7.08 Review


Hana Komo Pae

While Danny chaperones Grace’s winter formal, terrorists seize the venue and hold everyone hostage in order to kidnap a diplomat’s son. Also, Danny and Grover are shocked to learn that Will is Grace’s secret boyfriend.

CBS translated Hana Komo Pae to Right of Passage

What saddens me a bit is that we are already at episode 8. EIGHT. Unbelievable.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this week’s episode. And I can tell you this review will by far not as long as last week’s. I simply don’t have much to say about it.

I’m sure none of you want me to rant about Dannoying and that is what would make this a lengthy review. We don’t want that. I won’t waste your or my time with that.

So, what did I like? Not much, to be honest.

I loved Will. He was the highlight of this episode. He and his dad. Great, great work by the both of them.

Ehm, that is pretty much it.

I could talk about the stupid, stupid stuff that happened during the hostage situation, but I don’t want to because I need to recover from the headache first all the head-shaking gave me while I first watched it.

I could lament about drinking and driving. But I am sure Steve was sober, since he doesn’t drink because of liver. Right?!

Oh, I just realized there was one other think I did like. Steve setting up Danny with the sandwiches. He never took credit for them but he knew Danny would think so. I thought it was funny that he never said where he got them from (as Grover told Danny).

That’s it. My review. LOL. I won’t even bother with any pictures because that would mean I had to watch again. You can take my verdict from what I have written.

Looking forward to hear what YOU thought of this episode. I am sure some thought it was the best ever. And that is OK, but I would really like to know why. Because frankly, I can’t see Dannoying as BAMF, I don’t buy it, and I can’t see this episode as anything but a boring filler.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

51 thoughts on “7.08 Review

  1. I actually didn’t mind Danny as much as I thought I would. Maybe that’s because McDanno spent very little time together, so he was not as grating.

    They drank-they drove and went guns a blazing into a room full of teenagers. Apparently McG is now completely healed from Liver and can drink as much as he likes. I think the writers should have given a nod to what happened in 625 and have everyone drink non alcoholic beer in solidarity with him. Scotch sounded better to them I guess.

    I did not like Grover’s talk with Will regarding “the no glove no love.”. In my day it was referred to not forgetting to bring a raincoat. The time for that talk was way prior to the prom, not just before it, because it sounded like he expected it to happen and was going to check his wallet to make sure he was prepared. Instead of talking to him at length as to taking responsibility for his actions, we got this boys will be boys talk. I can’t help wondering if Danny asked Grace if she was on birth control. I am very liberal and come from the do whatever you want school regarding sex, except when we are dealing with children.

    Also, most of these child stars do not only take acting lessons. They usually take voice and dance, especially from a very early age. Neither one of them can dance from what I saw at the end. Then I conclude they must be very good actors to fool me into thinking they had no clue what to do on the dance floor. Mind you, I’m not looking for ballroom dancing, just something a little more graceful.

    I rated it a good. (but Steve was acting strange and I thought, giddy–laughing too hard and too long. Maybe that’s why he wore that shirt. Please burn it. )

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    1. I’m all for burning that shirt. 🙂 People seem to like it. I don’t. I like to see him in a casual setting, but this was not it.

      In my world, Steve was strange and over the top laughing and stuff because he just broke up with Lynn, and is mourning Cath. 😉

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      1. Glad to hear I wasn´t the only one thinking the laughter (Steve) was just too strange and over acting.
        I seem to be the only one voting “awful”. It was the rescue with stupid McDanno queerbating dialogue and touching that left me with nightmares 😉 Even Steve shouting for Grace and then her for Steve, running away from Danny was so over the top, I couldn´t believe that crap. Awful.
        P.S. I would have loved to read some thoughts on Dannoying, please don´t hold back next time 😉

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        1. With you on the queerbaiting but the McD’s on my timeline (who aren’t gay, so they are sorta permanent gay-baiters themselves with their fanfics) were loving that line. It’s an embarrassingly juvenile element of 5-0 that won’t go away. Like, gay men are sooooo exotic, y’all! Lord! The idea of gay love should not call up twittering, juvenile giggling. 🙄

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  2. LOL. I havn’t even seen this epi but I get the feeling that your tiny review is even more interesting than the show. I am not in a hurry to watch it to be honest but I will – tomorrow.
    You think I should really use my markers for some legendary art of the century? I am such a talented artist. I think. LOL. I am an artist like Dannoying is bamf.

