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7.16 Poniu I Ke Aloha

While McGarrett and Danno celebrate Valentine’s Day with their girlfriends, the rest of Five-0 investigates the murder of a man taking a class on how to land women, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Poniu I Ke Aloha to Crazy In Love

This was an episode with dumb, dumber, dumbest and one who tagged along because he’s a good friend.

CBS called this episode Crazy in Love. Huh, I wonder who they are talking about? From the four people trying to have a nice weekend, surely no one is crazy in love. Crazy, well, there was plenty of that. First, there was NutDanny being crazy about his stupid sunglasses.

Then crazy Lynn, not wanting to be kissed by Steve. And of course, crazy Lynn and Amlissa getting adjoining rooms for a romantic weekend. That was not just crazy, that was plain stupid. Steve was clearly not happy to see Danny outside of work. The verdict is still out about the two thinking the boys would have any fun with what they had planned. Spa treatment? Seriously?

Maybe their poor planning was the reason it was more than obvious that only the girls have any kind of feeling and commitment invested into these relationships. Most of the episode I actually thought they would make a great couple. I think it was painfully obvious what Steve’s take-away from spending time with Lynn is. And Danny isn’t any better, nope, I think even worse.

I don’t have a problem with it, no, absolutely not. They are all adults and having a relationship just for the sex is fine when all agree on it. Although Steve does make an effort to at least pretend to play along, Danny couldn’t care less.

The Yoga incident was the best example for it. Steve at least showed up, but played dumber than dumb, and was out of it faster than you can unroll your yoga matt. Had me laughing though. Steve, who is a trained SEAL can’t hold his position for ten seconds? A guy who knew yoga positions in season one is a total loser at it now? Sure. 🙂 I bet he and Catherine had tons of fun practicing ‘yoga’ positions. Just saying. I thought it was hilarious how Steve made fun of this whole exercise.

But at least he showed up, while Danny didn’t even bother.

Speaking of Danny. Yes, he again was a total idiot, especially with the kid. But believe it or not it was the very first time I was not bothered by it. Maybe that is Steve’s fault. LOL. Steve was the only adult and mature person during this staycation. Or it’s because I just gave up and don’t care anymore.

And despite the ridiculous setting I truly enjoyed watching Steve. Yeah, yeah, what else is new. I loved Steve and Danny’s conversation on the balcony. Simply because Steve told Danny what an idiot he is. And he’s right, Danny will never ever be in a good relationship as long he’s not honest with his partner. It’s worthless to tell said partner what you think said partner wants to hear. Be yourself and see what happens. Steve knows that and lives by it.

In 419 Steve said he knows people. Never had there been truer words on Five-0. And it is just a joy watching Steve using his people skills. If it is keeping Danny from becoming a total ass, or pretending to have fun when he clearly has none.

As a side note, kudos to the make-up department. They did justice to the scars. They even remembered to ‘mess-up’ the tattoo.

Anyone still thinking that there is any form of love involved between Lynn and Steve, or Danny and Amlissa must be blind, crazy, or both. Sorry, but it couldn’t be more obvious if they were carrying signs saying ‘casual sex relationship’.

“We wanna show you guys how much we appreciate you both.” ROFLMAO – yeah, commitment and true love right there.

I have nothing against Lynn. I’m sure she is someone Steve had a few good times in bed with, but that is all there is. And this episode made that crystal clear.

Oh, and by the way, if I would care about someone I would not tell him to enjoy a beer while I know he shouldn’t have any alcohol. And for sure not early in the morning. And if I cared about someone like Steve, I for sure would not drag him to a stupid weekend with his workpartner next door. I would know what the person I cared about would love to do with a weekend off work. You can bet your ass about that.

You know, although I enjoyed this part of the show (to a degree) I would rather see a weekend off that actually fits the characters. This whole show was to fancy some viewer’s fantasies. And I think they did a bad job at that.

Although I wonder what a weekend off for Danny would look like. We never learned what he enjoys in his time off, other than sitting in his underwear and watching football. Spending time with his kids. Fine and good. But what does HE enjoy? I only remember him complaining about everything. No matter what others did for fun over the weekend, Danny hated it all.

I’m pretty sure we all could plan a weekend for Steve that he would more than enjoy. But for Danny? I can’t come up with anything. But thankfully I don’t have to. LOL

All in all, I tremendously enjoyed watching Steve; but the rest of this Hilton visit was just meh. To put it nicely.

