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You know, I think it is perfectly OK to rant and rave after the fact. Meaning it is OK to complain after you watched an episode. It is OK to voice your displeasure (or pleasure, of course) with some (or all) parts of an episode.

That is, after you have watched it, and have formed an opinion. But I find it strange to get totally worked up over something you haven’t even seen yet.

People read a spoiler that might or might not come true, and are getting totally out of shape over it. No matter how reliable a source you think it might be, as long as you haven’t seen it in an episode, it is just utter rubbish. And not worth losing your sh/t over it.

Personally, I think it is a waste of brainpower, and a form of disrespect to criticize something you haven’t even seen.

I always wonder why people take something, even the most outrageous things, at face value. I have no problem with people saying “if they are going that route, I will not like it”. The operative word here is IF. But lately, people don’t write in that form, they write like a spoiler is the absolute truth and is what will happen.

Bashing something before the fact is wrong, in my eyes. And kills a lot of the fun.

I also tend to react to spoilers, and I have seen some that I absolutely don’t like. But I will hold my judgement until I have seen the final product. Heck, filming is still a few weeks away. So, why not cool your heels, enjoy the rest of the hiatus and you start ranting late September?

What’s your take on all the spoilers that are flooding the internet? And more importantly, do you think it’s worth the trouble to get nuts about it without any real knowledge? Or should one just lean back and wait for what is to come?

Please keep your comments spoiler free.

21 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. I think most of what is written in social media by fans are attempts to let the writers see what that fan think is the way the story should go (Kind of convincing them of what is best for the characters). Totally stupid if they do not want things I want. But please go ahead if you want what I want. *wink* *wink*
    But on a more serious note – For me it is such a pity to see that the writers/producers have actually been listening to what some of the loadest fans want, and have been bombarding everybody with it.
    And it seems the public in general also like it, because the numbers for this season apparently looks great. Not good news for those with discerning taste.
    Not sure if what I am saying makes any sense at all.
    But it does not make me really excited about the next season at all ……

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  2. I must be out of the loop because I haven’t seen any spoilers for season 8. In the past I may grumble about hints that are dropped but until it airs I don’t lose my mind about it. PL is notorious for trying to rile the fans up with teasers, I’ve given up paying too much attention to him. The show will be what it will be and as long as Steve is front and center, I’m good. Easy to please I guess.

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  3. This absolutely spoiler free. I have no idea what “spoilers” are circulating Is it the usual suspects or slanted interviews? I believe nothing unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth,

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  4. Always the voice of reason Sam. I ‘m all in favor of wait and see, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a clue ever so often, but more importantly having “the higher ups” respond to questions from ALL of fandom not just a select few. Thanks for all you do ! Love this blog !!

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  5. Reacting due to spoilers is totally wasted with 5-0 anyway. The majority of the time, the spoilers mislead and the great or gross thing we should expected….does not happen. And it’s usually in a minor part of the episode.

    I agree with Foyeur that Show has taken to pandering lately…the worst of it IMO to the silliest fandom by writing ridiculously silly moments of vaudevillian proportions to McD interactions. The scenes look like Alex and Scott goofing rather than McG and Danno. And I’m not interested.

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    • I totally agree Grace…It’s time all of 50 fandom is heard and listened to. McRoll fans have been patient far to long and being ignored doesn’t help. The ride has long lost it’s appeal.

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  6. OK. lighten up friends. here is my bit of cheer for the day.

    Recently a true fan was complaining about the possible return of Cath next season, She was irate because she reasoned that PL could not do that since “He works for us”.

    Well, I believe PL has a production company and CBS pays the bill for his producing H50.

    Now, that would make CBS his boss, right? And CBS has a pretty much hands off policy when things are going well. right?

    So, CBS is a corporation and its stockholders are its boss. Follow me so far?

    I seem to own some (not a lot) of CBS stock. So that must make me CBS’s boss, right?

    In that case, friends, is there anything you want me to demand from CBS on your behalf, since I am so very certain they are just waiting to hear from me to get my input?

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  7. As far as I am concerned, Lenkov is the “King of the Khyber Spoilers.” I can’t stand spoilers, especially since many of them just jerk the fans around and they make me ask “Do people have to be constantly fed this garbage so there is no surprise when they actually see the show?” Lenkov really doesn’t care; he operates from the same philosophy that Oscar Wilde once expressed: “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” (This is not to say that I have never looked at spoilers or mentioned them on my WWW site or Twitter account.)


  8. Yeah as really Peter L seems to be such a control issue. As really hope in the 8th season, he could make Alex a producer. As he should had made him one a few seasons ago. But really Peter will do whatever he wants to do. Regardless as the boss of the show. And sadly but truthfully whatever the EP says goes and rules.
    I love Catherine and really do not like it that non-fans are so rude to her and the actress who portrays her. As she is for Steve IMHO.
    Hope they give them both the closure they deserve.

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  9. I haven’t seen any publicly posted spoilers getting a reaction, so I can’t specifically comment on what this might be about.

    I think reacting to spoilers depends on the actual spoiler – the source, the information, etc. Some of it is pretty legit, some not so legit – and a whole lot of it is conjecture. It’s the conjecture part that I don’t react to – because damn, some of these fans can get waaay out on that crazy limb with their theories!

    PL’s spoilers either tell the entire story or tell exactly none of the story – there is no intrigue surrounding them.

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  10. I love the show and all actors. If AOL last season, why not give supporting characters good storylines too. MB does action well and the storyline of Steve and Cath pulled me in to watch from start of show. These two play their rolls extremely well as love interest. I hope PL will finally put them together. I promise the show ratings will raise higher than ever. All sneak peaks on YouTube with Cath and Steve are watched the most! All the actors/ actresse deserve to show their skills especially those who have been on since the beginning. I say that cause AOL will move on to bigger/better. He is an excellent actor and plays all his rolls well especially Steve McGarret. But it is more than all about him. There are others who have careers and use acting as their livelihood. PL , please give these characters storylines that will take them to the next Gig too! They all deserve it!

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  11. I have not heard of any spoilers, or interpretations of spoilers or whatever. So I don’t know what you are talking about. Or maybe the spoilers are invisible and afraid of me and hide like some mysterious cats behind a door. 😉
    But whatever it is with this EP, one thing is for sure: it can always get worse. Re: liverloverradiationcover.
    With spoilers in general I try (try is the operative word to be honest) not to let them get to me too much. The next tweet another one is run through the roost.
    If it is about Cath, rest assured: Endgame.
    And that is coming from me!
    ❤ McKono ❤

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  12. I’m just glad I’m not alone in not having known about season 8 spoilers! I find it irritating to see “headlines” about cast members, then finding out the small-indicators regarding a “what-if” scenario! As for previews, I’ve been known to turn the channel to heighten the next week’s #H50 surprise! As long as the writing’s good, I have no doubt the #H50 cast will give it all they’ve got!


  13. I feel like I used to get really worked up about the direction my favourite shows would take…but then I realised I watch anyway because I feel loyal to some part of it, whether it be the actors, the writer, and sometimes they take it too far and I just…stop watching. (One show that I will never go back to is NCIS–I don’t mean to be horrible, but Dinozzo’s final episode was so far outside the realm of the world created by previous seasons, it was entirely a different show, with different characters, in my opinion.) The point of my ramble is, yes, there is no point at all to getting worked up, because its easy enough to just move on eventually anyway! Although, I too have yet to see these spoilers, and am very curious! Has anyone got a cryptic-ly worded link to share?


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