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        1. It says on IMDb that the show is in pre-production so who knows how long that will take. Maybe Grace will film during hiatus or she plans to bail after this season is done.


  3. That McG on the screen during the poker scenes was not MY McG. That was the I’m reeling from No Cath McG. She is necessary to his stability, whether he (or Alex) likes it. McG tac’d up will always be hot though. Just my opinion of course!
    I found the beginning Danny annoying and Grace too. But who can blame her for acting all sullen and embarrassed when dad is embarrassing. Give the girl a little trust! Once Danny started interacting with Will, he was less annoying. Maybe because Will was so mature. Hey someone had to be!
    My husband’s comments during show: oh let’s drink and play poker, then drive and shoot guns! and ‘did he really say pick a base?’ He is a casual viewer, not involved in ‘fandom’
    Loved Lou in this ep.
    Uncle Steve/Gracie hug= pure fan service
    I enjoyed the ep more than I thought I would, mostly because of Will.

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  4. I voted ok because that’s all it was, just ok. The actor who portrays Will did a good job. That’s all I’ve got as far as the main storyline goes. I can never buy Danny as a badass. Sorry. I’m not sure who that guy was in McG house but that was not McG. Maybe they were really drunk while filming. I rarely enjoy McG lite episodes and after last week this was a let down for me.

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  5. I rated it good because like you Sam…..I loved Will Grover. The kid was smart, polite when he could have been snarky to Danny and kept his head in a crisis. I read somewhere else that someone wondered why they just didn’t pull the fire alarms. I suppose that would have worked but I guess Danny figured that would just result in the terrorists shooting. I didn’t mind the poker party banter although Steve did seem to be over-reacting to Grover saying that Danny was going to play this business low key. Then again…..the thought of Danny not blowing this out of proportion was crazy funny.

    I don’t want to go on too much about Danny since some of what he did was appropriate for the situation. Although I would be inclined to take as many guns as I could as I disabled the bad guys. But then they don’t ask me.

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            1. And yet, some of his fans are raving (mad) at how awesome Danny was in this episode.
              So is BAMFness in the eyes of the (myopic) beholder? He still needed to be rescued by a teenager with nothing but a fire extinguisher.

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                1. Yes, but why? What are they trying to find in this character? A sad reflection of McGarrett?
                  I read a comment by one of them that if Alex goes, SC wouldn’t stay. Really? He already left a long time ago. They didn’t notice?

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                  1. But they don’t see him gone. They still believe he is fully invested and performing to the top of his ability. It is sad they are so invested in there own world.


          1. Cokie, perhaps Sam made a pact with the devil so that the show can have a season 8? That might explain it but McG isn’t the only one acting a little strange here. 🙂

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  6. I gave this an ok. Because it was just “meh” in my book. Too much you-know-who.

    Steve was drinking out of a plastic cup instead of a bottle is I assumed he was drinking non alcoholic. I think he took Grovers drink just to be funny. Yes he was over the top. I thought he looked good casual although flowered shirts are not his thing.

    Love that Will stood up to Danny. He was the best part of the show. And his dad was good too..

    This is one I probably won’t watch again. Ok was me being generous.

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  7. Danny and Grover laughing as dads and knowing each other as fathers. And really the poker party at Steve’s house, as they seem to be having fun. Steve has to host everything at his house it seems. No matter the holiday season or whatever occasion. Sure Steve was not drinking for the time being.
    But the thing this season with kidnapping and hostages, really give me a break!
    Can’t wait for next week’s show, did you all see in the promos where Steve hauled off and hit the arrogant smug fed as nobody messes on his territory. That is what all shows need to do with the feds who think that they are holier than thou. Taking down a notch.
    Was not ready for next week but kind of now I am.