OK, so much for that part of the episode, let’s talk about the crime of the week. Seriously? The show wants us to show a guy who treats women like trash? Like they are objects you can own with the right plan?

And there we have more crazy. Like the crazy dude trying to scam people by selling them idiotic tips to score with women. Can it get any more disgusting?


Yeah, it actually can. At the end of the episode that dude is not in custody, but free to continue with his scam. Why? Didn’t he commit a crime?

Why on earth was he even out of custody so that the other crazy guy, who actually was crazy in love, could take a shot at him? Or at least try to.

And why did Kono and Chin take him along for the ride to the high-price hooker? He knew where she lived, couldn’t he just tell them? But the best part of that was Kono cuffing him to the headrest. LMAO. Doesn’t she know that you can easily pull out the head rests? I so hoped the guy would do that and wait outside the car for them to return. Just to show Kono her stupidity.

This part of the show didn’t really give me anything. How sad is it that I thought the BlaBlaNothing at the Hilton was better than the crime of the week?


So, there you have it, my short review for yet another barely OK episode. With some great Steve shots, but honestly, that is pretty much all that was great lately. Let’s hope for some awesomeness to return soon.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. I’ll watch tomorrow. And I will enjoy the heck out of shirtless Steve.
    And then I will tell something about volleyball. And I will NOT be pc about someone’s height. Because it is volleyball. You know, with a net, a high net. Where you block.
    Yeah, I know something about volleyball.
    Never make fun of volleyball. It is serious.

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  2. 716 did not live up to my expectations. I thought it was going to be awful. It was far worse than that. They jumped last week’s shark.

    The COTW: It was boring, offensive and of no interest to me.


    If ever the writers wanted to hammer home that McLynn was McDead, this was it. They have no chemistry, zero in common, are not “cute together” and “she doesn’t make him smile”. She just doesn’t understand him, plain and simple He looked absolutely miserable to the point of wanting to ditch her as a volleyball partner. He spent most of his time with Danny (score one for the McDannos).

    BTW, those were expensive rooms and spa services for the lady friends. I don’t even know if Melissa/Amber has a job . Maybe Lynn picked up the tab for both and Lynn really does have a side job– a lucrative cash upfront professional one. She already has the wardrobe.

    Why the writers tried to make the McG character look silly is beyond me. Are we supposed to believe a Navy Seal doesn’t have the muscle control and balance skills to maintain a Yoga position? What next? An underwater holding your breath contest that he loses? Did no one else catch his sarcasm about crows feet when he was wearing lunch on his face at the Spa? At least Danny ate the cucumber that fell off his eye. It was the one laugh I had during this nightmare episode. I wonder if that was an accident and they decided to keep it in. But at least Melissa?Amber understands Danny and what he wants to invest in their relationship. I doubt Lynn does but since her days are numbered as a Lady friend, it hardly matters.

    Writers, just bring back Cath and get it over with already. You know you want to.

    That’s where the road is leading anyway.


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  3. Oh dear, where to begin? The COTW was just plain dumb. I had to laugh about your comment on the headrest because I shouted at the tv for him to just lift it up and leave. Lol. I am really really getting tired of watching Kono dodge sexual advances from these sleezy men and then have her giggle and smile about it as if it’s cute. Enough already. It’s neither funny or cute. Since Sang Min is returning, I guess we will have more of this same behaviour to witness again. Now lets talk staycation. Steve and Lynn are definitely not #truelove. Danny proved he’s still a jerk. If I walked into my hotel room and found two men going through my things, they would both be arrested. Especially if I found out they’ve been stalking and harassing my kid. That was beyond dumb and very very creepy. I do believe the purpose of this epi was to advance Danny and Melissa, especially since we know Rachel is soon to make an appearance. I can safely say, many fans were dissapointed according to the feedback i’ve seen, except McDanno fans. They loved it. This was for them. Congratuations to them.

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  4. I really have no words for this episode. Sam said it all in her first line of text. MamaYorkie, you also nailed it. Utter disaster. But Sam, thanks for the wonderful pictures.

