Almost winners ;-)

We are getting closer to the winners. 🙂


6.15 – Autistic young man 10
6.24 – roof jump and shoot-out 10
6.14 – Valentine’s Ep 12
7.02 – James Bond… not quite, but close 12
6.17 – Steve learns why Cath left 17
6.12 – Aunt Deb 22

I was very surprised that 6.24 couldn’t get more votes. I just watched it yesterday, and again got so mad about the roof incident, but still really liked the episode. I still think the shooting was a bit over the top, but other than that. And the epi made me really sad. Why, you ask? It’s the last one with a whole and healthy Steve. Just thinking about what happens in the next epi… let’s not go there.

I have to confess I voted twice. Yeah, shoot me, my site. LOL And, in that round I did vote for 6.24. So, one of those ten was me.


I think all of these are really good episodes, yes even the Valentine’s ep. I truly enjoyed that one.

I actually enjoyed it more than Aunt Deb because that one was too predictable for me. Alex acting his little heart out, but still, not one of my favorites.


I also really enjoyed 6.17, but couldn’t vote for it because of the stupid, stupid gas incident. That was SO dumb. 😉


James Bond was another great episode which would have been way better without the tagging-along-side-kick. Seriously, how cool were Steve and the MI6 guy?!


And finally 6.15, the autistic young man. What a shame to cut the final scene. That should be a punishable crime. And someone should be punished for giving us the embarrassing story of Danny playing his mom’s dad. Still groaning just thinking about it. That was the worst ever.


So, what do you think about these almost winners? Did you vote for any of them?

10 thoughts on “Almost winners ;-)

  1. I really, really wanted to vote for the Aunt Deb episode but I just couldn’t fit it in since SOMEONE SAID I COULD ONLY VOTE FOR 3!!!! But Alex was just perfect in that episode. I loved all those scenes with him and Deb. And Mary didn’t really bother me in that one. It was just a sweet show.


  2. Aunt Deb and Steve learniong what Cath was doing were my picks in this group. Yeah, the gas was silly (my husband is plotting out his “invisible poisonous gas” invention to make millions. Doesn’t matter that he knows it already exists ) but seeing McG get all badass and on the move will always win for me!

    I did like the rooftop scene in 6.24 but the rest of that episode was neverending, so I couldn’t vote for it as a favorite. Even tho Gabriel FINALLY went away.


  3. I am pretty sure if we hadn’t to endure the stupid, disgusting DaMom storyline in 6.15 it would rank way higher. Just thinking about the deleted scene between Steve and Neil playing this game in favor of D playing his mom’s husband makes me really really lose my ladylike contenance I am so known for.

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