7.18 Review


7.18 E mālama pono

MacGarrett and Danny finally track down the missing uranium, which has been used to build a bomb located in the middle of the jungle. Now, they must carefully extract the unstable explosive through treacherous terrain before it detonates, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated E mālama pono to Handle with Care

I must confess, this episode has me pretty much at a loss for words. I loved some of it, I laughed at some scenes, and I shook my head the rest of the time. Mostly shaking my head though. Oh boy. What the heck were the writers thinking?

We start the show with the obligatory previously on… Well, this time it was OK since the uranium had been lost for quite some time. 😉


Then we see the task force raiding a warehouse, but instead of anyone being arrested they are blown up. Huh. Honestly? I thought those were cool scenes and all, but what a waste of time and money. This served no purpose at all. How cool would that have been if it had anything to do with the actual case. Or any case in a future episode. What a pity to have such a great scene that leads nowhere.


And that brings us to Steve and Danny standing in front of a class, explaining the finer points of police-work. Why they were both there is completely beyond me. Either one alone would have been way better.

So, Steve concludes their lecture, but of course Danny has something to add. And here comes my first big problem with this episode. You know, there are often times on Five-0 where you have to look the other way, or suspend belief. And that is mostly fine. This is, after all, just a TV-show. Here to entertain us. And most of the time they manage to entertain me. But there are lines you just don’t cross. If you do, it is not entertaining any more. It’s embarrassing, annoying and simply wrong.


Danny’s behavior, questioning and insulting his boss and partner in front of the class? That is disgusting. And utterly and completely unprofessional. And, in my mind; simply crosses the line. And Steve? He should have put him in his place. He should have simply said: “We will discuss this after we’re done here. Any more questions from the class?”


Let’s talk about the horrible breach of privacy Steve did, the reason why Danny can’t trust his partner anymore. See the sarcasm in this? I hope so.

First of all, on your work desk, there is no privacy. If you don’t want someone to read something, don’t leave it laying around. It’s not like Steve looked into a drawer. And I’m sure even Danny knows that Steve would never do that, because that would be a breach of trust. Glancing at a list on the desk? It’s ridiculous to get worked up over it. You can’t not read, just like you can’t not hear. It’s an automatic reflex. You see, you read. Simple as that. That is not snooping.

This whole conversation was ridiculous in the first place. But at that time and place? The worst a person can act.

So, what was this list even about? Things Danny would like to do when he retires. Huh. OK. A couple of weeks back I wrote that I wouldn’t even know what Danny likes, and it seems that Steve was just as puzzled by that list of likes. 😉

Let’s talk about the retirement for a moment. Do I wish he would retire? You bet I do. Do I believe that is what is going to happen? I have no idea. But let’s look at the facts for a moment, or at least what we think we know. SC misses five episodes completely and at least five more are Danny-light at this point. SC never made a secret out of his dislike of doing the show or being in Hawaii. That is fine, it’s his choice.

We have no idea if, or under what conditions he signed (or will sign) on for season 8. I do believe that he will not work more than he does now. I think he will work less or even none at all. So, this might actually be the first step into that direction. And frankly I would be foolish and naïve to think just because he later says he’s not going to retire any time soon, that that is what is going to happen. Any time soon on Five-0 can very well mean at the end of the season.

But you know, whatever SC and PL, or the network, or whoever makes the decision about Danny’s character will decide, it’s fine by me. I will deal with whatever will happen. That won’t change my wish for him to be gone though.

I think it is very legit for people to wish for a character to change, or if that is not possible, to go away. I just don’t want to have to listen to this whiny, tiny character any longer. If he would be portrayed as an actual professional, someone who doesn’t act like a jerk all the time, I would gladly have him in the episodes. But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. And I really wonder why. Because there were episodes where Danny was actually good and likable.

The Steve/Danny relationship has never been something that I particularly liked. It’s not an important part of the show for me. On the contrary, I mostly dread those moments. There is other good stuff on this show that I truly enjoy; but all the carguments and bromance moments can gladly go away. Or be replaced by actual grown-up conversation between Steve/Lou or Steve/Chin. Anything’s better than Steve/Danny. But that is my opinion, I’m sure many others love to see them. That’s fine and doesn’t concern my opinion in the least. I always find it hilarious when people say everyone loves Steve and Danny. Uhm, no, not everyone does. I know many who clearly don’t. And I always wish those people would simply speak for themselves. Like I do. I don’t like Danny. Period. I’m not going to tell anyone what or who to like. 😉


OK, after these embarrassing moments and a few tiring minutes in the car Steve heads home. Uhm, why does he go home? Does he have the day off? I mean, I just thought it was odd that he went to his house. Of course, if he hadn’t poor Sang Min would have bled to death. And yes, sarcasm again. 😉

I really don’t like Sang Min. I LOVED him in the pilot. That was such a great performance. But all his appearances after that were just getting on my nerves. Nothing against the actor, he does a great job. But the character? Nope, not for me. And can someone tell me why he isn’t in jail? Anyway, Steve comes home while on the phone with Chin. Discussing the supposedly snooping around in Danny’s office. Please have mercy.