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  5. I think lot of us that post here were dreading this ep.. but it became pretty evident that there’s no great love brewing between McG and Lynn.. Sure they’re friends with bennies but neither’s gonna get embedded in the the other’s DNA. I think McG’s choice of endearment was perfect for his ladyfriend. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Lady%20Friend. She was clearly irritated with him much of the time she was onscreen,
    I wanted to reach thru my screen and slap Danny for being an annoying pipsqueak. Seriously dude, attempting to get an apology from the little brat for accidentally hitting your girl with a frisbee was maybe nice, but LET IT GO! they’re damn $20 sunnies.. If your ladyfriend can afford a suite that costs thousands of dollars/nite, she could probably pick you up a new pair.. But without that shtick, no bromance could be seen…
    as far as the COTW. I find it amazing that women are so intimidating that there’s a whole industry on picking one up. Skeevy!

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  6. Thank you for reviewing the ep and for the pictures. I haven’t watched it but you said it was just ok so I’ll wait a few weeks and I’ll watch on tv. Because of some videos I’ve seen I think I will agree with your review.


  7. Regarding the “no alcohol ” …. That was stated in the end scene of the first episode this season… It was a temporary time constraint. They have both healed and returned to perfect drinking health and have been for quite awhile. I researched different liver replacement surgeries and the information supporting the statement. It was never “no alcohol” for the rest of their lives.


    • Sorry, but your statement is simply wrong.

      Not only is alcohol toxic to the liver, it can also interfere with the metabolization of certain medications. Steve’s medication is by now reduced to probably just one or two meds per day. But he has to take them for the rest of his life. And alcohol and those meds do NOT match.

      It is stupid and irresponsable to drink alcohol or eat things that would interfere with the medication.

      It is NOT like getting a new liver and after a few months all is well. That is NOT the case.

      No study or clinic supports your research. I would love to know where you found any medical article that said it is OK for liver transplant patients to consume alcohol. All doctors nurses I talked to only shook their heads about alcohol and liver transplant. And all studies and articles I read, and trust me, it were many, clearly state no alcohol after transplantation. And that goes for all transplants, not just the liver. If you want to reduce your chances of long-term survival, yes, then you can drink away. Messing with your meds is not a good idea.

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      • Then the medical research I found was misleading to say the least. I found varying instances depending on the medical condition of the liver replaced, and the one used to donate. The topic has bothered me since the writers in that first episode had Steve and Danny specifically state the time limit. And they also had Kono telling Grace that the liver is an amazing organ to be able to grow back to normal. So This upsets me from the H50 irresponsible writers to lead us into this everything is OK scenario. I’m pissed about it all. I am also a stickler for detail and do not like being basically lied to by writers of my favorite TV show.

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        • I hear ya, sister! I gotta imagine people who have had transplants likely hate the ridiculous gloss Show seems determined to place on the seriousness of organ transplant, too. Tho your research that indicates there are less serious scenarios in liver transplants may be correct in certain cases…there are often exceptions in medicine. Deb would know more about that than I… 😉


        • There is always the odd exception to any medical case. And I’m sure Steve is the one in a million.

          But in general it is not a good idea to mix alcohol with the life-depending-on-it meds. YES, the liver does regenerate and most can live a normal life. But restrictions still apply due to the anti-rejection meds.

          Don’t ask me how pissed I still am at the show that they even went that road; and for making it look like any transplantation is a walk in the park.

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          • We KNOW how pissed you are…we’re right behind you with our pitchforks and torches.

            Suuuuuuch a dumb SL.

            And they can’t now make it go away, no matter how many beers McG survives.


            • I’m still totally pissed by the liver transplant. If they wanted a liver transplant, it would have been better Steve would have been the donor and Danny the receiver. The writers should leave Steve have something good in his life. Let him be a SEAL and find love not only a ladyfriend. I love the show and love Steve but lately they keep him doing things out of this character like the ep about the driving licence.
              Sorry for the mistakes.

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  8. Rachel is coming back? I was expecting it but didn’t read confirmation of it it anywhere.

    And to those who are reading and hiding let me please say this. I love this show and most of the characters. That’s who I criticize, the characters, never the actors.

    Don’t tell me to find another show if I have something negative to say about an episode. I want the show to be better, more intelligent and less of a cartoon. precisely because I do love it. Whether you like it or not, I am staying right here.

    And I wonder how many of you will have negative comments when Cath returns, because even those of you who feign denial, know deep down that ‘s going to happen. Will you ditch the show because you no longer love it? I certainly won’t tell you to watch something else.

