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Ka laina ma ke one” – Five-0 must go up against an aggressive U.S. marshall, Lincoln (Lou Diamond Phillips), when a man wanted for murder escapes capture and seeks asylum in the sovereign land belonging to the Nation of Hawaii, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 20  (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Ka laina ma ke one to Line in the Sand

We all have to draw a line at some point, and I am doing it now. I won’t post a review for this week’s episode, but please feel free to discuss the episode in the comments.

Here you can read a great, fun review for the episode.

And if you’re interested in the history behind this episode, go here.

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  1. I have already deleted this episode from my DVR since I will not watch it twice. Make of that what you will. I want to be positive here, so this is what I liked.

    It was nice seeing Lou Diamond Phillips again. I wouldn’t mind having him back.

    I knew very little about the history of this, but I educated myself when it was announced previously and for that I am happy that the writers chose to bring this to our attention. I wish there was more screen time devoted to it.

    I admire that DDK is able to portray Chin in such a calm, dignified matter. There is nothing “comic book” about his performance.

    I noticed that there was no poll. Thank you for that.

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    1. Since I would not be able to stay as polite as you if I would do a review, I won’t do one. Guess that says a lot about what I thought about this episode.

      I truly hoped we would learn something through this episode, about the history of Hawaii. I love when a show educates its viewers. But in my eyes, they failed to do that. I didn’t know more after watching the ep than I did before. And I think that is really sad. Hawaii has a wonderful culture, and although they did treat it with respect, I still think they failed in a big way.

      Yes, DDK was good, but there was nothing that warranted any extra praise by the EP who constantly ignores some extraordinary work by others. That alone made me incredibly mad; I’m still furious about it. Can’t help it. But I think it is unprofessional and very unfair. They have a great cast on Five-0, and yes, I will even include the one I can’t stand, but the EP decided for some reason only known to him, to only praise one person. And in this case for something that was simply not praise worthy. I do love DDK, and he did a good job, but wtf was special about it?

      I will not talk about any of the, in my eyes, totally ridiculous and stupid stuff. I will also not talk about the one I can’t stand, because just watching him makes me sick. I will not talk about the practically verbatim recycled dialogue from season one; which was idiotic.

      And no, there will be no more polls in the future. Because I am sick and tired of the people voting awesome or awful without ever coming out and saying why. Go and pester some other blogs.

      I will most likely refrain from posting any reviews in the future, unless the episode was an awesome one.


      1. I totally understand your feelings about this. Unfortunately, this seems to be the new norm for each episode– a large dose of infantile dialog and a small dose of worthwhile story. It’s my opinion that they have run out of ideas or we wouldn’t have so many kidnappings or Danny/Grace/Charley scenes which seem pointless. Unless the next time we see the Williams family together is in a therapy session with Rachel and Stan present, I could do without it.
        i can’t explain the lack of praise for other cast members since I don’t know if its an oversight or there is a history we don’t know about. I am sorry you wont be writing a review for every episode but I hope you will add to the “Really Awesome”, and comment on the “Really Awful, too”.

        One of the things that confuses me is— why don’t AOL and SC ever complain about the stupid lines they have to say? Instead, they seem to go along with the Bromantic moments. From what I have seen from 716, Steve and Danny seem to be more into each other than their dates, so maybe the McDannos will get their wish after all and they are endgame. Pardon me while I head to the bathroom to upchuck after typing that line.

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        1. SC did complain about it. Alex is way too polite to say anything like that. I think they believe just like PL that Steve/Danny are the most important scenes of the show. They are SO wrong about that. I know so many people who skip through that crap. It was kinda interesting and fun in the beginning, for half of season one. But seven years later? It is just horrible.

          And never forget. They DO NOT watch the show. They don’t see the final product. They say their lines and be done with it. We get a totally different picture of it than they do.

