73 thoughts on “7.17 Promo Pictures

    1. Exactly. Also this show employs so few women…it’s insulting so many of them are soooooo deeply flawed and assholey. Reminds me of JessicaRabbit, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” The cartoon analogy fits, no?


      1. Since PL said something somewhere in some interview at sometime in the not long ago past ( Notice how specific I am ) I got the impression he might be adding new characters in S8 (maybe to fill in the hokes left by those who haven’t signed on yet or who intend to do cameo spots.

        So maybe if her character works out, we may see more of Claire Forlani next year. Who knows if we will be seeing Abby again. Dr.Brown can be the token woman. She is smart and has profiling skills. I don’t think it is a romantic relationship but could be a great working one. Just wondering,

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        1. Hey Mama, tweet that idea to PL. I am sure he would immediately write that in. We know he hangs on every suggestion we TRUE fans say. LOL Sorry…. I just couldn’t resist being snarky. However I do like the idea of Alicia filling any voids there may be if we get season 8.


          1. I’m not on twitter. Every time I think I might join I remember that that’s the social media site where people catch insanity ( and spread it to their “friends”)

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          2. What?! You’re saying he doesn’t listen to the fans wants and demands for the show???? 😭😂

            I hope Alicia is trustworthy. Claire seems cool, and another character would freshen things up. I hope the official account doesn’t start with the ‘shipping’ tweets again because…no!

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        2. Peter might be adding new characters for season 8 Claire Forlani would be a good choice. I hope it is not to replace Alex who might be doing less in season 8 and I think Adam might take Max place and a stand in for Alex as well. I hope I am wrong


  1. I am with both of you. If they make Alicia the baddie then the other episode made no sense. And if she is, Steve can dump her back in that hole and walk away. Enough with jerking his feelings around. The writers need to get their heads screwed on straight.

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  2. Why do I get the feeling that they deliberately want to make us doubt that Alicia is a good person?

    I think there is more to her story that we know but I am hoping she will be the therapist Steve turns to regarding his PTSD. He needs to talk to somebody and it would be great if they explored this issue.


    1. I’ve been thinking this too (that we’re being led to believe she’s not trustworthy).

      When it was announced she’d been cast, PL said that she and McGarrett “have a profound respect for each other”, so I’d love it if he felt he could open up to her and get rid of those demons.

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  3. Since Alicia is a therapist and has suffered a loss (her daughter),I want her to help McG pull his head out of his posterior regarding a lost loved one. …and how he might have contributed to that loss.

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  4. I don’t think Alicia is going to be bad. I think she goes slightly, ok maybe more than slightly, off the rails and tries to take revenge on Grey. I’m on the fence about her sticking around. I like her but I want s8 to focus on getting McG settled, especially if it’s Alex’s last season. cough ** McRoll ** cough .

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    1. Leni:

      I think you may be right on target with that and while H50 could be renewed without him, I think AOL will stick to his plan to make S8 the end for him. He might come back for cameo spots, but he seems to have had enough of the stunts which left him injured and I sensed real worry from him about his health and his family’s welfare. I don’t think more $ was ever the issue. He has a great resume and enough contacts to get movie roles which do not involve jumping off roofs. His fans will follow.

      If PL wants to find another female character to fit in with the Task Force, then Alicia seems a good choice and if Kono and Adam are seriously talking “baby” then perhaps Kono’s character may have a limited schedule like Danny leaving a spot for Alicia while Jerry and Duke move up to a bigger roles. I have this feeling Chin may also be spending more time off screen with Sara and invisible Abby. We don’t know who else signed on for S8 besides AOL or what the terms of their contracts are if they did.


      Is that a posterior-cranial ectomy? Because McG can sure use one if he thinks he bears no blame for what happened to the McRoll (temporary) breakup.



      1. OK, guys, I normally don’t engage in this discussion about blaming Steve and Cath for their current state of relationship. But why on earth are so many blaming Steve for what happened?

        I don’t get that at all.

        Let me see if I understand this right.

