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As I mentioned I had, or better still have to deal with a family emergency at the moment. On Saturday morning, my dad suffered a stroke.

Thankfully, I was there at the time; thanks to that the timespan until treatment was very short. Not even 30 minutes after the event he was in a bed in the special stroke unit and received treatment. Since he was way in the three-hour time window the doctors are hopeful.

But of course, a stroke is not really predictable, so we won’t know for sure until later how permanently handicapped he will be. Or if he will even survive it. Unfortunately, one out of five don’t survive the first four weeks.

He is aware of what has happened, can answer questions and engages in conversations. But his left arm and leg are affected by the stroke. We have to wait and see what will happen in the next days.

I have now not only to deal with my own treatment, but also with visits to my dad, who, of course, is in a different hospital than where I get my daily radiation therapy. (I will give an update about my situation later.)

And I have to integrate my dad’s dog Lotte into my household with three young cats. Lotte is a well-behaved Border-Collie-mix, and she already lives with my dad’s cat Kasi. So, the first meet and greet with my three Ninjas was pretty cool. But I guess we will need another week before she can stay with me all the time. So far, I pretty much live at my dad’s place. Thankfully, we all live on the same grounds.


So, you can see, I am kinda time restricted at the moment. As we all know, our passion for H50 and AOL is a really nice and cool thing, but real life comes first. But I’m sure I will make updates when something interesting happens.

Thank you for your patience, and remember to always enjoy life as if it was your last day. One day it will be.


31 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. Thinking of you and your dad! My dad suffered a small stroke about 15 months ago..thankfully with minimal deficit! I hope for the best for your dad. Thanks to you he got there FAST. We have your six. Xoxo


  2. Dear Sam I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope his health improves quickly. My dad has been gone since 1999 and miss him a lot. Please take care of you also ok? I hope all the pets get along too! You post when you can family comes first !


  3. I’m thankful that you were able to get him to the hospital so quickly, all my best to both of you. Good luck with your menagerie, I hope they all play nice with one another!


  4. Sam, my thoughts go out to you and I pray your dad improves quickly. My hubby’s stoke was 12years ago so there are examples of good results. Take care of yourself during this time, I know the stress and you have your own health to deal with. The animals will be a welcome distraction at times. We are here for you if you need support.


  5. Oh Sam, I feared that it had to do with your Dad. Good thing that you’ve been nearby and could react that quickly.
    I think it sucks that I don’t live close-by. At least I could help with managing your zoo.

    2016 is majorly annoying.
    Stay strong, take your time. We are here.


  6. Sorry to hear you are going through so much, as well as dealing with your own recovery.

    Strokes go from, being able to walk and talk and know everyone to the exact opposite. You’ll just have to wait and see what the prognosis is. It will also be all up to your Dad and how much he’ll want to do with his recovery. My father-in-law had 4 strokes, in as many years. His right side was affected with the first one, but with therapy he was doing fabulous then the other 3 happened. He survived 9 yrs from the first one..

    Everyone is different. The only thing I can say in make sure you don’t run yourself down, while your doing your therapy.

    Just a warning, my sister-in-law was looking after her Mom and her Dad 24/7 as well as her family and she got very sick and developed breast cancer. You need to care for yourself first, then your Dad will benefit from your support.

    Sending lots of love, and healing thoughts to your Dad,

    Audrey XXOO


  7. I am so sorry to hear about your father . I know what you are going through , as my mother had multiple strokes varying in severity. Family always comes first , and I will pray for you and yours.


  8. So glad you got him to the docs so quickly! He has a real fighting chance because of that. Well done, honey. Take care of yourself too. And good luck with your adorable menagerie.

    What a tough year you have had. No worries, ever, about the blog. We’ll be here if you need us.

    And yes, there is truly a frikkin curse on 2016. I will have never been so glad to wave good-bye and good riddance to a year!

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        1. that’s right. and unfortunately, the older we get, I’m guessing the suckier it gets. But I agree with you, we can’t have 3 years in a row.


  9. Getting help so quickly for your father means everything. And so does taking care of yourself.

    Remember, if someone offers to help, accept it. People want to help but don’t always know what you need. If they ask, tell them what they can do, even if its just something small like feeding the pets. or picking up the groceries or holding your hand, Believe me, its a kindness to them to feel useful instead of helpless. So be kind to them and yourself.

    We are all here praying for both of you.


  10. Sam, we are all pulling for both of you. I concur with the others… don’t forget to take care of yourself. I hope the coming days bring good news. Wish I could give you an “in-person” hug and also I wish I could take Lotte for a walk. Although I would probably land in the river with her!


  11. Sam, also from my end the very best wishes for your dad! As I have told you yesterday I can relate. I am glad your dad got help in tine and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will make a full recovery.
    My dad wasn’t so lucky.
    I am so sorry that you have to deal with a double load. Sometimes life just sucks – plain and simple.
    This year and last year had a lot of downs, on a personal scale as well as worldwide.
    But, as you also pointed out, there were wonderful moments, too. Memories we should cherish and that give us strength to carry on.
    One can never HOPE too much…

    Hoping with you for you and your family.
    Sending you another online hug and I look forward to talking to you personally again and hopefully receiving some good news!
    Aloha ✨

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  12. I know life can suck at times but it’s when we find strength we didn’t know we had, discover what’s really important to us, and find friends we may not have known existed. We are praying for your father’s recovery and for yours as well.

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  13. I wish all the best of luck with the outcome. Let´s hope your dad recovers fully.
    Thank god cats have healing powers, they will help you get better with every purr 😀
    Take care of yourself. And the cats, and the dog with cats 🙂

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  14. Sam,
    Thank you for your willingness to share all parts of your life with us. I am so sorry you are going through all this. I have prayed for healing, peace, and comfort for both you and your father as well as for God to bring people around you to give comfort and strength. I have had several friends receive terrible diagnoses in the past year and i know of three specifically who are celebrating healing this holiday season – two of them from inoperable brain tumors! The year has had its moments for me, but I must take more opportunities to give God gratitude for the multiple blessings He has given me – most importantly, life with Him. We all hope we can hear from you a good bit throughout this holiday season to keep up with your family, but also to help us through holiday hiatus. this one friday without an episode is bad enough…… Although, around here football at least keeps me distracted enough to help any H50 drought.

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  15. Sending you and your dad (and all the animals and other family members) lots of good wishes and prayers. ❤ Your dad had a guardian angel named Sam with him that day, and he has the best possible chance of recovery because of you! Take care of yourself, and I second mamayorkie's advice. Accept offers of help, and think of things you can ask for help with. You really will be doing your friends a favor by giving them something concrete they can do for you.


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