7.05 Promo Pictures


Ke Kū ‘Ana – When a cache of guns is stolen from a gun range, Five-0 discovers the culprit is intent on making a dramatic and potentially deadly statement on gun violence. Also, Kono and Adam are finally reunited when he is released from prison, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Honestly, I think these pictures look rather boring. Typical scene like we have seen many times before. On the other hand, these pics don’t give away much. So that is really good. No big spoilers in these. 🙂

Thanks to CBS and SpoilerTV for the pictures. There are more promo shots on SpoilerTV if you’re interested.

12 thoughts on “7.05 Promo Pictures

  1. Random thoughts:

    Kono looks gorgeous, but – can she really go undercover ever? And as a “television reporter”? Give me a break. LMAO at Lou with the TV camera tho.

    I want to hold hands with the gloves stuck to Chin’s tac vest.

    I am still skeered for the storyline. It could only be more cringe-worthy if it were a storyline about police brutality. Oh, SHOW – really you just shouldn’t ever go there. ever.

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  2. I’m sure the writers think no one notices that Kono is 5-0 and she can always go undercover. I can’t help wondering if they will address what happens this Friday and will Danny rant about Steve being kidnapped and endangering “his” gift once again? Or will they pretend it didn’t happen? Also, will they give Danny another anti-gun rant again?


    1. well, it will have to wait until the next episode because someone isn’t on this week… I’m doing a happy dance. actually, that’s a lie, I’m at work and trust me, dancing is not an option. they would cart me off to the funny farm.


      1. I didn’t make it clear I guess, I was wondering if in episode 5 if they will revisit the fact that Steve was kidnapped so Danny can make up for missing a chance to rant this Friday. Believe me, I love the idea of a Danny free episode this week.


    2. How can they let Danny have an anti-gun rant? He killed someone in cold blood, even if he was a little crazy out of his mind when he did it. In E 702, McG stopped Harry from killing the man responsible for his wife’s death and then killed him himself when he reached for a gun. The writers could have had Danny do it that way but they were going for Drama instead.

      Danny lives with guns everyday. It’s part of his job. If it bothers him that much, he should just quit the Task Force.


      1. Danny went on a rant in the Hookman episode when in the gun shop. I just wondered if they would stay consistent or has he changed. With these writers you never know.


        1. I can’t recall. Which happened first? . Hookman or Matt’s death? A Danny free episode is just fine with me. Sometimes I forget he’s not even there until the closing credits.


            1. Yes! Preaching water, drinking w(h)ine. Again and again and again… Wheelchair-crash/take it easy dannoyingly.
              Totally off topic, but a big shoutout to Sam who always said there will be a S8! You are good. (Ok, you said too there will be no Organ transplant, but some things are simply too ‘you name it’ to imagine.) Does someone remember in which interview PL said that some of the cast already signed following contracts? I’ve got a feeling we’ve got a great 8 ahead.

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  3. Okay……saw a preview of Friday’s episode and what do you know….Danny has a gun rant. And once again he sounds like an idiot.


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