7.11 review, finally


7.11 Ka’ili aku

Five-0 races to Mexico where Chin puts his life on the line after his niece Sara (Londyn Silzer) is kidnapped, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ka’ili aku to Snatchback

So, tomorrow we will get a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 after a short winter break. And then we will finally see the conclusion to the cliffhanger. ROFLMAO, I am sorry, but what cliffhanger? Will Chin live? Oh my goodness, what a nail-biting question.


I must confess, I have only watched the episode once since it aired, and quite frankly I don’t feel the need to do so again any time soon. Does that mean I think this was an unworthy or even bad episode? Or boring and stupid?

No, not at all… and yes. I guess that is an answer that will satisfy everyone. 😉

Seriously though, the major flaw in this episode was that they didn’t get it done in one episode. Very seldom is there enough material to actually do a double-episode. And as we already saw in the preview for 7.12, it is not any different in this case.

Five-0 is already back on a case, one of the members is not even in the episode. So, they will resolve the Chin matter in a matter of minutes. Either in the beginning or the end. But honestly, I do not care.

You want a cliffhanger? Then do it like at the end of season one. That was a cliffhanger; a great one. But in this episode? Come on, seriously. I found it lame and not exciting or anything. I think it was stupid with a capital S.

First of all, let’s talk about Chin. Who was that guy? Running away from his own party like a headless chicken?! What the hell was he thinking? Yeah, right, not much. But I’m sorry, that was so out of character, it was ridiculous. I don’t care if he was worried about Sarah; he would not lose his head like that. No way.

But thankfully, Steve was there to take action. You know, there is a reason why HE is the leader. And although I have said it many times, I will never get tired of it. Steve is just awesome. In anything he does. Not just with all the action, but even more so with the strategic planning and execution. In my eyes, still the most awesome character of any TV show. Yes, I am biased. I know that. But I feel no shame in saying that I love, respect and admire Steve McGarrett. There you have it, a confession of an addict. 😉

Anyway. Commander McGarrett must have awesome connections to get them a flight where they could bring all their firepower without a problem. 😉 I guess they are not flying commercial?


Let’s talk about the others for a minute before we get back to the best scenes of this episode.

Lou and Danny. This scene in the morgue could have been awesome if one of them wasn’t bored out of his mind. I am sorry, but I am so tired of this one actor’s idea of good acting, or acting in general. Geez, that was so lame. I get that Danny is horribly written, and I do understand that it can’t be much fun to play him most of the time. But it is your damn job to at least put some effort in it. Ugh, that was so darn bad acting. Or better so darn obvious “I don’t fucking care”.

I really liked the idea behind the morgue scenes, but the execution from one of them was pitiful to watch.

But it resulted in an amusing scene in a car. And the morgue-scene would only have worked with Lou and Danny, because frankly, the other three would be way too cool to get any comical effect out of it.

Speaking of cool. I loved the scenes between Steve and the crime boss. Very cool scenes. It almost seemed that Steve got a new fan, Mr. Ramirez showed a lot of respect for our commander. I loved all their scenes. But to be fair I almost always love any scenes with Steve involved. 😉 But in this case, they played off each other really well.

So, what else is worth mentioning? Oh yeah, of course the mother was kind of a bad guy by not telling the truth and putting everyone in danger. Another lying bitch. What else is new. And why the heck were the kidnappers talking in English? That also made no sense.

The cringeworthy birthday party with the video message. Sorry, but having Charlie and Grace there was inappropriate in my eyes. Why can’t Danny go to an adult party on his own? I highly doubt Chin, who rarely if ever had any contact with Charlie or Grace, had invited them. And the video made it inappropriate for small children. I just have a different concept of loving your children. You don’t have to take them everywhere you go. They are their own persons, and they should not be controlled like they are on this show.

The logic that the cartel would be satisfied with just Chin. Why? If I were the cartel I would want Steve, or even Kono who actually killed those five guys. Chin had nothing much to do with anything. Why would they want him? That makes no sense. I would want the one responsible, that would ultimately be Steve as the leader, or at least the one who pulled the trigger, Kono. Not some bystander which Chin is.


Speaking of Chin. Why the hell did he take his mask off? There was no need, and it made absolutely no sense. It was not dramatic, it was stupid and ridiculous.