And then he sees blood on the door in the study. Uhm, Steve, don’t you think it would be wise telling Chin!? You know, your friend and colleague who is ALREADY on the phone with you? No, Steve tells him he has to call him back. Facepalm right here…


So, Steve follows the blood trail, just like Max did in 2.01 (who by the way was clever enough to call 911), and voila finds Sang Min nearly passed out in his kitchen. Déjà vu with the scene from 2.01. I just hoped we wouldn’t see Sang Min sleeping on the couch. I think I would have screamed.

No, instead we get our new ME. Who I really like. No, no but coming. I really like her. 🙂

She patches San Min up, and even endures his stupid remarks. What an asshole. Sorry, but there is just no other word for him.

Huh, Steve has prescription pain medication in his desk. And it looked like it wasn’t a full bottle, which means he actually took some of them. I wonder what they were prescribed for? I see a tie-in coming. But I’ll get back to you on that.

SM tells Steve what he had been doing that got him shot. Maybe I’m wrong, but did he just confess to yet another crime he committed? Just saying, you know.

I had a good laugh seeing him running away. But I wondered how he was not killed in that scene. Seriously. And another thing, why was he there in the first place? Why did he need to go down there to look inside that container? Makes no sense to me.


So, Steve sends Lou, Chin and Kono down to the harbor. The crime scene is being processed and fingerprints are lifted. Of Desmond Abati. A wanted terrorist. And again, we go with the metric system that they again mess up. 😉 I think it’s hilarious. Abati was just 5 feet 5 according to his metric height of 167 cm. As if.


After some more scenes and talking at the smart table they come up with a game plan. Chin and Kono will check out Nadim Tahan’s place while Steve and Danny check out the possible safe house or terrorist camp. Since there are no roads in and out, they will skydive in. Before we come to that let’s talk about a minute about the road not leading in.


As we learn later Abati is able to get to a road in mere minutes. So, how were there no roads leading in and out? I mean, yeah, I really like the idea of Steve skydiving, although I wished he would have done that in his free time. But this was rather ridiculous. They had a wonderful big drop zone, I wonder why they didn’t fly in there by helicopter? And don’t tell me it would have alerted the terrorists.


Steve and Danny did that anyway with their loud chatting while traipsing through the jungle.

Speaking of traipsing through the jungle. Some of their conversation I actually enjoyed. It was ridiculous how this came about and doing it while trying to find a terrorist camp. But their conversation itself was fun.

Not so fun was their encounter with said terrorists. Maybe Steve and Danny should take lessons from them how to sneak up on someone. They for sure didn’t come at the elite task force member while loudly chatting. Sarcasm. You get that, right?

So, they are led to the camp, with Steve still narrating for Danny’s benefit. And us I guess. Suddenly they lose one of the guards and can overpower the two remaining. And take out all but one terrorist. Abati can flee on his quad. And one of the baddies can activate the bomb before he dies.


Can I just say that I loved Steve in all these scenes? Yeah, I know, nothing new here. But I think he was just great. He was pushing for a solution the whole time, while his sidekick did nothing but ask stupid questions and tag along. If I heard him ask “what are you doing” one more time, I think I would have thrown something at the screen. Even in the most obvious scenes he asked that.

I get that Danny is not able to handle such situations. That he is scared for his life. I do understand that. But it was clear that Steve was just as scared and worried. But the difference is that Steve moves past his fears. And that is why he is the leader and head of Five-0, and Danny should not even be in law enforcement.


Steve spoke of team work in their lecture. There is no I in team. But all I heard from Danny was I, I and I again. “I didn’t need to hear this.” “I didn’t need to have this in my life.” Did he ever stop to think that maybe Steve needed to say all those things in those situations? No, he was all just about himself. The whole universe revolves around Danny. At least that is what he thinks. And I think that is a very sad view.

