7.06 Review

7.06 Ka hale ho’okauweli

On Halloween, Five-0 investigates the murder of a medium with a checkered past who was apparently scared to death by a poltergeist. Also, Kono and Adam are kidnapped by what appears to be a death cult.

CBS translated Ka hale ho’okauweli to House of Horrors

So, another year has gone by and we get another Halloween episode. I am not a fan of Halloween; I think it is the most useless holiday ever. I never understood the need to dress up, walk up to strangers and beg for candy. That is just a strange concept for me. The idea behind the original Halloween I do get, but this hype that is made about it? I could use some very clear and strong words what I think about it, but let’s just say I think it is a total waste of time and money.

And yes, before you start to wonder (as if you would, LOL), I always hated all kinds of those festivities. As a child, as young as kindergarten, I refused to dress up or take part in any kind of those parties. And if you know me even a little, you would know that no one could make me dress up and participate. 😉

Anyway, not being a fan of this holiday, I am kind of a fan of themed episodes. Always dread them a little at the same time though. Because they can be a lot of fun, or a total disaster.

This one was neither. It was another run-of-the mill, rather boring episode with a lot to groan and rant about. And with very little to actually really like.

Let’s start with all the groan worthy stuff so that we can go out with the actually really good stuff. 🙂


Jerry and the Kids

My friend Jerry, Halloween and the two Williams’ kids. Oh what a joy. Hope you get sarcasm. This was pure torture to watch. First of all, what kind of bad parenting is it to punish someone a full year after the ‘crime’? That is unacceptable and is not a good tool parents should use. Grace did something wrong last year; I’m sure they talked about it, but waiting a full year to serve the sentence? That is wrong on so many levels.

This should have been the opportunity for her to show that she has developed in the past year, that she has actually learned something from that experience. To punish her now is a misuse of power and doesn’t show her anything positive.

But that is Dannoying, always wanting power and control over everyone. Total control freak.

And another thing, why was Charlie not with his real mommy and daddy, but at his biological father’s house to spent time with a totally nutty stranger? The writers’ have a very strange concept of fathers and kids. Charlie would not see Danno as his Daddy. That is and will always be Stan.

And what an awful job by Jerry trying to make Gracie feel guilty that she doesn’t want to spend her time with her little brother. Kids should have that choice. For God’s sake, she is not a little kid anymore. She is fourteen. I hated that she changed her mind and showed up at the end. She should have stayed away. That would have been a good decision.

This whole part of the show was a total disaster and a complete waste of time. I hated every second of it. And I’m not even talking about any persons’ acting ability.

Adam and Kono

The only thing missing during this segment of the show were the graphics bang, puff, boom to make it a total comic-themed part. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take any of it seriously. I had dreaded it from the minute I read about it in the press release, but the end result was even worse than what I feared it would be.


Death cult on the island? Seriously? Geez. And don’t even get me started on the fight and flying axe, or them making it to the house only to fight some more. More wasted time.


Please, show, just ship these two off to their honeymoon they never had, and let them stay away for a few episodes, enjoying each other.

And not even the pretty could save this part of the show. 😉


The Crime of the Week

That part was actually decent enough, just wish they would have invested more time in it. But I guess the main characters were happy to have the time off. I hope Alex enjoyed the free time.

There is some real story about the haunted house, but I’m not really sure what. You can find the information easily if you’re interested in it.

What we learned during the ‘main’ story is that Dannoying has been an idiot all his life. What kind of uncle scares his 10-year-old nephew to death, making him the butt of the joke for years to come? Dannoying was not a slightly older sibling. He is at least ten or fifteen years older than Erik. That makes him 20 or 25 years old at that time. Yeah, a really cool idiot. You know, right now there are such idiots running around dressed as clowns, scaring people to death. That is not funny, that is an actual crime. Just like it was back then. Those people, including Dannoying, are idiots of the worst kind.

So glad Steve told him how sick he was.

Oh, please, who didn’t know it was the assistant? Seriously? And of course, it was because of her father. What else is new! Groan.

And now the good stuff   😉

Max is back. Man, I have missed him big time. So good to see him back. And I am actually glad we didn’t see the wedding. We already had three weddings on this show. Enough is enough. OK, well, I want to see one wedding. Or maybe just the honeymoon night, or just the aftermath. Oh well.   🙂


Despite having a bad hair-day, I loved Steve in this. But that is really nothing new.


