7.15 Review


7.15 Ka pa’ani nui

When working a murder case involving the illegal practice of shark finning, Five-0 uncovers the possibility that a former Nazi war criminal may be hiding out in an old leprosy colony in Hawaii

CBS translated Ka pa’ani nui to Big Game

You know, this was an episode with very weird scenes in it. 😉

What the heck was the Grover/Pancake scene all about? Except wasting four minutes of my life? I love Grover, I do. And I love Chi McBride. But these four minutes were just utter crap. They were totally useless filler. Only bright side were the two teens looking as bored as I felt.

Just ugh.


Next thirty seconds were spent with the first crime of the week, and the title sequence.

Great, five minutes in, and nothing but useless nonsense.


But we can top that with Steve and Danny being called to Kamekona for an emergency. You know, if I were Steve I would fine Kame for misuse of the word emergency. This is not funny anymore. This whole story was not funny. It was completely and totally annoying.

Only bright side on this, yes, there is always a bright side, was Steve telling Danny to stay there and watch them not killing each other.

I don’t think Danny ever looked more stupid than in that scene, or SC never acted worse than in this. OMG, what crap.

So, Steve is called to the ME’s office where he teams up with Chin to investigate a murder.

That actually was kind of a decent story, I don’t have much to complain about it at all. I even think they did a great job integrating Hawaiian history into the story. And… you better sit down… I even liked Eric in this one. He was the example for a normal human, one who reacts to handicapped people without being prepared for it. I think he did a fine job, and the writers did a good job showing his development and realization that he acted like a jerk. Well done. Except for the slow-mo handshake. Sigh.

Steve and Chin did their usual magic, good work by them both. But what else is new. Nice scenery, but too much of it if you ask me. Lots and lots of filler in this episode. Even the helicopter ride was too long, and was part CGI, wasn’t it?


I do will complain about the ending of that part of the story. Come on, Steve and Chin travel to Arizona to arrest the old guy and his daughter? And they needed 30+ people to do so? Way over the top. Although it was nice to see Steve to arrest him for war crimes. But it shouldn’t have been in Arizona.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting crime story. Of course they had to pack a lot into a very short time, thanks to the other nonsense they also packed into this episode, and that took away from what could have been a great episode.

It felt very rushed and how they found the guard from 1945 was way too easy and quick. It would have been way better if this would have been the only case in this episode.

I think it is never a good idea to split up the team like this and work two or even three cases in one episode. None of them will get the attention it deserves.

Well, OK, the Kamekona angle shouldn’t deserve any time on the show. It was neither comic relief nor anything even remotely interesting. It was simply annoying.

The shark hunting deserved a lot better story, and more attention. This felt like a hush-hush byproduct because they didn’t know what to do with Danny, Kono and Grover while Steve/Chin were working the real case.

So, all in all, I guess it was a kind of an OK episode, but nothing more than that.

– it had nice scenery (too much for my taste)

– a good case that didn’t get enough attention

– Steve and Chin working together, yes, that is a plus 😉

– nice background into Hawaiian history

– completely useless waste-of-time-scenes, like the Grover/Pancake one

– an idiotic Kamekona filler

– a sub-crime that deserved better (the shark stuff)


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


61 thoughts on “7.15 Review

  1. I liked the story of the leper colony on Molokai. Max Gail (formerly of Barney Miller) was excellent in this storyline. But you’re right some of the scenes weren’t necessary, just fillers.

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  2. I liked this episode more than you did. After the last couple new episodes this one held my interest better. I totally agree that Grover’s pancake scene was boring and Kamekona’s strike was boring and totally unnecessary. The only funny thing was Steve leaving Danny to deal with Kamekona. All in all those parts took up time that could have been used on the two stories. I also don’t mind the scenery since I have been living in a white world since early December and Hawaii looks mighty fine to me. If these tourism boosts keep the State of Hawaii happy to work with the show then I won’t complain.

    I also agree that having split storylines takes away from the show as a whole but since the writers insist on doing it there is not much we can do. Both stories could have benefited from more detail which might have been solved without the unfunny fillers they included. I very much enjoyed the Kalaupapa leprosy lesson and went and read up a bit on it after seeing the show. When I learn something then I feel that I have not wasted my time. The shark storyline was resolved too easily and certainly glossed over. They had two episodes there and tried to cram them into one. The finish was fine by me because I understand the sheriff and her father leaving Hawaii and it was okay by me that Steve and Chin were included in the arrest. It gave me more Steve to look at. For me this rates a very good.

