7.23 Review

H50 - 723-002

“Wehe ‘ana” – Danny protects a coma patient showing signs of waking who was the key witness from his last HPD case before he met Steve and joined Five-0, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Lori Petty guest stars as Nurse Jenny Kitson, and Michael Paul Chan guest stars as Danny’s former HPD Captain, Tanaka.

CBS translated Wehe ‘ana to Prelude

I’m sure everyone will understand that I won’t do a review for last week’s episode.

But I want to give you a place to discuss the episode if you wish so.

Cokie pretty much summed it up: The episode again showed what a good friend Steve is and asks nothing in return. Showed what a putz D is. Rude, offensive and whiny.

I don’t have much to add, actually. Other than this was one of my least favorite episodes. Ever. I enjoyed Tanaka though. And the WTF-face by Steve after saving Danny’s ass and being insulted for it.

And I was again reminded why I can’t stand the character Danny. What an asshole. You find this offensive? Why? Just interpret into it what all the Danny fans do… I really mean that I love him even though I will never say it, will always insult him. But deep down I love him.

Delusional, if you ask me.

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  1. Well it is your blog and you can do whatever you want to do with it. As your party your rules. And I mean that in a good kind of way. It is again called agree to disagree. But still the episode I love it. As well as season 7 has been one of the best if not THE best season 7. Love Steve acting like a BAMF driving the truck through the house. Even Danny told him to do that.


    • You know, this is a very odd comment. My blog, my rules? Excuse me, but I will express my opinion no matter if you think this is my blog and my rules apply. I don’t need any rules to voice my opinion.

      I can’t stand Danny. I have my reasons for that. I know you love him, and you often rant about other people not liking him like you do on SpoilerTV. Something I do not understand. Because I don’t get why people want other people to love what they love. That is not important to me. I couldn’t care less if someone loved or hated something that I truly love. I would be interested in their opinion, but it is of no consequence to me loving it or not. So, I really don’t undestand why it bothers you what other people think about a character you love.

      You can love him as much as you like, and I am happy that you could watch an episode that was heavy on Danny. His fans don’t see a lot of him during the season. So, I am happy for them. 🙂

      But that will never change my opinion about him. And I certainly don’t need anyone to tell me that I am free to express my opinion on my own blog. 😉

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      • I was just doing it to be nice. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. As really did not mean for that. My apologies. But did not mean to come up that way.Again sorry. Just trying to be nice.

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        • You have your reasons for liking Danny. And I totally respect that and I am really glad that you post your comments here. Please don’t ever stop doing that. I have to admit, in the beginning I truly loved Steve and Danny together and I WANTED… actually NEEDED for Danny to be the type of partner that *I* wanted for Steve. Unfortunately over the years, I haven’t seen that. In fact, I’ve seen their relationship deteriorate because of the things Danny says to Steve. Honestly, they hurt me. (Yes, I know all the bla bla that these aren’t real characters…) But I know that I could not be friends with the Danny they have now portrayed on the show. And I find that very sad.

          But as a fan of the show, I will watch, no matter how Danny is portrayed. And I am so glad you also like the episodes.

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          • Thank you as really glad that I can post things on here. As really love it more with Grover and Steve. As really McGrover I like the most. It is all in good fun. Plus they treat each other with respect and most of all kindness.

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          • Cokie, I kind of feel the same way as you. I really took the “bromance” for what it was in the first season – a friendship having some growing pains to get to know each other. But for me it deteriorated and there was never growth of a freindship growning to something more. I thought and even wrote at the end of S 1 of the growth, but by S4, for me all that “growth” got lost – truely sad that the potential of being “The Bromance or the Century” got lost in its own stagnation

            And for me on top of that, the incessant harrasment from shippers,who wanted the bromance to be a romance, just killed all feelings of goodwill I still had for it. For me, anybody can dream about what they want for the show – but why force it on others and torment people who do not feel the same as you about it?

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          • Yes like you cokie316 I used to love Steve and Danny together for the first 3 seasons loved the banter between them. Then during season 4 Danny started being mean, nasty and horrible to Steve and I went off Danny and I wised Steve would just turn round and punch Danny in the face. Over the seasons Danny has just got worst and nastier and no respect to Steve and it looks like the writers are bringing down Steve to Danny’s level now.

