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“Ua malo’o ka wai” – McGarrett and Five-0 are captured and face certain death after tracking a dangerous nemesis to the Island of Lanai. Also, Grover takes his son to Chicago where he testifies against a dirty cop from his past, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ua malo’o ka wai to The Water is Dried Up

So, let’s dive right into the review, which will be in three parts. Thanks to Mr. Mike we know that the show spent around 18 minutes on Grover and son in Chicago, and about 23 on the actual crime of the week, if you wanna call it that. And the rest was Jerry, I guess.

Lou Grover, a character I absolutely love. For me, the best addition that ever happened to the show. Chi McBride gives this character life, and I love watching him doing his thing. I think he did a darn good job in all episodes.

Having said that, let’s take a look at this week’s Grover part. I really, really hoped we were done with this stupid plot about his old partner. Why on earth did we have to revisit it, and waste 18 minutes on Grover and his son going to Chicago? Why?

Again, both did a great job, but it was boring as hell. I really didn’t need any of it.

And if they recycled it again, why the heck wasn’t Grover on trial in Chicago? How the heck did he get out of being charged with kidnapping, vandalism, and whatever the hell else comes to mind?! He should be sitting right next to his old buddy. Not that I want that, no, I want him in Hawaii solving crimes.

Please, show, put this storyline to rest. Bury it so deep that we never, ever have to see it again.

This part of the show was utterly boring and gets a poor from me, despite the very good acting.

I could go on and on about the completely useless and annoying role Danny again played in this episode, but I will spare you and me the trouble. What a useless character he has become. A complete idiot from the first to the last minute.

You thought the doctor’s visit was funny? I don’t. It was ridiculous. Steve even asked him to leave, but the doctor started talking about Steve’s medical condition right in front of Danny. Steve should sue that idiot. Except for Steve, these were horribly bad scenes.

Again, they missed a great opportunity to show us a medical side handled by adults. Instead we got a ridiculous scene with an idiotic friend, and a doctor who never heard of patient/doctor confidentiality.

Let’s move away from this, which I’m sure many thought was the best bromance scene ever. Ugh.

So, Steve flies his team to Lanai because they believe Michelle Shioma is hiding there. Really, Danny, you don’t know what a click is? Steve had used that many times before. And I think it is pretty much common knowledge. Arrogance and stupid goes together here. (Thank you, LeiCa)

They are traipsing through the jungle and stumble over some dead bodies hanging from the trees. Then they are captured by the bad guys. And have to drag the bodies to the base camp. Wonder why they were cut down in the first place. Why did the baddies want to take the bodies with them? Made no sense to me.

The team is thrown into a cage and Steve remarks that he’s no Houdini. But he has an idea anyway and talks to the head honcho of the bad guys. Doesn’t go as planned and, oh wonder, Miss Shioma isn’t dead after all. Surprise. LOL

Steve changes plans on the spot, and engages in a fight.

Is thrown back into the cage, and only Kono and Chin are worried if he is alright. Of course he has a new plan, he snatched a bullet to blow up the lock. I just love Steve. 🙂

Great scene. Just as good as back in 419 when he made that impromptu bomb out of a grenade. I love SteveScienceGuy. Finally our bad ass SEAL was there for a few minutes. I wish we would see him more often.

Lock gets blown, they overtake the baddies, but run out of ammo. Good thing Duke and his buddies are there to save their asses.

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So, all is well, and Shioma in the blue room. Although I doubt that concludes this storyline.

Shioma: “Maybe. Maybe not.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Wo Fat was also pretty confident not do die in prison, back in 2.22 “Perhaps. Perhaps not.” And we know how right he was about that. I guess we will see her again.

I actually really liked these 23 minutes. Could have done without bitching Danny, who again showed no respect, was completely useless and nothing but annoying. Why the heck do they do that to the character? Just ugh.

Loved watching Steve, Kono and Chin working together toward their goal. (No, Danny didn’t help with his stupid sarcasm and bitching and whining.)

It was great seeing Duke again. Always a joy. It is so nice that they almost always find a way to integrate him into the story. Such a wonderful character.

Despite the fact that I thought this should have taken the main time of the show, and not barely half of it, I was well entertained and give this part a good. Although nothing much happened on Lanai. It was kinda underwhelming. But Steve’s awesomeness in those scenes and the blue room saved the day, so to speak.

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Not quite done yet. Let’s talk about the really awful part of the episode. Jerry’s badge.

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Giving this man a badge is the ultimate insult to any and all officers. Officers who spent years with training to become either a Navy officer or went to the Police Academy to become a cop. Who put their lives on the line over and over again. Who made sacrifices Jerry will never have an idea about.

To put this man on the same level as Steve, Danny, Grover, Chin, Kono, or any law enforcement officer for that matter, makes me sick in disgust. Giving him an equal badge makes all their badges worthless.

The team of Five-0 spent most of their adult lives serving the country and the people; despite their different backgrounds and experiences, they all deserve to be called officers of the law. Jerry… he does not deserve to wear this badge. He does not deserve to be called Five-0, or an officer of the law.

He neither has the training, the experience, nor the talent to become a full member of the team. There was absolutely no reason to change his status. Being a consultant was just fine for him. His childish desire to get a badge was stupid from the get-go. And now actually giving him one, is… I have no words for this idiocrasy.

