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7.25  –  Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono

McGarrett risks his life when Five-0 attempts their most dangerous rescue yet of young girls trapped in the sex trafficking ring they have been tracking this year. Also, Kono, deeply affected by the case, makes a life-changing decision, on the seventh season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono to The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

Sam asked me if there was anything I wanted to say about episode 7.25 and she should know by now that I have to say something.

First, I can’t believe another season has ended. While there were some “eh” episodes and some “what were they thinking” episodes, it has given me a couple of my all-time favorites. Those were the 150th show and 7.24. Both were close to perfect in my eyes.



But I digress. After last week’s awesomeness I was not expecting that much from this show but I will admit I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t dislike it like I thought I would.  Now, that’s not implying there were things I didn’t like. But overall, I was pleased.

And the first thing I would like to mention is that the writers really did a whack job with the timeline, so I will choose to ignore that. Back and forth, day and night, different clothes, same clothes, it could make a person dizzy!

And… did Chin talk to Abby about marriage, a move to California, a new job, becoming a step-mom??? Any time for that?

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Or… is the U.S. still under attack from the people who were standing on the Capitol steps last week?  Is that not still a burning issue?

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No, I suppose not because we put life on hold to host a party for Jerry who received his plastic badge what? Four or five weeks ago?  I guess they have been pretty busy, huh?

H50 - 725-065

We see Kono racing through the supermarket with Sarah on the cart searching for plates that don’t have Happy Birthday written on them.  And oh, just a second, let me buy a pregnancy kit while I’m here.  Is she or isn’t she?  Don’t know, don’t care.

H50 - 725-008

We also see Danny traipsing through the office with Charlie in tow.  Do we assume this is this the first time that kid has ever been there?  Seems odd that Danny had to show him the offices and point out that Steve is in the corner because he’s been a bad boy.  That really irks me.  Kids that age don’t forget anything and I suppose Danny thinks it is fun that Charlie would equate Steve as being “bad”.  Of course, the only reason Charlie had his scene in the office was so that Steve could play with the toys.

H50 - 725-004

Steve arrives and gives Danny a present.  Danny is an ungrateful jerk.  Won’t open it; acts like a total idiot with his kid there and I found this entire scene embarrassing.   Then Steve offers to get Charlie some food and you would think, by Danny’s ranting that Steve is going to purposefully poison the child.  Since when have we seen Steve be such a horrible eater?  Yes, he enjoys food.  That doesn’t mean he eats poorly.   But which one of them left sugar and malasada crumbs all over the other’s house?  Any guesses?

Here’s another question… the backpack with the toys was still in the office.  How and why did Charlie leave so quickly as to leave them behind?  Any kid that age that I know is going to make sure he has his favorites with him and isn’t going to forget them.  Maybe he was still in the breakroom eating his weight in junk food that Steve bought for him???

H50 - 725-003

Back to the toys, I do have to admit, I kind of liked Steve’s demonstration with the trucks and the figures.  And Danny, Steve is still Navy, not Army. Just for the record.

I know this is all out of order and I apologize, but I’m thinking of random scenes while writing this.  Steve and Danny had a great discussion in the car with Steve speaking his mind.  I totally agreed with him. Danny is not in a good place with Rachel and the kids… you put your kid to bed sometimes to help his mother?  Is she there? Not there?  Charlie is so difficult it takes two to get him into bed?  As a parent, I would be embarrassed to even admit that to another person.  But I digress… I am glad Steve finally spoke up.  That’s been a long time coming.

H50 - 725-024

OK, plot.  They raid the house and the girls are already gone.  How did the bad guys know to move the girls?  Another mole in HPD?  How many does this make?   They find the truck and plan their scheme to get the girls out of the back of a moving truck.  Question here… why the heck is Danny driving that truck?  Really? I would trust Kono’s driving skills over Danny’s, but that’s just me.

We had our angsty moment when Steve is hanging off the side of the truck, holding on with one hand while the truck is racing down the road.  Last week, he climbed a building; this week he clung to a truck.  Maybe it has something to do with radiation…  They got half the girls out before the driver caught on that some shenanigans were going on in the back of his truck, so we have half of a win-win situation going on.  Now, for Steve’s next trick…

Oh, another side note… did you notice how neatly Steve cut that hole in the roof?  When he was ready to go back out on top of the truck, it was perfectly round.   And here’s my next question… How did Steve get back out onto the truck roof?  He told all the girls to go into the corner, so they didn’t hoist him up.  Did he shoot out of it, straight up?  Jump and hang on again?  I know he has superb upper body strength, but that is stretching his abilities, I think.  Nevertheless, it was Steve; I loved it.

H50 - 725-050

On to another scene with total disbelief from me.   Was it Steve’s luck that he could reach under a moving truck and trailer, immediately find the mechanism to unhook the trailer and just easily flip that little lever to disconnect the two?  Are you telling me that other than the coily things, that connector is the only thing holding that trailer to the truck bed?  Amazing.  Steve is amazing.  Enough said.

I forgot to mention that Abby is back.  First episode/last episode… she must have been mighty busy at HPD for the remainder.  And just why and when can she dictate to the officers with Duke standing there in the background?  Excuse me?  But, then the doofus goes and stands in the middle of the road, thinking she’s going to stop this crazy man driving a semi.  Part of me was saying “keep going” because then Chin wouldn’t have to deal with her.  But with extra-ordinary timing, she jumped out of the way while everyone’s police car was crinkled.  I wonder just how many cars they go through during the year?

The trailer makes a rather soft landing and all the girls were just fine and were then lucky enough to have their pictures made with Alex O’Loughlin while still in that trailer.

On to Jerry’s party.  Kono must have brought over all the stuff she bought earlier because we get to the party and there is no Kono.  Not to worry, right?   Danny, Jr. has to pee and someone is in the bathroom.  So instead of taking him upstairs where there are TWO more bathrooms, Danny, Sr. makes a big scene by banging on the door.  Can someone tell me again how anyone can stay his friend?

But a rather puny looking Steve comes out (which Alex nailed, by the way) and explains that he has radiation poisoning from his little bomb escapade a few months back.  Was this stuff dormant for months?  Because correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the doctor gave Steve a clean bill of health a few episodes back.  With Danny as a witness.  So, suddenly he’s sick?  With symptoms that could get worsening?  We’ll see how this plays out next season.

H50 - 725-064

And then we cut to the MIA Kono who isn’t answering her phone because she’s on a mission to Nevada with who knows what plan in mind.  No husband with her and who knows if she remembered to pack the pregnancy kit.