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          • Cokie:

            I don’t have the like button but I like what you say here.

            I enjoyed early S1 Danny but he became increasingly irritating as the seasons progressed. Everything became stale and forced. There seemed to be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the way the lines for the character were were written and delivered. It was almost as if a show cancellation would have been welcome in some quarters. Happily that didn’t happen.

            And you know, or most of you do, that I really like the actor. Sending Danny back to the mainland with Rachel and their family at the end of S1 (and without the nonsense of Rachel lying about Charley’s paternity) would have suited all of the principals involved and the character could have been recurring instead. Grover, or someone like him could have stepped in to fill the void. James MacArthur who played Danny Williams on the original H50, left the show before it ended. Kono wasn’t there to the end either. The world didn’t end. McG was, and still is, the main focus.

            And, if they are doing to do flashbacks, how about telling us about the early days when Steve and Freddy were training to be SEALS. There must be great stories to tell. Now that would be a true bromance. Their Helicoptarguments would not have been mean spirited.

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          • For me it is a little bit different. I never really liked Danny, from the very first moment I saw him his portrayal was grating on my nerves. The chewing gum, the tone, the all in all over the top acting and the unamiably behaviour of the character was too much for me right from the beginning. But it didn’t bother me that much because I thought “well, he is supposed to be that way, he will develop. He will soften, he will become a kinder person, he will become a normal day to day friend.” He didn’t.

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            • I totally agree, leiCa. I was waiting for “something” to happen with his character. He was this brash cop from Jersey and I thought he would change over time. Unfortunately, he didn’t change into something I enjoy…. just my opinion to those of you who do like him.

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            • leiCa, I couldn’t agree more. Danny was getting on my nerves from the get-go. But like you I hoped he would develop into a good friend. He never did.
              Insulting your friend, insulting the friends and family of your friend, showing no respect whatsoever for said friend as a human being or your boss is NOT what makes a good friend in my eyes.

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          • Cokie, I absolutely agree with you. I liked their relationship in the beginning – because it made sense. Two very different personalities SHOULD clash and argue when thrown together. But Good God, after 7 years this is ridiculous. I’ve always said if they TPTB didn’t want to give up on the carguments, they should’ve written it as Steve AND Danny together snarking against someone else (preferably the bad guy or some other antagonist and not poor Max like Danny was doing for a while) The way Danny is portrayed the show could tell me all they want to TELL me about how wonderful and close Steve and Danny are, but for the life of me I can’t see WHY they would be. He’s a pain in the ass – and no matter how many times he’s proven wrong in his way of acting, he STILL does it. The excuse of “that’s just Danny – that’s how he shows love” just doesn’t cut it with me. I’d be begging him to love me less.

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              • LOL! Yep, that’s about the amount of sense the character’s apologistas make. I would add to your scenario, leiCa, that Danny would whine and whimper, and demand McG buy him new shoes, and gesticulate madly if one of dem kicked puppies managed to bite his foot.

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  2. since my thoughts are above, I don’t have much to say. Yes, I still stand by what I wrote to Sam on Friday night. I hate that word “putz” but again, Danny used it for Steve so I used it for him. No sense of gratitude, no thanks, just whining. “Don’t you dare touch this bed”. And then AFTER Steve put it together and LIED to Danny’s son, telling him that Danno made the bed all by himself, I am guessing that all Danny will focus on is “you touched the bed. I told you not to touch the bed.” That’s what I get mad at… no gratefulness to his partner at all.

    And that’s what I get tired of. Danny moaning and groaning through each and every episode.

