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“Ka ‘aelike” – After Chin is kidnapped by a cartel in Mexico, Five-0 must find and rescue him before he is executed by the group that’s out for revenge. Also, Grover goes undercover as a car salesman to investigate a murder that turns out to be far more complex and dangerous than expected, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ka ‘aelike to The Deal

I wonder how a Five-0 writer sits down, thinking about a story for roughly 90-minutes of television, and comes up with this? Nothing against the writer, or his craft, but this was not a smooth story for one 90-minutes episode. This was material for two separate shows, and I think it was cheating selling 7.11/7.12 as a double episode. Cheating and dumb.

But let’s start at the beginning. As I said in my review for 7.11 I think it was the major flaw to stretch this story over two episodes. And that my complaint was right on the money was painfully obvious in 7.12.

I mean, seriously? Five and a half minutes for the whole rescue? And that includes the previously on and the title sequence. Anyone not feeling cheated by the show… I don’t know what they must be, but certainly not normal viewers.

We start this episode practically right where we left them. I at least thought they were just being back from the scene where they picked up Sarah. Which brings me to my first question: Where the heck did they snatch homeboy? And homeboy? Really? Sigh.


You know I in no way think that I know what I’m doing when I write something. I’m not a professional writer, I did not study it. I only went to a few seminars and courses about writing. BUT even I know that you have to think your stuff through. You don’t just make things up. Everything should have a background, an explanation how something has happened. You don’t have to give all the explanations, no, that would be boring. But it needs to be obvious to the reader none the less. And the Five-0 writers simply don’t care about background, logic or if what they are writing makes any sense. And I think that is the major flaw with Five-0.

How I imagine it goes on Five-0.

“I want Steve interrogating someone from the baddies.”

“Sure, no problem, we put him in a room with one of them.”

“Eh, where did they get him from?”

“Who cares, no one will question that. Put cool McG there and everyone is happy.”

“Ah, OK. If you say so.”

Well, I do questions something like that. So, my question still stands, where did they find homeboy? Anyone? 😉

But before we can see cool Steve, we have to endure Kono flipping out about something she should be cool about. Boy, seems that overacting is not reserved for the one who isn’t in this episode. GP, sorry, but that was bad. And that after I started to really like you.

But the cringeworthy dialogue continued with Lou’s reply. Gawd, shoot me now.

But hey, we can even top that. Adam comes to the rescue. Totally out of breath he dramatically tells them how hard it was to find them, but he just had to come. Ugh!

He for sure is the one they need in their rescue operation. What the heck was the writer thinking? Who the hell needs Adam for anything? Seriously!

And then we see Steve coming out of the ‘interrogation’ room, all sweaty and kinda out of breath, of course, with the information where they keep Chin. Sure. Homeboy would give up that information just like that. Guess Steve scared him with his death glare or something, because he for sure looked pretty much intact to me.

Anyway, off they go to rescue Chin. Oh, and by the way, Danny is already packing everything into the car. ROFL. My goodness!

And now the highlight of the two-parter, the part they took 50 minutes to build-up to. The dramatic rescue. I am sorry, but I laughed out loud seeing that. It was hilariously funny. But I guess that was not what they had in mind filming that.

First off, why weren’t they at that great compound with the 100 military grade guards? Why were they in the jungle next to a pit with hungry dogs? Why wouldn’t they keep the dogs on the compound? Makes it so much easier, no driving around in the jungle and stuff. Better lighting, too.

This is again a perfect example for bad writing without thinking ahead. They came up with this idea of any rescue being a suicide mission because the baddies had such a safe place which even the military won’t touch. You write yourself in a corner with such crap. And to get out of it you simply make up even more stupid crap about a tiny compound out in the jungle where the baddies keep their dogs. I beg you, what kind of crap is that?! It’s ridiculous.

So, and instead of getting their revenge on Chin, which I still don’t understand why they wanted to get it through Chin, they kept talking and talking and talking. Until finally Five-0 arrives and shoots all the bad guys. Or was it just Steve? Because he is the only one we see. Guess, Alex and DDK were the only ones willing to work that night? Geez.

