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7.20 – “Huikau nā makau a nā lawai’a” – Five-0 helps PI Harry Brown (guest star William Forsythe) work the case of a kidnapped wealthy woman whose husband may have something to hide. Also, Rachel tells Danny that she is getting a divorce from Stan, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, March 31 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Huikau nā makau a nā lawai’a to The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled

So, after a few weeks hiatus Five-0 is back with a new episode. And I’m back with a new review. And yes, before you ask, the review for 7.19 will come next week. I know it’s not really interesting anymore, after such a long time, but for the sake of having a review for every episode I will post it. And I will also post reviews for all the previous episodes. That is my plan for the coming loooooong summer hiatus.

Anyway, let’s start with this one, shall we? 😉

We start the episode with a previously on from way back when. Rachel was re-introduced to us. I must say, I really don’t care about this storyline. BUT I do like Claire van der Bloom a lot. I think she does a great job as Rachel. Although I always wondered, just like Steve, how Danny got her. They are surely not a match made in heaven. But love goes mysterious way, I guess.

After that I got my first chuckle out of the episode. And no, there is no sarcasm here, I laughed quite a lot during this episode. And I think this time actually for the right reasons, and not because it was hilarious by mistake.  😉

Kidnapping-shopping 101. Everything the kidnapper needs, convenient in one store. Duh, guess that’s why they are called convenient stores.  🙂


Of course, I also thought what kind of dumb ass drives around the kidnap victim, leasurely goes shopping while she is in the trunk and could be discovered. And then he parks right in front, in full view of the cctv, that every store has these days. A total dumb ass.


So, after being introduced to the crime of the week (By the way, later we learn that this was the second victim, which I think shows a totally screwed up timeline. But what else is new.), we switch to Danny waiting to pick up Charlie. Rachel is there too, obviously slightly confused about when to pick up her son. So, Danny talks to her and learns that Rachel and Stan are getting a divorce. Honestly, I’m not sure what I think about that. Other than that Stan should have divorced her a long time ago.

And yeah, Rachel, you are not good at this marriage thing. Dishonesty is always the first step to the end of any relationship. Lying, cheating and lying again doesn’t really help either. Just saying.

But as I said, I really don’t care about either Danny or Rachel. Or them together, or whatever. But, and mark this in your calendars because you won’t hear it that often, I liked Danny in this episode. He didn’t annoy me. How is that for a change. I think he handled the situation very well, and he made me laugh out loud. Not sure if that was for the right reasons, though. But more about that later.


I know it was totally silly and didn’t contribute anything to the story, other than mentioning Danny’s retirement again, but I LOVED the Steve/Grover scene. These two are never wasted screen time for me. I could watch them all day. I just love their facial expressions. They simply get each other, they have fun doing scenes together. I think it shows onscreen.

A phone call from downstairs interrupted their conversation. Finally, Harry enters the episode. I was really looking forward to seeing him again. Although his voice is a bit too deep for my taste. I have sometimes trouble understanding him. The voice is lacking a rhythm. That is of course just a personal taste. I really like the actor, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

So, Harry tells Steve and Grover that he temporarily retired from retirement. (Hint to show; we get it.) But his latest case didn’t quite go as planned and got him knocked over the head.

And we see Kimee Balmilero as Dr. Noelani Cunha again. I must say, they couldn’t have picked a better character to replace Max. The actor does a fantastic job as the new ME. I hope we will see her many more times.

So, Harry tells Lou and Steve about the survailance job he took. I have a question though. Harry calls the husband an older guy married to a younger woman. Ehm, excuse me, but how the heck was Tom Stratham an ‘older’ guy? Middle aged maybe, but older? I mean, seriously. And the woman a younger broad? That is just ridiculous. The mistress was clearly younger, but the wife was pretty much the same age. At least she looked to be the same age.

Anyway, Harry tells them the wife was kidnapped right in front of his eyes. Huh. I thought it was rather fishy. The whole thing with her pushed into the back of the car. I mean, who kidnaps a person and lets her more or less sit in the back of the car? It seemed almost like she went willingly. Ups. Did I see more than I was supposed to? LOL

After this, they go see the husband, who doesn’t really want them on the job. But they stay on it anyway. And Danny joins them. After some blabla about, wait for it… retirement, Harry tells them he got a picture of a friend Celine met with.

Loved that he had it on a roll of film. That brought us a great scene with Harry and Jerry. Did I just say that I like a scene with Jerry? Will wonders never cease? Yes, I loved it. You wanna know why? Because Harry asked and said all the things I would ask and say to Jerry. Are you on medication? LOL. You must be either insane or very single to spend your time in this room and inhale the fumes. ROFL.

And isn’t it just hilarious that Jerry has perfectly good reasons (at least for himself) why never ever use digital technology, but whenever they need him to be he is THE expert on any of it?

So, yeah, I loved the scenes in the dark room. Now, that is a use of Jerry I wouldn’t mind at all.


After talking to Tom about the woman on the photo they find out who it is and make their way over there.

And that brings us to another scene that gave me a really good laugh.

