7.17 Review


7.17 Hahai i nā pilikua nui

McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray (Elizabeth Röhm) when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown’s (Claire Forlani), and claims amnesia, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 17 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translater Hahai i nā pilikua nui to Hunting Monsters

I guess you will get a double dose today because Sam asked me to share my thoughts on this latest episode. And I’ll be honest, I’m probably the reason it is late because I’m just beginning at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon. But, here goes.  And darn it, I’m going to have to watch this episode again… see how persuasive Sam is???  😉

It didn’t take much at all to make you write something for this review. And yeah, poor you, having to watch this episode again. 😉


OK, raise your hand if you thought Dr. Gray really did have amnesia. Hmm… I’m not seeing any hands. While she is/was (I guess that remains to be seen) a pretty horrible character, she surely knew how to take “make believe” to the next level. And I must say the actor truly played her part well. Kudos to her. 

I guess this was one of the most predictable episodes ever on Five-0. But I’m not really complaining about it because they did a really good job with the whole episode. I don’t think anyone was surprised about anything in this episode, but that is not always a bad thing.

Elisabeth Rohm did a great job with her character. I still think her character was way underdeveloped, and because of that I couldn’t believe in her power over all those people. But she did a wonderful job with what she was given.


The show begins with Dr. Gray/Ms. Parker walking into HPD with blood on her hands. Cue the opening credits.

My immediate reaction was “Why the heck wasn’t she arrested at the airport as soon as she flew in?” “How on earth did she make it back onto the islands?” I hoped to get a good explanation for it.

Silly Sam, she was Lauren Parker. How could anyone think otherwise? She even had a driver’s license and a credit card to prove it…


Before the case can commence, we are taken to the North Shore where Flippa is opening his new shrimp truck. Nice little turn out. 

I’m sorry, but this was such a waste of almost four minutes of screen time. Why? Why do we have to deal with these characters again and again? They are not funny, interesting or anything. At least not to me. I have zero interest in Kamekona and Co.


(Posting this picture I realized that we only saw Jerry here, and not later at HPD. Not that I’m complaining. Just as happy about that as I’m that Chin and Grover were mostly with Steve.)

Dog was in the mix although why, I can’t fathom. Is he going to be the next quasi-regular on the show? I truly hope and pray not.  

Another thing that totally baffles me. Why do they insert this character? What for? This is totally absurd.


It was good to see Nahale but I was hoping for more than 15 seconds, if that much between him and Steve. 

I love this young man, and it was a shame that we just saw him for seconds. At least it seems that he is on a really good way. Glad about that.


Danny was impressed by drummer Max Weinberg and proceeded to push to the front of the line for autographs/photo ops.  I really don’t understand the entitlement, even if he is a fellow Jersey native.  Jersey or not, it was rude.  And then he confessed that he snuck into a performance back in the 80s.  Embarrassing and sad.

That scene was an embarrassment for the character. Just shut up, Danny. Just shut up. I truly enjoyed Max Weinberg in his role as Norm. But I couldn’t care less about as ‘himself’. Please stop with these stupid ‘as-himself’ guest roles.  Um, who’s Norm? Sigh. Norm, the gun guy from Hookman and one other episode. The one who called Danny a nasty human being. 😉

Kamekona’s good will toward “little” cousin Flippa lasted only long enough for the unveiling of the shrimp truck. Although in Kamekona’s defense, he offered a franchise opportunity, not a “make your own truck”. I would have been miffed as well. 

Yes, I’m totally on Kamekona’s side here. Not that I’m interested in it, but this is just wrong. And honestly how stupid can one person be. Doesn’t even know what Franchise mean? Or what. This is just annoying. And, yes, I do repeat it, a waste of time.  Totally true.

What really kind of angers me is the waste of screen time, the waste of effort and money for these four minutes. Just imagine what they did to film these totally boring and unnecessary scenes. They build a truck, they invited guest actors and what else. And for what? For four minutes of absurdity. I don’t even want to know what people enjoy this kind of crap. In my eyes, it has no place in a crime show. And that is what Five-0 is for me first and foremost. A crime show.


But Steve’s phone call from Chin took precedence over the family feud that surely was about to break out.  And for that, I was thankful.

Yes! Totally. But I honestly hoped he would leave Danny on the beach again. Too bad he didn’t. I think they should make a thing out of it. Leaving Danny behind to help Kamekona. They could get their own show. Kamekona’s Jersey Boy. Instant hit.

You will write reviews for that show on your own…


Steve headed to HPD where, as the bulletin board stated, they were having training camp on Sunday.  Did any of you attend?  I just happened to pause the feed and read their flyers and notes. 