So, after Chin is safe they drive back to the Morales’ home to meet Sarah. Of course, they couldn’t stop for a minute to maybe clean up? Chin, with still dripping blood and wounds all over hugs the stuffing out of Sarah. What the heck were they thinking? At least Steve should have told him to clean up before going to see his nice. This was just stupid.

Ah, the cleaning up is coming, a bit late. 😉 But it brings us another good scene with Steve and Chin. That was very cute. 🙂

Come on, guys, the minute we saw Sarah for the first time we knew how this would end. Of course, would Chin get her. I’m not sure I think this is a good idea. First, why would Sarah be safe in Hawaii among Five-0? Doesn’t Jorge know how often all of them get kidnapped? 😉 And how will it even work, Chin having a child? Who will watch her? Who will take care of her? Chin? With a full-time job with Five-0? Abby? Who doesn’t even like children and thought it would be wrong to take her in? And who by the way also has a full-time job with HPD. Not to mention that she’s not even on the show anymore. 😉 A nanny? Yeah, right, that is for sure what Chin and Sarah are looking forward to. Oh, I got an idea, Adam needs a job. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I really like that little kid. She is cute, AND she can act. So, win/win situation. I’m just not sure Chin should have a kid.

And that brings me to how in the world did Jorge get all that legal stuff done so quickly? Do I even want to know? No, surely not.

So, all is well, the stupid kidnapping case solved, Chin rescued, let’s fly home.

Which brings us to Steve who spends his Saturday at HQ, unpacking from their trip to Mexico. Which I can totally buy; that is what he would do. And he was probably so focused on his guns, that he never even noticed that big Jerry was sleeping in his office. Nope, Lou had to point it out to him. Sure. I believe that.

Anyway, I liked these scenes. Yes, I even liked Jerry. Maybe it was because we haven’t seen him in the last couple of episodes.


Steve and Grover are just awesome together. I’m never getting tired of these two. Now this is a friendship I’d love to see more of. Alex and Chi are both great actors, who put their hearts and souls into their roles. Kudos to them for giving us such wonderful work week after week.


I thought it was very nice how they picked up Jerry’s problem of finding a home after Chin asked him to move out. He was pretty much homeless from the moment we met him in season four where he lived in his mother’s basement. Loved it how Steve stepped up to vouch for him. Steve is just a great guy to all his friends. Sigh.

If you wanted to bribe Steve McGarrett, would you do it with Malasadas? I don’t think so. But it was a cute idea and loved Lou’s and Steve’s reaction “Who is doctor Kimbo?” LOL

Guess they hoped Max had an answer to the question who that doctor was, so they went to see him. How did they know he was at his office on a Saturday? Just asking. And yes, of course, he was also working on this glorious Saturday. Do you remember that we first met Max on a Saturday? Of course, back then he was way different to the Max we know now.

Anyway, obviously, Dr. Kimbo was under the wrong impression that Steve would hire the MEs. A common mistake. LOL

And since Steve and Lou were kinda bored out of their minds they asked about the dead body. And, wonder oh wonder took the case, which wasn’t actually a case at that point.

That brings me, not for the first time, to the question who decides which case they are taking on? But I guess if Commander McGarrett tells Duke, or any homicide detective, hey, we’re investigating, they are just happy to oblige. 😉

Awww, I just loved the scenes between Max, Steve and Lou. That was hilarious, Loved watching Lou explaining about car salesmen, and the corresponding faces by both Steve and Max. Brilliant.

Even more brilliant was Chi as such a car salesman. That was just a joy to watch. He rocked his scenes.