“I can’t adjust my face, because this is the only face I got.” ROFLMAO – Oh, Danny you are SO right. The actor playing you only has one facial expression. You said it perfectly.

“If he had any choice, why would he go with this one?” Oh, Harry, I love ya.


OK, all silliness aside. I actually enjoyed this cargument, if you can call it one. I thought Danny’s concern for the consequences for his children was genuine. Although he is wrong about one thing. Stan is not kind of a second father to his children. That only applies to his daughter. Stan will always be Daddy for Charlie, and Danny will only be Danno. Stan is his dad.

I’m not putting dads over stepdads or vice versa. But it always bugged me that they made it look as if Charlie had been waiting all his four years of life for Danno to show up so that he could finally have a daddy. That is such BS.

And I am very happy that it seems that Stan actually is the only decent person in this three-person-relationship. And before you fall off your high horse, yes, I do believe Danny is just as much a scumbag as Rachel is. He cheated with a married woman. Got her pregnant to boot. And I don’t care if they now want to paint it as if Rachel and Stan had been separated at that time. That is not true. They still lived under one roof, and I’m pretty sure Stan had no idea that they were on a break.

You want a break so you can sleep with your ex? Pack your bags, move out, get a divorce. Don’t hide in a hotel to have sex with your ex. Just saying.

But hey, I am not interested in their story. I don’t care if they get together or not. Although it would for sure be more interesting than Amber/Melissa.

And now we finally get back to the beginning, at least time-wise. We see Natasha’s kidnapping. Also a very funny affair. The doorbell rings while she’s under the show. Like thirty seconds later, we see her opening the door fully dressed, with earrings, make-up and all. Wow, she is even faster than Steve is after a three minutes Navy-shower. Do they want us to believe the kidnappers rang the bell for ten minutes and waited? Yeah, right.

Another chuckle for me when they figured out that Tom had an affair with Natasha. Duh, as if that wasn’t obvious the second we were shown her picture. But honestly, I didn’t mind the predictability of this case. Nope, I really enjoyed it.

And I’ll tell you why. Because there was only one case, and everyone was working on it together. No silly second case, no silly visit to Kamekona. Just one case, and that was it. I think Five-0 is always best when they only have one case with all of them focusing on that.

And again LOL at Danny’s we don’t usually do that. Nope, you never ever hit any suspects. Nope. But I will talk about that in the 719 review.

Now we see both kidnap victims. And although Celine did a pretty convincing job, I didn’t buy into it. Something was not right about this whole scenario.

OK, tell me something. What the heck was the scene with Danny, Steve and Harry in Danny’s office for? It’s not that I didn’t like it, no, I did. Especially that Steve told Harry the whole story about Charlie without even taking a breath. LOL. It was kinda like a little payback for Danny blabbing out that Steve wanted to ask Catherine to marry him. I thought it was funny. Anyway, this whole scene was kind of a waste of time. I was totally with Danny on the Thank God that they were interrupted. 🙂

Unfortunately, after this the show got totally ridiculous. What kind of sense did it make to surround the house, ready to storm it, without even trying to get in contact with the kidnappers? Of course, it didn’t work out well. Celine came out of the house with a bomb vest strapped to her chest. Only good thing about these scenes was Steve going to her and calming her down. It was very odd how this whole thing went down. And I thought it very odd, that her make-up was still perfect. But OK, I will let it slide. 😉 Oh and by the way, where was Danny during this raid?

We keep going with the ridiculous solution of this crime. Five-0 was totally in the open for every kidnapper to see. I’m not even talking about the big fat helicopter hovering right in front of their nose. I mean, what was the writer thinking? That Five-0, HPD and SWAT are invisible, and the baddies wouldn’t see them? That was so strange.

I love Steve flying a helicopter. And if that is a way to spare Alex some of the action, yes, please do it more often. 😉

Totally had to laugh at Danny going down the chute. It’s so convenient that he’s only claustrophobic ever other episode. Going down after the baddie was pretty stupid, and I kinda smiled that he was knocked out for his troubles. 😉

One of the baddies is shot, the hostage is safe, and one of the kidnappers gets away. Huh, not the outcome they were hoping for. And I thought, when are you going to arrest Celine?

“If he needs staples, please can I?” LOL, Steve, I’m pretty sure Danny doesn’t want you to staple his head back together. 🙂

Noelani is back in the office sooner than she thought. Tending yet to another small wound. Although I really love her, I wonder why an EMT on the scene didn’t treat Danny? I’m sure there was the one or other ambulance there.


After a little more thinking they finally figure out that Celine was behind the whole kidnapping. Which in my eyes made no sense at all. Why the hell didn’t she just divorce cheating Tom? She would have gotten the money, be free to do whatever she wanted, and not ending up in jail. Now, Tom and his mistress are the winners. They get it all.

But hey, most women on Five-0 are portrayed as cheating, lying, betraying bitches. So, why not add dumb to the mix too?