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    1. As I said I thought the main story was a decent crime story, and surely was not a waste of my time. Don’t know why you think that. But the rest was just filler in my eyes. And it took away from what could have been a great episode.
      But liking not even half of the episode is by far not enough for me to say this is a great episode.
      I’m happy for you that you complain about the same things I do, but still can see it as a very good episode. Your win, my loss. ☺️

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      1. I never meant to say that you felt that your time was wasted Sam. I was only speaking for myself…..I guess I didn’t state it clearly.


        1. I re-read my comment and I was only trying to explain how I enjoy learning something new and it increased my enjoyment of the episode. I am so sorry you felt it was an attack on you. It was never intended that way.


  3. I liked the Nazi/Leper colony storyline and wish they spent more time on it. I wonder if Grace was filming that movie she is in during the filming of this epi. If that is the case, I wonder if that is why she was with Scott, and if they filmed at a different time to accommodate both Scott and Grace. It would have been better if they just made a mention and dropped that shark story altogether. I desperately hope the pancake challenge isn’t an ongoing gag but I fear it is since we’ve had pancakes references in a few episodes now. Now, let me say, as a mother of three teenagers, I assure you there is no way any teenager has 40min to spare for breakfast and time to meet up with friends before school starts. Period.
    Overall I thought the episode was good with the potential to have been great if only it focused on the main story and deleted the silly pancake/ food truck strike.

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  4. I agree that the double case did a disservice to both airlines, although I didn’t really lie the shark one and really enjoyed the Nazi one. I think the Nazionale hunting storyline could’ve easily been expanded to fill the full episode. The story of Father Damien and Hansens disease on Molokai has always intrigued me, I’d have loved to have even more background on that, or.. the details on finding the sheriff and her Nazi father in Arizona (given the hints from mcg, I assume technology caught them)

    McG leaving Danny at Kamekonas, never to be seen again, was hysterical. Just.. leave him there forever please. The rest of that storyline should’ve been left too.

    Teenagers i know wake up begrudgingly, grab a pop tart and slink off to school. They don’t have almost an hour to hang out beforehand.

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  5. The pancake soliloquy and shrimp strike were a waste of screen time, I do adore Chi/Grover but I’d have really enjoyed seeing more of the Kalaupapa/nazi story. I feel like they force stuff in in an attempt to be humorous and it often falls flat. ..flatter than a pancake. Sometimes, less is more, ya’ know? Shark crime didn’t hold my interest really at all, although the underwater scenes of the shark & woman swimming were beautiful.

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    1. They coulda made a great shark ep! Sharks are very in, there’s a lotta controversy around them, alotta environmental and animal rights groups working to save them, and alotta their defenders are young and pretty. Sharks even have very popular twitter accounts. McG woulda been the natural working in such an ep…he’s a SEAL who doesn’t fear sharks. Kono and he coulda worked the case.

      The writers are all on permanent vacay, imo. Grrrrrrrrr!

      Also props for the pancake joke. 😉

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  6. LOL! I totally resemble your review! There were 4 stories here…pancake-gate, protest-gate, shark-gate and Nazi-gate. The last 2 shoulda been separate individual episodes. The first two shoulda been nuked the moment whoever suggested em opened their mouth.

    McChin is muuuuuuuch better than McDanno, so a little credit for that relief this ep!

    A potentially great couple of eps, badly smashed together with utter trash, turns this into at best an ok. 5-0 writers becoming quite skilled at turning gold into dross. 🙄

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  7. I will dispose of the Kamekona shrimp truck scene and the Grover pancake challenge because I must in order to not lose my mind or what is left of it after seven years. The shark COTW part should have been part of a larger story. It sort of hung there, twisting.

    I wonder if they just ran out of storyline/script for the Leper colony part which is really sad because it had the potential of being as great as the one on internment of the Japanese citizens in Hawaii during WW2. It was a wasted opportunity. Really, no mention of the man who was responsible for the care and compassionate treatment of the members of the colony? I saw a statue dedicated to him when I was in Hawaii and I know it is an important part of the history for Hawaiians. And yes, Eric’s character is maturing, a little at a time, but at least there is hope.

    There was no promo for 716 next week. First I thought they were possibly ashamed of it but then, no, it had to be something else because they know no shame.

    I never thought the sheriff was involved because there was very little lead up to that bombshell.
    It could have been great but it wasn’t.

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  8. OK Episode

    What I loved most from this weeks episode was the main story and the history about the old Leprosy Colony and the lovely scenery and the helicopter ride over as well. Also I always love Steve and Chin teaming up and working together. I don’t like it when they split the team and story’s up as they always finish to quickly and not enough time on each story. The shark story about illegal practice of shark finning was over to quick they could have made that better and have it as one episode. Kamekona story line waste of time just stupid so was Grover and the pancake scene.

