7.05 Review


7.05 Ke Kū ‘Ana

When a cache of guns is stolen from a gun range, Five-0 discovers the culprit is intent on making a dramatic and potentially deadly statement on gun violence. Also, Kono and Adam are finally reunited when he is released from prison.

CBS translated Ke Kū ‘Ana to The Stand

I will give my disclaimer up front this time, because I know many people will disagree with my review. And that is perfectly fine. I don’t mind at all. Your opinion does in NO way alter my enjoyment, or none-enjoyment of anything I watch or do. And neither should my review alter your enjoyment.

I never cared if I was the only person in the world who loved or hated something. My opinion is always based on what I like, or dislike. I don’t let people influence what I like, or what is hip, or whatever. Some call that opinionated. I call it “I know what I like”.   🙂

So, here we go.

Kono and Adam.

I just don’t see it. I’m sorry, but these two are the most boring couple on TV. Ever. I don’t see any chemistry there, and I really couldn’t care less about these two. Seriously, what a waste of time.


Oh, and as a side note, what an ugly wedding band. LOL. I normally don’t even register such stuff as dresses, haircuts or jewelry. But this thing is so butt ugly. Guess that is just a matter of taste.   😉


Adam and the father/daughter

Oh, please stop being this soap opera show. I so freaking don’t care about Adam’s good side and paying his prison friend back. And getting the father and daughter back together before he dies. We had that before, even with a guy in prison. Exact same story with the same ending, the daughter forgiving her father. Stop it, I’m begging you.

The armored truck

Oh, God, can it get any more stupid? First the guy steals a construction vehicle that he modifies to his needs. Ever thought about the logistics of that? I know Five-0 doesn’t, but I do immediately when I see something like that. He needs a place where he can weld all those plates to the truck. He needs to buy all that stuff. He needs hours and hours to work on it. And all the time it must be at a place where his work is not discovered.


And then he is finally done with his glorious indestructible truck, but unfortunately he forgot to close the windows. Cokie said he needed to breathe. Yeah right.


And let’s not forget he raided that gun range to steal this huge big gun. Which he then carried easily down into the sewer system. Sure, no problem.


And by the way, why the heck did he steal it anyway? And why shooting that gun owner? He wanted to make a statement? That was just dumb.


Therapy session

Hey, was that the guy from Steve’s group therapy? Would have been cool if they mentioned that with more than a look. Too bad those scenes from season 4 landed on the cutting room floor. Still shame on the show for that.

The argument in the car

I think it is so sad that Dannoying is not able to give a reasonable argument, that he always reverts down to insulting his so-called friend. What an idiot. Thankfully Steve called him out on it.

But other than that, I think they are both right. In a way. And they are both wrong. There is no way that only well trained and responsible people will get their hands on guns. Sorry, Steve, but since that is not happening, maybe there should be better control.

And Dannoying, no matter how much you think no one should have guns, sorry, but that is never ever gonna happen. That industry is a billion-dollar industry, and in the end, it all comes down to money. Always.

And by the way, you are a liar saying that you only carry a gun because your job requires it. May I remind you that you went to a foreign country as a civilian to kill another human being in cold blood? THAT was not a requirement of your job. You use a gun when it fits your purpose, so, come down from your high horse.

You know, second amendment or not, as I see it, there is no, absolutely no reason for any person to have automatic weapons. Those guns, hand guns and assault rifles alike, only have one purpose and one alone. To kill people. And no person should have the right to have such firearms in his house, or on his person.

You think you can protect your family with such weapons? Think again. You are wrong. The likelihood of your toddler shooting you or him/herself, or getting shot with your own weapon by an actual burglar is through the roof if you have a gun in your home.

Kids will always find a way to get their little hands on your gun.

You don’t need no fucking machine gun in your home. Should everyone have the right to have such guns? Hell, no. Should there be people allowed to have such guns after a thorough check of their background, character and mental health? Maybe.

But no matter what your stance on this issue is, it doesn’t matter, because there never will be any change. Again, way too much money involved.

I must say, I am so very happy to live in a country where I don’t have to think about any of my neighbors having a gun arsenal in his home.


The scene at the courtroom

Again with two members of Five-0 going kinda undercover? Groan-worthy. Those scenes were so darn predictable, down to the stupid judge trying to shoot the baddie. Ugh.