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    • I thought this was an episode that seemed kinda filled with cut scenes from other scripts, tho we did cement my already-held views of McG and Danno. 😉

      The first was a given. McG is a Jedi. In one day, he wallpapered Charlie’s room, assembled an *apparently* difficult bed, raced to save this week’s Danno In Distress, FOUND the DamselDanno by nothing less than using The Force, as Danno apparently cannot read a street sign when under duress and missing his smelling salts, and then returned to babysit Charlie and build up Danno’s rep with his son by lying about who built the bed…tho that lie does not sit well with me. But whatevs. 🙄

      The second was a surprising item, to me. I’ve never felt Danno was a good cop…the whiny the temper the insubordination, yada yada yada…but I’ve thought SHOW thinks Danno is a good cop. Maybe. He’s infamously hard to get along with, we’re witnesses to that. But his temper and his preference to bitch at Rachel had him miss his CI’s call. The CI who was stalked and ended up in a coma. We’d also been led to believe his CO was mean to him at HPD. Turns out Tanaka is a very decent guy, with a great sense of humor. McG will probably invite him over for his next Superbowl party. 😆 Turns out, shocker, Danno was just hard to get along with…then as well as now. He’s never gonna be widely liked. Danno’s lucky McG likes fixing broken toys.

      My favorite part of the ep was when McG expertly steered his truck thru the front door and over the perps, in the nick of time. Wherein Tanaka immediately proclaimed, “you must be Steve!” Cos who else could do THAT? McG did not care for Danno’s usual pointless snip afterwards, but again the bigger man, he turned to meet Tanaka and the nurse. Btw I enjoyed the nurse. She was a low key snarky delight.

      Sam, still thinking of you, honey.

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      • Oh! I forgot to mention the nurse. Yes, I liked her a lot. Very snarky, kept her cool and went about her business. much better than someone else on the show.

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        • so true, LeiCa. Danny seems just along for the ride. How many of these friends has he made rude comments to? I mean, granted, they aren’t MY favorite people either, but I think he cuts people down to make himself feel better. Max, Kamekona, Jerry, Flippa; how rude is to to them even when they go out of their way to do something for him? I don’t get it.

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        • Right? McG makes friends, draws people in, eases his own pain of losing family by building himself a new family. He’s open to all kinds of folks where Danno is closed off, knee-jerk rejecting new people til he realizes McG has let them into the Ohana and he now has no choice but to accept them. Danno is just along for the ride, affixed like a tick, cos McG sees him as one of the broken toys. Danno likes having a gf tho. He’s one of those guys who has to have a gf, whether he loves her or not.

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          • Girl is the operative word there for Danny. I always thought Gabby was too adult for him. Other than the building that was blown up, when has Melissa/Amber been with the kids? That should be a red flag to her that the relationship is going nowhere.

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            • Moonjat:

              I think the look on Melissa/Amber’s face at the end of that ridiculous Valentine day epi said it all. He can’t say the love word to her because he still loves Rachel. He is just using her and stringing her along until the writers give him what he really wants. (and it is NOT Steve)

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      • I was shocked at how far the SHOW went to portray Danny as unprofessional and not a good cop. If I was a Danny fan I’d be livid, absolutely LIVID.

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        • Kim, it makes me wonder where things are heading. Danny was told point blank by Tanaka (was that his name?) NOT to open a restaurant, so hopefully he will heed that warning. What am I saying? When does he listen to anything??? They are giving us hints of things, but I wonder if they will ever follow up with it? We have a lot of those hints and dropped storylines that either were never written or are lying around on the cutting room floor.

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          • It’s very strange indeed , these things they are trying to foreshadow, yet I really don’t see any of them coming to fruition. SHOW isn’t known for it’s subtlety, so I figure its a big old red herring – but I’e long since tried to make rhyme or reason with the writers intentions

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          • I think they are just trying to create a cliffhanger for Danny. Will he or will he not leave?
            I guess there will be one for most of the main characters in the show. Some will come true, and they will leave, and some not. I don’t see Danny going anywhere because ……
            To leave such a cushy and high paying job for the actor, will never happen. It pays for too many other pet projects!

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  3. Sam. I have been praying for you. Your Dad was a wonderful man and I can say that because it is reflected in you.

    Now my take on 723.

    Let me start by saying something positive. An hour of McG swinging a hammer would have made this an awesome episode. Also, I love car chases because they are exciting and done so well, but really, this went on forever. (Papa Yorkie, who rarely watches the show, wanted to know why no one ever aims for the tires. Or if it was supposed to be an armored ambulance and that is why that no one inside got struck by a bullet. I just laughed. Welcome to the world of H50.