Only time will tell.  And I still don’t care.

H50 - 725-062

Wow, in all of this, it sounds like I whine as much as Danny.  But honestly, I did like the show.  My rating would be “very good” with some excellent Steve scenes.

Thanks for reading. …Cokie

Normally I would have thrown in the one or other sentence, like a conversation. But honestly, I thought Cokie’s rambling was so hilarious that it just felt wrong to interrupt her. 🙂

But of course, I also have a little bit to add.

Radiation Poisoning

I actually like that Steve is suffering from radiation poisoning. STOP. Stop throwing things at me. First, it’s not nice, and second, hear me out. 😉

Why do I like it? Of course I don’t want Steve to be sick. That is a given. BUT, Steve had been exposed to radiation, and I always complain about that they don’t get the aftermath right. Well, we can’t have it both ways. He has to suffer through this because they did the stupid, stupid thing back in 7.18 when Steve heroically saved the world. Again.

Did we need that idiotic plot? NO, hell no. But we got it anyway, and that is why I truly like that Steve did get radiation poisoning.

But don’t panic. This is mild. He will be fine. He can sleep off his weakness, nausea, fatigue during the hiatus and will be perfectly fine by episode two. Heck, probably by the season premiere. 😉

And what about problems down the road? Well, I don’t worry about them either. Because quite frankly we have no idea what the future holds for any of us. Steve might get killed in a freak accident, or get shot to death, or might die of old age in his sleep. We don’t know. None of us knows. So, chill, and enjoy the performance Alex already gave us fighting this mild radiation sickness.

Besides, Alex forced PL’s hand. If Alex doesn’t renew his contract at the end of season eight, I am sure Steve will resign due to complications to the radiation poisoning. PL will not kill off his lead. That would kill all chances of resurrecting him for a movie or whatever. If Alex decides to stay longer with the show, Steve will be fine for the time being. All problems solved.

More about this matter, and of course, all of season seven in the coming editorial. (Don’t expect it tomorrow, it will take a few days.)

Oh, and by the way, do you guys want a favorite season 7 episode poll? Let me know in the comments.


Honestly, I don’t know what to make of her. In the years passed I never truly liked her because I simply didn’t buy into her ‘skills’. I didn’t have anything against her either, but when she hooked up with Adam I thought her character became one of the lamest and dumbest on the show. But that is just my personal opinion because I have a problem with female characters on crime shows in general. Mostly they are badly written, and if I am honest I am not interested in them at all. Yes, I know some of you will scream bloody murder at how I can say that. I’m just being honest here. For me, the female characters are simply support on a show. There are some really well written characters; on this show only one in my eyes, but other shows DO have great characters.

But as I said, I am not interested in watching a show with a female lead, or leads. I’m just not. I’m also not interested in women sports. So, I couldn’t care less if any of the, in my eyes, badly written women stays or not. Whether it was Jenna, Lori, Kono, Abby, Lynn. Amlissa or the worst of all, Steve’s sister Mary. I kinda liked Ellie, but the only woman I really care about on this show is Catherine. And that has very little to do with that I love Steve and Cath together. No, it’s because Catherine is a great character all on her own. She can actually hold her own against the boys’ club, and I loved her for it. I always bought her bad ass moves, her intelligence, and her skills. Too bad tptb decided to throw out the one and only great female character on their show.

Anyway, back to Kono. What the heck is wrong with her? Her attitude is getting on my nerves big time. Yes, it is horrible what happened to all those girls. But there are many horrible things happening in the world, you can’t fight it all. If you haven’t learned that yet, you should not be a police officer. I think she handled herself very badly in the two episodes regarding this issue.

And now running away only shows me how absolutely stupid and unhinged she is. She should resign and find herself before she comes back. I found her behavior at the smart table offensive to Steve and to the team. They had risked their lives to save the girls, and she makes it look as if they didn’t even try. Like it was nothing they did. I found her behavior disgusting.

Chin and Abby

Nothing much to say about them. I’m sorry, but their relationship only feels like they are together because they have good sex. I don’t see anything else there. I just don’t see it. Can’t imagine that they will be a couple in season eight.

And this really was one of the dumbest scenes of Five-0 ever. Does she think she’s Superwoman, or what?

H50 - 725-015


Every time I see Jerry with the badge dangling from his neck I start laughing. That is all I have to say about him.



Do I even want to start with it? No, I don’t. I can only say I am baffled that people think his behavior was in any way OK. Or even worse, that of a friend. He was horrible to Steve, even when Steve wasn’t there.

What a jerk. I don’t see any friendship between them. In my life I don’t have people insulting others, and disguising it as brotherly love and friendship. Sorry, but such behavior isn’t cutting it for me.

I can’t stand this character, and you really have no idea how much fun he takes out of this show for me. As some say (yes, some, not ALL like they like to claim) Steve and Danny are the heart of the show and what draws them to the show. For me it’s the opposite, I can’t stand their stupid ‘banter’ as some call it. For me it’s mean spirited from one side, and mostly wasted screen time. Very rarely do I enjoy it.

I can’t end this post with Danny. Ugh. So back to Steve. And the action. I agree with many who think that it was unreal. But you know, if it is done so well like it was here, I don’t even care. I believed Steve could do all that. Alex sold the SEAL like he always does. Phenomenal work. And great stunt work.

I must confess I have been in heaven the last few episodes with all the hand-to-hand stuff. I just love watching Steve fight. Ha, and even Grover knocked someone out.

One can complain and rant about many things on this show, but action wise, they are top notch. As long as they keep the claw in the hangar. 😉

Thank you all for reading and sticking with us. We will try our best to entertain you with different posts during the hiatus.

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All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


110 thoughts on “7.25 Review

  1. There were some things I liked and somethings that made me scratch my head. But Alex was flawless in his portrayal of a man beginning to show symptoms of an illness and trying to downplay how serious it could be He wanted to spare Danny the worry but I suspect if the roles were reversed we would still be hearing the whine through our TV.

    We already saw 95 percent of the episode in sneak peeks. I hate when they do that. Only three things come to mind that were left to wonder about.

    1. What was McG’s level of radiation exposure? (should be minimal but who knows with these writers). I’m guessing low level exposure because, McGarrett MacGyvered it and that car battery was magicically, magical.