A friendship should be handled with care. But what Danny is doing is nothing like that. He tramples on friendship and partnership. That is how I see it.

But back to our two heroes in the jungle. Steve comes up with the only option, they have to get back to the drop zone. Thankfully, after just a short argument Danny comes along.

I loved Steve in the truck. Loved his worry and his openness. Great scene.


Meanwhile, Abati took about five (or less) minutes to leave the completely isolated jungle and find a perfectly good road, and even a police car. Imagine that.

Little question here. How did he log into the computer? Aren’t they password protected? And how did he know who to look for? How did he know Sang Min?


Anyway, he found Sang Min, who then organized his departure. They went down to the harbor and Five-0 shot him. And imagine, ALL that happened before Steve and Danny had reached the drop zone in their really remote location.

Back in the jungle Steve and Danny were on their slow way to the clearing. Of course, every five minutes a new obstacle was in the way. See above for who I wanted to shoot the whole time. So Dannoying.

But as I said, some of it I enjoyed.

And when they finally reached the drop zone, they finally have cell service. Imagine that. 😉 Well, bad news, Steve won’t be able to disarm the bomb. Bummer. What followed were some of the dumbest scenes Five-0 ever produced. Oh my goodness.


I won’t even talk about the car battery. Or why Steve even took the ‘rods’ out. One simple turn and the screws would have been free.

Danny could have ran away from the truck, and Steve could have simply followed shortly after. He would have gotten further away running than wasting their time with getting the bomb off the truck and putting the battery back in. This was all just totally dumb.

And if they used the truck, why the heck did he flip it? Why not simply driving those thirty more seconds and be far enough away. And why didn’t the truck flip over from the bomb blast. Just ugh.

So, finally, the bomb exploded and our two heroes are only slightly injured. And no, Danny will not name his restaurant Steve’s. 😉

The same evening they are all at Steve’s. Getting dinner served by Danny. Nice training run. Grover get a phone call. Wonder why he was called and not Steve, but whatever. Of course Steve’s spidey senses are up and goes to talk to Grover to learn that they were the target. Dun dun dun. 🙂

I bet they won’t follow up on this right away. Probably at the end of the season.

They also didn’t follow up on last week’s ending. I think that was cut out due to time issues. This whole episode felt very choppy, with very odd cuts.

OK, what is my verdict for this episode. Oh boy. Steve was a pleasure to look at. That is pretty much all that I enjoyed. I don’t think they could have been more stupid if they tried to. Or more unintentionally hilarious.

But since I did enjoy some of it, the episode will get an OK. Barely.


If you want to read a really great, and wonderfully written review go HERE. 🙂

A special thanks to my friend Cokie who took a look at this before I posted, she demanded that I took her snarky remarks out. They gave me a really good laugh.I truly hope she will give us some of it in a comment though. 😉

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

57 thoughts on “7.18 Review

  1. Great review my friend. As really wish it was that of Grover and Steve that went. As really love those two a lot. They have come a long way since their first meeting. As really the restaurant Danny if he does open it up needs to be called McDanno’s just saying.
    But really love seeing S.M. there. As Will Yun Lee is a delight to watch whatever he is in.
    As maybe the call to Lou was that he was a former H.P.D. captain is the reason why it was made. And not to Steve.
    But glad that Steve and Danny have toned down the bickering. As nearly turned off the show over the bickering. Season 7 is my favorite and hope they will come back for season 8!


  2. To your review, I agree totally. I have never liked Danny, nor Scott’s portrayal of him. There is zero subtlety or humor in his portrayal, like the actor actually thinks this guy is supposed to be taken seriously. He’s merely a bad joke that gets worse over time. The puffed up, narcissistic, tiny little man, who’s now proved he is as tiny in character as he is in stature. I totally vote he retires, or I’m fine if they do A Very Special Episode where he dies. Scott would chew the scenery right thru the tv screen, so it’d be Dannoying as ever, but at least it would also be the end. 🙄

    McG was handsome and dashing and brilliant, as always, but he’s clearly got a serious self-respect issue, because he puts up with Dannoying without literally slapping him. Danno needs to be slapped, and often.

    That’s all I got. I give this a poor (as I guess there is no dreadful?) for the techy stoopids you pointed out but mostly for the Dannoying. Worst Dannoying of the entire series. Boo! Boooooooooo!