    What kind of an idiot continues to have a loud, confrontational and very public conversation with the Ex, while a witness to a crime is kept waiting? That man was in a coma for years because Mr. Whine couldn’t do his job. Is it any wonder he was not liked by the cops at HPD or removed from the case. Unfortunately he got John McGarrett’s murder. And not because, as some McDannos have rationalized, John was a beloved cop and that proves HPD thought Danny was a good detective. No, it was because they thought that the investigation was complete and they gave him some busy work to recheck the crime scene. And that’s how we got stuck with Danny. Maybe Rachel had it right all along.

    What kind of an idiot throws away the directions for assembly of a product before he even starts? Danny.

    What kind of an idiot has a smart phone and doesn’t know his location? Danny. (Did he throw away those directions too?)

    And to add to the ridiculous, we have Danny sitting by the bed of the man in a coma, telling him about all the great things in his life these last ten years. I half expected the poor patient to sit up and throw a bed pan at Danny. At least Mr, Whine could have Dannoyed the comatose man to wake up.

    Danny was more than floundering at HPD. He was incompetent.

    I am looking forward to 724 for obvious reasons.

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  4. What a joke this episode was. A bad one so.
    I cannot believe how someone can seriously call Danny a friend. I’m baffled.
    Steve does everything for him, saves the day (and him) and even lies to Charlie to make D look good and what does he get? Another kick in the behind…
    But hey, poor guy is used to it already. And while some superfans with their pink glasses on call this bromance or even fantasize about Steve and D being more than friends (seriously??!!), I am glad when I have an episode where he acts either as the detective/team member/partner he is supposed to be (sadly, hardly ever) or is not in the episode at all.
    I still love this show a lot but I find myself more and more unnerved by that unhappy person.
    Oh, I know some curious ppl will take a look at this post and again bash us for being negative.
    No ladies, objective!
    Time for some McG action again. 7.24 can’t come fast enough!

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    • i don’t know why some people think that honesty is a negative thing. If fans keep lying and saying that crap is acceptable then all we will get from the show is crap. I want better because I care.

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    • I don’t care anymore if they bash us or not. They should mind their own business and enjoy the show their own way. And not complain about what other people think about something they love so much.
      I mean seriously, why do they give a f about what we think about an episode, character, whatever? Shouldn’t be their concern at all. But whatever… guess some people simply don’t have a life.
      Maybe they don’t realize how absolutely ridiculous their behavior is. Ah well, let them bash away, if it makes them happy. It’s fitting for Danny lovers, now isn’t it?
      Someone once said, actors get the fans they deserve. Same goes for characters. 😉 Make of that what you want.

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      • If the intent of their bashing anyone for having and expressing a different opinion is to force us into submission and get us to parrot their hate mantra, well, they obviously don’t know the people who post here. They can fling all the dirt they want but they will have to duck for cover because some of us have a great aim. I will never understand why they feel so threatened by other opinions unless they are insecure about the validity of theirs.

        I sense their fear and desperation. I actually feel sorry for them. They know they are never going to get what they want, so yes, I feel pity.

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        • The behaviour of those people made me lose the last bit of respect I had for them. Completely. It was worse than just bashing and it was esp. directed against a wonderful wonderful blog that is dedicated to all things Alex for years (I have never seen one of these people support this blog in any way or form btw), a blog that provides us with the best pics and gifs and incredible insightful and intense studies. 😉
          Now I get why these people like Danny. In their world insulting people, being offensive and rude to ->real people seems to be okay.
          But yeah, everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Yuck.
          Schleimer. Bootlicker.

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          • If you and I are talking about the same convo – not too worry. We do not really take anything that delusional people write seriously. It gave me a good laugh though.
            If anybody think that I crucified Alex’s acting abilities with what I said, or that we right anything out of hate, then they have to be delusional or can’t read properly.

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        • Those people are always so annoyed when they get called hypocrites and I just can’t believe how self absorbed and unaware of their own traits they are – but then again these same people think a valid logistical argument as to why we SHOULD like this episode is because it gave Alex a rest for a week. Um – not liking the episode DOES NOT equate to wanting Alex to have to work 24/7/365 or kill himself doing stunts. Those two statements are not inverse variables and are in fact, not related to one another at all. Nice try at attempting to shame us into silence though. I swear if any of them had a rational thought it would surely die of loneliness.

