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“Waimaka ‘ele’ele” – While working the murder case of one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona, McGarrett learns about his grandfather’s important role at Pearl Harbor. Also, Adam uncovers bone fragments at his new construction job and asks Jerry to help him discreetly investigate, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 14 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Waimaka ‘ele’ele to Black Tears

Just a friendly reminder:

I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode, and my focus will always be mostly on Steve. If you disagree… that is just fine. Don’t come complaining because I don’t like certain characters. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

This was an awesome episode; yes, Cokie, sometimes we give the verdict right up front. And since this was such an awesome episode there will be only very little nitpicking. 😉

Let’s dive right in. How refreshing not to start with a previously on. Thank you, show. 😉 Instead we see an old man driving around with his granddaughter, talking about ice-cream and idiotic boyfriends. They obviously have a great bond, and you just know something will happen. And it does. I must say, that was some crash. Great work by the stunt team throughout the whole episode.

So, the granddad is killed in the crash, thankfully the young woman almost unharmed.

Hal Holbrook has a long sheet of TV and movie appearances, it’s really a shame that he didn’t get to interact with anyone on this show. Probably one of the shortest guest gigs ever on Five-0.

So, after the crash we know right away, that this wasn’t an ordinary accident. Although, I must say, isn’t it a bit strange that these highly trained military guys get involved in such a stupid accident? It is a bit farfetched. Why would they run a stop sign? They were not on the run, nobody was after them. But OK, I guess stranger things have happened.

H50 - 722-003

Next we see Kono and Adam, and I must say these were some of the stupidest scenes ever. What a waste of time. They acted like teenager, which would by fine for high school kids, but not for these two adults. I found these scenes utterly embarrassing, and completely useless drivel.

Next we learn more about the people involved in the car crash; about the victims and about the people knocking over the second bank in one week.

And here comes the personal connection to Steve into play. It’s kind of a weak link, but I guess we take what we can get. And I’m sure it is very hard to come up with anything since his grandfather died so many years ago.

Of course Steve promised the young woman that they will catch whoever killed her grandfather. And I guess nobody had any doubts that Steve would make good on his promise.

We switch back to Adam who happens to find a bone fragment. How he managed to see that small thing on the side, or even other side of the pile is beyond me, but whatever. Well, could be dog, could be human. I liked that he was concerned that it might be an old burial ground. Of course, the boss was also concerned, but for totally different reasons. He told Adam to forget all about it, and just do his job.

Which of course we knew he wouldn’t.

H50 - 722-020

Back at the palace we see Steve listening to a video he got from a filmmaker, doing a documentary about the attack on Pearl Harbor. I wonder how he learned about that, and how he managed to get his hands so fast on the material. Why would the granddaughter have told him about it?

Anyway, it is always great to see Alex getting some real material to work with. He is so darn good with this emotional stuff. He doesn’t need any pages of dialogue to convert what is going on in his head, or heart for that matter.

I really wish he would get more recognition for it. But it seems so effortless and natural that people just take it for granted, I guess.

So, they learn more about the bank job, and Steve conducts that they are military trained. Soon after they hit a match on the blood from the accident scene and get an address for one of the bad guys.

When they revealed that the baddies only got a little under $ 12.000, I think everyone knew that this was not a normal bank robbery. What kind of gang takes such high risks to get away with such little money? Don’t forget, the money had to be split four-ways. No way was this about the money. I thought it must have been another reason. But I didn’t think they did it to pay off what a friend owed the bank. That was a very nice twist.

ROFL at Jerry. Nope, Jerry, no one had heard about the badge because it probably isn’t a really real badge. And I’m pretty sure Five-0 isn’t too comfortable with you parading it around like that.

I think these two fit well together. Both first job, both lying to their friends, wife and superiors. Perfect fit. Sarcasm out.

H50 - 722-031

So, Steve and gang are ready to take down Ryder. They even got the help of HPD, or SWAT, not sure what these guys were. What I do know is that they were not the sharpest tools in the shed. More about that later.

Let me say one thing, no matter what I will point out and ‘complain’ about, the following scenes were awesome with a capital A.

So, the bunch enters the cabin, in my eyes with way too many people. I mean they were standing in their own way. Trampling on each other’s feet. But I guess we needed so many people so that at least some of them could get shot. Whatever.

I got a good laugh out of this scene. Geez, SC really hates these scenes, doesn’t he? He looks like he really, really doesn’t want to do them. This is not a very professional attitude Mr. Brilliant Detective. Danny looks totally out of place in scenes like this.

H50 - 722-040

So, after a short firefight in the dark, Steve storms upstairs to discover Ryder gone through the window, and an activated bomb. He tells everyone to evacuate and follows Ryder out of the already burst window. Why again glass is flying is beyond me. But it looked nice, I guess.