        In season 4 Cath told Steve that she was very happy with their relationship, and that they were in a really good place right now. Steve told Cath that nothing would come between them. So far so good. The season progressed, they lived together and then they went to save that boy which ended in disaster.

        Cath stayed in Afghanistan, telling Steve she wanted to keep looking for Najib. Then she called him she had found her calling and would stay there and he shouldn’t wait for her. Which he did anyway. And all the time she lied to him. She was already recruited by the CIA.

        Then she came back at the end of season 5 and told Steve she would stay as long as he would have her. So, Steve decided it was time to put a ring on his lover’s finger. But before he could do that she told him, he wasn’t enough for her and left him. Again lying to him.

        So, tell me, where on earth is Steve to blame for any of this? And don’t tell me he should have asked her sooner. When? Sometime in season 4 while they were in a comfortable, great relationship? Neither of them was ready then to take the next step.

        So, I really like to know how Steve is to blame for being lied to, twice in a big way. And why he is at fault that they are not happily married at this point.

        Because, I for sure don’t see it.

        Yes, in my eyes, Steve is the victim here. And I am miffed at Cath. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them together, and believe they will end up together. But Steve did nothing to deserve what Cath has done to him. There was no need for her to lie to him like she did. No matter what she says, she is solely to blame for all this. That is my opinion. And I do love her, but what she did was not OK. Not at all.

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        1. My thoughts exactly Sam. For me too, Steve is the victim here. I don’t get at all why he is to blame. Sorry ladies, but I don’t see it. If she wanted more of their relationship she should have said so. I think she was happy the way it was. They did things in their own time. If she needed progress, as a strong woman TALK to him!
          It is her fault that they are not together anylonger, the there has not been (at least in the moment) a happy ending. She is to blame. Because she lied and made him believe he was not enough. That was cruel and that is the reason I don’t like her (at least in the moment).

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          1. Totally agree with you. She acted, in a cruel way. I do blame her for that. Steve was working his way towards asking her. Moving their relationship forward. How can I blame him for being too slow with it? It’s just who he is.
            And I can’t stand people saying HE had to move it forward. We are living in modern times, if she wanted more she should have said so. Not go and lie and break his heart.
            Darn, I really don’t like her at the moment. I love her, but don’t like her. LOL

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                1. Maybe she didn’t abandon what she loved. Maybe she was forced to abandon it? I have an idea playing inside my head which I think might explain it and it doesn’t concern Steve’s safety. I am not ready to share it it here because I want to get a few things straight in my head first but if I am even close, I will be torn between being happy and getting the torches and pitchforks ready to lead the charge on the writers’ room.

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                  1. Mamayorkie, I wasn’t talking about Catherine. I was talking about my love for the show, not to stop watching, but enduring the bad and loving the great.

                    I don’t feel like Catherine abandoned Steve in the real sense of the word. She did what she thought was the right thing to do. I don’t agree with her, lying to him was the worst she could have done.

                    I’m looking forward to your idea. I must confess, I can’t come up with anything that makes her actions even remotely OK. Not even if Steve were in danger, or whatever. That is the same lame excuse Doris used for years. I did it to protect you. SO lame.

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                    1. Sam:

                      If I am right, it will be a toss up if Steve kisses Cath or tries to choke her. Should this be a viable solution, I’ll share it but I need to think it through first. And if I am even close, I will be furious, because what I am considering is totally absurd but in the world of H50, entirely plausible. But it is still endgame for McRoll, so in the long run it doesn’t matter.


                    2. I’m hoping your idea isn’t one that was recently used on another CBS show or I will join you in storming the writers room.


                    3. Not until Mama shares. I could be way off base. I just know when I heard about it I hoped our show would not go there. So far they haven’t.


                  2. OMG I am so intrigued by what you are thinking, Mama! I got zero imagination for plotting, so I cannot fathom what is in your head!

                    But if it is truly a crafty idea, then I don’t think that is what atPLenkov has in mind…if he even does have something in mind…cos he is not at all imaginative or crafty.

