7.10 Review


7.10 Ka Luhi

Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder. Also, Danny’s sister, Bridget (guest star Missy Peregrym), visits Oahu for a business conference, and he suspects that she may be getting too close to a co-worker, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ka Luhi to The Burden

WRITTEN BY: Helen Shang & Zoe Robyn
DIRECTED BY: Carlos Bernard

We start the episode with a young adult having a therapy session, reliving a disturbing discovery. We have no idea yet when what he’s seeing happened, but he obviously knew enough details that HPD was willing to get a whole team out to dig in the woods. And they find a corpse, or what is left of it.

From these dark scenes, we switch to fun and laughter. Steve and Danny go to see Bridget during her work seminar. I really enjoyed these scenes. It had a lot of humor and fun in it. I like to see this side of Steve, the light and teasing one. Messing with Danny was hilarious. Oh come on, people, lighten up. As if Steve would look at a women like that. This was purely for Danny’s benefit. He knows his buddy way too well to not mess with him. I loved it.

And this time, even the liver mention was a nice one.

Let’s talk a moment about Bridget

Seems that she carries a heavy burden. She feels like she’s the one left behind to clean up every mess. Her siblings have left home long ago, and she’s the one left with kids who are growing up too fast and a husband who is never there. And parents who take her always being there and doing everything for them for granted. Slowly but surely her identity and person disappears.

But no more. At one point, everyone has to realize that they also have a life, and they should live it.

I can honestly say that I loved Bridget. I loved the character and I loved the actress playing her. Her confession about how miserable she had become was heartbreaking. And I bet a lot of people could identify with some of what she said.

The actress gave a very good performance and this is the first character from the Williams clan I would like to see again. Who would have thought that that family actually has one member that is a real and normal person. Maybe she was adopted. 😉

Do I need any Williams family drama on this show? No, absolutely not. But TPTB seem to be determined to torture us with endless Williams family member drama. Keeping that in mind, I’d rather have Bridget than any of the other screwed people. From his mom, I’m shuddering even thinking about her, his stupid and now dead brother, his super annoying nephew to his various girlfriends, affairs and even his daughter and ex-wife. If we have to have another Williams on screen, please let it be Bridget. That’s all I’m saying.

OK, back to the episode. Chin and Kono have an important talk in these next scenes. I truly liked Kono in this one. Sometimes we need someone who tells us the hard truth, something we don’t want to hear, but need to. And she was right. Chin’s actions regarding Sarah were way over the top. It doesn’t matter that he might be right, or that Sarah will be kidnapped next week. He had not her best interest in mind, but his own. I think he acted out of selfish reasons. He was way too subjective and never gave her relatives a fair chance.

And Kono is right, if he wants a relationship with Sarah he needs to change his attitude towards her real relatives. After all, he is not one of them. Only by marriage to a dead woman. I doubt that has any legal weight.

There wasn’t a lot of Lou Grover in this episode, but I loved every minute of it. After Steve, he is my favorite character of Five-0; I just wish he had more screen time. Especially with Steve. But of course, that is a personal preference and has nothing to do with this review.

And that brings us to two further members of Five-0, well, at least they are part of the group that surrounds Five-0 and in a sense, they are essential to their success. And I always see Max at part of the ‘inner circle’ anyway. After seeing the new ME a few times now, I have come to like her. And I hope we will see her more often after Max will leave in episode 7.13.

But for now he is still there and informs Lou and Steve of his findings. They even figured out who the dead person is. A teenager who disappeared ten years ago, never to be seen again. And with that the case got a lot more interesting because that pretty much cleared the back then eight years old Reese.

And I can tell you right now that I will miss him big time.


I wish the actor all the very best with his future endeavors and for his private life. (Credit for the video to Peter Lenkov on Instagram)

Steve and Lou begin their investigation with questioning Reese and his parents. Reese can’t tell them much of anything, but I guess they wanted more to get a ‘feel’ for the case and didn’t really expect to learn anything from their ‘witness’.

What the young man told them, why he was in the woods at night at such a young age all made sense. I think this whole case was very well written and the young actor playing the disturbed young man did a good job.

Chin and Steve come to the conclusion that they need to dig into Maggie’s past to see if there had been a boyfriend. The CD Max found might lead to a suspect.

I have to say, I truly enjoy when the whole team works on just one case. It’s way better than all of them all over the place. I think this is a format that works best. The show should stick to it.