          I don’t care about 716. I already erased it from my mind before it even aired. I have never seen more ridiculous promo pics than those. The idea behind it alone is so stupid I don’t even have words for it. I highly doubt I will even watch it.
          And that has nothing to do with Lynn. I actually like her as the flavor of the month. She is stupid and McG is having some fun with her. So what. I don’t care. But the whole setting of that ep…. just ugh.

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          1. Alex said in an interview that the writers put some storylines in a shelf and forget about it or something like that. He said it really nice and polite but one could feel the vibes 😉


          2. Sam: AOL needs to watch whether he wants to or not. When the series ends, and for him it seems after 8, he still needs to work. He faces the problem of being type cast as McGarrett. It seems unlikely there will be another Hawaii based show for him so unless he is willing to go on location for better roles, he may be taking a long break- not a bad idea if he needs time for his body to heal. Maybe he will like directing but will he like doing it full time? Getting into a tug of war with PL about the storyline and writing was, in my opinion, a mistake. Some people think PL threw him under the bus when he gave a responsive interview to Parade. I don’t. I think AOL jumped in front of the bus himself and PL just didn’t bother to swerve.

            SC takes time off to write and direct and do other projects. It could be that he got better career advice early on.

            An actor wants to be taken seriously. Some of the best actors are blessed that they can do comedy, too. The late Robin Williams was one, and so is Hugh Laurie and Tom Hanks. But what we see that passes for comedy on this show does not reach that level. Not because AOL and SC can’t do it but because the writers don’t give them anything that isn’t slapstick. They don’t know how to combine drama and comedy so we can laugh and cry at the same time. The laughter we have when we watch is usually not what they intended. That’s not to say that the writers are not capable of turning out a good product. They are. But I suspect that their hands are tied sometimes, especially when they get feedback from the hypocrites who praise this. Don’t you think that the writers are experienced to know when garbage is the finished product and wish they could change that? They too must have had dreams of writing a masterpiece someday. How much laughter is their in the writers room when they have Steve or Danny do something dumb knowing there is a segment of the very small fanbase who craves this and makes them “special” ?

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            1. Mamayorkie, I don’t blame the writers in any form or shape. They know their craft. No, to blame is PL. He is responsible for it. And lately it is just crap.

              I can’t agree with you about the unfortunate interviews. PL said some things about his lead he should not have said. AOL did nothing like that, ever. He did not attack PL. But the EP attacked his lead. And later he said it was taken out of context even though the whole interview was published. There was nothing taken out of context or misunderstood.

              And SC did not get better career advice. He simply doesn’t like to work in HI or for the show. He said so many times. He only took the job to finance his other projects, as he said right from the start. I don’t think that is anything one should applaud.

              And I don’t think that Steve McGarrett is a typecast. And I will not speculate what AOL wants to do with his life after Five-0, whenever that will be. And no, I don’t think 8 will be his last. Maybe he will stop acting and become a kids trainer full time. Or models his wife’s clothing line. Who knows.

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              1. I agree that PL is in total control. The writers have a road map to go from
                point A to point B but no directions of how to get there. But he still calls the
                shots and CBS owes him for rescuing MacGyver and all the money they invested in
                it. Rumor has it there is a new show coming, too. He has moved on from H50 but
                that was apparent as soon as S7 began. If this is a pattern, then after MacGyver
                is assured of 4 seasons, he will move on again. In truth I believe that the real
                change came in S5 which was mostly a trainwreck. It was the closest it came to
                this show being cancelled. But then S6 improved and we got S7 and probably a
                commitment to S8. AOL signed for both 7 & 8 at the same time so that’s why I
                think this could possibly be true.

                AOL doesn’t get the praise the others get. As I said, I don’t know if it is a
                deliberate slight or just some blip in Tweet Land. Maybe it is considered a
                given that he brings his best each episode? That’s sad because everyone needs
                validation of a job well done. I suspect we will never know the truth of this.

