7.04 Review


7.04 Hū a’e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile

Five-0 must find McGarrett and Alicia when they are kidnapped by the serial killer they’ve been hunting, on HAWAII FIVE-0.

CBS translated Hū a’e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile to The Fire of Kamile Rises in Triumph

Raise your hand if you are part of the minority who did not anticipate this to be at least a great episode. If you were part of the group of people who didn’t even want to watch it due to a missing member of the show. Or part of the group who can’t make fun of something you love. You are one of those? OK, leave now please. 🙂

All the others, I hope you will enjoy this ride about what I think was the best episode this season so far. OH, giving a verdict right up front? We don’t do that on this blog. 😉 Well, best so far… that might still be just a great.

I apologize in advance for the picture-spam. It got kinda out of hand. Uhm, guess the pretty overwhelmed me. Yep, that is my excuse.

Before we begin with the review let’s take a look at the ratings. Which are really good. One of the reasons why there is already talk about a season eight. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Still early season seven. Long way to go. A lot can happen in the coming months.


Credit for the picture to CastingThe808, thank you for posting it.

The following table does not include any of the demand services, or 7-day-replay, or whatever else the heck they count these days. This is just to get a slight overview of where the show stands. And please remember, as the new president Moonves has said, even more important than the American market are the international sales and other venues like iTunes, amazon prime and the likes. That is where Five-0 makes big money.

Let’s take a short look at the new show Peter Lenkov is helming. Well, it certainly goes down fast. In my eyes, not a surprise. It just has bad dialogue and a lead that just doesn’t bring it. We will see if it can hold at least the numbers it now has.

But really, what are numbers saying about a show? One of the most watched show, Bull on CBS with 13 Mio viewers last week, is boring has hell. The third episode was the last I will watch despite the fact that I really like Michael Weatherly and normally love all law related shows. So, you can’t know why people tune in or what they will be faithful to.


45 seconds of previously on. Really, Show? You really think anyone is even remotely interested in it, or needs it? Come on. And then we even got more old footage, they repeated most of the scenes in the shrink’s office. Enough is enough. Seriously.

But I guess we can complain about it until we’re blue in the face. TV-shows will continue to use it to cheaply fill the 43 minutes a normal show has these days.

Before we go to the footage from last week we learn a bit about former Agent Alicia Brown. Although learning about her is not the right word, we already knew what she was doing before she retired. So we only saw her in action. But honestly, I could have gone without it. I knew about her daughter and that she had been killed by a serial killer when Steve first looked at her picture. I mean, maybe I have watched too many crime shows, but Five-0 is not known for their subtlety. It was practically shoved into our faces.


Anyway, we visit Alicia Brown’s past. Seeing her daughter at Quantico. I thought those scenes were very strange. Not easy to have a relative teach at the academy where you study, but then to be called out like that, and reacting like the daughter did… very strange behavior on both their parts.

Or was that supposed to be a dream sequence?

Before we really start this case/episode we see Alicia being dragged over the floor with a huge knife sticking out of her back. Huh. Seeing that I thought she should be toast. With that knife in the back. Just saying. 😉

Oh and by the way, there must have been some heavy bleeding with all that blood on the floor when her wound was in the back and she was dragged on her belly. It all was probably free flowing down her side onto the floor. Sure, no problem, blood loss like that is perfectly OK.

Uh, and look how deep that knife went in. Boy, she should be dead.


Uh oh, before the credits we hear Steve in the background calling out to Alicia. That can’t be good. 😉

OK, let’s talk about the 16 hours earlier. The stabbing was the present time. When we switch from the present to the doctor’s office they say 16 hours earlier. But when they come out and walk to the truck, Steve says he will brief his team. Then Chin said he talked to Steve two hours ago about meeting at HQ to be briefed about a possible suspect. But that is the same time the two are already missing. Meaning they are in the shrink’s house, half stabbed to death. But they say it happened 16 hours after the meeting with the shrink. HUH?!

Maybe we should forget about the time?


So, they talk to Dr. Gray and Alicia is not holding back with her suspicion. And she calls Dr. Gray out on it. The question is if the direct approach is always the best way. It would have been better to first look into this Dr. Gray before practically accusing her of anything.

But that again brings us back to the time-line. Steve tells Alicia to stand down until he briefs his team and they come up with an approach to the new development. But I guess that briefing never happened, and she went straight to Dr. Gray’s. But she left with Steve, where did he drop her off? How did she get to Dr. Gray’s house? And what was Steve doing until Alicia called him and he sped off to Gray’s house?

Why the heck didn’t he brief his team? Where the heck had he been, why did they say 16 hours? ARGGGGG.

OK, calming down, getting back to the scene. 😉

During these scenes we again got footage from last week’s episode, again cutting off another minute of new material.

I thought it was way too obvious to have a book on medieval chess in her office, the only thing more obvious would have been the chess game with the missing pieces. OH, right, I forgot, that we will find at her house. (How do I insert an eye roll here?)



So, while Alicia and Steve are at Dr. Gray’s office, or maybe stabbed at her house, I’m not sure, the rest of the team is off doing other stuff.

Kono and Lou are at Kamekona’s, testing his latest culinary disaster. You know, that story line is not getting better if you show it to us in every episode. And can someone please make these strange guest appearances by football stars stop. Who needs those scenes? More waste of time. I love Chi’s enthusiasm, and being a fan-boy, but seriously this was completely irrelevant. And only took up time.

And we learn that it won’t be four months after the surgery that Adam gets out of prison; he gets an early release. But I guess with what Steve is doing anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem going surfing with Adam.


I said during the last few episodes that I could go without all the scenes with or about Sarah. Well, this time it didn’t bother me as much as it did the previous times. She is cute.

But still, I’m not convinced Chin is the right place for her. And what did bother me was that he met with Coughlin to ask a favor. Excuse me, but all is good and forgiven? He didn’t have to face any consequences for his misuse of the taxpayers’ money? Or the misuse of power? He just kept his job and all is business as usual?

And most importantly, Five-0 and especially Chin just forgave him like nothing had happened? Oh come on.

And all the time I was wondering where the heck is Steve? What is he doing? Why isn’t he briefing his team? I mean, Gray’s office was at HPD. That is not that far away from their HQ. Shouldn’t he have made it there in mere minutes? Ugh, again with the timeline.

OK, these following scenes don’t make any sense time-wise. Steve is driving around, maybe to HQ? Who knows. And Alicia is calling him from Gray’s house. Really, I think this is the most crewed up timeline they ever had.

Anyway, Alicia tells Steve that she’s in their suspect’s house and found evidence that strongly suggests she is at least involved in the killing. So, after telling her to get out of the house he hurries to get there.


Of course it is way too late when he arrives at the house. Alicia has already been stabbed and Dr. Gray is waiting for him.

What can I say, sloppy work by Steve not to clear the house. How could she sneak up on him like that? And why the heck did he switch his gun to his left hand and pick up the phone with his gun hand? That is something he wouldn’t do. What was that?


