7.13 Review


“Ua ho’i ka ‘ōpua i Awalua” – As Max prepares to say goodbye to his Five-0 ohana, they must investigate a murder during a police convention on the Island, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ua ho’i ka ‘ōpua i Awalua to The Clouds Always Return to Alawua

I was wrong about one thing; they didn’t take five minutes or less to solve the cliffhanger from last week. They barely mentioned it at all, and didn’t solve anything about it. 😉

I guess there are not many people who do not like Max. And that is easy to explain; he is a non-threatening character. Huh? 😉 He doesn’t take away time from any of the others. He’s barely seen without interacting with one of the Five-0 team. And even if he’s seen alone, or with Sabrina, no one begrudges him that little time.

So, yeah, he is loved by most. Huge parts surely due to Masi Oka, who always has been very nice to us fans. Providing us with BTS pictures, and generally be a nice and humble person. Considering all that, it was clear that Max will be missed, and most of us hoped he would get a proper send-off. With a really good last episode.


Did that happen? Well, to an extent, yes. His send-off was very nice and very well done. The episode in general? Not so much.

But as usual let’s start at the beginning. With a hilarious scene with Steve and Grover. You know, this scene didn’t serve any real purpose, but with these two, I don’t freaking care!


Lou explaining to Steve the well-known delicious coffee-dip was just too good. I loved not only Lou, but even more so Steve’s faces to what he had to listen to. Just freaking glorious.

I love it how Duke’s role got bigger and better over the years. It is such a pleasure to see him. And this time he really had some good lines. Some very nice scenes with him at the briefing. Although I kinda wonder what kind of resource Five-0 could lend? 😉

Then we got the totally idiotic scene with Danny and his son who now calls him Daddy. Yeah, sure. Ugh.  


And off we go to the crime scene. They put such effort into that scene, I commend them for it, but I think it was a total waste of time. Why? Because they wanted it as a distraction from the real crime. Well, duh, pretty stupid to let Steve find the real crime not even after one minute at the crime scene. They knew right from the start that this was not about the explosion, but about the break-in to steal some evidence. So why all the fuss around it? Made no sense. But as I said, great set-prep.

OH, and how convenient that Danny didn’t suffer from any claustrophobia this week. Geez.


The case was so la-la. To be honest, it was pretty boring. Some nice scenes, but just not good enough to hold my interest.

And can someone please tell me why they had Frank Bama in this episode? Was that PL’s apology for calling Jimmy Buffett a drunk in public? This served no purpose whatsoever and was just stupid and annoying. Other than taking away that Steve obviously doesn’t have any female over-night guests so that anyone can crash on his couch, his visit only served as a vehicle to mention last week’s case. Very poorly executed, if you ask me. But thankfully nobody does. LOL


And one other person that really annoyed the heck outta me was Hirsch. What the heck was he doing there? Especially at Max good bye party. That was nothing but embarrassing and annoying. That is another character I can not stand. Horrible character. And I really don’t get why he’s coming back again and again. I wish he would disappear, never to be seen again. Especially after crashing Steve’s new truck. What an idiot.

So, after some investigation here and there they finally solve the case. But honestly, I really didn’t care.


So, let’s go to the main part of this episode, the farewell for Max. Honestly, I had hoped that we would get one final case Max would be involved in. Seeing him interact with every character on the show one last time. That would have been awesome. They still could have integrated everything they did, but in a better way.

Instead we got mega annoying Jerry. Yeah, yeah, I know there are people who love this character, but he is a man I only find annoying with a capital A. Ugh.

And although others might find his time in the office ‘helping’ Jerry pack, well played and good. For me it was terrible. Seeing him lounging there like he owned the place, reading Max’s personal journals was the worst scenes with him ever. Sorry, but for me that was just disgusting.

Yes, I admit, I can’t stand the character, and I don’t like the actor. I just don’t like him at all. And I’m sure there is nothing he can do right in my eyes. So, every time I have to endure him is pure torture. He is just an absolute no go. Thankfully, they at least stopped with the ridiculous question about getting him a badge. If that ever happened I think that would be the moment I would jump ship. There are just things in life that go too far. And Jerry is one of those people that make me feel that way every time I see him.

Not his fault, but I can’t help it. But despite my total dislike of Jerry, I really think his behavior in the office was not OK. Excuses like ‘that is just how he is’, like people use all the time for misbehaving people, doesn’t cut it for me. It is not OK to act without thinking about how others might feel about it. That goes for Jerry just as much as for Danny. These two fall in the same category for me.