                As a rule of thumb, if you have a problem with the Boss you don’t stand in the
                middle of the office and shout your complaints to whomever will listen. You ask
                for a private talk and if it goes well everyone benefits. If it doesn’t, then
                there are some other choices to consider. Perhaps there were conversations which
                were held but are confidential. We don’t know any of might have occurred
                previously. All we can do is speculate and most of our speculation is probably
                wrong. My take on this is that AOL started talking about his injuries and an
                interviewer asked him questions about the dropped stories and the McRoll 707
                episode. We all complain about the dropped stories but he was giving an honest
                answer about what he knew from the next few episodes which had been filmed. But
                he didn’t know what happens beyond that point. It was members of the ABC-McDanno
                fandom who bombarded PL’s time line to demand he kill McRoll because Alex said
                so. He never said that. He was talking from a perspective as to what he thought
                McGarrett would do from the scripts he had read, not what he knew would actually
                happen. At that point AOL thought McLynn had some traction but we now know that
                Lynn is not in McG’s future or that McRoll is not over. PL did not have to let
                that news out but that was a classic message that he was still in control. It
                was clear and it was pointed and it hit its mark. The one thing I was upset
                about was the implication that AOL was saying S8 would be the end so that he could
                be in a better bargaining position. Those things are done, I know, but in this
                case I think that real concern for his health and his family was the reason for
                his words.

                Bottomline: It is best not to air the family laundry in public. Because if you
                do you can’t unsay what you said that made it into print because there will be
                as many interpretations of your words as the number of people who read them.

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                1. I believe that is exactly what went down, and it’s annoying that those words were AGAIN twisted around to make it seem like what is being shouted from the mountaintops by the abC’s and McD’s. He is NOT the captain of the abC’s, as they so wish – he is captain of TeamAlex, as it should be. I didn’t take exception to PL’s words (for once) because I don’t think it was as aggregious a comment as everyone is saying. I think it’s a pretty common part of renegotiating a contract, whether it be for more $$ – or perhaps more time off. It’s just business, not a slight on someone’s character. Maybe PL was on track with that, maybe not – all it told me was that Alex spoke of annoyances without telling PL. Annoyance at multilple storylines (perhaps the Dr Gray story or maybe even the dropped uranium story – a huge thing that goes on the back burner while other frivolous things are shown)

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                  1. Kimphin: On a lighter note, and because I have such deep concern for mental health of the ABC’s.and McD’s, I am really curious to know how their plan to tattletale on PL to CBS is going, because we all know that the Network is waiting on their instructions before acting. That will teach him a lesson, right? Does he get detention? A negative note on his permanent record? A letter to his parents? No TV for a month? Have his Twitter account suspended? No, not that surely, because how will he be able to return their tweets?

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                    1. Moonjat,
                      After PL tweeted that Catherine’s story with Steve is not over, there was a lunatic fringe reaction to go to the CBS website and voice their displeasure at how PL was disrespecting the lead actors wishes. It was side splittingly comical, but I don’t think CBS jumped into action over it.


                    2. Moonjat54:

                      CBS maintains a way for fan feedback on their website. It is usually found at the bottom of the page and if you click on it, it will bring you to a screen where you choose the TV program you want to comment on and a box to type your message. They tell you that everything is read but that they may not have time to respond. I have used it several times, but never to bash an individual, or use anyone’s name. etc. I keep my comments generic and I usually only take the time to do this if it pertains to a social issue. (The last time I did this was about the Kennedy assassination episode which I thought should not have referenced real historical figures- I already discussed my feelings with all of you in a prior post about this. I did not mention, blame or use any specific name of anyone connected with the show) .

                      The “campaign” Kimphin and I were talking about was an attempt by the ABC’sand McDannos to have CBS override PL’s choice to bring back Cath because Alex didn’t want her to come back (their opinion). The reasoning was that his “wish” should be honored by the Network and the EP should be prevented from running his own show. They believed that if enough of them complained, CBS would give them what they want. (It’s OK to tell them how you feel but absurd to think you can tell them what to do — these people don’t get that.)