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      • I’ll be shallow with you then if it gives me more StevePretty. I agreed with the review and I guess I will never get over the ridiculous technical mistakes and loose ends in every episode. It just makes me sad for the few quality actors in the show that they have to put up with such silliness.
        Steve needs to have a major sit down with his partner. They must have skipped therapy. If Steve considers him a close enough friend that he would miss him when he retires, then we should see them doing something fun together. And if Steve values their work relationship then we need to see some real non whiny conversation. Did Danny contribute anything worthwhile to this episode?
        I never can keep up with where Sang Min is supposed to be (in jail, on the lamb, or free).
        Could it be you were disappointed with that opening scene because the whump wasn’t real?
        Oh, and how, oh, how could we be denied Cokie’s snarkiness over this one.

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        • Joy, I just realized that is exactly why the opening scene irked me. There was no follow through and no comfort for what surely should have been whump.

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  3. OMG Sam, you my friend NAILED it!!
    Love, LOVE the irony here because quite frankly, without a good portion of that and a good sense of humor I would have probably hit my head on the wall.
    I absolutely treasured McG – at large and in charge! Oh, how happy he was when they sky dived and even that moment Danny did the only thing he can – he whined. You put it perfectly by analyzing Danny’s behavior – his world only resolves around him. I always have to shake my head how many still praise their wonderful friendship. Seriously people?? Just because the writers throw an “ILY” into the script to play with you guys (!!) does not mean there is actual “bromance”. Thinking of D as a member of an elite task force these days makes me cringe. He is constantly in fear, it’s always “I, I and I again”, he worries, he rants, he refuses direct orders, he questions his boss in front of others etc. etc. – and some take that as true friendship? I guess they have low standards… Sorry, I am on a roll now.

    The timeline of this episode was off, all logic suspended. But – McG was great. Oh well, he was gorgeous.
    Yep, that’s about it. Same here as for you Sam – I laughed, I shook my head in disbelief, parts I loved, parts I disliked – overall an OK. Some rate it once again as “one of the best episodes ever”. Of course…**irony out**
    I’m looking forward to S8 (which I think is a given) and keep my fingers crossed for better episodes.

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  4. I found this episode extremely annoying. The bickering was completely out of control. I hate to say it but even McG annoyed me. Is he hot? Absolutely. That is the only thing that made it tolerable, i.e. Red plaid shirt. It felt over exaggerated to me by Alex and under acted by Scott. It was just “off”. I have no idea why Lenkov feels having the five-0 task force hang out with criminals is a good idea. Why were they at case McG when Danny has a house? Why isn’t he cooking at his place? I found that odd. Now as far as Danny is concerned, there have been times in the past where I liked him. Shocking, I know. Those have been few and far between. Lately, not so much. I hope this is a pathway to his departure, but I am not holding my breath. I honestly won’t miss him if he leaves, but I won’t care if he stays. I’m waiting for the show to get back to some real storylines. This was a disappointment after the Dr. Grey episode and the fact our resolution to that came via a tweet by Lenkov, just made it worse.

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  5. Oh, the woman wants snark. I could give it to you in droves. So much that I don’t even know where to begin. I pretty much shook my head the entire time I was watching. Totally loved the made-up scene of the explosion. I wonder if this was on the cutting room floor and somehow they resurrected it to use as a teaching moment? Steve’s talk to the officers was really good. And then someone else opened his mouth and I wanted to slither off the couch and hide in the corner.

    Note to the writers… Steve is a highly decorated Navy SEAL. Why would you reduce him to something like this? Why? Is there an answer? It isn’t cute, it isn’t funny, it isn’t a bonding moment with his “best” friend . It is sad, trite and downright embarrassing to watch. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to stand there and act this out. Duke should have shut that up long before he did. Actually Steve should have never have answered. I’m not even going to discuss how Danny thinks he has been treated. That is so absurd. Grow up and try to act like an adult.

    Episode 1.01, Sang Min was a pretty believable character. He was well acted and NOT a comedian. Now he is written as a clown. How he can pop in and out of their lives all the time is beyond me, but please, someone, put this man in prison where he belongs. I want to gag every time he brings up the word “Spicy”. At least would they let Kono deck him – just once? I hate to think he managed to break into Steve’s house. Sam, so true about finding him bleeding on the floor. I thought of Steve on Max’s floor as well.

    Now, just a note about Steve and Danny getting to the terrorists’ camp. No roads, huh? Well, there is the fact that Abati had the ATV and rode it out to a road pretty quickly but I won’t dwell on that. He drove through the jungle, I suppose. What I DO want to know is how the truck got into the camp? Dropped from the sky just like Steve and his unwilling passenger?

