Badge, no badge?


Jerry was introduced to us and Five-0 back in season four. Some were delighted, some found his character annoying most of the time. I certainly fit into the latter category. There are only very few episodes where I thought he was an enrichment for the show. Very few episodes indeed.

I could very well do without him. But lately he was less annoying for me than the previous years. That mostly has to do with that he wasn’t used as much as before. And honestly, I didn’t miss him one bit.

As you can see I am not a big fan of the character. And I don’t care much about the actor. Nope, never been a fan of Lost either. That’s a show that has always been lost on me. 😉

The most annoying part about Jerry’s character was his constant asking about a badge. That always made my blood boil.

This man does not deserve a badge in any form or shape. And if the badge he is wearing is the real deal, and anything other than an honorary badge… I think that would be an insult for any law enforcement officer. Hell, for any officer. Period.

This man has no training, no skills, heck, he wouldn’t even pass the fitness test. I know, I know, he is suddenly portrayed as this computer genius. But when he was introduced to us he didn’t use any computers, phones or anything. A twelve-year-old had to explain the use of a computer to him. He himself told Chin he has no skills whatsoever.

But that is beyond the point. This man is not Task Force material. Simple as that. And no matter what he did, or does, gives him the right to wear a badge equally to Steve, Grover, Danny, Chin or Kono. Or even Pua. He at least went to the Academy.
And don’t you dare even mention that Steve wasn’t a cop either. Even putting his name and Jerry’s in one sentence in that content is a sin. I don’t think anyone can doubt Steve’s qualification.

Just NO. Giving Jerry a real badge, with privileges like a real badge is just wrong. And in my eyes, renders Five-0 totally ridiculous. And I can tell you right now, it will change my approach to watching Five-0 and to this site drastically.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; this might not be the real deal. I will be OK with an honorable badge for his help. BUT with no privileges regarding Five-0. And certainly no field work whatsoever.

So, what do you think? Should Jerry get a real badge and become a member of Five-0?

33 thoughts on “Badge, no badge?

  1. NO to a badge that has any merit. Honorary, maybe but I don’t even want to go there. This is wrong on so many levels. I think the only reason he got an office in the basement is because he had nowhere else to be. And then to learn he spent the nights in Steve’s office creeps me out, too. The man has never been able to manage his own life; how should we now believe he is part of this elite team? Total nuts in my opinion.

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  2. They give Jerry a badge, I’m done. Alex or no Alex.

    Bringing Jerry on board as a regular was a horrible idea, as he contributes nothing of worth to the task force. He’s a a whiner, and I cannot stand him. I was horrified when they gave him an “office”, so even an honorary badge would be out of place.

    If they’re going to start handing out 5-0 badges like prizes in a Cracker Jack box, then let’s give one to Kamekona. At least HE contributed something of worth in the beginning, and that character annoys me only a little less than Jerry.


  3. No, no, NO!!! An honorary badge – ok, I could live with that. Because a happy Jerry is a good asset. But a real one? Hell no. That would be a bad joke, an insult to every law enforcement officer who went through extensive training and puts his/her life on the line day after day. Nope, just no.
    I get the chills just thinking of that. You listed some good points above, Sam. Giving Jerry a real badge would make him a member of an elite task force. Let me repeat that: E L I T E TASK FORCE!
    Any questions? I think not. 🙂

    So let’s all take a deep breath and wait and see. After LIVER I don’t scare easily anymore 🙂

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  4. My vote is NO as well. I still don’t understand how he got computer skills so fast, I still struggle with many things. I get he has knowledge of things because of his interest in conspiracy theories but he is no genius. I don’t just dislike the badge idea but heaven help us if he gets a gun. However I fear they will do this since NCIS New Orleans just promoted a lab assistant to the coroner to a field agent. TV doesn’t care about reality.


  5. Mostly agree with what you said Sam, but this is the land of Five-0, And the LIVER desensitized me for anything to follow.
    I had to dig deep to care about anything on the show after episode 7:01 and Steve running and jumping around as if he did not nearly die a few week prior. Even without a liver transplant, even just recovering from the blood loss and trauma that he would have suffered, it was too far fetched – even for Five-0.
    If it was not for my adoration for Alex and actually running a fansite for him, I would have definitely stopped watching the show at that time.

