7.03 Review


7.03 He Moho Hou

When FBI Profiler Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani) finds a body in her bed, she is forced to join McGarrett in the hunt for the chess-piece killer. Also, Kono reconnects with a former surfing competitor (Kanya Sesser), who is now a disabled and homeless war vet.

CBS translated He Moho Hou to New Player

Sorry, no real review. I won’t waste my time with a less than mediocre episode.

What I liked:

Steve and Alicia


I would love to see more of them, and it would be great if she came back after this case is over. They make a great team. Loved every scene they had together.

Just one question, how the heck did she not wake up when that guy was put in her bed? I at least hoped they would say she was drugged or something. This was stupid.


Some pretty they threw at us. Nice to watch.


What I didn’t like:

The rest.

Seriously, some of the comments on twitter and other places made me wanna puke. Brilliant and clever detective? Give me a break. For once he acts like a detective and people are overjoyed. Jeez.

For example, the chase-scene. That is how you do it, one goes directly after the perp, the other tries to cut him off. Nothing brilliant or clever about it. On the contrary, if Dannoying would have let Steve do his job without keeping him from it, there would have been no reason to fire a single shot in a parking garage. Steve would have been on him before the baddie ever had the chance to car-jack that poor civilian. So, in leiCa’s words, STFU Danny.

Next scene that was oh so great. Good cop/bad cop. Yes, good idea by Steve, but I only found it sad. Sad that Danny’s comeback had been ‘that’s not very difficult’. How pathetic and sad is it that he practically disagrees with his boss on principle. Not because his partner is wrong or his ideas stupid, no, just because he’s a jerk. STFU.

Shooting after the bad guys. How often did the baddies get away in a car or on a bike because even Steve is too stupid to hit a moving target? Sorry, but these are highly trained professionals, Steve is a freaking SEAL, and they are not able to ever stop a fleeing suspect. Just ugh.

Kono and the sad story about her surf buddy. Nicely played. But WHY? Why the heck did we have to waste all this screen time on that story? I was NOT interested in it at all. Not one bit. I want to watch a crime show, not a soap opera. Way too much personal stuff this season.

Kono in the bag. As soon as Steve called her I knew what was going to happen. ROFL at all the people being surprised about that outcome. And please, how the heck did she fit in there? That was so ridiculous. Oh and by the way, not cool to kill five people without even giving them the chance to surrender. NOT cool.

Chin and Sara. Nothing new, old scenes from last week. Get it over with.

Kamekona and Flippa. No words.

Jerry. Ugh.

As you can see, I was not well entertained. This was way below standard. It barely gets an OK from me. And if it weren’t for Steve and Alicia, I would never watch this episode again.


The only really interesting thing about this episode was the promo for next week. 😉


leiCa, I hope you don’t mind me stealing two of your ‘inventions’. 😉

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.





41 thoughts on “7.03 Review

  1. Lo. Oh Sam. You Crack me up.

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but judging by your quick overview, and what I’ve read others say about it… I’m not missing much.

    Alicia needs to lay off the sleeping pills.

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    • Nope, not missing much. Some scenes were really good, but that is just not enough anymore.

      For me, this was a really weak episode. Or at least it had barely anything that I wanted to see.


  2. Thank you. I was afraid it was only me who thought this was a below average episode. I voted OK because you didn’t have a Meh button. After two great episodes just my opinion) this was a disappointment. I also like Alicia, but like you Sam. I had to wonder if she was dead drunk when she went to bed to not wake up hen a dead body was dumped next to her.
    As for Danny, it is to be supposed that that garage scene was to make him look like the cool smart cop when he stops Steve during the chase to argue liver again. That scene where he steps in front of a speeding auto with his gun drawn so that it stops inches from his body? It was stupid and dangerous. OK, so its only a TV show. I get that, and I do suspend belief for this show but really. And how about Danny’s body language? He looks so unhappy to be standing next to Steve. Body language says so much. No need for silly dialogue. Amateur Psych is fun. It’s my new hobby. LOL.

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  3. So far this was the worst episode of the season. The only good part was the continuation of the serial killer storyline, and even that needed some work. Like you, I don’t understand how the guy was murdered and placed in her bed without her being awoken, but like so much in this show, I will assume she was drugged. I find any storyline with Kono boring lately and as far as Chin and Sara go, I don’t have much interest in that either.
    Was it just me or was the editing on the COTW choppy? I felt as if they were just jumping from scene to scene. Something felt off. For example Danny leaving the scene then magically appearing in the passenger seat next to Steve. I found it strange . If anyone truly did not see what was coming in the scene with the duffle bag, they haven’t been watching this show very long. Personally I thought it was going to be Danny, but Kim guessed it right and of course it was super girl , sharpshooter, Kono. (Insert eye roll).
    Can someone please explain to me what was the purpose of Jerry’s story? There was no need for that and IMO it would have been better to leave him out. He doesn’t need to be in every episode just to be in every episode.
    Overall I gave it an ok. I don’t understand how some people felt this was the best episode ever. Perhaps it was due to the lack of relationship mourning, you know, because some don’t ship couples. (Eye roll again). Perhaps they are blinded by the beauty that is Alex or perhaps they have sold their soul for a mere “like” or “RT” by an egocentric EP. I’m have no doubt there will be an episode they will dislike in the near future.

