7.24 Review


“He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina” – When McGarrett gets a tip that someone is plotting a terrorist attack on Oahu, Five-0 searches for those behind it before it’s too late.  Also, Chin and Abby have a very difficult decision to make, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina to A Croaking By Hina’s Mudhen



THIS was Cokie’s review.

Let’s see if I can come up with a little bit more, but I can tell you right now, in the end it will all come to this: HOT STUFF 😉

H50 - 724-041

As you all can probably imagine I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment. Many things to do, and most of them are not falling into the fun category. But life doesn’t stop for anyone, so some kind of normalcy is good. This again won’t be a full review, just a few thoughts on what I think was an awesome episode, maybe the best this season.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into the episode.

We all know, as we have seen it many times, McGarrett has no problem resorting to violence and even torture to get results. But in all the incidents we were a witness to, McG never used violence for his own satisfaction, for his own revenge, or for any other primitive reasons. He always used it because he believed it was the right way to get what he needed.

In these flashbacks we saw a McG who had a mission to get intel from one of the prisoners. And this time we saw the real McGarrett, he showed us his human side, his decency and his humanity. And he showed it to his prisoner.

Yes, he also believed it was the best way to get any kind of results. But It was not just a ploy to make Salaam talk, I think he didn’t agree with the treatment of Salaam.

H50 - 724-065

And he stood up to his superiors because he believed he was right. You go, Steve! 🙂

Whatever the reason, it gave us some amazing scenes. These two played off each other so well. It is always such a joy to watch Alex O’Loughlin do this kind of work.

And can I just say that Steve/Alex looked just great in this episode? Shallow, I know, but he did look darn good. Kudos to the wardrobe department.

H50 - 724-012

Back in Hawaii Steve had to convince his team that the warning by Salaam was a legit one. And it was so great to see these adults talking it through, without any name-calling, without any stupid remarks, without any insults. This was a conversation worthy of a special task force, with highly professional members.

H50 - 724-020

I have one question though. Why were the three of them so against the notion that the terrorist might have given a legit warning? What was there to lose? And even if they would be on a wild goose chase, what would have been the loss? A few hours of work that led to nothing? Don’t get me wrong, I loved how they all made their cases, but also thought it quite odd that they even had to discuss it in this manner.

I love that we now seem to have more physical, more personal action. I admit that I truly enjoy the higher level of brutality, the higher level of fights and action that came with the new stunt director. As I said many times before, this show is a crime show for me, and I tremendously enjoy all the fights, and yeah, the sometimes over the top action. For me, the best action is the one on a personal level. Hand-to-hand between McG and the baddie is the absolute best.

H50 - 724-042

The action on Five-0 has always been of very high quality, and I think Five-0 owes Jeff Cadiente a great deal of respect and thanks for his work on the show. But I must say, I truly enjoy the different style. It’s refreshing, not better, just different, and sometimes that is simply what is needed.

And in the last episode I LOVED that McG finally looked like he had been in a fight the day before. That is awesome to see. So, kudos to the stunt department, or the writer who probably came up with the fight, and of course to the make-up department who did a great job making McG look like he fought for his life the day before.

H50 - 724-053

H50 - 724-072

I loved the ending with Chin telling Steve about his meeting with Coughlin. Of course, Steve already knew all about it. I just love what a cool leader and friend Steve is. And I jumped for joy hearing him say that there is no better man to lead another task force.

I also loved how he called the team away from the table; all business and serious.

You know, I wondered what happened to Joe White, if he was back on his ranch, or if he was active again. Well, we didn’t get an answer to that, but I like that he was mentioned again. Steve knows a lot of people, he has many buddies I am sure he is in contact with. Makes you wonder who else he talks to regularly. 😉

H50 - 724-083

Let’s talk a second about the ‘cliffhanger’ for Chin. Makes me smile, because I have no doubt that Chin will not go to SF to lead that task force. I think Chin is headed toward another broken heart. I don’t think Abby will be the mother to Sarah, or the wife to Chin. Just my gut feeling after she told Chin they would be better off if Sarah would stay with her family in Mexico.

I admit, I don’t like Abby. She just doesn’t give me anything. I don’t really care if she stays or goes. But I have the feeling that she goes.