Harry figured it out and they ‘interrogate’ Celine in the blue room. No episode complete with at least one scene down there. Not that I’m complaining, I love the blue room. 🙂


And I also loved Steve and Harry talking about poker and Steve’s old man. Very nice touch.

After this we unfortunately had to go back to Danny and Rachel. Sigh. Why wouldn’t Rachel and Stan tell the kids together? They described Stan as a good dad, wouldn’t he want to be there when the kids learned about it? For me, this scene with Rachel and Danny felt forced. It just felt totally wrong.


This episode felt like Five-0 didn’t take themselves too seriously. The episode felt very laid back, relaxed and fun. Despite my little complaints, and all the silly things, all the scenes that contributed nothing to the episode, I really, truly enjoyed this one.

I think it was one of the really good ones. I was very well entertained.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Perfect review is perfect Sam!!! Loved everything you wrote.

    This episode had me howling with laughter – but mostly because of things they didn’t intend me to laugh at. The funny lines in the show made me chuckle, though – which is rare and much appreciated when it happens.

    They really are pushing the whole retirement thing, which makes me laugh heartily, because obviously this is intended to get panties bunched that Danny is going to retire – whether this is going to be his “little” cliffhanger (along with a will he or won’t he reconcile with Rachel being another) and if that is the case – how typical of this show to have DDK tell everyone on his IG that Scott will be back next year – completely negating the cliffie. I may have wished that he would retire, but I didn’t actually think he would – plus in “reality” Danny is still at least one year away from having his 20 so…. But the sweat on the brows of some does give me giggle.

    Chi and Alex are perfection together in the college scene – I mean, totally funny – but he HAD to assume his bright daughter was going to go awayt to college – and possibly back in Chicago! I do think he should be pushing said bright daughter to go in search of many scholarships!

    I was gobsmacked at how much older William Forsythe looked. Whoa – they really did use some shoe polish on his hair last time!!! I agree with you on the timbre of his voice – it’s very difficult to hear him. I was annoyed at the writers “magically” using the same knicknames that Tony Archer used for Danny – give me a break. First of all – Scott is fit, but I would’ny go out of my way to call him “muscles” and… Oh, forget it – that annoyed me. Did the writers FORGET which character called Danny that or was that just them being stupidly cutesy. Annoying. Dannoying,.

    They’ve gone way too far to vilify Rachel – I mean – no woman other than Kono has fared well (And my new FAVE, Noelani Cunha – so far anyway) but having Rachel do the things she’s done, ugh. ( I laugh when I see people compare what Cath has done to Rachel – um, no. not even close – but nice try) but I also keep mentioning as often as I can – DANNY IS NOT INNOCENT in all of this – not by a long shot. What HE and Rachel did was adultery- pure and simple. That whole storyline disgusted me – Danny is not an honorable man at all in my eyes after that. Like you said – if you’re unhappy, leave THEN get together. And I REALLY hope that Stan shut Danny the FCK down when Danny went to him to talk him into “saving the family unit” – SERIOUSLY???? Maybe Danny should’ve though of THAT little pearl of wisdom before he schtupped Stan’s WIFE. Ugh. I really don’t care where this goes – I do like Claire VanderBoom – I think she and Scott work well together, but I don’t really care – although I do believe that PL is setting up everyone to get with their HEA’s – coming full circle for Danny would be his.

    The woman in the shower, answering the doorbell completely made up made me CRY WITH MIRTH so much that I had to rewind the recording. And then when I commented on it a friend on twitter made me HOWL again when she said “Were the kidnappers just standing around on her porch in those black masks waiting for her?” OMG – WTF are TPTB smoking? Does NO ONE WATCH THIS AS THEY ARE EDITING???? Perhaps PL should stop constantly posting IG stories of drivel and watch the product before it’s finalized.

    Looking forward to the 7.19 review!

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    • I prefer Noelani to Max. I never really felt the love for him that others did. He was cool at times, when he was given something work with, but 95% of his screen time was pointless drivel that didn’t amuse me. When he announced he was leaving, I was sad to see him go, but mainly because it meant yet another change. I still don’t see the point in Jerry. I really like Grover, but he isn’t really a necessity for the team imo. The new girlfriends are a huge ‘no’ for me. I didn’t want another new character, but Noelani has been a breath of fresh air.


      • I think she’s expressing the correct amount of WTF? so far in her expected duties, which is great. Max was great at first as a quirky character, but then the quirky characters started overrunning the joint like cockroaches so his schtick was less fun.

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  2. After much thought, and some major revisionist history, I have decided to absolve Rachel and Danny for any blame regarding Stan because:

    1: Charlie is actually Stan’s child, conceived while Danny and Rachel were on a break from their affair and DNA testing was unknown 2011.

    2: Danny just happened to be a donor match for Charlie even if he is not his biological father. This is a reasonable expected twist on H50. (refer to 625 Liver match which makes me wonder if Steve might have been a possible match for Charlie but might raise eyebrows about what Rachel and Steve might have been up to if Rachel took a break from Stan and Danny around the same time.) At least there is a possibility that if Danny ever needs a donor, Steve may be available. Having zero medical knowledge, I bow to the superior brainpower of those of you here who can correct any of my errors in reasoning.)