    And again, a sidenote to the writers… Steve is trained. If he was walking through the jungle, you wouldn’t hear him coming. Unless he has that thing people call a sidekick with him. Then it is yammer, yammer, yammer. Constantly. Have I mentioned annoying?

    All that stuff about the bomb on the truck, no cell service, yadda yadda, it didn’t make much sense. But I did love watching Steve in the truck. He can make anything believable and the sweat just kicked it up a notch. I gotta say, the fangirl in me loved those scenes. Sam, I agree with you, the escape in the truck, only to turn it on its side in the middle of the field made absolutely NO sense. Why not drive an extra 30 seconds and then run into the jungle?

    I guess that wasn’t spectacular enough. I did like that Steve apologized before upturning the truck. And loved watching Steve end up in the field after the explosion, unable to hear a thing. OK, I did smile at both of them in that scene. And, praise be, they saved Hawaii once again.

    And after all that saving-the-planet business again, Danny had to go cook dinner. At Steve’s. I guess that’s why the restaurant will be named Steve’s, right? Why were all those people there? They didn’t have anything to do with the case. Charlie included. All these men sitting around talking with a 5 (6?) year old present? I don’t get it.

    This episode just didn’t make a lot of sense in the overall scheme of things. There was a lot of pretty (Steve) in the midst of a lot of rubbish. For that reason, I give it an OK vote but I’m pleading with the writers: Please don’t do this to us again.

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    • And while you wanted to hide in the corner what was McBear doing? I can see him wanting to jump through the screen and attack Dannoying. I can tell you that Cath Bear was not amused and almost headed back to Hawaii to deal with the irritant. I talked her out of it for the time being.


  6. Amen sister……I felt a lot of what you said. I confess that I still like seeing Sang Min because he makes me laugh but I am not sure I get why they don’t have him in jail. And clearly the writers feel they need to copy themselves and couldn’t present that scene in an original way. I’ve given up on trying to figure out time lines on this show. I can’t even begin to go into how Danny’s whining annoys me and my blood pressure goes up if I think too long on it. I can only hope that they are paving the way out of the show for SC so we won’t have him there anymore. Read a few reviews……yes I know I shouldn’t…..and one just praised how wonderful the two men were and how no one understood their relationship. Ugh!!! It is plain to me that the writers are juveniles who don’t understand adults.

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  7. This was definitely the greatest (read: most grating) Danno whinefest of all time. But he wasn’t the only cringeworthy character who made me want to fast-forward. The next episode will reportedly deal with sex trafficking in a serious way, which will hopefully make up for the appearance of comic character and human trafficker Sang Min in S07E18.

    I always thought Sang Min was kind of a scrawny little guy, but when he was escaping from Abati between the containers, avoiding both a direct hit or a ricochet (or a bullet to the head after he was struck), I couldn’t even recognize him. I thought for a moment he was a woman!

    Review: http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#18

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    • Yes, how delightfully droll that human trafficker is! 🙄 So true, Mike. Sang Min is funny, but he SOLD women and children. He’s not a pet, PLenkov, you irksome misogynist! 😡

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    • Btw, Mike, your review was hilarious this week. 😉 If y’all haven’t read it, treat yourselves. Mike has (obvi) a male POV, so no Alex worship, but his review is dripping with delicious sarcasm and biting humor (ya know, the kinda humor Show used to, at least sometimes, deliver), and he makes frequent references to projects that he assumes atPLenkov was referencing (or ummm…blatantly copying) in the episode. Also a good take on Danno, IMO.

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  8. thank you for your reviews! they keep the show alive for me 🙂
    nowadays I tend to first read your review and then decide if I want to watch that episode right away or wait till it is shown on German TV 🙂


  9. Hi Sam I love and agree with your review

    OK episode could have been great but it was not

    The Good

    I loved all the Physical and Badass Steve in this episode. It would have been a better episode if Steve was teamed up with Chin.