Another chuckle from me about where Danny is this time around. On vacation with Melissa. Guess he left the islands and couldn’t be called back like Chin and Kono? Right. You know, I don’t care that he is not there, I don’t care about SC’s contract or about the character Danny. It is no secret that I strongly believe all episodes without him are better. BUT I think it is wildly unfair to the other characters (not talking about the actors) that only Danny is constantly on vacation or simply not there. Have you ever seen Steve, Kono, Lou or Chin taking any personal days? Any long weekends, or even two-week vacations? Nope, we haven’t. And I think Danny’s absence is reaching ridiculous proportions. Throw him out of Five-0, give him another job, so it makes sense that he’s not there. He doesn’t have to leave permanently, but this is just stupid. Enough of my rant.

And of course, they had to mention Melissa since we will go on the stupid staycation in a few weeks. Which I hope will be a break-up-cation for all of them. Never been a friend of Melissa, Amber or whoever. And Lynn, don’t let me even start with that blondie. But maybe she will be allowed to actually talk in that episode. You know, like really talk? Yeah, right, dream on. To clear something up, I have nothing against her, she is just not life-partner-material. Having-fun-material, yeah, no problem. But anything more? Nope, not in this lifetime.

Back to the show. It doesn’t take Lou long at all to investigate their first suspect with the help of Kamekona.

Tell me something, why did they drive to that lookout, far away from HQ to take the guy into custody? Kamekona could have driven to HQ. Made no sense.


But nice scenes in the blue room. Always nice to see the boys doing their thing there.

And after it turned out that Burnett actually told them the truth, they shift their focus onto their next suspect on the list. Bob Mason. Oh Bob. That was such a delight to watch Chi do his thing. Great scenes by the both of them. Bob wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, now was he? 🙂 One thing though. That tiny speck of blood was all that was left after a bashed head? Huh, but OK.

And Lou is a clever guy to boot. It didn’t really made sense; the killing I mean. I only thought, wow, we still have 15 minutes left. This can’t be it. And for sure it wasn’t.

They found out that this was about drugs being smuggled onto the islands. Of course, that wasn’t all there was to it either.

But first they take down the drug operation. That was quite a bit of heroin dust flying around. Only the baddies wore masks, so, I guess Five-0 is immune to that stuff?

Now we’re coming to the only surprise in this episode. I did not see coming how that poor cop got killed. That was pretty cool, in a twisted and sick kinda way. But from that moment on it was clear this whole case was not about drugs.

Which brings us to another great scene in the blue room. 🙂

After some more digging and interviewing they, or better Max, figures out what this is about.

They smuggled radioactive material onto Oahu. OK, here lies my problem with this story-line. I like it when a story is all over the place and leads from one to the other, and in the end it all comes together. So, that is not a problem. But again with the radioactive stuff. How often have they used it now? Heck, they even set off a nuclear explosion off the island. By the way, we never heard any fall out (excuse the pun) from that. No word about Five-0 saving the world, no word about the disaster for the sea, nothing at all. A shame really.

Anyway, why did they always have to go so big? That is really not necessary, in my eyes. Normal crimes would be more than enough. This is like James Bond in Moonraker… too much. 😉

And it was totally stupid how the bad guy handled the material. If he is clever enough to handle it, he would know what kind a danger he was facing. Handling it without any protection? Why would he do that? Oh right, to show us his radiation burns.

I truly liked that Jerry went to Steve with the info about the house he found of interest. That was nice of him.

Which brings us to one of the best scenes of this episode. Steve went to see Max. At the same place where their friendship was really formed. Steve had always respected Max, from the get go, and had treated him with respect, but in 2.01 their friendship was formed when Steve went to his place for help after he had been stabbed in prison and was in danger of bleeding to death. Max saved him back then. And Steve offered him to call him Steve. Also some of the best scenes from the second season premiere.

But back to this episode. I thought it was so cute that Max was worried Steve would be disappointed in him for leaving. Max had always idolized Steve, and looked up to him. I think his approval is very important to him. Of course, Steve would be really proud of Max. Proud of his development, proud of what a man he had become. I loved those scenes. And I already miss Max. He wasn’t in every episode, but he was a huge part of Five-0, and I’m sad that he will leave.