Boy, this almost sounds like I hated this episode. NO, that is not the case. I think it was a great episode. But it felt dragged out and I never felt any angst or excitement. It had some awesome stunts scenes in it. A lot of shooting, great conversations, but also overacting by, gasp, Daniel Dae Kim. Some of DDK’s scenes should have been more subtle. I felt like he overdid it. Sorry, Daniel. Love you, but this was not your best work.

Loved that he told Sarah that Uncle Steve and Auntie Kono would come get her. Steve is obviously an uncle to every kid. 🙂


Despite all the hype, and the action, and the really good scenes, this one only, barely manages to get a great from me. But hey, it was great. That’s great. 🙂


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


11 thoughts on “7.11 review, finally

  1. I gave it a great, but I really think it was a GOOD episode with some GREAT scenes in it. How’s that for waffling? I agree, Chin was over the top; I just can’t see him doing stuff like that. And to do all of this and know that he still isn’t going to get Sarah. Steve, as usual carried the show. No doubt about that… he made the great vote of mine. My thought process of why Chin was targeted was that the cartel knew of Sarah and knew that would be Chin’s weakness. Now after they got the entire team there, I don’t know why Chin was the one targeted. But logic has never really played a huge part in the writing, so why start now?

    Don’t know how they will resolve things tomorrow, but I am mighty glad to know I have a new episode to watch. I have been watching reruns of Season 1 this week and they are such a delight to behold. This show just makes me smile.

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    • Back in the day Season one was great. New and refreshing. But watching it now, I still have the same complaints about it. Unbearable side-kick. He is almost worse back then than he is now. At least today he’s not in every episode.

      And I always cringed about Kono. Couldn’t stand her back then at all. I think the later seasons are way better than the first one. It had some really good episodes, but also a lot of just OK stuff. It’s still fun to watch, but it’s not a delight. LOL

      Why start now with logic? Guess I just can’t give up. 😉

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  2. I can’t add much to your review since it said pretty much what I thought about it. Chin was out of character.
    I love little Sarah but I don’t think Chin should have custody unless he gets rid of Abby first.

    As for Steve’s connections….he gets in and out of hostile countries without much difficulty, manages to get millions smuggled as ransom money and got Matt’s decomposing body in a barrel through customs. Maybe the government needs to clone him or Marvel Comics needs to make him a super hero.

    I wish they wold go for a little more realism with his character and deal with the issue of PTSD.

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  3. I voted good. Overall the episode was good but honestly I’m bored and tired of all the kidnappings. The storyline felt repetitive, right down to stealing the money from the police station. The best part of this episode for me was Steve in those lovely grey pants chasing down Chin and McG’s interaction with Ramirez. That saved the epi for me. I hope the rest of the season has something good for me to look forward to, though judging from the spoilers, not so much.

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  4. i couldn’t remember enough to rate the episode. i actually couldn’t remember the details of the cartel and why this one group would choose revenge over all the people 5-0 has gone against. I guess, watching the show, I accepted that Chin was targeted because of Sarah, but really of course, Chin needed to be the target to create a storyline for the writers to include Sarah.
    Anyway I am excited for the saving of Chin simply because it brings on a new ep. I love Chin, but i’m not on pins and needles or anything. Steve in those pants – not enough stars to rate that.

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  5. I gave it a good. It balances out to good for me. The best, the great, was indeed McG. McG in his tight grey pants calming nut-case Chin down in Hawaii. McG bromancing the cartel leader. McG calming nut-case Chin down in Mexico. The gorgeousness of McG in Mexico… 😀

    Chin, OTOH, what the heckitty heck happened to him? He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off throughout the entire episode. He never once acted rational or sane. He was visibly hyperventilating at times. He clearly needed to be put on oxygen and chill pills. And DDK needs to take a quick Acting101 refresher course. I like Chin, Daniel usually plays him well. He was awful in this.