Now coming back to the rather dumb SWAT/HPD guys. Wouldn’t you look up when you hear the window breaking? And why wasn’t he facing the house anyway? No, Ryder gets him by surprise and knocks him out. And why the heck weren’t there more guys outside anyway? Right, they were all inside getting shot at.

Don’t you think this whole explosion and stuff was a bit overkill? I mean, these guys were out to help their dead friend’s wife. But all this firepower and explosives looked like they wanted to start a war. Why did they have all that stuff in the first place? What else were they up to?

H50 - 722-045

Anyway, very cool action with the explosion and Steve getting blown off the roof. But of course this is Five-0, and such a thing as being blown up doesn’t slow down Steve. 😉

So, hot in pursuit he is. I wonder what the others were doing? Taking their sweet time? Right, Kono had to make a phone call to get all that information she has when they finally meet up with Steve again. And the others were doing what exactly instead of going after their leader, friend and team member?

H50 - 722-041

Absolutely cool action with Steve and Ryder. Some of the best scenes of the show. I loved how Steve got shot, and played dead. Do I care that the bullet hit him square in the chest and somehow dropped down behind his ammo? No, I don’t. It probably plopped down when he sat up. Which by the way was awesomely played.

Do I care why Ryder didn’t take a head shot at Steve? Ehm, yeah, I DO care that my hero didn’t get shot in the head. That is not what I meant. Why would Ryder shoot Steve dead center when he knew that he was wearing Kevlar? Dumb question, I know, because if he had done his job right, Steve would be deader than dead. 😉

Instead he put a bullet between Ryder’s eyes. I think that was the only safe option for Steve. Ryder had a big gun, ready to shoot. Instant death was the only way for Steve to make sure that he wouldn’t get another shot off at him. I think this kill shot was justified and the only option since Ryder also wore body armer.

Anyway, that were some awesome scenes. And I think I loved the casual way how Steve got the bullet out even more. That was way cool.

Huh, Chin, are you sure that there won’t be any evidence left? Because that house looked pretty much intact after the blast. 😉

H50 - 722-167

Adam spends a huge part of the night digging for bones. Huh, what does Kono think he’s doing during that time? Or isn’t she at home? Maybe they live separate lives after all? Or did he come up with more lies where he spends his time? What a great pair they make.

H50 - 722-063

So, Steve went to one of his contacts to de-classify the information about the group. And I guess it wasn’t hard to predict that an HPD detail on them wouldn’t go too well. 😉

Next we go to Adam’s story again, and learn that his night activities were monitored and got him fired. Who wanted to bet that this would be a detail he would share with his wife? Right.

I think everyone knows that my favorite is Steve, and of course, Alex O’Loughlin. These kind of episodes always remind me why that is. His subtle play, his nuances in voice and facial expression is just brilliant acting. Like he was in all his scenes watching the video. His almost choked up, soft voice saying that he was alright… now that is knowing ones character and great acting. He simply has embodied Steve McGarrett. It’s just too awesome to describe.

H50 - 722-078

H50 - 722-082

And as predicted, the surveillance didn’t go as planned. What I liked about this is that finally we have a bad guy who knows who he is up against. I always wondered about all the other bad guys we had who had no idea about a special task force. I mean, if I wanted to do any criminal activity I would for sure know who I had to deal with. What kind of agency might be on my case. What kind of people had I to face, where lie there weaknesses and such. I would know that. And I’m very happy that finally this guy knows who he is up against.

H50 - 722-092

And it led to some really good scenes in that diner. Scenes that also made me smile. Steve looked like he came straight from one of O’Dell’s shave-sessions. I guess it is hard to keep the scruff the same during the filming of one episode, but this time it was really all over the place. 😉

H50 - 722-091

It’s these little things that always make me smile and wonder who keeps up with this stuff. You know, like what shirt were they wearing going into the office and which one when they left. That is sometimes quite hilarious.

That falls right into the category of the wandering scars, or the aftermath of a fight in general. I mean, Steve took a beating, a b.e.a.t.i.n.g … no way was he walking around like that the next day. Almost no bruises, no limping, no nothing. The make-up department, and whoever should take notice of this stuff would be doubly awesome if they could get this right too.

After such an awesome fight I want to see the repercussions from it. Steve even passed out after it. Don’t let him wander around the next day like nothing happened.

And where the heck was his team? Where was the team spirit in this episode? Meaning where was the comfort? Steve got shot in the chest; he must have been hurting big time, but nobody seemed to care. He was beaten to a pulp, but nobody cared enough to check on him. The gunfight was long over, but nobody showed up. Big fail by show if you ask me.

But we’re not there yet, let’s look at the diner scene first. Our baddie sounded rather bitter and misunderstood. He sure didn’t feel guilty in the least. Not for what he did back in a foreign country, and surely not for what he did in Hawaii.