The solution

At no time did Steve want to storm into the courtroom guns blazing. When the situation warranted he and SWAT got into position to intervene, but when the situation changed, when more information came in, he adapted the plan and waited in cover to see how the negotiation went.

I have no idea why people think being ready for any event means that Steve is oh so eager to execute with maximum firepower. That is such bullshit, and shows me that those people have no idea what his years of training were all about. TEAM. That is the most important thing in his work. And in the past years that is what he always showed. If someone had a better way they went that way. Steve is not someone storming off guns blazing.

And it really pissed me off that Dannoying obviously also has this strange idea about his boss. “Going in” was a bad idea? No, Dannoying, at that moment in time it was the only option, and after the situation changed, Steve and SWAT stood down immediately. Which does not mean to give up to be ready to go in at any given second.

I guess I really have watched too many crime shows, because that the baddie was the father of a shooter was as clear as day. I could have told you that before he even went into the courtroom, which by the way was ridiculous in the first place.



Why don’t I think this was the best show this season, or even anywhere near it? And why didn’t I think this was a great and courageous way to tackle this important issue?

There is a very simply answer to that. At least for me. If I want to discuss, or even just get information on this topic I have thousands of platforms to do that. I could even discuss it at home with family and friends. Because pretty much everyone on this planet has an opinion on it.

But quite frankly, I do not want my favorite show to take on this topic. I strongly believe they are not the right show to do that. I watch the show I love for getting my crime and action fix. Five-0 always was a show with a twist, but they shouldn’t go too far with it. I think they did.

And the worst of it, they didn’t even make a point. What did they hope to accomplish? To give a great and exciting show? Well, it wasn’t. It was rather boring.

To give a great and new statement about gun control? They didn’t. And they can’t. Because there isn’t just one right stance on gun control. The only one right stance it that no innocent people should be killed by any kind of gun. Not in the hands of disturbed people, or by little kids playing with guns, or even by police officers who didn’t see another way but shooting someone.

I think it is not the job of a program like Five-0 to tackle this problem. Some might call it courageous to do it anyway, I call it a waste of time if you don’t make a clear point. And they didn’t. And how the hell could they? They are a police show where they often celebrate police brutality and murder.

Don’t agree on that part? How about you start really watching Five-0? Police brutality and murder are done mostly by Dannoying, Kono and Chin on this show. They have hit and beaten innocent people and suspects without being provoked. They have hit restrained people. That is police brutality and should not be celebrated by the show or by the viewers.

All three have committed murder. Kono just shot five people two weeks ago without even giving them the chance to surrender. That was not bad ass or anything, that was a slaying. It doesn’t matter if they were bad people or not. It was not OK.

The list goes on with these three. And yes, before you cry bloody murder, Steve has also hit a person who already had surrendered. But he was by far not as aggressive about it as the others, and as far as I can recall he always refrained from being judge and executioner at the same time.

Oh, and let’s not forget Grover. I don’t even know what to call his trip to Chicago.

My point is, the show glorifies these gross acts of misconduct for any police officer or even human being, so they have no right to take a point in that discussion. And therefore, this whole episode was for naught and a form of hypocrisy. Whether you want to see it that way or not.

Anyway, I think this show lacked a good story-line. The story didn’t flow and it again felt like single scenes stitched together. That doesn’t say all scenes were bad, no they weren’t, but it was by for not enough to even get a good. I actually hover between poor and OK. Since I can’t decide I give you a seventh choice this time. Boring. That’s what it was for me, and not even the pretty, or the not-mentioning of liver could change it.


And now go and take me apart.   🙂  You know, it really should be a rule here that when you vote awesome or awful that you have to give a reason for it.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


36 thoughts on “7.05 Review

  1. I will not take you apart at all. Thank you for adding the Boring to the voting process. That one word sums it up.

    But I disagree about them going undercover. They were ok this time and no one would have recognized them because Kono wore glasses. We all know what a perfect disguise that is. I mean, just ask Clark Kent. And Grover must have been her Jimmy Olsen.

    I doubt I ever watch this one again…

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  2. I didn’t vote because I can’t decide how I feel about this episode. Our cable feed cut out briefly so I missed the fact that the guy’s kid was the shooter. I’m married to a hunter so I have rifles and shotguns in a locker in my home. There are no handguns. I agree Sam, military style weapons have no place in a home. Some reviewers said that the car discussion was reasonable on both sides and I had to stop reading as I saw nothing reasonable in Danny saying Steve sleeps with and wants to marry his gun. That is just childish.