Oh, I almost forgot, Chin goes to see Adam. Wasted time in my eyes, and only in this episode as a set-up for future episodes. Quite frankly, I’m not OK with Adam violating his parole like that, and no one is saying anything about it. Going to Mexico was not needed, HE was not needed down there. So, I guess we will later see what this was really for.

And I still hope Adam is the bad guy. Nope, not giving up on that. I had to laugh at what Chin said. He put Kono always before himself? Seriously? LOL


One other question. Who was Steve talking to on the phone in his office? Couldn’t be the Governor. He said SIR. He told whoever was on the phone he would be the first to be informed of any new developments. So, who was that guy?

And who of you didn’t know that the material was already gone, and Five-0 too late? Right, no surprise there.


So, I guess that was it. What is my verdict?

– Lou’s role in this was such fun to watch, Chi rocked his scenes

– Steve/Grover are a dream team, Alex and Chi together is just a delight to watch

– the case of the week was decent enough

– the Chin rescue was OK, although ridiculous and totally anticlimactic

– they did a great job throughout the episode with Chin’s bruises, not a given on this show

– Max/Grover/Steve such great scenes

– Max and Steve the best of the best

– AND Steve was just ridiculously attractive 🙂 That man gets better with every freaking week. I love the gray coming through, please, show, keep that up

My verdict can’t be anything but great. Lots to rant about, but the fun, awesome and pretty simply won out.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


30 thoughts on “7.12 Review

  1. LOL!!! I too gave it a great, quite honestly a rare accolade from me. 😉 I TOTALLY agree with every one of your critiques, but Alex and Chi were so perfectly perfect, adorable, entertaining…and did I mention perfect?…that I enjoyed every frikkin minute of the episode. McG with Chin, with Jerry, with Max ❤ ! McG in the blue room. 😆 And at one point talking…I think to Grover on the phone…McG giggled! Alex was having a ball in this ep and so I had a ball. 🙂

    And Chi! My God his car salesman was THE best comedy ever on this show! 😆

    Aaaaand, to gild that "Lilly", no Danno. He may have been loading the car ( 🙄 since when did Danno ever volunteer for physical labor or do something as nice and load-up other peoples' stuff?), but I was happy to let him pop off on his 50th vacation of the season. I imagine his absence is a bit of a vacation for his teammates. So we got great acting, no whining, no phoning it in, in this ep. And that great acting lifted a so-so script into a great episode! 😉

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  2. Enjoyed reading your recap, I don´t notice even half the stuff you point out, but I find it hilarious when you mention it all. This is such a badly written show, I feel sorry for Alex to have work on it. But maybe Alex has isn´t giving it too much thought about the show anymore, just waiting for it all to be over.
    Luckily there are bits and pieces still in H50 to enjoy, like you mentioned, Grover and Bob and of course the end with Steve and Max 🙂
    And I agree with you that the writers keep re-using the same stuff, a nuclear bomb again!
    Maybe they will nuke the island to oblivion, glorious end to H50 with a mushroom cloud in the sunset…

    1. I don’t think the writers devote enough time on research, which is a really big nit-pick with me, but I don’t feel it is really badly written. And I don’t feel sorry for Alex, but rather I am proud of him and his accomplishment. I think he still loves what he does and he outshines in his performance of Steve. And while I do complain about a lot of nonsense on the show, he is what brings me back week after week.

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      1. I like how you put this Cokie. I dont’ necessarily feel sorry for Alex either – he is doing a great job with what he’s given and he seems mostly happy doing it – I think because of the things doing this show has given him. It doesn’t stop me from wishing he had something more meaty to work with

        I do disagree about the writing. I think it’s sloppy. I think lack of research and the large number of things that just don’t make sense is a sign of that. Maybe it’s sloppy writing instead of “bad” writing. It really takes away from the show in my eyes.

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  3. Well, I gave it an OK because i usually end up rating them higher than i really should. I weighted this one down based on how horribly they finished up last week’s storyline built up with fake drama in the previews. That quick scene of Steve rescuing Chin was absolutely awful – it was like the writer’s just had nothing else to write when really we know it was because there was an entire other storyline to get to.
    All the positives i agreed with. Steve and Lou can carry the entire show as far as I’m concerned. I knew Lou would be great and yet not annoying as the used car salesman. I knew something other than the car was of interest but assumed as the team did that the drugs were it.