He should have believed Steve when he said they would see each other again. 😉

H50 - 722-099

And back to Jerry and Adam. Again. I wondered why Kamekona was not in sight. They were at his shrimp truck, I expected him to be there. Not that I’m complaining, far from it, Kamekona is not one of my favorites and I can do without him just fine. I just thought the location of the meets was odd. Why meeting there and not have Kamekona in the shots? Odd, if you ask me. Guess nobody does, but anyway. 😉

So, more lying to his wife. Adam’s on a roll I guess.

You wonder when I will complain about Dannoying? Well, I won’t… much. 😉 No, this time he wasn’t really annoying. Simply because he was rather subdued. And I really enjoyed that. His whole appearance in this episode was rather bland. If he was a soft drink he would be rather stale; without any fizz or taste. Sorry, I can’t really say it any other way, but it was like he wasn’t even there. Which I still prefer. Even during his one alone scene, he wasn’t really in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this kinda-non-existing-Dannoying. Actually totally loved his expression after Steve dug the bullet out and went past him.

You know, when the show started seven years ago, Danny actually was a detective. Steve had checked his file, spoke to Danny’s captain, and then decided to hire him. But in the last few seasons Danny was nothing but bad decoration. It was nice to see that he was kinda useful in this episode.

But I highly doubt the writers will keep this up, and next time he will be back to his annoying, idiotic self. Sad, really.

The only thing I will complain about, again, is SC’s speech pattern. Can’t someone tell him to not speak in three words… stop…. Three words… stop… three words… stop again? That is so darn annoying.

H50 - 722-115

And more Adam to come. Now he wants to solve the crime on his own. Great idea, Adam. If you are successful, you might even get a badge at the end of the day. I mean, he needs a job, right? And he solves a crime in this episode. That should be plenty of reason to actually slab a badge on him. I bet he ends up with Five-0 in some way. I hate that they are seemingly heading that way.

Do I even want to think about the timeline in this episode? No, absolutely not, because it would make your head spin. So, let’s not even go there. They were again all over the place.

H50 - 722-110

I must say, although the firefight was rather cool, it was kinda overkill. I mean, it was a LOT of firepower, but they didn’t really hit much of anything. If you don’t count the cars. Took a long time to take out these four bad guys.

And what was it with Steve having to save the SWAT guys? Sure, Steve would rush there to get his men out of the line of fire, but what about the other SWAT guy standing right next to the downed guy? Why did Steve have to tell him to move his ass to help.

H50 - 722-123

So, Steve takes off after the one getting away. And we have the pleasure of watching the best hand-to-hand combat since 507. Wow.

Hand-to-hand is messy, it’s brutal, it’s bloody. And I loved how they portrayed it here. I wish we would see this kind of action, this kind of brutality more often. Huh, what? For me, Five-0 is first and foremost a crime show. I have said it many times, that this is, for me the most important part of this show. And I just wished they would show something like this way more often. For me, Five-0 is not family entertainment. I always wished it was a 10 p.m. show, so that they could show more intense stuff. And I’m always jumping for joy when we get these kind of adult scenes.

Yes, it was brutal. But it were darn good scenes, and I never thought it was too much, too bloody, or too intense. It was a perfect balance. Steve was fighting for his life, and I loved how he showed no mercy. I only cringed when he broke Campell’s arm. Ugh.

I loved how he watched Campell die. How you could see that he realized it could have been him. How Alex portrayed the utter exhaustion, the pain, the hurt, the horror Steve must have felt. That was just awesome.

H50 - 722-135

H50 - 722-141

Kicking it up even more by falling back and kinda passing out. What a great scene.

H50 - 722-137

And here I repeat my complain about this episode. The next day Steve looks as good as new. He should be limping after the pipe to the thigh, there would be some damaged muscles. He should be sore all over, and it should be reflected in how he moves. I think there was a tiny little limp when they went to the elevator, but he was just fine when he enters the inner office again.

And after taking such hits to the face, he would look way different. Instead of some serious bruising we get one tiny little booboo around the eye. Fail, if you ask me.

And finally Adam comes clean about what he had done the last couple of days. Another murder solved, justice is done. I already see that badge on him. Humor is the only way to take this, really. 🙂

Thankfully these were not the final scenes of the episode.

The episodes are always best when the focus is on McGarrett. Either if he’s involved in a personal way, or if he is just the main focus during the investigation. This time it was both. The case was personal in a way for him, and the main focus was on him during the investigation. No secret that I loved it.

And I surely loved that he learned a little bit more about his long dead grandfather. There is really no one there who could have told him much about him. So, any glimpse he can get is a great gift that he cherishes.

Small question; why are the dog tags in the box? Wasn’t he wearing them when the Arizona was attacked? Shouldn’t they be on his person?

Seeing that Purple Heart again reminds me that Steve has two of his own, and I wonder if we will ever learn how he got them. I would love another flashback episode to his military days.

H50 - 722-165

We end the episode with touching scenes at the funeral, and Steve in his usual spot. In his Dress Whites no less. That is always a very welcome sight. A full body shot would have been even nicer. Just saying.