    Kono and Adam don’t bother me but I don’t get why he needed to find the daughter that very day. As for our criminal…..I have many questions. They said the truck was in the gun range for about five minutes? How did one guy get those weapons out that fast. And if he lost his son to bad gun laws in Virginia or some other state, why come to Hawaii to make his statement? It was a huge reach in my mind. His actions made no sense so it was difficult to buy into. And the judges right to carry a gun should be revoked. Certainly he should have recognized Kono and Lou and let them control the situation. I was left scratching my head. I did like Lou’s line about hating open doors, that nothing good ever happened with open doors. As always,thanks so much for providing your insight.

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  3. I chose Boring because you didn’t give Ridiculous and Boring as a choice. One dud out of five was to be expected. The good news is that we got to see how Steve handled an evolving crisis situation which is likely what he learned to do as a SEAL. Think before you act and change tactics to fit the situation.

    1. I have no patience for Kono and Adam. If they disappeared, I would not look for them. Separately, the characters are fine. Together, they have even less chemistry than Steve and Danny. Please let Adam be hiding something. I really like IAD.

    2. Gun control? This show? There are any number of other shows which could have done a better job on this topic. However, given the sheer divisiveness of the issue, perhaps their writers gave more thought to how it could be handled so it was thought provocative and not preachy. A respectful dialogue between people who hold different opinions goes a long way toward resolving conflicts. Like this blog, Sam. As it is, I suppose CBS got an earful from from some fans.

    3. Make up and wardrobe, please do not cover up the gray in McGarrett’s hair with a brown rinse which looks red in the light. If he’s supposed to be forty, then the gray is normal and I kind of like it. ( And if I am wrong about the strange color, I will have to buy a new TV. Am I the only one who thought there was something wrong about the hair color? Maybe I need a new TV and eyeglasses. )

    4. The armored truck over the sewer manhole cover just blew my mind. For one man to carry all this out was beyond anything else they have tried, including the giant magnet.

    5. And finally, Danny. OK. what I really hope is that we get Final Danny, finally.

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    • “If they disappeared, I would not look for them.” – LOL, there are a few others I would not go look for either. 😉

      Oh yes, Final Danny. Would that be great!

      And no, you don’t have to invest in a new TV. I have no idea why they try to cover up the gray. He looks awesome with his natural gray mixed in.


    • After seeing the smattering of gray in Alex’s hair earlier this season I thought “finally!” – alas no, they still color his hair. It’s awful. It’s not even GOOD color. Alex, call me! I have a great colorist!


  4. Heh! Ima disappoint you apparently. Cos like, Cokie, I agree. This ep was bad. Bad in many ways. The worst being the simpltonian facile gun control…flip floppines…of the main story. Important subject, really crucial, BUT! Wrong cartoonesque-style tv show to suddenly try to solve this. 🙄

    Also most of the show was boring. Adam. Adam and Kono. Adam and his prison buddy. The big finale scene at the courthouse. All ZzzZzzZzz………

    What I did like? My favorite moments? I actually enjoyed their philosophical cargument. Notmtheir best but the carguments have been so stoopid and lame lately, this was a step up, IMO. Also LOVED the amusing McG eyeing that silly faux-armored truck….getting that SEAL look on his face and telling his dudes to cover him, he’s going in. Alex made that the perfect combo of overzealous SEAL, bad-ass brave warrior, and silly tv show hero. I loved him and giggled at all at once.

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  5. I agree with you one hundred percent. I have never fallen asleep during this show , EVER, but I did during this ep. I’m so tired of shows using political rhetoric. I don’t feel that a police show is the correct platform for gun law rhetoric . I only gave it a good because of Alex. I re watched it to see what I slept through. I found out that I hadn’t missed a thing. I’m still trying to decipher the look Alex had on his face when Scott put the guy in the car after the most words he has uttered in an ep for months? Any ideas ? Was it surprise? Lol.

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  6. I voted poor and then saw the boring option, so voted that one too. What a waste of time, apart from really pretty Alex 🙂
    I skipped Adam/Kono right away, had no idea what the prison visit was about, nor did I care. I can´t even bother to read the positive recaps about this episode, can´t understand why they think the show is so good.