    Because I am a “true fan” , I want better from the writers. Parents who think their kids are perfect and can do no wrong need to wake up and face reality, just like you need to do.

    The part of the fandom that expects crap and accepts crap from the show does it a disservice. The show, like “your kid” is far from perfect but you can certainly love it anyway.

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    • WELL SAID MAMA! STANDING OVATION. Loving something is the reason you want it to be better, truer to itself I feel we’re perilously close to Scorpion territory much of the time. Write good drama with storylines that tie together The humor should be organic (one of PL’s favorite descriptors) not forced. Farmboy and I watch a lot of M.A.S.H. reruns and I am always amazed how they could have 3 storylines going in a 30 min show, yet they often all tied together in the final scene.

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    • Rachel appears in the sides for episode 20 or 21, I can’t remember which. I agree 100%, we can love a show and still recognize it has faults.


    • Mama,
      THIS IS IT!!!
      I consider myself a “true fan” as well and will not let some bashing ABCs tell me that we should stop watching while we simply point out the stupidity in some episodes (character wise and/or story wise) but still CLEARLY state that we love the show!!
      This is my show and I wouldn’t be vocal if I didn’t care.
      I am sick and tired of being called “nasties” or having someone with a ton of followers and a blog shame not only a character but also the actress behind it she once used to love…

      I wish nothing more for the writers to wake up and give us our SEAL back. Who was this guy we saw on screen??
      I can only shake my head. But hey, he looked good – loved that 😊

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  9. I think the majority of H50 fans should just make a pact that this episode…never happened.

    *McLynns among us can ignore the clarity here that she is Not The One, nor even respected by him.
    *Danno fans can ignore the creepy child-stalker he showed himself to be.
    *Women can ignore the insulting misogyny of Show using misogyny to create a case against a misogynist.
    *McRolls can ignore the apparent asshole that McG can be to Women Who Aren’t Cath.
    *SEALs and other soldiers and sailors can ignore that Show thinks our heros can’t hold a DownwardDog.
    *Social workers can ignore the concept they should take out a loan to overnite w/their crush at a Hilton.
    *Hilton and its custodial workers can ignore Show thinks they suck, even tho Show takes Hilton $$.
    *McG fans can ignore whoever the hell that guy was in this episode.

    On the other hand, McDannos can rejoice that McG does prefer Danno to Lynne. So score one for the McDs this week.

    So are we agreed, fellow fans? This. Never. Happened. :mrgreen:

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  10. Yeah as really not the best episode. As really men do not seem to be spa people. As really trying to go after a kid with the sunglasses. As really the kid yes he was a jerk, but still should had taken the high road and showed that the glasses were his not Danny’s.
    Usually I like Danny but he was pretty obnoxious in this episode.
    Really would love to see Steve and Grover as both of them would have a blast in this episode. And it would had been a lot more funnier.
    But you had to feel bad for Chin, Grover, and Kono working. As they could not spend with their loved ones.

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  11. The only reason I didn’t rate this a stinker is because of all the lovely looks we got of Steve. Thank you so much for including so many in your review Sam. I was yelling “chicken salad” at the TV almost from the moment the safe word was chosen. Melissa and Lynn have no clue what their guys would enjoy for a weekend. Danny……and I really liked the name NutDanny since that is exactly how he behaved over a pair of $20 sunglasses got on my nerves the whole show. And I don’t see how the McDannos could have missed the annoyed look on Steve’s face when he saw him on the other balcony. Steve had no desire to spend a weekend with Danny nearby. The only reason he ditched the yoga was to see if Danny was getting into any trouble.

    I have read a lot of “no chemistry” comments on other sites about Lynn and Steve and wonder if the real life friendship between Alex and Sarah gets in the way of acting out any sizzle between them. Perhaps they are too relaxed with each other and can’t sell the attraction. And the wardrobe department should be shot for what they dress her in. Heck…..Ellie was more in tune with Steve, she at least knew he liked to fish and work on the car, Lynn doesn’t have a clue.

    As for the COTW, I saw a similar plot on a rerun of Criminal Minds a while back and enjoyed the female agents put down of that guy more. Kono is pretty but do the writers believe that every man in Hawaii is drooling over her? That con man should have been in jail for solicitation but then Kono wouldn’t have her moment to take out the killer. The writers need to quit trying to be cute and come up with a good story. I will concentrate on the all the lovely Steve we got and try to forget the rest.