And now we get another stab victim. Seriously, show? Did you see how Steve was stabbed? Do you have any idea what kind of damage that knife would do?

Do we really want to talk about the stupid, STUPID idea to stab two people in the back thinking they would be OK? Yeah, guess we do. Because, honestly, this complete disregard of any medical facts totally freaks me out.

This was major. I mean, come on, it is far-fetched enough that Steve is running around not even two months after life threatening injuries, and I’m not even talking about the stupid liver transplant. Nope, now he gets stabbed in the back and is just fine. Please.

Do these writers even know how to use Google, or ask their freaking consultant about anatomy of the human body!?

You cannot just stab a person in the back and expect him to do all the stuff these two were doing. There would be fractured ribs, nicked lungs, nerve- and muscle damage.

Just look at the picture what kind of devastating damage Steve would suffer with a stabbing that high up next to his shoulder blade, with the knife deeply embedded in his body. And look at what serious damage Alicia would suffer with being stabbed in her lower back. Major organ damage for her. Her chances of not bleeding out would even be lower than Steve’s.

anatomy of organs back view

anatomy of organs back view

I must say though, at first, Steve played the stab victim really well. Great stuff. But then he developed super powers and defied all odds.

But I guess we really, truly need to get used to this absolutely stupid writing about medical stuff. Guess it would be best to simply ignore it in the future. Sigh.

OK, so Steve and Alicia get stabbed and are pretty much incapacitated. For now.


ROFL, seeing this picture, his poor liver was probably nicked from the back too. Look at how deep that knife sticks in him. Ugh.


And now we’re two hours after Steve called Chin to brief him, put present time, which was 16 hours after they saw Dr. Gray. Ugh, I give up.


Yes, Steve would never be late. Being on time, exactly on time would be ingrained in him. For him it wouldn’t just be common curtesy to be on time, but essential to his being. So, if he’s not there, they know something must have happened.

I loved how worried they all looked but especially Lou. His quiet request to get a trace on Steve’s phone spoke volumes. Absolutely wonderful how all of them brought the script to life.

While the team tries to find Steve, or better his phone, Steve is being dragged next to Alicia. The following scenes were really good, and Steve’s portrayal of someone being injured was excellent. Just ignore the severity of that knife wound for the time being and enjoy Steve on the floor. 😉

And wasn’t his scream just dreadful. That must have hurt like a bitch. Loved his acting here.


Is this now another dream sequence or did this really happen? I guess it is another flashback to learn more about Agent Brown.


Pretty fast it was clear that Dr. Gray is a really disturbed person. But I must say, I wasn’t freaked out by her. It was also really clear that she wouldn’t be the one killing Alicia and Steve. Something else must be going on.

I liked their little mind games, first Steve/Gray and later Alicia and Gray. That was fun to watch.

I wonder though why she knocked Steve out. Was that just her sadistic side coming through, just for the fun of it? Just because she could? Because she didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him out for good. He came to pretty fast. It didn’t serve any purpose. Not that I minded though. 😉 Poor Steve.



Tell me something, when did Dr. Gray pack that package, and gave it into the mail? And even more importantly, why? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Why the heck would she keep the phone on and mail it someplace? Why not turn it off, take the battery out and throw it in the pool? Or whatever.

That was just stupid writing. Of course, if the writing wouldn’t be stupid they wouldn’t know how to find Steve and Alicia. But it was stupid.

Hmm, it seemed that Dr. Gray had all the time in the world. I wondered why she wasn’t worried that someone might actually be looking for her two captives. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.

That, of course, gave us some more mind games, now the before mentioned Alicia/Dr. Gray.

I thought that Alicia was a bit too confident, and that after she warned Steve that Gray wouldn’t react to logic, that she still tried to reach her on some level. It should have been clear to her that it would be to no avail.


And finally we meet the King and Queen, the ones who will kill Steve and Alicia, or at least will try their best.

That brings me to my next serious question. How did Gray and the pair meet? And when did Gray decide to kill Steve and Alicia? Did she get in contact with the pair? And how did she do that? Classified ads? I mean seriously, how did these three people come together?


So, let me get this straight, they didn’t know where that package came from? Why? I mean if you get a package picked up at your home, your address will be in the system, if it is on the package or not. We live in the age of scanners and stuff like that. There is no way they couldn’t find out her address. Another stupid part of writing. But it gave us Chin and Kono aimlessly driving around the neighborhood, waiting for Jerry and Lou coming up with an address. Do you see shaking my head? No? Well, I do.

As a side note, it was pretty much the first time that I didn’t mind Jerry. This time he had a purpose. Not like last episode when he was in the episode for no reason at all.

OK, here is my point. The parcel has a bar code #947283982. Why the hell didn’t they simply scan the code on the package and take a look into the system? Why the heck all this stupid stuff at HQ?


And now we come to another screwed up time line. How the heck did they get out of the house in time? And not even leaving behind any signs of stabbing two people. Lots of blood on the floor, you remember?


And here comes the second most stupid scene or move in this episode. WHY the heck did she torch Steve’s truck? That made zero sense.

OK, I get that Steve needs a new ride every once in a while, but why killing his poor blue truck? I loved that blue thing. And I’m not so sure the new silver one and I will become best friends. LOL

No, seriously, what were the writers thinking? Probably not much at all, other than, let’s make a lot of noise and give them a big boom. Doesn’t matter that it will be totally stupid.

See, shaking head here again.

Steve was obviously hurting back in that truck. Well, duh, stabbed in the back. Remember? Well, the actor remembers for a little while longer, but soon even he will forget all about his poor back. You’ll see.

But before we get to that, the baddies tell their life story. Why do they always do that? Anyway, we learn that Alicia is scared of drowning. Well, guess then it is a good thing that she has a SEAL by her side.

I wonder if the baddies know who Steve is. If so, the most stupid thing will get a little bit more stupid. But we’re not there yet. Nope, still in the van. Talking and having fun all around.

No, seriously though, I really enjoyed every scene with Steve and Alicia tremendously. Don’t take any of my complains seriously. It is just for the fun of it. They were absolutely great together and an absolute joy to watch. Guess it didn’t hurt that Steve/Alex looked his best.


The team tries to find Steve by questioning the neighbors, and at least they know they are most likely using a green van. Will it be enough to put an alert out? 😉

It is really not very nice to aim Steve’s own gun at him. And now we’re getting to the most stupid part of the entire episode.


You want to kill a person. OK, fine, I get that. But if you are professional killers, or even just wanna be killers, wouldn’t you make sure to find a bulletproof way to kill the people you wanna kill? They want to drown Alicia. I understand that. But seriously? You throw her in the water with a freaking SEAL by her side? How stupid can people be?

They should at least have shot him. If they wanted him to suffer and helplessly watch her drown, shoot him in the shoulder, or both shoulders. Geez. Don’t throw him in there first and leave. What kind of stupid plan was that?