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  9. I agree with much of what is said above. The business with pancakes and the lame strike at Kamekona’s wasted about 20% of the show. The ending was far too abrupt. McGarrett and Chin find that Alana and “Herr” Daddy (very bad joke, Eric) have left the island (which would likely be a BIG DEAL, we’re not talking about Honolulu International here). McGarrett says words to the effect “we will track them down thanks to modern technology” (which Alana and her father would likely also be aware of, duh!). Then we cut to labor negotiations with Kamekona (augh) and finally, with Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” (Lenkov telling us all what to think), the escapees are busted in Arizona. The quickness of this rivalled the team getting back in action from Mexico in the space of ONE DAY a few episodes ago. And just one more question — should Chin Ho have been the arresting officer in Arizona?

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    1. I wondered who would pay for Chin and Steve’s trip to Arizona. Do the writers even know how long it takes to get to Arizona? And what, the local police found them and then waited for Chin and Steve to arrive so they could arrest them? Makes no sense in my eyes.
      The daughter would probably get her trial in Hawaii, but I think they will have a hard time getting a conviction. Her dad will either have his trial in Germany or Poland. But due to his age he will never spend a day behind bars even if he is convicted.
      There will be no justice served. And quite frankly after all these years, he won’t be able to pay for his sins. Not in this life.

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        1. Yes, but he is not actually IN jail because of his age. They decided that he is not fit enough to be imprisoned. That is what I meant. He is convicted, but he will never see the inside of a jail.


          1. Yes, you are right, the Wikipedia article does not mention this, but as of last month, he was still a free man and will probably croak before he sees the inside of a jail cell. If you translate that article — http://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachsen/lueneburg_heide_unterelbe/Ist-Oskar-Groening-haftfaehig-oder-nicht,groening214.html — into English, it says that the prosecutor wants to have Groening’s “adhesion” (???) checked (this is a translation which I got from both Google Translate and some on-line dictionary)!


            1. Yes, adhesion is the correct translation for ‘Haftfähigkeit’ (his health status to be in jail). His case was in every newspaper and magazine here in Germany.
              Just at the end of last year they verified the sentence, but also said that he won’t be jailed.


    2. Good to see you here! And yes, apparently 5-0 secretly has the StarTrek “beam me up, Scotty” technology, as they can go to Europe, the MiddleEast, Mexico or Arizona and still get to beers at SideStreet on time. 😉


  10. Could this be an explanation of why we are getting such odd episodes consisting of mindless fluff with certain minor characters like this week’s Shrimp Man and Bored Teens and then two COTW which fight each other for screen time and do justice to neither?

    PL said that there are many more stories to tell but it is apparent that in order to tell them properly, the cast needs to show up to work together. Unfortunately, his comment about scheduling problems looks like they are juggling certain scenes to accommodate some of the main cast by isolating them from the others and then editing them into the episode as though them were all there at the same time. If this holds true for the rest of S7 then, from what I have read, H50 will be getting more “family” in S8 and perhaps less screen time for the main cast. One thing we do not know are the details of the contract negotiations for the actors. Is there a book with all possible storylines and are they choosing some for main stories and others for fillers so we won’t notice who is missing or who is on “lite” duty that week?


      1. Or maybe they can do a “Jack Lord” and have virtual characters recite the dialog and we won’t even notice who’s missing? I’m betting my nickle on that one.

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    1. I definitely think that the scheduling is causing some of the problems. It’s been apparent that Danny is in some episodes separate from the rest of the cast because SC films things and then leaves Hawaii on his 3 weeks on, 1-ish weeks off schedule. He in effect “misses” more than his purported 5 episodes a year, because the episodes on one side or the other of his off week is generally Danny-lite. The change up the pairings, which I like, but this comes at the expense of the story, which I do not like. It’s distracting.

      And, to put a finer point on my feelings about the silly side stories – I don’t hate them in concept (although I really could care less about Grace and WIll’s teen love story, ugh) because these moments USED to give us great character stuff. Now though, it’s NOT giving us any character stuff other than stupid slapstick comedy AND its causing the procedural story to be rushed and some off as not satisfactorily resolved.

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  11. Give me Steve McGarrett arresting a Nazi and I am a very happy camper.
    I really loved that storyline. And if we wouldn’t have had all these side shows this would have been an awesome episode. But because of all this ‘fun’ and second crime that couldn’t hold my attention the ending was too rushed. So I vote great with tendencies to good or good with tendencies to great. Thankfully I don’t have to make up my mind.
    Steve and Chin working together is such a relief. I want more of that – if I can’t have McGrover. Calm, adult and effective, everybody contributing to the case. That is the way it should be done.
    The scene I loved the most was Steve’s reaction to the Shoa video of Itzhak Rozen. I had goosebumps and Steve’s/Alex’ face showed exactly my feelings. Very well done. Kudos to Alex.

