Favorites season 7


In the last two weeks you could vote for your top 5 episodes of season seven. And many people participated.

All in all we gathered 667 and 117 votes. Thank you!

Please remember, this is just a silly voting by fans. It has no meaning for the fate of the show, so don’t get pissy if your episode didn’t make it to the top.

Let’s take a look at the results. In my eyes, nothing surprising there. Personally, I think season seven had some really good episodes, I could have voted for more than five this season. Some that were great fun to watch. Yes, often with silly plot holes and other things to complain about. Liver and radiation poisoning aside, I think season seven was one of the best seasons so far. If you manage to ignore those two absolutely ridiculous plots, you have some great action, drama and fun. But more about that in the editorial which is still in the works. Sorry, but I’m very time restricted at the moment.



11 thoughts on “Favorites season 7

  1. My choices! And it have been easy choices.

    So 550 voters/votes had no idea about their favorite episode or am I too stupid to understand the difference between the polls?


    1. No, LeiCa, you are a very smart lady. I think some people were confused after voting for the first 5 episodes and didn’t stick around to vote for #1 favorite. My guess is that those are people who seldom post here and didn’t stay to justify their selections. And that is their right. But all in all, if you look at how the voting went, the clear winners are No Danny 707 and No Danny 724.

      I can only conclude, that No Danny was clearly the winner.

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      1. Well, I actually give people a bit more credit and don’t think anyone was confused by the voting system.
        Some might not have a favorite episode, or couldn’t decide.
        If you multiply 117 by 5 it’s 585. Which means only 16 people didn’t vote on the favorite one. (667 – 558) : 5 = 16something

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        1. Well, I sometimes I only voted for one episode which was 707. I also didn’t vote every day since I thought it was a one time poll but discovered my error later. And still I didn’t return every day to vote.

          Even though there were only three episodes which were clear winners for me ( and I agree, most of the episodes had some good stuff) 707 was the epic 150th which made it my #1 choice. To explain my bullet vote for 707, I was convinced only a few people would vote for 702 as I did in the first ballot. 704 was a better bet I believed that 724 would be on top because it was so good and it was freshest in everyone’s mind.

          And even though 707 was not perfect, I can see now that things were set up to lead to future stories which was not clear when we saw the original episode. Therefore, it got my full support. Therefore, a bullet vote.

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    2. Ehm, no. 667 votes doesn’t mean 667 people. One person could vote for 5 episodes. Not everyone did though. So, it is not really clear how many people voted, only that it were 667 votes in total for the one poll and 117 for the other.


      1. LOL. I find it weird that my five choices count five times for ONE poll.
        But at least 117 votes and I am pretty sure that there have been a lot of anonymous people ‘from everywhere and every fandom’ yet these five and #24 came out on top nevertheless. Very interesting.
        Should I feel bad for ep.6? Nope. 😀

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  2. Wow! Lopsided poll…eps kinda got all or nothing this year. I dont recall which of the top 2 I voted as my fave, but those were my top 2. 😆


  3. Really season 7 was the best season IMHO. And really could not decide on the episodes. But love the 150th episode as hope Catherine does come back. And give her and Steve closure. BTW, season 8 will be even better IMHO!


  4. I didn’t vote for a favorite because when I tried nothing registered. Maybe it was my phone that didn’t let me do it. So I voted only once for the five. I have been away from the internet too often lately to remember to vote more than once.


  5. I’m not surprised by the results – except that not everyone loved HotHarry (7.02) as much as I did, LOL.

    Nice try with your “don’ get pissy” disclaimer!! HAHAHA. It so didn’t work.

    Can’t wait to read your season 7 editorial – you rock.

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