    For me the badge is far more ‘believable’ and palatable that the LIVER. At least Jerry has always been on the good side. At least Jerry has been a great help in solving many cases. But I am 100 % not for it because of lack of training and as you said the respect for those who train to get there.
    I think they never thought to expand Jerry’s character when they first got him on board. If they did they would have given him all the right skills from the start. I think you can safely say that in today’s day and age you can not be a conspiracy theorist if you have no computer skills – he should have had that from the start.
    In my opinion a character like Jerry should have been part of the team from the start of the series. They could have used the Champbox so much better if they had somebody like him following all the clues in there and actually making something of it. It could have been such a wonderful arc running through many seasons.
    I actually like the inclusion of Jerry’s character in the show, I like mysteries and conspiracies and the type of case that bring to the team, Far better than all the kidnappings and just random ordinary cases that should have stayed with normal HPD etc.
    His interaction with Steve/Alex has always been great for me as well. Steve’s human side and his faces whenever Jerry is around has been priceless. (in some cases better than with any other character on the show).

    In other words he should not get a normal badge – but if he does, I can actually live with it on some level.

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    1. I totally get what you’re saying about LIVER. That was just horribly executed. Even with ‘just’ being hit by those bullets in the leg, arm and upper body, without all the added drama, he would have been off duty for a long time. I was this close to stop watching. Only Alex and this site actually kept me going.

      But it is a different matter with Jerry. First, I don’t like him. And I’m SO tired of stupid conspiracy theories of any kind. AND this would be such a disrespect to real officers, for people who do put their lives on the line. I could not accept Jerry getting a badge. I just need some shred of reality on this show. I won’t get it for all the medical stuff, but I expect them to honor the people carrying a badge. If they don’t by giving them out like candy… I’m sorry, but that is something I cannot accept.

      And this picture took away my joy and happiness about the renewal for another season. I love Five-0. I know it often doesn’t seem like it to some who don’t get my concept of love. But I do. It’s my joy and my escape from real life. And with giving Jerry a badge, they took that away from me. And I am pissed about that.


      1. After the LIVER and during that time in the beginning of Season 7 and even now, it was your reviews and the community here, that sees the lighter side of it all, that kept and keep me slightly interested to take part in the h50 community anymore.

        I guess I am actually pleading with you not to be affected by the badge too much (as Grace said – it is a fait á compli), and to continue to be here doing your thing. Without you and your readers here, Season 8 will be very difficult for me to get through.

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    2. Honestly I think the badge thing is a fait á compli. I would prefer no, but PL and I have never seen eye to eye.

      Totally agree, Foyeur, that Show has worn me down in expecting anything close to real, and LIVER kinda just broke any expectations that H50 wasn’t a live-action cartoon. S7 has definitely confirmed the live-action cartoon quality. This is what Show has become; I don’t see PL walking it back to any kind of even vague reality. 😦

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    3. You have some valid points. I agree with you – Jerry having been there from the beginning on, looking into the Champ Box etc. – I could’ve lived with him. Actually there are some episodes where I didn’t mind Jerry but his transition from “don’t use phones” to computer geek was just unbelievable.
      Sometimes I felt it was like “Oh, he loves Hawaii, he’s friends with Daniel and he doesn’t have a current job so hey, let’s bring him on our show”…
      I am also a big fan of mysteries and find conspiracy theories interesting however I think 5-0 is not the place for them.

      We will have to wait and see before we judge, my head hurts from wild speculations already.

      Would I be angry if they went that way? Hell yes!
      Would it take away some pleasure of watching? Yes (but honestly not as much as liver…).
      Would I stop watching? NO – absolutely not. While I would be frustrated and pissed to no end and the show would further deteriorate in my opinion I would not want to give this too much focus and therefore ruin the last bit of joy I am still experiencing.

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  6. I’m gonna come down on the no side about giving Jerry a badge because the writers may make him a field agent and I’m not sure if i can handle the sight of him with a thigh holster.