    3: This is all Stan’s fault. Rachel and Danny are the wronged parties and Steve needs to mind his business and get his own life in order before he gets in the way of Danny and Rachel’s true love reunion.

    Most importantly, Rachel and Danny may make a life away from the task force, satisfying Rachel’s fear that Danny’s job is a danger to their children and Danny’s heartfelt desire to flip pizzas and make marinara sauce. (I hear Danny is back for S8, but hopefully not very much. They can have their celebrations at his restaurant instead of Kamekona’s shrimp truck. Hopefully he will spend most of his time in the kitchen which will explain his many absences.)


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  3. Enjoyed your review! So glad to see you back!

    I loved most of the McG in this…the gossip fan McG was a little creepy tbh. Loved him with Chi and Forsythe. I was just way disappointed with the case. The assholery of females thing has worn me out with Show. Also McG seems less clever than he used to be in the cases, which makes me sad and PO’d at the writers.

    The chopper scene was ridiculous. Even sharp shooter Kono woulda missed that shot with that thing moving around like it did.

    I was pleased Danchel had 2 discrete moments in Show; it made it easy to FF thru those scenes.

    It was an ok for me.

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  4. This show just pissed me off in several ways, especially the business in the teaser with the “dumbass” (as you call it) kidnapper. I think the only dumbasses were the writers, even though it is stated in one of the special features on a Five-Zero DVD set (I think the third season), “it all comes down to Lenkov” to sign off on the show after everyone else has put it together.

    I thought when I saw the guy in the teaser, because it is the teaser, that something bad was going to happen, and it did when the trunk was opened. But typically a teaser would lead into something happening right now which is usually pursued by Five-Zero when McGarrett answers his phone for the first time in a show as he is talking to Kamekona about the price of shrimp or something else “cute.”

    It is also possible for something in a teaser to happen later in the show (like a “preview” of what is to come). This is what happened in the last seasons of the original Five-O (just like in the original, the early seasons had the previous example of being part of the plot which is happening RIGHT NOW).

    So we had an example of #2 in Friday’s show … except what we saw was NOT shown later.

    We see the kidnappers grab Natasha the girl friend, and then soon after this, we see one of them take her downstairs in the basement of their house and tie her up with Celine, the wife.

    The business at the supermarket happened between these two things, because after this, the kidnapper(s) sent Stratham a picture of his wife, assuming the show takes place in real time and not some alternate universe time.

    Except there are a few things wrong … like at the supermarket, we only see the kidnapper Fallon, not his accomplice Hanson (Celine’s boyfriend and co-conspirator). Hanson is not sitting in the car, as far as I can determine. So what happened here? Did Fallon drop Hanson off at home, then went to the supermarket to stock up on beer, chocolate bars and so forth with Natasha still in the trunk? Whenever the picture was taken of Natasha, she had the bag off of her head, which would mean that whoever took the picture (and this would have been AFTER the supermarket expedition) probably had his mask on. I guess you can say at this point Fallon really was a total moron (assuming he took the picture), because he captured the supermarket bag with its identifying logo on it plus the case of beer both of which were used to help identify him.

    Yes, maybe I am being too picky, but usually stuff like this is explained in the show, even if you have to go back and watch it again. The alternate is to venture into the world of fan fiction when some plot detail doesn’t make sense and you have to “make something up” to explain what happened. Seriously — the only reason this screwed-up-timewise-and-other-ways sequence was inserted in the show was so that Chin Ho could take the picture that Stratham received and use it to determine who Fallon was and where he lived! This is not the first time something like this was put in a show to make the plot go a certain way, whereas at other times the Supercomputer is suddenly powerless to help Five-Zero.

    I also thought the whole business at the end of the show pursuing the kidnappers was ridiculous, because the baddies had specifically said “no cops.” Not only does half of HPD show up at the building where the kidnappers have Natasha held hostage, but McGarrett and Kono are pursuing them to the building and then flying around outside in a police helicopter which reminded me of the movie “Blue Thunder.” Some of the action around this time wasn’t bad, but I thought Danno going down the laundry chute was dumb. I don’t think most of these chutes are at an angle, but they go STRAIGHT DOWN and are usually not so wide in size that they can accommodate a person. And what assurance would there be that there is a nice pile of laundry at the bottom (sort of like when a stunt man falls into a pile of boxes or sponge material). What if there was an empty laundry cart down there or just a concrete floor?

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  5. Very prefect review. William F is a delight. He should have his own show.
    But really Stan is a decent guy and seems to care. As Rachel IMHO marred him for his money
    As the scheming wife put her husband through a lot and her husband nearly went to jail over it.
    Poor guy despite him not being all perfect. Three wives for the PI? Guess he was more married to his job than his wives.
    Very great review once again!