          I still shake my head in wonder at the one comment I was shown that lambasted us for “Not even giving them an hour to enjoy the show before we started with the negativity” – Because apparently I missed the clause in life whereby there was a 60 minute waiting period to state an opinion that differs from theirs. << Oh and apparently that clause is a one-way deal.

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          • LOL, Kim… I love your comment about the rational thought dying of loneliness. So true. I will be honest here, I have yet to read one full post from these people. I can’t get through them without wanting to throw something. But, from what I gather, some people in this world must have the sheer luck to watch episodes which differ from what I watch that week. Because they find things in there that I surely don’t see!!! aka that this episode was “pure perfection”. Somehow I missed all of that. Silly me.

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          • “Not even giving them an hour to enjoy the show before we started with the negativity” ROFL, seriously?

            First of all, voicing an opinion is not negativity. It’s simply stating an opinion that might differ from your own. Voicing dislike is not negativity. I actually feel very positive about the show even though I really, really disliked this episode. And voicing that is not me being negative. It’s JUST an opinion.

            And secondly, most importantly, what has an opinion by others to do with their enjoyment? They can only enjoy something when everyone agrees with them? Well, seems that they are not very sure of their love and enjoyment if they need that kind of validation.

            But there is a very simple solution for their dilemma. My friend Sunny had a great quote on her twitter which I think is simply perfect: “Many people don’t know this, but it’s possible to read something you don’t agree with on the internet and simply move on with your life.”

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            • does anyone think the world would be better/ideal/more fun if EVERYONE liked exactly the same things? We would be just like little cardboard cutouts with no original thoughts or ideas. I find it very odd they think everyone should agree on what THEY like.

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  5. Ah, finally got to a keyboard. Would you believe that I wrote down notes after the show? I got confused on a couple of levels with this show, which I admit isn’t difficult to do to me thanks to the writers. My first question is after confirming that the man in the coma is definitely the man they thought he was….why didn’t they get HPD up there to help protect him? Second, is there no police force on the north shore to respond when the hit lady made her attempt? Usually I just shrug some of these things off but this time that bugged me. Of course that would mean even less screen time for Steve so I guess I should shut up and be grateful I got what I got. I really like how GNP stated it…..I never thought that the show would say that Danny wasn’t that great of a cop. I suppose that they wanted to show how alone he was but all it did was show an angry man who didn’t want to be there. Personally after watching this episode I think that Danny is allergic to his gun, he carries it like he is afraid of it and many times he has it pointing at the ground.

    I really did like Steve the handy man…..I love a man that knows his way around a tool box. Thank goodness Steve was left alone to finish the room or poor Charlie would have been sleeping on the floor. Where was Grace by the way……couldn’t she babysit while Danny was confessing to his sleeping witness? Did Steve have to run and pick Charlie up as well? I was not surprised that Danny threw the directions away, he knows everything anyway, why bother with instructions. I watched for Steve, I am glad he got an episode that gave him some down time so he was ready for what may be very busy final ones. I also liked Danny’s former boss and the nurse. Two very good characters that probably regretted having to deal with Danny. I don’t think anything can make Danny a happy person, not someone I want in my life. It was also nice to see Meka before he died in season 1.

    Thank you Sam for taking time to give us a forum to comment on this episode. You are in my prayers still.

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  6. As I pointed out in my „anal-ysis“ of S07E23 (http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#23), the whole point of Danno’s cel phone being atypically unlocatable by either Jerry or the Supercomputer® was yet another example of advancing the plot in a certain direction (i.e., drag it out more).
    I liked this episode more than most, and almost thought of giving it 4/4 stars at one point because I thought it was better than most of the drek (another Yiddish term, right up there with „putz“) seen this season. But then I started to think about it and came to my senses.
    By the way, I came across the following deleted scene from S01E08, the episode where the picture of Danno’s partner Meka does not match the actor in a flashback on Friday’s show.
    (May have to turn your phone to the landscape mode; if it won’t play on the phone, it should on your computer.)
    Compared to this tirade, Danno on Friday seemed almost mellow.

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  7. So I watched it.