H50 - 722-160

So, since I gave my verdict right up front. There is not that much to say here at the end. Yes, this wasn’t a perfect episode. But for me, it nearly was. Could have done without Adam’s story, but he wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be.

Steve was awesome. They often forget who this character really is, how much training he had, how capaple he is. I hate it when they dumb him down because it fits their story. That is actually really dumb. It was great to see the real Steve. Please don’t put him away again.

This episode can’t get anything but an awesome from me. And not a pseudo awesome, no, a real one. For me, hands down, the best episode this season. Followed by 707.

H50 - 722 - Rating

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67 thoughts on “7.22 Review

  1. It was awesome to see Steve and the team be bada*s. As really it hurt him when he saw four former veterans abuse their power and not use it for good. And how that Pearl Harbor is never to be forgotten. Steve looking good in Navy whites.
    Hal H should had been treated better by the producers. But to kill him in one minute. When this guy has done a lot. But killing him really Peter L. Show some respect.
    Adam went to Jerry with his concerns as Kono is the cop and wife as he needed to go to her with his concerns. But I guess he wanted to keep her out of it.
    But it is time that there was a great fight scene that has been lacking in several seasons. But glad it was back to back fight scenes with Steve in back to back episodes.
    Indeed it was awesome! Thanks again!

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  2. Sam: This is a great review and I think you hit upon everything in a satisfying (for me at least) episode.

    The only thing I want to comment on because it makes me so very, very, very deliriously happy is:
    ADAM LIED TO KONO!!!!! (bet he gets a pass)

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  3. Sam thank you so much for your review.
    I’m with you – for me it was also an awesome episode, a joy to watch. Do I have things to complain about? Absolutely! But not only did you already cover them all, they were not too annoying for me this time. This was great entertainment, the kind of I want to see in a good crime/action show so I’m willing to let the stupid stuff slide.

    I absolutely loved Steve so present and in charge. This is what the show should be about. As the guy in the diner said: ” Highly distinguished Navy SEAL, heading your own task force…” Even if Alex might not be able to do tough action scenes every episode, he can own an episode because he can act the hell out of any decent script, especially EMO scenes. THIS is what I was hoping for and got in this episode. More please!!

    I was actually surprised about Danny. He was kind of subdued. After Steve was hit I fully expected a long pep talk but surprisingly he kept quiet. This Danny I can tolerate. The annoying one absolutely not anymore. But I’m with Sam. His breathing and speak pattern drives me nuts.

    Loved Grover’s remark after Steve dug the bullet out of his vest “Superman”. Yes, fitting 🙂

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  4. Sam, great review! You definitely covered everything, plus a whole lot more.

    I couldn’t give it an awesome, but it’s definitely a upper level great. Why couldn’t I give it an awesome? (sit down abC lurkers – you’re wrong) Well, the B story. It was lame and predictable and unnecessary. I generally don’t like the split stories – but they’re even worse when they don’t involve the main team (recall last years “Gilligans Island” travesty) They’re so obviously filler – and when they appear in an episode that is otherwise awesome, it’s not necessary

    Seeing BAMF Steve, avenging the death of a war hero – going up against a closely matched military bad guy… now that’s good stuff.

    and the other reason I can’t give this an awesome is that it felt like it missed an opportunity to get more in depth about McG’s grandfather. I don’t know how it could’ve been incorporated more, but I would have gladly given up a minute or two of the neverending shootout on the street (luckily devoid of any innocent bystanders) to have more of Steve interacting with the remaining survivor. Or heck – have Hal Holbrook live a little longer and die during the investigation maybe and have Steve interact with gramps.

    But, I digress, Super Healer Steve was front and center, large and in charge – and I am OK with that. The remaining team members (all of them) seemed like background scenery in this one. I don’t think they had 15 lines among them. I was actually OK with that too.

    There were so many off things – you listed them all. But when the story is good, they can be overcome. More please!

    Oh, and Kodam. OMG. They are boring boring boring … and sickeningly lovey dovey! I visible cringed when Kono reached out and caressed Adams face! “Smokeshow”???? Ugh. I bet they called her more than that. The show will never stop objectifying Kono, and it’s repulsive

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  5. I liked all the McG, team, COTW parts of this episode. The final fight scene was fantastic. I actually feared for McG. But, of course, he came out of it just fine. The tie in to the victim and Mcg family history worked fine for me. I always love when we find out more about McG’s family, afterall, this is HIS story. The others are there to help tell it.
    I have to say I don’t hate Adam, I don’t love Adam, I simply don’t care. I find the Kodam story boring. It’s funny, I didn’t notice Kamekona wasn’t there when they met at the shrimp truck until you pointed it out. Lol. I guess that shows how much I care about him.
    Overall I enjoyed this episode and I agree with your assessment.