                      There is a very, (very) small segment of the fan base that believes in their own version of their Divine Right to rule.

                      Naivete or stupidity. Take your choice.

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                    3. Thanks Kimphin, I don’t tweet so I have no idea what that part of the fandom does. I am amazed at how delusional some fans are. As if the network cares if show’s EP has a plan for a character that the lead actor may not agree with. They know where the power lies.
                      Mama, I know about the CBS feedback button, I used it many times asking them to keep Moonlight on the air and we all know how that worked out. I honestly don’t think anyone reads the comments posted there, it just looks good to the public.

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      2. Agree 100% what you said about the EP. You are not the only one who noticed this. Actually he never ever really said anything nice or praised his lead. Never. And it’s gotten worse. He doesn’t even retweet stuff people say about him or things Hawaii Five-0 CBS tweets about AOL. Nothing. Nada.
        I have a strong opinion about this kind of behaviour. 😡

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  2. yet another episode I managed to watch in less than 30 minutes. Ugh.

    Disappointed as I am not to have your full take on it (totally get your general thoughts though, LOL) I can certainly see why you aren’t doing one. Your views on the “excellent” voters in the polls are mine also, and honestly it’s something I wonder every darn week when the ratings for the show come out, or when people tweet that “it’s the best show on TV!” It’s not. They should try actually watching other shows.

    I like the history angles of episodes like this, but I had previously researched the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii while watching (with it’s own major issues) the movie “Aloha” because I was intrigued. I think that they did a good job for H50 in introducing the situation to the viewer, but as usual, I wanted more of that and less of the stupid.

    I was annoyed that they went the “stereotypical over the top” route with Lou Diamond Phillips character. Cartoonish and unrealistic. I immediately stopped caring or paying attention, really. It was stupid to have him be so aggressive. Absolute shit.

    Dannoying. That is all. At least they’ve consistently written him as someone who is insensitive and mouthy about things he’s not informed about – the culture and history of Hawaii. I loved McGarrett’s “It was their palace first” line. Ugh – he was awful, and then the ending scenes where he was yukking it up and enjoying the hospitality of the Nation – no wonder so many fandom hypocrites like him, they have hypocrisy in common.

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    1. Ah Kimmer! You speak my mind perfectly. 😆

      I didn’t hate the ep, but it had so much potential and instead it got Lenkoved…it dissipated into unrelated self-indulgent parts that didn’t come together to make a coherent, or worthy, whole.

      Dannoying was the lowest of the low in this ep. About as bad as he’s ever been…an utter ass to his supposed friend and a creepy old man to the two young Hawaiian chicks whose boobs he was creeping on at the dinner.

      DDK has taken to over-acting this season. He was awful in the Mexico ep and I thought he was awful in this one. I’m now a bit over him. Not Dannoying-level over him, but I could see getting there. Also reminds me I got kinda torqued with him in S2 when Alex went to rehab and he mostly chortled about getting to be a lead for those crossover eps. 😡

      And I love LDP…so I’m pissed they even bothered to hire him to play cardboard bad guy cop. Who no one seemed to ever explain why he even showed up. If HPD, 5-0, or the Gov didn’t call him, then who did? I don’t think the Feds show up and over-ride local police cos Aunt Mamie looks out her window, sees an everyday ordinary perp, and phones up POTUS to send the big guns. At least not YET in America…

      I don’t, however, get upset by the air-heads who come here and click a poll but don’t chit chat. If they’re utterly blind to the realities of Show to think the eps are all awesome, I don’t really wanna hear from em anyway. 😉

      Sam, we love your reviews and we appreciate you inviting us here and allowing us to be honest. We also appreciate how long it takes to put together a review and the beautiful pictures you give us. Do that when you will. Thanks for letting us have the space even when you don’t feel you can do a review. And this season started out a bit stronger than recent ones…only to sorta nose dive recently. We’ll get a S8. I’m not all that interested in a S9 right now, cos Alex seems stressed and dissed and thrown under the bus by his abusive self-absorbed boss. PL I give a “he’s the worst” in any poll.