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  6. Another great review Sam. You covered what I was thinking and liked. I’ll start with the things I really liked or loved. Harry, the new ME and that they kept Jerry in the dark room. I completely enjoyed Steve spilling the beans about Danny’s affair and fathering a child since it was perfect payback for blabbing about Steve wanting to propose to Cath, telling the British guy about the liver transplant and always telling everyone that Steve has control issues. And that doesn’t include how he behaved with the driving test woman. Loved seeing the shoe on the other foot. Steve and Lou were great as usual. The show as usual makes it clear that you don’t have to be very smart to kidnap someone. Planning is not necessary to carry out a crime in Hawaii. They sure don’t believe in sneaking up on criminals, do they?

    As for what annoyed me was Danny thinking he should go down that darn chute. Did he really believe he could surprise the guy and not be vulnerable. What is the point of the darn com-link if he can’t give someone on the ground a heads up? It was just a device to bring up Danny’s appearing and disappearing claustrophobia. As for Danny and Rachel getting together…..sure looks like that is where PL is heading. Poor Melissa, I wonder if she will get dumped off screen? At least Danny got it right that he has only one face and most of the time it sports a sour expression. All in all I liked it a lot because of Harry and Steve. I bet that poker game will be wonderful for Steve.

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    • Moonjat:

      More likely that Amber/Melissa will find out that Rachel is getting a divorce and he’s spending a lot of time with the kids and holding her hand. Probably will issue an ultimatum but even the PI Harry said he never heard the word love when Danny said he had a girlfriend. Danny will dump her the same way he dumped Gaby, without any concern for her of her feelings. PL is setting up their endgame and will drag it out as long as he can.

      Are the true fans voting yea or nay at Rachel’s return?

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      • O, most assuredly voting NAY, LOL – for so many reasons I think – like Cath, they all know that Rachel is THE ONE for Danny – so the further they stay away, the better the chances of McD happening. Secondly, the abC’s definitely don’t want to see Danny forgive Rachel becauise if HE can…. well…. you can only imagine what that means for Steve!

        And most distressing of all – the vitriol is only aimed towards Rachel of course. Because Danny is just a *wonderful person with a huge heart” which must be how the words “homewrecking cheating bastard” come out when they type them.

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        • Ugh, I just read a review that stated how big Danny’s heart is. The writer just LOVED Danny in this because he is so caring and wonderful. Guess she missed the episodes where he puts his boss and partner down at every turn. And then someone else commented on how they wish there had been a moment where Steve could be worried that Danny was not answering when he got knocked on the head. Hello people…..Steve was busy flying a helicopter at that time. He’s not going to be worried about Danny plunging stupidly down a laundry chute.

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        • In the episode where Danny almost dies and Jenna saves him, wasn’t Rachel on (not in) Danny’s bed when Steve walked in and smiled his approval that they were back together? Was Rachel away with Stan when Grace texted or called her that Danny was in the hospital? Isn’t the time frame for the “break” from marriage a bit sketchy? Continuing to live in the same house as your husband while having an affair with the Ex and sleeping with two men so you are mistaken about your child’s paternity (or pretend to be) sounds like the old saying “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck”, it must be adultery.

          So much for Rachel’s marriage being over at that time or Steve wearing lipstick smeared on his face that none of us ever saw.

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          • Maybe Danny told Steve that Stan and Rachel were taking a break because it made is seem less sordid. I thought that Rachel and Stan were away on another island “working on their marriage” when Danny was exposed to the gas. All in all, Rachel cheated on Stan and Danny was more than happy to go along with it.

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      • I recall that there was some scene where Amberlissa either SAW Danny and Rachel talking or she read something on his phone, right? Then that went nowhere, so I suspect that you are correct and that will be the impetus for the breakup – that they will revisit Amberlissa’s suspicion of Danny and Rachel’s relationship.


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        • Yep. Tho imagine the pompous self-righteousness that Danno would strut around spewing had Melissa or Rachel slept with another man while involved with HIM! He can sleep with Stan’s wife and it’s just the heart wants what it wants. But Danno, like some fans, think the social niceties don’t apply to him.


  7. I went into this episode expecting to be completely underwhelmed. My recollection of Harry was spotty at best and I was sure the Danny/ Rachel saga was going to be completely sugar coated. I was pleasantly surprised by both storylines. Now don’t get me wrong, there was a lot to chuckle and wtf over, but overall I enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to say that often lately. I believe Rachel is Danny’s endgame. Yes, she did a horrible thing, but I believe Danny has already forgiven her and his love for her ( which is evident ) will ultimately bring them together. I wouldn’t mind seeing Harry again. I love that he has a connection to John McGarrett and I love his old school attitude. Overall it was a good episode. Let’s hope this is a sign of better episodes to come.

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  8. Great review, Sam – thank you!
    I have to admit, after some not so good thrilling episodes recently i was pleasantly surprised. I adored Steve, really liked Harry, loved Grover, was absolutely ok with Jerry and hey, even tolerated Danny.

    Reading a bit of this and that online had me laugh our loud and shake my head at the same time. It never seizes to amaze me how some people display an unjustified superior attitude by letting us “know” what show should do, meaning who is good, who is bad and who should be with which partner because that’s what they want. Aha, good to know. Only, PL won’t care 🙂

    Overall a really great episode. I was well entertained. More please!