Anyway, Steve is on his way to a nice swim. He tried to take them out on the way, but fails. I will attribute that to his head- and back injury. 😉

Oh, and why didn’t they take them there together? Made no sense.


Ups, forgot the tape. 😉


Absolutely great scenes in the cave. That was great work by both actors. Let’s not talk about both characters doing all that stuff with deep stab wounds in their backs, but who cares about such minor things. I’m not sure if that seaweed, or whatever that was would be that strong. But I’m no expert, and frankly, I don’t really care.

They got some great underwater and in water action, and they got out. That was really a lot of fun and great scenes.

And who wouldn’t want a guy like Steve next to one in a situation like that. No wonder Alicia clung to him like she did. But I thought that was also very in character for someone who was afraid to drown. Really, all this couldn’t have been better.


Who are these two? Surely not Chin and Kono. 🙂


While the team works on helping Steve by getting the killers, Steve and Alicia are working on getting out of the cave.




After taking out the bad guys, Kono and Chin rush to help Steve and Alicia, but those two have saved themselves already. All they need is a blanket.

Well, and I hope a trip to the ER. Or has the water really such healing powers? 😉

I thought that were really sweet scenes. I really wish we would see Alicia again. She could be a great friend to Steve, they have wonderful chemistry. I think these two would go along great as friends.



After all the excitement we visit Chin and Sarah again for a moment. Sweet, but I think they should have left that out. It would have been better to see her again in the next episode or so.


OK, I ranted about the poor truck already, but of course we need to see the wreck. Ah man, I really loved that truck. Darn it.

So is Steve right, or will we see her again?


So, this could have been it, right? Nah, not quite. Dr. Gray got away and we see her meeting her next victim?


Ok, guess it is time for my verdict. As I said in the beginning I think this was the best episode this season so far. It will even make it into my top ten. Probably. I think. 😉

There was a lot that could have been better written, more researched, more realistic. But honestly, I think that are expectations that this show will never fulfill.

I did enjoy this episode immensely. It was such fun to watch Steve and Alicia. Great scenes. And one of the best parts was that it was focused almost completely on one case. No side story, no character doing something else for most of the episode. I loved when they have one case and everyone works on that.

That is what Five-0 is for me. A crime show. With some special twist, yes, but first and foremost it is a crime show for me. I want to see that awesome leader of the special task force leading his team, doing some awesome SEAL things. I don’t want to listen to constant whining and bitching about stupid stuff. I want action, fun and yes, character stuff too. But in small portions at the right time.

I guess you all expect it and I won’t disappoint you, let’s talk a minute about the missing member of the task force. Dannoying.

I am so, SO glad he was not in this episode. His totally over the top fake worry and panic would have ruined a perfectly rounded episode for me.

There was absolutely nothing missing due to his absence, and with him there it would not have been this good.

Why? Because all those so called bromance scenes feel forced, for years now. There is no bromance there, if you ask me. It’s annoying and getting on my nerves. It hinders the flow of the episode. If it is not there, like in this episode, it flows way better. Everyone with Steve is better and feels more natural than Dannoying. Remember, this is my opinion. Has been for a few years now. And I do not want to argue this with anyone. You don’t feel that way. Fine by me, I don’t freaking care, so please keep from telling me (or anyone who has the same opinion) how stupid and monumentally wrong we are.

And please for the love of God, refrain from saying all fans love McDanno, and see it as the most important part of the show. Because I know a lot of people who don’t think so at all. Speak for yourself, not for others. Use I, not we. Sorry, but one of my pet peeves. 😉

Back to Dannoying. One question; he seems to get a lot of vacation time (NOT talking about SC’s contract of lesser episodes, but about the character). When will the others get time off? We never saw them taking any vacations, or even personal or sick days.

Dannoying is constantly doing private stuff while the others work their asses off.

It is ridiculous by now. I mean how many cheerleading events can there be? How often can he go to Jersey?

And that is where SC’s contract cuts into the show. Get Dannoying a different job on the task force, or with HPD. With not being there so often he simply can’t be a full-time member. I think it would benefit the writing for the show.

I can’t wait for the reason for his absence they come up with for episode 150. I’m sure it will be hilarious. Or they won’t mention it at all.

Anyway. I thought this was an outstanding episode, and therefore it gets an awesome from me.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


100 thoughts on “7.04 Review

  1. It was really a scary show. As really Steve being Steve. He would rescue Alicia. As he is so determined but in a good kind of way. But he is a Navy SEAL and would have taken out those two killers. But guess liver donation will do that to you. He and Alicia have chemistry there.
    Chin is forgiving. Despite him being my favorite character. But Five O has done a lot. Like civil rights violations and what have you. To go to Coughlin was a surprise. But he is just way too forgiving. Love him though.
    But love him with his niece. Wonder what will happen when Kono sees Adam out of prison. A huge embrace!
    Probably one of the biggest ever darkest episodes they have done. Thought they would be done with the serial killer thing. But guess not!

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  2. No apologies, Sam! You are right! The pretty was overwhelming in this one. *melting*
    Also agree they are taking up way too much showtime with “previouslies”. And yes, the back-story for Alicia coulda been skipped. I will admit tho, the McG was sooooooo fine, I kinda forgave all the stoopid and unnecessary in this one. Seriously McG claimed forever the crown of sexiest, awesomest character, and Alex the best actor award in a procedural. 😀 Including the scream. 😥

    Yes, the knife wounds. All I got here is WTF?? And McG is magic and so he healed himself and Alicia, with nothing but his awesome. Not overly scientific, but that’s what I’m going with. I appreciate your charts and pics tho…cos even my magical McG thinking begs that question. Why do they do that? I swear I think atPLenkov is just trying to irk. He’s an irker. He’s irksome. He irks us all.

    I’m with you on the truck train. I loved the blue…DON’T love this silver. But I guess they got a new sponsorship and need a new model. If it’s $$ for Show, I can deal with that.

    As you have noted, McG was gorgeous and Alex acting on all cylinders thruout the ep…but the water scenes! OMG those were among the best 5-0 scenes ever and Alex should definitely put them on his audition DVD!!!! I was riveted to every second and I fell hopelessly in love with Alex then and there!! Now, I’ve been in love with him for years but I was totally sucked back into that feverish, exciting new love stage and there I now remain. My ovaries also become highly overactive in those scenes and the bastards won’t settle down, even now. Of course the rewatching of the episode may be slowing my recovery… :mrgreen:

    And McG rescues them both, all by his damn self…SuperSEAL!!!!!! Welcome home, bro! The scenes at the beach were adorable and I’m all in for keeping Alicia. I think she’s a bit of a head case, but she’s another broken toy for McG’s collection. She fits into the “ohana”. 😉

    Dannoying. Says it allllll. Full agreement. No apologies. It just is.

