still more or less in charge of his father’s empire, and kind of a bad guy, I liked his character. He had potential to be a good villain. Unfortunately, he fell in love with Kono, and the snoozefest began. What a boring character he became. For me, that couple was the most boring on TV. And I won’t pretend that I am sad that Kono left the show.

I was hoping never to see Adam again. Now it seems that he even gets more screen time. Honestly, that makes no sense to me. And remember, I am not talking about the actors here. I really like Ian Anthony Dale, but his character on this show is just boring and useless.

It makes no sense to me that his wife Kono left him. Leaving him behind to save the world… or whatever. And it makes even less sense that Five-0 has any need for a convicted felon who has ties to the crime world, and brings no skills to the table whatsoever.

Giving Jerry a badge was far, far fetched, but this is ridiculous. Five-0’s credibility just went out the window with this move. Until Jerry, at least every member had the training to actually do their job. Adam? Not so much. They now have another ‘consultant’, or what?

One can think about this what one want, I think it’s stupid and ridiculous.

Now, about the two new members.

Meaghan Rath  and  Beulah Koale   

I am actually really looking forward to the new guys. I especially like the new ex-SEAL. I hope he will be someone who ‘gets’ Steve. Who Steve can be friends with. Who can be a great partner out in the field. I would love that, and I hope they will not pair him with the new woman. Let Danny work with her.

She will probably end up being a new love interest for someone anyway. At least the fandom will make her one.

I hope this new woman on the team will be her own character, and not a Kono-wanna-be. I hope she’s a character that I can buy-in to. Kono never managed to sell her prowess to me. The only woman I bought-in to is not currently on the show, so I really hope that Tani will fill the void on Five-0.

Speaking of a void. Do I think this show needs more women as team members? I will probably offend some people, but my opinion is no. It has only very little to do that the show only managed to create one character I liked watching do all the things she did. No, it’s because I’m simply not interested in watching women on TV in other roles than as support for the main characters. And before you cry bloody murder, I DO believe that women can do the same things men can (well most everything), and I DO believe in equality for women in real life. Although it’s arguable if female characters bring in (money wise) as much as male characters for the companies. For that to argue we would need a study or someone who actually does know all this stuff. I don’t know much about it, so all I can say is, if someone works equally as much, they should be paid the same. If not… they shouldn’t.

Bottom line, equal pay and rights aside, I don’t wanna watch women on TV. It’s boring as hell to me.

And I don’t think that more women on TV would influence the real world. I don’t think it works like that. Give me a great, confident, capable character on TV, and I will watch her. Uh, we had one on Five-0, pity she isn’t there anymore. Until we have another equally great one, I am not interested in more stupidly written women with no story.

And even if there would be another great female character, I would still not be that interested if there wasn’t a male character she was working with. I’m sorry, but female characters as a stand-alone are simply not interesting to me. And I can’t think of any TV-show or even movie with a female lead that I truly liked.

So, for me, it’s no big loss that Kono is gone, or that we only have one female on the show. These new cast members can be a refreshing thing for Five-0.

Despite all the strange things that have happened over the last couple of weeks, from departing cast to new ones, I am really looking forward to the new season. I think it will be great and better than last season. And I don’t think it will be the last one either.

22 thoughts on “New players

  1. Very interesting sentiments. I have to admit that I don’t understand Adam still being on the show… in whatever capacity. I mean, Kono just LEFT him? He chose not to go with her? I know he is on parole but they couldn’t petition the court so that he could be with her? I don’t get it. And I agree, I love IAD, but the character is blah. He may have some useful bit of information from time to time, but making him a REGULAR? I can’t get on board with that.

    As for the others, yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing them and I will definitely withhold my judgment until I see how they fit in. I, too, hope this woman isn’t a clone of Kono. That would be boring. As for the guy, he does show promise and I hope that he and Steve can share some scenes… and show their “SEALness”. Huh, new word. I can see it now. 🙂

    Anyway, time’s counting down to September. Looking forward to it. (In more ways than one…)

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  2. Hi I agree with what you have said about Adam and I always wanted him to be bad character as well.