    2. Is Kono pregnant? (Doubt it. At least we won’t have to listen to Flippa sing a questionable song at her baby shower). Did she tell Adam she was leaving him? Apparently Chin and the rest of the team didn’t know she handed in her resignation. But I understand where the writers are going with this. Kono needs something more in her life than Adam. She needs to find herself–to make a difference. So, will we have a scene down the road where Adam says “Just out of curiosity, if I asked you to stay what would you have said?” And without hesitation, Kono replies “….ask me in September, after contract negotiations”. Let’s give her a pass because, you know, it’s Kono, so she’s allowed to walk out on the man she says she loves and ditch her Ohana without even a goodbye.

    3. Did Chin pop the question to Abby? I hope not. Sara deserves a better mother. Chin deserves a better partner. HPD deserves a cop who knows you don’t wear high heels to a gun fight.

    I also look forward of the autopsy we do here of season 7 so we can compare the hopes we had when 701 aired until the 725 finale. It was a year of wonderful comments, some thought provoking, some politely arguing a different point of view, but most of all, many which were hysterically funny.

    Where is PL’s season wrap up interview where he tries not to give too much away and then blows up twitter?

    Thank you Sam for running such a great site. Since I don’t have a “Like” button some of you might think I don’t appreciate your posts. I most certainly and sincerely do.

    Yes vote for S7 poll.

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  2. Oh Sam and Cokie, I really enjoyed this review. I do agree with what you both have said. Yes to the season 7 poll as well.

    Sam, I see your point about the writers finally following through on the after effects of being exposed to radiation. I just couldn’t listen to that part without thinking that PL finally has his way to write out Alex if he doesn’t sign on for another season. It was rather strange that the symptoms only got bad enough to be checked out a week or so ago. I don’t think that I would go to the doctor that Steve saw a few weeks back because he didn’t see it. Dannoying was just that and I did wonder why Charlie couldn’t go to the bathroom upstairs. I also think we are going to see more of Rachel next season no matter how much Danny protests that he doesn’t love her. And I don’t care.

    So Kono decided to go rogue and chase sex traffickers all by herself. I am sure that the other police departments will be thrilled to follow her lead. Just what does she think she will accomplish??? And does Adam know and approve? I don’t care about Jerry’s badge, his reference to Sally Field’s Oscar speech was annoying. Is he that insecure that he didn’t think they liked him when he was a consultant? Chin and Abby did just come off as sexual need. There are very few tender moments with them, even the concern about her road burn was sort of lame.

    I loved the action, yes Sam, Steve is awesome when there is hand to hand combat. Many happy sighs during those scenes, even when they looked beyond human. I am willing to suspend believe in those incidents. That is the best place for me to stop. Thinking of Steve as my hero is the best. I am looking forward to Season 8 with hope and concern. I don’t trust PL.

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  3. If season 8 is the last, then I hope Peter L will make Alex a producer. Usually when a show last that long, a star becomes a producer. Wonder why it has not happen and hope it does for Alex.
    No Steve means no Five 0! But really glad they have three back to back episodes of hand to hand combat.
    And really Chin I want happy. Like Steve he can’t catch a break.
    Hope that Catherine does come back and that Steve will finally propose to her. And she says yes.I love them together. Please do not make other women with Steve. Lynn and the others are OK, but Catherine is the true woman for him.
    Season 7 was the best. And really glad that it succeed even my expectations.
    Look at it this way, season 8 if the stars and producers want to go out on top, it is better to go out on top then to go out on the bottom. Look at it this way. On their terms, not the network like CBS!

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  4. You said pretty much all i was thinking (and that i think i commented on in another post shared from this site). Other than his terrible response to the gift, Danny didn’t bother me all that much. I think i was too annoyed by Kono and Abby (not a fan of females on crime shows either – they try too hard to convince me they must be badass) and distracted by the awesomeness that is Steve/Alex.
    The radiation poisoning can come up enough for him to have to emotionally reveal to his fiancee Catherine that he may not be able to reproduce. Her reply of course will be that she wants him for him and not for potential offspring.
    Yes, Alex is why i watch this show and he never disappoints me.
    I really don’t see this going past season 8; if Alex can hang on longer, the writing probably can’t.


  5. =====
    Was it Steve’s luck that he could reach under a moving truck and trailer, immediately find the mechanism to unhook the trailer and just easily flip that little lever to disconnect the two? Are you telling me that other than the coily things, that connector is the only thing holding that trailer to the truck bed?

    Actually, when the pin at the front of the trailer goes into the V-shaped slot on the thing on the back of the truck which is called the fifth wheel, it is locked in this claw-like mechanism. It was explained to me that when you pull out the rod (which would be a literal stretch, because it is about 3 feet in from the front of the trailer), this opens up the claw-like mechanism. When you cut the brake lines, the brakes on the trailer react immediately to stop the trailer (this is a safety move called “dynamiting the brakes.”). So when McGarrett cut the lines, you will notice the trailer pulls away from the truck, which is something they actually did correctly!

    See my review at http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#25 for more detail about this that you really want to know, especially in the trivia section. 🙂

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    1. LOL! My favorite bit of your extra-curricular research is that TruckDrivingKidDiddler coulda been at the airport from his house in merely 30 minutes, before 5-0 even arrived at his empty house! So yes indeed…WHY did he drive all over the damn island? Maybe stopped to get malasadas on the way? 😆

      Also McG and his light saber…er, blow torch. He IS the last Jedi, you know. 🙂

      Ugh! And the Dannoying whining. Always nodding my head to that. He needs to get a new job…in a galaxy far far away. 😉

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  6. Enjoyed y’all’s reviews, as always. I love this site, and our crew here, and love the newer members who’ve decided to join us. The more the merrier! 😀

    I loved McG in this ep. He is a SuperSEAL, a brave bad-ass mo-fo, a very clever quick thinker, and an incredibly kind and considerate human being…and hot as hell itself. Alllllll of these came thru in this episode. ❤

    I didn't like anything about Danno in this ep…he was a total ass from soup to nuts. In fact I'd like to punch him in the nuts. He is a mean, narcisstic, incapable-of-learning, loud-mouthed, whiny, adolescent-level, scaredy-cat jerk. McG is SuperSEAL; Danno is SuperJerk. And I agree…why anyone finds him funny, or even tolerable, is a mystery. And big fat effin deal he was concerned when McG confessed his radiation problem. ANYBODY would be saddened by that Intel. You get no stars for being sad someone may die. 🙄

    Moving on. I don't hate Abby, but like with Kono, I don't pay much attention to either of her. Cos they don't give either of em much of anything to do. So, in this ep, Abby was there and Kono was there, until she weirdly wasn't, and oh yeah, Jerry was there. Enuf said about all that.