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  12. I feel like this episode was an example of trying to pander to the McDanno shippers without actually going there makes for terrible TV.

    At this point, I’m not even buying best friends let alone anything else between Danny and Steve. So I certainly don’t see shippiness.

    But decide!!! I find this “keep the girl friends around and half ass the romantic relationships,” while engaging in queer baiting distasteful. And kind of homophobic.

    Talented writers could do lots of things with these characters, but I feel like they aren’t doing anything very well.

    I’d be fine with Steve being single, I’d be fine with him being in a friends with benefits type with Lynn (although friends would be nice), I’d be fine Steve developing a real grown-up relationship with a new woman, I’d love having Catherine back in Steve’s life. Heck, in the hands of significantly better writers than this show has, I’d be OK with Steve exploring his sexuality.

    But this weird place the writers are trying to be sucks. And they actually kind of make it seem that there is something wrong with being gay or bi. It’s not OK.

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    • For a few years now I haven’t seen the best friends part. They are great work partners (sometimes), but that’s it. I don’t see this great friendship, or that one can’t live without the other. That actually makes me laugh out loud.

      And I totally agree, this place they have Steve, and all of us in, sucks. I admit I want Cath back although I am still mad at her, but let’s not go there again. I would be fine if he would find someone he had a connection with, like he did with Cath. But this Lynn character is nothing but for fun in bed. There is just nothing there. No common grounds whatsoever.

      I think the writers, or better PL should get their/his act together and stop this dragging it out for dramatic effect. It’s ridiculous and tiring.

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    • Yes, Katy! The writers are making fun of gay relationships by trying to shade this bromance as ridiculous slapstick comedy. I am amazed gay folks haven’t responded in anger. And btw, there are NO gay characters on the show! Do none of them know actual gay people? How is that even possible? If Show was cool with gay folks, they’d have a damn gay person(s). So that makes the ham-handed McD inuendos even more inappropriate.

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  13. Seriousf*ckingly?





    The episode where Dannoying proved again that he is not only a complete jerk but an asshat. A big one. Oh yeah, Danny is so wonderful with kids… my a§§.

    The episode where we learned again of D’s performance issues (5.17 anybody?). Poor Amblissa.

    The episode where the writers threw their writers 101 out off the window. Writing in character? Who cares that Steve knows about Yoga, that he is a highly trained freaking Navy SEAL who can hold his position without moving for three days without water.

    The episode where the wardrobe department proved (again) that they can’t dress any woman of this show. The only dress I liked was the shirt dress Lynn was wearing at the beginning. I like those esp. in warm and hot areas. The by far worst was that ‘thing’ Amblissa was wearing on the balcony. Horrible.

    The episode where we learned that Steve couldn’t care less about being with Dannoying in his free time. Oh yeah, so much love… Geez!

    The episode where we could witness that Steve at least tries… He is able to make the best of everything. I think it is life experience that makes qualifies him to “make a sanctuary wherever you are” (AOL).

    The episode where we could witness that D only cares about D. The only thing he enjoys is bashing others.

    Random thoughts:
    Am I the only one who is convinced that Steve arranged the dinner at the end? And than let Danny take credit for it?
    The aviators D was looking for (ugh), when they are too big and do not really fit we call them p0rn glasses in Germany.

    Thank you Alex O’Loughlin for making this episode at least watchable with your v.o.e. All these funny faces where great, so many expressions.

    To sum it up:
    Alex won!

    The rest?
    Chicken salad.

    Looking forward to “The Return of the Navy SEAL”.
    (And to the quiet disapproving audience here: I like Lynn. But I didn’t like the epi. The one has nothing to do with the other.)

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    • No leiCa, you’re not the only one. I think Steve arranged the dinner and give the credit to Danny. Danny just cared about win volleyball game, his glasses and stalking the stupid kid.

      I’m waiting for your comment about the game. Please?

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      • Oh my… I totally forgot about the game, LOL.
        There was so much CGI, really. A CGI volleyball game.
        Well, I am a little bit taller than Danny. Only a little bit, but I could ‘spit on his head’ like we say. I played volleyball, not in ‘Kreisliga’ like Sam, but not that bad. I wasn’t that good in ‘net position’ but I had some decent bounce (springiness? I don’t know the word… Bounce sounds like I was talking about my boobs, lol..) to make up for it. But playing at the beach in the sand is way harder. My hubby played volleyball too and he was pretty good. AND he is even taller than Steve/Alex. So, all I can say is: We would have mopped the floor with Danny. He wouldn’t stand a chance at the net. Sorry, but it can’t work.
        To each physique his own sport.
        Me and Steve: Kabooooom Danny! LOL. One can dream. And I would “hurry” Steve, believe me!

