Now more than ever


Let me tell you a little tale. A few years ago, there started a new show on TV, and many people were hooked for various reasons.

  • some loved the action
  • some loved the location
  • some loved the humor
  • some loved a particular actor
  • some loved another particular actor
  • some loved the banter
  • some loved all the above

But one thing all had in common, they loved the show.

And you know what? They still have that in common. But they all love in very different ways. And none of those ways is wrong.

What is wrong is:

  • to go and tell people how bad it is to love something and still criticize it
  • to go to a blog, you don’t like, and read the comment section and then
  • to go and bash those people commenting
  • to go and question them being fans
  • to think that you are true fans
  • to think that your opinion is more valid than others’

You know what that is?

Pathetic and small-minded, mobbing and bullying, harassment

Just because how others celebrate and enjoy a show they love doesn’t fit into your cute little box labelled FAN, doesn’t mean you are superior. On the contrary. The last day has shown me how your hearts are filled with hatred, spite, nastiness and not a spark of Aloha in sight.

I pity your desperate need to validate your opinion in that manner. It is a testament how very little you actually believe in your love. If you would, you wouldn’t care what others think about something or someone you love. You would stand above it. But you don’t. You constantly try to tell ‘the world’ how wrong it is to love something any other than your way. The right way, right?

But you know what, a very smart woman once said “If they go low…”

Thank you, GNP for reminding me of that. So very true.

And one more word. You don’t have to come here and read. I’m not one to go out and beg to read my blog. I don’t even tag my posts. So, feel free to stay the heck away!

One thing you did with your campaign though. Now more than ever will I post reviews for every damn episode. I will not stop telling what I thing were amazing and great things about my favorite show. And I for damn sure will never, ever stop pointing out the stupid and ridiculous!

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  1. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog.It is always enjoyable , and while I don’t always agree with you , I find it entertaining and thought provoking . It’s always a pleasure to talk with friends about something you all enjoy. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for your next blog and more stories! ❤

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  2. 👏👏👏 good for you. This is YOUR blog and you can think and write whatever you want. I’ve read your blog for a while, but only yesterday did I read the comments after seeing your tweets. I might not always agree with you or other posters, but I still respect your opinions and I love that you say what you think (and I do love a bit of snark, and the posters here are hilarious). I’d rather be labelled a “bad fan” for having my own mind and saying what I think than put my blinkers on and be a sheep following the herd. For every whiner there is a person who agrees with you and enjoys your blog. I thank you for having a blog where all opinions are allowed and welcomed. I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with a place we can discuss our favourite show.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like it here and feel free to share your opinion. We never had a problem with different opinions here, everyone is welcome as long as they can be civil. And I agree, some of the commenters are hilarious and make for a very fun read. They are an enrichment for the blog and I love them for it.

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      1. I cannot wait for the reactions after the dreaded ‘staycation’. I thought they couldn’t write McGarrett any more out of character than in 6.11 (the couple’s therapy episode) – WRONG!

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          1. I fell in love with the no nonsense, stoic, slightly awkward Navy SEAL from the earlier seasons. I loved seeing the little glimpses of the soft, caring side of him shining through. While I expect him to mellow more and more as the years since leaving the Navy go by, this is totally off canon. I can get on board with a lot of the silliness on the show, but don’t mess with my McGarrett! Lol.

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  3. I know where you’re coming from. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, there are good fans and bad fans. I consider myself a good fan of Alex O’Loughlin. I totally enjoy Alex in whatever he does. Have literally seen everything he’s been in and have the DVD’s to prove it, that is except the UK versions. I love watching Hawaii Five-0 because of the scenery, the acting and of course being able to see Alex on a weekly basis is something to be happy about.
    When it comes to opinions, to me its okay to have one, just don’t try to force it on others. I enjoy your blogs immensely, I don’t always comment, but that’s okay, maybe one wasn’t needed.
    I’m sorry your having problems with how people are using your blog. If they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t comment and be on it anymore, it’s not their thing. I think there are those who just like to rock the boat for no reason at all, just be a pain in the butt, because that’s them. If they don’t like Alex or any of the cast or Hawaii, then this is NOT the blog they should be on. Hopefully,you have a way of banning them?
    I look forward to reading what you say about every episode, it gives me something to think about with the story, etc.

