Winners and Losers 2

These 10 episodes managed to get 44 votes in total. As a comparison, the top episode received 54 votes. I think that 6.19, 7.01 and 7.10 are really great episodes, of course, since you could only pick three, they didn’t have a chance to win. At least I think so. I am very happy with the top three, but hey, we’re not there yet. 😉


4 thoughts on “Winners and Losers 2

  1. LOL. I just watched 6.18 yesterday with hubby the first time. Every now and then he started to play with his phone. Not watching the TV. Just mumbling things. And it didn’t sound pleased. All I could get was: “Damn new phone number, nothing works.” – “Tunnels don’t make you a bad person.” – “There are people in this bus!”
    😀 There’s a reason hubby and me are an old married couple. I like him.

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