    McG having radiation was too similar to last years ending. Maybe they'll get more creative and he'll have cancer in next year's finale! 😆 I saw from upfronts that 5-0 will have more competition on Fridays next year. Interesting. Wouldn't it be cool if that inspired the writers to write better! That said, forgive me but, tbh, I'm hoping Alex lands another gig by year's end and goes on to star in a better quality show.

    And oh, I vote totally yes on the poll! Hanks, Sam! ❤

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  7. I wondered why little Charlie couldn’t pee outside behind a tree little boys love to do that.. sometimes they don’t even care if there’s a tree. Have I lived in the country too long? But if he’d done that, we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know about the radiation poisoning. Personally not a fan of the radiation poisoning storyline. Why can’t McG have a good thing happen to him?
    I can’t buy Julie Benz as a bad ass. sorry. I like her a lot in the other show she’s been in lately (Training Day) Also, lose the heels for police work. Chibby = meh. Why doesn’t show use DDK for more storylines?
    Kono.. left the already twice kidnapped Sarah out of eye sight to go get the pregnancy test. How does she plan to take down the sex traffickers all by her lonesome?
    The big stunt was cool. So unrealistic but cool. I felt like Alex really enjoyed the privilege of the view on top of the tunnels. I don’t imagine many people get to be up there. And as usual, Alex sells McG and all his superpowers. I did wonder if the girls built a cheerleader style pyramid and he used that to reach the top of the truck. My semi driving farmboy had quite a hearty laugh over the sequence detaching the trailer from the tractor.
    Why can’t Danny find ANYTHING nice to say?
    The previous ep was more of a season finale to me. McG is hot and bring back Cath!

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  8. Yes to the poll!
    Once again Danny proves he’s as Dannoying as ever. Why can’t he just be grateful for once and just say thank you?
    I like Julie Benz, but Abby is so boring. The Chibby scenes have no chemistry and their interactions are over acted. I don’t know why it comes across that way but it does.
    So…Kono took off without telling anyone, to persue her passion and save the world from evil sex traffickers all by herself. Ok. Sure.
    Radiation poisoning? Seriously? Fine, so now Steve is sick and eventually will suffer for the sake of 1 or 2 episodes. I hope they actually do something with this storyline this time and not drop it like they did LIVER. I have no doubt Alex will find a SEAL who has radiation poisoning to guide him on how to act the part. **eyeroll**.
    The stunts were good, unrealistic, but that’s ok. It is five0 afterall.
    I wish 25 which aired as 24 was the actual finale. It felt more cliffhanger-ish. I wonder what happened with the domestic terrorists? I guess we will find out next season….or not.

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    1. Leni, I think you nailed it – Abby is really boring. And I don’t see one bit of chemistry between them. It is like they are trying too hard to make us believe something that isn’t there. Chin deserves better.

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  9. You two are hilarious. This is so much fun to read, I am tired as hell (hubby’s birthday party yesterday and the guests stayed longer and longer and longer, dang I am getting old) but couldn’t stop nodding all along and laughing into my (very strong) cup of coffee.

    -Or… is the U.S. still under attack from the people who were standing on the Capitol steps last week?  Is that not still a burning issue?-

    Oh cokie, silly you:
    That’s because they don’t know about the issue right now. They are trapped in a time hole, have gone back to the future. Or they travelled in time. I predict in 8.01 they will have to deal with Morlocks.

    -Kids that age don’t forget anything and I suppose Danny thinks it is fun that Charlie would equate Steve as being “bad”.-
    Now that Steve maybe can’t have children on his own he should babysit Charlie more often. To teach him manners.

    -Danny is an ungrateful jerk.  Won’t open it; acts like a total idiot with his kid there and I found this entire scene embarrassing.-
    Steve should have smashed the gift over Danny’s head or better stuffed it where the sun never shines.

    Sam Sam Sam… yeah I’m looking at you kid 😉
    I don’t want show to be realistic this time, no. They robbed Steve of everything. Everyfreakingthing. And now his health too.

    About Kono. You know I like her, but she lost big time when they dumbed their down to Mrs. Noshimuri. And what now? Did she tell Adam? You know, the Adam who we should believe was soooo important to her? I bet the police in Carson City will jump with joy when Kono arrives and says ‘Hey, let me do your job. But maybe I am pregnant, so I don’t have that much time. But don’t tell hubby, or my boss, or any of my friends.’

    ChibbyChabbyDunnChinAbby? I’ve got nothing.

    -Alex sold the SEAL like he always does. Phenomenal work. And great stunt work.-

    Exactly. That what made the show exciting and enjoyable, so much, that I don’t care about realism. It was fun. Great stunt work is great, you need great stunt work to do those scenes. But to SELL those scenes, especially when they are so over the top, you need awesome acting. Alex made me BELIEVE that his character Steve could do all that. And that his character Steve WOULD do all that because he CARES. And he trusts his abilities.

    Others have just ONE job, driving a truck and are obviously scared shitless about it before they fail flooring it.

    To Steve:

    It makes me sad to see that you have to handle everything on your own. Alone. When it comes to your job and especially in your private life. So sad that there is no one you feel is the right person you want to get close to you. Up to the moment you can’t deny it any longer, when your horror becomes so obvious you can’t hide it. You can only take so much, I get that. Not everybody is a BFFITWWW (Thank you Kimphin), some are BFFITWWWW (bestfriendforeverinthewholewideworldwannabes, because no social skills) you only talk to if you are forced to do and even then you don’t let him really in, you shrug it off, play it down. So I recommend Grover if you have to deal with personal horror the next time. He listened to you once and was a great friend. (And it does not hurt that Chi McBride can do devastation and empathy so very well!)

    To Dannoying: (‘Dannoying’ goes viral and I feel like a proud mother 😉 )

    STFU!!! S.T.F.U! Stop teaching you little five year old son disrespect. Stop whining, complaining, bitching, belittling others. You are the living cliché of a small (mind) man. Dissing others to feel bigger. So STFU if you can’t poop any creative idea to get the job done. Otherwise you are just a big fart in a small bottle. C.O.P.Y. T.H.A.T. Poopiehead.