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  3. Uh-oh. That bad? I haven’t watched it. Maybe tomorrow. I have only seen the first sneak peek and that alone made me incredible furious. When bad writing and bad acting come together a character becomes unbearable. Not long ago I was told on instagram that I am an idiot and should ‘bug off’. That confirmed my opinion why some people actually like Dannoying. Because they think being offensive and rude is an acceptable behaviour.
    Last night I had a dream where they announced S8 and they said it will be without D because SC didn’t sign a new contract. That was one happy dream. I plan to dream more in the future.
    And now excuse me, I’ve got a fanfic to write where I have to punch someone in the face. Sadly it is not D.

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    1. I like your dream.

      No, not that bad, some of it was good. You might like it. But I was very disappointed.

      You know what really turned me off about his DMV scene? This rant could have serious consequences for Steve. What kind of person says stuff like that in front of a DMV official? It is a huge difference if you say stupid stuff like that when no one hears it, or in a situation like that.

      Not even to talk about such ridiculous idea that Steve didn’t have a license for seven years. And yes, I do think it is bad writing. You can’t just write something for the fun of it. Although this was no fun. Good writing always, always has logic behind it. It must at least be feasable. And if it is not, it is bad writing. It shows me, again, that they don’t know their own character Steve McGarrett. And that is really, really bad writing. And for me, it destroys a whole episode. I cannot overlook something so monumentally stupid. That might be my fault, but I think they can write good stuff, but they simply ignore the ‘rules’ and do whatever the heck they think fits a scene. And that is just wrong.

      And the character Danny sucks the fun out of this show, you really have no idea. I’m at point where I’m not looking forward to a new episode. And I am extremely sad about it because I love Five-0. I love all the others, but I cannot bear to watch this character. I can’t.


      1. If they had really, really had to do a driver’s license story……why couldn’t it have been a glitch in the system that had erased McGarrett’s record or a hack or something like that? Instead they insult their lead by having him too dumb to renew his license. There was no logic to it at all. And I agree that NO ONE would say those things in front of a government official unless you hated the person taking the test.

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  4. Sam, while I am sorry not to see a review or even some quick thoughts of you, I perfectly understand you!
    As someone who has always loved Hawai’i and has a big interest in its history and culture, I knew about The Nation and liked that the actual leader Bumpy got to represent them on this episode. He did a good job.
    However that was about it what I liked. Throw in a couple of heartwarming scenes at the end between him and Alex and DDK and we’re about done naming all that was good about this one. Oh boy.
    I was really hoping they would explore more of The Nation’s back story (similar as they did in 4.10 with the Japanese internment camps) but they let this unique chance go.
    Instead we got an AWFUL Dannoying in a complete useless scene, a lame COTW that had to serve as purpose and an over the top Marshal with seemingly a whole army behind him. WTH??? They made it sound like a whole group of dangerous extremists was in there and therefore they’d have to go in. That’s why I liked Zen-Chin trying to keep everyone calm.
    Season 7 started out pretty good and I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe we’re going downhill so fast now.
    I have vage hopes for 7.15 but am dreading the joke that is 7.16.
    Can we please have our Commander and some serious COTW and good teamwork back?? One can only HOPE, scratch that – DREAM…

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  5. I had some comments written down after I watched this episode a second time on Saturday morning. I must confess that I fell asleep before the finish on Friday night. I am glad there is no poll because I have no words for how badly this episode was handled. I am very sorry to hear that you don’t wish to continue writing your reviews Sam……they are my bright spot most weeks. Now I really don’t want to express my feelings on the episode other than I am disappointed that the powers that be don’t care enough about their characters to give them a decent story line. I feel that they insulted me with the way they dealt with the driver’s license idea and it wasn’t funny. They tried to touch on an important topic with the Nation of Hawaii but they could have gone into more depth and given Lou Diamond Phillips more than a cardboard character to play. This season started off interesting but has gone downhill in a hurry.