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  6. Sam I love your review and agree with you

    Awesome episode

    Alex is such a good actor this is why I still watching this show

    Loved seeing a emotional Steve finding out about his grandfather Alex is very good at that
    Loved all the action, gun fight in the street, The building blowing up, Steve being shot then taking out the bullet from his vest.
    Loved Steve bring his bad ass Nave Seal to action with the fantastic intense fight scene plus going through the window and all his emotions after the fight
    Steve dressed in his Nave whites need to see this more.
    All the team together

    I think the same with Jerry and Adam doing some detective work that he might end up on the team of five 0 in season 8 I hope I am wrong.


  7. WOW… you hit everything I wanted to make a comment on. This was a fantastic review. And those pictures… A HUGE… scratch that, that word sounds too much like someone in Washington… a great big THANK YOU for all those!

    I am going to make comments on the case we had and forego Adam and Jerry and all that stuff. I don’t want to get started with Adam and his little crime-solving. But you’re right, he will probably be the next person with a badge. I mean, he’s just a felon who can’t find a job. Why not hire him?

    First off, you gave your grade right up front. See… didn’t that feel good to get it out there right off the bat?

    I love Hal Holbrook and have ever since I watched him do his one-man show of Mark Twain. He was brilliant in that. And then when he was on Designing Women, I loved him all over again. Loved that he was married to Dixie Carter and worked with her on the show. But, even though I knew he was going to die, I wish it had been a bit later in the episode. I agree with the granddaughter, it was a shame Steve did not meet him. They would have gotten along. Steve would have loved hearing his stories.

    But Grandpa is gone and Steve promises to find the guys. And I agree with you, they act all tough and bad ass, but I wasn’t all that impressed with them. In the botched job in the middle east, several people, including one of their own as killed. They get fired and now are back home trying to “help” their fallen friend’s wife. While this is a very noble task, I think that at least ONE of these four men could have come up with a workable idea that didn’t include robbing banks and jewelry stores. Yes, they were smart in some things, but totally dumb in others.

    I liked your idea that Steve brought so many men to the first house so that some of them could be shot. Two, four, depends on who you ask. Danno can’t count. And here is one of my questions you touched on. They were robbing banks for $12,000. WHY is there a bomb in your attic? Why set it off with all the police inside? What are they going to find there that they don’t already know? You are right, even after seeing the bomb, it looked like it did minimal damage. The most damage was the window, which was broken when he jumped out of it. And, I guess, rebroken when Steve jumped out, got torpedoed off the roof down to the ground, rolled over, jumped up and took off. While this looked good, come on… not ANY repercussion from that? Steve just took off, I’m not sure where… was this a neighborhood? A place for junk? Run-down buildings? I really couldn’t tell, but I gasped when Steve went down so hard. And I did think, looking into those crosshairs, he would have been shot in the arm and then his upper vest in the sternum where Steve touched twice, in obvious pain. So even though it was cool watching him dig a bullet out of his vest under the pouches for ammunition, that isn’t where he was hit, unless he was hit twice. But, that was a great scene. I loved everyone’s facial expressions. Wouldn’t that bullet have been needed for something? He just set it on a barrel and walked away like it was nothing.

    You are right, Steve had no choice but to shoot the guy with a kill shot. It was kill or be killed. But I am going to add something here that bugs me. We have a task force with five very professional…. ok, four professionals and Danny. They have passed their weapon skills and have to keep up those skills. Steve is a marksman and they tout Kono as wonder woman, which is insane, but it is there make believe world. My question, or gripe is this: Why can’t any of them hit the side of a barn? I mean, how many rounds did these people use in the scene in the street? And no one went down. I was just screaming, “HIT something”. The poor Camaro looks bad again.

    OK, SWAT. Really? If I was Grover I would be glad I wasn’t with that outfit any longer. Your buddy is lying on the street, in the line of fire, right at your feet and you can’t help him? Steve has to break cover to run over and TELL YOU to help get your friend to safety? Sometimes I just shake my head and say, “But Steve LOOKS good regardless of the plot.”

    And then there is THE fight. Of course, Steve came out of it with a tiny boo boo on his head, but part of that fight was Alex and you can’t tell me he wasn’t sore the next day! What a great scene. Kind of like a “hold your breath” scene to see what they were going to do next. The bloody plastic got to me. These guys were good with hand-to-hand combat and it looked like Steve had pretty much met his match. Until the broken arm. That was the turning point and Steve was done with all that crap. I don’t think he MEANT to toss the guy onto the rebar, but that was a quick way to finish the battle.

    I think it nearly did Steve in. First, all the expressions on that face… amazing. Only to fall back on his butt and pretty much pass out. I don’t know if he was really out, but it looked like it. At any rate, he was too tired and hurting to go any further.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, um, street… the bad guys were FINALLY dead. Where the others arguing over who shot them, wanting bragging rights? Why did NO ONE (including Steve’s BFF who worships the ground he walks on) bother to look around and wonder, “where did Steve go?” Why can’t this show give us some bit of “comfort”? I mean, we get a knock down, drag out, bloody to the end fight and NO comfort, no care, nothing but the next day at the office with a tiny boo boo and business as usual. You are right, Sam, Steve HAD to have been banged up. He got jabbed in the ribs, chest, face, neck, leg, nearly suffocated, blood everywhere on that pretty face and after his shower, he looked perfect. Come on show, give us SOMETHING.