                    Just sayin…. 🙄

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                    1. GNP:

                      I’m sure by now he has abandoned the “Cath needs a liver transplant and Steve is a donor match but the liver gets kidnapped by a drug lord with hungry dogs and a blond girlfriend with funny hair and no self esteem”.

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                    2. But Mama….Danny could be a match too and we know how great he is at donating. He can give her the other half of his liver and that solves several problems.

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            1. At the risk of not knowing where this will end up in the thread – here’s why I assign some blame to Steve (not all , because it takes two and all)

              I’m with you all the way through when she told him to move on in season 5. Then, when he decided it was time to take it up a level in season 6 and ask her to marry him, he never consulted her at all – never talked about a future – never answered her “how long do you want me to stay” (as far as we saw on show at least – (and yes, I know that all the good stuff happens offscreen, but they intimated that there was no time for conversation so… that’s what I’m going with) So, as far as Cath knew, there was no reason to believe anything was going to change. I mean – the two of them are AWFUL at having these kind of talks. So yes, I blame him a little for not informing Cath that he wanted a commitment – whether it be as big as asking her to marry him, or as small as actually talking about a future.

              And yes, Cath could’ve asked him, but she was definitely coming from the weaker position. since she was the one who stayed in Afghanistan and told him to move on. She was waiting for him to give her a sign.

              All this being said – I still stand by the notion that something compelled her to join the CIA, and it wasn’t just because she needed to feel needed and needed something more than a relationship could give her. I don’t know if they found out about her connection with Steve in the whole Taliban thing, or if she needed help getting Najib back – or what, but I really don’t feel as though she just jumped right into being a CIA agent for the hell of it.

              I think she felt like she HAD to be cruel to Steve in 6.03 – to make sure that he wouldn’t follow or look for her. She tried to get him to think she was just going to help in Nepal and would be back, but he drew that line in the sand that he wouldn’t wait for her, so she made sure it ended. Cruel, yes, but I still think she was compelled to do it, not that it was her wanting to do it. I think that whole ” I need more” was total bullshit.

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              1. Kimphin:

                I agree totally– She didn’t want him to follow her. We just don’t know why- yet. And when we find out it will probably be some dumb, unfathomable reason, like the explanation for Doris. My feeling is that both times she left him she thought there was a good chance she might die and didn’t want him to wait or mourn her. That was her sacrifice and her gift to him. It was apparent she didn’t want to go because we all saw the crying in the car scene so what was so important that she would give up her happiness and possibly her life to protect?

                But the 10 million who watch Friday night will buy whatever story the writers give because they have gotten to know the characters and are not particularly worrying about Steve’s feelings or why Cath did what she did. They want to go to a wedding, not a funeral and if the series wraps with McRoll happily ever after they will be satisfied, They are the ones who count– what this tiny fandom wants or demands does not.

                It’s doubtful that the EP wants to have McG and Danno married off (and I don’t mean to each other) unless the series end is in sight or a character is leaving, like Danny with the saintly and blameless Rachel.

                PL says he has an endgame (must be reading this blog) for McG’s love life but he can’t talk about it because it causes him trouble on twitter. “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!”


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                1. Lol. I fear that the writing won’t stand up to scrutiny. And yes, I agree that most won’t care, or remember. Oh well. I’ll continue to wish better for the characters.

                  And you’re also correct that PL doesn’t want mcg married off (yet? Ever? Who knows) he definitely has an end in mind, and he needs catherine there for it I think. If they really tried, they COULD have mcg and or Danny married to women, and at times make that part of the story, but they won’t, or can’t, not sure.

                  At this point in still interested in seeing where this is all leading. As painfully long as its taking.

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        2. I feel that way because he never could find the time to talk with her when she came back in s6.. yet he now seems to have unlimited free time. Did Cath have a clue he was on the verge of proposing. I don’t think so, judging by her shocked reaction in 7.07. and why would she think that? He never apparently told her he loved her until it was by phone 1000’s of miles apart even though it was quite evident in other actions of his. (I’m sure she ‘knew’ it deep down inside but still.. a girl likes to hear it occasionally) Maybe she just got tired of waiting for him to commit, . He could’ve stepped up in 6.03 and asked anyway but that’s not the way the writers are playing this.