  6. STANDING OVATIONS TO ALL YOUR COMMENTS! COTW didn’t begin to hold my interest, was confused immediately by all the players. Who knew the DOJ had such a presence in HI? We’ve never run across them in the last 6 yrs. I would’ve liked to have had much more about the history of the nation of HI than useless drivel about expired driver’s licenses, mind reading and kooky roommates. REALLY good shows integrate the humor into the storylines, not throw questionable comic book bits in randomly. I’ve noticed over time some less that flattering veiled remarks on the social media of some of the former writers ..so Someone Who Thinks Too Highly Of Himself must be miserable to work for. DDK always seems to be a gentleman, in character and real life. Alex and Hawaii are pretty

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  7. I found this disappointing. I expected a little more background on the Nation of Hawaii. The episode felt redundant and maybe that was because Chicago PD just aired an episode about sanctuary as well. It seems every show is doing the same story with a twist. Since fandom takes McG’s opinion as gospel, is it safe to say that it’s finally obvious that Danny is annoying? McG said so, therefore it must be true and officially canon. Lol. I know I sound repetitive but lately there isn’t much to look foward to. I hope things change soon and we get back to McG story. His REAL story.

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  8. Really they wasted the LDP character as they should had expanded him. But still nice to see Lou. As hope he does come back
    DDK Chin is cool, calm, and collected under pressure as well as really has to balance both the law enforcement side and that of the nation of Hawaii.
    Please more Duke as really love to see the way he is. P.L.is missing that potential.
    Like the guy that played Bumpy as he really was concerned for the people there.
    And the driver’s license thing. As really no wonder I do not like to see people drive fast. Steve at least does not endanger the public or anybody else.

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  9. I also found this extremely disappointing. For me, the DMV’s scene really killed the whole episode. How can people think what Danny did in that scene was meant to be funny or friendly? If my friends does that, well..i don’t think i will call them my friend anymore. Friends don’t sell out their friends like that, somemore in front of Government servant. The worst for me is, many fans seems to thinks Danny’s behaviour is acceptable and adorable, some even cheer at his action and glad he did that because it serves Steve right for driving his car and bullying him all the time..my goodness. I simply has no word for that. For me, i think Danny is the bullies most of the time, i really admired Steve’s patience.

    I am really hoping you can continue with the review, i know its a selfish part of me, but your review is actually a highlight for me, even more than the new episode.

    As for PL, i really has no word as well. The way he treated his lead, i think there are some story behind, but i guess we will never find out.

    Thanks a lot for the good work. Looking forward for your next post.

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    1. I totally agree…Sam’s revues are often more fun than the eps. Actually the early eps this season were kinda fun, but lately…blech!

      I also agree Dannoying is no friend to Steve. I think some fans like him bullying Steve cos Steve is clearly the boss, literally and figuratively, as Alex is a classic leading man. And these fans (for whatever self-identifying reason…they too are angry or caustic or always only a co-star, whatever…and identifying with an actor is fine, btw) like SC better than Alex. So they pull for Danny to be ugly and spiteful to Steve cos it’s the closest they’ll get to seeing Scott as a boss.

      My theory, anyway. 😉

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  10. Just watched.
    I had no idea what kind of an a§§hole Dannoying would be in this episode. One of epic proportions.
    He was a disrespectful putz throughout the whole thing.
    Knowing ‘his boy’? Crap. Every idiot could read Steve there… Oh wait.
    And this recycled cargument? Really? Dannoying has absolutely no freaking clue who Steve is and how McG feels. Not one.
    Someone who really thinks this behavior is that of a sweet and wonderful man and friend has no idea what friendship is all about. You stick up to your friends in front of others, you support them. You can criticize them when you’re alone but in public you support them. SUPPORT! Especially in a situation like that. I want to hurt Dannoying so badly you have no idea.
    And after these years he still has no respect for Hawai’i and its people. What. A. Jerk.