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  9. Oh what an episode. I giggled a lot. I giggled but not because obviously PL ordered me to. Yes he said: Giggle… now! And I did. But not because he told me so, I am not that easily ordered, believe me. Ask hubby. No, I giggled because of his lead actor’s faces. I got FACES!!!! All over the episode. Teehee. And all the different Steve faces and his ability to change his voice from lighthearted banter with Lou or Harry to tough and calm SEAL made the episode absolutely enjoyable.
    And then I giggled because PL obviously stomped his feet and ordered the writers to write stupid stuff. Like in the ‘Matt in the barrel’ episode when he wanted millions and millions and even more millions of dollars for Steve and Danny to carry. Because paper weighs nothing right? So this time he wanted shopping kidnappers, super silent helicopters and laundry chutes in kid’s slide size and form. The longer the sliiiiidddeee the later the thunk!
    So let’s talk about the helicopter. But you know what? I won’t complain because every time I get Steve in a helicopter I am a very happy camper. So I shook my head, giggled and enjoyed the view.
    But I didn’t enjoy the view of Dannoying going down and then down. Because that was crap. But who I am to criticize? Isn’t D wonderful because he overcame his fear to get the job done? Only – that he didn’t! BANG! Perp 1 : Dannoying 0. And am I allowed to wonder why D couldn’t overcome his fear in S3 (or 4?) when claustrophobia raised its ugly head the first time and D could not be Steve’s backup in this bunker or whatever that was? Ya know, the back up he loves so much? Nope. Not worth it. Just Steve going after the bad boy all alone. So please silent Danny loving lurkers here, spear me the Danny is so wonderful rant. Because he isn’t. And BTW he is a cheater. His actions destroyed a family. Stan is the only innocent in this whole scenario. I am pretty sure he appreciated the call of that man who ruined his marriage very much. Ugh. But I have to thank the show that the Dannoying/Rachel convos where singled out (is that a word?). So easily to skip and I appreciate that. Because I freakingly don’t care if Danny and Rachel get back together again or are going poof. Ok, I have to rethink this going poof thing when it comes to Danny. Because although he did not annoy me that much in this episode, I can’t say the same about SC. Sorry. I have seen his ‘scared shitless’ face one time too much. As I said above, the ‘one face’ comment in the car was cracking me up. Priceless!
    Let’s talk about Steve telling Harry Danny and Rachel had a break, when Danny stumbled and fell on her. Well, there are two possibilities:
    Either the writers are re-writing canon (which is a reasonable option, we all know that)
    Or Steve was just being nice and didn’t want to talk too badly of Danny in front of Harry.
    I go with option two, because I can see Steve doing something like this (I would. I would always defend my friends in front of others. In private it’s a different thing. A concept Dannoying does not get). And option two is better for my soul, nerves and fingernails.

    I really really really love the opening scene with Steve and Lou. These two are gold! Pure gold. I could watch these two friends, these two great actors do their thing for hours and hours. Perfection! Episode 4.08 will never not be one of my all time favorites.

    And other than you Sam, I thought the wife was kidnapped for real. Seems like I am no brilliant detective, lol. But I have an excuse. It is not my fault. Totally not. It’s all Alex O’Loughlin’s fault. His acting when he was talking and calming down the wife as she was strapped to the bomb was terrific. At least I was completely mesmerized. I really believed him, but I didn’t pay attention to the wife. Great acting and for me the best scene in this episode.
    Loved Steve’s smile at the end and the description Mr. All-in is perfect. Kudos to the writers.

    A special thanks to the khaki shirt. Mahalo. Variety is the key. With so many things.

    Liked by 4 people

    • 😉 I loved that shirt too. We are a minority, but our lovely majority here are not giving us shit for our, apparently, radical view and betrayal of the blue. 😆

      Liked by 5 people

      • I wont give either of you shit for liking that shirt – I just feel sorry for you, sitting there, stewing in your wrongness.

        Because I’m sure you’re completely and utterly despondent because you’re wrong, right?

        Liked by 4 people

        • If loving Alex’s gorgeousness in that warm khaki shirt is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

          Somebody go write that up as a country song! 😉

          Liked by 2 people

            • I think it’s more we’re all pretty confidant that it’s cool to have an opinion here on Sam’s blog, even if it is a divergent one. 😉

              Liked by 3 people

              • I think people who have an opionion and DON’T need validation for it, are VERY cool. Like what you like and be happy. Who cares if others disagree.
                Why people waste their time with wondering about what others think, and blabbing about how wrong they are is beyond me. It always makes me laugh seeing that. Instead of enjoying something, they spend their time with lamenting how stupid and wrong others are about what they like. That actually shows pretty clearly who the stupid party is. 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

    • Add me to the list that like the shirt. I do prefer blue but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him in other colors. Naturally shirtless is my primary choice but he makes anything look great.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. When Danno ends his journey through the laundry chute, did anyone notice some of the laundry seemed to be all bloody? What can you expect in this hotel, anyway? Mob rubouts? Deflowered virgins? Or what, LOL?