    AudreyD ❤️ 🌴

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    1. Hey AudreyD, thank you very much. Oh, the problem is not on this blog. They don’t comment here, nope, guess too coward to have a conversation in a civilized manner. Nope, they bash on social media. All over the place.
      And that is my only point with them. If they don’t like what I, or the commenters have to say, why come here and read? Many blogs out there, I am sure they could find something they would love.

      I don’t go around and tell people other blogs are bad and hateful, or whatever. Why would I? It will not validate my opinion, or pull theirs down. So why not just enjoy it your way and be happy about it? And let others do the same. Some people are just very strange. 😉

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  4. Loving something you think is perfect is easy.
    Loving something you think is not perfect is … real.
    There are more than 50 comments about last weeks epi.
    A lot of different people commenting. If you put all the comments together as ONE opinion and summarize them in ONE act of interpretation you’re creating a false truth.
    There are no alternative facts. Only alternative opinions. Get used to it people. It’s life.
    I love it here.
    I am not a McRoll fan. Sam does. But that doesn’t matter.
    I like Lynn. Sam doesn’t. At least not that much. But that doesn’t matter.
    I like Jerry. Sam doesn’t. At least not often. But that doesn’t matter.
    I like Kono. Sam thinks she has her moments. But that doesn’t matter.
    There were comments about last weeks episode on Sam’s blog a agree with. And there were comments I wholeheartedly disagree with. But. That. Doesn’t. Matter!
    If you can’t cope why bother? I don’t get that.
    What we do here is voicing our disappointment. I want the show the actor I am a fan of for many many years is in to be good. But sometimes it isn’t. Because in my opinion the writing could be better or other actors don’t bring their A game. Or both.
    If you love your rose coloured glasses move on and kindly don’t judge people for having another opinion.

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    1. “I am not a McRoll fan. Sam does. But that doesn’t matter.” YES, she is the one for me. She is perfect for Steve. BUT I don’t begrudge other fantasies. I’m fine with it. I don’t see it, but think it is great that others do and get joy from it.
      “I like Lynn. Sam doesn’t. At least not that much. But that doesn’t matter.” Oh, but I do like her in her capacity to bring Steve some fun. 😉
      “I like Kono. Sam thinks she has her moments. But that doesn’t matter.” That is so cute. She has honestly grown on me, and lately I do like her… well, a lot more than I used to. 😉
      Not going to comment on Jerry though. LOL

      I love your comment. You hit the nail on the head, again. It is all about live and let live. And I honestly don’t get why some don’t get it. 🙂

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      1. Well, I don’t like Lynn because I see her as a character with no self respect and as a woman, the writers’ portrayal of her bothers me, But she’s just a fictional character, and as such, not worthy of waging war. However, take cover because if the staycation lives up to the promos, I am coming out with guns blazing and going after “Blondie”*** and maybe McG, too if he thinks having an avocado and cucumber salad on his face is not out of character.

        ****In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit to being a blond who deeply resents the stereotype that we are airheads whose I.Q. equals our bra size.

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        1. Well then I will be at the ready to defend ‘my’ Lynn. 😉 Roarrr! Be prepared you Blondie. 😉
          Little story: As he had seen Lynn the first time (6.07) I asked hubby who he thinks is better looking Cath or Lynn. He said: Lynn.
          Good boy.
          I am blond too.
          He is not entitled to more beauty.

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            1. ok, Lynn got her stu…er, cute hair cut for whatever reason she thought was right. But then the writers had Steve MAKE A COMMENT ABOUT LIKING IT!!! Why was that even in there? the entire time I was thinking “woman, what have you done to yourself?”

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              1. I was just thinking the same thing today about that line from Steve ( i have no idea why i was thinking about that episode. I’ll blame fanficiton.). For some reason, the writers decided addressing her new look was important for the fans. Evidently addressing why she was absent when her supposed boyfriend had an organ transplant was not necessary. I felt bad for the actress since if the haircut wouldn’t have been so hideous, there would have been no reason to mention it. I have to admit, she actually looks pretty nice in the staycation pictures. I’m still not a fan of the relationship, but solo lynn i can deal with.
                The main thing i like about this blog is the differing opinions that are approached in a light hearted manner. I agree with different people about different aspects of the show. I also love the creativity some commenters bring to their posts. I pretty much only come to this site and to the ones connected to your twitter. Others i have read usually only have input from one side. As far as the twitterverse goes, I can’t keep up with all the silliness and snide remarks. Frequently I can only surmise part of what is meant by some posters. I get the drift but never fully get where the references they use are coming from. I have enough conflict with people over important stuff; I would like to just enjoy my favorite TV show with fellow fans who may have differing opinions than mine.
                I can’t believe we have another week to wait for new stuff. The last couple of episodes haven’t really done much for me. They were okay, but they didn’t do much of anything for the bigger storylines i would like to see (do the writers know there are big storylines left or am i just wishfully thinking?)