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  7. Totally the wrong show for a gun control platform. This show is escapism. Leave the burning issues to Blue Bloods.
    I so agree with you that Adam and Kono have zero chemistry, and their time onscreen is a waste. I would much rather that time be used seeing Steve paddle boarding before work, or jogging around the block, or taking a shower…… 🙂 And yes, he is sexy as hell with the gray in his hair. I wish they would let it be.

    The cargument seemed forced. It was as if the writers said “we’re doing this show on gun control so we have to show both sides. Let’s do it in the Camaro.” Although I loved Steve’s unicorn comment.

    As an aside, I saw the last few minutes of MacGyver as I was waiting for H50. Mac had a mysterious key that belonged to his ex-girlfriend and he was trying to find out what it opened. The narrative said something about ‘he’d keep looking.’ This is almost the same story of the key Steve found in the Champ box and his quest to learn what it opened and how it related to his dad. I assume PL wrote both stories so he is free to re-use old material, but how unoriginal!

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    • Clearly atPLenkov has only so many stories to tell. He told them all about 3seasons ago, so now he’s just recycling…on both his shows. 🙄


      • HAHAHA. I don’t watch MacGy – especially after reading the summary of what the show was going to be – because it sounded like it was a complete repeat of h50. This just makes me laugh.

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  8. I guess expecting 5 great episodes in a row was too much to ask for. This episode bored me to death. Kono and Adam have zero chemistry and their scenes are always over acted. Am I the only one who was creeped out when Flippa sang “let’s get it on” to Kodam while the team looked on? Don’t get me started with SangMin tweets. That whole scene felt like it was written by a 12yr old pervert.
    Five-0 should not be preaching gun control. Period.

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  9. Really think that the show jumped the shark over in political issues. But still it is a show of entertainment. And if I wanted to show politics, I will pass and go for debates. But keep the entertainment in for shows like Five 0!


    • 😆 😆 😆 This was the purpose, wasn’t it? Just airtime to fill a space between now and 7.07. Cos I’m pretty sure next week’s ep is also gonna be filler… 🙄

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  10. I voted OK, although parts were bordam.. err I mean boring. The Kono/Adam relationship holds no appeal for me. none, nada, zip. there’s just no chemistry there and way too much googly eyes. And I will never understand why they stopped off at the shrimp truck before going home.. maybe they needed to be reminded what to do with Flippa’s serenade. Big of McG to give her ‘the day’ LOL he’s been in prison for a year.. can’t she have a couple days at least!
    Wouldn’t a Hawaii supreme court judge have maybe recognized Kono and Grover? Just a thought. But then we wouldn’t have gotten the gratuitous shooting by a permit holder to add fuel to the fire. I just don’t think a crime procedural of this type is the place to address the serious gun issues in America. Hell I don’t even know where I stand on them some of the time and I live with a gun owner. Apparently a lot of the folks that post in the official show facebook page are seriously pissed off by the ‘gun nut’ rhetoric of a certain character, going so far as to blame it on the actor. I somehow doubt that is the case, whether that is his personal stance or not. (I have no idea about his feelings on the subject)
    The cargument was less painful than some have been but it always deteriorates to someone calling someone else names. The actor that played the perp did a good job
    I do have to disagree a bit on your comments about the 3 team members resorting to needless violence. Yes they all have but McG has done his share of shoot first, ask questions later. Sometimes I have to wonder why he doesn’t shoot them in the leg instead of a kill shot. But that brings me back around to why is a show based on car chases and shootouts tackling this topic?
    Grover is so right that nothing good ever happens when the door is open. That was an ad lib according to one of the writer’s tweets on Friday nite
    Alex is pretty. free the gray instead of messing with his hair. Love the scenes when he ‘had that look in his eye’

    ON to the ep with the 7.07 preview at the end

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  11. I voted “good” because Alex was on my screen and i actually did like the end. ( I also did not pay attention to the fact that “boring” was an option. I had already described this as a filler episode to one of my H50 friends.)
    I thought the perspective of the perp being the father of a shooter was a good change up, but his blaming his son’s actions on availability of guns wasn’t legit to me. I also wondered what brought him to Hawaii. Two bright Steve moments for me were his unicorn cargument comeback to Danny and his “cover me” in the street. Unfortunately the “cover me” led to nothing exciting and the entire truck build up thing (from leaked pictures) was a major let down.