    To the fandom newbies:
    I will close this season with a short summary of what happened in the last seven years:

    Dannoying: “Oh noooo, we are all gonna die. This is horrible, nothing can help us, we are doomed, the island is doomed, nooo… Meeehhh. You are all idiots, morons and putz’ if you think we will survive. Nooo this is so terrible, there is no reasonable chance we will make it. Apocalypse is coming. Oh nooo, no one will save us.”

    Steve: “Hold my beer.”

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    1. OMG leiCa!!! 😆 😆 😆
      Alllllllllllll the applause! “Whine whine whine”… “Hold my beer”. That is the PERFECT deliniation of these 2 characters!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. LOL… in the south, instead of “hold my beer” it is “Hey, y’all, watch this…” Regardless, you nailed it. One whiny a** and one who gets things done. Guess which one I love.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. LeiCa:

      “So STFU if you can’t poop any creative idea to get the job done. Otherwise you are just a big fart in a small bottle. C.O.P.Y. T.H.A.T. Poopiehead?”

      You win.

      I vote we scrap “Danno” and say Boom ’em Poopiehead instead.

      Now the “true fans” will have to ship McPoopiehead.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. LeiCa”

          It we took a vote, “Dannoying” would not only be the word of the year, but the word of the whole series.

          I’m waiting for the writers to reference it in their scripts and pretend it is theirs. ( I think the ‘lurking room” outside this site is very crowded).

          Did anyone get Watch Magazine yet?

          Liked by 2 people

          1. My magazine wasn’t in yesterday’s mail and I checked 3 stores and they weren’t there yet. I will not give up! Operation Watch is a go!


          2. I got mine, with Alex. Whew! But I’ve gotten 2sad DMs of those who got it with the unknown nobodies CBS still is determined to equate him with. 😡 Why they didn’t give him his own damn cover, after 10 years with the Net, 3 shows where he was the lead, 1movie where he was the male lead, tons of fanmail, and 7 seasons of 5-0 that HE made happen just shows their utter disregard for our guy. All the more reason, to me, for him to move on. But clearly at least one more year, maybe 2…who knows!


    4. Well, I was going to comment, until I read THE BEST COMMENTS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF COMMENTS!!!!!!!!

      This, all of it!!!!


    5. lieCa about Steve >>>>’Hold my beer’ – Did you have some insight in the latest article beforehand?
      Alex about Steve and SEAL’s: “At the end of the day it’s like “Keep calm and have another cold one”


  10. Yeah, I’m commenting anyways, even though LeiCa won the internet with hers.

    First off – Yes to a season 7 poll. My response will be easy, but it’s fun to see what others thought.

    Onto the “finale”:

    I was slightly over served that evening at dinner, so I pretty much found everything hilarious. NotMcG was allowed to sit and watch with me, and I gave him free reign to mock to his hearts content (Seasons 1-4 he was banished from the house while I watched. Season 5 he was allowed in the house, but not in the room I was watching in. Season 6 he was allowed in the room, Season 7 he has been giving commentary and it kills me laughing)

    When I watch the show, I get the same feeling as when I’m in a casino. In regards to their timelines. I have no concept of night or day, how many hours have passed, or if clothes should be changed. This episode was mighty confusing. Danny was at work, along with Charlie – Steve comes in unexpectedly after being at the doctor. Is it a Saturday? Is it morning or late morning???? What Dr and what Divorce Lawyers work on Saturdays? (having never had a Liver transplant or a divorce, these are legit questions maybe?) If it is during the week, where is everyone else who works at 5-0?? Then they go on the raid and the automatic coffeepot goes off. Who sets the automatic coffeemaker to go off midday? Why are teenage girls being held captive interested in coffee? How do the human traffickers rent such a nice house? What did Dannoying do with Charlie when they went on the raid? Why didn’t he take his toys? It’s 10 minutes in and I HAD SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

    Very few answers.

    Anyways – Chin and Abby missed each other, never get to see each other, and apparently haven’t talked about the BIG DECISION they need to make. Sex trumps all on this SHOW, it seems. Talking is for wimps.

    Kono – she’s all mad, y’all!! MAD! So mad she’s going out after the bad guys all by herself! Never mind that she has no idea WHO the bad guy is, or HOW she’s going to do it – but DAMMIT SHE’S GOING TO !!!!! Anyone complaining that she left to do her own thing without talking to Adam? Anyone lamenting that poor Adam deserves better than Kono?? That’s she’s a selfish Biotch who doesn’t deserve him? No??? QUELLE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dannoying – he is toxic. I don’t care if he suddenly is sad for Steve – he’s the worst. Ungrateful, belittling, nasty, thoughtless little man. He says these things to A CHILD, when Steve isn’t even around??? He decides for no apparent reason to be a little bitch about a present? He is a terrible character.

    Steve – Honestly? I have zero fcks to give. SHOW is guilty of being the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” – I am not the least bit devastated or concerned about Steve and his radiation poisoning. Liver desensitized me to it. He will be fine by the end of the first episode of season 8.

    The previous episode was a much better season finale. It gets an OK from me.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Totally with you here on all accounts, except the coffee-maker. 😉 They raided the house around ten minutes to seven in the morning. Which of course messes up the timeline even more. LOL

      And love how you slowly allowed your NotMcG to watch with you. Hilarious.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Just to clarify, do you think Kono may be mad?

      Both men, Steve and Dannoying lied to little Charlie. But the difference is, that D had only bad things to say about Steve (his friend and BOSS) while Steve was painting D in a wonderful light so that Charlie won’t lose his admiration for Danno already in his early years.

      LOL to your relaxation of hubby’s H50 ban. Mine loves it and he really likes Alex, so it is fun to watch with him and to realise that sometimes he reacts totally different. But in S7 he has to watch handpicked episodes completely out of order. Because I am that powerful!

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Cokie and Sam,
    thank you both so much for this review, for putting so many hours of work into shedding some light onto each episode his season – it is much appreciated.
    From me a YES as well for that overall season 7 poll.

    It’s been an interesting season but definitely not my favorite one. I agree with you all that 7.24 should have been the finale.
    I absolutely loved the action and Steve at large and in charge in 7.25 though. This, THIS is what we love to see! I am even willing to forgive some potholes and timeline mistakes as McG made up for them. Alex’ performance was once again top notch. Kudos also to the stunt and special effects team, well done!