    Though I was bitchin’ a lot about this episode, I will have to give credit to the writers/producers for one thing. As I saw Jerry developing Harry’s film, I was ready to let them have it because you can’t develop or print color film with a red safe light on, only black and white film. But the pictures that Harry took >were< black and white, which made Harry even more retro for using this kind of film (like NObody uses black and white film any more!).

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hmmmm…did not know that about film.

      And I was just assuming the blood was from the fleeing suspect. But now you’re making me think about that, Did the running perp get shot or was his buddy, who I guess died, the only one shot?


      • Anal-ysis of these scenes shows that Kono shoots through the glass on the sliding door and Hanson >might< have been hit by the bullet or glass, but there is no blood showing on him or the floor as he is being pursued through the hotel hall by Danno, though Danno shoots at the guy and Hanson ducks down and reacts by yelling. There is no blood trail from that point, nor is there any blood on the outside of the laundry chute. In fact, the door to the laundry chute is closed (I would have expected it to be open), though whether there is a spring mechanism on it to close it is another question. There seems to be like an awful lot of blood on the clothes at the bottom of the chute.

        I thought when Chin Ho came out of the elevator and encountered Hanson in the hallway and Hanson then fired four shots into the elevator with its metal walls after Chin ducked back inside, this was not a very safe place for Chin to be because of the richochet!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe someone can speculate on whether the amount of blood on the laundry was such that Hanson would have required medical attention. Of course, if he went to the hospital, they would have been alerted to something suspicious going on. When Five-Zero says near the end of the show that Hanson was picked up at the airport, they don’t say that he was bleeding a lot. 🙂


      • I thought the same… There was even some blood on the floor… hmmm…
        Maybe it was just one PTB speaking in a deep deep reverberant voice: THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!


    • The bloody sheets could be from ANYTHING, dude – I mean…. it IS Hawaii after all –

      could be from:
      a paper cut from reading about “uranium bomb making 101”
      a blunt force injury while trying to determine how big of a claw you would need to lift an armored car with a helicopter
      a scissor injury from cutting out all of those letters for your ransom note on that (kid/wife/scientist/elected official/H50 member) you have kidnapped
      a foot injury from being stepped on by an elephant you are hiding in your room
      afterbirth from the illegitimate child you conceived with your ex while not on a break from your soon to be ex
      being tazed
      being killed by a serial killer who was hired by another serial killer because she…… (I got nothing)
      black market organ donation

      Liked by 3 people

    • Knowing the way this crew often messes with timelines…..that blood could have been from the head wound Danny gets from being hit over the head (they do bleed easy) and the crew had it ready and waiting a tad bit too soon.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Claire van der Boom has such a thankless role. From the very beginning she was made the enemy, even before we’d even met her. We were supposed to hate her right from the start because she moved on with her life. Although I don’t agree with what she did later on, I enjoyed her being back on the show. Having her back reminded me of the good times of the earlier seasons.

    I don’t really care what happens with Rachel and Danny but, IMO, going back to Rachel would make way more sense than his icky relationship with Melissa.

    It was weird watching the “previously on Hawaii Five 0” and seeing scenes from season 1.

    Danny was better in this episode. I even found the McDanno bickering to be funny again. I loved Steve gossiping about Danny’s messed up love life with Rachel. It’s defo not something that Danny would want people to know about.

    The shower scene cracked me up. Only on Hawaii Five 0 could a kidnap target keep her kidnappers waiting while she got out of the shower, dressed, did her hair and put on her make-up before answering the door!

    All in all, I actually enjoyed this episode. It had the usual “WTF” moments, but my reaction to those moments was fun and laughter rather than ‘OMG, facepalm’.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Excellent point about Claire. They have basically made an evil character outta her, as you say, from moment 1 of Show. Over the years, Danny has said some very ugly things about and to many characters, and he screwed Stan’s wife, but because of the male perspective of Show, he mostly gets a pass from fans (tho not from me). And this ep 1 relationship perspective, setting him up as the victim, is a big reason why. Yet we learned recently he almost had an affair with his partner Grace…who he then named his kid after. So guiltless he ain’t, and never was. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh GEEZ, totally forgot that he almost did the mattress lambada with the partner too! NOT.HONORABLE.

        and as per H50 usual, this was surmised when he was losing his shit over Steve “letting” Cath work with her ex BF – but they never went there and explained that when it would’ve made his words make sense, nope- they tell THAT story a year later. Oy. The pacing – or lack thereof, it BURNS


        • Didn’t Danny reveal the thing about his partner this season with his sister visiting? He certainly judges everyone else’s behavior by his own and he has nothing to be proud of.