Let’s talk about Danny for a minute

I liked Danny (see, Danny, not Dannoying) in this episode. Yeah, sure, he had his usual assholey moments, and he sure showed again what a bad detective he is, but all in all I liked him. You better mark this in your calendar because praise for Danny is a very rare occasion. 😉


Let’s start with I really liked. The scene with Steve in the office. By now you know that I am not a fan of the so called bromance. That is not an important part of the show for me. Unless it is done as it was in this episode. Normally I despise most carguments and those bromance scenes because they almost always feel forced. And most importantly, most of the time Danny is simply an asshole in them.

Not so in this episode. The scene in the office was cute and fun. But to be clear, I still have no idea why anyone would see more in these scenes or how they act around each other. There is nothing there. No spark whatsoever. There is not even an undertone there. I know, I know, people love their fantasy, and that is fine by me. But stop saying McDanno is canon. It is not. There simply is nothing of the kind in any scenes ever shown in the episodes.

Actually, I think this stereotyping is rather lame. Two men work together, are friends… they have to be gay. They have to love each other in a romantic way. Same goes for a man and a woman working together, being friends. They have to have a sexual relationship. Please. Wake up. That is not how the real world works. Men can be best buds without jumping each other’s bones, and men and women can be just friends.

Anyway. I liked these scenes. It was fun, and Steve was just hilarious.

So, if I liked Danny, why any assholey moments? When he listened to his sister telling him about her struggle. He listened, but he didn’t hear her. And even more when he said he could look his kids in the eyes and has never lied to them. Really, Danny? You wanna go down that road? And you really wanna sit on that high horse about not cheating? I think with his screwed sense of moral he has no right to judge anyone. Least of all his sister who did nothing wrong.

And why do I think he again showed what a bad detective he is? You seriously have to ask that? I would not want such a gullible detective ever investigating my case. He truly believed Wilson did it? Seriously? And he had no idea that Steve never ever believed it, and was already planning his next steps before they even stepped out of HPD. Brilliant detective my ass. He has no clue, and in this case, he didn’t even care if the right person was caught or not.

BUT, other than that I really liked him. I liked most of his scenes with his sister, and I liked him with Steve. Yeah, sure, most of the time with the team he was just standing around and didn’t contribute anything to the case. He just kinda tagged along. But he wasn’t annoying. I take that as a huge win.

This is a Danny I like to have in an episode, the other guy, Dannoying, I just want to shoot. Every time I see him. 😉


OK, back to the case. We meet Pearson Yang. And I have to tell you, I did not like that detective. He was too focused on one suspect. Never a good idea. He was not open to any other theories, he was too intense. A good detective should always keep an open mind, even if he strongly believes in one suspect. This detective didn’t do that, and chased an innocent person for ten years instead of trying to figure out what even happened to the girl.

Remember, back when she disappeared, they had no body, not a single hint for any kind of crime. For all they knew the girl just ran away. But he was convinced from the beginning that her boyfriend killed her. Simply for the reason that he wasn’t what society calls a good kid.

As Steve said, it might make him a detective who cares, but it for sure doesn’t make him a good detective. And personally, I simply didn’t like him. LOL


Their talk with Yang brings them to the mentioned suspect. And this guy was either a really good actor, or he didn’t do it. I went with he didn’t do it. And I’m sure Steve did too.

Speaking of Steve

Yeah, yeah, I know, there were a lot more scenes after this, but frankly, after we met Travis Wilson this was really just about how Steve solved this case. At least it was for me. I mentioned other scenes before, like with Danny and his sister, but I really don’t want to spend more time with that.

Because I truly liked this case of the week, and it was for me way more important than all the stuff with Bridget combined. No matter that I liked her.

And I don’t want to spend too much time with Reese under hypnosis, I think they showed a bit too much of it. Not enough to be annoying, but a little less would have been OK.

So, let’s talk about Steve. Who, again, showed what a brilliant leader of the task force he is. He never for one second took this confession for the real deal. He simply didn’t believe that his confession matched the evidence.

And I loved, LOVED how he went to prove the guy’s innocence. There are simply too many awesome scenes to mention them all. Let’s just enjoy the picture spam.

I truly enjoyed how Steve explained it all to Danny and how they involved the team and even Yang into the final investigation.

And of course, it wasn’t the dad, no, it had to be the mother. I think that even surprised Steve a little. You know, it seems no matter who is writing for the show, and no matter how well they do it, they really must all have issues with women. What kind of horrible mom to put her son through this, not to mention to kill another kid in such a brutal manner.


