7.08 Promo Pics


I truly hope these pictures ARE deceiving, because this is something I have no interest in at all. Dannoying and his annoying daughter. Ugh.

The one interesting thing could be Grover with his son inside and being in danger. That could lead to some absolutely great Steve/Grover scenes. But the rest? No thanks.

And why the heck does Danny need to be there in the first place? More control over his daughter? That man and his obsession with Grace is creepy. But maybe he was just dropping her off… no. LOL

If you want to see these pictures, please go to SpoilerTV.

34 thoughts on “7.08 Promo Pics

  1. I believe Danny is chaperoning the dance. And Grace’s date is Grover’s son. Or supposedly secret boyfriend I read. This may be Steve light or they just decided someone had to be outside to come to the rescue. I’m not overly excited.


    • Yes, that is exactly my point. Aren’t there any other parents who could have done that? Does he need to be at every event Grace attends? I find his behavior creepy and borderline obsessive. All his trips to her cheerleading events and who knows what else. He wants to control everything, and I think he is overly obsessed with his daughter.
      I had a discussion about this with Cokie a while back, and I better not write here what I told her about Danny’s behavior. 😉

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      • Definitely over-the-top when it comes to taking care of his daughter. I don’t know any dad who is that possessive, whether he be married or single. It does border on creepy. MY problem with it is if I was a mom who dropped off my daughter at cheer and then realized this guy was watching not only his kid, but ALL of the other girls as well. To me, that is a bit off the ick scale. As for being a chaperone, I think Danny is living out his life through her. You hear that a lot with moms, but he is way too obsessed with being with her. And then he wonders why she sneaks around…

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      • I can’t believe I am going to look like I support Danny but in regards to the cheerleading events, they are like sports. I attended as many of my kids ball games and swim meets as I could to support them. I was also their transportation many times. So that part of Danny’s involvement I understand. However, his heavy handed behavior as to the rest of her life is too much. I wonder how he’ll behave when he learns she has a crush on Grover’s son?


        • I can agree with you to the extent that he go to the “events”. We were band parents and were at all the event stuff. But a lot of what he went to looked like were the practices and I think he just can’t let go. (I was for sure glad I didn’t have to sit through band practice!!!) While I understand wanting to be there for your children, kids aren’t going to grow if you are constantly there in their faces. He just seems over the top.


          • He is over the top. He lost Rachel and I think he is desperately hanging on to Grace to prove he doesn’t fail at all his relationships. I can understand attending her competitions. And I have not softened my feelings on how he treats Steve.


  2. And after 7 years Danny Williams still has no idea how to button up a shirt.
    The story of Danny Williams’ life?
    He has a daughter.
    Hope it will have tons of McGrover in it.
    But sometimes I am thinking that Alex said: The times Scott is actually on the island and IN an episode, let him do the work. About time. Bye.


  3. Ugh. This. Looks. Coma-inducing.

    A high school dance is boring, I’ve chaperoned them. My kids yawn at them. Dannoying is both annoying and boring. Grace is coma-inducing. Men don’t wear suits to the dances when they chaperone. And yes, the ick factor in Dannoying’s daddy behavior is starting to creep me out. The PeePee incident shone a creepier and meaner than usual light on the character and I’m just out where he is concerned.

    Blech. 😛

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    • Where is Rachel? Does she take no part in her daughter’s activities? Did she merely flash her credit card and pay for the dress or did Danny shop for (not with) Grace and do that too? Having the children /relatives of co-workers date can be messy if things go south, which many times they do. Maybe Grover doesn’t want his son involved with Danny’s little princess. I sure wouldn’t to be connected to the Williams family. I think Grace is a tad spoiled. She can probably have anything that money can buy, but what she really needs is two biological parents who can set a good example for her. That can’t be bought and it looks like she may never get it from those two very selfish people.

      I guess this episode is to service the McDanno faction, with no evil woman lurking to ruin it for them. Poo!

