Your winners

And here they are. The three top episodes from 2016.


7.04 – stabbed in the back 29
6.25 – LIVER 😉 32
7.07 – Cath and McMom 54

So, these are actually the episodes I voted for.

7.04 – because it was so good to see SEALSteve, and I just loved the water scenes. And I truly enjoyed Alicia. Great and wonderful episode with just the right team.

6.25 – Despite the monumentally stupid outcome with Liver, this was a great episode with only very little that I didn’t enjoy. Great season ending episode which would also have worked as the last episode of the show. Great work all around.

7.07 – This one I enjoyed from the first to the last minute. It was my favorite.

19 thoughts on “Your winners

  1. yep, same here. Those were my three. you know, since I could only vote for three… but these were excellent. And another reason I enjoyed 6.25 was because I was sitting on your couch while watching it. Although if you remember, we were two pretty mad people that entire day…

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  2. 7.07 didn’t surprise me as a winner. I would’ve been surprised if it DIDN’T win.

    Great year running Mostly Sam – good work! Here’s to 2017!


  3. I did not vote for liver, but I did the other 2.

    I also voted for AuntDeb.

    The polls are fun, Sam. Thanks for the diversion. ❤


  4. I totally agree with the outcome. There were others nearly as good but these episodes were so engaging. Seeing McG in his element in 7.04, (I think he’s a Pisces though AOL isn’t), was a rush. As for 6.25, the liver thing will always bug the hell out of me but loved the episode nonetheless. Though much too long in coming, the Cath/McMommy of 7.07 was well done. I’m not anti-Danno but it was so exciting that I didn’t notice he was missing.

    Thanks so much for all the work you put into this. It certainly made the H-50 drought more tolerable. Now, if only you could come up with something to make us forget that liver issue. Perhaps an attempt at mass hypnosis?


  5. Sadly my failing memory on my voting habits doesn’t allow me to remember if these three were the ones I voted for but if I go back and read my comments ……I think they are. That is unless I put Aunt Deb in there. If I didn’t pick these three then I am happy with the results.

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  6. Went back to check and I guess my memory is okay since these were my picks. I feel so much better about myself…..ha ha. It was a difficult choice though. I am eager to see how 2017 plays out. Can’t wait to see how they juggle Danno being missing for an important resolution to Chin’s kidnapping. Didn’t the writers get the memo that their number two would be AWOL for the second half of this storyline? Poor planning on someone’s part.


  7. Maybe Danny will have food poisoning and be ” indisposed “. Maybe for the rest of season 7, if he is sick enough ! Wow! Who said that ?


  8. I agree with episodes 7.04 and 7.07 I love it when Steve is up front and centre of episodes plus I love Cath and Doris and being a Navy Seal. Episode 6.25 was a good episode but I like 6.24 better with the team all working together with Steve leading them. In 6.25 there was too much Danny trying to be bad ass and being a hero and Steve sleeping for much of the episode

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  9. I am a little bit surprised that 6.25 is second. Slo Mo So Not Badass Liver Donor is too much for me.
    But I love and voted for 7.04 too. I understand 7.07, but I HAD to vote for 6.24 and of course 6.12. Nothing tops the mix of real badass SEAL, in charge Steve and EmoSteve. And we had that in both epis.

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