    The ending scene made my blood boil again. Was it a scripted thing or the actor’s interpretation to put his arms around these two teenagers? I hate something like that. They were strangers and you don’t do that. Yuck. Girls feel uncomfortable when men are doing that…. Everyone should know and respect that. RESPECT. There’s that word again.

    I am looking forward to each and every scene, moment and episode without this character. He has become unbearable and is a pain to watch.
    Other than that I learned something new, I did not know about the Nation of Hawai’i. Thank you show for that.
    Loved Steve’s: “Difference is it was their palace first!” Good line from the writers and good delivered.
    Loved Steve’s hair.
    Loved all of Steve’s facial expressions. Alexpressions.

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  11. Y’all keep mentioning Dannoying in the cargument and I could not recall that scene at all – then I realized as soon as I heard him start to spew about “guns and ammo” again I fast forwarded through the re-treat BS. Just when I thought they were getting away from the nasty – I guess it’s back.

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    1. That’s why Steve and Cath are so great together. She wouldn’t make nasty comments about McG and guns and ammo. She’d just borrow his copy if she couldn’t find her own.

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        1. Maybe he shouldn’t be in law enforcement at all. It’s an elite unit with a leader whose orders he doesn’t always follow without an argument. I think he should have been fired after the roof incident when he put everyone in danger by not doing what he was told. Why didn’t the team call him out on that? Why didn’t McG kick his butt into next week? He is not Ohana. He doesn’t know what that means. I’d love to see what would happen if Danny was in the military and tried that. I just can’t understand why McG tolerates him.

          He needs to leave. Soon. Now. Sooner than now. Just go.

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    2. Dannoying just can’t deal with someone having interests different than his. The “guns and ammo” business is getting so old. It seems as if the show is desperate to bring back season 1 when Danny did nothing but complain about Steve’s military background. At least no “liver” was mentioned. And I am disgusted that he can’t let his daughter grow up and wants to keep her stuck in a pre-teen bubble forever.

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  12. A different question:
    Bumpy (who really did a great job here!) said something to Steve about that he is sorry to meet him again under these circumstances. And Danny said that Bumpy’s men once occupied the Palace or something… When did they meet?
    Was that an actual episode? I am lost here. Help?


    1. Holy cripes, they took the fed involvement in this episode from real life!

      Bumpy Kanahele’s Wikipedia page:

      In 1998, Kanahele was sentenced to four months in prison for interfering with U.S. marshals seeking to arrest a federal fugitive. The judge gave Kanahele credit for the three and a half months he spent in prison without bail. The judge also fined him $500 and ordered him to spend another four months under electronic monitoring at his Waimānalo home.

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      1. I don’t recall Bumpy being in a previous ep.. but maybe alluding to the protectors of the land that Kawika is part of. When Danno/Chin went to help rebuild the homes, was that in the Nation of Hawaii.

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      2. Altho in that case the fugitive was wanted for not paying taxes. Not quite as dramatic

        Anyway – I went to his wiki page to see if the Nation had occupied the palace or something in recent years and there wasn’t anything. I don’t think it was in any episodes either. That line confused me too


    2. I think they just used that sentence to imply that Steve and Bumpy actually know each other – not that he was in an episode before. To establish that there should be some sort of trust.
      You do know that all the best relationship stuff for Five-0 happens off-screen 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you are right. Sigh. Always the same. Could have been done so much better.
        “Steve! Long time no see, wish it would be under better circumstances. I hope you can help. Your father talked a lot about you, he was so proud.” Tadaa. We would even have gotten a little bit of ‘Steve’s Story”. Ya know, the story, the reason there is Five 0.

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