Max seeing Danny as a role model had me laughing out loud. I truly hope he will never ever turn into such a nasty person as Danny most of the time is.

Don’t try to sell Danny as such a great and caring friend for Max. He never was. He verbally abused Max at every corner from the first moment he laid eyes on him. Another easy target for his abuse. Just like Steve has been for the last few years, until he fought back.

I think it is a shame how the show again tried to change history and paint a very different picture to what they have given us the last few years. Yeah, take the brush of love and paint it all over, but that doesn’t really change the past one bit.

But let’s not diminish the great part at the end; Max’s speech and farewell, minus stupid Hirsch and calling Grover Sergeant. That was very well done, great music, wonderful scenes.

I’m way more happy than sad that Max is leaving. Because when we met Max he was a person barely able to function in society. With no social skills, family or friends. But over the years he evolved into a well-integrated person into society, but way more importantly well-integrated into a family, and with friends he can rely on.

So, yeah, I am more happy than anything that Max found his way and will go on to greater and better things. That he has found his calling. That he will pursue his dreams. Not many people have that privilege.

That is why I did not shed any tears during his nice speech. No, I was smiling, knowing that his Ohana will love him no matter what, and that he will have a place among them should he ever come back home.

I wish the character Max all the best for his future, but even more so I wish Masi Oka all the very best for his future endeavors.


Oh, and one more thing, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of the new ME. I think she will be a great replacement for our beloved Max. Welcome on board.

And in case you were wondering if they were drinking non-alcoholic beer, you know, because of liver. 😉 Nope, sorry. Light beer, but still with alcohol.

So, there you have it, my short review for a more than mediocre episode. One I had many hopes for, but most of them weren’t fulfilled.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

25 thoughts on “7.13 Review

  1. I love McGrover. They are so cute and cuddly. All in good fun and love it when they kid one another.
    Love Max and will miss him. Heard Masi is trying to be a producer and writer and other projects is the reason he is leaving. And like Max he is very smart.
    Loved it with him and Jerry and wished there were more scenes with him. Sorry know you do not like Jerry.
    Really Steve having yet another truck smashed. Poor guy!
    I love Duke and hope there will be a story on him. As really give this guy a story!

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  2. My expectations were so high that I was disappointed and that is my fault entirely.

    I will miss Max. I still can’t understand why certain people were at this party and others were missing. I hope he rethinks wanting to have a marriage like Kodam unless he’s into duct tape. . And I don’t see Steve as a big brother– A peer yes– Someone he respects, yes.– A friend, yes. Nahele sees him as a big brother but that seems right.

    OK, I am nit-picking here. I voted poor.

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  3. The COTW didn’t hold my interest in the least. I did enjoy the flashbacks of Max and really didn’t mind Jerry reading his journals as the vehicle to deliver them, but you’re right. it would’ve been nice if they’d been worked into the case somehow.
    Hirsch. Why does this character even still exist in this universe, let alone attend the party AND give a speech? Is is just so PL can employ his friends? A ridiculous waste of screen time. Someone on twitter noted that it’s interesting how much off time Five 0 spends with their perps..well certain perps.
    I also didn’t really see the need for the malasada scene, much as I enjoy Grover and McGrover. It seemed out of place in the ep too. One can only hope that Jimmy Buffet will play into recovering the missing uranium in some fashion after the guys get done with their facials and such… otherwise, pointless.

    I wish all the best to Masi Oka. Sounds like a smart ambitious guy. Did you know he once worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic? I will miss Max’s quirky ways. As far as Max wanting to emulate Kono and Adam, I’m gonna go with they’ve stuck by each other thru a lot of ridiculous stuff and are still together. Other than the Max farewell, a throwaway ep.

    McG is still hot. Bring Back Cath.

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  4. I voted good and that is only because I liked most of Max’s farewell scene along with the flashbacks. I didn’t hate the COTW, there had to be one I guess and it was okay. I figure if Mas didn’t mind Jerry reading his journals then I wouldn’t be upset although I did dislike how Jerry was then useless in helping Max pack up his things. I like the new ME and hope we get to know her better in the scenes where a ME is called for, beyond that I don’t need to have her in every ohana gathering. Not every work interaction needs to become family.

    I am guessing that PL felt that Max had to say something nice about everyone so I will excuse the fact that Max said he admired Danny. All I could think of was how often Danny put him down or was nasty to him. I have blocked out the beginning where Danny and Charlie were playing that pointless game…..not cute. And my guess is that Danny’s claustrophobia comes and goes. That is how I have taken to viewing the show……I concentrate on the things I like and block out the ick. And Hirsch is in the ick folder…..can’t see the need for him. Again….why was Grace at this party as well? Was she close to Max?

