More on 7.24 + 7.25


Then on May 5, McGarrett learns that a prisoner he captured and interrogated 10 years ago, and who is still being held at Gitmo, claims to have intel on a possible terrorist attack. Amid flashbacks to his Navy SEAL days, “McGarrett questions whether or not he’s being played — how reliable is this information?” Meanwhile, Chin and Abby face a big decision.

Now, this sounds a lot more interesting than the actual Press release. 🙂


Whereas a March episode marked the “cerebral, emotional” start of a child sex trafficking storyline, the finale delivers the “action-adventure” half of it, in the form of “a 42-minute, high-speed chase around the island with very precious cargo in the back of a truck.”  And yes, Lenkov says there will be “a little Grace Park/Kono cliffhanger,” as well as one involving McGarrett.

Ehm, I truly hope this is not a 42-minute high-speed chase, because if so the promo pics show the end of it. Not cool. Just like last year, I feel like we already had way too many BTS pictures for the finale episodes. I really don’t know why they can’t keep it under wraps.

Thanks to TVLine for the Info.

42 thoughts on “More on 7.24 + 7.25

  1. Sam, I totally agree. I don’t want to know everything that is going to happen in the finale. I love the surprise element. I don’t understand why they want to leak all these photos/videos.

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  2. Looks like I will enjoy #24 more than 25. Perhaps Steve will realize that he misses Cath and places a call to that number he may have erased but never forgot. I could live with that McGarrett mini cliffhanger.


  3. Can’t wait for 7.24 flash backs of SEAL Steve, and what I am looking forward to the most for 7.25 is the cliffhanger for Steve. I hope in either of these 2 episodes there is a hint about Catherine for season 8.

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  4. 724
    Episode is Danny free. Be thankful for the little things.

    Maybe Steve’s cliffhanger is that Doris’ diary just spouted three more paragraphs of explanations.

    Or that he’s impatiently waiting to find out the name of Danny’s new restaurant.

    Or he finds out Joe White is really his father and Aunt Deb was really his mother and Mary is not related to him.

    Or he forgot to renew his drivers license …..Oh,wait.

    Or he hears something regarding Cath. (Please let it be this)

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    1. Mama, you take the cake!

      I have a few more vivid ideas about what I would NOT want the (“little”) cliffhanger to be but I am happily joining your wish regarding a certain Lieutenant 🙂

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        1. We oughta pick a day, and send hashtag questions to atPLoser and the writers, with all the dropped storylines we’d like to at least have them acknowledge they’ve left dangling. 🙄

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          1. They know that they’ve written a bunch of drivel that can’t be explained. THEY KNOW – which is why they don’t respond to the smart questions that get asked. writing a good, tightly wrapped story is hard, y’all!

            It’s why I LMAO at the “best show” comments. Oh how that makes me laugh.

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          2. I was thinking of doing a post about it – asking everybody what questions or dropped stories they would like to be still answered. 😀
            But that will just be for fun – not really for the writers.

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            1. I think that would be great. At least THEY would know that WE know they have screwed up the dropped stories, shot to hell the timeline and have revised history.

              But more importantly, THEY would know that WE know that none of them actually watches the show.

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  5. I cannot seem to care. I love Alex but Show is boring me far too often this season. A good Cath mention would perk me up. Or verrry McG centric plots from now on…or both!

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  6. I have railed against the spoilers for this show for a very long time. Most of these are just attempts to beat the drum by “Blabby” Lenkov and encourage interest in his show. I don’t know why they don’t just run spoilers for the entire season each September and not bother making the show at all, it would certainly cut down on their budget and cast members could pursue their other dreams.

    As far as the spoilers at hand are concerned:

    S07E24 – Chin and Abby have a very difficult decision to make… (Note, this episode also features Gerard Hirsch, ugh)
    S07E25 – Kono, deeply affected by the [sex trafficking] case, makes a life-changing decision…

    Though Blabby likes to jerk people around big time, I am wondering if it goes like this:

    Chin wants to marry Abby, but Abby doesn’t want any of those pesky kids around. However, Chin and his niece Sara lub each other so much, he is seriously conflicted. (I think he would be so conflicted over this issue, he would just tell Abby to take a hike, but…) Seeing this, Kono offers to adopt Sara, but she cannot be a cop and a mom providing the necessary lub and support to the kid, so she retires from Five-Zero (and the show) to be a stay-at-home parent. This does not preclude GP from never appearing on the show again, though.

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    1. LOL! Blabby. A name that seems benign, boring, yet irksome. I think you hit the nail on the head there. 😉

      I will lose all respect for Chin if he does not father Sara. But I agree that Kono is gonna do some kid-centered thing, whatever that might be. I could care less if Abby lives or dies. She is, literally, the most boring character Show has dumped on us yet. I’m sure, therefore, that she is Blabby’s new favorite.