    Excellent review, excellent episode. I too gave it an awesome, and at the time I voted, they were all awesomes. Will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Talking about this makes me wanna rewatch again…hang in there, ovaries…

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    • Oh! And to do an eye roll… first hit : then type out roll then hit another :
      Only no spaces between the : roll :
      Just all 3 with no spaces
      You’ll get 🙄

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    • oh yeah, i forgot in my review to mention my equal disdain for the flashbacks. Alicia is a bit too fake intense for me. at the prison, she insisted she confront the killer on her own but then she let him drive her to rage. Not to be mean to the actress, but she has a look that bugs me. We don’t know how long ago her daughter was killed (do we?) and of course, I cannot fathom what a tragic loss like that would do to me. I was very uncomfortable with her interactions with the man who killed her daughter as well as with the baddie who had her. She did great describing what led this psychiatrist to her problems, but then melted completely when her own struggles were brought up. Twice she let the crazy killers get the best of her and it bugged me.

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    • “I think she’s a bit of a head case, but she’s another broken toy for McG’s collection.” Steve really seems to collect all these broken toys, and they seem to be drawn to him, knowing he will fix them. 🙂

      Steve/Alex kinda makes all the stupid go away. 🙂 And isn’t it great how show found their way back to their SEAL? I love that they finally remembered their main character. Yeah, sure, he really wouldn’t be doing all that stuff after liver. But who cares if we get SEALSteve. I kinda don’t. 🙂

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  3. Hmmm… I think you missed a couple of pictures in your montage! Beautiful. And, as I complained on Friday, the show was just missing something I couldn’t put my finger on. You nailed it. While I loved it, it was just a bit “off”. I don’t know if it was the time line or the scenes of Kamekona/Kono/Lou/Chin/Sarah in there doing other things, but it felt wrong. But after I thought about it more, I decided I liked it. Steve and Alicia were so great together. I think Dr. Gray could have been a much better baddie if she had had more screen time. I did love the OCD scenes.

    I do believe both Steve and Alicia would have bled out while the woman was cleaning her kitchen. But that’s my simple opinion, I’m sure the show researched every– oh, wait, what am I saying??? While they were great scenes, they were so unbelievable it isn’t funny. Oh, well, I guess Alicia is as superhuman as Steve is.

    Loved all the underwater stuff but my daughter kept yelling “He’s a SEAL. Do they even know he is a SEAL???” Although that kelp looked rather fragile to allow him to pull Alicia up out of the cave, I’ll take it as a win. Loved those scenes too.

    Poor truck. I think she torched it just because she could. That, and show wanted Steve to have a new truck. Wish they had come up with some other way to get rid of it because that’s the same thing that happened to the first Camaro.

    And now I will address the elephant that is not in the room. Or show. Wasn’t it nice to have adults talking this week? No whiny blabla? I loved it. MY opinion… we all have one.

    As for Chin and Sarah. The references to the play while they were on the paddleboard were cool. She is really a cute kid. As for him going to Coughlin? Never in a million years. Not even for Sarah – he would have found another way. And why is Coughlin still on the island? For some reason I thought he came here from someplace else – didn’t know he was going to stick around.

    As for a grade… on Friday night I was waffling between a good and a great. But after thinking about all the cool scenes, I have to go with awesome. Shoot, Steve’s superhuman powers alone deserve an awesome.

    And since we’re talking awesome, thanks Sam for that ton of photos… Simply stunning. Steve, that is. 🙂 Great job on this long review.

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  4. I too have given up on the time lines. I try to look past it and concentrate on the story. This was probably my favorite (or nearly so) episode of the series to date! I couldn’t breathe during the water scenes, but as a nurse, I was bothered by the fact that both Steve and Alicia should have been struggling to breathe with punctured lungs, or possibly hemorrhaging from arterial damage. Beyond that , I thought it was a fantastic episode, and I didn’t miss ” Danny ” at all!

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    • Thank you. I am glad to know a professional agrees with us about wounds. I started my career many years ago as a doctor’s assistant but know next to nothing in medical field. But I know they didn’t get it right… do they even think about what they write?


    • This medical disregard really freaks me out. But I don’t think they will ever change it. We know how stupid their outcome really is, but guess there is nothing we can do.
      I believe the writers think it’s just a TV show, let’s not give a damn about accuracy. But I think that is bad writing. You should stick to certain facts, at least to a certain degree. Stabbing someone like that should not happen, no matter what kind of show you’re writing for.
      There is only really one time that they got an injury right. Max took a long time to recover from his gun shot wound. That was well done. Of course, we can’t have Steve incapacitated for a few episodes. On the other hand, I would watch him sitting on the couch reading a book. I would be happy. Just one episode. 🙂
      OK, seriously, that is not gonna happen, but then they shouldn’t hurt him this seriously in the first place. Knock him out, give him cuts and bruises, but not a knife to the back. 😉 Or a freaking liver.

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      • This is it, Sam. Exactly. They feel like they have to shock and awe almost every week via life threatening boo boos…when in fact, McG can shock and awe by his SuperSEAL and SteveTheScienceGuy and BrokenToyFixer personas without all the bizarrely radical boo boos. I wish they’d learn that. I wish the writers and atPLenkov would realize the treasure they have and use Alex and his McG more believably and appropriately…but S7. It ain’t gonna happen. So we’re part crime procedural, part comic book. 🙄

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      • That;s my irk, big time – they are totally doing it for WOW factor, but then- completely dropping the ball. And the whole “just enjoy it” argument is ridiculous. I’m TRYING to just enjoy it, but I can’t overlook stupid, stupid shit that takes me out of the story. Dr Gray could have easily just bashed McG with the old meat tenderizer and knocked him out. No need to fillet him.