    Since I fall on the pro-gun side of things, I was concerned with how they were going to portray the gun owner judge. There are times a responsible gun owner could help in crisis situations and times they need to stay quiet. (I also do not know how far i think regulations should go as I am always concerned about the government being given an inch and taking a mile. Unfortunately we live in a world where evil exists rather than the unicorn world Danny wants.) I already knew Danny would only refer to gun enthusiasts as gun freaks and was predisposed to hating him this episode. He redeemed himself just a bit at the end. I did tweet asking whether he leaves his gun at the office every night since he only needs it for law enforcement purposes.
    Despite the fact that i see more chemistry with Adam and Kono than I used to, I fast forwarded through their scenes. Everyone criticizing the shrimp truck scene got it right. There is no way a woman picks up her husband from prison and has not already requested maximum available time off work. The writers could have come up with a different group gathering scene.
    I definitely saw this as a filler episode and am afraid of what next week will bring (is that when kodam gets kidnapped again?). I don’t see myself ever watching this one again. There is plenty of Steve pretty in every other episode to get my fill.

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  12. This would not be the show I’d watch if I wanted reality based entertainment. Found it interesting that a program that is all about violent confrontations, many of them shootouts, would tackle the gun control issue. I do feel that the cargument regarding the subject – a complex issue for some of us – was handled fairly well. I would love to ride a unicorn to work but thought the accusation of sleeping with and wanting to marry a gun was a bit much. All members of Five-0 and even some of the part-timers have used firearms to kill people. As far as I can recall, only Chin and Danny have out-and-out executed people. Steve is scary with a gun but he’s supposed to be.

    Wait! I’ll be damned! This episode got us all discussing the issue! Though it wasn’t the best episode of what promises to be a good season, it sort of served a purpose.

    Still not expecting examples of rocket science, brain surgery, or even common sense. I’m a cheap date and will watch this show as long as Mr. O’Loughlin is in it. There. I said it. Now I’ll go drown my shame and self-reproach in a big bowl of rocky road.

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  13. Great review Sam! I chose OK, because it was better than I thought it was going to be, and because I totally missed that there was a BORING option, or I might have chose that.

    And – your disclaimer at the start, *sigh* I’m so incredibly tired of the people who just cannot fathom that there are actual people who don’t see every episode as THE BEST, or AWESOME, and are so unwilling to admit (despite they themselves having EXACTLY the same reservations and gripes) it that they resort to disparaging others and diminishing opposing opinions as “They just want to see Alex shirtless” please.get.over.yourselves. You say stupid shit like that and I pay zero attention to anything else you say. Shoo, fly.

    Going into this episode I was dreading a repeat of the stupidity that we were subjected to from Danny in the remake of Hookman. In the end I think they did a better job than I expected, although I don’t think this is an issue the show should be touching with a ten foot pole. Any other week they ARE glorifying weapons, shoot-outs, violence, and COME ON – they are a law enforcement unit who are enabled to operate using brutality. We all manage to let that pass because it IS the basis of the show, but maybe, just maybe they shouldn’t be shining too bright a light on the dark shadows of social issues! Rarely is ANYTHING shown in a realistic manner, and there is already way too much hyperbole and extremism used as arguments in gun control and 2nd amendment rights issues. That’s why I really took issue with Danny’s POV in the cargument – life would be great if things were as cut and dried as he laid them out to be – and HE admitted at the end that it wasn’t an easy subject, however that didn’t stop him from being an ass to Steve during the discussion “You LOVE your gun, you want to MARRY your gun” <<< Oh for the love of all that is holy, please let this character grow the hell up before the show ends. URG.

    I am glad Sam brought up the whole "where did he do all of the welding for the bulletproof bulldozer" thing .. also, has anyone ever tried to lift a manhole cover? They're about 100 pounds.

    When Chin said "It doesn't make any sense" I wanted to high five him. It never does, Chin.

    Honestly, I was surprised that the shooters son was the perpetrator of a mass shooting. I think that twist was interesting, but really I could have done without the 3 minute montage of dad and son in the early years. Do we not think that every criminal was a sweet carefree young child at some point in their lives? It was manipulation at it's worst.

    It was creepy watching the entire team listen to Flippa sing "Let's get it on" to Kono and Adam. Shawn has a nice voice, but the song choice – not good for a group setting.

