8 thoughts on “7.04 Promo Pics

  1. Ooooohhhhh so excited for this one! Tho nervous too, cos I get nervous when McG is in such serious harm’s way…I’m a total lightweight. 😆 😉

    So, the 4th pic down on the left…maybe that’s AFTER they get free, or rescued, or whatever? They seem wet and po’d in that one…

    Seriously I’m stupidly excited. 😀


    1. i thought the same and now am relieved she gets out if that is the case. that makes me wonder if they completely rescue themselves or whether the team is any help at all. i guess as long as the team gets the baddie..
      Now, one of my fears is getting caught underwater, but if I knew McG would be there to hold me…….

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  2. Oh my… I don’t know if I ever anticipated an epi that much! Even if it will be maybe a little bit far fetched or not that well written I don’t care. Because of absence and because of SEAL. I really think Joy and Grace are right and Steve rescues them out of this blowhole or whatever it is. He is a freaking SEAL show! Water is his element!!! And concerned Lou and concerned Chin are my bonus! Lou showing every emotion in his face and Chin trying hard to stay calm and focussed.
    And by the way I love it that Alex did these underwater scenes.
    Sam the first screen is amazing. WOW. Perfection. (I sense a waking up/coming around scene. He is sooo good at those.)


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