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  5. we seemed to agree. I gave this a great but it was somewhere between “good” and “great” because the intensity disappointed me. I think my disappointment came because of all the leaked images ahead of time. I had been looking forward to kidnapped Steve for weeks, but by the time the ep came, we knew that Alicia and he would end up together. The scene at the shrimp truck too up too much valuable time, but i guess they coudl only do some much of our victims in that cave. it didn’t live up to the hype to me.
    Most definitely, alicia at least should have had some major bleeding and both of them should have been in even more pain after being thrown into salt water. i guess the water had magical healing powers.
    Yes, completely ridiculous that the killers would leave Steve alive and available to help Alicia. I guess they haven’t watched much of the show to know that open bleeding wounds have no effect on Steve McGarrett. You wondered why they were separated at all – The looks that McG and Alicia gave each other as she was left in the van were supposed to create dramatic fear that they would never see each other again. of course, fans in the know knew they would see each other again very soon.
    My eyes were correct when they saw the unsecured hand in that pic! Once in the cave/hole, i’m thinking most of us expected Steve to have to find another exit. How could he know the killers would not be up there waiting to shoot them when he climbed out? Also, despite the fact that vine was strong enough to hoist Alicia out of the water, she took no time or effort to get it off once they got out. she just started walking with it still on her waist.
    Finally, when Chin asked if they were okay, Steve indicated “yes,” but then walked in front of Chin. How did he not see the holes in both of their backs? I spent a good amount of time after the episode wondering if in that situation, they would have called an ambulance or simply had another squad car take them to the ER. (fans are waiting for proper follow-ups to this story – the only one i have seen so far has a way too needy Steve looking for the wrong kind of comfort from Danny). Surely chin and Kono had to stay since they had just killed two suspects.
    I’m sure there were some scenes related to the truck left on the editing room floor. otherwise, yeah, no reason to blow it up. Maybe she was creating a diversion thinking his truck would be found before he was found. It is what i had suspected when we first saw that clip. i thought the team was going to wonder briefly whether she had blown up mcg while kidnapping Alicia. OF course, it would have never diverted anyone since she kept steve’s phone active.
    The timeline – didn’t bother me, since Steve and Alicia had both had time to change clothes. Since they were at the office at the end of the previous episode we would have to go back to that one to figure out if that was late afternoon or early evening. then, steve could have been on his way to work the next morning when alicia called him. What bothered me was that the team waited two hours before tracing steve’s phone. Don’t they remember what happened the last time he didn’t show up for work?
    No place for D in this episode. He would have had no reason to be in the non steve scenes we saw, but yes, explanation for why he gets more time off than the rest of the team combined would be nice.
    the same amount of time in the episode but so much less intense than 100. I can’t believe i thought they would pull off one of those for a typical episode. Definitely better than others this season, but still missing something.

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    • A tie-in to this episode is coming up. It’s almost finished. This episode is just begging for one. 😉

      Maybe what was missing was a bit more action. I mean Steve and Alicia were great, but they were mostly lying around. Except for the cave there wasn’t really any action.

      I long gave up on getting my expectations too high. CBS is not very good with getting the right pictures out, they are way too spoilerish. They do a really bad job with it. But they always have, not going to change any time soon.

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  6. Oh, as a side note on the non-H50 parts. I have not felt inclined to make an effort to watch the other mcg ( i saw the first two online), but i have enjoyed Bull. I don’t keep up with when it is actually on. I accidentally caught one episode in real time and watched the other two online. I don’t know how long they will be able to keep going with the same format of picking jurors each week, but i have liked it so far. I may be a bit biased because i want Michael Weatherly to be successful with it. He has never made it to AOL status for me, but it would be hard to see his new endeavor fail after so many successful seasons on NCIS.


    • I really liked the first Bull, and kinda enjoyed the second one. But then it was clear that the third was virtually a repeat of the previous episodes. It is the same with different people in it. And that is what is boring. I stopped watching after 2 and a half episode, didn’t even finish the third one. I simply didn’t care for the outcome. I have no idea if they will change the concept of the show along the way, because frankly, the same over and over again… no thanks.
      Yes, I want MW to be successful, but I won’t watch him, despite I really like him.
      As I said in a previous review if my favorite (as you know, Alex) would be in a really boring/bad show, or his character would be unbearable, I wouldn’t keep watching. Just the actor I like being in a show is not enough for me. I would still be his fan and hoping for another act he could shine in, one that I could ID with and like.

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  7. Since LIVER, I have apparently learned to suspend belief about timelines and such. The knife wounds were hard to ignore though. too many vital organs in the vicinity of that knife! I did chuckle when they threw the Navy SEAL in the water… hello? did these mastermind serial killers not do their homework. Speaking of… how do you become a serial killer couple? How does that conversation start? “Hey Honey, on the way to Walmart, wanna kill someone and become serial killers?” and where did Dr. Gray find them? I know Elisabeth Rohm does BAD very well from watching The Last Ship.. I do hope we see more of her.
    So who besides the ridiculous “official” Hawaii Five 0 twitter account got “Love Interest” from Alicia? I saw bonding over a traumatic incident and can see how she could ‘get’ McG. I can also see her as a consultant to Five-0 on some cases. I’m hoping she helps him see why he shouldn’t give up on the LOVE OF HIS LIFE.
    Didn’t miss Danny. Can someone please tell CBS we don’t need Football player cameos.. so useless.

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    • I was laughing out loud when I read their question who will ship Alicia/Steve. Seriously? Can you get any more ridiculous? There is even less there than between Lynn and Steve. NOT wanna start a war, but I don’t see any love or great chemistry between those two either. Maybe there is a reason she was in two episodes, one of which she didn’t have any lines? Just saying. 🙄 (Thank you, GNP, love this roll thingy.)

      Oh yeah, the cameos. Please just stop. Spare us the time.

      I would love if Alicia would ease back into a job, starting as a consultant for Five-0. Hey, she can share an office with Jerry. 😉 Or she can write a book: My adventures with the amazing SEAL

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        • I don’t think that it was originally planned to have her there. The actress was in Hawaii for literally hours, so I am wondering if her part last minute. I saw no pictures (yet) of her filming with Michelle and Christine or the team, so perhaps the Lynn and Cath never meet but know about each other. My thinking is that she is present when Cath calls and Steve goes off to meet her. I think Lynn is gone when she accepts that his head is not in the game. Steve and Cath will have a few more angst ridden episodes before they have the “talk”. My only question is do they both get married in their uniforms or does Cath get to wear her Grandma’s wedding dress.

          Or maybe I am wrong.


          • *giggles* LOL

            I seriously don’t care who Steve will marry if he is happy and is wearing his Dress Whites because summer. And then he can liver happily ever after with LynnCathAliciaEllieJennyFeldman and once in a while make a phone call to Jersey for the annual liver report. Or send an Xmas card. Eggnog 1 : Danny 0.

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  8. I loved this episode I am giving it a Awesome. Will be in my top 5 for season 7.
    I loved all the action and tension in this episode and I love that we have a lady serial killer.
    Love the chemistry between Steve and Alicia not as a love interest but as a friend or work together to get this killer hope she will be back later in the season. Loved the cave scenes and the under water filming and having our Navy Seal back in action. Alex is so good when he gets a good script to work with.
    Chin and Sarah are very cute together. I think Sarah is going to Mexico and then some thing bad happens and Chin has to rescue her with the rest of the team. Might turn out to be a good episode.

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  9. I agree with all of the above. I think this was the best episodes so far. My biggest complaint was, like the rest of you, the stabbings. If they were going to ignore it, they should have just had them hit instead of knifed.
    As far as Alicia goes, I’ll admit the first time I watched I was a bit nervous they would go there and make her a potential love interest. The second time I realized her reaction was more of “since you saved my life, let me take care of you now” kind of way. Like a big sister, motherly way. The official twitter account is useless IMO. I can’t wait until epi 7 when they tweet McRoll or McLynn. 🙄 (You know that’s coming)
    I wish they would have spared us the scenes with Kame and the football player. The cameos are getting ridiculous and Grover looked more ridiculous. Wasted time better spent on real storylines.