Huh, I kinda focused on Steve instead of flyers in the background. Must be slipping. 😉

In my defense my husband came in and started talking so I paused the recording. It set there for a long time. Long enough for my eyes to take in the entire screen. And yes, I DO know that Steve was in that scene. 

The first scene between Steve and “Lauren Parker” was absolutely astounding. Her acting was very good and she said all the right things for an amnesiac, but Steve didn’t believe one word of it and didn’t cut her any slack at all. Alex knocked that scene out of the park. I was amazed at his intensity. When she reached out to him and he scooted his chair back, I jumped. I loved that he walked out without a glance back.

That was such an intense scene, with absolutely stunning acting. The beauty was I only saw Steve and Dr. Gray. Not the actors. And when that happens you know it is great acting. Subtle, and in character. Brilliant.

But also great camera work. Kudos to all for this scene.

Yes, loved it how Steve scooted back. He was in total control the whole time, but he still jerked when she tried to touch him. Perfectly executed.


Now… here is one nit that I have. This woman shows up with blood on both hands and then Steve comments that he has tried to reach Alicia Brown several times and she’s “off the grid”.  Knowing the history between these two women, I would have gone to check on Alicia immediately. But that’s just me. Steve apparently wasn’t worried.  Kono gets a “partial match” to Alicia… and NOW he’s worried and races to her home only to find her pruning plants bebopping with her earbuds in, totally clueless to what’s going on.

I also wondered why he didn’t go to check on her in person. That would have been my first move, even before I went back to the office. I think that was a fail in the writing. Steve would have made sure she was OK.

Alicia gets it… Dr. Gray is playing the game with her. So she and Steve go off for a visit. But, surprise, surprise, Dr. Gray had an Ace up her sleeve. She knew that Alicia had cut herself the day before and used that to her advantage saying that Alicia was the one who attacked her.  She also played the poor, frightened victim to the fullest. To quote Lou, I believe, the woman is psycho.

I had to laugh at Pua trying to tell Steve that Alicia should be held for questioning. LOL. Yeah right, that was going to happen.

While Pua has come far from the wannabe cop who had the hots for Kono, he still remains clueless. Duke needs to take him under his wing.

Chivalrous Steve went to Alicia’s house for dinner and a sleep over. It was a friend thing to do.  And above all, Steve is a friend. He knows she is alone and hurting and during their conversation, he admits he enjoys his alone time and also knows that time does little to heal wounds. People can infer all they want in that comment but I happen to believe he is talking about the loss of Catherine in his life.  You can believe it to be whatever you want it to be. 

I’m sure we all have these wounds that will never heal. They will scab over and not bother us most of the time, but on some days, they are as painful as on the first day.

I agree that Steve probably thought about Catherine, also about his dad and of course Freddie. I think Freddie’s death is a wound that will never fully heal, and Steve might still feel the guilt over his death. And he for sure still feels the pain his best friend’s death caused him. The same goes for his dad; another death he was a helpless witness to.

And yes, Catherine might not be dead, but the wound her departure caused is just as painful. They had a love that went really deep; to lose that is as painful as the death of a loved one.

So, yeah, I am sure Catherine’s face flashed before his eyes when he agreed with Alicia about some wounds never healing.

Steve is a wonderful friend. He is very empathic, he knows when someone needs help. Be it a moral support, or any other form of help. Steve just knows and will always offer his friendship to help in any way he can. He’s such a strong character, always there for others to lean on him. Knowing when they need help, even if they don’t realize it.

I loved their easy banter; they have a connection. They have chemistry. They are great together. They have a spark, not in a sexual way, but something akin to the deep level of trust he had with Catherine.

I loved watching all their scenes together. Great, great work.


Steve did admit to very low standards for companionship due to his relationship with Danny. I can understand that. Steve mentioned 8 hours in the car with him; I would want to shoot him after 20 minutes, tops. That is why Steve is a much better person than me. His “tolerable” and mine are quite different.

20 minutes? Wow, you’re good. I wouldn’t last that long. Steve must have the patience of a saint to tolerate the verbal abuse for all those years. But remember my words; everyone has a breaking point. And at some point it will happen, it will get to be too much. Actually it already did. Steve said that he is not listening to him anymore. Beginning of the end.

OK, did anyone notice Steve’s shadow on the couch while he slept? If not, go back and look.  What a profile, eyelashes and all. Quite nice! But at 4:06 (which was the time I woke up Saturday morning) something woke Steve. Looks like Alicia climbed out her own bedroom window for another visit with Dr. Gray.