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  5. Sam:

    It takes two to royally screw up a relationship, so I can’t give Steve a pass.

    They had been together for a while and had a real relationship, not one based on just having a good time like with airplane girl or Lynn. From 525 to 601, 602 and 603 he was always too busy to have “the talk”. The job always came first.

    He had time to tell Danny that he was planning to ask Cath to marry him, time to find a ring and have Nahele help him pick it up, time to plan to everything but no time to ask her. That’s my problem here. He was so sure of her that he could put it on the back burner until had time? As soon as he knew he wanted to marry her, he should have asked her. He didn’t need to have a ring in his pocket. She wouldn’t have cared and now we know she would have said yes. But what was she to think, except that the job would always come first, and she would always come second? Maybe if Doris had stuck around he might have been more in tune with how a woman might see this. But Doris didn’t stay and he just didn’t see it himself.

    I don’t think she lied in 525 when she came back. I think she was dragged into something by the same handlers she had in Afghanistan but did lie to him in 603 about why she was leaving. It was so evident she didn’t want to go.
    We will have to wait until she returns to find out the truth and we will as soon as the writers figure out what that truth is.

    If she bears blame, then he does too. No pass from me for McG . Takes two.

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    1. I see things much the way you do Mama. In 6:02 Cath wanted him to take a break and go home with her. He couldn’t get past the firebug escaping and Cath said that the job always came first with him. Why wouldn’t she think he would understand her doing the same thing? I also think she hoped she was finished with the CIA when she came back. Her phone call came at the wrong time. Maybe Steve isn’t so much to blame as her but he isn’t completely without fault.


        1. When Cath said that the job always comes first she was reacting to the fact that he had to go off to save the world and what they had to talk about would have to wait, not that she wanted to wait. She was just acknowledging that Steve had been trained to do this all his life, from his time in the Navy to the creation of the Task Force.

          That’s how I heard the inflection in her voice. And inflection was everything. It was how she said that line that changed it from the literal translation of the actual words to what some of us understood her to mean. What she said to him was in effect. I know, you have to put the job first. That just the way it is.


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          1. Thanks Mama for explaining that better than I could. Who I truly blame for this ruined relationship is PL and the writers. They just had to get “cute” with this couple and throw a road block into the relationship. I almost wish that Catherine’s leaving in 6:03 was actually an op to protect Steve…..such as learning that the Taliban had decided to come after him for the loss of their group that had wanted to behead him on film. That could explain why she was harsh in telling him goodbye and hoping to keep him from following her like he did when she went to save Najib. There were so many better options that the whole Afghanistan thing if they had wanted some distance between the couple. PL and the writers blew this.

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            1. Moonjat:

              Of course they are to blame. 525 was thought to possibly be the series finale and the script was written likely with two endings. Either Steve and Catherine were reunited permanently or he’d ship her off again and stretch things out until he decided to end the ride. So, we get S6 and she sails away.

              We know she has lied to him but we don’t know why. I don’t believe the “finding herself-being happy” crap for one minute, It may be that we will accept that the choice she made was the right one at that time for both of them. I’m sure, in someone’s notes, are several possible explanations which are being weighed. I think PL intends for McRoll to be endgame but I don’t know when the game ends.

              Whatever happens, next time Cath sails away, McG will be the Commander at the wheel.


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        1. well, he SAYS he understands, but then he shows that he doesn’t totally understand. As much as that pains me to see, I suppose it’s realistic – kind of like “family can say bad things about family, but outsiders can’t”


          1. Alex does not only know Steve very well, he knows people, humans very well and the way they feel. He said: “He’s also annoyed at Catherine because of the way she left. Regardless of what was behind it, he ends up saying, “I understand, I would’ve done the same thing,” but he deep down feels that she could’ve done it differently. He understands classified operations, but she did it in a pretty sh—y way.”
            I think that was perfectly said. Steve would never follow her in a classified op. He knows how things work.