    I was very excited to see the Steve and Max interaction. I like that Steve cares about Max and that Max respects Steve so much to care for his opinion. I do hope we see Sabrina on Max’s final episode; they are so cute together.

    Adam, interesting to bring him in, but yeah, if he can avoid any future conflict with the yakuza, a good babysitter the unemployed guy will make.
    It would be nice to have the team raze Danny a bit for the amount of leave he takes, but that could get awkward for the actors. I wonder how they are going to get Danny to come home with the nuclear threat and all.

    Paula, I also feel sorry for Alex at times on this show. He takes it very seriously and is way overtalented for the material he is given. It is sad the show could be taken somewhere to utilize his gifts but the producers for some reason choose to keep things on the campy side rather than letting drama and real content carry the show.
    I’m happy to have my favorite “not a cop” back. now, i have to go find that giggle to which ya’ll referred. i was obviously a bit too distracted by ice falling out of the sky…. ( haven’t left the house since midday Friday – there’s been a lot of fanfic on my plate!)

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  4. You are spot on again Sam. I told Cokie Friday night that I couldn’t wait to read your review. Since there would be no Danny this episode I suspected that the rescue would be short but I didn’t think it would be that short. Lou really did shine in this episode and I loved the scene with Bob. Max and Steve at the end was perfect. The nuclear threat at the end might be overused but it certainly was more of a cliffhanger than the previous episode. As I have said before, I like Adam more than most but there was no reason for him to be in Mexico. The writers have no clue what to do with him. Maybe Danny could become Sarah’s nanny? He has experience raising a daughter although I would feel sorry for the child with his overbearing method of childcare. I need to vote, I’m caught between good and great. Well……..Alex did make it great so I guess I have my answer.

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  5. Wow Sam, you’re on a roll – that was one of your fastest reviews in a while 🙂

    I’m not sure about the overall verdict. After you told me it was a great episode I was actually hoping for a litte bit more.
    It was a clear Awesome (with a capital A) if it comes to Steve, Grover and Max. Man, Steve and Grover have such a strong man friendship as well as their work together perfectly. What a great team! These two actors knock their scenes out of the park.
    While I always loved Max, this was another brilliant episode for him. Short but sweet. I loved that they went back to where Steve’s and Max’ friendship started, Max’ apartment. How awesome that they rebuilt the place from 2.01 and the couch where Steve lay became the place where they had the kind of talk Steve “always knew would be coming” after Max got back.
    Aww, I’m gonna miss Max so much.

    There were a lot of just “oh well” scenes in there that barely managed a good in my book. After taking a better look at the writing for a while this episode raised a lot of questions and again so many things didn’t add up. I was shaking my head in disbelief when Adam showed up. I admit I like him but what the heck was he doing there? If we had actually seen him as a back up for Steve WITH Lou and Kono, you know as a little team…. Steve looked very impressive as a little one man army but this was SO over the top. Oh dear.
    And don’t even get me started on the absence of a certain Mr. Someone. I am so sorry for his fans, but I AM DONE. Every episode without him is better and you know why? It’s not because I can’t stand him anymore (heck I used t like the guy and really thought they were partners who balanced each other out) – but this ridiculous play of coming up with yet another unbearably, unbelievable explanation as to why he is not there is AWFUL! And I really don’t care about scheduling conflict. Everybody else doesn’t seem to have them…
    **Rant over**

    Overall I was well entertained and I will watch this episode again.

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    1. Yep, pretty fast. But honestly, I had such fun watching the show, and writing this review. Yes, there was a lot of awful in this one. But that is nothing new. But the awesome was kind of overwhelming. It was SO much fun watching Chi McBride do his thing. Alex was on a roll, obviously having fun. He mad me smile the whole darn time.
      And I’m totally with you on a certain someone.
      I kinda really loved this episode. Can’t explained it, but seeing Alex and Chi just made me happy. 🙂 They made my day.