H50 - 724-016

About Hirsch and Adam. Please just stop right there. I am really not interested in this new enterprise. Hirsch, Kamekona and Adam… what a snooze fest. And stop with this comments about Hirsch and Kono. Just stop with the comments about Kono altogether. It’s getting tiresome, ridiculous and offensive.

H50 - 724-015

So, I don’t have much to complain about at all. I loved all Steve-flashback-scenes, I loved Steve/ Grover, heck I loved the whole team working on the case. That was just awesome to see.

I kinda tolerated the side story, although I’m sure we all could have done without it.

If I were in the mood for nitpicking, or had the time for it, there would be quite some things that I found amusing. Some things I would normally have some snarky remarks for, but since I don’t have the time… there you go. 🙂

Just some more hot stuff.  😉

Highly entertaining episode, awesome acting, fun action, great glimpse into the former SEAL’s life as an operative. All in all an awesome episode, well worth the money.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

48 thoughts on “7.24 Review

  1. I echo your vote of awesome. Cath Bear and I spent the whole episode drooling. Hot stuff indeed!! I loved the adult discussion about whether to believe Steve’s informant or not. I think it was intended for them to reflect what a lot of people would think when told an enemy wanted to help us. The disagreement was completely civil and it made sense, but proved that Steve is a great judge of people. I also love the action, I have read how some are unsure of the brutality in it but that is often how real life works…..dying is sometimes not pretty. The scenes between Steve and Salaam were very well done. At we were so lucky to get several of them…..well done show. It was great to see just how honorable a man McG is, even in his service days.

    As for the two lesser storylines……I can’t see DDK leaving H 5-0 so I doubt he will take the job. The question of whether he asks Abby to marry him and if she says yes will probably be his cliffhanger and I could care less if she sticks around. I doubt that Training Day will be renewed so the actress will be available but we haven’t been shown if she and Sara even get along. Don’t get me started on Hirsch…..can’t stand the guy. Why is he so important to this show. And is this man so very stupid that he even believes that Kono is attracted to him and then to talk to her husband that way…….ugh! Adam is more tolerant that I could ever be. Have I missed anything or anyone????? Nope, didn’t miss anyone.

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      1. Oh so there was someone else missing? That explains why my blood pressure was lower. Did the show even explain where the heck you know who was? If they did, I missed it.

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  2. Thank you Sam for taking the time for this review despite being involved in family matters these days!
    Though shorter than usual, you spoiled us with lots of great McG pics and perfectly summed up the episode and shed some insight.
    And I am SO with you.
    What a fantastic McG portrayal by Alex we got to see. He owned this episode!

    I loved how the team worked together, 4 people having mature conversations and going about their tasks. Can we just call them “Core Four”? 🙂

    I was willing to let the the scenes with Adam/Hirsch/Kame slide. I actually admired Adam. I think I would’ve told Hirsch to get lost…

    For the longest time I have wondered when we will hear from/about Joe White again. The info he provided could be a subtle set up for S8. I’m actually looking forward to that!
    Who else Steve might be talking to? Well, I might have an idea… 🙂

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  3. I agree, probably best episode this season. All the adults in the crime of the week, everyone did their part, and Grover actually figured out the rooftop angle. The team was a well-oiled machine.

    The debate about the danger was decent and totally adult, tho I agree why question the dude who knows the terrorist snitch? Still, they did it respectfully and McG was right all along. 😉

    I didn’t mind the Adam/Hirsch, tho i slso didnt care either.

    Sam, thanks for reviewing honey. Peace to you, sweet girl.

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  4. Chin would not leave the show. And would be disappointing if he left. But he would not go to SF. As Hawaii is his home but Coughlin has won my respect as he is not a bad guy then he was shown originally.
    Really love McGrover a lot. As loved it when they get together. All in good fun.
    McGarrett knew that the man he was interrogating did not seem to be that bad of a guy. Just a man stuck between a rock and a hard place as Steve gave him the benefit of the doubt and did stand up to his superiors.
    Really back to back fights with Steve! Missing those for a few seasons!

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    1. I’m not sure Salaam was just a guy caught in a tough situation. He was a leader of a terrorist group. What Steve recognized was that starving and withholding water was not going to loosen the tongue of a man willing to die for his beliefs. Treating him as a man, another human being would possibly make an impression. And it paid dividends ten years later.