I wonder if Steve still feels guilty about his father’s death. It is easier to blame the others than oneself? Not for Steve, he would always blame himself. But Steve, you couldn’t have changed the outcome of it. No matter what you would have done. I truly hope he knows that. And the talk was really just for the assistant to see what she has done. But in the end, not even she is to blame for her father’s death. He made the decision to kill himself, to take the easy way out. That is not on her. Actually, it was very selfish. The people who loved him and loved his daughter didn’t only have to deal with her disappearance, no he made them suffer even more by killing himself. Good job, dad.



Anyway, I am so very tired of all this father/daughter/son stuff. Someone must have some really big issues here.



Well, first of all, let me say something that I think is really important, and I think we can’t say it often enough. I sincerely want to thank the cast and amazing crew for all their hard work. And no, there is no sarcasm in this.

They all work really hard to give us a new episode every week. They don’t always hit the mark, but no show does that. And despite all the flaws, many of them, I still love this show. It still is my favorite show. Yes, a huge part of it is the character Steve McGarrett, and the actor playing it. But that is not all.

The cast and crew put a lot of time and energy into this show. Not arguable, some more than others, but it is the work of a whole bunch of people to give us an episode every week.

And despite the fact that this week’s show was certainly not one of the best, I think it is the best example to thank them none-the-less. It is easy to praise a really good episode, but it is another thing altogether to stick to a show and love it all. The awesome, the good, the bad, and even the disastrous episodes.

And even though I am not always happy with the result, I’m always coming back for more.

So, thank you, cast and crew for your hard work. I really do appreciate it greatly.

And now my verdict. It was, for me, another boring filler, with two ridiculous storylines and one OK crime of the week. But still an overall poor episode that I will most likely never watch again.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

39 thoughts on “7.06 Review

  1. Well, I am a huge fan of Halloween. It was a fantastically fun time for my family, and now for my grandkids. And I have a thing for pumpkin carving — I do about 10 each year. So I always look forward to the Halloween ep. But this year, I actually yawned through it.
    First, I found myself wishing that the cult would just kill Kono and Adam! I can’t stand the time they devote to this couple who have zero chemistry and ridiculous storylines.

    Second, I felt like something was wrong with Alex — watch him as he and Danny are approaching the murder scene. He is nervously touching his hair, his arm, his watch, his gun and he seems distracted. With a few exceptions, he didn’t seem to be giving his usual 100%, and then I remembered him talking in an interview about a back injury, so maybe he just wasn’t feeling good while this ep was filming. Maybe that’s why he had no action scenes in this show.

    I so agree with you about punishing Grace for something she did a year ago?? That’s just dumb writing to give her an excuse to cop an attitude. I really didn’t mind Jerry babysitting them — he’s kind of on their level, LOL.

    Yay for Max! So love him.

    I just hope that next week will be as special as we all hope for!

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    • I also noticed how fidgedy Steve was, especially at the beginning. For a second I thought that are signs for liver problems. Itchy skin is a sign for that. But then I laughed out loud at myself; show is not that clever to give us any foreshadowing of any kind of problems from the transplant. What transplant? LOL

      Yes, this was the first episode that Steve/Alex didn’t seem a hundred percent in the game. But I will gladly forgive him for that if he either wasn’t feeling well, or had other reasons for it.

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  2. I love Max. He got married and that he is back! Love the beard on him. Still adorable though.
    Really the haunted house thing was a minimal story. But kind of love it when Danny tried to scare Steve and Lou.
    Really want more Steve and Lou! Love those two together.
    We were teens at times. And that Grace it is for her in growing pains. And hopefully she will overcome it. Know the feeling of puberty!

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  3. You did a great job with the review. I liked ok the crime of the week but could have totally done without the other 2 stories. Will write more later.

    And yes, good to have Max back.

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  4. I get what you say about thanking the cast and crew for giving their all, especially when an episode fails to hit the mark. That’s not their fault. I always give points for trying.

