Ten years ago ;-)


So, many seem to wonder how Steve could possibly know what happened on the islands ten years ago.

Come on, guys, use your imagination; it’s easy and an absolute requirement on this show.

You really wanna know how Steve found out about it? OK, read on…

Ten years ago:

Steve had a bit of free time on his hands and was now waiting in line to call home. He was again out in the field and sometimes he wondered if his new job was even any different to being an active SEAL.

He hadn’t talked to his dad in a while and was curious how he was doing. A short few minutes later it was his turn.

“Dad. Hi, it’s Steve.”

“Son, it’s good to hear from you. Is everything OK? How are you doing?”

Then some of the usual blabla…

“Steve, you remember the Reeds?”

“Oh yeah, how are they?”

“Their daughter disappeared a couple of days ago. Tragic, I’m telling you. Half the island is looking for her.”

And boom, there you have it. Intel from his dad which Steve of course followed up on.  😉

Oh, and by the way, according to PL, Steve was a SEAL first and then later a special investigator with NI. He was not an active duty SEAL ten years ago. 😉

22 thoughts on “Ten years ago ;-)

  1. I suppose this could explain things. He must have gone back to being a SEAL, after his stint in Intel, just in time to capture Hess with Freddy. (7 years ago). Temporary duty, perhaps? Intel officer who likes to dress like a SEAL? I give up trying to figure it out. But it’s fun making fun of it. If there is one thing that’s consistent with show, it is that the timeline is always inconsistent.

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    1. Lol, that is so true. But on the other hand we don’t know (at least as far as I know) if he was acting as a SEAL during the OP in 2010. Going after the arms dealer would be the job of a special investigator with his background. So, who knows. 😉


        1. Right? I too have often bitched that, at first word of his return, there’d have been a long line of female Kukui grads bearing pies, cakes, and homemade soups outside his door! He wouldn’t NEED Ellie to set him up with any Lynns!!! 😆

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  2. I’m sure Steve has spent every free moment since he returned to Hawaii reading old newspapers. He and Chin had to have something to talk about on their spear fishing trips. Or he attended a class reunion on the sly and caught up on the gossip. This show has no consistent timeline and never pay attention to details. I am just happy to have a new episode.

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  3. And I thought Steve’s bedtime reading is a book called: ‘Hawaii – an island’s unsolved cases. Cold Cases for experts. Limited edition. For those who can read more than a t-shirt.’
    Stupid me.

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  4. Oh, and Sam…. lets just not go there with the timeline of when Steve was a SEAL, not a SEAL, with NI, on special assignment from the SEALS to NI, star quarterback at the age of 14, or 15, or 16, left the island at 15, or 16, ….. lets just.NOT go there, OK?

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  5. Steve knows everything because he is really a spy. So was Joe. They haven’t had that Big Turn yet.

    Who knows- who cares anymore. If we tried to fix all the holes in the show’s story line we’d all lose our jobs, be in fangirl therapy and talking to AND answering ourselves in public about what constitutes a “true fan”.

    Where H50 is concerned, I am trying to reach the point where I just shrug off the dumb and go for acceptance of whatever comes next so i can retreat into my happy place.

    “God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.”

    Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
    (Maybe he had us in mind)

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  6. Here’s a plausible scenario….he gets information from HPD and other agencies on cases. I heard that cops actually share intel (as you call it) and he could have heard about it being a cold case. Also, in regards to his stint in Intel Navy SEALS are trained in specific areas (intelligence, etc.) so he can still be a SEAL yet be apart of the Naval Intelligence Unit….don’t want to burst anyone’s “fantasy” bubble but father is Military and I hear about it all the time.


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