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            1. Yep. It is kinda ridiculous to think that he would try to ‘help’ her doing her job. This is very different to going with her to save Najib. That was a privat thing they did. This is a job with the CIA. He would not have tried to follow her or do anything stupid that would only put her in danger. He is a professional, just like her. They both know how the job goes.

              And I also think Alex said it perfectly. I do believe she could have done it in a different way, not as shitty as she did. And the way she did it is my beef with her.

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              1. My issue us that for 4 years she was show as someone who never would have done something like that. Then all of a sudden she does. I mean – women are historically made to do horrendous things to the men in this show (I wasn’t a Rachel fan, but having her do what she did was absolutely awfui) – but I really am hoping that they haven’t done that to Catherine, and that she had good reason. If they choose to just leave it that she completely changed her personality and gave Steve the big F.U., I will still love the Catherine that I was led to love – and continue to blast the terrible writing – because you don’t build a character for 4 years to have her do a complete 180 just for man pain

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                1. and I guess, keeping it within the characters only – – Since Catherine HAD been shown for those four years (at least) to be a very selfless, giving person – only to have her do this turnaround – yes, I do give Steve the side-eye, because he should know that this is a total turn around of her character.

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              2. I’m not saying he would have to help her do her job if we are to believe the story that she left because she wanted something more for herself. No, I agree he would not. What I am saying is that if there were a reason which was so serious and he knew about it, then he might very well follow her, especially when he already did to Afghanistan and as she did when she followed him to Korea. Neither of them wanted the other to go with them.

                It is easy to blame Cath if you didn’t buy the scene in the cab when she cried. Also, I think Kimphin is correct. Cath was asked if she could do something, not if she wanted to do it. That is a major difference and an important distinction. There was absolutely no reason for that line to be written that way, but is was because its almost colloquial in how we speak. And I think that may be true for a lot of people who have had to make a difficult decision that they preferred not to make but had a compelling and overriding obligation to act. Sometimes life hands you a jelly doughnut and sometimes it hands you liver. McG got liver and one day he will get his jelly doughnut, just not in 716 where he will get super cute and a crater deep enough to jump into.

                As for Alex, I also agree he knows his character but he knows only what he reads in the script he is given and was commenting what he knew at the time he made his statements. He thinks Cath behaved badly but he may change his mind and say so unless he has sworn off giving interviews permanently.

                Again, I say if she hurt him, it was to give him the ability to move on without her. Not because she didn’t love him but because she did. That’s why I love the character and am patiently awaiting her return and vindication.

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    2. Can’t agree at all. Steve is a perfectionist. There is NO way that he would have asked her without it being perfect, at least as he thought perfect would be like.
      And don’t tell me they didn’t have a talk. They would not have ended up in bed like that without at least talking about their relationship. Off screen, as all the good things happen off screen.

      And besides, even if you expected Steve to acted quicker, sooner or whatever. That doesn’t change the fact that Catherine lied to him. And told him he was not what she was looking for in a relationship. That he was not enough for her. I have no words for such cruelty. I don’t care why she did it. There was no need for that.

      AND Catherine was the one who said the job always comes first. Steve only agreed to it.

      In most relationships that fall apart, two are to blame. But it doesn’t take two to lie. That is solely on Catherine. And I will not blame Steve for doing it in his own time. That is the person he is. For god’s sake, he took a decade to tell her he loves her. She knew how slow he was regarding his feeling. But I have no doubt she always knew he loved her. That is why she was heartbroken to leave. But not heartbroken enough not to lie about it.

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      1. She actually said “the job always comes first, that’s who WE are” I feel that is a pertinent clue. Leaving was a job for her, for whatever reason the writers haven’t figured out quite yet.. or at least shared with us yet. I don’t think she wanted to leave and the only way she could do it successfully was to crush him. She told the person on the phone her cover wasn’t questioned so maybe she was acting under orders. I just hope the writing staff has a satisfactory explanation for this mess they’ve created

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    3. That’s pretty much my take too – and if I had read the thread further I wouldn’t have left my comment saying as much ^^^way up there.