    I care so little for Adam and Kono that I can’t think how two people about to be killed kept up the goo goo eyes. I am glad Adam thinks that things haven’t been boring for him since he met Kono. Maybe not for him, but super boring for me. Jerry and the Williams children were pure filler. Unnecessary and not amusing.

    I would have deleted 706 from the DVR but I wanted to watch the promo for 707 again. I hope CBS spends some time and money in promoting 707. Maybe just a fraction of what they are expending on MacGyver? BTW, even allowing for the World Series, MacGyver’s numbers are not stellar. H50 and Blue Bloods still beat it. If we get Season 8, then we may get a 175th special episode. That would be nice.

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  5. I adore Halloween and love having the trick or treaters show up at my door. That usually means I will be less harsh on a Halloween episode. The truth is, thanks to my daughter and granddaughter arriving Friday, I couldn’t concentrate on the episode and haven’t had time watch the DVR yet. I thought it was nice of Jerry to stay with the kids but really had no clue why Danny was punishing Grace a year later. And why if Danny was working did he have the kids in the first place? And I fully agree that he was a jerk to Eric when the kid was ten. I always figured there was a sadistic side to Dannoying as you call him. The COTW could have been interesting but it does seem the show writers have daddy/daughter issues and can’t come up with new plot lines. Finally, I was thrilled to see Max back and happy to hear he and Sabrina got married. I will have to sit down and watch again without my three year old distraction.


  6. Oh, I forgot all about the Kono/Adam plot. That says a lot about how that rated with me and I usually don’t mind the couple. It was so forced after he just got out of prison. It wasn’t necessary.

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  7. IMO this episode was meh.I could have done without the Snordam storyline. It made absolutely no sense at all. It was stupid. Period. They should have given them the day off and spent more time on the haunted house.
    The Williams children Halloween was ok. Just ok. At least they are trying to make Grace act her age, finally. It’s a shame they couldn’t find kids who can actually act. I guess they feel the need to give Jerry something to do since he is a regular. Sorry, not a fan.
    I believe the scene between McG and the assistant was a set up for episode 7. McG is coming to terms with what happened to his father and realised none of it was his fault, despite the guilt he must have experienced. Perhaps he will forgive Doris now.
    Yes, kudos to the cast and crew! If I remember correctly there were many late night calls and filming for this and the next episode. They do the best they can with what they have to work with.

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  8. I gave Show an ok, COTW a good, the other parts a lesser grade…BUT, having said that, this was my favorite Halloween ep of the series. I haven’t generally enjoyed the Halloween eps, tho I do enjoy Halloween a lot…just went to a party last night…but Show’s Halloween eps always lack structure, or something, they just always seem sloppy.

    Anyway, I know Alex was vacaying so good on him! It did effect my experience of the ep tho. And Dannoying doing that to his nephew is unforgivable…THEN humiliating him in front of the team doubles down on the visciousness. His BS punishment of Grace is, IMO, perfectly described by you, Sam. He was a horrible human being in this ep. I don’t understand what kind of jerk writers want to take a regular character and turn him into psycho-dad. Danno is irksome enough without me now having THIS ass in my head. Ugh! And yes, not believable that Rachel would give LittleBit to Jerry for the evening, nor allow Grace to receive that BS bullying from her dad.

    But McG was gorgeous and delightful and funny. Alex saved the ep…well sorta saved it…just by being in it. :mrgreen:

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  9. well, I can’t remember the various Halloween episodes. I’m not good at remembering specifics of stories. I only know that Max always dresses as a Keanu Reeves character ( i don’t follow movies enough to know who the one was this time.)
    I ruined myself on proper ratings earlier this season by rating one good that should have been OK. Now, i find it hard to rate anything worse than “good” in reality, this one and the other should have both been OK. Oh well, i am not good at making up my mind about those things.
    Now, I really liked Jerry with the kiddos. I don’t understand either why they would be with Danny, but maybe Rachel and Stan were on a work trip. Despite the fact that punishing her a year after the fact is stupid, I am glad Danny at least reminded her of it. It woudl have made more sense to send her off to her party with a reminder. I didn’t feel like Jerry was inappropriate in his “guilting” her; I don’t have much patience with sulking teenagers. I did think the actress did better this week as Grace than in other episodes.
    Adam and Kono were not as bad to me as they have been in the past; although the death cult thing was plain dumb. How had that gone on for years with no reports of anything.
    The COTW did not hold my interest. I don’t even remember what Steve told the girl at the end besides that is she would have just come home, it wouldn’t have happened.
    I also thought Danny was horrid to play jokes on his nephew at that age. I think danny is a few years older than me, so that would have made him college age in 95. Really sad that a college student would find joy in pranking a 10 year old. That is more something a 14 year old boy would do.
    I have assumed the two “meh” episodes were because most energy and work was going into 150 ahead of time. They knew the main folks were going to have an intense episodes to come, so they made these a bit light. I hope 150 doesn’t disappoint. I really hope AOL gets to do some media this week like he did before 100.