I love watching that man sleep. And who in his right mind leaves him behind and sneaks out. Seriously. 😉  Good point. 


Now, I understand that Gray is in protective custody but really, would they have left her sitting in that chair, cuffed to the table ALL night long?  Don’t they have holding cells with beds?   I just thought that was odd.  Not that I really care what she was doing but it seemed strange.

No, there was nothing odd about it. I thought she was brought into the room just before they arrived there. Isn’t that what she thanked the uni for. Getting the prisoner so that she could talk to her in the middle of the night. I never thought she sat there all this time.  Oh. OK, I missed that.

And Alicia actually brought a blade into the room with her. But she couldn’t use it, which in this case I suppose was a good thing. Gray gave her the “last chance”.

Good scenes, but I actually had to laugh about them too. I knew what her secret was, and I guess everyone watching knew too. And then I thought how will they get out of HPD? How will they get out of town? Leaving the islands on a plane? Flying back to Wisconsin? Come on people, I truly hope it is not that easy for a wanted criminal to fly around the States.

Good question… just how did Lauren Parker get back to Wisconsin on a PLANE without her ID which should have been at the police station???  Hawaii is laid back, but Honolulu International isn’t that lax in procedures!

Excuse me, how often have you been to Honolulu without telling me?


Steve is back in the office with the whole crew watching the video of how Alicia and Dr. Gray left HPD. And nit number 2. Danny needs a sidebar with Steve to advise him about how he is looking at this all wrong. That Alicia has worked with psychopaths her entire life and possibly she just snapped or wants revenge on Gray. 

You know, it is always a good thing to keep an open mind for all possibilities. The thing is just that Danny isn’t doing that. He was convinced that Steve is wrong and he is right. And I think it is sad. Steve has always been the one keeping an open mind for all scenarios, no matter how sure he was about his theory. I did not see the reason for this sidebar. That was offensive, in my eyes. And coming from Danny was just wrong. He doesn’t even know Alicia. He wasn’t there during what Steve and she went through. He has no right to come up with these accusations.

But that actually wasn’t what angered me about this scene. Nope. It was the acting. Can someone please tell me why the actor felt the need to smile while he told Steve that Alicia was out for revenge. What the heck is funny about that? That was a horribly executed scene. You know, people not sure about themselves smile at the oddest moments. Telling you sad things, serious things with a stupid smile on their face. And SC is doing the same thing. He has no control over his facial expressions. I find that distracting and annoying. And that is what made this a bad scene.

That is, until they find out that the two women flew to Wisconsin and the team pieced together that the man who killed Alicia’s daughter was in prison there. Another “road trip” for some of our team.

Road trip. Let’s not get into the logistics. I think Five-0 is a lost case with that. I doubt they ever check flight times, or routes, or even where the destination is located. 😉

I thought it was very lucky for them that they managed to find coats, go to Wisconsin and end up being 15 minutes away when Alicia was at the cabin. They must have a very good travel agent!

Yes, and how long did it take to discover that Alicia and Dr. Gray were gone for them to actually LAND in Wisconsin twenty minutes ago? Their timeline was again all over the place.

Our next scene is Steve and Chin in the prison in Wisconsin asking details from the killer. Side note… I know how winters in Wisconsin can be. Those boys from Hawaii needed heavier coats.  Although they did look very nice in them.  

Yes, very nice indeed.


Killer agrees to give them the name they are looking for if they give him pen and paper. When he returned the paper and not the pen, I was screaming “he’s got a pen”!   

Only then? I was yelling NO, don’t do that. Seriously, how stupid was that? I don’t think it would even be allowed to give them anything. Besides, the logic about it being proof is totally ridiculous. That was a really stupid thing to do.

Too late, he used it. I have to admit, that was pretty gruesome. And the way I see it, unnecessary. I mean, was he just too tired being in prison or did Gray have him programmed to kill himself?

I think he was just tired of sitting in jail, and this was his way out. What I find way more interesting, or questionable is the fact that Dr. Gray visited him countless times. How was that even possible. Did she go there as Dr. Gray? Or as a friend? Or what. That made no sense.

Ah, but you must have forgotten. Lauren Parker has been a staple in Wisconsin for 4 whole months. She could do anything she wanted with that driver’s license and credit card. I’m sure she only told HIM she was really, secretly Dr. Gray. Everyone else would think she is sweet little Lauren who visited every week…


Steve and Chin found a name in letters in his cell and deduce that Benton Jones is the killer of Alicia’s daughter.

