Danno’s Pizza Parlor


So, should Danny retire and open a restaurant as he suggested in the sneak peek?

Would he then maybe become a happy and content person? One who doesn’t constantly complain about everything and everyone? One who might actually be a nice and likeable person?

Or will he bitch and moan no matter what he does?

I think he should retire and try his luck with something else. I never believed he was special task force material. Which doesn’t mean he couldn’t shine at something else. Maybe he simply hasn’t found his calling yet. I would be happy to see him happy and enjoying his life and work.

So, what do you think? Should he leave police work behind and try his luck with something else?

30 thoughts on “Danno’s Pizza Parlor

    1. Well, I voted to retire because I would like to see him happy. And I don’t think he is. Never really was. And that is making him a very annoying character. One I do not like. But I still wish him happiness, just not on the task force. 🙂

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      1. Maybe he was never happy.
        But bashing, insulting his best friend in front of others is a character trait.
        Being respectless to his boss in front of others is a character trait.
        I don’t get anybody who thinks this behaviour is only remotely ok. It’s not.

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        1. That is exactly my problem. His behavior towards his boss and friend in front of others. You simply don’t do that. What they do behind closed doors is their thing, but his behavior in the open is not OK. In any world. 😉

          And I will NEVER understand how anyone can think that is funny, cute or OK. Sorry, but it is not. I always wonder if they were OK with someone treating them like that. I bet not.

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  1. I just saw the sneak peeks. I won’t spoil the other one which some may not have seen but Danny seems ready to hand in his badge in the one you do mention. OK with me.

    Maybe SC did not sign on for S8. No way to tell unless they announce. They could pretend to keep him on the Island without us having to see him. He doesn’t have to return to Jersey. He could be a special guest star and appear 2X a season by throwing a pizza party for H50. Win win for everyone.


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      1. but if you don’t buy his pizza he might go out of business and have to come back to Five 0. PLEASE buy his cheese and pepperoni pizza so hewon’t go broke… PRETTY PLEASE?????

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  2. Yes, he needs to retire. He can open his little neighborhood pizza joint and the team can go there and have an Ohana moment occasionally. It will be a nice change from the shrimp truck. Steve needs a break from the whining and complaining, and so do we. Maybe Danny will finally be happy. One can hope.

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  3. I watch enough cooking shows to know that chefs complain a lot too. However…..the show has made Danny more and more afraid of the danger his career choice involves. A frightened cop is not a good cop. I do wonder if they are paving the way for SC’s exit.

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  4. If we think back to the Momma Williams eppys, he sure seems to love being in the kitchen. So why not? I’d try some food if he opened a place, or a competition food truck for Kamekona business. There’s an idea…Williams Italian kitchen truck!


  5. And as we know now it doesn’t even have to be a pizza parlor.
    He is a multi talent. He is not only a detective but a chef and an ENT doctor.
    The possibilities are endless.
    He may consider hairspray tester, shirt button’s durability checker or even napkin designer.


  6. I’m not sure about his detective skills to be honest. Lately he didn’t do anything useful on the show. Despite the fact that I don’t like the Danny character I think it is a shame that he is written this way. For a few seasons now he is nothing but decoration; but I guess that was about to happen as soon as the actor negotiated his lesser work load. They have to keep at least 10 episodes Danny-less or -light. Not an easy task.

    Anyway, hairspray tester? I bet he knows all sprays on the market. 😉


    1. Well he is an detective, just not a brilliant one. Never was if you ask me.
      But maybe he could be a ENT doctor for children. Like Charlie. I bet they would laugh about his jokes. I did – when I was 4. 😉

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    2. Totally agree Sam. If Danny was even just a mediocre detective, he might thought to ask Rachel for a paternity test for Charlie in E201. Maybe hairspray tester is the way to go.

      Why an ENT doctor? Isn’t chef enough of a stretch?


      1. There’s a little video out there on PL’s instagram. Steve is at a doctor’s (shirtless I might add 😉 ) and D is looking in his ear with such a thingie an ENT doctor uses. And he says something like “looking for the brain, looks like a pea”. You know, the things you do with the little ones.
        But maybe I am the only one who does not find that funny with grown ups.
        Looking at the comments – yeah. I am.

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        1. I can’t understand why on earth Danny is in the exam room. Dear God, Steve is an adult, he doesn’t need someone to keep him company. And since when do you “play” with medical equipment? I am willing to bet Dannoying didn’t use the sanitizer before picking it up.

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