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    2. Sorry, but that had nothing to do with giving Salaam the benefit of a doubt. I think it was clear as a day that he was a terrorist leader of a terrorist group. The men he led feared McG, remember?
      It was just Steve treating another man with kindness. Saving his own dignity by treating another person with dignity.

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  5. Ok, this is perhaps one of the best episodes in a very long time. The hour just flew by and it was old school McGarrett finally taking back the show. Are we being set up for the S8 opener and does this mean the team is heading to DC for a showdown? If it is multi-arc, will we have a crossover with NCIS since they are based in Virginia? I hope so. It would be interesting to see how the two snipers, Gibbs and McGarrett deal with each other. And I was so happy to hear that he still talks to Joe White because it may involve Cath and Doris.

    I hope Chin and Abby do not marry although that seems to be the way it is being written. Not only did Abby lie about helping the task force when she was really trying to take it down, she slept with Chin while she was still doing it. She did not have the decency to wait until after she thought she was wrong about 50. But even worse for me was that shower scene where she tried to convince Chin that Sara would be okay placed with child services. Kids get lost when they get into the system. If she didn’t want to be a mom it was perfectly OK to say so because not all women (or men) want to raise kids but it was not OK to try to manipulate Chin this way. She was being dishonest with him. The child deserves a better mother than Abby so I hope she does the honorable thing and turns him down. In my book, she is right up there with Rachel and Doris.

    We got the real McG, no stupid McDanno moment and a possible story line for next season. It was rated awesome.

    Sam: Hope you are doing better You are in my prayers.

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    1. Thanks for reminding us how “nice” Abby really was/is while some superfans again leave out no opportunity to praise her, point out what great chemistry she and Chin have and most of all declare that of course her actions were justified and forgiven while Cath will forever be doomed.
      It amazes me to no end that people find a way to bring up Catherine each and every time they discuss an episode or simply in between to bash her – just because. We don’t even know if she will be back for sure yet they preach the end of the (Five-0) world. Scared much??? Pathetic!

      I took the liberty to tweet the writer that I while noticed many flaws before this time I absolutely enjoyed the epi and and the “no whining” part. He gave me a like.

      Did people seriously miss a certain person?
      I would like to quote our friends from Intense Study with a perfect observation:
      “And not that it really matters, but without any mention I guess Danny is still sitting next to the coma guy from last week, telling him about his good life in Hawaii”.
      There you have it 🙂

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      1. Don’t read the 5-0 Koolaid review. According to her Catherine’s lies and betrayal spanned years while Abby’s were just a minor blip on the radar. It is scary how much hate there is for one character. I know she hurt Steve and I still blame the writers for that but after 7 years of insults and name calling, Danny gets a pass but never Cath.

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        1. Cath’s return is a threat to the personal wishes of a certain segment of the fandom. Nor is it personal to the actress, or so we are supposed to believe. Haven’t we heard that many times before? These arguments are just elephant dung.

          Cath coming back would give “satisfaction” to McRolls and that’s what this is really about. It is a rivalry between those desperate to influence the PTB and feel helpless that it can’t be done, and the rest of us who don’t give a sh…t what anyone else thinks.

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        2. Exactly. That’s why I can’t spare the time to care about their ranting. They are very poorly rationalized and as with most abC’s, only Cath is vilified for her actions. Miraculously, every other character who does something to Steve, or act’s HORRIBLY to him, get’s a pass – or some serious mental gymnastics is done to excuse their behavior. I immediately discount those opinions – they are much more based in hating a segment of fandom that likes the character than it is about the story. That’s incredibly juvenile and ridiculous. But, if someone wants to spend energy on that, so be it – they talk about Catherine more than the fans do, which I find amusing.

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          1. Kimphin:

            It’s just “:shameless self promotion”. Seems that the begging “please read my review” was really, really shameless and now surrogates do it for the author. Still won’t work to change what PL tells the writers to do. But it is adorable watching the scrambling for attention and wondering about the laughter in the writers room when they get bombarded by the minions instructed to send them the link. There must be a lot of bad backs from bending that low.

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            1. LOL. Oh, the one that tags everyone and their brother to read their review??? *eyeroll* because yes, they’ve been sitting around with baited breath to read your insight into their writing, LOL.

