15 thoughts on “Season 8

  1. Yeah!! I’m glad CBS didn’t make us wait until May. I will admit that I was pretty sure there would be a season 8, but it’s nice to have it in writing.


  2. It is very nice to have it in writing… and having it early. I remember doing a bit of nail biting last year while Sam kept saying “not to worry, we will have a season 7”. yeah, yeah, I should listen to you more, right???

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    1. I feel happy and sad for Alex after reading this. Sad that he has made a lot of sacrifices for this show and all his injuries and all the hard work he dose and is overlooked for this and not given enough credit from Peter. Happy that he will be able to stay at home with his family and still work on the show.

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  3. Not surprised either but still relieved (with a big network you never know…) and grateful. While there are more and more things I am not happy about, this show still gives me a lot of joy overall and I am always looking forward to a new episode.
    I am happy for cast and crew (over 200+ ppl employed locally) and reading that IG post from BWallace and seeing that ecstatic text message from Alex made it all so much better. As long he’s along for the ride and puts his heart into the show, I’m watching! 🙂

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    1. Sunny:

      I’m thinking AOL is feeling better about his health and his agent was able to negotiate more time off for him or a lighter schedule. It doesn’t seem money was ever a factor. Even if he never sat down with PL or spoke personally, I doubt there is any animosity between the two. Alex has been silent since he gave those interviews and I read one recently by PL which was more measured and hopeful that AOL would continue if the show goes further than S8.

      Now there are more loose ends than I ever recall in the seven years i have watched which need to be tied up and resolved. S8 seems to be the logical time to do this. And we still do not know who signed on for S8 besides AOL.

      It would be great if AOL got more recognition for his work but after seven years we take what we get and just give him the recognition ourselves.

      So, I raise my morning coffee in salute and say thank you to AOL.


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