That was another thing. They rip the cell apart without any regards to the chain of evidence. And come on, the prisoner has a bundle of letters stashed in his mattress? Yeah sure. As if he would have gotten the letters in the first place, and then there were no regular searches in his cell. Five-0 writers need to watch more documentaries on prisons. 😉

It boils down to one word:  Research. It’s a lot of fun; they ought to try it sometime…



They know they need to find him before Alicia does. Alicia makes it to the cabin with a gun and then watches as Dr. Gray drives away without her. I would have shot out the tires.  🙂

No, then the baddie would have known she was there.  Um… didn’t he already know she was there? Or maybe he normally likes to hide behind the kitchen door.

I thought he came from outside? Huh…

And here we have the scene we knew was coming from the beginning of the episode.  Surprise, surprise, Sienna isn’t dead.  One point I thought of was that Alicia needs a lesson in stealth.

I think most never believed the girl was dead. There had to be a twist at some point. Although I think four years is a very long time to keep someone in that cabin. Or wherever he kept her all these years. And as far as I know she was an FBI agent, and never had the chance to get away? I mean, really?

But he promised whats-his-name in the letters that NO ONE would ever find her.

Kono and Lou confirm that the blood is Sienna’s at the same time Alicia finds her. And the same time Jones shows back up in his cabin. I love that Sienna throws everything but the kitchen sink at him.  But Steve manages to arrive just in time and save the day.

Of course he arrived just in time. Never had any doubts. The suspense was kinda missing from these scenes. Alicia needs to seriously change her shoes for sneaky work, or any kind of police work. 😉


Hero-worship right here. Just look at her face. 🙂


Three days later and Steve checks in on Alicia again. See, what a friend. 


Making jokes about being seen in public together.  Then, with a friendly “thank you” hug, he is out the door.

I think Alicia kinda asked him out. I loved it. Both know that is not leading anywhere. I like them together as friends, and I hope to see more of them. That was a heartfelt thank you; again a great scene.  That it was.



Locked doors don’t matter to Dr. Gray because there she is. Although looks like she came in the back. There was a window open. The final showdown is that Gray wants to turn Alicia into a killer, even offering the gun. Another mind game and a shot is fired. 

Come on now, this is really ridiculous. Alicia falling for that. It’s just not plausible that this highly trained psychologist would fall for such stupid mind games. That is what I meant with the underdeveloped character of Dr. Gray. For all her mind games to work she would need way more time.

And we have a black screen. So, who fired the shot? Alicia? Sienna? Steve? Do you think we will know? My one fear is that Alicia may never be mentioned again. I want next week’s episode to open right where this one ended. But with the continuity of this show, I don’t think it will happen. We can only hope.

Alicia is in next week’s episode. I truly hope she did not fire that shot. I just don’t want Gray to win like that. Any halfway decent lawyer would get her off. This might be another case for Odell. 😉  Yay for Odell!  He’s one of the semi-guest-stars who I do like.
Siena might have taken the shot. Or Steve? I don’t really know. I think maybe Siena. We’ll see soon enough.


All right, Sam, I’m done. Over two pages later. I guess you want my vote, huh? Last time I did this I was scolded for putting my vote up right at the top of the page. So I know not to do that again.  🙂   You’re not going to let that go, are you?  Not in this lifetime…

There were things that disturbed me about the show. I was disappointed in the way it seems Alicia was brainwashed to do what Dr. Gray wanted at the end. A profiler of her class should have been able to resist that; she knew that was the M.O. of the doctor and would have known she would try that.  But like I said above, I’m hoping this isn’t the end of the story.

Totally agree with you here.

I haven’t mentioned any of the lovely screen shots that I really hope Sam has included in this review.  But those alone are enough for an Awesome vote. The episode was a good, solid one, even great in parts, but it has been a while since I enjoyed an episode as much as this, therefore I vote awesome!

The four minutes wasted on the stupid shrimp truck, and the logistics ruined the awesome for me. BUT I give it a really great great with some awesome scenes.  It was four flippin’ minutes.  Get it?  Flippin’… Flippa… too much? 🙂

Sam, I hope you made sense of this!

Our readers will decide if any of our rambling made any sense.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

37 thoughts on “7.17 Review

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. If you ignore all of the improbable bad police work and how Dr. Gray must have borrowed Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility, then this is one of my season 7 favorites.

    Claire Forlani and Elizabeth Rohm are magnificent together, so I hope Dr. Madison Gray is not dead and we see them together again. How wonderful was AOL when “Lauren” reached toward him and he recoiled like she was something poisonous? Perfect. And when Elizabeth Rohm gave her tiny smile that only Alicia saw, it is easy to see what a great actress she is. In fact, if Wo Fat was still alive, I’d happily ship Womad.