What’s left is my verdict

See, this kind of episode works perfectly without any shots fired, heck they never even drew their guns.

No car chases, jumping from roof to roof, or any other strenuous activity needed for a perfectly rounded, entertaining episode. An episode with a great case that everyone worked on, a case that was interesting with a little twist.

A show with some fun scenes, with some awesome team leader moments, with great team work.

I would be perfectly content to have more of these than some wild chase and shooting. And yes, before you yell “we don’t believe you”, yes, I still do love action, and I do want it from time to time, but it doesn’t need to be in every episode. And it certainly doesn’t need to be over the top each and every episode.

No Jerry. More winning points. 🙂

For me, this was an awesome episode. One I truly enjoyed. More of the same please.


One more point, if anyone tells me after an episode like this, the show would do just fine without its lead actor… I would just laugh in his face about such stupidity.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


28 thoughts on “7.10 Review

  1. LOVE your review! Word for word, it is just right. No Jerry was a big plus. Great interaction with the team. I agree, Danny wasn’t as bad in this as he can be. Steve’s humor with him helped that a bit. He wasn’t the greatest detective, but I doubt that will ever change. He’s too pig headed to be good. I also didn’t like the Yang guy. Too smug and he didn’t care about anything other than “getting his man”.

    I do have one question. Just how much mud did Steve have on those boots that he tracked it all the way through the office area like Sasquatch? Seriously? Yes, it was funny with Danny following the trail, but unless there was a monsoon in there, he wouldn’t have had so much mud… But on the other hand, we got to see the unbuttoned shirt, so all is forgiven. 🙂

    I really like Grover and Steve together, too. But the entire team was good in this one. Very cohesive and I like them working together, too.

    I loved Bridget, too. Maybe she WAS adopted. Loved how she and Steve jumped right in and started digging on Danny. That’s what a sister does. Poor Bridget needs to go home and read her husband the riot act. And her whiny mom needs to grow up, too. She shouldn’t have to deal with everyone’s problems. I did like the ending when she and Danny were eating fries in bed while watching a movie. That was sweet. Sheesh, I can’t even believe I wrote that anything with Danny was sweet.

    It was a great episode. In fact, I needed to see these people badly! I voted it awesome.

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  2. Is it just me or does anyone else see similarities in Bridget and Catherine…feeling invisible, taken for granted. The COTW was excellent and Steve lets his Seal leadership skills shine. It was a good episode, next weeks looks intense.


    1. Sorry, but Cath and Bridget are nothing alike. And I highly doubt Cath ever felt invisible or taken for granted. She is a way too strong person for that. One should never listen to what some fanfiction writers interpret into what we have seen. Cath never left Steve because she felt not appreciated. She was devastated to leave him to serve her country.
      Bridget and Cath, worlds apart. Cath and Steve both said they were happy with their relationship. They did it all their way and in their time.
      And I don’t blame Steve for any kind of inactivity. They never have been in a place where he should have asked her. Besides, she could have asked him if that was something she wanted.
      But that is all water under the bridge.

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  3. I too love your review, and for the most part totally agree. I was less enthused with Danno than you…he was such a jerk to his sister, I just figured he was taking his usual ill will out on her rather than McG…that annoying gene will-out, ya know! But I was pleased for McG that he got a vacay from his partner’s black cloud. 😉

    As to the action observation… 1. Yes! They can make an interesting show without over the top histrionic heroics, and 2. What an awesome job they did sparing Alex! McG got all SuperSEAL off camera! McG did his crazy digging around thing and racing around town and getting all down and dirty …but Alex was spared. Kudos to these writers…both new and both women, right?…for giving us bad-ass McG with safe and healthy Alex. Annnnnd a side serving of unbuttoned shirt! ❤ Brava!

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  4. Sam, thank you so much for your review – much appreciated!
    I was very positively surprised and really second your thoughts here. I absolutely enjoyed this episode despite the lack of action. Steve was in charge and I simply loved that he followed not only his intuition but also proper investigation procedure.
    It was a well written, well balanced episode.
    If this was a way to have Alex stick around for more seasons, I’d gladly take it 🙂

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  5. The episode was unexpectedly good. I could have done without the touchy scene in Steve’s office. I know some thought it was funny, and if it were any other show it would be, but we know that was PL McDanno fan service for the episode. I liked the conversation in the car and I was honestly expecting Danny to admit he had an affair. I remember him telling Steve or Matt, can’t remember which, that he made mistakes when it came to Rachel. For some reason (not sure why) I always felt he cheated on her.
    Oh and McG is hot.