And why did they give it to him? Because he saved them. Give me a break. Does that mean Duke, who actually did all the work (other than just calling for help) gets a badge too? Which I wouldn’t have a problem with at all. Because he is an officer, and a darn good one.

Jerry is not an officer of the law, he never will be.

You might say, calm down, it’s just a TV show. Yes, it is just a TV show. But so far, they had one thing almost always right, despite all the ridiculous things they are doing on the show, they always had the technical and tactical stuff right. Giving Jerry a badge renders all this totally ridiculous. In my eyes, it makes a farce out of Five-0.

And I am not happy about it. Nope, I am actually really pissed about it. And think what you will, for me this takes a lot of fun out of the show. And for me, this is way worse than liver. Ridiculous, I know, but I can’t change how I feel about seeing Jerry with a badge. It’s an absolute no go.

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So, how was this episode all in all? I’m sure I will watch 23 minutes of it again. A few times probably. But the rest? Forget it.

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  1. Yeah as really Jerry being given a badge. It is an insult. He did not go through the police academy. Bad writing indeed. But still, guess Five 0 wanted him to prove his worth or in the view of Peter L.
    But really that of Steve being a bad*ss proves he is capable as a leader and can be a one man show. But love him with Five 0.
    Glad Duke had a bigger role in this. As really would love to see him get a story for once. As Duke shows loyalty to Steve and his team.

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  2. I totally agree with you about the 23 minutes. It was wonderful. True, nothing much happened on Lanai, but we got SEAL Steve there for a few minutes, so it was great to watch. Steve, Chin and Kono really did a good job. The other team member whined and complained and acted like an idiot. Even in the chopper over. The man doesn’t know what a click is? How embarrassing. Your boss (and supposed friend) is dragged back to a cell after getting beaten and you mock him? I guess that is how they work a “bromance”, which is a word I am quickly coming to hate.

    as much as I love Grover and his son, this was way too much of nothing. and how did the trial go? Don’t we deserve that much? We all knew the police in Chicago hate Grover, so why did we have to show that over again? Too much of nothing if you ask me.

    And then Jerry. Too stupid to even discuss. No way, no how. I dread seeing him in the future.

    wonderful photos in this. Great job! My vote is Steve = Great; Grover = Eh; and Jerry = Negative Three.

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  3. I am am amazed at how little some of these writers know about HIPPA. A doctor in the US has the HIPPA regulations under his nose when he treats a a patient. I am sure most countries have similar protections for their citizens, so unless Steve is a minor and Danny is his guardian, the doctor would have shown him the door. But not H50. I guess medical privacy is subject to immunity and means.

    I love Michelle Shioma. I think/hope she will escape again. Too bad WoFat is dead because I could seriously ship those two.

    Don’t decomposed bodies sort of fall apart after a while? How did they manage to drag what was pretty much just skeletons without the bones falling allover the place? Bone here ,bone there, bone bone everywhere?

    Finally, I am sick of all the gratuitous shirtless Steve scenes. We already know where his scars are or where they are supposed to be. Time to concentrate elsewhere to see where that back tattoo leads. Now that will make smoke come out of some fans ears. Do we need a petition?


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  4. Oh boy….
    As you someone smart said to me before I watched – this episode has bits of awesome, boring, sappy, ridiculous, and super in it. Yep, that about sums it up.

    I yelled at my screen when Danny simply ignored Steve’s request to leave. Does that ** ever listen? Oh wait, we know he also ignores direct orders as seen in 6.24 and also at other times. Did the writers really think it was fun they way D behaved? The whole check up that would have FINALLY been a step into the right direction in dealing with post op liver care was reduced to a joke. Urgh.

    As you said, I too simply adore Grover and love the way Chi portrays the character. But seriously?!!! Last time I checked, this was Hawaii Five-0, not Chicago PD. Oh well…

    I enjoyed the scenes on Lana’i and a peak of the old witty Steve. But it all felt forced and in my eyes basically served just as a set up for Jerry saving the day. And how exactly did he do that? By overcoming his fear and make one phonecall? Yeah right…
    To me the really great villain Shioma was reduced to some minor scenes. But I am sure we’ll se her again. Some comfort.

    Oh, I can’t believe they really handed Jerry a badge. Are they gonna give him a weapon now too and a tac vest? Irony out….. 😦
    What an AWFUL idea, what an insult to every hardworking, well trained, life risking law enforcement officer. Oh well, everything is possible in Five-0 land. I really love this show, but couldn’t they have just given an honorary badge?

    I have no overall rating for this episode as this was all over the place but not in the right place for me.