  8. I gave it Ok episode
    I liked Grover and Will
    Chin having Sarah spy around the new house she will be stay. The photo of the couple that chin took a photo off are going to be trouble
    Steve and the gang playing poker. Did not like the shirt at all,
    Grace and Will a cute couple.


  9. OK. Love casual Steve but not over the top Steve.
    Will (and the actor who plays him) did a very good job. I was glad he was more the focus than Grace. Yes, Grover, wrong conversation to have and wrong time to have it.
    I did not get why Steve was searching so for Grace at the end; did he not realize Danny and Grace would be together, so he could have yelled out “Danny” ? As well, when the team barged in and shot the guys in the hallway, the guys in the ballroom seemed oblivious. What did they think the automatic gunfire was?
    Yes, a filler episode to give Danny fans a gift after his absence last week (still confused about scheduling priorities, but whatever).

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    1. They had Steve call out Grace, so she can shout out “Uncle Steve”. The writers have to give the McDs their annual fantasy episode. Ergo, the “pick a base” line. (Insert eyeroll).

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  10. Agree that McG was out of character with the giddiness and have given up with the medical correctness regarding alcohol, etc. Will try not to waste further thought calories on it.

    I think that Grover’s ‘No glove, no love’ was appropriate. At least the issue was addressed. As far as the way this advisory was termed, come on people. We are in a world where youth regards the Kartrashians as role models and public figures air their dirty laundry in public; replete with words I use only when I stub my toe or drop a bowl of ice cream.

    Chosen Jacobs, kid who plays Will, did an excellent job and I think Teilor Grubbs has finally hit her stride as an actress. Her portrayal of a sulky teenager seemed realistic and her dances moves, intentionally awkward or not, were believable for someone who isn’t versed in ballroom style dancing. I liked that Will kept his cool during his confrontation with his girlfriend’s father though I doubt the scenario is all that realistic. A real kid would probably have wet his pants if confronted by a parent as pugnacious as Danny.

    Once Daddy Danny’s initial hysteria was over, I think the rest of his part in this outing was pretty good. Don’t have a problem with him being a badass. I believe a man of that stature would have had to develop a certain toughness in general and, if he’s a cop, he’d have to be tougher still.

    I thought McG’s shirt was kind of cute, but then, he could be wearing something completely hideous – a disco-era polyester leisure-suit comes to mind – and I’d think him hot. The man’s appeal could never be dimmed by anything as trivial as clothing. Hey, there’s an idea! Why don’t they have an episode where everyone is naked? It would have huge ratings! Show could maybe exclude the economy-sized members of the cast for that one. (Not fat-shaming, mind you. It’s just that own lack of svelteness just gives me extra caution in these matters). Anyway, just a thought . . .

    If one wants reality this isn’t the place to find it. As usual, I pretty much ignored the plot holes big enough to drive a semi through. May not watch this one again soon but it kept my interest despite its semi McG-lessness. For that feat alone, I gave it a ‘great’.

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      1. Okay leiCA, maybe just McG and Chin. If we include Danny it wouldn’t save us from the TMI regarding hair. From what we’ve seen of Danno, his mom had apparently been romanced by a Wookie. (No offense to Mrs. Williams, her son, or Wookies intended).

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  11. LOL!! Great convo here.