    I think the mild flirting between McG and Alicia was adorable but problematic for the McDanno and ABC shippers alike. Does this mean if you ship Mclicia you are disloyal to McLynn? If anything, I think there may be some anger in both those camps that the writers even went there and showed Steve checking out what other fish are in the sea. Now that’s a real dilemma! Let’s see if Airplane girl shows up with a new shade of lipstick. PL said that McG was not settling down so will McG have his little family dinner with Alicia and her daughter and maybe take them on a staycation? Perhaps a day at a forensics Lab followed by a visit to a shooting range which he might actually enjoy. He seems to have forgotten all about Lynn but since she’s not in his future he may have moved on tempoarariy with another. Wait–Steve and Alicia bonded when they almost drowned so she could just be another specie of fish, like the Lynnfish or the Airplanefish. I don’t see the Aliciafish having any traction with the McGfish but I worship the ship of Cougarology so, until Cath returns, go for it McG. Go Fish.

    We got a rambling Rachel mention from Danny which makes sense since she’s back. Could this be the beginning of the end for Det. Williams and the Task Force? I know I keep saying this. I’ll have to be right some day.

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    • And I hope you will be right rather sooner than later. 😉

      I truly enjoy Steve with Alicia. There is just something there. It’s carefree, with spark and chemistry. It’s just great fun to watch. They do enjoy each other’s company. I don’t get that feeling with Lynn. With Lynn I just get the feeling of satisfying a need. If you know what I mean. 😉

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    • whatever, if anything, is between Steve and Alicia, it is light and unencumbered. He enjoys her company and I think they both know it is a friendship without strings attached. On the other hand, with Blondie, (BimboBlondie, not partner) everything seems forced and tense. I think he looks unhappy in her company.

      As for the beginning of the end. We can only hope you are right. What a party that would be!

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      • Do you think we could have a virtual going away party for Danno? Drinks and all? I’ll make chocolate dipped strawberries and pears poached in red wine and a Cherry Cheesecake trifle (with a brandy soaked ladyfinger base.) We could all pretend to be together for the celebration. Not a dry eye in the house from all the hysterical laughter. Nothing is too good for a fond farewell.


    • *** temporarily not tempoarariy. (I seem to have invented a new word.)

      BTW, if they wanted Dr. Gray to die, wouldn’t it be easier to show us that instead of a cliff hanger? I always like the baddies. I hope we see Michelle Shioma again. Great wardrobe-probably her own.


  2. LOL! This AWESOME ep deserved a double-dose review! 😆

    Thoroughly enjoyed y’all’s hilariously fractious review, BUT, glory hallelujah, this is the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed the ep itself more than the review! Which is how it should be but regrettably often is not. 😉

    I didn’t mind Kamekona and co. taking up the 4 minutes, cos Nahele and McG and also McG saving Idiot Danno from his idiot self yet again. And I love the EStreet Band, so Max was cool with me.

    Then let the games begin! Y’all correctly pointed out all the goofs, but due to my immense enjoyment of the return of SEAL-level McG, the general absence of Danno, the off the charts chemistry between Alex and these 2 actresses, and the Moonlight-reminiscent appearance of leather-jacket Alex…I was sooooo happy watching this thing! Real 5-0 finally returned to our screen! Woot! Awesomely awesome for me! 😀

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    • Yes, this time all the stupid didn’t take away from the awesomeness of the episode. 🙂

      Two things did it for me, the chemistry between the three main characters, that was just awesome. And as an extra bonus the mostly absence of Danny.

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  3. It feels like it’s been a while since there was an episode I thoroughly enjoyed, this was one of them. I could have done without the Flippa scene at the beginning but how else is Lenkov going to secure his Springsteen tickets for the next tour if he doesn’t suck up to Weinberg at least once a season? I loved the chemistry between McG, Alicia and Grey. The acting was top notch with all three. Though the story was a bit predictable, it was well executed. What’s not to love about McG and Chin teaming up? I did see some sparks between Alicia and McG but I don’t think it’s going to develop into anything more than a friendship, if that. I predict she will be never seen or heard from again after next week. They have a great deal in common and McG seems comfortable talking to her. I got the impression he was himself with her. I always felt he was putting on a show for Lynn. He always seemed on guard and uptight. Perhaps Alicia reminded him what it feels like to share an evening with someone he can relax and be himself with. **cough ** Catherine ** cough. I have to admit I laughed my a** off when he said he had low standards for companionship since he has Danny as a partner. I am sure that did not go over well in some circles, but I was thoroughly amused. I look forward to finding out who killed Grey and finally putting an end to this arc. 13 episodes was too long wait to get resolution.
    I love the tag team review, by the way. Great job Ladies.