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  10. I rated it OK, and the two sub polls were awful. Because they were.

    I thought the flashback to the haunted house story was interesting, and the underlying concept of faking the haunting was also a good one. In actuality – it didn’t live up to what it could have been. As usual, Chi cracks me up with his reactions to things.

    I really could have lived my entire life not knowing about Pee Pee Russo.

    I thought the Jerry plot was boring – and who does all of that stuff with kids on Halloween night? That’s a lot to pack into one evening, isn’t it? I’m glad they cut whatever scene that was we got promo pics for, with Charlie having chocolate smeared on half of his face, I saw that picture and thought the poor child might be having seizures. And that scream when he saw Jerry – just, no. I know that child actors aren’t all phenomenal, I grade on a curve there, but this kid and his bad acting and cutesie looks are … bad bad bad. I thought Teilor did a terrific job as a disgusted, bored teen – she nailed it. I can see Jerry guilting her into going, I probably would have done the same to my niece if she were being a snot. Not that SHOW has shown us any sort of follow up to Charlies bone marrow transplant (BTW, does Danny have a loyalty card for that? After 3 medical donations he gets a free cup of coffee or something?) but you would think that the ENTIRE family might be a little more happy to spend time with Charlie this year to make up for him being in the hospital last Halloween. I didn’t think it was weird that Jerry was with the kids – I assumed that Danny had every intention of doing Halloween with them, but got called for a case. Jerry’s better than Pua at least.

    Kono and Adam. It was stupid. I was practically rolling on the floor with hysteria at Kono “luckily” throwing the keys right into Adams hands and THEN getting lucky again with the Axe severing the chains holding her. Just have them go to Turtle Bay, show them mooning at each other and let this crap go. Ugh.

    I love Max. and I love that they don’t go the obvious route with his Keanu costumes. I wonder if Sabrina went with him on his DrsW/O Borders trip? I wonder if we will ever hear about it.

    The Halloween episodes are usually filler, but they usually have great character interactions. I didn’t get any of that from this one. I felt like the main cast was just getting through it.

    Or maybe that was just me 😉

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  11. Oy.
    Just watched.
    Did I say Oy?
    THREE storylines? Oy.
    I really don’t know if this episode is worth the effort, but I’ve got some catharsis to do. I don’t think I needed catharsis that much… ever. Oy.
    But let’s start with
    SnorDam and BorDam are running running running through the jungle/forest/woods. Making goofy eyes, talking BS, are mentally forcing axes flying the right way. Running running, doing stooopid stuff.
    All the Halloween stuff was boring, the scariest thing was ETrainPeePee and the spider webs. What a basement. I think Mrs Webb needed some cleaning woman. Cleaheaheaning Woman. Reinemachefrau. (Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. Anyone?) I would always prefer Chucky over The Notebook. Just saying.
    Meanwhile at SnorDam and BorDam, BorDam saved by Mrs SnorDam. How original. Running running running.
    Steve. He remembers all the little things his father told him as a boy. I like that. Very much. He thinks about his father every day. Oh Steve. Sniff. Alex is so good at this. I like that. This saved the episode and of course Steve and Max. Oh I missed Max. Steve was genuinely happy to welcome him back. Remember last years Halloween episode? The wonderful scene between Steve and Max? When Steve told him he wouldn’t find his mother in the files but in his heart? Oh my… I miss that. Steve treasures so many memories in his heart. What a wonderful man… But I am digressing.
    Steve: Way to bury the lede! Lol, the former editor in me is grinning like an idiot.
    Meanwhile: Running, shooting, being stooopid.
    Why have Charlie and Grace been with Jerry? I mean they’ve got a mother, a father and a biological father. And thank God Charlie is not raised by his biological father. Because