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      1. I am absolutely with you on the Alex and Chi awesomeness! Two great actors, so much fun to watch! This epi was once again an example how much they enjoy what they do. They are having a blast and it showed.
        At first I cringed when I heard Lou would go undercover – but THIS was the perfect job for him 🙂
        And Alex…. sigh – lol! Have I mentioned that he looks better and better? And you can tell how comfortable he is. He owns this show. Well, done once again Mr. AOL and kudos Chi and Masi – awesome!

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  6. Poorly written over in the rescue of Chin. Should not had last up to eight minutes. Really should had lasted longer.
    Chi and Alex both rock. As both as Grover and Steve I love them better than McDanno!
    As really Chi was funny. And really entertaining.
    Will miss Max as really get the kleenix out for next week.
    But that mission changed him forever and ever!
    Rank it 7/10!


  7. Let’s talk about Adam. With all the worry about where Chin was taken and how they needed to find him before he gets killed, Kono’s hubby shows up. Why? He has no skills (unless duct tape plays a major role in the rescue) and is just one more thing to distract the team when they should be focused on saving Chin. He needs a baby sitter, so did Sara give him coloring book/crayon therapy while the team was out taking care of business? My guess is he was contracted and being paid for an episode appearance and they might as well use him even if it didn’t make sense. I love IAD and heard his series was cancelled. Maybe that means we will see him more often now and please, oh please, let him turn out to be a bad guy instead of this sad out of place character as currently written. And he has violated parole but no one seems to care about that at 50, so unless he swam to Mexico, he must have needed a passport. Maybe the family business provided a boat and Sang Min got him some phony papers so he found a way around that. Which brings me back to having Adam resume his day job and take over from Hiro. Kono can be his enforcer. That man looks great in an expensive suit. The real Adam needs to come back.

    Chi was terrific as a car salesman and I would have loved to see him trying to sell a car to a “real” customer.
    Seriously, Jerry has been sleeping in Steve’s office and Steve never noticed? Steve? Mr. Neat, everything where it belongs? Sure.

    Seems Abby took Sara to the beach. I immediately thought of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. That lady didn’t like inconvenient kids either.

    I rated it Good.

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        1. THis clarification has made me laugh more than once.

          Because – we wouldn’t want to think that Ms. Christie was untrustworthy around children!!!


  8. Wow what a let down been waiting for this big showdown with the Drug Cartel for 3 weeks. I was expecting to see Steve and the team in some great action, stunt and shoot out to rescue Chin. instead we got Five 0 joined by Adam I don’t know why spraying a few shots from the shadows to take out half dozen thugs taking all of 8 min with Steve giving Chin his badge back and Chin having Sara back in Hawaii end od story. very disappointed

    After I got over that disappointment the rest of the episode turned out ok
    Loved all the twist in the story line
    Love all the scene with Steve and Grover
    Grover was funny as the Car Salesmen
    Love the scene with Steve and Max

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  9. I gave this a “great” vote as well because it made me smile. And whenever I sit watching TV with a goofy grin on my face, it is a win. Yeah, plot holes big enough to hide a Volkswagen, but I overlooked those. I even managed to overlook Jerry although that was one of the silliest plots ever with him covertly sleeping at HQ. Adam’s entrance into Mexico was (a) useless and (b) illegal. HE’S ON PAROLE… don’t you think he would have had to forfeit his passport??? Oh, writers wanted him there so let’s not think of logistics or relevance. Same with homeboy. I was actually thinking I was missing something that had happened on the last episode where they kidnapped one of the bad guys. But if you all are wondering about him, too, I guess not. The Chin rescue was pretty anti-climactic. But contrary to what Sam said above, I was actually surprised Sarah came back with them. I thought Chin would say he was sorry and auntie and uncle would promise Sarah could visit and be done with it. Not sure this is the route to go, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this actress again. She could run circles around the other kids on the show (well, except Will, I like him) and she could outdistance some of the adults as well. But I’m going to guess that “Sarah and Abby” will be off doing whatever if and when she is mentioned again. I hope Abby learns to like the kid.