      I don’t think she came back in 5.25 just for Kono’s wedding, I got the feeling that she wanted to BE back for good, out of the CIA. that phone call roped her back in.

      I just hope that PL and the writers have a good reason.

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  6. Just because he doesn’t ask her to marry him she left? She said she would be with him if he wanted, when she came back after Afganistan, so he thought he had enough time to buy the ring and do the things properly. If she had loved him she would have stayed with him. The writers must have a very good explanation. I like Steve and Catherine together but she had lied to him and had left him at least 2 times and we know she was with CIA and didn’t tell him. I don’t like Lynn but at the moment don’t like Cath either.

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    1. I agree Rosa! Well not the part about Lynn, but the rest. 😉 What Cath did was horrible, esp. to someone like Steve, who was left by people who claimed to love him more than once. She knew that he is kinda damaged because of his past, but still made him think he was not enough. And all we know by now is that she had a choice, otherwise she could have never said yes to a proposal. Nothing Steve may have done or not done (and I don’t agree on that) is an excuse for her behaviour.
      Sadly I don’t think we will ever get an explanation, I think the writers feel everything is fine after 7.07. TPTB think that was closure for Steve. But it wasn’t. Neither from Cath nor from Doris.
      But I hope I am wrong.

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      1. She did have a choice, leiCa. That voice on the phone asked her if she was sure she could do this. That tells me she had a choice to take the job, and not to lie to Steve about it.
        I repeat, there was no need to be so cruel and tell the man she does love (and I believe her that she does) that he wasn’t enough. That she needed more than he could give her.
        And seriously, I do not see the need not to tell Steve that she works with the CIA. That she needed to take a classified job. He does understand classified and would have supported her decision. What she did was a truly bad and cruel move.

        And I think you are right. There is no excuse for her behavior. No matter why she did it. Lying to Steve is not what he deserved. If he was slow in asking her, or taking more time for her. That is no reason to act like she did.

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        1. ITA! Steve was a special forces operator, he absolutely understands the word ‘classified’. ‘Lying’? Not so much. I am so tired of people treating him so badly, day to day behaviour or relationship wise. So I hope, to get back to the 7.17 pics, that Alicia is no liar.

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        2. But that’s where I think the “being compelled” comes into play. He asked her if she could do this, and she could. he didn’t ask if she wanted to do it, which in my mind are two things. I just feel like they set that scene up to look like she was doing something because she had to, not because she wanted to.

          Of course, in 7.07 she said she was happy doing what she was doing, which I don’t know if that was the truth, or telling Steve that so that he could really move on or what. Basically the writers continue to maim her character beyond recognition.

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  7. I love you ladies. Such a conversation! Everyone is so thoughtful about what’s happened…we all have slightly different takes on what it all means and where blame may lie, but we’re listening to one another and really thinking it thru and condemning NO ONE, fellow posters or characters. Cos Lord knows what 180 atPLenkov could suddenly ridiculously throw out there for these characters. 🙄

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  8. Thank you so much for all your comments ladies!
    Though we might slightly differ in pots of views we interact politely here and I wish those bashing ABCs would take a look at this blog now!

    I am torn on the above thoughts and have come up with some ideas myself as to how this whole mess of Cath leaving again (and lying) might have unfolded. If PL and writers will ever go the way of decent storytelling? I doubt it, but one can never HOPE too much.
    I want Cath and Steve to be endgame because I still see true love there opposite to someone who was thrown at us in 3 episodes only and is seemingly oh so perfect…
    I miss our sailor and his Ramboette. Simple as that.

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    1. My first hurdle-

      When Cath asked Steve how long he wanted her to stay, it was apparent to me that she thought she was back for good and asking him if he still wanted her/loved her. We now know that answer to that question was yes because he bought a ring was going to ask her to marry him.