    I loved Steve opening up the case filled with his grandfather’s things. First thing I saw were the dog tags and thought “shouldn’t those be in the ocean?” I don’t know of any reason a person would have two pair. But I did like him picking them up and looking at them. Steve, aka Alex, does quiet introspection so well. The faces, as everyone knows, are priceless.

    Was Steve at the funeral? I looked but I didn’t see him, so I guess I should go back again and check. But there at the memorial. That was priceless. You’re right, it would have been better if we could have seen him in full uniform standing there.

    I also gave this episode an Awesome. See… I did it at the end. 🙂 Alex was an overachiever in this one. He made the show. Oh, and did I mention the pictures??? You rocked it!

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  8. I’ll go awesome as well but I really do need to go back and watch it again. Hurricane Lydia (my granddaughter) was visiting so viewing was a bit distracting as I kept getting side info on Aladdin playing in the living room. I loved the action in this and I will blame Lydia for not noticing the little glitches, I just liked seeing Steve be the highly skilled fighter we know he is. I did sit there and wonder if the writers watch other shows because the storyline of vets robbing banks to help out a fellow veteran was done on Blue Bloods a year or so ago. Different reason but still……similar. I also found it easy to ignore Danny, found it funny that another review had to praise Danno for his detective work in finding the widow and how he helped her out in the end. And another did actually say that the writers should just give Adam a badge too since he and Kono make a great detective team. Wow…..I like Adam and that is going too far. They could have skipped that story for all I care these days. More time with Hal Holbrook would have been greatly appreciated. I do hope he enjoyed his trip to Hawaii though.

    Alex in Steve’s dress whites was such a lovely sight….it would have been nice if they could have given us the full shot. They could have started with a head shot and pulled back slowly……be still my heart. Thanks for such a detailed review so that I have things to watch for on the second go around on the DVR. TV Guide gave a mention in their news feed that we are to learn just how McG was a lifeline for Danny and how that makes “their connection goes deeper than we thought”. Poor Danny was having a rough time before he met Steve. Evidently PL is singing the praises of how much these two need each other and how important they are in each other’s lives. I think I will go lie down now…..that thought is giving me a headache. Wasn’t that what liver was supposed to do for us last year? Does he feel the need to show how much these two connected every year near the finale?

    Liked by 3 people

    • I believe PL said that Danny was floundering at HPD. If so, then McG “saved” him by giving him a job. Could he be angry that he needed saving at all, and is resentful of the man who became his boss? Does he act out because he is trying to prove to himself that he is a good cop? Perhaps he would really be happier if he retired.

      The choice of the word “floundering” is interesting. Was it an unintentional slip? Wonder if that is how the writers perceive Danny and that’s why they write the character the way they do.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wondered about that Mama. What does it say about HPD that they gave John McGarrett’s murder to a haole cop who was foundering? Many new questions. So that answers Danny’s tie to Steve but sure doesn’t give me a reason to believe Steve needs Danny in any way. Other than as a liver donor.

        Liked by 4 people

    • For me the whole Danno thing of 7:23 sound a lot like rewritting history again.
      Show loves to do that, whenever they need to “fix” something.
      With all the Danny and Steve bickering and therapy they ruined their precious “(b)romance”. Then they tried to artificially fix it with a liver, and that failed miserably. Now they will try to tell us how it should really have been, so that we can have all the feels.
      I predict that it will fail miserably again. But I could be wrong …..

      Liked by 3 people

      • No, I highly doubt that you’ll be wrong. I’m sure Steve fixed the broken toy named Danny, but he for sure doesn’t need D.
        Looking back at season one shows a Danny who was neither liked nor respected by HPD. For him, I am sure Five-0 was a blessing.

        Liked by 3 people

        • Tho Danno will never admit it or show his gratitude for the save in any way shape or form.

          I’m just over him. I try to block out his existence. I’m delighted Scott hates the job. Less Danno works for me.

          Liked by 4 people

        • I don’t feel the love between Steve and Danny. They are just not written as friends who spend any amount of time outside of work together. And no matter how often they tell me what great BFFs they are, it won’t change my view as long as Danny acts like a total ass toward is so called best friend. He never shows any respect or even friendship.
          They are work-friends, and no matter what PL wants to tell me, I don’t see any more than that. And even barely that.
          Hitting us over the head with their great friendship over and over again only makes me smile in pity.
          It’s just not there. Deal with it.

          Liked by 3 people

          • It makes me sad that people don’t know what real friendship (Liver or not) is.