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  4. I agree it was a good episode, and like Amanda, I love McGarrett in the snow pictures. But I disagree with wanting Alicia to return. I would be very wary to trust her, she just has too many issues. Stellar acting all the way around.

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  5. Thank you Sam and Cokie for your double review – you rock!

    This was an all around awesome episode -a few flaws set aside. I truly enjoy Alicia’s and Steve’s friendship – it’s nothing less, but also nothing more. They feel comfortable around each other and she gets Steve to open up. Did we see him reflect about Catherine there? I had the feeling he did.

    Elizabeth and Claire did an amazing job – mimd games in perfection. And did I mention I loved McG? Double awesome…

    There’s not much to add. Mama took the cake again 🙂

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  6. Love the review as really the ending was something else. As hope that the doctor is put out the pasture.
    Love Chin and McGarrett once again teaming up.
    As really note to Steve, never give a pen to a serial killer as he would do that.
    As really think Alicia and Steve are just friends, but not enough to be a couple.

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    • LOL!! That was a stoopid flaw in Show, wasn’t it? McG totally knows better than to give a sharp implement to a serial killer in double secret probation. 😉

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  7. I too enjoyed this episode. Very refreshing after last week’s drivel. I’m a big fan of Elisabeth Rohm… she plays the baddie most excellently and this was no exception. I kind of hope she isn’t dead and is ‘in the wind’ to taunt McG. I would’ve liked to have seen more of her instead of the ongoing shrimp struggle. Do we think Alicia, McG or Sienna pulled the trigger?
    I definitely didnt need to see Dog, or Max Weinstein. Hes a great drummer though!
    Why is Alicia wearing McG’s blue plaid shirt? Same one he wore in the first Lynn ep and in a scene with Ellie. Is that our clue that they aren’t ‘THE ONE’? LOL I enjoyed the interactions between McG and Alicia. An actual conversation, friendliness but no sexual overtones…whereas that is all we get with Lynn. They can bond over their relatives returned from the dead… but I don’t see it going beyond that. I want to think he was thinking of Catherine when he said time doesn’t heal all wounds. and I LOL’d at his description of Danny criticizing a Reuben sandwich for 8 hrs.
    Great job on the tandem review!

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  8. I also greatly enjoyed the episode and agree about Alex and Elizabeth blowing the interrogation scene out of the water! Alex was incredible in all his scenes (he “wakes up so well), but i had missed that wonderful shadow you pointed out.
    When Danny gave his two cents, I had the same thought that he was pretty clueless about this case since he missed out on the whole psycho serial killer therapist kidnapping. I will have to go back to analyze the acting in that scene though.
    I did not know the daughter was going to be alive – i had no clue what was going to turn up in Wisconsin. I did know giving the prisoner a pen was a mistake.
    I really hope Alicia did not kill Dr. Gray. As most reviewers said, she should know better than to fall for that manipulation. Besides, she has her daughter back. Let the crazy doctor be locked up and enjoy freedom with your daughter. Steve should have been right down the street anyway. I would have speed dialed him instead of calling 911.
    Protective Steve was wonderful in this episode. There does not have to be any romance between him and Alicia for them to work well together. Two adults can respect and care for one another without it turning into a sexual relationship. They have to be sure both understand each other’s view of the relationship, but I think they are adult enough to do that.
    Sorry so many of my sentences began with “I”. It’s late, and I am not that great of a writer anyway. I just spew my thoughts out without much organization!
    Steve looked great; ya’ll’s review was great; I’ll lean for awesome for this one.

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  9. Awesome episode loved it one of my top 5

    Loved all the twist and turns
    I loved the characters of Dr Madison Gray and Alicia Brown I think the actress are great
    Alex was fantastic in this episode
    Loved the little flirty scene with Steve and Alicia when they were having dinner but just as friends not as a LI
    I love the chemistry with Steve and Alicia.
    The twist with Alicia daughter sienna alive after 4 years
    We need more Nahele that was too little what has he been up too
    Who shot who at the end we will find out next week

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  10. It’s probably just me and my overactive imagination, but I noticed that MB has just followed DDK and JG on IG. A few weeks back she followed a locked account with the name ‘Alex O’Loughlin’ and a pic of Alex as their avi. I don’t think it was Alex, but it was strange that she’d follow that account, especially as it was locked. I just looked but I can’t find it now.