    And then off to this week’s story. It was silly, it was cute, it was funny, it also had some plot holes, but I don’t care. There were some twists and turns I didn’t expect and I liked those. Chi absolutely rocked the car salesman. I think he was made for that role. I actually gasped when the policeman was killed. Wasn’t expecting that… well, I wouldn’t have been shocked if he had been shot, but that was quite a way to be killed.

    Steve was, well, once again amazing. I’m sure I’ve said that before. But I love watching him. He was smart, savvy, hunky, and an absolute leader. Hunky, too… did I mention that? Love his scenes with everyone, but especially Lou and Max. He had a couple great scenes with Chin, too. The end with Max was wonderful. I love that it was back on the same couch we found him on in 2.01. That was perfect, but I have to wonder anyone even realized that when they had to recreate Max’s apartment. But that was done “right”.

    And as for the person who must have flown back to Hawaii in the middle of the night and then bugged back out before daybreak to get away before all the action happened the next day. I truly think he owes all the others big time for all the vacation time he gets off. None of the others seems to take hardly any time at all. I mean, Chin was beaten half to death and has a new house guest and he came to work. But I must say, a show without Mr. Whiny was greatly appreciated.

    Great review, Sam!

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  10. I gave it a good. The annoying things were annoying, but the usual annoying thing wasn’t there, ergo:good

    I do feel like PL suddenly woke up to the fact that many other shows do “mid season finales” that get a lot of buzz so he didn’t want to feel left out. As usual, H50’s midseason finale was half-assed. Taking 2 scenes and spreading them out over different years isn’t a midseason finale, dear EP. This one was lame. I really wasn’t in fear that Chin wouldn’t be saved, ever. There needs to be some different sort of peril that a main character is put in to make it suspenseful – no more kidnappings, etc. Find something a little less obvious!

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    1. I don’t know why they just don’t rip off the band-aid and let Danny go away. The character has never been happy about anything and that is a drag on everything else. He is the least “Ohana” of all the characters- the one you are compelled to invite to family gatherings but wish you didn’t because all the whining brings everyone down. That’s Danny and it is how he is written. It’s sad because they didn’t have to present his character this way but they did.
      The episodes without the character have been better and I usually don’t realize he is missing until the final credits.

      I see no close “brother” relationship with McGarrett like I saw Steve have with Freddie. That is special and rare. Steve and Danny have a working working relationship. He has that with Grover and Chin, too. As for feeling sorry for his fans- I do and I don’t. If you love the character despite his faults, that’s great. If you see things I don’t, that’s great too. But if you need to boost Danny’s relevance to McGarrett by slamming other characters and his relationship to him, then I certainly do feel sorry for his fans when their commitment to the character is greater than he who shall not be named.

      I sense a disturbance in the force.

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      1. CBS and Lenkov both keep insisting that the McDanno relationship is the base of the show. Like you, I have never ever seen it. McG has a “special” and unique relationship with literally every damn character. He has these because Alex is able to nuance McG perfectly to meet each actor’s character on its own unique level. That is Alex O’Loughlin’s frikkin genius! That is why Show has endured, in spite of the oddball plots and gaping plot holes over the seasons. Alex’s McG humanizes every character and every episode.

        Danno, as a result of his self-imposed outsider status and Scott’s determination to work as little as possible (including when he is actually on set 🙄 ) is the least among the Ohana. The ONLY thing his character brings to the table is he has kids, when Show wants that familial vibe. But now Chin does too, so even there, Danno and his sometimes-ness has become utterly unnecessary.

        To me he is less than unnecessary. He is unwanted.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. If S8 is definitely the end .(And from everything PL has let drop, a renewal for S8 seems to be a sure thing) then the writers have put into motion all the wraps for individual stories regarding the central characters. PL has always said he knew where the show was going and I believe that. Many of us have not been happy with the ride but it has to end eventually. So what happens to all of them? Here are my guesses.