              I’m much more interested in reviews that garner discussion amongst fans. THAT’s where the interaction is worthy. Otherwise it’s just yelling into the abyss – because, as PL himself has said in more than one venue – “Stick to your story” and “Fan’s don’t dictate story”


              1. And there you have said what is wrong with that sugary and bullying blog. It is like a bunch of 12 year old prepubescent girls who take direction from the one who can scream loudest and are terrified to disagree lest their eardrums shatter. Poor them.

                That’s what makes this blog different. We agree, we disagree, and no one is afraid that they will be attacked for expressing an opinion. The comments here are to the point, often pointed and generally very funny. You need to really love the show to be honest about when they have screwed up. Otherwise it is like letting your kid decide to make assigned homework optional and blaming the teacher for not doing your job as a parent when you get a note that your presence is required in school to discuss the meaning of the word “optional”.

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                1. That’s exactly it! We love the show yet we dare to point out the flaws.
                  We’re adults having mature conversations just like the team did in the last episode when questioning McG.
                  That’s the way to go.

                  I love coming here – it’s a good place.

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                  1. I love coming here, too! As far as the “adults having mature conversations”, that may be debatable at times, 🙂 but even when we disagree we do so without anger. And it is fun. I know I have said this before, but all this stuff surrounding Five-0 is my “play time”, my step away from reality of all the stuff going on. If it can’t be fun, then there is no use for it. Then it would turn into work… and there’s enough of that going around!

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      2. Sunny:

        Truly, I never even miss Danny or realize he is missing until the end of the episode when the credits roll. But I did wonder if they deliberately didn’t mention his absence because he was off telling Amber/Melissa the bad news that she did not win the lottery and Rachel was walking away with the Dannoying booby prize.

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      3. I’ve stopped being even remotely interested in the ‘Stoney Path’ 😉 . For many reasons. The worst was people insulting commenters from other blogs and I expected some ‘beautiful stone’ to roll in and stop it but it took the same line.

        Sam is different.
        I love it here and I adore the unique comments.
        No self promotion.
        40 comments and counting.

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  6. I will simply echo what everyone else said… my “hot stuff” still stands. In fact, I will probably watch it tonight… for the third time.

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  7. I also loved this episode. How awesome for Alex to be given material where he can show what a talented actor he is. I also don’t think Chin is going anywhere and hope Sara is not going to be a regular if Grace Park does leave. She just doesn’t add anything to the show IMO. Funny thing is when Steve got the intel about DC from Joe White my mind immediately thought that was going to be an arc for S8 and what a great way to re-inroduce Cath back into Steve’s life. Probably wishful thinking on my part but if GP does leave I would love for Cath to be a permanent part of Steve’s life and story but not necessarily the team. And thanks for all the🔥🔥🔥. There sure was lots to choose from.

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  8. Awesome episode one of my top 5

    I loved all the flashbacks scenes between McG and Salaam Showing us that Steve dose not all way use violence to get information but by showing dignity, respect and kindness you all so get information you are looking for. Showing what a good man Steve is. Most terrorist expect violence so they won’t talk. Plus Salaam had not talked after everything that had been done to him.
    We don’t get enough of Steve being a NAVY SEAL we need more
    Loved seeing bad ass NAVY SEAL Steve and all the action, fight scene which was hand to hand again poor Steve with a black eye, climbing the building.
    Chin I don’t think he will be leaving might get engaged next week to Abby.
    Abby is ok but she can’t do bad ass like Kono
    The news that Steve gets at the end The terrorist were mercenaries, who may have been hired by a cabal in the United States Government not a foreign attack could this be an on going ARC next season for Steve. I hope this might be how Cath comes back and I hope it will be more than just one episode but for half of season 8 at least. Hope to see Doris and I would love to see Joe again.
    Love episodes that don’t have Danny in are the best

    The Bad
    Kamekona, Gerard and Adam not looking forward to this storyline next season. The Ex-Cons club is tiresome.
    Dose anyone else think Adam will end up helping five 0 in season 8

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  9. When really good writing and extraordinary acting comes together.