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        • Does that mean Dannoying is the Damsel in Distress? 😆 So much for them who claim he’s the topper, eh?

          Dreading this ep. Still looks coma-inducing.


          • Maybe this is the episode where Danny comes to terms that his life in Law enforcement is”dangerous” and agrees with Rachel that he has to give it up. He leaves the task force for the sake of Grace and Charlie. (and us). He goes, the character is happy, and we don’t ever have to mention his name again. We can all move on.

            Could someone on twitter please see if those non biased interviewers who cause so much drama might ask PL if we will see Rachel this season? I would really appreciate it. Then we might have an idea what episode the going away party will be.


  4. one of the last comments on Rachel that I remember is that Grace got ready at her house for Kono’s wedding. And at that time, it kind of sounded like that was a unique thing. No way would I miss out on helping my daughter get ready for a dance.

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      • I am waiting to see if he makes threats about what he’ll do to the boy in front of Lou before he knows the boy’s identity. Once it is out in the open it should become awkward.


        • I have no idea. Sure, everyone has a different taste, but if the actor himself says in an interview he tries to give as much of himself into a role so he doesn’t have to act… that says a lot about his abilities, if you ask me.
          I have watched a couple of things with him, maybe the wrong stuff, but I can only always see Danny. Even in interviews it’s just Danny. So strange.

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  5. I think while watching this I’ll have a white sheet of paper and a marker near by. I can occupy myself with drawing some mind-blowing art. My version of The Scream i.e.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Dannoying gets stuck in this pipe because of claustrophobia spontaneinsis as punishment because fate had enough of him yelling at someone who saved his ass. Steve changes his blue shirt in front of a mirror aka us again and saves the day together with Lou. Walt says: “Man, Dad, this SEAL guy is cool. He is a man of action, no whiner. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. I want to become a SEAL too. And then I am going to marry Grace. And we’ll have a bunch of little SEALs.” Dannoying faints, close up of a grinning Lou and smiling Steve. They fist bump.
    LeiCa draws a unicorn.

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    • Dear German autocorrect,
      care to explain why you’re making a ‘Walt’ out of my ‘Will’?
      What the heck is a Walt? We don’t even have a Walt in German. The only Walt I know made a duck without pants. Except when the duck is taking a shower. But that’s another mystery to be solvent.
      Angry me.
      Angry angry me.
      What a shitty week. That’s why I could not name the duck.
      But I could name a certain EP who has absolutely no respect, no gratitude and no idea.

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      • Hear, hear about the EP. And then he comes and threatens to block everyone who wants to pick a fight. A fight? He throws the first stone and wonders about the shit storm he gets? That really takes the cake, and shows me that man is so ‘out there’ it’s not even funny anymore.
        I lost any and all respect for him I had left. Shame on him for speaking that disrespectful about the man who carried his show since the beginning.

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          • 😆
            He blocked me awhile back so I blocked him. The blocking has not interfered with my enjoyment of Show or my ability to get Intel. In other words, atPLenkov is unnecessary.

            And yes I think he is competitive against Alex, and keeps clearly losing. Alex used to say lovely things about him, but does no more. And Lenkov acts as tho Alex does not exist. What a collassol way to ef-up your show, producer! There’s no benefit to getting into a spittin’ match with your talented and beloved lead. It has NEVER been a secret that Alex fans power this show. We came in droves, from ML and 3R, at the beginning. And those unfamiliar with his old shows lost no time in loving him too.

            If Alex actually nurtured his fan community, it would be a potent force! But he chooses a private life. So we honor him for that. Alex can do no wrong. 😉


  6. The promo clip I saw of Dannoying talking to Will just disturbs me. He tells him he was once Will’s age so he knows how to tell adults what they want to hear. So does that mean he was a jerk kid who didn’t respect girls? It wouldn’t surprise me. I guess according to Danny, his daughter can’t take care of herself and no boy is capable of treating girls nice. What a horrible way to go through life.


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