    That said, I will miss Max/Masi and I hope he does well with all his other projects and they can find a way to bring him back for a cameo now and then. Sam, again you have written a great review and I do agree with most of what you said. You do a wonderful job giving us a place to call home and a forum to discuss the show.

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  5. Sam I enjoyed your review waaaaaaay more than I enjoyed the episode. I gave it a poor, which I rarely do but jeez. 🙄

    The case du jour does not even deserve a mention cos *yawn*. I tolerated the Max farewell…it started out sweet but the ridiculousness that he sees cranky, mean-spirited Danno as a role model ruined it for me. THE. BEST. SCENE…was McG dancing up to Max to hug him. Alex is so athletic and so masculine and so handsome and he has zero rhythm or cool when dancing and I find that utterly adorable. That scene saved me from throwing my wine at my dang tv! 😆

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      1. He’s SUCH a terrible dancer, yet such an enthusiastic terrible dancer, that he’s adorable when dancing. 🙂

        But lord yeah, he’s terrible! 😆


  6. Sam, what was your vote? Did I miss it? I voted poor with some really, really good screencaps. So, Sam you get an awesome for what I thought was a poor episode. You nailed it… Frank Bama… WHY?; Hirsch… idiotic; Jerry… totally I don’t know… it made my skin crawl. He was so inappropriate in reading the journals. I think Max knew he couldn’t get rid of him and couldn’t get him to work, so he let it go. It was downright wrong. I really hated it.

    Danny and kid. Just no. Why? Just to give the kid some screen time?

    Big explosion, but you’re right. Steve figured out the reasoning in nothing flat. But that’s why he is the boss.

    I did love Duke and he is another good one I love to watch – like Max. I will miss Max but I understand why he left. And Masi too. Will definitely miss him. Loved his farewell but the bit about Danny almost made me gag. Those things did hurt Max’s feelings. You could see it on his face. As for wanting a relationship like Kono and Adam, I guess he doesn’t know about the duct tape incident. Or he thinks that’s exciting.

    Love the part where “steve” danced over to “Max”. I truly think that was Alex and Masi playing. Loved it.

    It was a poor episode with some beautiful footage.

    As for next week… it looks interesting.

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  7. This episode did have more than it´s fare share of odd people. But, unlike you, I like Hirsh´s character and Jerry, so I felt it was a bit funny at least. But Frank Bama´s one minute visit was just too random.
    I hated the bit with D and cake face (and kid) and Max´s ridiculous comment about D being a rolemodel. But at least they had the others laugh at that comment. They always seem to get the random locals attending their parties, always see it forced. At least they didn´t have the Dog this time. That was a relief.
    But Alex was so cute as happy Steve, so that I am thankful for. Can never get enough of smiling McG 🙂

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  8. Frank Bama showing up was random and quick…after it was over it left me asking “who was Steve talking to on the phone about the missing uranium?” Was it just to mention the case from last week or setting something up for a future episode? If it was just to mention the case from last week then what a waste of a scene. They could have had Lou and Frank talk about where to get good poke.

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  9. There was a case this week? i just paid attention to the multiple faces of McGarrett and the pretty well done Max scenes. I was okay with the presence of Hirsch as i enjoy his character; however; it makes little sense for him to be around as opposed to any other random character. i had the same thought that the actor must be buddies with PL. Grace must have been being punished for something she did last season as she looked completely unthrilled to be there. At least she didn’t have to muster up the energy to say “oh, Danno” at any point.
    I was okay with Max’s opinions of the team since i think he probably tries to not ruffle feathers and would not confront Jerry about the invasion of privacy as well as lack of help with packing. The writers have decided that Jerry’s social ineptness is a likable trait while the rest of us probably think he needs to learn to behave as an adult. Max having a positive view of Danny would go along with everything else that is written about Danny. The only people who seem to find him annoying are some of us in the fandom. Despite Steve’s eyerolls last season, the writers have decided that everyone must love Danny and no one will ever call him out on some of his attitudes. I definitely have a tendency to pick on people out of affection, so i can understand that supposedly being the case with Danny. I would have needed to have an honest sit down with him thought to find out what he really thinks. the people i pick on, I also tell straight up at times that i like or appreciate, so they know how i really feel.
    Anyway,, i don’t have the energy to try to figure out how to rate this one. nothing has really excited me this season other than the Doris rescue ep, so i look forward to the staycation episode so we can see Steve in a bit more relaxed venue (and hopefully have his fling move forward so he can move on from it). I don’t really care about the other three, but Steve could lay in a hammock the entire time and i would tune in (as long as there is a camera on said hammock).