    The Bad
    What happened to the cliff hanger with Alicia and Dr Gray was waiting to see what happened do we have to wait until season 8 if we get one. No because Peter has twitted the answer some cliff hanger when you get told what happened and not see it on tv.
    The stupid petty and unfunny argument during the teamwork training class made them look like fools
    Fed up with all the queer baiting in this show
    Annoying Danny complaining about everything, endless bickering non stop if he can not trust Steve after all this time he should retire. I wish he would
    Sang Min character I used to love him in season 1-3 when he was bad. now the writer have in on for laughs and make us believe he is there friend. Why is he not in jail
    Nahele what a waste of scene time
    We have another cliff hanger at the end of this episode when will we see this next season as well

    I know you guys say that Peter and the writers don’t take any notice of what the fans want, but I have to say this season they are writing for the McDanno fans and all there fantasies that they want to see happen to them. They may end up being the end game I really hope Not. Maybe this is Scott’s last season but I wont hold my breath. I don’t like how the writer’s are messing up Steve character in this season bring him down to Danny’s level and making him look a fool. I may not watch season 8 if we get one I will see what happens and where they take us at the end of this season. I really want to see Cath back but more than just ONE episode.

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  10. Great recap 🙂 To me it seemed like there was never a real urgency to get the bomb to the clearing. With every pause Steve and D seemed to just chat about other stuff. Danny didn´t seem to help with anything, Steve did all the work, while D just hung around. That bomb should have been their entire focus.
    I was also wondering why did Steve have to take out the uranium rods to get the capsule off the bomb.
    But even with all the Dannoying, I did find bits of Steve/Alex very enjoyable and fun.
    Sure hope D/Scott leaves the show, though not sure if he should be killed off, cause I do not want Steve to shed a single tear over him…
    If season 8 will still have him in, I will be in serious agony.

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  11. Now this was one weird episode. Not only weird because it was so illogical, stupid, and didn’t make sense in a lot of scenes. No weird because I was weird. Maybe not weird in the meaning of the word but weird in my world. My H50 world. Well I know myself since one year or two and I know the way I reacted to some episodes of 50. But with this episode something happened.
    When Sam asked me some days ago if I had seen the episode I said something like “not really”, “kind of”, “not completely”. Because the first time I was so dannoyed that I lost my ladylike manners. A lot. So my attention was focused on not killing an innocent bystander and on not throwing my wonderful big red Alex O’Loughlin coffee pot against the next wall. Or out off the window. That would have put an end to my plans to no killing of poor innocent bystanders. Thank God everybody survived. Even me. And my coffee pot.
    My Dear Danny Loving Lurkers (*later addressed as MDDLL), in which of all the worlds there might be is Dannoying a good friend? In which of all these worlds is Dannoying’s upbringing not a failure? I can tell you. In none. There are standards but even if you have very low standards like Steve obviously has, Dannoying had a shovel and dug a deep deep hole to crawl in. So deep, he couldn’t even see the low standards from there. He is the lousiest friend I have ever seen in a TV show. So there was the horrible crime of SnoopySteve. Well MDDLL isn’t that the worst thing a friend can do to another? It can’t get worse. Ho.Rib.Ble. Burn him! It is way worse than spilling the beans about your friend’s plan to propose, isn’t it? So go and undermine your friend’s authority and embarrass him! Yeah. Well done.
    And it went on and on the whole episode. Bitching, insulting, complaining, whining, asking the stupidest questions ever… and the worst of the worst: Contributing absolutely nothing to get the job done. Nothing. He was completely useless. Au contraire, he endangered the mission. You don’t want to die as an infant Dannoying? Then stop behaving infantile.
    Me(eee) Me(eee) Me(eee) (Mr.Beaker anyone?) – Dannoying’s behavior in this whole thing was absolutely cringe worthy. And that had not only to do with the writing. On the AOLIS site someone said that SC delivers his lines as if Danny freaking hates McG. And that is correct. For seven years it is always the same. Some people said it is getting worse, that it was cute and funny the first seasons. I disagree. He was always like this, he delivered his lines like this. But back then I could deal better with him because I thought he would change over the time. He was introduced as the haole nobody liked (wonder why?) and I thought, ok, his divorce and all maybe with time he’ll change, he’ll lose his nastiness with good friends, great life and all. But it did not happen. No development. The only thing he lost was his tie. That was all.
    So to sum it up MDDLL:
    D as a friend? Fail.
    D as an elite cop? Epic fail.
    D as funny? Fail.
    D as a well crafted TV lovable character? Epic fail.