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          1. Boy Yorkie said he thought that Cath was beautiful and wanted to know what was up with the Blonde’s “hair”.

            You know I’m a street fighter, don’t you? Takes no prisoners? Made the boys cry? Looks innocent when caught red handed ? Blessed with friends who’d swear I was with them all the time?

            Looking forward to 716.

            OK, I’m really not but I will be ready.

            En Guard!

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  5. Very well said Sam. I am sure that while everyone here is nice to each other that sometimes you must get comments that we never see. I am sorry you have to deal with that. There seems to be a rise in the nasty level in many things lately, not just TV fandom. Social media has created the ability to reach out and berate people under the cover of a username or just plain…. anonymous. It allows people to say things they would never say to your face and to sit back and feel superior. This is true in fanfiction as well where they feel free to trash someone’s story only because it doesn’t go the way they like. Manners seem to be a thing of the past and today it is just say what is on your mind no matter how hurtful it can be.

    Thank you for saying you will continue the reviews. Rest assured that we love what you do and even if we don’t see the episode exactly as you do……it is okay to have different opinions and still love our show.

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    1. Actually, no, I don’t have a bag full of nasty commenters who never made it through. This blog is not moderated, only two people are on constant moderation and two more are blocked because they constantly attack commenters here, or call real people names.
      But I don’t moderate what people comment. Only first-time-commenters are in moderation, and there never was one who wasn’t approved and then can comment freely.
      I think most, if not all here, are very civilized, intelligent people who simply have fun talking about the show they love. We very seldom have a ‘nasty’ poster. And we even engange friendly with those, as we have done so in the past.

      I think I have awesome followers, who share their view in a great way, who are here to have fun. Just like why I maintain this blog.

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  6. Oh, Sam—This blog is the only place where we can post safely because, though we don’t always agree, we respect each other, As women, as friends and as as strangers who have become friends, it gives us a safe haven for honest expression. I am sure that there are other bloggers who are jealous because their sites don’t get as many hits as yours, or the conversations on theirs never rises above the level of parroting sheep.

    Sometimes we have to look beyond the obvious and recognize that the people who maintain these kind of dishonest blogs do so because of a deep seated feeling of inadequacy. Never the brightest, never the smartest. never the most popular, and certainly never the nicest, they ruled the mean girl’s table in the Junior High School cafeteria, as they now rule their forums of anger and hate because they lack the confidence to engage others with different opinions.

    So, be flattered, Sam. If they had any integrity they would come here and speak their mind, But they won’t because there are some of us who will engage and counter their arguments politely, firmly and with no name calling. Their secret wish is not to get rid of you. They want to be you.

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    1. Well, OK then, I am flattered. 🙂

      I love that ‘my’ readers are not parroting sheep (love that phrase), that they have their own mind and tell me when they disagree. I love reading those different views, because my view is not gospel. You know, it is not better or more clever, or more true, or whatever than any other opinion. And I like to look at something from different point of views.

      I always believed in my opinions. Ask Cokie, she will tell you that I have an opion on everything. I don’t care if I am the only one to see it a certain way. If I like something, I like it. I don’t need others to validate it. Why do they? Maybe they don’t really have an opinion? Maybe they are just saying what they think is the right thing to say: And feel threatened by honest opinions? We will never know. 😉

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      1. The validation part is what gets me. There is no reason why there can’t be two dissenting opinions on something – there is no need to try to “teach” someone why they are wrong. State the reasons why you feel a certain way if it is so in disparity with mine – I’ll receive that information. Odds are I won’t be swayed to thinking same, but at least we hear each other.

        Also – not talking about the terrible parts of the show doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Ratings aren’t taken away because of critique.

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  7. Very well said, Sam. I appreciate the work you put into this site, and thank you for giving us the space to share comments – whether they be excited,funny, snarky, annoyed, questioning, sad… WHATEVER. I love that there is interaction between the commenters and yourself, it makes this space more of a community than just a place to read a recap of the episode and say “good job” (altho I do think you do an EXCELLENT job!)

