Winners and Losers

So, here they are… the winners, or should I say losers? Today, I’ll give you the episodes that no one voted for.

They are not all that bad, OK, maybe Lou in Chicago really was, but the others at least had really good scenes in them. Some were actually quite entertaining.

Of course, calling any of them a favorite would be quite a stretch. 😉 And in that light, I think it is understandable that they didn’t get any votes.

Actually, I find it quite amusing what ‘professional critiques’ think are the best episodes, and then we see what the normal viewer actually likes. Huge difference in most cases.

6.13 – Lou in Chicago
6.21 – Adam ‘escapes’ prison
6.22 – Max and Kame on sailboat
6.23 – we meet Sarah
7.03 – Alicia Brown joins the case
7.05 – armored truck guy
7.06 – Halloween’s Poltergeist


11 thoughts on “Winners and Losers

  1. I totally agree that these are the no-contenders, but my all time “what were they thinking” goes to Lou in Chicago. That was just another guy who happened to look a lot like Lou Grover! Can’t wait to see the “best of the best”!

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  2. Where are those people who voted awesome? One had even over 40% awesome-votes. But it didn’t get any vote in the best of? LOL. Sorry. That says a lot about those awesome voters. Either those are simple minded ‘anti’ voters or they are from the ‘show’s getting better and better’ bunch. Or both.
    I think the really good episodes will be on top! Maybe not the ones I’ve chosen, but ones I can live with and understand why people like them.


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