19 thoughts on “7.09 Review

  1. Oh dear, I hope it isn’t too serious a family emergency. Will say prayer just in case.

    I liked the episode for the most part. I have never been a big believer in conspiracies but do enjoy stories about them. The look into the past was fun and I’m glad Jerry’s friend was wrong about the plot to kill JFK. There were flaws in this as usual but I found it entertaining.


  2. Hope everything is OK. Let us know if you need us.

    I stand by my original criticism. They went where they should not have gone. Conspiracy theories may be fun but to use the names of real persons, who certainly have descendants, was wrong. There are many people out there who have only a slight understanding of what occurred in Dallas that day and now, I fear, will be thinking about unfounded accusations against innocent persons. They will forget that H50 “cleared” them of wrong doing but still will carry a vague memory of this nonsense until fact and fiction merge into the mess that was 709.

    Whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or was part of a larger scheme is something that we will debate for a long time. Jack Ruby was a dying man when he shot Oswald but his motive is not known with a certainty. Is there more to the story that we don’t know? Probably. I recall that Edward Kennedy was given access to information not released to the public but chose to remain silent. Is it anything even remotely like the “theory” that the writers came up with this week? No. That stupidity stands on its own. Appalling.

    And that speaks volumes for the inability to come up with an original conspiracy involving make believe persons like Martians secretly cornering the market on shave ice stands and duct taping Adam to the side of the Shrimp Truck because he’s one of them and has gone rogue by marrying “that alien woman” with the toy gun.

    I did think that the scene with Steve and Jerry was going to end with MCG handing out another badge. That’s coming.

    On a side note- Was AOL walking funny? I kept wondering if he was hurting or tired. I may be just imagining it.


  3. Sam! I am worried about this emergency. I hope all turns out ok in the end. You got your usual cheerleading squad here, you know.

    As to Show, it was ok. Some parts were good. A bit McG-lite again, but given his health concerns, I’m still ok with that. And I’ve mentioned (and seen) this elsewhere, but I hope atPLenkov notes how awesome Alex was in this ep, how at large and in charge, how mentally and physically powerful he appeared…yet he did no stunts, had no big physical moments. Alex can commandeer a scene, and his fellow actors, with a look, a growl, a posture. He does not have to leap tall buildings to appear as a Superman! Write McG safely from now on, Show!

    I didn’t care much about the main plot, but I enjoyed McG going after that Fed. And I even enjoyed that little McDanno moment when the Fed left McG seething at the car and Danno knew damn well all hell was about to break loose on that dude. Hehehe! ❤ McG. 😉

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  4. Thinking about you, Sam! ❤ Hope things are okay. I had been afraid this episode would be totally over the top, so I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot better than I had feared. Yet I still only thought it was OK. Well, maybe I'd edge it to "good" because we got more Steve than I was afraid we'd get. But it still felt like a "filler" show. At least we had some continuity with last week's episode, with Grover talking to Dannoying about the kids. (Of course, part of why I thought the episode was only OK was that they wrote D against character by having him be cool with the kids' romance. The writers just do whatever they want with the characters, I give up.)

    On a side note, I'm loving the last bits of Max we will be getting. I'm gonna miss Masi a lot. 😦

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  5. Now this was nice.
    I surprised myself because I felt entertained and liked this episode. Of course it was not great and by no means awesome but it was good for me.
    For reasons. Or better: for one reason. But I will come to that.
    At first let’s have a look at CATHARSIS. Or not, because I don’t need it.
    He only made a real appearance in two scenes.
    #1: Dannoying and Lou. Well, I think Chi crushed this scene, his faces are hilarious. That is called acting Ladies and Gentlemen. Dannoying (see? Not talking about SC here… because I am an angel.) was so ooc it is no longer funny. Or maybe they cut the scene where he took a chill pill in the morning. Oh, this makes me think about Mama’s idea to let D’s sister and Steve date. The CPD (chill pill D) would be soooooo relaxed about that, he would even teach Steve how to make little pink napkin bunnies for their first dinner and then the whole McWilliams Clan, including ETrain, Charlie and Grace can travel to Jersey to visit denim cutoffs Mom and eat Pizza made with Brom water. And after that they can have a little snowball fight and we hear Steve giggling because this is exactly the life he always…. yuck… I think I threw up in my mouth a little… geez leiCa get your act together!
    #2: Steve and Dannoying after their encounter with the FBI guy. I know the McDannos love this scene. I just think all this touchy touchy from Dannoying is ridiculous, way over the top, over acting and histrionic. Or fanservice. Or both. Maybe both. Most likely both.

    But I had no problem to completely ignore this.

    I really like Jerry and I like Jerry and Chin together, they have been friends for so many years. If I can’t have Steve for 44 minutes I love me some Chin or Lou or Jerry. And I think Jorge is an amazing actor and not just there ‘for fun’.
    But what really made this episode a special one was AOL. I think he took over the screen in every scene he was in. That is called acting Ladies and Gentlemen. He commandeered the screen as GraceNotPark said (I love that!). His face, his body language, his voice, everything. (I think I cheered a little as Steve punched that guy). And when he is alone in the blue room he is way more ferocious. I would have told him everything – even things I’ve never done. Ya think he likes bad girls? But I am digressing.
    And when he was doing this wide step over these tree roots, legs wide, thigh muscles and all… roar… but I am digressing, again.
    I loved the end! I love Steve talking to Jerry. Steve is just such a wonderful man. Always there for everybody, I just wish there would be someone for him, you know, when he is coming home or someone who likes to drink some bulletproof coffee with him.

    And hearing Kennedy’s speech on the Arizona was a special moment too.
    Because. No orange.

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    1. Ahhhh yesssssssss! Love your description of McG! We are so on the same page, sista! Do you think there is ANY chance that atPLenkov saw even half the brilliance that was Alex’s performance? I mean, if you have an actor who can be that menacing just using his face and voice…damn! Give him all the money! Give him anything he wants!


      1. GNP–He would only notice if he actually watched.

        And apparently money isn’t the problem. I think its more like worry for his health, the concern for the welfare of his family and just plain exhaustion from carrying the show while others take time off to do their own thing, with reduced schedules, while he is left to do “the heavy lifting.”

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  6. Oh btw, do you think in one of the next episodes we’ll see Steve talk to the man in the moon, The Little Prince, Sumsemann or maybe even Howard Wolowitz because Jerry needs to know who’s footprints are up there? I am all for Howard Wolowitz just because that would be a crossover I would watch. And I don’t like crossovers. 🙄

    *Fly me to the moon
    Let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    On a, Jupiter and Mars*

    This earworm was proudly presented by leiCa.
    You’re welcome.

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