    Nothing is ever perfect, and I don’t think anyone that has commented has had nothing nice to say – usually there is at least one thing that we enjoyed, if not more. Thank you for making a space where people who have the ability to communicate that a place to do so, safely. I suppose that threatens some people in some strange way – maybe it is that they too see the things we grumble about (in the most hysterical way, IMO – there are some funny posters here!) and they don’t like having that brought to light? I really don’t know. What I DO know is that coming here, to a place they ALREADY know they won’t enjoy, reading comments that trigger them (Oh, boy, did it trigger SOMETHING in them that they work very hard to hide normally) take it to another social media platform and cry about how they don’t want us watching and *(GASP* actually speaking our minds, – is classic bullying. It’s a blatant attempt to shame dissenters into silence.

    I don’t generally do what I’m told unless I’m being paid – and even then I’ll still use my own well-honed reasoning skills to decide if I’ll comply.

    I’m glad you do too.

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    1. When it was pointed out to me this morning, when I was sent screenshots, I thought it was hilarious, hysterical even. But then someone posted on FB, which I also got as a screenshot, I thought that went too far.
      Someone who thinks to be such a great fan, and posts such crap? Sorry, but that goes too far. I do not follow any of these people, I don’t read their blogs, their FB or whatever they have.
      And I truly wonder what they think gives them the right to attack other people like that. They should be ashamed of themselves. Especially the one on FB. I find that even worse than the other one on twitter. Telling people not to watch, not to have the right to post other reviews than absolute positive ones. Especially the one on FB should know where such behavior leads to. Shame on you!

      You are absolutely right, why go to a place you know you don’t like? Strange, isn’t it? And yes, I also have great difficulties doing what I’m told. 🙂

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      1. Well let’s face it, the one on twitter was purposely vague on purpose so that people would react the way she wanted them too. I was sent the FB one too, and that one is just as ridiculously out of line as the other – but without the woe-is-me angle.

        No one died and left either of them queen, despite their wishes. All it shows me is that they are very not the positive people they say they are.

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      2. And yes, I also have great difficulties doing what I’m told. 🙂
        …………………Cokie MUST refuse to make a comment…… must break her fingers if necessary to NOT write something snarky.
        I will only say that she certainly speaks the truth! I would like to emphasize the word “great”.
        All kidding aside, I got to work late today and missed all of this whoo-haa. Some people and their RIGHT opinions never cease to amaze me.
        But then I love the fact that it is my right and privilege to ignore them.

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  8. You already know my thoughts.
    Very well said!
    I applaud you for standing up against this kind of bullying!
    Looks like you’ve hit a bullseye.

    Thank you, I’m with you.

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      1. We all do! These past few days sure served as an eye opener again.
        How far detached some people from reality are is frightening, more so their idea to undermine another persons’ opinion.
        Freedom of speech! And we DO let THEM speak but we wish they wouldn’t bully you/us and claim their opinion is the only road to take. Oh, what a dangerous path…
        My credo about TV/film always is that you can criticize something strongly yet still love it a lot!
        But they are not only wearing the pink glasses, they want to please a certain EP, hoping he will do what they want.
        Well, that wish will come back and slap you in the face. Not because we are right and you are wrong, but because there is a masterplan and you can never dictate ANYONE else what to do – neither PL nor us!
        Dear “lecturers”: Don’t go away angry, just go please!

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        1. Master Plan! Yes Yes Yes.

          But they are really angry with the EP, more so than with us, He is the one who has dashed their hopes for a McDanno happily ever after and a H50 where Cath is not part of the show until the very end! We didn’t do that.

          They make pretty to his face and then stab him in the back when talking among themselves. And he will smile back and make nice and then do whatever he pleases. It must be frustrating for them to realize after 7 years that PL thinks the show is his and not theirs.

          Can frustration cause a rash?

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          1. But are they covered in rashes? That might explain why they are so miserable all the time. Must suck to be the chief cauldron stirrer and the minions in her coven.

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          2. I think that I missed an interview with PL if he has dashed McDanno’s dreams and if he said that Cath may reappear before the end of the series. I’m definitely out of touch. This is my only real link to the show other than some FB and TV Guide. Of course my blood pressure is probably better not knowing.

            And wow, I took my mom shopping this morning and all this commentary has me racing to catch up.