    I’m probably reading too much into it, but…. #nothingisdead

    P.S. I’m on Team Alex and agree that too much water has gone under the bridge for them to get back together, but I’d still like to see her back on the show.


    • This is H50. There are no bridges. There is no water to go under anything. There is only PL and his Master Plan, (see Sunny for explanation) and his intention of how all of this will play out. And there is no one, certainly not me or any other fan who can change the direction he decides to take.

      I think they are filming 21 or 22. If she’s coming back this season we will know when she is seen in Hawaii. I am hoping for a real cliff hanger for 801 (yes, I am that confident).

      Let the good times McRoll. It’s almost Mardi Gras time, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Like I said, I’m with Alex. I can’t see how they could get back together now. However, I have no idea what PL’s thinking, or what his plans are for the future. He’s already said that nothing is dead, so he obviously has something in mind. If they get back together then great (clearly the Lynn relationship isn’t working) but, if not, I can understand why and I’ll just be happy having her back on the show.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Mama, a humble thanks for joining my ride of confidence when it comes to PL’s MASTERPLAN 🙂
        While I admit I do not understand his way of thinking and the detours he takes (“Their love will be tested” – Can we have that “test phase” ending please??) I am still confident that he’ll find a way of bringing Cath back and somehow make it somewhat believable.
        As you said – this is 5-0 and anything can happen. Even Alex doing a 180 and embracing McRoll again and staying on the show longer if there are signs for a possible S9.
        But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it… Bridge??! Oh right, there are no bridges 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        • I think nothing that has been said by the actors, EPs, or whoever thought should give us their thoughts should be taken too seriously. Nothing is set in stone. This is show-business. Different rules apply.

          And we should always remember, what Alex said was referring to that moment in time in the Cath/Steve relationship. We have no idea what might or might not happen that will changed his view of Cath and Steve. 🙂

          And by the way, it takes courage and character to change ones mind when new Intel arrives. So, it wouldn’t be a bad thing IF Alex would change his mind when the situation changes.

          I’m not worried about further seasons. Season eight is a sure thing, and if that will be the last with Alex, then it will be my last with Five-0 too. If he decides to stay after that, so will I. Simple as that.

          Liked by 5 people

          • I think most of the people who happily ‘quote’ Alex for not wanting Cath back in Steve’s life have not read the interview properly. They saw what they wanted to see. Alex said, Steve would be stupid to take Cath back if she returns and just says “Now I am available.” Alex said Steve understands ‘classified’ ops very well, but not lying. So if Steve gets a very good reason for her lie, maybe they can find their way back. But only then… So everything is possible. With good writing. *cough*

            Liked by 3 people

  11. You know, I am a rebel. Roaarrr!
    So I am giving my verdict right at the beginning:
    I think this episode was awesome! Take that Sam! Roaarrr!

    Do I think this episode had flaws? Oh boy, for sure.
    Do I need catharsis? Kind of, but not really. I’ll come to that.

    Now you might ask if she thinks the episode had flaws how is it possible to vote awesome? I’ll tell you. Because I don’t freaking care. I am illogical. I am allowed to. I’m a woman. If I get such an intriguing storyline, and only ONE storyline and not a million other stories squeezed in 44 minutes, and if I get such incredible acting I am very very happy. Yes, Claire Forlani and Elizabeth Röhm were amazing, but I think who was really phenomenal in this was Alex O’Loughlin. Why, you ask? Hrm, again? All these questions. You’re nosy. Kind of a research junkie? Ok, I’ll tell you. Because the character of Steve McGarrett needed all kinds of variety, of versatility to make him real. And boy, he is real. AOL makes him real. Dr. Grey was scary – scary nuts. Alicia was mentally overloaded. The actresses played these things absolutely convincing. But in this episode we saw so many different sides of Steve, the leader, the friend, the strategist, the investigator, the SEAL, funny, smart, cool, badass, on the edge… all these moments were real.
    As I said at AOLIS – I think sometimes Alex’ v.o.e. are taken for granted. Because he never phones it in, is always bringing it. But he made Steve real. I never see Alex. It’s always Steve.
    I am missing Steve and Grover working together because it seems that I like them even more than Steve and Chin. But if it is Chin or Grover working with Steve, both ‘pairings’ are a relief. Especially for my ears.

    So now CATHARSIS. But I did not really need it. I was able to shake it off. The two and a half Stooges at the beginning, well – it was stupid. Not funny. I like Shawn Garnett, he is a great musician and I would love to see Flippa playing the guitar together with Steve, that would be great. But this? Nope.
    Dannoying fangirling again? Ugh. Really. Cutting the line? What was the purpose of this scene? Other than to show again that D is an idiot?
    I so wish they would make a running gag about Steve leaving Dannoying at the beach.