    I divide 7.25 into two parts:

    1) Chibby-Chabby, Kono-in-search-of-herself, Jerry-party, Dannoying

    2) Steve: SEAL, leader, friend, uncle, partner

    Part one: 0, part two: 5 (stars), so I guess that’s an average rating overall.
    Too bad, because Steve nailed it.
    Did you all notice how emotional he was? When he tried to sell his plan to the team, when he geared up in his office, when he stood above the tunnel and briefly reflected, at the end in his house…

    Having recently watched 7.07 I so wish he would have that certain person back in his life so he wouldn’t have to keep putting the weight of the world on his shoulders all alone…

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Perfect description of show being a two parter. I wonder which one of the two writers was responsible for what part?
      And yes to 7.24 being the real finale.
      My favorite episode this season. Oops. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  12. And the funniest thing of all is what Mr Mike pointed out in his review – Just how did Steve know which lane the truck was going to come out of that tunnel in???

    Liked by 2 people

  13. My theory about the radiation poisoning is that this whole plot line will disappear quickly in the first or second episode next season because it will be established that the diagnosis was wrong. And the reason it was wrong was because Danno, who accompanies McGarrett to every doctor visit, contaminated the lab results by meddling with things in the doctor’s office, like the gizmo to look inside people’s ears that he was touching during a recent show.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Hmmm, the coffee pot! That adds even more confusion to the time line. The girls were spirited out of the house at 5:43 a.m. the previous day, and when Five-Zero raids the place it is 6:28 a.m. the >nextnext< day after they were leaving?


  15. Hmm, that got mashed up because characters I was using caused the HTML for the comment to freak out or something, it should read like this:

    Hmmm, the coffee pot! That adds even more confusion to the time line. The girls were spirited out of the house at 5:43 a.m. the previous day, and when Five-Zero raids the place it is 6:28 a.m. the NEXT day (like “today”). The coffee machine goes off shortly after 6:28 a.m., say 6:35 a.m. So why would the bad guys set the coffee machine to go off the NEXT day after they were leaving?


    1. That was not the next day. Dannoying and Steve in the office was 14 hours previous to the guy leaving with the truck. Then shortly after they left, Five-0 raids the place. 🙂


      1. You are right, I went into a time warp! It was “the next day” after going through adventures from “yesterday” with Dannoying, Chibby doing it, Kono and Sara going shopping, big meeting in the office, but is actually “today.” :-0

        Liked by 2 people

        1. And to top this: this whole episode happened before last week’s episode. Kinda. In some way. In my world. Somehow.
          I think I am going to watch 7.25 again tomorrow to have a closer look at the timeline. I never notice this kind of stuff until FOYeur and KoalaSmartass or Sam are shaking their digital heads (and fists).

          Liked by 1 person

  16. All the beautiful face pics both make me smile and remind me of how i sort of characterize Steve faces. Do any of the rest of you see Alex and Steve with different expressions? Every once in a while, a camera angle in the show makes me see an Alex face rather than Steve. There were a couple in the Steve/Danny office scene. Alex really does transform into a completely different person while performing.
    The pictures also remind me of how Danny’s normal expression actually worked for the final scene in this episode – sad/terrified/confused.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, I definitely think there is a Steve face, and sometimes when they are overdoing the ad libs or something silly, I see Alex. It’s distracting

      Liked by 3 people

      1. My favorite story for how different Alex can look, from project to project is my BackUp Plan story…my hubs hated Moonlight and was irked my daughter and I were so hooked on it. He just couldn’t see the interest. And he’s judgey that way. And thus he kinda hated Alex, cos he and his show were stupid and boring yet we wouldn’t let him speak during the show and told him to go away. Now, hubs is a huuuuuge JLo fan. And I have never had any interest in her. I think her songs are boring, tho she’s fine as an actress. So BackUp Plan came out around his birthday and I told him I’d take him as one of his birthday presents. He was very grateful and excited to go and really amazed I loved him so much I would go to a JLo movie with him. I figured he’d be less grateful after the movie started, but he never once noticed that Stan was the Moonlight guy. The movie was at best sometimey, but I got to watch Alex while he watched JLo and he had no clue. Cos Alex can look very different. Ha! 😉

        Liked by 8 people

        1. Now my hubby liked Moonlight and enjoyed The Back Up Plan. In fact I find him with my DVD of the movie watching without me. And he has mentioned putting in Moonlight when nothing good is on. I’ve always suspected he liked Beth a lot. But I have to watch 5-0 on my own in another room and he gets the big TV. Men can be strange creatures.


          1. Moonjat:

            I always felt that Mick and Beth were a little off in that relationship- – like she was vanilla ice cream. while Coraline ( was that her name?) was double dip hot fudge chocolate. I know I am probably in the minority but bad girls are way more interesting. And if the series had continued, and if Mick and Coraline were somehow cured, that is a pairing which would never be boring.

            I never saw S6 of the Shield. Is it worth buying?


            Liked by 2 people

            1. I never liked Coraline as my fanfic for that show makes clear. It may be that I’ve never been fond of the actress that played her.


              1. I am with you and Moonjat. No to Coraline. She was horrible. To Mick and to Beth.
                But I know I am in a minority when it comes to Joseph. I did not like him. I liked the unaired pilot Joseph better…


            2. Oh I preferred Coraline too! Beth was too pristine, goody goody, IMO. Cora was a baaaaad girl. Mick was sexier around her.

              But yes we were a minority then and, I see, remain in a “special” club today. 😆

              I’ve wanted Shannon to come on 5-0. I’d love to see a reunion, and she’s Hawaiian! And for those of you who don’t like her, recall PLenkov’s skill with female roles! She’d be almost guaranteed to appear as a villain, cos to him all-women-not-Kono are evil. So you could enjoy watching McG karate chop her ass before Danno books her. 😀


              1. Or, Steve looks into her eyes and says, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” just before she bites him and then Moonlight gets a reboot. I can live with this.

                Always thought Mick and Beth were a little dicey as a pairing because that relationship started when she was still a child so……….I wasn’t comfortable with it. I know, that’s just another piece of junk clanking around inside my head. I’m not saying I am right about that. It is just how I felt at that time.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I know, it squicks me out a little too. Like she should be more of a daughter to him. And LMFAO at Cora turning McG for an ML reboot! 😆 I LOVE it! 💙💙


            3. Oh! And yes to Alex’s season of The Shield. He’s not the star, so he’s not in tons of scenes, but it’s a very different role in a unique show and, surprise!, he rocks dat role! Plus that chair sex scene…just sayin’. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

            4. *flashback*

              It is December 2010, Kimmer comes home with The Shield Season 6 DVD. NotMcG looks at it, asks why I bought it. I shrug, and say “I heard it was good” NotMcG, being as smart and discerning as the real McG, side eye’s me and says ” So, we’re going to start watching this show in the sixth season?”