            1. It is just the same old -same-old and more of the same old. Lynn is not in McG’s future– McG’s not settling down, McRoll is not dead, Steve and Danny are not picking out China patterns, etc. OK, that last bit about the China was mine but probably accurate. All but the last PL said in interviews or as responses to to others.

              His interview in Parade Magazine (NOVEMBER 4, 2016) , was very clear about some things. Nothing vague about it. Some “fans” can’t read.

              Interviewer: “So, Catherine comes back. Is that to finally put the nail in the coffin of their relationship so McGarrett can finally move on?

              PL: “I think she’s always going to be part of this series until it ends. I think this is just a story that we’re telling along the way. I think her story with McGarrett is definitely not over yet.”

              PL: “I don’t know if Lynn is somebody that Steve can spend the rest of his life with. She definitely was a good person to spend time with. I don’t want to give away too much, but I don’t think Lynn is in the future”.

              Refer to Sunny’s Master Plan.

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            2. And then, when someone tweeted to PL after 7.07 asking “have you decided to kill the mcroll dream?” he responded “kill? nothing is dead – wait and see”

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  9. Hi Sam love your blog and glad that you are not letting anyone tell you how to run it or what to say and standing up to the bulling. That person came here then started the trouble not you. Love reading what you have to say about each episode and the hard work you put in with all the photo’s as well. Can not wait for you next review.

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  10. My motto is : agree to disagree. No one has the right to demean anyone else for their opinion, or try to say that their opinion is the only one. Everyone sees things differently, so the other old saying: live and let live also seems to fit. I don’t bother with the social media much. Can’t stand some of the horrible comments I see there. My daughter alerts me to things that are worth my time. That’s good enough for me. Again , agree to disagree.

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  11. I am truly glad that all this inspired you to continue writing your reviews.
    On many an occassion, I have actually come here and liked the episode more, by what you said.
    And the fun comments have lightened up many a bad day for me in the past year.
    What can I say, I like intelligentt funny people.
    That is how I see many of the friends I met 5 years ago, all discussing the show while having some interaction and fun. Many times escalating into something beyond control into the hilarious. All loving the show, warts and all ……

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    1. LOL! Yes, Foyeur! The winner in all that silliness from yesterday is US, cos Sam’s revues and our interactions to them are often the most entertaining part of Show…aside from the nekkid Alex everyone is hoping and clambering for in the silly spa ep. 😆

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    2. wait, FOYeur… this show has warts??? love your comment. and it is true. I have liked some episodes more after I’ve read Sam’s reviews. She talked me into liking the first episode with Lynn in it… and I sort of like it better now. She hasn’t made me like Danno any more though…

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  12. Hurray! So happy that all the BS made you decide to recap the episodes. So often your blog is able to turn the awful to funny, and echoes my opinion. I don´t have the skills to write so I enjoy the words of others, especially making a bit fun of the show. Cause just applauding and calling every epi perfection is so untrue, and I can not understand such people.

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    1. No, Paula, I can’t understand them either. How can every epi be the best ever? And everything is just awesome. And if they do point out that something was kind of ridiculous they are quick to say that they don’t care and the others should just ignore it. LOL

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  13. Once more I am glad to avoid FB and Twitter! So I don’t know what was posted there (and I don’t care) but I know for sure my blood would boil!
    I follow your blog although I seldom post a comment- I like the way you are bantering with us folks ;-)! And your reviews often make me notice things I did not get before!
    Thank you for all the fun and hard work! Please don’t ever stop being you!!!

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  14. Love the show and love your blog and your reviews. I’m a good reader but a very bad writter and also english is not my first language, that’s why I don’t usually write in your blog or anywhere else. I don’t follow twiter so I don’t really know what has happened but I’m glad you’re going to review every episode, every week I look forward to reading them. Thank you for the blog, your great reviews and your amazing stories


    1. Rosa, thank you for chiming in on this post. Please don’t ever think your writing is bad. If you have something to say, please say it. If we don’t understand, we can ask, but don’t ever be hesitant to post something. Everyone is welcome to chime in! The more, the merrier.

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    2. Rosa, don’t worry about your english, you’re doing fine. Trust me, no one is perfect. And a mistake here and there doesn’t really matter. You are very welcome to come here and voice your opinion, no one will frown about your english. Promise.


    3. Rosa, most definitely, chime in whenever you want. I only know bits and pieces of any other language than english, and I admire all of you who have learned enough to be able to comprehend and article in a second language. Feel free to use this arena for fun practice!