    This all made me angry, but then there was the scene nearly at the end, when Steve was rolling around in laughter. Oh boy I LOVED that. I couldn’t stop grinning. And then I thought, this is it. This is why I am watching. I want to see SEALSteve and I love to see an actor who knows his craft. And he delivered. He made the best with what he was given and that’s what acting is all about. I went back and watched again and I loved it way more than the first time. Really! I loved all the millions of Steve-faces we got. Yes Alex looked incredible in this episode – I am not blind – but what got me the most was his acting. There is way more than meets the eye. I really got the impression he loved what he did. Whatever he did felt real. His laughter while skydiving (isn’t it wonderful how Steve finds some joy in even the most stressful situations?), his annoyance with his idiotic companion (bless Steve’s soul), his focus, his thinking outside the box, his full concentration on the job at hands? I love Alex’ acting and I love Steve.
    I’ve got nothing for Dannoying.
    Some thoughts about the explosion scene at the beginning. I don’t get what that should be? A what if? It was well done but served no real purpose.
    As I was a student at the end of each semester sometimes the refectory had some money left. It was always worth a look at the menu because then there was STEAK! Rumpsteak! Yeah.
    So this scene at the near end of the season felt like they’d got some money left. And if they don’t use it they’ll got their budget reduced next season. So steak it was.
    I’d vote good.
    Oh boy, so long, I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. And I didn’t even talk about Sang Min. The former human trafficker. I have not forgotten the girls in the container.

    Liked by 6 people

  12. An incomplete list.

    The Giant Claw
    The Wrecking Ball
    The Rogue Elephant who ate Oahu.
    Iron Man (still would have preferred Loki)

    Can hardly wait for S8 to see what other treats they have in store for the “true fans” who would sell their bodies for return tweet.

    Not sure if this was the “:best ever” because Liver is hard to beat.

    Go writers! You can do it! You’re on a roll!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. To quote a friend of mine on twitter, it’s like the writers are trying to outdo themselves with crappy episodes and after the staycation ep, one said “hold my beer” and proceeded to write this

    It was so awful. So incredibly awful it was comical

    the explosion scene – which was a simulation for…. what exactly? The words Steve and Danny were saying to the class didn’t go in hand with the team getting blown up. It was just a gratuitous reason to do one of those “Mannequin challenge” things, only during an explosion. Lenkov and Co. were semi obsessed with that a few months ago on their IG stories, so …. yeah. Another case of TPTB playing with their show.

    Duke was the only adult in that classroom. He will more than likely never invite H50 to speak again. Danny came across as an idiot and Steve really should’ve just ignored him. These are the 2 top officers of an elite crime fighting task force? Or are they Abbott and Costello?

    Because we hadn’t suffered enough, the stupid continues in the car. Oh joy. While I thought Danny really needed to STFU about Steve reading something on his desk (Guess what? When you are at work, those things belong to your employer. Not you. You leave something personal around, they have every right to read it. Similar to what you do on your work computer. It’s true – there are cases that prove this.) But then I flipped and sided with Danny because – WTF business is it of Steve’s when Danny retires? I work in government – and I’m sorry, but EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US is waiting to grab onto that golden ticket. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, ESPECIALLY LAW ENFORCEMENT. So, sorry Steve, your BFFITWWW doesn’t need your approval to retire when he has his 20 in. But, for you lurking ” I noticed these inconsistencies but decided to overlook them so you have to also” – I get it – reality and this show rarely meet. In this episode they were mortal enemies.

    Sang Min annoys the shit out of me now. I can’t be bothered to go back to check, but shouldn’t he still be in jail? That court case last year was him being tried for murder IN A JAIL, right? Being acquitted of that doesn’t wipe the slate clean for all of the other things you are doing time for, correct? He’s not cute and funny, he’s gross and now he’s a bumbling fool who can’t RUN PROPERLY????? Where is the Sang Min from S1 and S2???? Why must every.single.character. become a caricature?

    Yeah – No roads into the terrorist camp. Sure. I think eating Fat Sal’s subs is making the writers dumb.

    The parachuting scenes were AWFUL. I’m not talking about the blatant queerbaiting (altho – really?) I’m talking about how hysterically awful the acting and the “CGI” (I never thought I’d say this but they could’ve used a little more CGI there) was. Do you know what I saw when I watched that? 2 guys, standing up with a fan blowing at them from below. It was horrible and embarrassing for the actors. And I couldn’t stop laughting.

    I was actually seal clapping and LMAO.

    Always argue loudly and chat on the phone when sneaking up on terrorists. I’m sure Steve and his SEAL teams did this regularly in the Middle East.

    And now we get to McG and the terrible horrible no good very bad day part of the episode. Seriously – I was expecting a plague of locusts to come at them next. I think Danny took a valium and Steve took meth – they were polar opposites of each other, and of how they normally act. I thought I had entered the twilight zone because McG was annoying the piss out of me and at least Danny could be ignored. I was actually hoping that the bomb would detonate.