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        • Now i’m picturing you “hurrying” Steve for winning and ending the game as fast as you could, leaving Danny breathless laying down on the sand. And then grabbing Steve to a fantastic valentine’s weekend in opposite side of island.

          Thank you!

          PS: don’t tell your hubby because he will kill me.


          • Na, he’s cool, he wont kill you. He once said he is happy that I like Steve (apart from that he thinks that Alex is a great actor and that it is totally ok to be a fan!) and not the annoying blondie. Because then he would wonder why I married him. 😉
            And btw, I would never have taken to a Spa weekend. Not my taste and for sure not Steve’s. I would take him to a hiking tour in the beautiful Hawaiian mountains. Petroglyphs and all. And a hidden cabin. I am smart. But to Lynn’s excuse, their outdoor experience was a mess the first time.

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    • Maybe the Aviators were a nod to Tom Cruise who wore them as Maverick in Top Gun (they played music from the film in the episode.) But then, Tom Cruise really looked good in them, especially when he smiled.


  14. It was not a stellar episode in many ways, yet I think it told us a lot.

    1) Danny and Steve (and their respective lady friends) don’t hang out together – as evidenced by Danny admitting that he told Melissa they should all hang out to “not sound like he’s anti social ” (paraphrased there).
    2) Lynn doesn’t know McG at all for even thinking that he’d enjoy this type of staycation. I can give Melissa a pass because moron Danny actually told her he’d like to hang out together. But Lynn? She has no idea what Steve likes outside of sex. That’s sad after a year. Or not a year – who knows with this show. maybe this was thei 4th date.
    3) Danny and Steve would rather work than vacation together, even with their lady friends. Ouch. Like, seriously ouch.
    4) Steve and Lynn – not a great team. Projected loud and clear in volleyball. I thought she was fun and outdoorsy? She’s not.
    5) SHOW will never pass up an opportunity to have someone sexually harass Kono. No one else…. just Kono. Gross.
    6) SHOW will never pass up an opportunity to make someone into a caricature. Is this because they think their audience is too stupid to get it otherwise? Did the relationship guru have to look like someone No ONE would ever take advice from, much less PAY for it? It’s insulting.
    7) Steve was totally faking the yoga stuff to get away, GET AWAY.
    8) Definitely don’t stay at the Hilton when in Hawaii. Their security measures suck. Danny should be getting a notice of litigation soon, from that family. The Hilton Hawaiian Village should also be getting a notice of claim. That was absolutely ridiculous.
    9) When you give your non-spa loving boyfriend a spa weekend away with an adjoining room to his work partner, be happy that he at least “appreciates” his lady friend for doing it. Also – OUCH. This was like giving your girlfriend a vacuum for her birthday and her giving you tickets to the ballet for his.
    10) If you want to make an awkward weekend even more awkward, end it with a beach dinner FOR FOUR, and please have a really really awkward chair placed at the foot of the table for a person to sit on and sing to you – a song about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Way romantic!!!! Not. Chicken Salad indeed.

    Other observations:
    The COTW escort girl looked super awkward kneeling in the doorway. My knees hurt watching that. Plus, she was screaming her head off, UNTIL Chin and Kono and Grover got there, then she was silent as a church mouse. If it were me, you could hear me on the mainland.

    I Loved the attention to detail with the liver transplant scars… too bad they tripped at the starting gate with the drinking. Yes, I’m annoyed, no I’m not letting that go. PL decided to do something as BIG and PERMANENT as a liver transplant, but he had no intention of following that through. It’s incompetence, pure and simple.

    The spa appointment was weird, and not normal. why no facials for the girls? Why no ACTUAL romantic couples massage? Lynn – still not getting McG, and especially McG doing something ridiculous with Danny around. Hijinks always ensue – (P.S. Cath handled McG acting up at the movies better than Lynn did here. just saying.) McG is like an untrained puppy in certain situations. This is one of them. Cute and fun, but prone to peeing on the carpet.