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  7. No to a badge because this is Elite Task Force and Jerry has had no training in police work it will make them look silly. This might make me stop watching and I love Alex. We will see after the episode airs and what happens. The badge could be for saving there life’s and it is a honorary badge.


  8. Looking again at the picture you have posted, it looks like a ” stick – on badge “. It has an irregular black patch around it. Maybe he wanted one so badly that he made one for himself.

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  9. Too bad PL doesn’t listen to the sensible members of the fandom who care about the product he puts out and not on pleasing their strange fantasies. I have to say that even if this stupid idea sees the light of day I will keep watching because I cannot imagine not watching Alex/Steve while I still have a chance. We know we have one more year but if Alex sticks to his comments then that will be it for me. He is the driving force behind the reason I sit in front of my television every week.

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  10. I need an edit button……I meant “not pleasing the other groups strange fantasies”. I really need to proof read before hitting post.


    1. I heard that through the grapevine…….of course I write fanfiction so maybe I have my own fantasies. Then again…..PL has no idea what I think nor does he care.


  11. So sorry to hear you are taking it so hard. For me this is no big deal, like Foyeur, I remember the early moments of Steve and Jerry together, all those lovely goofy faces we got. But this season it has been all business, all the fun taken away. Not sure it will change anything for the H50 story lines, Jerry having a badge. I think he will remain the same dude, stuck behind the computer table. And those moments in show are the most boring for me.

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  12. All I can say is no way no how I want him to have a badge. He is not cop material. As he is too nice for that. Hope he will be the same dude. Like Paula says in a computer table.


  13. For me, it makes Jerry the poster boy for everything wrong with this show – and how much they’ve ruined a good thing with their “whims”. Jerry has no business being ANYTHING that he currently is – computer savvy, working in an office with PEOPLE, carrying a badge – none of it is what the character was intro’d as – he was just completely changed as they needed to make a place for him because he was PL’s latest “shiny object”

    Give him a badge, give him the George’s Cross. Give him a purple heart – whatever they need to do to tell whatever idiotic story they feel like telling this week.

    H50 is a cartoon

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  14. I don’t want Jerry getting a badge but I don’t mind as much as the liver, that was the worst. But I’ll watch H50 as long as Alex is in. He’s the main reason for me to watch it. Maybe is just a badge as a consultant.

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  15. there actually was someone that was highly trained to do the computer work they have Jerry doing… but show sent her away for whatever reasons.. I take your point on Jerry having a badge being an affront to actually trained law enforcement officers but.. what about this show is like real law enforcement?

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  16. To be honest, I don’t really care. If you had not made this post I would have shrugged it off and continued with my daily stuff. Don’t get me wrong: is it stupid, ridiculous and unrealistic if Jerry gets a badge? Sure. Is it worse than liver, elephant or Robocop? Not really. I doubt even if he gets one nothing will change. He will sit in his basement and look at his fake waves. And once in a while he will help the team and I will get my Jerry/Steve interaction what I love. I love all of Steve’s faces when he is with Jerry. And I love Steve’s caring side when he is with underdogs.
    But then other than you Sam I really like Jerry. He is different. But he helped them to solve cases or personal questions more than *cough*… others.
    BTW does anybody see a chain on Jerry’s badge in the pic? Like the one Steve was wearing one time in S3? In the mall? Or is it just a clip?

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    1. Edit button to the rescue please. 😉
      “I doubt even if he gets one…. ” was meant to be “I THINK even…”
      I DOUBT for not only Jerry being ELITE task force material.


  17. Badass Jerry

    Straps a knife at his ankle and a gun on his thigh, he stands with the others while we all ask “Why?”.
    He puts on his Kelvar and checks the clips all, nods to the others and waits for the call.
    On Steven, on Danny, on Kono and Chin, on Pua, on Grover, on Eric and Chun, up to the roof tops, and over the wall, then dash away, dash away all.

    I think this is a Santa Claus conspiracy theory.


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    1. I like your poetry and I can’t help wondering if they make Kevlar in his size. Or thigh holsters for that matter. If his job description doesn’t change and he never goes in the field unless it is to read to pigs then I will learn to live with it.


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