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    • I thought the same about Alicia, about the motherly way. And then I found out she is only five years older than Alex. That, to be honest, shocked me a bit.
      Agree on the account. I don’t know who tweets that crap, but he/she doesn’t know much. Not even the names of their actors and characters. 🙄

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      • Actress wise, yes she’s ony 4 yrs older, but the character is played about 10-12 years older than Alex, if you *try* to follow a timeline with the daughters age. I just shake my head at the official account – seriously?


  10. See people? All the „we“ people out there? You can do a proper review, point out the ridiculous stuff AND still love an episode. It is possible. Perfect things are really rare.

    So, as you Sam and Cokie already know – because I couldn’t show contenance or behave a little bit more ladylike after watching the episode my loud SQUEE reached your delicate ears – I voted awesome.
    I enjoyed the show tremendously. Oh I like the word ‘tremendously’. I always ‘hear’ it with a British or Aussie accent. Try it: Tremendously tremendously tremendously. Great isn’t it?
    But I am digressing.
    This episode had it all. I was excited, nervous, was flinching, holding my breath sometimes all of this together. Steve’s scream as the bitch took the knife out was just WOW. So very well done. Same goes for his coming around moment, his little empathic looks to Alicia, the ‘don’t mess with me-eye twinkle’ as he was exiting the green walmartkillervan. And the whole freaking cave scene! Amazing. Period. That. Is. Acting. Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Not needed. Blessed be his absence.

    Oh boy, yes there were tons of ridiculous stuff in this epi. But to be honest I didn’t mind. I just ignored it. Because

    I really didn’t need Alicia’s back story. I found it weird and it showed a highly unprofessional profiler. It would have been enough if OCDkillerbitch had talked about her daughter. But I appreciated Steve’s back story. (← see what I did here? I am sneaky, teehee) I love me some bloody

    I looked at the angle the knife pierced him and my not medical brain made up the story that the penetration angle, you know the back to knife angle was not 90° but more an acute angle. This way the knife doesn’t go that deep. It goes long, if you know what I mean. Geez, am I talking about penetration and going long while talking about

    And to be honest again I didn’t even notice the weird time jumps or not jumps. I was completely distracted by

    Sara is cute but she is not as cute as

    I don’t think OCDKB needed a reason to blow up the truck. She is crazy, really crazy. She does these things just for the fun of it. Maybe she wanted to send a message to the team that he Steve’s dead because 5-0 would never find his body in this blowhole. Thankfully she didn’t do her homework on

    I don’t trust Coughlin Chin. I don’t. Talk about it to

    The cave scene. Oh the cave scene. I adore the cave scene. I want to marry the cave scene. “Hang on to me and breathe”. You can’t say something like that, Steve and expect me to stay calm and ladylike. It is too much, although I think you say that to all your women. Damn you, lovable, strong, altruistic, smart and sexy

    At the end they wrapped him in a blanket. I wanted to wrap him in bubble wrap. I sooo felt for him because the acting was so good. Through the whole thing Alex’s acting was superb. It can’t be said often enough because someone doesn’t feel the need to give kudos to the lead actor. So I say it again and again. He rocks this thing. He rocks the show. He owns the screen. He. Owns.

    I wasn’t that impressed by the actress who played Dr Grey. I know I am in the minority but I found her a bit boring. She was by no means as scary as

    So Adam will be back. Well I sense an island shortage of

    And I sense a tie-in coming. The man needs some stitches. And a good talk with Chin and Grover. Chin needs to know that raising a child is a tough thing to do and Grover needs help to ignore these football stars I’ve never heard about and don’t care at all.

    And here it comes:
    I love the new truck!!!! I love black aluminium rims! Hate me now McBluetruckers!

    Sorry for all this stupid. But I am sick. My head hurts… and I am no good at being sick. I am annoying. Now I am going to watch the episode again. I need some of Steve’s healing powers.

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    • ROFL, leiCa, you made me spew my tea. 🙂

      “Geez, am I talking about penetration and going long while talking about
      SuperSEAL?” – Yep, afraid you were talking about just that. LOL

      Perfect things are rare, but there really was some perfection in this episode. And you are right, it can’t be said often enough what a great and fantastic lead they have on this show. I do think they don’t appreciate that enough. Well, I DO appreciate him tremendously (yes, I also hear that with an accent). 😉

      Thank you so much for writing all this up and entertaining us with your inside. 🙂
      And get well soon.

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      • Oh, mercy. I really shouldn’t read these comments while I’m at work. I might be carted off by people wearing white uniforms. But Leica you had me rolling. I’m sorry you are sick, but if this is the product of your feverish mind, you are astounding. Tremendously astounding, in an Aussie accent. And the other comments are equally as funny. And all of it is oh-so-true!


    • I love black aluminum rims too… in fact I have dark gray aluminum rims on my own vehicle, just not with a silver body. I am in serious mourning for the blue silverado. RIP.


  11. I don’t have much to add to all of your comments here, because they were all logical and heartfelt, as usual. I loved the underwater scenes and Alicia looked terrified so the actress did an amazing job there. The killers could have just put a bullet in the back of their heads, and let the water finish the job (if they weren’t dead yet). I say that because a bullet in the head doesn’t mean instant death in this show. While I do like Alicia and hope she returns, I was amazed that she broke unto the house of of someone she believed to be a serial killer and had an agenda with her. And where was the promised woman who understands him better than anyone else? If that were true, she wouldn’t have gone to Dr. Gray’s house in the first place. McG has a low threshold for idiots, as we have recently seen in his conversations with Danny. And that action was beyond stupid. But it just goes to demonstrate that McG needs a woman who can think and take care of herself and be a help to him and not a liability like Alicia and Lynn. That would be Cath.

    So now the shrink is in the wind like Michele Shioma. I like them. They are not boring. Blowing up Steve’s truck was probably just another way for the show to put a new model in the mix as a product placement, since I don’t think the auto company is a sponsor anymore. I think it should have been red, not silver, with FIVE 0 TASK FORCE on the door so they could use it for undercover work.

    I did cringe when Steve moaned when the shrink pulled out the knife from his back and wondered if he was in pain from his back injury and got jostled accidentally. It was very real.

    McDanno is not the heart of the show. It is the splinter which annoys and is so hard to remove. So glad he went to New jersey again. Maybe he’s looking at residential properties.

    Over all, I really liked the episode, but so far 702 is my top pick, despite creepy JL.

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  12. So, late as usual – you’ve all entertained me this morning!

    I really liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, and probably not in my top episodes of the series. The glaring things were to glaring and took the shine off the awesome.

    Alicia is definitely damaged goods. I thought the whole classroom scene was bizarre – the daughter letting on about the instructor being her mom, I can’t imagine that went over well with her classmates. It was weird. And I didn’t need the “Hannibal Lechter and Clarice” scene in the jail either.

    I chuckled at your timeline issues, Sam – at one point I thought maybe the meeting at Dr Gray’s office was the previous afternoon and then the whole knife in the back thing was the next morning, but that only works if Alicia only owns one shirt (we already know that McG only owns one blue shirt so….)