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  5. I agree Sam. My take-aways rather agree with yours…

    So 1. The thing that irks me about Jerry getting a badge is, when ANY of the early women got them…Jenna, Lori, Cath…the FandomMisogynyClub held routine lynching parties til the offending females were sent packing. Yet all these women had experience, credentials, and expertise. Jerry has none, but making him official Ohana isn’t a problem cuz he’s got a penis, at least I so assume, as none of the UsualSuspects seem upset about his badge. So the fandom credentials necessary to be 5-0 seem to be…penis. 🙄

    Now 2. Dannoying is like an infected mosquito that drives you crazy. He’s so tiny it’s hard to swat him, but he’s so annoying, you keep trying to, and you NEED to cos he’s toxic. I don’t understand how anybody likes this asshole. How does anybody like this asshole? He is purposefully stoopid, because how can you go 7 years and never learn what a klick is…when your partner AND BOSS is a brilliant heroic Navy SEAL no less? Danno is purposefully ugly, because what else could you say about an asshole who mocks his brilliant heroic Navy SEAL partner for trying to save everyone’s ass, gets beat up doing it, but DOES manage to steal a bullet to “ScienceGuy” everybody’s way outta the bamboo jail? And Danno is purposefully annoying, because why else would a grown-ass man crash his supposed friend’s doc appointment and try to humiliate and mock said friend at every turn? Where is there a decent human being at even the most basic level in any part of the Danno character? He is purposefully acting like a putz cos he is violently jealous of all Steve IS, knowing all HE is not. That’s my take-away after this ep and after 7 years of this jerk.

    Finally 3. Yeah Grover blah blahed at several points in this ep. If I were him and had committed the crimes he did at Clay’s, I’d be smart enuf not to go to Chicago again. Apparently I’m smarter than at least 2 of the cops in 5-0! 😉

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    • Oh! Forgot 4. I was actually embarrassed for Alex in this ep. He is beautiful, and McG was heroic on Lanai. And gorgeous. But the doc office, why the shirtless? Do right by this actor, Show. Dont trivialize him. He is the reason there will be 8 seasons. It sure as hell ain’t the writers, the EP, or any other character. 🙄

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  6. I think we all knew Jerry was going to eventually get a badge. I think we all knew the moment he first asked for one. Let’s just hope, he stays in his dungeon and never ever is in the field.
    I’m not a huge fan of Chi, I like him well enough, but dedicating half an episode on a story that should be long forgotten was a waste. He bored me to death. Can someone say overkill? The preaching was worse than Danny’s bitching. Ok, maybe not worse, but close. I understand they didn’t think he could handle the jungle scenes, but why not leave him at the office, or perhaps give him the day off like they do to Danny every so often? It took away from the team storyline, which had so much potential yet fell flat.
    The gratuitous “bromance” “baiting” or whatever else you want to call it, has come to the point where it’s just plain dumb. I don’t know a single guy that brings his friend or co worker to the doctor with him. Not one. That’s all I have to say about that.
    I will say McG wears a Henley very well and it was nice to see a little bit of his Navy SEAL training shine through. I had higher expectations for this since I loved Shioma as the baddie. Let’s hope we get more of her and she amps it up a little. Overall the episode was OK. Just Ok.

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  7. Loved the review, love the comments from everyone else. I was very torn with this episode. I was pleased to see SEAL Steve fight the baddies against big odds just to get a bullet. But didn’t he pick the lock in season 1 to get into the Governor’s residence? He knew the alarm code but the door was still locked, wasn’t it? Of course he didn’t have Dannoying complaining back then. Does that man ever go into the field without bitching anymore? I bet Steve wished he was in Chicago and Lou was present. As for Lou and Will……I liked the father/son moments but they sure didn’t have to devote that much time to that secondary story. Lou already knew that his old buddies in Chicago were not warm to his attempt to prove Clay was a murderer. It was wasted time. Loved Duke….the man is such an asset to 5-0 and he should be a member of the team before Jerry. I can only pray that we do not see Jerry in the field…..although he could be partnered with Danny and that may solve a lot of problems. I don’t even want to go into how wrong the doctor’s office was. Steve asked Danny to leave and he refused, just as he refused to shut up with the driving examiner. He is a waste of a human being. By the way……loved the Henley.

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    • Moonjat:

      You have solved the problem of how to get rid of Danny. We don’t need Rachel. Jerry can have him abducted by Aliens when the mother ship returns for him.

      Erased memory–Danny who? Works for me.

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    • I think in S1 he brought a lock pick set (or whatever you call it) to the mansion. Maybe he thought it would not come in handy going to the jungle? 😉


  8. This episode was all over the place. This could have been so good. The 23 minutes of jungle and blue room time were awesome. Really awesome. The rest was me being bored, me being superdupermegaextra dannoyed and me thinking: ‘Oh no. Sam will scream bloody murder.’ My inner eye pictured her pets covering their ears with their paws.
    “Meow?” What’s going on?
    “Meow meow meeeooow.” I’ve no idea, she scares me.
    “Meeoowie?” You think it’s advisable to hide in the kitchen?
    “Meow!” Absolutely. Let’s run.
    “Woof!!! Woof woof woof.” Guys, let’s all take a chill pill. I know her longer than you youngsters. Jump on her keyboard and make silly noises. She’ll calm!

    So let’s start with the boring part because I chose those moments to annoy another lady with my not so ladylike thoughts about some tiny element in this show. 😉
    You know I love Lou Grover and I love Chi. He is a great actor and the actor who plays his son is good too. Lou Grover is an amazing asset to the team. But this unnecessary storyline was boring like hell. Well acted but boring. Blah blah blah another lecture blah blah blah. And the thing is I don’t want to be reminded of this stupid Clay story ever again. So show can we please bury this topic under a ton of – well – clay?