      But they needed to talk about why she remained in Afghanistan after she found Nahele. How can it be that they never carved out a few minutes in all the time she was back to do that? She was there for a length of time sufficient for the show to do 4 episodes. It was obvious she didn’t want to leave. What was that phone call about? Major script fail.

      2nd hurdle-

      Why was she even recruited by the CIA in the first place? She was a Naval officer in a hostile environment where she was trying to keep hidden and now she suddenly wants to start a school where anyone could betray her to the Taliban? Why did that not occur to Steve when she told him? (unless it didn’t occur to the writers?) But he was in Naval intelligence and alarm bells should have gone off in his head.

      What’s wrong about that picture? Would she be teaching girls. too? Taliban-Girls-School? Do the writers read? Did something else happen to Cath that we don’t know about? If so, what was important enough to make her lie to someone she loves? I asked myself what would be important enough to me to make ME do that? Who or what would be more important? If we eliminate, for the time being, that she was protecting Steve, what was it? What would be more important to YOU? Another Script fail.

      I am going to just start posing questions I want answers to, for now. Maybe when there are enough questions we can start theorizing about answers, and even if we reach a conclusion which makes sense, to us, there is no guarantee that this is where the writers will go. But at least Cath won’t just hand him a diary, or at least I hope not.

      This is my method. First questions, then answers, then preliminary conclusions, then reviewing for errors in logic, then conclusions which can be supported— logically, ( all the while accepting that what makes sense to me may not make sense to the PTB).

      When I have more I will post. This is a game we can all play. I would love to hear your questions and conclusions.

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  9. Perhaps Cath would have said yes BEFORE she got that phone call? Steve never asked her before she got that call, so why assume she had a choice without knowing the timeline? Had they had the talk and he asked before the call and she said yes, then it would be plausible she would have told him the story so they could decide together what was to be done. Steve would have insisted in going along because that’s who he is.

    I won’t condemn Cath without knowing all the facts and we don’t know them yet. Since I believe McRoll is endgame, it is not a stretch that the writers will come up with a reason we may not accept but they need to fix this and sadly, they might think anything old reason will do.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. She did say that she would’ve said yes – so does that mean that she would’ve quit CIA for good? Told him about it? Snuck off for a “girls trip” every time she got an assignment?

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  10. I don’t condemn Cath, but I don’t see why is Steve’s fault she left him. I don’t know her reasons and I’m quite sure sure if PL wants them together they will find a reason but will it be a good one? She told him not to wait for her and he did and he accepted her back in his life, then she left. He almost died and Cath didn’t even call him.

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  11. I kind of wonder if she was forced to join the CIA. If they threatened to make Steve and his team’s life miserable.As that could have been a pretty good reasons. As remember he went there and she left him in 4.24 in order to search for that boy and he was threatened by the CIA over being arrested and charged?

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    1. I am sure she was forced to do whatever she did. But in this way? Was she told “lie to him in the most cruel way”? I’ve problems to think this way.
      I get that our different opinions about this topic won’t come together and that is totally ok. Would be boring if so. But some last words.
      For me it is all about emotions and feelings. It is not about what reasons, excuses there may have been. Or what could be, should be, will be, won’t be. Or that I doubt there will be any further explanation.
      No, it is about decisions and feelings right here and right now. And it is not, my dear lurkers, about men and women, but about humans. One human being causing pain to another human being. Kicking him in his heart and soul, hurting the very spot, his soft spot you know he is the most vulnerable. You are the decider of what you do, and the way you do it.
      So, no. I am having a very hard time to accept her way of leaving him. And I can’t ignore my feelings.
      Dürrentmatt said: “Whatever once has been thought can never be taken back.” Same goes with what you’ve done.

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      1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. And this coming from someone who loves Catherine. But I too have a very hard time excusing the way she left him.

        And I’m kinda tired of people saying, yeah, Steve left her many times behind to do an op. True. BUT she always knew what he was doing, he never lied to her. She did. In a huge way. She trampled on his feelings, fully knowing what it would do to him. There is no excuse for it. To protect him? Heard that too many times. The truth is ALWAYS the best option.

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