    Sam – I took note of Grover’s deep concern with finding McG, and I loved it. But the convoluted crap with trying to find McG – OMG I was practically straining my optic nerve with the 🙄 STOP WITH THE FUCKERY!!!!! PLEASE STOP. There’s @#^$^%$ GPS on the truck, isn’t there? It’s not that old, there should be. Why would the Dr mail the phone? Where was she mailing the phone? SO, they didn’t think to look at street camera’s for a giant blue truck? How the f*ck could they not trace the package – NO, instead we rely on Grover’s amazing ability to remember “Dr. Gray” as it flashes past the majik screen. ArGGH.

    Dr Gray is creepy though, but she reminds me too much of Vanessa Marcil’s character from a few seasons back. I do love the whole psychological thriller killer story, despite the stupid moments. I love it when a baddie frustrates Steve.

    Alicia’s almostAccent is still annoying me.

    Depsite all of the stupid, the water scenes saved the show for me. Alex’s acting while underwater was amazing. And I LOVED how calm and in control he was – holy moly he had me chillaxing. Claire F was really convincing as someone panicked beyond reason. I did have to laugh when she almost drowned – “I leave you for 3 seconds, and you can’t stay breathing?” I think she secretly just wanted mouth-to-mouth, so I forgave her.

    The seaweed rope was cheesy looking, but then I was on a mission looking for Alex’s back tattoo to peek out so all was forgiven.

    The ending was weird, and anticlimactic. Granted, Chin didn’t know they were stabbed, and maybe the water washed away the bloodstains – but … you’ve all said it. It’s like they filmed the scene and the person who was supposed to remember the stab wounds called in sick that day.

    Didn’t miss Danny. Didn’t need Danny. I think that the Danny lovers out there know that the Danny-less episodes are fine, and that’s why they go so far over the top saying that he was missed. He wasn’t. I get that they like his character, and his interaction with McG – I don’t, and am happy when he isn’t there. He’s not the heart of the show for me, and I’ve been tired of the schtick since around mid season 2. The fact that people cannot seem to understand that, and feel the need to disparage anyone who doesn’t like him says a lot more about them than the others.

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    • Hmmm… I disliked Danno in the pilot. My esteem for him has never risen. IMO, McG is a freakin saint for putting up with him and taking him seriously. Clearly, aside from McG and his Graces, no one else in his life has really enjoyed him much either. I am always amazed that there are people who DO like him. It is like a puzzle to me that fans do. I don’t begrudge them or judge their Danno love. I wish them well, as long as they are pleasant people… and some are. I even realize (tho also struggle to understand) that some folks don’t enjoy Alex…life’s a mystery, no?

      But Danno’s absence from an episode automatically places it in my top eps of the season. 😉

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      • Totally agree with you. I kinda disliked him from day one. I never thought he was funny, or clever, or whatever. He was annoying from the get-go.
        In real life, no one would want to work with that guy. Seriously. And that is my only beef with people who love him oh so much. I simply can’t believe they would actually want to spend more than one minute with that nasty person.

        I do get that people love certain actors, and that is totally fine with me. I am not a fan of Mr. Caan or his acting abilities, but my problem is not with him. And I’m happy that there are people who love him. My problem is with the character. And I for one would not like a character of my favorite actor if that character would be an ass. And I would have no problem saying so. Saying you would love to be with the character from the show, not from fanfiction, is, in my eyes, an outright lie. I think many people confuse Dannoying from show with Danny from fanfiction. Two very different things.

        So, all these people gushing about what a wonderful friend Dannoying is, and how much time they spend outside of work with each other. They must be watching a different show.
        The other day I read someone talking about how Steve and Dannoying spend all their vacation time together and love each other so much. When the heck did that happen? I was so sure I watched every single episode, but I must have missed all the McDanno ones. 🙄

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  13. Ladies, what can I say. The review and the comments here are a solid 10!
    Not much to add to all of the above.

    I almost spewed my coffee over the computer reading leiCa’s and Mama’s comments 🙂
    This is what I love about “our” place here! Sam and we can criticize, rant, worry, yet praise, enjoy and most of all have fun.
    Sam, you are the perfect example of someone knowing how to write a proper review. You do not just put together a mere summary but you actually analyze. Yes, a lot of ppl might not like that but it’s something for instance every proper theater critic does. You can take something apart and show inaccuracies yet praise what was great and wish everyone involved only the best! That’s something the ABC’s obviously can’t see…

    And boy, there was a LOT of greatness here!
    Have I mentioned how I am in awe about Alex pulling it off yet again? That man CARRIES the show,
    he IS 5-0! Top notch acting.

    Having read the recent interview where he mentioned his back problems have made me love him even more and deepen my respect for him and his work. He doesn’t even think about skipping episodes despite the show being very physical. He manages to juggle job and family life with and extra load added when Malia is off on business. I guess you get where I am going…
    I had to laugh out loud at the ABC’s saying the epi would have been so much better with a certain detective there worrying about his partner. Um, NO – seriously not!

    Flaws apart, it was awesome and will definitely be on the re-watch list.

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    • I could not do a review any other way. Nothing is perfect, no matter how much I love something. And I think it is not only fun to point out the flaws, it is essential.
      How can you take anything seriously if there is only praise? But if you do point out what you didn’t like, you have to give a reason for it. If you don’t, well, then it is just stupid ranting, or stupid praise.

      And yes, I’m sure we all get where you’re going with your praise for Alex. 😉

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  14. Hello, I had company yesterday and didn’t have time to play on my computer. I am once again late to the party. I have now decided that for me to enjoy this show completely beyond watching AOL work his magic, I must erase all hopes of realism. So I ignored the timeline and removed all of the little knowledge I have of medical or even common sense at times. I does make the ride less stressful.

    I truly did enjoy this episode and it hit awesome for me because of many of the reasons all of you have mentioned. Steve alone was awesome, in every way. It is very tough to control my drooling when they go to close ups on his face. Or any other part of him….. 😛 Thanks leiCa for the link.

    I did not miss you know who and laughed when I read a review of how the show would be better if a certain person had been present to add to the angst of the episode. I also didn’t mind the smaller parts, they weren’t that long and some of them were cute. I am a football addict so I don’t mind the cameos although it was Lou’s reaction that I liked the most.

    As for the couple who dumped Steve and Alicia into the cave…..I do believe they really didn’t think about Steve’s capabilities, they seemed mean but not really bright. I figured that they hung around celebrating besting Alicia, I’m sure they didn’t think that 5-0 would track them down so fast. I also can’t help thinking that Dr. Gray is working with someone else….she did not walk that far in those shoes after torching Steve’s truck. I will miss the old blue but I guess he deserves a new ride. And I think the only reason she needed to do that was because she enjoyed it.