    Then battery happened.

    Suddenly LIVER wasn’t the most ridiculous thing I had seen on this show. Thank you, AutoStart for making me howl with mirth. I can only assume that Alex playing McG like a pacing tiger during the phone call to the bomb specialist was him trying to gather enough give a damn to do the next scene where he had to have a battery tied to his chest. Do we recall the last time we heard about the uranium and what happened to the guy who was in contact with the substance? I guess that poor dude didn’t have his Chevy nearby.

    Why didn’t the truck topple over in the blast? Did the magic battery save that too?

    I really don’t know how people could like this one. I really, really don’t,

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Does anyone else have a case of the “Icks” that the next episode is about human trafficking and a real life camp that helps victims – on a show that is trying to make a convicted human trafficker a beloved character?

    I have a bad case of it

    Liked by 2 people

    • *raises hand*

      Yeah…sensing will need extra wine for this ep. Conveniently wine makes Show more endurable and it kills cootie germs. Win/win!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I lost my love of Sang Min.. and pretty much all of the quirky in and out characters a long time ago. Kamekona is canon but the rest can go. except Toast. I love Toast for some reason. LOL the parody that is now Sang Min is just another symptom of comic bookness IMO


      • Agreed, babe. PLenkov started out with a cop procedural/drama and over time turned it into a comic like Gotham or Suicide Squad…but not as good as those. 😆


  15. Danny: Sit down Steve. We need to talk.

    Steve: You’re not still pissed about the note on your desk, because I can apologize right now if……..

    Danny: No, it is not as simple as that. Just listen and keep calm until I finish, OK?

    Steve: I don’t like the way this is going.

    Danny: Hear me out, please.

    Steve: As long as you are not leaving..

    Danny: Twenty years, Steve. Missed holidays, dodging bullets, a failed marriage, finding out I had a kid I didn’t know about. It’s taken its toll. I want out. I need out.

    Steve: But what about the last seven years and all our good times with the rest of the Ohana. You’d toss that for a pension?

    Danny: There’s this little Italian restaurant we’ve got our eye on and……….

    Steve? WE?

    Danny: Grover and I have been reassessing our lives and…………..

    Steve: You and GROVER? You are leaving me for Grover? Is it because he is taller? He’s also fatter, you know.

    Danny: I am not going anywhere right now. I’ll still be on the Island making Pizza. I just won’t be a member of H50 and it’s not because he is taller. I never really noticed.

    Steve: But what about all our “I love yous?

    Danny: Those are different “I love yous”. Not the same as when I said it to Rachel, or couldn’t quite say it to Gabrielle or Melissa. Like when you said it to Catherine-do you get it?

    Steve: OK, right, not exactly the same. I love Catherine as my mate, my woman, the mother of my unborn children.
    Danny: It’s over Steve. The bromance is dead. Don’t make it harder than it already is.

    Steve: So when you and Grover open “Steve’s Trattoria” do I get comped on my check?

    Danny: Focus. It’s “Will and Grace’s Rockin’ Pizza”.

    Steve: Wow. It really is over. Can you give me a head’s up when you put in your papers? Got my eye on this guy from HPD that might be a good fit to replace you.

    Danny: Really, Steven? Replace me? How? You are so cold.

    Steve: There are a lot of good people out there who wouldn’t be so…so annoying. With you gone, it would be like a staycation at work instead of from work.

    Danny: Maybe I could stay a little while until……….

    Steve: No, just go.

    Danny: But what if I change my mind and………..

    Steve: Don’t make me hang you by your feet off a building.

    Danny: Are you coming to my exit interview?

    Steve: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    Liked by 6 people

  16. LOL. Staycation at work – I just love that.
    But Danny and Grover? Nope. Never ever.
    No camera could film this angle. It is even harder as S and D. Poor camera guy. He’ll hurt his back.
    And btw no restaurant survives making meatballs and pancakes.
    Steve needs his Grover. He is his soulmate. No one understands him like Lou. No one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I agree, Lou must stay with 5-0. Sang Min can work with Danny. Maybe that will keep him out of trouble. Hey….Jerry can wait tables.


  17. only comment I have to add is from my farmboy, who watches but isn’t ‘invested” After he got done laughing about the battery, he asked me what do I suppose Alex O’Loughlin thinks when he reads these scripts?? We decided he probably looks at his bank account right after to cheer himself up.

    Liked by 4 people

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