              1. Pfffftttt! Why’d you show him the DVD? You are far more wiley than that! I have that DVD too. Hubs has no idea. But since I tend to buy a lotta MasterpieceTheater DVDs, and he’d rather starve for a week than watch those, he’ll never know SOME of my collection are Shield, OysterFarmer, and MaryBryant. All hidden in plain sight. 😉

                Liked by 2 people

            5. i found s6 of Shield online somewhere. it was too rough for me but i’m a bit of a prude. Alex was definitely not Steve in that one!


        2. I went to see The Backup Plan with a friend and I leaned over to her and said, “Where did HE come from?” and she said, “Well, if you had ever watched Moonlight like I told you to, you would already know him!”

          I went out the next morning and purchased the Moonlight DVD set. And watched that weekend. And then I found Season 6 of the Shield. And everything else I could find, just waiting for September when H50 would start.

          Obsession doesn’t take long…

          Liked by 3 people

          1. IKR? It’s pretty much instantaneous with Alex. I happened to turn Moonlight on (had no clue what it was, the tv was just already on CBS) halfway thru it’s run and halfway thru an episode. Within 5 minutes I was hooked on the actor. I hadn’t even understood a thing about the story yet, nor realized he was playing a vampire, but I wanted to know who he was and if he had a recurring role in this program! The next day I googled him and it was all over but the shouting… 😆

            Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL I saw your response and thought – is she replying to my post??

          But yes, definitely this season more than any other. And the over the top stuff is more this year than any other. It’s like they are goofing off and not staying in character. Then again, the characterizations fluctuate wildly depending on who the writer is so maybe Alex is equally ping-ponging just to try to make sense of it

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Maybe AOL and SC they have just given up on the scripts being quality and like to play around on the set by thinking that if they want to write us like jerks, we will just l behave like jerks until they notice what we are doing and stop it. Apparently the writers have noticed and think it is cute and so the editors leave all that nonsense in the final cut. But this behavior only seems to be in the scenes with Steve and Danny. Can you imagine the first read through when AOL read Liver transplant? in 625 and then Radiation Poisoning? in 725.?

            Why isn’t Danny suffering the effects of the radiation poisoning too? He wasn’t too far from to McG. Maybe the writers decided that Danny had kids to think about and Steve didn’t. On the other hand, if one of the side effects is sterility, then Danny already has two kids and Steve does not. Maybe they haven’t googled sterility yet. They’re leaving that one for 825 when Steve says “I’M WHAT?”.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Yes Kim. it was weird that my answers both times landed in a weird place. Hopefully this one will turn up in the right place.

            Paula and I actually saw something in the first episodes of the season that was kind of new and weird, but luckily it also stopped at some stage during the season. I will have to study the episode again just to make sure, because real life had me busy at that time and I did not pay much attention at the time. Maybe I will feel different now.
            We called it a WTF-face. It was as if on some occasions during the episodes, Steve (and actually Alex), just opened his mouth with a WTF look.
            I knew if I wrote anything about it, most of the Alex fans would most probably stone or crucify us for saying it.
            I still haven’t done posts about most of those episodes, and not sure if I ever will, but if I do, I might just mention it – and run for the hills. 😀

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Will have to see if I get a feeling to actually watch it all again. Maybe in order to vote in the poll you are going to post, I will have to watch again to be able to know what I vote for.
                Kind of sure that if I said anything about it in a post at the time, I would be told that I am crucifying my saint again …… 😀


                1. Let me be honest here. I find it a little bit unfair and nitpicking towards the one who carries this show and knows exactly what kind of character he portrays whereas someone else for seven years just phones it in IF he even is on set at all, just carries one freaking facial expression and has no freaking idea about the character he is portraying. Sorry, just my feelings.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. leiCa, I don’t think there are many people that respect and honor Alex’s work more than FOYeur.

                    You are absolutely right, Alex carries this show with all he got. There is no doubt about it, and I am certain nobody here, or on other blogs will deny that. But that doesn’t mean that Alex can’t have some fun with his role. And if these kinda strange expressions weren’t Alex having fun, maybe it was actually Steve just having enough of you know who.

                    Please, don’t be upset over something that was not meant in any way as being unfair or nitpicking. Just an observation, which by the way, I made too.


                    1. Maybe we are getting glimpses of how Steve was earlier in his life. In the pilot we met a man who had just heard his father murdered and was forced to leave his best friend behind to die. He was a bit stiff and not used to civilian life. Now that years have passed, maybe he has relaxed more and is willing to let a more playful side emerge. I think that is the side we got small glimpses of with Cath. McG could have a silly side.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. I don’t know where my comment ‘went’, too many reply buttons. But I want to clarify that I absolutely love, adore and respect FOYeur for everything she does, and I know about her sincere admiration and respect for AOL. I really hope she knows this. She and Paula are the best! Alex should be proud having such an amazing fansite. Maybe he knows (I’ve always wondered if he knows about AOLIS).
                      My comment was about this discussion in general, maybe I really misunderstood (I think as a not native speaker sometimes I do not get the meaning behind the meaning… if that makes sense).
                      To my defense, I am so sensitive because I am by now so incredibly pissed that Alex never gets the respect or praise by a special someone he so deserves. You know, really pissed. And when I feel that way, I am like a mother hen. And my brain goes poof.
                      So I read again. This was all about Alex portraying Steve as being dannoyed? I can live with that.
                      Sorry for the misunderstanding.
                      And FOYeur don’t let my stupidity keep you from having some fun *cough* with our guy ( insert incredibly wide smiling -uhm- smiley here).

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. Huh. I actually thought leiCa was merely saying that whatever glitches we may occassionally see with Alex in a performance, they pale in scope and attitude and frequency to Scott’s clear disrespect and disinterest in Show and his own performance. If that’s not what she’s saying, I’ll say it now. 😉

                      Liked by 2 people

  17. Thank you very much for the review, the pictures and for giving me a place to talk about my favourite actor. First time I saw Alex was in Moonlight, I didn’t know him and I don’t like vampires, but I had to watch all of the episodes and now I’m a H50 fan just because of him. He’s not only handsome, he’s a great actor and I believe every single scene he does.
    When he said he had poisoning radiation, I almost cried because I don’t want the serie to finish but if it must finish I don’t want Steve dead and I think PL could do it. I’ve read that Alex’s feeling better and he could do one or two more seasons.
    I love all the comments you do but I can’t put a like, but I really like them.
    I haven’t watched every episode of season 7, because in Spain we’re on episode 18, but this weekend I’ll watch 24 and 25 on the web.
    Again thank you for this place and sorry for all the mistakes I make.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not seeing any mistakes. Your English is waaaaaaay better than my Spanish, but I’m American and we seem incapable at other languages, and sometimes also our own.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that’s me! Expensive education and I still can’t spell or write grammatically correct sentences in my own language! My teachers must be so proud.