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    • Y’all gotta stop fretting that you are posting late or are late to the party! 😆 There’s no time limit. Sam just posted last night I think. And I keep coming back cos I’m interested in what everybody has to say. Chat about it all week! We won’t get a new ep for several more days! 😉

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      • Oh GNP, when I’m late all the good comments are taken……and I’m just an echo. LOL I read the review but had no time to comment yesterday. I am afraid my computer time may be lessened in the days to come with the arrival of our new puppy this afternoon. I will be facing a life style I haven’t experienced in a while.

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      • Yeah, I posted at 7:06 p.m. Louisville time. The site is set to US-time. That was 1 a.m. my time. 🙂
        And no, there is no time limit. Read it, think about it, come back later to post a reply. It’s nice to keep the conversation going that way.


  15. Did anyone else think it was odd for Dr. Gray to have the chess set – i.e. the key piece of evidence – just sitting out on her coffee table?

    Maybe I just need to understand psycho killers better.


      • That is a great question, Kim. I wondered that myself. But the show didn’t give an answer to her motive for the killings.
        Maybe it’s her desire for total control; seeing how far she can go and how much control she can have over people. But why then killing them after they served their purpose? Killing them means to give up control over them.

        You know, when Cokie and I write our stories, a huge part of the time goes into plotting and research. Every little detail is questioned by the other. For example, if Cokie wants someone to do something than it is my job to question why he would do it and if he could. That job goes both ways of course. There must be a reason behind every action of what we’re writing.
        I think the writers don’t think that far.
        For example, if we would stab someone in the back, we would know what that would do to a person. Therefore Steve would only get stabbed in the back if we wanted to see him spend his next weeks in the hospital and in rehab. 😉
        The show’s writers don’t care about such things. They want pigs to fly… so pigs fly. We would say, ehm, I don’t think pigs can actually fly. LOL, sorry just made my self laugh imagining the writers sitting around a table with pigs flying around their heads.
        Where was I going with this? The writers don’t care about motive or any kind of logic behind their writing.


        • Those writers don’t.

          It seems sloppy. Very sloppy. As if there is a disconnect between what the writers do, the director does, the actors, and the editing. I’m not looking for perfection here, I just want things to make a tiny bit of sense.



          • The writers aren’t deep thinkers here. They have been told the direction of the story from TPTB and they go from point A to point B to push that along. If the Friday numbers improve, they high five and eat another slice of pizza. Making sense or having continuity is not a priority. This fandom is small. The Friday nighters want to be entertained, not mentally stimulated, so they have forgotten Liver (if it even mattered to them past the closing credits.) When they watch, they see Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams, two partners, not McDanno. Danny looks bored and unhappy in all of his scenes. Perhaps that’s just a by product of an actor having to say stupid lines all the time when he probably wants to stretch as an actor and perfect his craft. As it is, the absence of this character does not effect the quality of the overall show and the audience at home is being conditioned to not seeing him. I still think he’s gone this year.

            There is a blog which I avoid like the plague. I carelessly clicked on a link from something else I was reading and there it was, poorly written, poorly reasoned and making me shake my head that we watched the same episode and but didn’t see the same show. I really believe there are people in our fandom who think the EP owes them because they know best how the story should unwind and are furious that he missed their memo. Panic has set in because the man is not listening to anybody and will do exactly as he pleases. They cannot reach him to set him straight. It’s his story and his right to do what he wants but this is not acceptable to them unless he does what they demand. He has said he knows how the story ends. We don’t but if his previous actions are any indication, I’ve got a pretty good guess where he is going.

            Just announce renewal for S8 and the entire fandom can agree on something to celebrate.


            • You are SO right. I often think that some people in this fandom take themselves way too seriously. OK, I always think that.
              This fandom is really small, and the number of people voicing an opinion, whatever that might be, is even smaller. Let’s say 100. And that is more than I think it actually is.
              100 out of 10 million viewers. Do they really think anything they say matters?
              PL has a plan, and it remains to be seen who will like his plan and who won’t. I’m pretty sure I will be happy in the end. 😉

              You know, that is why I rarely read any reviews, and if, only after I have written my own. They don’t say why they feel the way the feel. It’s like a manual where you find what your shiny new toy can do, but not how you get it to do it. I hate those manuals. 😉

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        • I love how Sam said a huge part of the time goes into “plotting and research”. She didn’t mention all the time that goes in arguing back and forth. Those times are a whole lot of fun. Besides, since when do pigs not fly? They look really cute with little pink wings…

          as for their writers. There is no logic. Words somehow fall to the written page… who cares if what they say is even plausible.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Well 5-0 was keeping this murder spree all quiet, so only 5-0 and Alicia would see the chessmen as proof of murders.

      Motive… I got
      No clues.


            • No, No, No! Not the logic! That’s like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

              There’s always hope a light bulb will go on in someone’s head in the writer’s room and
              say ” Wait! This doesn’t make sense!!! Yeah, that’s how it will happen. I bet, I’m sure. I just know it, it has to be.

              Somewhere in that writer’s room is my hero just waiting to restore my faith in Logic 101, An Introduction To Making Sense. (for beginners with no prior knowledge).

              Liked by 1 person

              • Mama, when that hero in the writer’s room shows up, I hope he/she has a friend in make-up and wardrobe. And maybe they can snap photos on their phone as to how the clothing looks AND where bruises/cuts/etc are supposed to be and how they should look. Is that too much to ask? I would gladly accept that job if they would be so kind as to offer it to me. For instance, Steve gets his head bashed by a mallet on the left side and a bruise appears on the right. I think that is amazing… but maybe poor planning by someone… and just MAYBE when he gets out of the water, the bleeding wound on his head wouldn’t have magically healed itself but might start bleeding just a teeny bit again.

                Seriously, is this too much to ask for???


                • “I need a hero / I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night / He’s gotta be strong / And he’s gotta be fast” (Bonnie Tyler) and he needs to hide from Cokie, if he knows what’s good for him.

                  You’d think with all the money they spend blowing up things on this show they could afford a quality control pro to red line the scripts. If the job was mine to give, it would be yours.

                  Liked by 4 people

                  • bless you… and I would gladly accept that job, Mama. By the way, I LOVE “I Need a Hero”. One of my all time favorite songs… and yes, I do think of Steve when I hear it.


  16. Pretty much agree with every word of your review. I agree the timeline is a mess and it made my head hurt but despite the show’s usual trampling of any remaining scraps of reality, my Five-0 buzz continues unabated. Sure gonna miss that truck though.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Totally agree, we need more Alecia Brown. She has a lot of potential as a good friend and confident for Steve ( +/- romance). So sick of surface characters like Lynn and so totally over Catherine!! Loved your moniker for Danny. Dannoying, too funny! The banter is good, but the over the top worry and nagging makes me crazy.
    This was a great episode. One of my favorites. I too take the medical oopsies with a grain of salt. I’ve come to expect the lack of reality in that aspect. Amused eye roll every time it happens.
    Thanks for your review. Now what do we need to do to get more Alecia Brown, as in recurring character to cast member!!!


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