    Ah, Kono and Adam. Here's the thing – it's so incredibly cheesy. Extra cheesy. It's like watching a bad Hallmark channel movie (OK, they're all bad). I can't. And I couldn't get into the daddy's dying in jail wants to reconnect with his daughter drama. It was good in season 4 when we had the father kidnap (!again!) Steve and Danny. Are they out of ideas? Did we need to do this again?

    I don't think this was a stellar episode. Too bad, they were on a roll up until this one.

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  14. Just watched it. It was an exhausting weekend and I was tired from the get-go. But there was not enough coffee in the world to help me stay awake through this thing. FF was my friend.


    KoDam is BorDam. (Love that HeyD50!) There is nothing. I think that they made a woman marry this guy is embarrassing for every other woman. I really liked Kono. I liked her heart, I liked her badassery when it was not too much, I liked her determination to get the job done. I loved her with McG, I was a McKono shipper although I was aware it would never come to that (some McDannos told me that it couldn’t be because ‘work partners’ and Steve being her boss. Yeah right, you get the picture 🙄 ). But enough of those two.
    Liked Steve getting the job done (See?) with this armored truck while everybody else was hanging around waiting for chrismas.
    Liked his heart with Chin. He ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ his teammates. He is the soul.
    Liked his unicorn speech, it reminded me of a picture of Alex from S3 sitting on a purple unicorn. The pic was taken during the roller derby episode if I remember correctly.
    The therapist, Gary from the support group, I think he was that the guy of Steve’s therapy session that landed on the editing floor. Hm? He clearly recognized Steve and Steve knew him?

    Is Dannoying not capable of having a discussion with Steve without insulting him? I am so sick and tired of this behavior. Why on earth do the writers think something like this is funny? And why on earth does the actor absolutely nothing to soften such a behavior? Ugh ugh ugh.
    I know that everybody in this show overstepped borders.
    Listen what Steve and Dannoying had to say, then remember their actions the last years. Words vs. actions? KILLING someone in cold blood? Steve never did something like that. He had the opportunity to kill Wo Fat several times. He didn’t. Remember the episode with Harry? He stopped him from killing his wife’s murderer. Dannoying killed on purpose out of hate and revenge. Period.
    Wrong person.
    Wrong show.
    For this kind of topic.

    I had the feeling this episode was to woo SC into S8. Don’t do that show. Because I am sure he is not interested, I don’t see any interest or any commitment. I don’t think show does not need more dialing in or phoning in. Or any special treatment. That’s unfair to all the other great actors rocking it for years now.
    I for sure don’t need it. Au contraire mes cher PTB. Dannoying is the bullet in my liver, the founder of my unicorn and the bomb blast of my truck.

    Sam I loved your review and second every thing you said. Especially about guns, automatic weapons and gun control. Very well said!

    And now it is the first time I am going to cheat. I am going to vote twice. Boring and poor. Because it was. And because I can.
    And I have the slight feeling next week is not going to be better. But maybe I am going to be surprised.

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    • Man! Yes, sistah! I don’t like Danno cos of all he’s been since S1…Dannoying. But YES! The actor does nothing to soften the ugly the writers write. In fact, he kinda doubles down, with expression and body language and voice…

      Unlike Alex who modulates…sometimes being cranky and mean and truly irked with his irksome partner who irks, but sometimes kinda grinning as he parlays, even toys, with Dannoying.

      I prefer McG’s way. He just seems a better, cooler, kinder person. And another reason I prefer Alex as an actor.

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      • I thought so after seeing how he looked at Steve. There was this subtle understanding.
        Maybe both actors think their scene is actually in the episode back in season 4.
        They played knowing each other really well.

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        • I think we are wrong Sam.

          But I know this Gary guy. Damn. When did I see him???
          (Oh how I love McGrover. If I had the skills I would cut allll their deleted scenes in every episode. Or replace other scenes)


          • Man! That was such a beautiful scene. I will never get over my irk that they cut that scene and thus all the build up to it. Grrrrrr! 😡


            • It’s too bad that TPTB chose to have the show go in the comic book direction instead of being a fun, REAL drama/procedural. Alex is so good at that.


              • Yeah, the pilot scored big, and we all thought THAT’s what Show would be. But PLenkov couldn’t even maintain it for more than 1 season. I dunno why…


  15. Pena que cortaram! Grover devia ter continuado como capitão da polícia. Era mais criativo.

    Bing translator: Too bad they cut. Grover should have stayed as police captain. Was more creative


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