    This awesome episode showed us the Steve we’ve gotten to know over the past seven years in a nutshell. He is smart, he is loyal, he is badass, he is thinking outside the box, he is fit and he is strong – yes. But first and foremost this man, who has experienced many times how much brutality, torture, horror and pain human beings are capable of inflicting on other human beings, has never lost his touch to humanity. It is a shame that there are people out there who think that a soldier, a Navy SEAL would never treat his captured enemy, a terrorist with a kind of dignity. I do not believe this one single second. I just can’t, because that would be a horrible world to live in. I strongly believe that there are exactly those kind of soldiers out there. Hate creates hate, unnecessary violence creates violence, rage creates rage. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Steve would have no problem to kill Salaam if he needed to. Or use violence if he thinks it’s the way to get what he needs, or if it’s the way to save innocents. But here he showed his enemy that treating even your worst opponents with kindness or better with humanness is possible. You don’t treat your captured enemies with at least a small rest of dignity – then you lose your own dignity. ‘The dignity of man is inviolable’. Steve was an wonderful example and I love it that it paid at the end. If anyone else would have been in Steve’s place at that time ten years ago (I leave it to your imagination…) a lot of people would have died.

    AOL’s scenes with Omid were terrific! Acting ladies and gentlemen.
    I absolutely loved the scene with flashbackSteve and the CIA guy. When Steve is angry he is really angry, and scary. And AOL showed that in an outstanding way. You go, Steve. Don’t back down.

    The whole episode I was excited, it was so thrilling. The adults working together, no stupid whining, arguing in a civilized manner (thank you DDK, Grace Park and Chi McBride for your acting in these scenes, that’s the way it is done), some crazy stunt Steve (bazookas are having an touch exploder (I have no freaking idea if this is the correct English term) according to hubs, so it could work this way, boom), and MentalistProfilerSteve. It was awesome as he watched the video so closely and got it that the professor was forced to say these things. And kudos to tptb and/or writer to show that not every Muslim is a terrorist. “In situations like these it is easy to forget that.”

    Don’t care about the so called Chin cliffie, because it is none. I don’t trust Coughlin (the triad is getting stronger and more dangerous but it is a perfect place to raise a child? LOL) and I am not fond of Abby. I can forgive her for sleeping with Chin before she told him about her ‘work’ but I don’t like what she said about Sara. Is she open to be a step-mother? Don’t think so. But I love Steve’s support for Chin. He does not know anyone better to lead a new task force. I just leave that here. 😉

    I fear that Kono will leave and I am very sad about that.

    ExConClub? Oy. Adam’s a wuss. Let Steve teach him some things about dignity.

    Time has been good to Steve? Nope. Not really. But maybe his beautiful heart affects his looks.

    Enough said.
    Can we now talk about Steve in a beanie?
    Can we now talk about Steve in a base-cap?
    Can we now talk about Steve in camouflage?
    Can we now talk about Steve in a jacket?

    Can we now talk about – well – Steve?
    Because: HOT STUFF! All in all in this episode!

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    1. leiCa – STANDING OVATION!
      Perfect comment, you nailed it! THIS is the Five-0 we want to see. The special Task Force headed by a former Navy SEAL with mature adults on his team.

      You want to talk more about Steve? How long can I write? 🙂

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    2. Oh lets do talk about Steve! Yo, Sam. After the finale and whatever other Intel comes our way, could we get a thread just to chat, opine, conjecture, and fangirl over Steve? 🙂

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  10. Millicent:

    “Daddy Day Care Crime Scene Cleaners!” LOL. The best. Don’t give them ideas. If you can think it, they might do it. (they may be stealth readers on this blog, trolling for ideas. Nothing surprises me anymore )

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  11. “…and I think Five-0 owes Jeff Cadiente a great deal of respect and thanks for his work on the show…” Absolutely. And he gave us one of the really amazing episodes with 4.20. If I remember right he even commented on this blog.

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  12. First time commenter, but I’ve missed having people to talk to about the show so I hope its okay for me to jump in! I agree it was quite strange that the team felt the need to discuss whether or not the threat was real, and I appreciate the way it was dealt with but they didn’t have any other pressing cases, so why not? I’m also so glad the baddie is more than just a one-off! I hope it carries over into season 8, will be very interesting to see the team dealing with more bureaucracy at much higher levels and probably outside Hawai’i–anyone else wondering if P Lenkov is trying for a Five 0 spin off? As for Kono’s big decision in the next episode, I think she may be the one to adopt Sara instead, because Chin and Abby are not exactly a stable family unit. Maybe we will see Adam, Hirsch and Kamekona as Daddy Day Care Crime Scene Cleaners!