    Ok, now here it goes. Who the ever freaking hell thinks that anything related with this utterly, more than ever in the history of dannoyingness dannoying jerk is funny or friendly or bamf? Who? I think we’ve all seen the sneak peek at the doctor’s before. I thought it was horrible, but it was even worse. The instrument Dannoying used was not lying around after a doctor had used it, no, he opened a freaking drawer in a freaking examination room touching sterilized objects with his stupid hands to embarrass himself by making stupid jokes only a five year old would laugh about?
    Than Steve asked him to leave, what is an understandable human request when it comes to Dannoying, but he stays and the doctor spills the beans? Really show?
    And then – wait for it – here it comes: Dannoying said “WE had to defuse a dirty bomb.” WE? WE Dannoying? WEEEEE??????? You are freaking kidding me? WE? Oh my, I can feel yesterday’s furiousness coming back. He. Said. We. I want to punch him so badly.
    And in the jungle this whole thing reached a new level of assholeyness. STFU. STFU. That was the only thing in my mind watching Dannoying doing his thing. What means doing NOTHING! Like always. Steve took a beating to save the team – including Dannoying – and not only did he show no empathy, no, au contraire, he bitched and whined and was again the complete useless member of an elite task force.
    Loved SEAL Steve the science guy saving his people, loved the takedown of those yakuza guys by Steve, Chin and Kono. Even the cameraman decided that Dannoying is not worth it and only filmed him for roundabout 0,000007 nanoseconds. Maybe SC had a bad hair day. You know, humidity in the jungle and all. Comb over doesn’t work 24/7.
    And I love Duke, he is a great guy and the actor is wonderful!
    So I loved Alex’ Steve large and in charge, showing why he is the lead(er) and nobody else.
    The blue room scene was terrific, didn’t really notice Dannoying till the end. That’s a good thing.
    Once in a while I read people saying that Steve is arrogant. I don’t know which show these people are watching, but he is by no means arrogant. There is a big difference between arrogance and confidence. Yes I said to Sam that arrogance goes with stupid. That’s Dannoying. Arrogance has nothing to back it up. Confidence has. Being confident means you know about your own abilities. Being arrogant concerns your interaction with other people, it means you feel superior, you think others are inferior and you let them know.
    Cough, let’s come to the elephant in the room (lol). ← See what I did here? Elephant? Teehee.
    I know you are right Sam. The badge for Jerry is wrong. Really wrong and stupid. But it bothers me not as much as liver. Because I think he will still be in his basement and nowhere in the field. And the other reason is that something else bothers me way more. When was the last time Dannoying actually contributed something to get the job done? When? I can’t remember. Everything would’ve worked out even without him. He is redundant.
    On the other side Jerry at least has helped. He was an asset to the team several times.
    So show, strip Dannoying of his badge and give that badge to Jerry. Or to the blue Henley.

    Random notes:
    The young CPD officer was good looking.
    Will we see the “there’s a mole inside HPD” storyline ever again?
    Steve was so hot in this episode it’s unreal. This man ages so well.
    Day xxx and no mention of Madison and Alicia.
    Grace and DDK do concern very well.
    I hope Michelle Shioma escapes. Halawa isn’t secure, we all know that.

    Extra credit to the blue Henley!
    Extra extra credit to AOL’s skin tone!
    Extra extra extra credit to AOL’s v.o.e.

    Done. Phew.

    Your screens are great Sam. Love esp. the pic with Kono looking at Steve. Makes me happy!

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    • LeiCa – you take the cake!
      Standing ovation, I am with you.
      There is just no way seeing anything good in D anymore. You are right. By now I even agree that Jerry shows more honest concern and empathy for the well-being of the rest of the team (and thus would have deserved an “honorary” badge in my book, if at all).
      I am at a loss of words why the writers (and some fans) think this kind of behavior is even remotely ok, funny and justified for a member of an elite task force and so called “best friend”. Seriously??
      I will concentrate on the awesomeness that is McG and enjoy the episodes without D next season.

      I see a certain kind of fandom shower us with “love” mentions but I don’t care. I still love, love this show but I am scratching my head in disbelief more often these days.

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      • Maybe those fans (you know, the real ones 😉 ) have a complete different take on the way you act as a friend than me. And they for sure have a very different kind of humor. They can shower me with love (lol!) and tell me that I’ve got no idea of humor as long as they want but the doctor’s scene was not funny.
        Yes I was furious watching Danny, the way he was portrayed and the way he acted. But I still enjoyed watching the episode. That’s possible.
        And, hey, lurkers, you can enjoy an episode regardless what others think about it or about the characters in it. Give it a try!
        The idea of an honorary badge is great Sunny! That would have been perfect!

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        • LeiCa, that is what I don’t get. Why people can’t understand the concept of loving and enjoying something, but still getting miffed at stupid stuff on the show. Those two things are not exclusive.

          I love the show. It is my favorite show of the last twenty years or so. But my love is not blind. I do see the ridiculous stuff, the stupid stuff, and mostly the stuff that annoys the hell out of me.

          But just because I get annoyed at some things, I will not abandon my show. Just because I get pissed off at times won’t make me stop watching. Or make me stop loving it.

          We all love in different ways. There is no right way. There is not just one way. And why the heck do the ‘real fans’ even care what others think? I don’t give a flying *** what they think, or what they love or not. That will never change my view of the show. Or my love for it.

          I’m always interested in what others think. I love the discussions here on the blog. But even if I were the only one loving an episode, and everyone would tell me how wrong my view is… I wouldn’t care about it. I would still love it the same. My opinion and my love doesn’t need validation by anyone.