    I found the ep ok…muuuuch better than I thought it’d be. Way too much Dannoying and he was sometimes VERY Dannoying. I was glad not so much Grace and not so much Danno and Grace cos that always makes me gag. “Will” stole every scene he was in from Scott tho, so I enjoyed that very much. 😉

    I did not mind Alex’s shirt cos I thought it looked like Alex’s shirt and not McG’s and I was ok with that. I didn’t mind his goofy laugh cos that neck vein we haven’t seen in awhile…ya know, fan service. Also it felt like, to me, Alex (again not McG) being silly cos he didn’t have to be on set but what…maybe 1 or 2 days for those scenes? Finally, I loooooved that he got up the poker party at McG’s house. For years, social events happened at McG’s, then after Cath left he didn’t host much, or at all, for awhile. So I’m delighted to see him hosting and chillin and offering up great sandwich game at CasaMcG. 👿

    But I do hope more Alex less Scott next week. 🙂

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  12. I really appreciate your blog here as I only discovered it by chance a couple of weeks ago. I agree with most of your insight about the detail, or lack of, in the filming of the episodes themselves. The only thing we disagree on is Danny. I absolutely LOVE HIM … As Steve’s best friend and partner and antagonist… as a father to Grace and Charlie….. Grace actually needs to get tough though, being a cop’s daughter…. his roll on H50 is essential. I can see where he might be annoying to some, but he does not annoy me. I love pretty much the whole team and each player that participates, even though each can be Lame at times, but so what, right? Thanks for your work here and your love of the show. I grew up with the original show.


  13. Loving the comments here. We’re pretty much on the same page.

    I gave it a good, I was well entertained except… I don’t need to go there…
    Will was awesome and for the first time in a while I think Tailor really did portal sulking Grace well, just like G2F said.

    I was honestly glad that there were no too brutal scenes in the ballroom, would have been awful amongst those kids and given that its was almost the one year anniversary of Paris.

    I do admit I like Uncle Steve in full protection mode but this set up by the writers was completed unnecessary. While a big part of the fandom goes ballistic over this episode rating this one the best in a long time (**eyeroll**) I liked parts of it, nothing more. Well, for once Alex got a little bit of a rest so I try to look at the positive aspect 🙂

    I had some great laughs in the beginning, just watching some of those facial expressions and laughters was priceless, Grover’s first reaction fun. But I give it to you, Steve was off. ABC’s have the answer already, ours is different. Sigh.

    I’m sick of this twitter feud. At least this week a big part of the fandom agreed on a couple of things:
    a) contrary to what PL thinks most of of us CAN read and very well proceed a text (if he WAS misquoted now would be the time to step up…)
    b) way to stab your lead in the back who gives ALL for this show
    c) NO, there is definitely NO Five-0 without AOL, again contrary to what PL might think (Castle, anyone??)
    d) blocking many fans on twitter doesn’t make you look very good

    Thanks Sam that you took the time. Though I’m a bit miffed there are no pics. LOL!
    Steve in his glorious shirt and geared up Steve we a yummie sight 🙂

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    1. You’re right about the twitter feud. In this case most of the McRollers and most of the McDannos stood side by side. Because they love Alex. And he deserves tons of praise and for sure no stab in the back.

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  14. I want 36 min. of my life back.
    I voted poor. Because Steve’s faces, the scene between Jeremy’s father, Lou and Steve and the Chosen actor 😉 made it less awful.
    Actually I liked Steve in his house and at the game. I don’t think he was OOC. He was always capable of enjoying the few good things his life has to offer to the fullest. Love him this way. And I think Alex loves to show this side of Steve. It has nothing to do with mourning/not-mourning, closure/no-closure. It is just Steve and a boy’s night out. Kinda.
    I won’t say anything about SC because it is always the same. Pun intended. Just one thing: a few weeks ago I read at AOLIS that tptb originally wanted Greg Grunberg as Danny. Sigh. I like the idea. Very much. But he said ‘no’ because he didn’t want to move to Hawaii. Oh the irony. Fair guy btw!

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      1. I also feel weird about Steve in the beginning. I always want more casual Steve and less procedural boring stories, but this was just too awkward to watch. Maybe less people around with casual Steve next time. Show him showering in the morning 😀

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    1. OH my goodness. How could I have missed this picture? I LOVE your artwork. LOL, that is so good. Seriously. Love it.
      7 years, still waiting for a second facial expression. ROFL. I’m afraid you have to wait another seven years for that. Not gonna happen.

      #NOSTEVENOME for the win.


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