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  13. I try not to look at the previews for upcoming shows; glad I didn’t already know what to expect on the episode with Lori Petty and Michael Paul Chan. It certainly gave my Friday night a boost! Last Friday’s show was okay. A little disappointed when Chin hinted that he might „pop the question“ with Abby. Chin seems like a great „dad“, though. And, thank you for not having Grover cry these last couple of episodes! Sheesh! McBride has cried at least once a season. Stretch it out a bit! Whew! Where’s the young man McGarrett „absolved“ of a grand theft auto arrest? He and Steve seem like a good father/son team!


  14. Excellent episode! It’s been a long time coming, but yes, I loved it.

    Seeing Steve operating as a SEAL again was terrific. I was a little taken aback when the team was arguing with him about the credibility of Salaam’s intel – but I suppose I can see that. THEIR experience is to not trust unknown criminal factions, and they had no frame of reference like Steve had – once he made his case, they went along, not blindly, but as backup. It was a terrific episode to not have Danny there – the arm waving and name calling and nastiness coming from that one would have ruined it for me. This is how adults talk through things – each presenting reasons why they think their point of view is valid. No one called anyone a derogatory name as a means of winning an argument – HOW NOVEL!!! I loved it – for what the episode had, and what it did not have.

    I totally agree that Steve held compassion for Salaam from a humanity standpoint – not that he felt sorry for the man. From Salaams viewpoint, Steve is as bad of a man as Salaam is from OUR viewpoint. We are enemies, however at that point, Steve had the upperhand. I do take great offense at how this show portrays other intelligence agencies in such a black and white picture – it’s so basic and untrue – CIA is a bunch of loudmouthed, angry, blustering bullies and the wonderous 5-0 team (or Steve and SEALS) are saints. Give me a break, that is so dumbed down from reality that it frosts my ass. SEALS and the CIA work very closely – and if we want to get picky, Steve wouldn’t have had any contact with Salaam after the initial mission was done. That would’ve been ALL CIA. This “alphabet agencies are the bad guy” is getting old – and before I’m accused of saying that simply because Cath is in the CIA, I believe I made this same argument when the CIA kidnapped Danny when Steve was bringing WoFat back and they crashed the plane. It’s lame. It doesn’t work, even within the framework of the SHOW. Ugh.

    *ahem* – obviously I feel very strongly about this, LOL

    Anyways – Chin isn’t leaving. No way, no how. I did love the scene with him and Steve – how genuinely happy was Steve for Chin – on both counts??? Chin is definitely the most qualified to run the task force, but I don’t see it happening. I also wonder if Abby and Chin will even get to the altar – although if everyone is going to get their HEA by the end of S8, I suppose that would be it – a full family unit for Chin (for everyone???)

    I’m very very not interested in the Ex-Con Gang. Ugh. No. Go away.

    I guess I didn’t really notice a difference in the type of stunts that y’all are talking about. I do love that there is more hand-to-hand combat going on – that’s more interesting to watch than an over-the top shootout. I did think that the spiderman climb looked cheesy, sorry. I could envision the wires that were removed post production.

    What is Joe White up to these days? He was discharged from the Navy – so …. how is he so connected??? (that’s rhetorical – I’ve often thought he’s much more involved with the intelligence community that we are led to know) Anyway – as odd as it is that a homegrown terrorist/government conspiracy would start with Hawaii – I really like the storyline possibilities and hope there’s a Season 8 arc that brings it back.

    One more to go!

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  15. Oh, and I forgot to say – It’s kind of funny how the CIA just takes requests from prisoners and flies the person they need to speak to in from wherever to… wherever (GITMO, Morocco, etc,,,,) and then don’t stay to listen to the intel….

    Kinda werid, right???? 😉

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  16. I really loved this episode, especially the lack of bitchy whining man. The Hirsch/Adam/Kame stuff didn’t bother me much, except for the incredibly sexist and irritating harassment of Kono, but then again Sang Min does the same thing and everyone laughs it off. I guess it’s just a PL thing. Women don’t deserve to be treated with respect. *eyeroll* Anyway, I loved the whole theme of respect, whether it’s between adversaries (Steve and Salaam), the members of the 5-0 team, Coughlin and Chin, or even Hirsch and Adam. It was nice to see how people can work together toward a common goal without insulting and demeaning them all the time. *coughDannycough* I would definitely rate it as the most awesome episode of the season so far.

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