    And what about the scene in the office? It only showed that Dannoying has no trust in Steve, that he doesn’t trust his judgment. No support at all. He never met Alicia. Steve did. But it is always this: I know better, you are stupid. I mean, he was smiling? What does that mean? What should I take from that? Two days ago a smart woman asked me this question. I couldn’t tell her because I hadn’t watched the episode back then. Now I’ve seen it. And I still can’t tell. No idea.
    But then, it is not important. The character was totally redundant, served no purpose. It is like the writers have no idea what to do with their part time worker. But instead of leaving him out, they create wasted scenes. And I don’t get the feeling that the actor is thankful for letting in his character. Do your job or stay away!

    I see a lot of you felt that Steve was thinking about Cath while talking to Alicia about the experience of losses. I think it’s about from where you look at it. For me, he was talking about all the losses of his life. All his comrades he lost, Freddie, his father, even his mother. She ‘died’ when he was 15 (or 16, maybe it was birthday night 😉 ) and was dead for 20 years. And liver. I’m sure he was talking about liver.
    Steve was hunting monsters his whole adult life. And he was facing monsters since his mother died.
    Sometimes monsters aren’t real. Nevertheless frightening.

    Some thoughts about the end. I would be very disappointed if Steve shot Madison. Because that is not who he is. He never killed in cold blood. Not once. He even stopped others (MI-6 guy) from doing so. So maybe Alicia shot Madison in the leg or something. Or she did a Doris. Means, she shot in the air, the floor and let her go. Guess we will have to wait and see.
    Another thought. I think Steve sees Alicia as a friend. But I’ve got the feeling Alicia has a crush on Steve. Since the blow whole encounter (now that does not sound PG rated, lol) he is her hero. Who can blame her?

    Tomorrow I am going to watch 7.04 and 7.17 again in a row. Will make an amazing H50 two-part series.

    Oh Steve’s shadow on the wall behind Alicia’s couch… Oyyyy… POP.

    I am in love with your double review(s). It is so so funny. Thank you ladies!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Loved your post. One tiny thing though, Danny did meet Alicia in episode 7:02. He “respectfully” disagreed with her evaluation and she put him in his place. Maybe he carries a grudge?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh yes Moonjat, you’re right. He met her back then. I totally blocked out Danny in this episode so it seems. And I think you could be on to something with D carrying a grudge.


        • that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I am playing catch up with the shows that come on TNT late at night. It is just fun to be able to flip through them and then delete them, but I notice more and more just how rude and snippy Danny has been to everyone. I hate how he treats Max. And in season 1 he was downright mean to Kamekona.

          Liked by 2 people

  12. I am waiting for someone to explain to me logically how the blood on Gray’s hands and clothes at the beginning of the show is Sienna’s. No matter what you say, I will reply, “You are full of baloney,” LOL.

    I also thought it odd that Gray would be handcuffed in the interrogation room for hours until Alicia showed up, though I eventually assumed as above that the cop walking with Alicia brought Gray from her cell to the room.

    This reminded me of when I was reviewing this Kojak episode the other day. In this show, a bad guy comes out of a building where he has just shot some guy dead and throws his gun in a garbage can. A mounted policeman nearby witnesses this, dismounts from his horse and rushes over to the garbage can where he grabs the gun. Then he jumps into a passing cop car and he and cop driving it pursue the bad guy, who has stolen a taxi. I kept thinking “What the hell happens to the horse now?”


    2-1/2 stars for this one. 1/2 point from 4 deducted for the Kamekona stupidity, 1/2 point for the presence of the repugnant Dog the Bounty Hunter, and 1/2 for errors in geography and time, of which there were many.

    Why didn’t they just place the prison with Sears in one of the Western States?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nice avi, Godzilla!

      And I’m laughing at you worried about the horse. There have been plenty of “Kojak horse moments” in 5-0. Gotta laugh! 😉


  13. Great episode- awesome review (I can’t help but put it that way) 😉
    That was an episode I truly enjoyed (minus shrimp)!
    I missed some things (shadow on the Wall 🙂 ) – but I will watch again with your intel 🙂 !
    Thank you both very much! You Made my day!

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I’ve been on the fence (and all the way off) on most of this season’s episodes. Your reviews have saved me a lot of pain on some of these, lol! But I may actually go watch this one–I love you two doing this review together! So entertaining! What a treat!

    Liked by 1 person

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