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  10. i love Mcg’s look in that 3 star pic at the bottom. It is also an interesting reminder of how much taller Chi is than Alex. I have always known it, but it’s amazing to see.

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  11. This episode was real let down for me. I expected so much more.
    Too much CATHARSIS is needed.

    Dear Mr. Caan: Are your teeth glued together? Are you wearing cotton-wool balls in your mouth? What ever it is. Stop it.
    Dear Writers: What happened to Charlie’s Daddy? You know, the one who raised this kid for four years and the one Charlie has known as his Daddy his whole life? Hu?
    Dear Writers: Is Danny’s claustrophobia like Danny himself? It comes and goes as it suits? Is it visiting his good friend ailurophobia in Jersey? Or on vacation with tachophobia? Or was it packing the car together with catapedaphobia? Ok. Thought so. You are forgiven.
    Dear PTB: How does this work? I mean this OOC-ness. And this characterizing someone completely OOC. Hm… Maybe this way:

    Writer A: What about Max’s speech? We still have to write it.
    Writer B: It has to be good. Everybody loves him. Really everybody.
    Writer A: Yeah, we’ve written him well! *fist-bump
    Writer C: *cough Masi played him well too.
    Writer A + B: Yeah yeah whatever. No on to that speech…
    Writer C: A lot of people don’t like Danny btw…
    Writer B: That’s it!!! I’ve got it. Let’s make the loved guy praise the not so loved guy way over the top.
    Writer C: Why should he do that? He yelled at him, called him Kermit after he saved Steve’s life, and after proud Max told him that he once won a sports medal Danny asked if he should call Ripley’s.
    Writer A: Why he should do that? Because WE can. We’re tptb, don’t forget. And while we are on it we can have Max have a thing for duct tape too. Teehee.
    Writer C: And what about Steve? Steve was there for Max so many times. What about him?
    Writer B: He is a brother. That should do it. Everybody loves Steve, we don’t have to fix anything.
    Writer C: Well, Mr O’Loughlin played him well…
    Writer A: Oh shut the f*ck up. It is all us. Us us us. We are the mighty ones.

    ← Ugh. Sometimes I really think it happens this way. I couldn’t even laugh about what Max said about Danny and BorDam. That was so ridiculous and stupid and so out of character. Ugh.


    I loved the scene with Steve and Grover at the beginning. For me it didn’t feel disjointed. Two very good friends and work partners on their way to some boring ‘same procedure as every year’ stuff with coffee and malasadas. I enjoy these two so much, Lou’s words and even more Steve’s facial expressions. They could talk about everything for 45 min. and I would feel absolutely entertained.

    Note to Lou:
    Take this: I dunk and I double dunk and sometimes I even triple dunk! It is heaven. These pastries are called Berliner where I am from and they are filled with jelly or sometimes (at carnival) with egg liqueur. I dunk till I reach the filling. Yummy yummy yummy… *see below

    The COTW was not that bad, I liked it and that Steve figured it out pretty fast showed why he is getting payed the big bucks and is the leader.

    Liked the flashbacks and understand why they stopped that one from 2.01 at that point. Because after that Dannoying wasn’t sweet and wonderful at all.

    And I adored Steve’s little dance at the end. I don’t think they had music while filming this little scene. It was just this thing men sometimes do when they know something a little bit awkward is coming. In this case Steve ‘warning’ Max ‘hey, I am a male man, you’re are a man too, we’re are two straight men but I am going to hug the stuffing out of you now!’ And I disagree with AOL being a terrible dancer. He had some good moves in Feed. *yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy 😉

    So I would vote OK if the poll wasn’t closed.

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    1. Nooooo! God bless him, he was an unfunky white-boy dancer in Feed too! But even playing a serial killer, he’s such a cuuuuute bad dancer!

      I love your review. You liked more about the ep than I did, but I love love love your convo with Caan and even more so the ones with and between the writers. I soooooooo feel ya, babe. They are so lucky they got MrAlex in this cast, cos who the heckitty heck would watch this train wreck without him? 🙄


  12. Oh I totally forgot. I was giggling like an idiot about the bunny ears at the end. Alex portrays Steve as such a boy sometimes and I love love loooove it.

    Steve is the role model in this show.
    As AOL is a role model as an actor.

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