            I don’t see any real partnership there, honestly. They aren’t thinking in sync (NO, most of the time they are annoyingly thinking VERY OUT OF SYNC) or coming to conclusions together. It’s not an epic anything.

            Liked by 4 people

          • True friends have many common interests and thoughts. That doesn’t exist with Danny and Steve. It is possible to be friends with those who think differently than us, to like the person but to be best friends is just not reality.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I am going to write something not nice, so if you want, cover your eyes… oh, you’re still here… ok. As Sam knows, I tried to give Danny the benefit of the doubt for much longer than I should have, but I wanted him to be the friend to Steve that Steve needed. I overlooked a lot of crap and felt so bad for Steve when he had to deal with Danny’s BS. But, that being said, I honestly think the friendship between the two of them would have been portrayed in a much better light if SC had actually said his lines with an ounce of emotion, fun or character rather than the “I hate you” voice that he uses. You can tell when Steve is teasing. Alex knows how to hit his marks. Not only does Scott have one face, he also has only one voice.

            There, I said it.

            Liked by 3 people

            • I agree. I don’t like the way the writers write Danny, but I’ve never been impressed with Scott’s interpretation of the character either and, btw, let’s just say Scott ain’t his daddy.

              Liked by 3 people

            • I have always gotten the impression that SC is very much like Danny, Danny Williams hates Hawaii and I believe SC does too. He acts bored and very disinterested in bringing life to his character.

              Liked by 2 people

              • Tomorrow when she gets up, Sam is going to smack our hands for talking about a real person and not the characters. And, we should probably end it here, but I totally agree with both of you.

                Liked by 2 people

                • I understand and I am sorry but it is difficult to separate the character from the actor. I apologize Sam, I do not know SC and I can only go by interviews I have read. I am finished talking about the actor.


                • No, I won’t. You are all nice and civilized about it. You’re not bashing the person. It’s nothing wrong with saying what you think about his acting abilities. Which I think suck.
                  But that doesn’t mean I think he is a bad person. I am sure he is a good human being. But I have no desire to learn more about him. And I only judge his acting, not his person.

                  Liked by 2 people

            • Agree. I am pretty sure he is a nice person as a ‘civilian’ so to speek, but for me he fails in his protrayal of a friend and he fails in his portrayal as a police officer. No variety in facial expressions and no variety in his voice. He speeks like he freaking hates McG and he carries his gun like he freaking hates his job. Look at Sam’s pic above. He carries the gun as if he has to carry a pile of used peep show tissues to the dumpster. With his bare hands.
              I never liked Danny. The first time we met him he was going on my nerves. I thought the actor would develop his character, would make him softer, nicer. He didn’t. He did nothing. So I’ve reached a point where I don’t like SC’s Danny. And I think that is really sad.
              I wish Gregg Grunberg had taken the role.

              Liked by 2 people

  9. I loved seeing BAMF SUPERSEAL again. This is the hero we love. Loved the retrieval of the bullet from the vest. The fight scene was epic and I agree.. McG should’ve looked way more banged up than he did.
    My husband thought McG should’ve found the guy that was talking about his Grandpa in the documentary to see what else he could’ve learned. That would ‘ve been a better use of time than the insipid badge foreshadowing for Adam. As someone said earlier, Show is McG’s story and is always at its’ best when they stick to telling it
    Try as I might, I can find nothing appealing about Kodam. They act insincere & overly sweet around each other, like they’re uncomfortable or something. I sure don’t see an epic love. I was ready to haul out my pitchfork, rake and rotten produce to hurl at Adam for lying.. but I guess it’s been justified in some universe and is “OK” … (snort)
    McG was extra hot and his voice was yummy in this ep. I have to wonder if Alex has some spring allergies ’cause it always seems like he’s a little gravely sounding in the final eps of the season.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Enjoying, very much, Sam’s and all y’all’s reviews. It is lovely to finally have a good ep to discuss, an ep we all agree was one of the very best recently. It was lovely getting to watch again, FINALLY, an ep with McG front and center with an interesting-ish plot, and nothing too stoopid. And oh my LORD it was great to see Alex acting the damn bitch outta this!

    The quiet scenes, he was his usual absolute perfection, just being, simply just being, as one does in reflective moments. In the action scenes he did his thang, with the magnificent little moments–digging out the bullet so nonchalantly, or his face reflecting on the rebar death after nearly getting clipped himself then quietly sinking back down–as those scenes drew to their close. Who else can even do these things so magnificently? This is why I am suuuuch a dedicated Alex fan. The acting he got to do, and did do brilliantly, in this ep! This is why I adore him! Write this more, H50!!!! Do your damn selves a favor and write this shit for Alex, consistently! Win/win if ya do!!!

    Also win? Quiet subdued Danno. Write THIS consistently too, Show! Scott can do this. Give him a chance to be a cool guy. Give us a chance to enjoy him. I date you! 😆

    Liked by 5 people

  11. Excellent review, Sam, you mentioned several things I should have, LOL. But you jogged my memory regarding some other things which I have just added to mine (http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#22).