    And of course the ending made no sense. The cartel didn’t want Chin…they woulda wanted McG and Kono, as y’all have said. Chin is a poor substitute for the 2 real executioners…who were only moments away! The cartel might have used Chin, maybe, to lure McKono into their trap. But they wouldn’t give a rat’s patootie about keeping Chin. That’s not how revenge plays work! 🙄

    But it gets a good cos McG and Alex were great and gorgeous. ❤

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  6. Woohoo! There it is! Sam’s 2 cents. For me an episode wouldn’t be the same without your comments about it. But no pressure… 😉

    I can’t remember everything of this episode, but I remember 7 things. Let’s start with the nice ones.

    – Oh boy did Steve look good in this pants and this dress shirt. His eyes, his body, his assests looked mighty fine. But I would never write that in my comment about an episode. I am not that shallow. Nope. No. Not. At. All.

    – All these people/friends (? yuck to this dog guy…. really?) at Chin’s party but who senses that something’s wrong? Who goes after Chin? Yep. Who is calm collected and working out a strategy? Yep. The Naval Intelligence guy. What would 5-0 be without him? Nothing. For sure no ELITE task force.

    – The best scenes in this episode have been by far those between Steve and Ramirez. Both scenes were really really great and great acting all around. Loved them. Made the episode for me.

    – Love the scenes between Steve and Chin. These two can share my screen any time.

    – Loved Max’s “Danny who?” That’s exactly what I mean when I am saying ‘Steve has friends and Danny happens to know them.’

    – And now we are coming to the worst. The worst of the worst. To be honest I was really shocked and if I remember right, it was my first topic in my little rant to you after I had seen the episode. I never thought that Scott Caan is a good actor. But. What. Was. That? These scenes with Chi were horrible. And not because of Chi McBride. And not because it was disgusting (Hey, I can always peek between my fingers…). No. Because Mr. Caan’s acting was bad. So bad that it even surprised me and I have never high hopes. He was bored and boring, mumbling, showed no facial expressions, no versatility and for sure no timing. Especially in the scenes when they were walking the pathologist guy to the morgue. My oh my, was that so not good. And that’s me saying that who has seen the new Winnetou in the new ‘Winnetou’ adaption. (Sorry international friends, that is a German thing… Childhood memories…)

    – The cliff at the end was not that high. Steve can still grab Chin’s feet.

    I am going to vote great, because if I remember right I really liked it. But there have been better ‘greats’.

    I hope tonite will be better than great. But what can go wrong with Adam to the rescue. (teeheehee)
    I wish you all a fabulous episode. I will be late to the party (again) because I am going on ski vacation tomorrow and will be one week late.
    Rest assured.
    Chin will live.

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    • ROFL about the Winnetou-guy. He was not just awful, that was worse than the worst. Next to him SC is brilliant. LOL Wasted one hour of my life with that crap.

      Yeah, I also voted great because first time watching I really liked it. It was fun to watch with a brilliant Steve. What’s not great about that? 😉

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  7. I voted good. It may have had some great moments but it left me scratching my head most of the time. Sam, I agree with everything you said. I realize that the cartel that is based in Mexico thought that Sarah was the easiest way to bring 5-0 to them. The aunt said that they told her they wanted 5-0 so I don’t get why taking Chin was enough. I can see them wanting him as leverage for the rest of the team but not if he is all they want. If that is the case then Chin should have known that giving in to them might save Sarah but it would give the cartel the best way to trap the rest of 5-0. I am very interested in how this plays out tonight.

    So Danny hasn’t seen a burned body before? I agree it is gross and not something you would want to handle but come on……he is an experienced cop. It was funny but both Lou and Danny overacted this. And Chin was over the top the whole episode. It is like he loses his mind when it comes to Sarah. I love the kid and he is great with her but it is like his whole training as a cop vanishes when it comes to that girl. I do feel that this will be resolved within the first few minutes so they can push on to the next story and that to me is not a true two part story if it finishes that quickly. Saw the previews of the episode and it looks like Adam is going to sub for Danny in the rescue.

    Thanks for the review Sam. I don’t know why WordPress didn’t give me an alert that it was posted. I only found it because I read through all the 7:14 press release and saw it was posted.

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  8. Chin will live. .Do not worry. As really think that I would really kind of stop watching the show. If he ended up dying. As really season 7 I think IMHO, is turning out to be the best ever as it is gone back to being likable.


  9. Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I started reading what you all were saying and stopped to find out for myself what this one will be like.


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