    While I thought the whole sunglasses premise with Danny was stupid, I loved McG running around after him trying to keep him out of trouble.

    And mostly I loved that this episode was touted as being about the guys and the lady friends but really was an entire episode of McDanno fanservice that the abC’s have to turn themselves inside out to spin into the BEST ROMANTIC EPISODE EVER.

    Happy Valentines Day, McDanno fans!


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  15. Venturing toward the world of fan fiction, I think that Lynn’s participating in Melissa’s little “scheme” of the couples hanging out together (which actually originated with Danno) is revenge for McGarrett dumping her and rushing off to save his mother with Catherine in S07E07.

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  16. I saw this post on FB;

    “I have a question. I’m watching an episode of Hawaii Five-0, the valentine episode. The girlfriends book a surprise couples weekend at a spa. For themselves and their boyfriends….who they know without a doubt will NOT enjoy it. So..my question is this: do women really do things like this, expecting the guy to go along because he loves her? I mean…if you loved him, why would you expect him to do something he is so completely uncomfortable doing? Yes, I know it’s a TV show. Hence, the framing of my question.”

    The replies;
    1. I’ve been married 32 years and I don’t do this. I want him to be happy and enjoy his life.
    2. No way would I do that. Kevin would hate it and it would be such a waste of money.
    3. Selfish maybe on their part

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    • Neither of these women really know their “Man friends” very well. Perhaps if they did, there would not have been this kind of a staycation. That’s why these particular relationships are doomed. No thought was given to the other parties and what they might want.

      But in general, if you do something like that, knowing in advance your significant other will not enjoy it, or that it will make them unhappy or uncomfortable, then that’s a sign of hostility in a troubled relationship. Even if they do not complain, sooner or later it manifests itself in other ways. There’s no point in remaining with someone who doesn’t care enough about you to find out what makes you smile.

      That’s just my take.


      • I know relationships are about give and take, but my boyfriend would rather stick pins in his eyes than go on a spa weekend, and I’d rather go with friends (or not at all) than drag him with me and have him complain/not enjoy himself/feel resentful. It’s one thing to make them watch a chick flick, or have him come shopping, but I know my limits with my man, and a spa weekend is way over his limit lol.

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  17. I already had my say with a very brief review of this episode — http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#16 — but there are a few other things sitting around on my hard drive…
    This episode had Danno at his worst and whiniest, similar to the lifeboat episode (S03E03) and the stakeout episode (S05E17), both of which I hated. Instead of engaging in a balcony-gument, McGarrett should have gone into the other room and thrown Danno over the balcony.
    McGarrett says “We got baller suites, killer views.” “Baller suites” seems to typically refer to deluxe executive suites in sports venues like at the SuperBowl, but it obviously has another meaning, since Danno cautions McGarrett not to use that expression any more.
    The guy with the “how to get laid” seminars in the show was particularly sleazy, though not particularly well dressed. I didn’t really understand why Kono, after seven years, suddenly started using terms like “misogyny” and “objectification of women.” After all, this is the same woman who dresses up as a slinky seductress when she has to get some guy’s attention like in episode two of this season. But then that is “part of her job,” so I guess it is OK.
    Here is a timeline for Lynn and Melissa’s appearances in previous shows:

    November 16 2015 — Na Kame Hele (trip to deserted island)
    February 12 2016 — Hoa ‘inea (Valentine’s Day)
    November 4 2016 — Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (Catherine returns)
    February 10 2017 — Poniu I Ke Aloha (Valentine’s Day)

    January 10 2014 — O kēlā me kēia manawa (Gulf War veteran) – as Amber
    April 11 2014 — Ku I Ka Pili Koko (McG and Danno trapped in building) – as Amber
    February 20 2015 — Nanahu (serial arsonist, Melissa’s ex-husband) – as Amber
    May 8 2015 — Luapo’i (bounty hunter) – as Melissa
    February 12 2016 — Hoa ‘inea (Valentine’s Day) – as Melissa
    February 10 2017 — Poniu I Ke Aloha (Valentine’s Day) – as Melissa

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  18. I watched and I try to make sense- up to now I can not see any!
    But you guys rock- to read your comments (to which I totaly agree) is much more than watching! I love it!


  19. Wait- I just hope the writers are not heading to something similar as on “Dallas ” when the thought-to-be-dead Bobby suddenly stood under the shower- like all of the things after the plane crashed never happened- ugh!

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