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  6. I went great with this vote. I did like all that you said and while Danny was less annoying than usual, I found that his self righteousness with his sister bugged me a lot. His high moral ground was so wrong given what we know of how he has behaved and his confession to Steve about his partner in New Jersey just made it clearer why he didn’t feel any remorse for having an affair with Rachel while she was married to Stan. Sort of came off as “do as I say and not as I did”. And you are right, he didn’t really listen to Bridget when she told him why she was miserable. And it seems he is over-protective of all the women he knows. Loved how Bridget and Steve teased him at the beginning.

    I also agree that I didn’t need a shoot out to make the story interesting. Steve showed great instincts in this case and I liked how he set out to prove that the boyfriend didn’t do it. Yes….the original cop was short sighted in his investigation but I liked that he acknowledged he was wrong. I was surprised that the mom did it and felt so sorry for the young man. No kid should go through that experience. I liked him, the wrongly accused boyfriend and Bridget. I too like the new ME and she can carry the torch if we must lose Max. He will be missed.

    Loved your view on things Sam, thanks for giving us this forum.

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  7. Finally- the writers got a female character right. When Bridget talked about becoming invisible, being taken for granted and having to do it all alone without any support, I cheered, because she was talking for many, many women. Those are our friends, relatives and neighbors, and maybe even us, who are reluctant express it, thinking no one would understand or even care about these feelings. On the surface,Bridget has it all- a husband with a good job (who is never home) kids she loves, (who need to be encouraged to get off their phones and the internet and get their school work done and clear up their own messes– a house that doesn’t clean itself and or meals that magically appear. Add to that holding down a job and you have Wonder Woman, except when she looks in the mirror, she realizes Bridget is no longer there. I knew this script was written by a woman/women before I went back to see if I was right. On target.

    Now, Danny didn’t annoy me as much either, but I would have been happy to see Bridget pour her drink on his head.

    But my real surprise was the re-introduction of Danny’s marriage problems with Rachel, so I am wondering if we are heading for the couple to be reunited after they deal with the problem of Stan Who. Danny seems to take some blame for the divorce.

    Also, Lynn and Melissa are coming back for E 716 and i wonder if this is the breakup episode, since PL says Lynn isn’t in McG’s future. I truly hope the two ladies show some backbone and dump the guys who are still in love with other women. They need to respect themselves first.

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      1. Mandy: When has a romantic anything these guys plan not turned into a nightmare?

        Enough of black eyes, broken dates because “the job comes first”, the inability to say I love you back and commit or turning a proposal of marriage into an Op.

        My guess is that Lynn and Melissa are on their way out to make room for Dr. Brown and Dr. Gray. Now that’s a double date I’d pay to see. (I think both those women are unhinged–what fun!).

        I’m rooting for the ladies.


  8. Great review! I loved the twist at the end — reminiscent of earlier seasons. Even though it was a great episode, I did miss the kevlar and the naked trigger finger, but it seems like we’ll get plenty of that next episode.
    Steve and Danny — loved their bantering in this ep. It was fun, not nasty. And could Steve be any cuter when he mouthed “omg” to Danny after meeting Bridget? Also, the office scene with the back touching — I loved it! I wonder if it was an ad-lib when Steve put his hand on Danny’s back as they were leaving the office? It was very funny.
    I liked Bridget and I think she and Danny acted just like siblings do. I hope she finds her way.
    Loved the open shirt scene. Scars can be very sexy!

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  9. Glad that the show is going or coming to be the show we love to know.
    Love Danny and Steve bantering in good fun. But still prefer Steve and Lou better
    Just really feel bad for the son. Having to go through that.
    As no child should ever feel that. BTW, anybody else will miss Max as terribly as me?

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    1. I’ve grown quite fond of Max. I will definitely miss him. He and McG had a lovely relationship.

      I like the new girl just fine, but she’s not been on long enuf for real chemistry to happen. Hopefully she and McG will be as simpatico as Max was with him. 😀

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  10. Incredible awesomeness vs. no interest in jerk(s)eyness makes the episode a great one. A very great one.

    I loved Steve’s reaction to Bridget. He was doing it just for the fun and I loved every moment. His ‘moves’, his smile, and the appearance of the pink beast. It was hilarious. He was just messing with Danny and I can only shake my head about people saying this was inappropriate. Oh please… ridiculous. And I even liked Bridget. The first adult Williams that is not annoying as hell. LeiCa was happy.