    Random thoughts, Dear show:

    -Steve leaving Dannoying at the beach was hilarious. Can I have that in every episode, show? In future references I will call it “The Kamedanno”. But I am open to “A Flippilliams” or “The Big Car Loading Mystery – How long can it take?” As long as you don’t have the guts to leave the part time show-members out, this will do it.

    -In the dim and distant past, when leiCa went to school, she never ever had 40 minutes of spare time BEFORE school. Sorry show. No!

    -Danny said Animal Rights people can be nuts. Well, maybe. But I would say people killing beautiful endangered animals like elephants, lions or sharks are asshats. Period.

    So that’s it. My short and late verdict.
    Now I’ve got a date with AU-Steve. On a balcony. Where you just feeeeel the love Steve has meeting Danny on the balcony next door. Oh boy, he is so happy to see ‘his’ Danny there. He radiates excitement.
    Having fun with his lady friend next door to D. My heart goes out to AU-Steve.
    But then, maybe D is allergic to curd, disappears in a hospital-room for the night. Oh – that could be “A Curdanno”.
    See show? So many possibilities to cover non-commitment. Every possibility is better than those cramped episodes. You can do better, show. Who doesn’t want to play may stay at home. Let the adults play together.

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    1. The whole sneak peek had me laughing out loud. You could so feel the true love for his casual-sex lady friend. LOL
      And of course the total happiness to see his best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, the one he can’t live without. Geez, gimme a break.

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      1. Sam:

        His Lady Friend? I haven’t heard that term since I was a small child and my confirmed bachelor uncle brought one of his “lady friends” ( there were several of them) to our house for Sunday dinner. It’s an archaic term no one under 80 uses anymore. Except for McGarrett, because the writers couldn’t use the word girlfriend or lover or fiancee and needed to google for a word that meant casual fling with sex benefits. Hence, LADY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        My sides ache from the giggling.

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        1. I think Steve said it in jest. I sometimes use the word “Gatte” an old word for husband, just for fun.
          And btw he didn’t call Cath his girlfriend for a long long time. It’s Steve. In this case the writers don’t have him ooc.


    2. Hee! I enjoy your comments. ❤

      Actually your Nazi discussion made me remember one part of the ep that irked me. With the new morgue chick, when they saw the number tats on our vic's arm, Chin realizes it's a Holocaust reference. McG seemed bizarrely unaware of the inferences Chin was making. McG is a NavySEAL, went to the NavalAcademy, likely took history there, as Service folks do, and likely spent some time in Germany, as our ServiceMen often do. It is not possible he isn't at LEAST as well informed about the Holocaust as Chin…and they went to the same high school so it's not like Chin's civvie education was different from McG's either.

      Just my little rant on the latest OOC moment for McG….

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      1. I didn’t get the impression that he did not know about these concentration camp numbers. He didn’t make the connection because the woman was too young. At least I thought so.
        And if I remember right, the place on her arm was not correct and the type of font was different. But then this tattoo was having a very special meaning and I loved that!


        1. I thought it was a stretch that Chin jumped to that connection. I mean – she could’ve been tattooing the number of her favorite racehorse, or her high school locker combo for all that looked like

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      2. I actually only thought that Steve wondered why Chin would make that connection because the tattoo was clearly not that of a victim. Way too young, and the fond was all wrong, and too well done.
        I am sure Steve is well versed in the history of all wars. Probably better than anyone.

        Although the show does like to forget what kind of highly trained and educated man Steve really is. They like to dumb him down for whatever reason. Always makes me mad. They often feel the need to let one shine by making the others dumb. I think THAT is dumb.

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        1. Yes…and after the morgue scene, there was another where Chin was explaining some holocaust thing. McG seemed unaware of it. Just hit me as so wrong. As you say, he knows about all the wars. Chin could know too…I’m not saying Chin had to play dumb either. They’re both smart educated and sentient men. Why couldn’t they both discuss the topic intelligently? Why would McG be acting like this is all news to him?

          Eh. It’s a little thing, but it’s such a dumbing down of SteveTheScienceGuy and NavySEAL top of his class graduate… like the writers forgot all that about him.


              1. I too was surprised that McGarrett didn’t seemingly get the Holocaust reference with the tattoo. I flashed on the significance of the tattoo immediately, but then I was born 4 years after the end of World War II. Chin makes a reference to checking with the Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization which keeps records of Holocaust victims, and McGarrett seems to not understand what that is either.

                The location and font of the tattoo is debatable, according to certain WWW pages. On this page there are different sizes and fonts, and it was typically done on the person’s forearm:


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      1. I read that comment and could see their point. Lynn looks like she is wearing a large shirt only. How sad it is that Steve and Danny can’t handle their partnership without the girls deciding to step in.


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