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          • I can love my husband very much and still be annoyed with some of the things he does. I’m not leaving him and we just adapt. Are all this so called true fans single?? I think it just is that they will not tolerate a viewpoint that fits theirs. I also think that they feel they have to kiss PL’s feet so he knows they are the “true” fans.

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            • Ugh….must proof read before hitting post. Are all “these” so called true fans single? And they won’t tolerate a viewpoint that doesn’t fit theirs. So glad I try to be more careful with my stories. Slow down JAT.


            • Ok, Jat, ya got me giggling with that one. Are they all single? 😆 😆 😆
              And the, uh, ‘feet” kissing has always been pathetic. Like calling him “Boss”. 🙄

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          • I’m not sure what’s going on here. Are people lurking and reading this blog and being mean and making nasty comments elsewhere?

            Wouldn’t it be more intellectually honest if they just posted here and explained why we are wrong and they are right? Then we could debate it unless they are afraid to come out in the open. If the intent is to hide behind a computer and be immature then apparently some people do not have enough faith in their convictions to show themselves.

            I am so very sad for them. PL is still going follow his own vision and do what he wants for his show so, “true fans” must get used to it.

            Maybe I shouldn’t have said intellectually honest. That could scare them away.


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    • Brilliant assessment of the things that bothered me. I agree, Det. Williams does not behave like a detective or a task force leader. No wonder he had made little progress on John McGarrett’s murder before Steve showed up. All he does is whine and occasionally fire a weapon. He is like the corpses they dragged through the jungle….dead weight to the team. Why doesn’t he know how to pick a lock? Could be a useful skill for a cop. I too feel that Jerry will remain in the background and not a field agent although he may move upstairs and get a window. Still don’t like them giving him one though.

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    • Did Kono even speak after she told Danny what a klick was?

      I totally and completely forgot about the mole inside HPD. For all they are worried about it, maybe it’s and ACTUAL MOLE they’ve been talking about and not a snitch?

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    • That picture was actually for you. I thought “LeiCa will like it”. 🙂

      OK, let’s take a deep breath after cats and dog have settled down. Loved that.

      You know, I think it’s not really the fact that Jerry actually will have a badge in his pocket. No, it’s the fact that a person who in no way worked as hard as all the others for it, gets it for free. That his badge is equal to Steve’s, a man who has given half his life to serve his country and the people. Who has sacrificed and lost so much. He fucking deserve being called an officer. And so are the others, like Chin, Kono, Grover, and even Danny. Giving out badges like candy renders them worthless. And that pisses me off to no end.

      I am really sorry for my language about this issue, but you have no idea how furious I am about it. And honestly, I don’t really have an explanation why I feel so very strongly about it.

      Maybe really just because I see what the others have done, how hard they have worked for the honor to wear the badge. Jerry has done nothing like that. Nothing!

      And that is why this is way worse than liver for me.

      And yes, Jerry has been helping the team. I have no problem with that. And I wouldn’t have a problem if he got an ID, like The Mentalist. He was a consultant for seven years. Never got a badge, just an ID. What the heck is wrong with that? Why did he have to get the badge?
      Anyway, I won’t calm down about this for a long time to come. I will wait and see how this goes, but in my eyes, that was the dumbest thing they have done on Five-0 in a very long time.

      It’s a very good question when Danny contributed anything to a case. I can’t remember. He was either not there, or simply decoration. I think it is a real shame what they are doing with this character. And no, there is no sarcasm in it.

      About Alicia, as far as I know that was ‘solved’ in MacGyver. The ‘crossover’ episode I think. I only watched three episodes in total; not my kind of show. The main character doesn’t give me anything, and the dialog is torture to listen to. Anyway, I think they mentioned that Alicia shot Madison. Anyone who has seen it, please correct me if I’m wrong.

      LeiCa, you take the cake with your ‘comment’. I think you need to do some guest reviews next season. Let’s have a talk about it. 🙂

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      • Yes, I know that about the mention in ‘MacGyver’. But that is ridiculous. I want closure in that show the characters are in. This is so stoooopid! I don’t watch MacGyver, MacGyver does not run in my country, I am sure it doesn’t air in a lot of countries H50 is in and it will sure as hell not always have both episodes of two different shows back to back. This whole thing is BS.

        And yes to some guest reviews, I have never done something like that in English. I am for sure not that structured, systematic like you are. And my comments always digress, are never chronologic. But it should be fun! I will do my very best Miss Sam!

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  9. How sad that the blue henley was the best part of the episode.

    I wish there was a way to send this review anonymously (or not) to the PTB, so they might at least have a few laughs (while pretending not to.) The comments here priceless, funny and right on target.

    I don’t know if the show would be watchable if we didn’t have this site to unload our frustrations.
    Thanks, Sam.


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  10. I like Grover’s character and Chi as a actor and Chosen Jacobs (Will Grover)performance too. They did a great job. The issue here is that we all are tired of this Chicago plot and the potential great story in Lanai suffered by the time wasted in Chicago-50. I wonder if they didn’t shoot enough scenes in North Shore (supposed to be Lanai Island) or in the editing room PL choose to give more time to Grover/Chi. The main story seemed cut, like “missing pieces”, and the suspense about Michelle Shioma disappeared and lost intensity. I loved the Navy Seal and the Science Guy was back. But another story with so much potencial for the characters and actors wasted.