    2. Please do not worry. Steve is not going to die on this reboot of Hawaii 50 anymore than he did on the original. When this series ends it will just set up the new reboot down the road. He may leave the team in the final episode to do something else but they will never kill off this character. So, there is nothing for you to worry about.


  18. Gracenotpark at 8:51:
    This is so true, and it is what I wanted to say. You expressed it way better than me.
    But it was not meant as a reply to FOYeur’s words at all, just in general, wordpress sometimes confuses me, right now I don’t even have a reply button for your comment. I am overchallenged. 😉
    And I see I misinterpreted what it was all about.
    Aargh, sorry Sam for all this fuzz.
    I’ll buy you a beer!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If only the PTB would let Danny open his restaurant and LEAVE, we wouldn’t need to stress out and Steve’s body would heal much faster with that whiny irritant removed from the Task force. (and so would the fandom. With that Dannoying splinter, removed Steve will feel so much better. )

        This is a question for those of you with medical knowledge. Is Steve’s liver in danger from the radiation poisoning?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. 😆 😆 😆

          I know that wasn’t meant to be a funny question…but think about it! What kinda (not intentionally farcical) show gives its LEAD both liver damage so severe to require transplant AND radiation poisoning? Within a single year! When no one else (except Danno once in S1) ever goes near a hospital! How are these writers, and THAT EP, not embarrassed?

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Well, Steve could face leukemia down the road, or other forms of cancer. At least that was explained to me before I started my radiation therapy, which caused a mild form of radiation poisoning or radiation sickness. The side effects from that radiation started with me in the last week of treatment and stayed for about four weeks. What might happen in years to come? We’ll see. But for now I am perfectly fine. And so will Steve. 😉

            But, if he will develop leukemia, Danny could donor bone marrow, which would prevent rejection of his liver. Because he would then have Danny’s immune system and LIVER would be fine. Rejection wise. 😉

            But to answer the question about if the radiation would be bad for the liver? Hell yeah, just like it would be bad for his whole body. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

            1. If they have Steve receive anything else out of Dannoying’s body I will personally take the next flight to Hawaii and punch the writers in the face. On SOTB. With cameras.
              I am strong. There will be blood. I am no saint like Steve. When I am furious, I am ferocious.
              As I said:
              In this case I don’t want realism.
              I want magic.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I hate the fact that they chose Danny to be the match for the liver transplant. Fan service I guess. They use bone from a cadaver to do a tooth implant. Will that be acceptable as a second donation from Danny? Saves the tooth, gets rid of Danny, saves a trip to Hawaii and potential violence from two angry fans. Everybody wins but the McPoopieheads.

                Liked by 1 person

  19. Oh, this comment thread was waaaay better than the episode! 😀 I do wish they’d made 7.24 the finale, it was so much better. Now we have Kono flying off to Nevada on a mission, even though she admits she’s being inappropriate and shouldn’t have let her emotions get involved. And, of course, because she’s a GIRL, and POSSIBLY PREGNANT, she can’t hold her emotions together the way that, say Grover is able to do. *eyeroll at PL for his utter sexism* I mean, Grover’s concerns about his daughter are actually reasonable. Maybe she shouldn’t go to Northwestern. Maybe she should go to a school in a town where the cops don’t all hate her dad. But I digress.

    I loved all the Moonlight discussion in the comments, and in the spirit of Moonlight stuff, did anyone else get a teensy bit of Moonlight nostalgia when Steve jumped UP (with help from a wire) in order to fall down onto the truck top? It was kind of Mick-like there for a sec. ❤ (To be fair, this was pointed out by someone on my Moonlight board, but I totally saw it when I checked out the promo.)

    All the Steve bits were pretty awesome, even though totally unrealistic, and almost all the rest was awful, especially the really horrible way Danny kept dissing Steve, even when he wasn't even in the room! What the heck is that about?! I truly dislike that character more and more. I wish he'd move to Chicago and open up a NY-style pizza place. 😉

    One more thought: maybe Kono didn't tell Adam because she's still mad at him for not telling her about losing his job a few weeks ago. Tit for tat, so to speak.

    And last, I vote for a poll. And a thread for thinking about Steve during the hiatus. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  20. I am so happy I found this site. I won’t reply to all the comments, however I will state my opinion about this episode. The COTW was stupid.Too many unexplained inconsistencies. The whole purpose of the show was to keep the fans on edge about the fate of all members of the Ohana. Will Chin move to the mainland with Abby and Sara? Don’t think so. Will Grover move to Chicago to protect his daughter? Don’t think so. Maybe not allow to her go. Will Kono go off to chase down the sex traffickers? And leave Adam? After all she did to find him? Don’t think so. Even if Grace is pregnant in real life, how hard would it be to write it into the story? This time around she is married to Adam. The writers seem to be hinting that maybe she was a victim at one time. How would that be possible? Wouldn’t her family notice that she had been kidnapped? Wouldn’t Chin know this? Danny reconciles with Rachael and maybe moves to Jersey to open a restaurant? She would certainly be able to bankroll him with her divorce settlement from Stan. Why does he think he can cook? Certainly didn’t get it from Clara. Pasta and ketchup. Ugh. And Steve acting so over the top reckless in the last two episodes. Could be he feels he is going to die soon anyway, so might as well go out on a high note? The whole thing with the radiation poisoning is total BS. Just like the miraculously quick and easy recovery from the liver transplant. I know this isn’t a medical drama, but come on! I don’t think anyone is going anywhere. Also, just a few pet peeves. Abby wearing 4″ heels with her uniform to work? Really? And Steve arguing with Danny about the whole getting more with sugar than vinegar. Just last week he thought that if you treated the enemy as an enemy, he would be your enemy. So you bring one of the leaders of the Taliban a prayer mat and a tray of food? 10 years later he summons the feared Navy SEAL McGarrett to give him a heads up about a planned attack to show he never forgot his kindness. Really? Total Hollywood liberal BS.I know this just a show, but the immature comic book writing has to stop. Too many eye rolls.


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