    Beulah Kaole I have not seen any of his work before but sound promising and interesting being a NAVY SEAL could mean more Seal stories for Steve and back ground stories from the pass. I hope they team up together as well. The down fall for this I hope Danny dose not complain even more about the new SEAL

    Meaghan Rath I have never seen any of her work before and will have to wait and see how good she is. I just hope she is good with the fight scene and kick ass stuff making it believable to watch.

    Now the team is even bigger of 6 men 1 women they will never get round the computer table

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    1. Hate to burst the bubble of shared stories from the past. “Junior” in real life is 25 and even if they make him older on screen he couldn’t have served with McG. But like you I welcome him as an addition and truly hope he is someone who “gets” Steve, maybe someone to talk to regarding PTSD etc. etc.

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      1. Sunny:

        They may have had the same training officers so they could have some shared stories about them. Maybe even Joe White.

        The two new characters are close in age, so of course the new ship is Tanjuni. Just watch. They will hate each other at first then Grover will find them hiding in the broom closet.

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      2. Always the optimist. 😉
        I think that the new SEAL actually HAS PTSD and therefore is looking for new things to do. And that could really lead to – at least – a conversation with Steve. I take every crumble I can get.

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  3. Welcome back. I missed you.

    Some things I agree with and some things I don’t. But female characters written by Frat boys hold no interest for me other than that nauseated feeling I get when I see all that our mothers and grandmothers went through so that their daughters and granddaughters could realize their potential without making gender a requisite for respect.

    I know you are referring to Cath as being a character you liked. I share that opinion. I am patiently waiting for her return and I have no doubt that PL intends for McRoll to be endgame. I just wish he would do it and get it over with.

    I never bought into Kono because I never believed she had all those super powers. She needed years of training to reach that level and she had them on day one. I refuse to believe she learned to do them them on a surfboard. And she and Adam were not a snooze fest. They were a snore fest. I love IAD but cannot see what Adam can possibly bring to the team. I will not miss Kono the way I will miss Chin. .

    Other than Cath, Governor Jamison was one character I thought worked because she represented a woman who had succeeded on her own ability. We know how she was destroyed. Some of the female characters had great potential and then the “boys” torpedoed them. They became accessories to the males much like a great pair of shoes or a really nice bracelet. All the female writers who came and went like fruit flies seemed to have no pull to right the ship. Why can’t a woman be a strong character without having to pair with a male member of the team? Why can’t she be an equal partner in her own right? That is what Lori Weston was supposed to be but why go into what was done to that character. Let’s see what damage they do to Tani. Will Eric make a pass at her in E801? Will Hirsh? Will Danny remark how cute she is? I could grow to like her if she spread around a few black eyes.

    Also looking forward to the new former SEAL but wonder if it couldn’t have been a woman from the military with commando skills instead. At least we have the potential for Steve to bond with someone who shares his experiences. And please, I hope they make Adam bad. He was so much more interesting.

    I think that S8 is the end but ask me again in December and I might have a different opinion.

    PS: Sam did you fix my icon back to this one that like after I screwed it up trying to get a “like’ button? Thank you if you did.

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  4. LOL! Sam, you don’t enjoy wimmens? 😯 How did I not know this idiosyncrasy of yours? I knew you were very cool towards Kono, but didn’t know women in general bore you, crazy lady. Tho I guess that just proves how awesome Catherine really was as a character. She made jealous bitches hate her and made a non-actress-fan love her. So McRoll on Michelle! Even more respect! 😉

    It will not surprise anyone to know I welcome Tani and her RL actress counterpart, but actually am torqued she’s the only woman to be added. I do like seeing kick-ass females like Cath and interesting female characters like our art wheeler-dealer played by Beks Mader, and as baddies too…like our villainous shrink years ago. One of my eternal irks at Show has always been its claim to diversity with only 20% at best of half the world represented. That irk shall continue. Sigh.

    I think new dude looks interesting. Never heard of either of the newbies before tho, so we’ll find out in September how they really fare. As to full time Kono-less Adam…well, you know that part in every show where you need to go to the fridge to refill your glass of wine? There ya go! 😉

    And yeah, I think Alex renegotiated this first name on the call list deal. That will be my biggest regret. Cos ain’t nobody on Show’s list who can hold a candle to him. To me.