    I didn’t like that they gave Jerry a badge, but i’m not surprise because when H50 writers insist on something, usualy make happen in not the best possible way.

    The scene at doctor’s office is pointless unless you are a McDanno fan. If the writers love the Livergate story so much the could did it sooner and could add to the list that Danny said not only parkour and uranium bombs but drinking whine, beer and champagne also. Yes, i like to watch Steve without shirt, but i prefer deep and meaning in character development, so please give Alex juicy material to him work instead of asking him to take the shirt off.

    Please girls, i really need your help because if my memory is correct Danny said in 6.06 “Na Pilikua Nui” – “Monsters”, that he knows what a klick means despite that Steve explained to him, so why writers wrote that line for Danny at helicopter? I already suspect, but they don’t know what are they doing or don’t watch the show. I think that cast and crew don’t deserve it.

    Thank you Sam for your review and pics.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Here is the dialogue from S06E06, taken from a subtitle site, except it doesn’t specifically say who says what, so I am just guessing here…

      DANNY: We been walking for, like, a half a mile already.
      McG: More like a klick.
      DANNY: A klick?
      McG: Yeah, a kilometer.
      DANNY: Oh, thank you, G. I. Jerk, for the pedantic, uh I know what a klick is.

      Liked by 7 people

  11. I just typed a TOME. It was epic. It answered so many questions. I located Jimmy Hoffa’s body, where Capones vault really is, and what happened to Amelia Earhardt.

    And wordpress lost my comment.

    FU wordpress.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Anyway…

    This episode is the embodiment of what Hawaii Five 0 has become. A sham. All bluster and no luster. Full of promise without the ability to deliver.

    Danny is an asshole. An arrogant prick, snot-nosed asshole and at least he was shown to be completely ignorant and uneducated when the rest of the team schooled him. I didn’t mind that he didn’t know what a klick was – I had a MAJOR problem with his delivery. There is nothing to like about this boob.

    The “Dr.” should have his medical license suspended. I am embarrassed for Alex for having to act through this drivel. I really am.

    I love Chi McBride, and Chosen is one of the best young actors I’ve seen in a long time. But that whole storyline was unnecessary. It was something that I try very hard to pretend never happened, it was so bad the LAST time we visited it – there was no need to revisit. Lou’s monologues were tedious, I’ve termed it “Lousplaining” ugh.

    Jerry got a badge for having Noelani tell him to have Duke go save the team. OK. whatever – Jerry was going to get a badge as soon as they started that gag.

    Michelle Shioma – she was great back in the “OMG someone please kill Gabriel” days. She was formidable, cold hearted and would’ve made a great big bad going forward. Except PL missed the boat on that. So. in true H50 form – never letting a missed opportunity get away, he brought her back – only to completely ruin the character. There was ZER0 point to any of this story – they got her in the end and … I’m sorry, did I hear correctly that Steve threatened her children to keep Shioma from acting up while in jail? I really didn’t understand the point of him bringing up the kids – the family she stashed them with is willing to testify against Shioma as long as they get to keep the kids????WHATTTTTT???

    What would they have done if there were 5 bodies hanging in the woods? Or 3? Who wouldn’t have had to drag a body? were they even bodies or were they dummies?

    Thank God for that blue Henley.

    Liked by 7 people

    • “Lousplaining” <<<< Love it! (The word, not the splaining)

      I really didn’t understand the point of him bringing up the kids – the family she stashed them with is willing to testify against Shioma as long as they get to keep the kids????WHATTTTTT??? <<<<< This confused me so much that I decided not to even mention it in my own post. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • It all confused me. Was she actually the one who tried to blow up “Five 0” with the dirty bomb? They never gave any reason why she would do that – if she has been “operating for the past year right under their noses” (McG’s words I believe?) then why would she bother to blow up downtown HNL? Was she missing seeing Steve’s awesomeness?


        Liked by 2 people

        • They had a real opportunity for a great story. But I guess they are to lazy to just tie all the knots together and write anything that is really intriguing. It is that, that makes me so sad about the show. It is all there – but somehow they keep missing the awesomeness.

          Liked by 2 people

  13. The beginning of the show on the high seas was outstanding, but the idiotic “comedy” in the doctor’s office and then the beginning of the Grover story had me squirming in my chair already, asking “How much of this do I have to endure?” (The answer: Far too much.)

    My review: http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#21

    I really wonder if Lenkov intends to do a reboot of Family Ties in Hawaii with Grover and Danno (and their families) when the show ends. Now I should tell you that I have never seen a single episode of Family Ties ever, and I’m sure some of you will say this is not a good analogy. But let’s face it, Lenkov’s Five-Zero reboot also leaves a lot to be desired if you are thinking “this should be like the original.”