          Liked by 1 person

      • MTE. Naming their daughter after Danny’s deceased partner was a really nice sentiment….but then they went and ruined it with that revelation that they’d almost had an affair. So tacky.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Exactly! It creeped me out when he related that tale. He was thinking about having an affair with Grace, but Grace got dead, so then he named his daughter after the woman he was lusting over at some point. That is just gross. Show’s writers are all creeps,

          Liked by 2 people

  12. We are all supposed to buy into the fiction that McG and Danny Williams are best friends. They are not. They work together but Danny seems to have a problem in respecting the orders of his superior. We are not dealing in RL here, because if we were, Danny would have been sent packing a long time ago. McG is military and he understands that one does not argue with a direct order. Danny does not understand this which makes me wonder how McG can stand working with him. .

    But McG did have a best friend whose name was Freddy. We saw how affected he was by his death and what lengths he was willing to go to in order to retrieve his body and bring it home to his family. He risked his own life because he honored his lost brother SEAL. He does not have this relationship with Danny Williams and frankly, working with someone like that should cause McG to worry that this attitude may cause harm to one or more team members. McG knows from the military that when your life is at stake, you don’t want a renegade who answers only to himself. Freddy and Steve watched each others back. Cath and Joe White understand this. Danny has shown by his actions that he only watches his own.

    Fans who think that Danny is a wonderful, heart of gold character should ask themselves if they would want to be married to a self indulgent person who doesn’t seem to understand that he is not blameless in the Rachel-Stan-Charlie mess. Rachel did not get pregnant by herself, did not have unprotected sex by herself, nor did she destroy Stan’s life, Charlie’s life and Grace’s life by herself. So, how can we possibly condemn her without also condemning Danny? Still, I sincerely hope that they are endgame because Rachel doesn’t want to be married to a cop and that is how he leaves the Task Force.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I don’t get it either, Mama. The level of judgement coming forth from some about the women in their lives while they reason away any wrongdoing of the sainted males is beyond me. That’s their myopia, not mine.

      After the roof-jump incident last year, I DO think that Danny is a danger to the rest of the team. He can step up when he wants to, yes… but those are the key words. WHEN.HE.WANTS.TO.

      Liked by 3 people

    • The “fandom” or should I say certain elements of it believe Danny and Steve are the best buddies in the world, more so than either Chin or Lou. Some fanfic literally imply that if one or the other is hurt badly the other can’t function and needs to sit in the hospital and will the other to heal. Only they can perform this miracle. However did Steve get Anton Hesse to South Korea? He should have been curled up beside Freddie’s body if he behaved the way certain fans think true friends behave.

      I don’t think they are watching the same show I am. Danny’s first concern is Danny unless it is his kids. And even then it is more a fear of losing them and how they fit into his life. Sorry, I feel cynical at this moment.

      Liked by 4 people

      • LOL, yeah, I don’t read that type of fanfic.

        Honestly I see Steve concerned when ANYONE on his team is hurt or in danger, not just Danny. I really don’t see any difference in level of concern there.

        Liked by 4 people

  13. And now, for something entirely off topic ( sorry-Sam, delete if you want).

    Did anyone else see the picture PL posted on his Instagram of Michelle Borth? I don’t think we will see her in S7 but I am wondering if her reappearance will be one of the little cliff hangers for S8? Also, PL has been hinting at more (as in more than one?) cross overs with McGyver and I am wondering if its AOL’s turn to visit Atlanta and MB will be part of that epi? Cannot see any reason for taunting the fandom with that picture unless he is signaling something. Maybe they were discussing her return? Hope so.

    Getting it out early lets the McDannos and the AbC’s have their melt down early and their prescriptions renewed in time for S8 premiere.

    Liked by 4 people

    • It’s entirely too coincidental IMO – just randomly having lunch with her? And she’s been in the writers room a few times too lately. She’ll be back.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I hope when they bring Catherine back it is for more than 1 episode Cath needs to be in half of season 8 episodes. I really hope they don’t do a crossover with McGyver for Cath in as I don’t watch that show it is so stupid and silly. Waiting to see what cliff hangers Alex has hope one is Catherine,

      Liked by 1 person

      • abC’s latched onto the MacGyver thing because they saw the MacGy sign in the background of the picture and they desperately think that if she is on McGy then she won’t be on H50. It’s hysterical. The writers room is in the same place as H50 – so I’m sure all of Lenkov’s show “toys” are there.

        She will be on H50, I’m very confindent. I agree that I hope she’s in more than one episode – but I love the character so I’m just thrilled she’ll be back (Peter’s words – she and Doris have not made their final appearance on the show, and Cath will be in it until the end)


        • Endgame!

          BTW, I did not see any pictures of her in the writers room. Where did you see that?

          When I mentioned MacGyver, I meant for a H50/MacG crossover with Steve and Cath and not Cath leaving to go to the new show. Seriously doubt PL will do that. Why alter his master plan for a few loud hypocrites when the 9 million who watch on Fri night like Cath just fine.

          I don’t know what meds some of the abC’s are taking but the smell of exploding heads makes quite a stench.


          Liked by 1 person

  14. I am about an hour away from home and plan to watch this episode tonight. But I have to tell you that you all have made me chuckle a lot this afternoon reading through all these posts. Thank you for making a rainy, cold, boring trip home enjoyable.

    Liked by 3 people

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