    I am disgusted. Danny Williams is a nasty human being. Steve was so right. What he did was sick. Sick sick sick. And the worst thing is that even now he doesn’t get how horrible it was what he did to a 10 year old boy. I have got a god-daughter, she turns 10 next month. Just thinking about someone would do something like this makes my blood boil. And if I would do something like this to her my sister would kick my a$$ and never talk to me again. And rightly so. Are there really people out there who find this funny? Sigh – I think you don’t have to answer that. Of course there are, but I no longer read other reviews. Some episodes ago I was so stupid to read another review, I followed a stony path, if you get it 😉 , and what this blogger said in a comment about other fans shocked me.
    Aaand I am digressing again.

    Meanwhile in BorDam County: Nothing new in the jungle. Running, kicking, being utterly stoopid. Rumble in the jungle.

    My heart is beating like a jungle drum…. Not.

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    • ROFL about SnorDam and BorDam. LOL

      And I’m right with you about Dannoying. His behavior, his whole character is disgusting.
      But there are actually people out there who are not feeling this way, who don’t think this was the sick work of a very disturbed adult.
      There are people out there who think this was funny. I do NOT get these people. And yeah, there are some very ugly people out there calling themselves fans. Of the show or an actor. I am often disgusted by their behavior and how they talk about other people. Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe it. Just a couple of days ago I went and blocked a lot of people who I don’t want anything to do with. Their view of the world and what they think is OK behavior… I can’t accept that in any way. It does not fit in my view of ethics and behavior towards my fellow human beings. I was really shocked to read some of the stuff that came out of those people, provoked by some pictures. I am sorry, but those people are just sick and disturbed.

      I don’t read any other reviews except Steve’s Story, and Wendy’s blog, but that one only for the facts about Hawaii. I rarely, if ever agree with her view of the show. All the other blogs out there? No thanks.


      • Oh I just love Steve’s story. Koala smartass is hilarious.
        About the review I was talking about: What really shocked me that it was a comment of the owner of that blog, made in her own comment section. Not some follower commenting there. I don’t get that people have read that and no problem with it. Some are still writing comments there so it hasn’t bothered them. Or they just don’t read other comments, that may be.

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          • I think you would get why this person behaves the way he/she (unsure of sex) does on this blog if you look beyond the review and see that all his/her (unsure of sex) comments are barbs directed at other fans who have the nerve to disagree with his/her (unsure of sex) opinions which are considered as canon by the minions who follow his/her (unsure of sex) blog because they are meek too terrified to stand up to him/her (unsure of sex). He/she (unsure of sex) is a bully who hides an unreasonable anger towards both other fans who may be putting forth reasonable arguments as to why they believe he/she (unsure of sex) is incorrect or at the EP who has the audacity to not do exactly as he/she (unsure of sex) demands he do regarding the story line. I forget where I am going with this. Oh, that’s right, sex. Yeah sex is good. Was that my point?

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          • Dunno who y’all are talking about, as what you’re saying about them applies to more than one, ahem, “fan” that I can think of. So I’m just blindly agreeing, cos I believe y’all. :mrgreen:

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            • I have no idea which blog this is also. I really only read Wendie’s newspaper post (like Sam I like the Hawaii info) and Paula & Foyuer’s Intense Study. Forgive me if I spelled names wrong. I read one other that was a straightforward recap that wasn’t too bad but otherwise I avoid most reviews because I need to watch my blood pressure. And what is with Hawaii 5-0 Redeux and their promotion of MacGyver? If they want to show PL the love they should start a separate blog. I follow that page just for photos but including all the Mac stuff bugs me. I think I need some chocolate to mellow out, this shouldn’t bother me.


              • Hmmm…do I know what the Redux is? Sounds familiar but apparently I ditched it long enuf ago to forget it. And as to the MacGyver, yeah, a yuuuuge chunk of this fandom is set on ass-kissing atPLenkov. For some odd reason, cos he lies to and insults fans with the “best” of them (the worst of them?). I think he lies to Alex some too…as in the PTSD ep that scrubbed the actual PTSD from itself… 🙄


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