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Everything ya’ll said. This was a long week with no reward at the end. The episode had so much hype and offered so little. It will be interesting to see what comes of the badge ( i had hoped it would be an honorary one as well.).
    I also wonder whether the doctor’s comment that Steve’s post operative recovery wasn’t quite what the doctor had hoped will actually mean anything. I assume it was probably just a comment to move along the scene so Danny could mention all Steve’s high jinx. At least the doctor mentioned his anti rejection meds. For this check up to mean anything it should have been in a much earlier episode.
    As much as I enjoy the shirtless view, there was no reason for that in this scene. The exam had already been done (i assume by someone other than this doctor). Of course, since Steve mentioned Danny could leave, then it seems the exam would not have started yet. hmm, when did anything get checked? Wouldn’t most post transplant checks involve blood work? Oh goodness, there I go thinking about this stuff too much.
    major kudos to the ones of you who remembered Danny having knowledge of a “click” in a previous episode! I have such a bad memory about stuff, I may as well be a writer for the show.
    Michelle Shioma did not seem like the same cold woman as when we first met her. Are we supposed to think she was responsible for the dirty bomb? Did i miss the connection that verified that was her doing? Again, I often forget details that connect episodes, but so often there are leaps made that i assume i must have missed.
    Oh goodness, I unfortunately start to hate actors because of their characters when I should feel sorry for what is given them. No wonder SC is more interested in his other projects than staying in Hawaii; his material is awful. I hope to one day see AOL given material that is worthy of his talent. At least when there is decent writing he as the lead usually gets to perform it.
    I don’t expect much out of the next episode, so maybe it will actually be a good one.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Well SC’s job is acting. Acting and writing are two sides of the same coin. He could do wonders to his character. He could soften him, he could vary his tone, his voice, his facial expressions. He doesn’t. Example: the end of 6.25. AOL said his lines with a smile, soft voice, twinkle in his eyes. He made it clear that it was all in good fun. SC portrayed D like he hates McG. And he does it like that all the time.
      Alan Rickman once said: It’s your job as an actor to make your character multidimensional.
      I do not only blame the writers.

      Liked by 9 people

      • Well said, babe. I’ve thought that often…that if I were playing Danno I’d say *that* differently, more jocular or with a wink. There’s soooo much room to lighten that bitchy character. Scott doesnt, he portrays Danno like he hates McG, and despite Alex’s insistence he and SC are buds, I wonder if there isn’t tension between them in RL.

        Liked by 4 people

        • Some in the fandom may consider this heresy.

          I have seen the comment that if SC leaves then AOL would leave too, because he wouldn’t want to work without him. Give me a break. This is a career we are talking about, not an invitation to a party where if your bud isn’t invited you don’t go either. So, maybe they are just mates who get along and are not joined at the hip? Where is it written that you have to stay in your job only if your co-worker also stays? Some in the fandom like to romanticize a relationship that none of us really know about or care about. Why should we? It’s private.

          if there is tension in real life and that’s a big if, then maybe it is that one child is seen as favored by the patriarch with all the perks while the other feels the weight of all the work and responsibility.

          Whether cast members choose to go or stay will be a personal decision for each, independent of what any other does.

          Liked by 7 people

          • LOL!!! I’ve never seen that surmise, that Alex would leave if Scott did, but it’s hilarious. 😆

            Alex has always had a “bromance” in every tv Show after The Shield. In ML it was Josef and he was also very close to Jason in RL. In Three Rivers, it was the actor who played Kuol. In 5-0, he has chemistry with Chin and, even more, with Grover. Alex just has that kinda chemistry with dudes…and of course he also has chemistry with women. Alex is just hot, y’all. So he always will have “chemistry” with his co-stars. That’s why he keeps getting cast as the lead.

            But when Scott cut back to part time, Alex did not. And Show did not suffer. In fact many of the best eps, and most significant for McG, have been Scott-lite or Scott-absent eps. So he’s not in 5-0 for Scott. Never was, never will be. He is the lead. He lives for his family, not the Show and not any of his co-stars. He will leave when he chooses to because he IS the show.

            Liked by 8 people

            • I’m sure Alex will make a decision about his future with the show that is best for him and his family. A decision he is comfortable with.
              Another long year lies ahead. Let’s just wait and see.
              But one thing is for sure; SC will have nothing to do with his decision concerning the show.

              Liked by 7 people

          • I am sure that SC and AOL get along fine on set. Behind the scenes photos often show them talking or doing things to kill time between takes. Once they leave the set I believe they go their separate ways. We know how important Alex’s family is to him so that would be his priority. He will do what he wants and it won’t be influenced by SC.

            Liked by 4 people

          • OMG, when I read that about “If Scott leaves, Alex will too” I shake my head and laugh at those people. It’s a JOB, not a lifelong blood oath, FFS. People need rectal craniotomies and step away from fan fiction every now and then to see what the real world is like.

            I don’t necessarily think there is friction between them, but I do think that their attitudes towards their jobs has changed in a way. I’ve often thought that the reason that I don’t like Danny is attributed to his interpretation of the character. He definitely comes across as someone who holds disdain for law enforcement, which is EXTREMELY ODD when you are in law enforcement. I don’t care to know enough about Scott to know if this is a prevalent feeling of his, but it’s all wrong for this show – and that’s how I see him portraying Danny.

            Liked by 2 people

              • That’s exactly it – it’s distracting because it is so opposite of what the character would be, it takes you out of the show and seeing the actor instead of the character. (did that make sense?)

                I do recall Scott saying something to the effect of (in regards to why he carries a gun looking like he’s holding a pile of wet socks) wanting people to wonder why he’s doing it that way. All I wonder is how the bad guys can’t manage to shoot the character dead.