  15. So many of these comments are priceless and I wish I could use the Like button as the rest of you do . I am going to have someone come here when he checks out my server to see if he can fix it for me, so until that time I more than like all of your comments- I LOVE THEM.

    We’re in the middle of a Nor’easter here so if any of you are in the same boat (no pun intended) stay safe and dry.

    And isn’t it wonderful we have some new friends to play with? That was the unintended gift from the idiot(s) who start trouble and run for cover while they keep drinking the funny juice.

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    1. Jppt1974, different people will always have different views and opinions. That is what makes us unique. And that is a great thing. I love that people have no fear to voice their opinion here, like to come here and discuss in a friendly way.

      As I have stated so many times, there is NO right opinion.

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  16. Some people just need to not take themselves or a damned TV show so seriously. If something is enraging me to the point of public meltdowns on social media, I’m gonna stay the hell away from it (and do). If you can’t stay away, then that’s on you.
    I find this blog to represent a balanced viewpoint of the show,warts and all. A lot of the comments here are often hilarious and refreshing . Thanks for having us!

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    1. HeyD50, you hit the nail on the head. Public Meltdown is right. It’s hilarious how they now try to defend their bullying on FB. With screenshots and ‘interpretations’ of opinions. Hysterical, really.

      Playing univited in another person’s sandbox and then complaining about getting sandy. Can only shake my head about their mindset. I actually really like this sandbox thing. Although I still don’t understand why complaining about that there is another sandbox where people are having fun. Why just not go there? I mean, I would never go into there’s. I might wave from afar and wish them to have fun. But hey, I guess my mindset is slightly different. LOL

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  17. After reading this i want to step forward and write a few words. Sam knows that i love to read as much i hate to write but here i am.

    In the past when i had the time and will to comment about this TV show and my favorite character, i always said that we all like the same thing for different reasons and it’s fine. And it’s great to be a loyal fan but not a blind one and point out the flaws, the cringe worthy about some scenes or even the ooc of a character. Yes, H50 has all the ingredients to the be a great show but the way it is written and edited makes me disappointed.

    For who question me why i do bother to still watch it and go to watch others shows, i answer: i still care about this show and my favorite character. And don’t worry i watch others shows too.

    Like Foyeur, the last two years have been difficult for me and my family, so to come here and read Sam’s reviews and everyone’s comments is a joy. I have more fun to read these posts than some of the episodes we had. Since season 5 i have the tendency to be more picky and vote lower than Sam. And like some of you sometimes i like the episode more after Sam point us out something about it.

    Thank you all the ladies here, with your interpretations, opinions and witty comments and Sam for be as you are.

    In the meantime because we don’t have a new episode this week, can we go to “A wrinke in Time”, please? I’m looking forward for a new chapter.


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    1. Thank you, Marta. It is always nice to read that coming here and interacting with everyone brings joy to someone’s life. That is what a place like this should be about. To have a good time.

      We will post a new chapter for “A Wrinkle in Time” weekly for many more weeks to come. And maybe, if my partner in crime agrees, we will post the next chapter a day early. How would that be for a treat? 🙂

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      1. It will be a wonderful treat, with a happy Steve being challenged to change of career, to lead a special Task Force, and his dad and the love of life at his side, supporting him in the best possible way. We can always count on you for this to happen. Thank you!

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      2. oh, ya, stick it to the “partner in crime”. So what if I say no… you can’t post early? I don’t want Marta mad at me… she just came out to play. All right, I guess you can post early. Peoples you are lucky that we put the finishing touches on this chapter just last evening! It is ready for public debut.

        Sam… post away!

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  18. All of the above! I don’t know what I can add that hasn’t been already said. Everyone here has always been respectful and a joy to interact with. I have been involved with other blogs and forums throughout the 7 years of h50 and believe me when I say, this is rare! And the best group of people in fandom, hands down.

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  19. Thank very much for your encouraging words. I’ll try to write often. In Spain we’re in season 7 and next episode will be 7. When in your review you said the ep is good I watch it before, otherwise I wait for tv. So thank you for having change your mind and keeping posting.

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  20. I just remembered a conversation I had many years ago while driving to work with a colleague whose kids were now teenagers. (mine were young). She said that she loved her boys dearly but she didn’t always like them. That’s how I feel about what we see in some episodes. So I love the show dearly but I don’t always like it.

    And that didn’t make her a bad mother, or me a bad fan.

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