    I loved Steve’s reaction to D’s – uhm – concerns. His grin, his swagger, his face. I loved it although I know it was stupid fanservice. But Alex made it funny. Loved his hand on Danny’s back when they were leaving the office, I am pretty sure that was not in the script. What I did not like was the acting of his vis à vis. I’m having a really great problem with his speech pattern and over the top behavior. It stresses me out. But Alex ruled the scene and leiCa was happy.

    I loved Steve’s calm empathy for Reese. And I loved his ‘not jumping to conclusions’ in front of the boyfriend. And of course I loved him even more after solving the case all alone while Danny was having drinks with his sister. Because of Steve the parents of the murdered girl now can find some closure, Reese can start to heal and a young innocent man is spared a life in prison. Meanwhile D is jumping to conclusions because in his world men and women can’t work together without wanting a sexual relationship after some time (remember his ‘advice’ for Steve concerning Cath and Billy?). Meanwhile Danny didn’t listen at all what Bridget had to say. Immediately it was all about him and his life. He was such a jerk and Dannoying. Anybody wondering why nobody – and that includes Steve – turns to D for advice? I don’t. Because he has none. He is in no position to judge other people’s moral. You never lied to Grace, Dannoying? Really? Just think about it…
    But Steve rocked. He.Solved.The.Case. Because he thinks. Because he cares. And because he never chooses the easy way out. LeiCa was happy.
    And leiCa is happy too because he never lusts after other women when he is in a relationship. And because he never lusts after a married woman (can’t say that about D…).

    They ended this show with Dannoying calling Steve arrogant. I know it is supposed to be funny. Only that it is not. Not after 7 years full of insults. Sorry.

    If I have to endure a Williams family member again, let it be Bridget. And this wish includes D.
    LOL, by the way, I find it funny that you, Sam, call it ‘praising Danny’ when he is having assholey moments, shows that he is a bad detective but all in all likeable. But yeah, in Dannoying’s case it is praise.

    Random thoughts:
    There are many cold cases in Hawaii don’t you think?

    Do they have someone responsible for zipping up Steve’s zipper pants? I don’t mind some dirt…

    There are other shave ice trucks on the island? That’s… that’s… unbelievable…

    The murdered girl was from Kukui Highschool. I was wondering if Steve knew her mother. But then I am always wondering where all the girls from Steve’s past are. It’s a kind of obsession I think. And I don’t want any kind of therapy at all. Neither clown therapy nor walking into water. Nope. Thank you very much. I love my obsession. I am enjoying it. It is my cold case. I intend to solve it. In time. Island time.

    I had the same haircut as Bridget. In the 90s.

    I will always miss Max. Because he is the:

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      1. To the right would be a good idea.
        Because *cough* years ago in our community we did our own intense studies and found out that he dresses to the right.
        I am not blushing.
        Not at all.
        Just no.
        Someone had to do it.

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    1. “I’m having a really great problem with his speech pattern and over the top behavior. It stresses me out.” – Yep, it does. His speech pattern is unbearable.

      “But Steve rocked. He.Solved.The.Case. Because he thinks. Because he cares. And because he never chooses the easy way out.” – He always tries to do what is right. And he does care. I don’t think I know any TV character who cares more about others than he does.

      “They ended this show with Dannoying calling Steve arrogant. I know it is supposed to be funny. Only that it is not. Not after 7 years full of insults. Sorry.” – First, I did not hear that. Might be because I wasn’t paying too close attention to the final scene. And second, Steve isn’t and never was arrogant. He is confident. And for a good reason. People often mistake confidence for arrogance. But it is not if you can back up your confidence, and Steve can.

      Love your Al Examiner. 😉

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      1. You, Lady, are smart! You are the first person who got the ‘Al Examiner’ without me pointing to it. 😄

        And I second your thoughts about the difference between arrogance and confidence.
        D said Steve is reckless and arrogant. Not only that is so not true and only shows that he does not get Steve at all. He said that after Steve solved the case all on his own. Because he was confident that he was right. He reads people, then he has a strategy (Naval Intelligence = strategist), a plan and verifies his suggestion.
        An arrogant person is just that: arrogant, smart alec, feels no need to back it up. Because he feels oh so superior. But he is not interested in other people.

        Think ahead, be ahead.

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    1. I fourth the annoying speech pattern. Nobody talks like that. And it takes him forever to get a damn sentence out. I’m half asleep by the time he finally does…then, dammit, he starts another long, drawn-out sentence! 🙄

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