                Liked by 3 people

          • I’ve read that too. I can only shake my head. Alex and Scott get along good, I am sure of that. But Alex has made a lot of very good friends in Hawaii and on set. We all know that. Not only with actors like Chi (do you remember the adorable video he made for Chi’s niece, not long after Chi joined the team) but with everybody on set. In the ‘BTS with Alex O’Loughlin’ you can clearly see that. And so many people on set only have wonderful words about him.
            I don’t think he would have send this sms to Scott:

            “Another year, homie, another year!”

            Liked by 2 people

      • true. The single face expression is all him. hmm, kinda like his onscreen daughter. OK, that was kinda mean of me.
        I wish Steve would bring out the mean toward Danny sometimes.


    • LOL. And people get SO UP IN ARMS that some don’t like DANNY – it makes me laugh because the people who are shouting this from the rooftops are the very ones who constantly vilify and deride any female on the show who isn’t Kono (or Abby – because they really don’t care about Chin). They get all huffy and tell people not to watch the show if they hate it so much and I pretty much want to laugh because I think it shows how much I REALLY LIKE the show to put up with not liking one of the main characters as much as I do.

      I’m hoping Scott renegotiated for an even better deal for S8. That’s positive, right?

      Liked by 6 people

      • The ABCs and McDannos are so caught up in their fantasies that they cannot separate real life from the show. They take what they see or think they see and inject it into real life. Some go so far as to write it in FF as if it is fact. I like my fantasy as much as the next person but I can tell the difference between a show and reality. I feel sorry for them.

        Liked by 5 people

  15. Since my wife is Japanese, I showed her certain parts of the last show where some of the yakuza dudes were speaking Japanese, despite the fact that most of the ones with speaking parts were speaking perfect English. (Sometimes you can just hear guys mumbling in Japanese in the background.)

    I asked her what these front-and-center types were saying, and she said it was stuff like “Stop!”, “Take them here,” “Bring him here,” and “Take him over there.”

    I asked her “Are they really speaking like yakuza would?” and she said no, and gave me an example of one of the above expressions in a yakuza manner, which was quite different, very nasty and abrupt. She then added words to the effect “These guys on the show are speaking Japanese like >you< [meaning me] would!"


    Liked by 4 people

    • 😆 Cute! Your wife is adorable. And she makes sense. I imagine these actors know little Japanese. But they can memorize a phrase or two…just like you would do. 😉


    • LOL! Once in S4(?) in the episode with the ancient bookstore, Jerry was observating, they had someone speak German. Just the voice on tape, no actor needed. And it was so bad. Oh my… I had to laugh.
      Same goes with the metric system. Seems to be a mystery, they can’t do it right. The indications of size in the profiles of perps not from the U.S., Myanmar or Liberia are too funny. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Wow… I haven’t caught up on this since late Sunday and I have now been reading for almost an hour. Lots of insight in these comments. Y’all are great and funny. Made me laugh out loud tonight. And also kept me up way past my bedtime.


  17. I agree wholeheartedly with the review here and how this episode played out. My comments are firstly about Jerry and the badge. I noticed his badge had a pin on the back to attach to his shirt with rather than the sturdy clip that the other ones have to put on their belts so I hope it means it’s just an honourary badge and not a real one.
    As for Dannoying, I cringed through the hospital scene thinking how can a 40 year old detective act so childishly and why would Steve bring him to his appointment in the first place…..stoooopid.
    I also have a general comment concerning certain people in the fandom stating over and over how Danny is 2nd in command at five-0. I think he is not. 2nd after Steve is Chin since he was promoted to Lieutenant in season 1 which ranks higher than a detective. Just googled US police ranks and found that captain which is what Grover is, even outranks lieutenant so Grover is 2nd in command, then Chin and Detective Danny Williams is on even par with Kono at the bottom.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Good observation with Jerry’s badge. Maybe that’s a sign. Does anybody know if the badges of Steve and co. also read ‘investigator’?
      And I wholeheartedly agree with their ranks. I always said that, but nobody wanted to listen to me. Sniff. I don’t get why. I’m smart. Really.

      Liked by 2 people

      • A Wrinkle in Time, chapter 7. There you can see Chin’s badge. Says investigator.
        And I also agree about the ranks. It was a few times that clearly Chin called the shots when Steve did other thinks. The Kono episode where she was held with other hostages in a house comes to mind right away. There were many occasions where Chin clearly was the one in charge.
        I think people assume Danny is SIC because he’s Steve’s partner. But that is a pretty shitty reason. And I already hear people saying Steve is a Lt. Commander. Still higher than an Army captain for example. But different branch of officers, and most importantly he was appointed Head of the task force. So, his actual rank is not important.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Steve told Danny to get out of the examining room in front of the Doctor. He never said to the Doctor he was joking and to let Danny stay. The Doctor immediately began discussing Steve’s medical results. This doesn’t happen in real life because there is such a thing as Doctor patient-confidentiality. Absent any verbal communication from Steve that is was OK, Danny would have to leave. And rifling draws and touching medical equipment is not only childish, but also disgusting,. I wish a nurse has seen that because Danny would not have been able to walk out of that office without a limp.

    Oh, since both Hawaii and Chicago are States, why wasn’t Grover extradited to stand trial for unlawful imprisonment and the other crimes he committed there? Did his friend’s girlfriend have no civil rights?

    Did the Governor of Illinois give 50 immunity and means? I wonder if the writers considered this “minor” detail?


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