      They have killed off or sent away all the most interesting women. I’d vote to bring back BexMader’s art thief character waaaaay before Abby, but whatever…ZzzZzz as usual.


        1. Sigh. Aside from Cath, Bex far and away created and played the best female ever on Show. Which is why, I guess, she has a day job, but I’d love to get her back.


            1. She plays the wicked witch of the west in that ABC show about fairy tales, OnceUponATime, but she guest starred, i think in S5, in 5-0 where she played an “art detective” in Hawaii to recover stolen paintings. It was the first ep Hirsch appeared in, where Chin and Kono went undercover to an art show and Jerry suddenly revealed his hence-before hidden hacker abilities and total electronics mastery. At the end, McG had been snookered. She wasn’t a detective, she was an art thief and she stole a buncha paintings and got away. But she and MacG had chemistry! And she left one of the best paintings for him to find– I dunno, Monet lilacs or something–to give to a family in financial trouble whom the other art thieves had injured and put in the hospital.


              1. I thought you meant her. But she was not an art thief. She was a bounty hunter for stolen arts. She returned them to the righful owners and got the rewards from the insurance companies. The art thief part confused me.


              1. Yes, she was great. But think about it. What would Five-0 do with her character? I mean, seriously, how often do you need a person like her? And I highly doubt she would be useful for Five-0. Sometimes it is better to use one character just one time and be done with it. Unfortunately, Five-0 hasn’t figured that out yet. That is why we get the strangest and most boring characters over and over again. 😉


                1. Well, not like they haven’t

                  a) had a bounty hunter on … repeatedly (DUDE)
                  b) changed a characters background to suit a bigger role in the show (DUDE)

                  At least this one had great chemistry with McG.


                    1. That’s why I liked her. She was a non-dude. Apparently Lenky has an allergy to women…unless they’re somehow evil.


  7. If course we won’t see her again. They get rid of the smart women on this show. (after they trash their characters or just outright kill them.)

    Instead we get Blondie and the Teenybopper to satisfy some weird fixation with bandage dresses, and fright hair (Lynn) which made Steve look like he was opening the door to a professional about to hand him a price list for services and baby doll rompers (Amber/Melisa) which made Danny look even older than he is.

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    1. Another dame of interest was FBI Special Agent Rebecca Conway (Monique Curnen) in S04E11 who suddenly showed up in the Five-Zero offices wanting to compare notes regarding a serial killer who was being pursued. At the time, I sighed, “Too bad she can’t be the default FBI contact person for the show, but I think she [her character] is not based in Hawaii.”

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      1. There have been so many wasted opportunities to realistically portray women on this show. And when they do get a great character, there is some incomprehensible need to either vilify her or turn her into a one dimensional throwaway.

        Sometimes I think the writers room is located in a frat house on some college campus.

        BTW, I really enjoy your reviews.

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        1. By the way, I don’t understand why there are “writers” for the show when there is usually only one (or maybe two) people identified as such in the opening credits for each episode. But the following comments by Larry Cohen, who has been a writer, producer and director and started writing scripts when he was only in his late teens, may be of interest. This comes from Cohen’s commentary on the DVD box set of season one of The Defenders, a 1960s lawyer show for which he wrote several scripts.

          Today television is entirely different [from the 60’s] because most of the shows are done by a roomful of writers; they call it “the writers’ room.” And these writers are usually credited on the show as associate producers, co-producers, executive producers, co-executive producers, ad nauseum. And they’re really writers. And what they do is they keep turning the script over from one to the other to the other to the other, till nobody really wrote it and everybody really wrote it. In the old days, that was done by comedy shows like Bob Hope, who had seven or eight or nine writers. And they would all be in a room. But none of the dramatic shows were ever written by committee back in those days, in the sixties, when I was working.

          Sound familiar?


            1. Well, here we have the explanation for why the finished scripts read the way they do. It’s the old “too many cooks spoil the broth” story.

              Every one of the writing team should be assigned to oversee one major character and be responsible for saying “wait, this doesn’t make sense. This character would never do this.” How hard can that be?

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            2. Still ,you would think that ONE of those sets of eyes looking at the script would be the one tasked with keeping the facts straight.


  8. Mr. Mike, thank you so much for that “Script to Screen” feature. It’s really interesting! I don’t necessarily agree that “committee” writing is bad. It could lead to MORE continuity, since all the writers should be aware of the arc of at least that season. But that sort of continuity awareness must come from the top–the showrunner. Unfortunately, PL (now I’m always gonna think of him as “Blabby,” lol!) just doesn’t care about character continuity (or women). You can tell from the featurette that they are focused on action more than anything else, so character details aren’t important to them. Sigh. Too bad they are so very consistent about making Danny act like a creep. The ONE character that I wish they’d change, they don’t. 😉

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