    Tho hopefully Scott nego’d even more time off! That’d be an awesome bright side! One can hope, right? 😆

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    1. I do love women as good villains. Strange, huh? And I loved some of the guests on the show. The crazy psycho in 308 was brilliant. And the two from season 7 were a joy to watch. But I still wouldn’t want them as the main characters. ☺️

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    2. Wait. There are jealous bitches in the fandom that hate Cath? Whatever makes you think that? Maybe they are just jealous bitches in general. Maybe they can’t help it. We must be kind. I will be kind. I will be kinda kind. I will be kinda… kinda …oh,crap. Can’t do it. Screw the bitches.

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  5. I originally liked Adam but they messed up things when they paired him with Kono and weakened both characters. He could have been a good guy with an edge….slightly questionable and it would have been interesting. I have seen the actress playing Tani in the show Being Human on Syfy and she has potential. It will depend how how they write her. The new SEAL is intriguing and I am happy he appears to be someone who will continue the ties to Hawaiian culture. Maybe Danno will take more trips to Jersey this season to escape all the military influence. I sure hope so.

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  6. Really am hoping that this works. Just keep your fingers crossed. Maybe Steve can pair up with the ex-Navy Seal as his kind of person. Just think positive. And really let the new female actress work with Danny. Like Ian a bit on Salvation more than Five 0. Writers these days on the show do not know what they are doing. Tisk Tisk.

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  7. Oh Sam, I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything you said. There are just two things I feel and felt different. I loved Miss Kalakaua, back then she was my second favorite character, but I had nothing for Mrs Noshimuri. And I never felt the same about Cath as you and most of the other ladies did. She never really got to me.
    What do I think about the new additions? I will withhold my jugdement, I do not know the actors, but the new SEAL can bring fantastic storylines (like he heard about Steve, Steve is a kind of ‘legend’, and he shares some things with the other team members that are not classified, things Steve would be too humble to tell, things that could broaden Dannoying’s mind, crack his narrow-mindness <- lol yeah as if), or he could bring stupid storylines like being a mini Steve.
    Thinking about Adam makes me flinch. When I was on vacation and you told me that Kono will leave, do you remember what I said? Yeah? I do. I said: That means that Adam is out of the picture; by no means he will not follow his wife, they are the love story of the century; and this will sweeten the loss.
    I sincerly hope that he will not become a member of the taskforce, that would be beyond ridiculous. He gets nothing done without his wife saving his ass.
    If he gets a badge I will immediately run to the next police station and force my way into GSG9. Why? Well I am very good at:

    – using duct tape
    – digging my way to China
    – hiding in a cabin
    – sitting in my car waiting for hubby to fix it
    – scattering petals from bed to kitchen
    – driving expensive cars
    – eating breakfast
    – doing the dishes
    That will do it, don't you think?

    By now there are only two people we know worth of being in an ELITE task force. Steve and Lou.

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  8. BTW, does anybody think that over the last weeks TPTB got the memo that so many people, people who just watch and normally do not comment about show, really dislike Danny and his whining nature? Could this lead to a new ‘pairing’, Lou and Steve, and Danny and the baby SEAL, or Danny and Tani. Or Danny is on desk duty most of the epis? Or are TPTB so convinced of the wonderfulness of McDannoying that they won’t change one bit? If that’s the case, I hope Dannoying is looking for a pizza parlor a lot. A lot lot. Most of the time. Like always. And than he finds it. On Maui.
    ‘Come in – we’re open. Pizza and Whine’

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  9. So it now appears that anyone who has been on 5-0 is now regular. I commend Dennis Chun because I believe he deserves it. I like the coroner but does that position deserve standing as a regular I don’t know. Opening credits should be interesting. I am sure that pay is not part of the promotion.

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  10. Will be interesting to see what they do with the new characters. There is real potential.
    But to be honest with the show’s track record, I do not have high hopes – BUT I always have hopes and always will have till the end.
    With all the annoucements of all the added regulars for the show, it kind of felt like Five-0 badges being dished out. NOT that I think that those who got added should not have been added. It just felt like together with these new ones (and Adam), it all seems a bit much?
    Got a good laugh when I saw suggestions that even more should have been added.

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    1. IMO, if they’re gonna do something “interesting” with the new characters, meaning good stories… then they’re gonna hafta get some new writers, meaning good writers. 😉


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