    –There was something screwy with the editing of Hal Halbrook’s scenes at the beginning where it didn’t match up from shot to shot. Holbrook was wasted, a pity.
    — I was waiting for Danno to match the poor-taste line from S04E10, also dealing with “old folks” connected with Pearl Harbor, where he said about one of them that McGarrett was dealing with: “What’s this guy in for, bingo brawl?” But he didn’t. Danno was soooo normal!
    — Speaking of the four officers injured during the raid on Rider’s house, there were >only< four other officers, all from HPD, accompanying Five-Zero, yet they were the only ones who got shot! The music during this sequence, instead of being quiet and suspenseful, sounded like a synthesized bassoon playing a variation on John Powell's iconic chunka-chunka-chunka theme from the Bourne movies.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Great review as usual Sam. I touched everything quite well as usual.
    I found Danny creepy during this episode. How can you change a character so dramatically and drastically from one episode to the next? And not just that – from what he has become over 7 season to that? It seems as if he is lost.
    Don’t get me wrong I found it refreshing – but creepy and weird.
    The scene with Steve digging the bullet from the vest irritated me because I was thinking the whole time what a cool scene it was with Steve just casually removing it, and how him digging behind that thing was messing it up for me. A bullet from such a gun would not just hit and fall – it will lodge straight into that vest. There might even be a debate of whether that vest could actualy protect against that bullet at such close range. But I am definitely no gun expert. Actually I know very little about them and what they can do.
    Not sure why you say that the granddaughter (and then Adam) came around the next day? The whole team was wearing the same clothes that the wore the previous day. Two pics to show it.
    Discussing the case: https://i0.wp.com/mostlyfive0.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/h50-722-074.jpg?w=442&h=250&crop&ssl=1
    And when the granddaughter and Adam came around: https://i0.wp.com/mostlyfive0.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/h50-722-145.jpg?w=299&h=169&crop&ssl=1
    Of course there is no law against people (a whole team) wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row. LOL (I know I nitpick a lot 🙂 )
    But if it was in fact the same day, then Steve’s quick recovery was really much more unbelievable.
    I was also wondering about the dog tags. But with no military knowledge, I was not sure if they might have a protocol of making secondary ones, to hand to a widow in a cases where there is no body to be recovered or buried.
    In spite of a feeling for me that they were trying too hard to make a point about Steve’s abilities, Alex and his way of being Steve saved it for me in the end.
    After all these years, he still gives his 100% to Steve and us.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Hell what a ride!
    And because I am a rebel, I too give you my verdict right at the beginning (as if you wouldn’t know as I threatened to come after you if you’re going to vote less than awesome).
    Awesome episode. And a real awesome. I would say ‘awesome sauce’ but that would be a MacGyver quote and would make me wanna puke.
    Awesome+++ will do it. I wonder how many +s I would have given if Adam’s storyline hadn’t been there? Because predictable, lame, stupid and boring. Being boring is still Adam’s biggest crime. “Cut the crap, show me Steve!” may have been the nicest words I said to show during his storyline. So he lied to Kono again? Riiight. And because I want to beat Grace (;-)) I’ll say it. He is allowed to lie. He has a penis. (teehee)
    But it makes me sick hearing Kono saying something like: “Oh Adam, you could never disappoint me”. Puuuuuke! Just wait Kono till he is lying to you again, duct taping you again, getting your teeth pulled out again and till he needs you again to save wussy-boy’s ass.
    So let’s ignore him and come to the real man in this show. Fasten your diaper Adam!
    Oh my, SEAL Steve was back and I loved it. Every freaking minute. So many emotions, so much BAMF and badass-ery, so much outstanding acting. Alex is terrific in showing all this, so many variations of human life, so many experiences, so much hurt, so much pain, so much relief, so much empathy, so many memories, so much respect and so much appreciation for and paying tribute to his ancestors. And so much sadness that he never got to know his grandfather. Steve sr. would be proud. The words that were said about his grandfather in the little video and the words at the funeral fit Steve jr. perfectly.
    Alex acting in this one really got me. I mean, he always gets me, but he could show his range of acting. He is so good at i.e. the ‘coming to’ scenes. He really gets it, you can feel what Steve’s feeling. When he was shot at and pretended to be dead and then, after killing the guy, got up? That was terrific.
    Same goes at the end of the fighting scene. Him staring at Lee to watch him die and all the emotions that were shown in his face? Oh… my… I felt it too. And then the hurt, pain and exhaustion, he fell back, nearly passing out? So so good.
    I know that AOL can tell a whole story without uttering a single word. I know that.
    But I am never prepared. Never.
    He gets me every time.
    When Steve McGarrett suffers, the world suffers.
    And I don’t care. In this case I. Am. The. World.

    Liked by 7 people

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