    After I watched the episode my toe nails were shining with a shiney new nail polish. I chose a dark grey because I love these non typical colors and because a dark grey resembled my mood after one and a half minute into show.
    If they wanted this episode to be a counterpart, an equivalent of 3.20 they failed big time, as they failed to show me someone who is a good detective, or a good employee, or a good friend.

    It took Danny exactly 1 minute and 31 seconds to yell at Steve. To yell in all seriousness and in a tone that made my skin crawl. Why does he do that? Another thing that annoyed me again and again is his facial expression as a cop. Makes me think he really really does not want to be a cop. Last weekend hubby had to clean the lightwells of our cellar windows. No fun I can tell you that. No fun. And absolutely nothing I will ever do in my life. Never. So when Danny is carrying a gun he looks like me if I had to carry a ginormous spider. A ginormous and hairy spider.
    I skipped through some scenes because the dannoying way of overacting was just too much for me. And Dannoying was dannoying in both worlds. In the present ‘no tie, no tan, no idea but I have a screwdriver’ world and in the past ‘boof your coif with lots of spray hair’ world.
    And I am grateful about Steve’s presence in this episode, I liked his scenes. And I didn’t find him OOC. We have never seen that Steve is really bad with kids (no I do not think he was that bad in the elevator scene in S1), that’s only Danny’s viewpoint. Actually we have seen very empathic and sensitive moments with Steve and children. Here, he was just an adult being silly with a little boy. We’ve all done things like that I think. But maybe I am biased because hubby and me share the exactly same fist-bump. 😉 I mean, it is not like he bought a pink plush-bunny for a 9 year old. (My niece is that age and she wanted a drone for her first communion. She would have kicked my a** if I bought her a plush-bunny. Lol.) For me it felt like a Steve who is happy to be for once a normal person, a handyman, a kind of father and maybe being a kid himself, just being someone he rarely gets the chance to be. His youth was ended in a brutal way, his life then was dominated by danger, risks, threats, death, horror and torture and just once, maybe just once he enjoys and relishes the moments that are normal for so many people but not for him. For me his scenes felt exactly like that. They made me smile. For sure Alex was channeling his inner handymen (he was a plumber, worked at a construction site, built his own deck) and for sure he was channeling his inner father (moo, ribbit ribbit, twitch twitch). Nothing wrong with that. “Without life experiences you can’t tell stories anyway.”*
    So Steve saved Danny’s day in more ways than one and no thanks TO Steve and no word about Steve at ComaGuy? Yeah, yeah people desperately are saying he does not need to tell Steve that he ‘loves’ him, that Steve ‘knows’. Sorry folks, but no. That interpretation is grasping at straws. That is not the way relationships work. Old married couple? Pfft. You will get old eventually, but you will never ever stay married if you’re treating your partner this way.
    The secret to a successful relationship:
    „Ok, look, it’s so cliché, but it’s true: honesty and COMMUNICATION.”
    *Alex O’Loughlin

    A few years ago I asked a native speaker (I do not remember where… I think D used it in S3 the first time) if the word ‘putz’ is okay. If you can call a friend that way and mean it in a friendly way like “you’re an idiot” or “I am an idiot”, you know, with a smile. He said no. It is a harsh word and you mean it. We use yiddish words here too, like mischpoke or maloche but not the word putz.

    7.24 can’t come fast enough. And I am pretty optimistic that there are a lot of 7.24s’s to come in S8.

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  8. LeiCa, I *knew* I had talked to someone about the word “putz” before and I couldn’t remember who or where it was. Now I know. It was in your living room. 🙂 With cute, little bears all around and a beautiful pup in the doorway.


  9. Sorry for commenting so late. I’ve taken to recording the show and watching a few episodes at a time on the DVR. Bad fangirl. 😉 The very best part of this episode for me was the way Steve lovingly smoothed out the “checkered flag” wallpaper banner onto the board he had just mounted on the wall in Charlie’s room. *happy sigh* Other than the Steve moments, my biggest takeaway from this ep was to be reminded that I was right for disliking Danny from the get-go, that he has always been a mean, angry guy, and I wish he’d go away forever. I liked Tanaka and the nurse a lot, though. They kept the non-Steve parts tolerable.

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