          1. PL said that the 50 Team would go on even if the show ends. My interpretation- someone remains to take over in the last episode as everyone else moves on. My pick is Grover. Most experienced as a SWAT commander.

          2. Danny will need to get custody of his children and the only way for that to happen is for Rachel to be free to marry him. Stan is legally Charlie’s Dad and I can’t see why he would give up rights to a child he loves as his own, so I think Stan may die. Sadly, he is the only one who deserves better in this mess. I hope they don’t do this. Then the Williams clan can move to Jersey to be near Grandma Williams and eat her wonderful Spaghetti made with ketchup which carries jail time in most civilized areas of the world.

          3. Kono wants to start a family and thinks, maybe, just maybe, her job is a tad dangerous and being married to Adam, a convicted felon, narrows her options. She will start a surfing school with her hubby and live on the beach.

          4. Chin apparently has custody of Sara and with his job and Abby’s job being so dangerous, someone will have to take care of this child if something happens to them, so since I don’t care much for Abby, I hope that relationship ends and Chin moves on (or back) to someone like that brave nurse from the prison break. Or maybe he could be a partner in Kodam’s Surfing school.

          5. McGarrett will hand the reins to Grover, and sail off with Catherine.

          6. We will never get the answer to “Why, Mom, why? from Doris because the writers have no clue either.

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  11. Sigh.
    There was so much awesomeness in this episode.
    Loved Steve’s calmness in tough situations.
    Giggled when Steve giggled.
    Teared up over Sara going home with Chin because I am an illogical sentimental idiot sometimes.
    Giggled over sleep eating and think that is a wonderful excuse. I’ll take it!
    Loved everything about the McChin scene and Chin saying thank you to Steve. Two wonderful men.
    Loved Steve’s various facial expressions alone in the blue room with that perp.
    And I absolutely adore Steve with Max. Oh I will miss these two together. Much.
    Hope Dannoying will load the car more often. Like always. And if he is not loading some car he can have tons of dates with Amblissa. Then Chin has to go to work even after being tortured and with a new child at home. Because that is not that important than having a date. Hurray to more McChin scenes.
    And how adorable are Steve and Grover together. That are some funny scenes ladies and gentlemen delivered by two great actors.
    I noticed the flaws but all this awesomeness made up for it.

    Adam happened in Mexico.
    Adam happened with Chin.
    Ridiculous and stupid.

    I have to vote great. Damn.

    I hope they saved the poor dogs.

    (Now, do I want to watch the next episode or do I watch this one again? Decisions decisions… Any suggestions?
    Nukes on the island, nukes on the island, dunn dunn dunn… There are two options: they are going to save the world in the first 3 minutes of ep.13 or we won’t hear about the nukes till episode 8.19. At the earliest.)

    Steve is a wonderful friend for freaking everybody.
    And I am incredible tired of the poor excuses for Dannoying’s absence. Just write him out for goodness sake. The possibilities are endless. Pizza joint. Private Investigations. Tie design. Hair product tester. Dinosaur deduster. Safety inspector for coconuts. Professional shotgun.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. I am sure they saved the dogs… but even if they didn’t, I saw at least 2 of the bad guys fall into the pit, so at least the dogs got dinner.


    1. Whatever happened to the uranium dirty bomb story? If they have time to go on a staycation does that mean they found it and the world is saved? It seems like an important story, so did I miss it?…or did they just drop it?

      I wonder if Frank Bama was supposed to be in 707 but they couldn’t fit him in to the rescue or wanted him in the epi with Joe White who may not have been available. Always thought bringing in the actress to play Lynn and having her meet Cath might not have been the original plan. PL said he was “hoping” to get the actress back shortly before the episode was filmed and if it was the original plan there should have been no need to hope because PL would have already known since he would have hired her.


  13. First thing I thought of, when Adam went to Mexico and then Chin came over for a visit: Adam and Kono cannot have kids, and Chin signs over Sara to them! It’s the only reason Adam would show up again…


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