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        • Watched since day one and will love it till the end. But as a paying viewer I take the right to complain, too.
          You know what is really funny? They say Danny complains, bitches and rants because he cares so much. But they don’t allow us the same. Strange, isn’t is?

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          • I too have watched since the beginning and whether or not I will love it to the end is yet to be seen. For now I watch with my brain fully in tack. I try to turn it off but I haven’t quite mastered that yet.


          • well, WE aren’t the all-wonderful-bow-at-my-feet-Danno, are we? You just don’t understand how good he really is and how he should be totally revered. … yuk, I almost made myself throw up…

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      • I’m not sure how I fit into their little class system. I too was a viewer since the beginning. In fact i managed to see the pilot before it aired…but then, as now, I’m specifically watching for Alex. If he goes, I go. As long as he stays, I stay. So am I a fan? I don’t care. I’m a fan of Alex. That’s my deal.

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  4. I thought the ep was very choppy and disjointed… was having trouble following the COTW. Admittedly I was also chatting on FB but I do that every week. Kono’s friend.. well Kanya Sesser is a real life inspiration but not really relevant to show IMO except to tug at heart strings. Chin’s niece is freaking adorable but until he has a more settled life, not sure he is the best parent for her. I’m betting there will be more to the story of her newly adopted family though… And I’m sorry for obsessing over the liver inaccuracies but hey, I m a nurse and it’s gotten to the point of ‘check my brain at the door’ on that storyline cause ain’t nothin’ right about ANY OF IT. So I’m ignoring it henceforth.
    I loved when Alicia told McG she might have signed his name to some documents and his reaction. And correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the dude have had to be murdered in her bed for there to be a blood pool? I may or may not watch too many procedurals here. It makes me wonder if she is “in on it” she sure was quick to notice that medieval chess book out of all those books on the shelf. I do hope Elisabeth Rohm’s character is evil as can be cause she does an awesome job playing evil. also, Alex is pretty.

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  5. I gave a Ok for this episode I love the chemistry between Steve and Alicic and all there scene together. I like the story line between Kono and her friend. Nothing new on the Chin and Sarah storyline getting a bit boring now. Danny can not be bothered to talk about him. Can not wait for next weeks episode the promo looks so good looking like a top 5 in my list for this season

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  6. DDK is the EP on a new medical drama. It’s hard to be in two places at once and still do a good job.. Not sure if they start filming this season or next year but if DDK’s screen time is cut because he needs time away for his new show, they may “do a Danny” and write in a wedding between Chin and Abby. We’ll likely not see Abby but they can find a nanny–maybe the lady from the diner who flirts with Steve.


      • Mandy: I thought he was listed as EP. Must look again. I don’t think he would ever act in two shows at the same time. What I meant was how can he devote time to being an EP or even Co-Producer of a new show and still be able to spend as much time as Chin. We have seen very little of him in the first three episodes. Since I really like the character that worries me. Having less Danny is just fine with me. There seems to be a consensus that SC has signed for 20 episodes this season, same as last. But I can’t find any official confirmation. Fact or wishful thinking?

        On a positive note, the numbers for H50 seem to be much better than last year. That makes me happy.

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  7. Okay, I had to watch this twice to really follow the COTW. It was choppy as mentioned earlier. Perhaps the wine didn’t help either. I didn’t mind Kono’s side story but it could have been shorter. I don’t even want to think about Jerry, he wasn’t necessary.

    I cannot believe that the writers think that having Danny bitch at Steve in the middle of a chase is funny. And he would not have necessarily known the guy had jacked a car if Steve hadn’t been chasing it. Parking ramps don’t always make it easy to see the driver in dim lighting. He’s lucky the driver didn’t just floor it and run him over. Glad to have your comments on D again Sam. I will forget this episode and look forward to next week.

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  8. I rated this one a “good” because i find it hard to rate Steve on my screen less than that. I actually liked Danny calmly going down the elevator while Steve ran in circles. Danny holding up his gun right in front of the car was stupid and pointless. That car had no way to dodge Danny; Danny should have dodged it.
    I also thought the COTW was choppy and although I liked the discussion with Jerry for some reason, perhaps they could have used that time to develop the plot a bit better. The rendezvous with the bad guy was kidnapped by his own people was just awkward.
    Okay, i was one who did not suspect Kono would be in that bag. I liked it, but had not thought about the fact that she shot all those people before they had done anything. Great point that ruins that scene for me.
    I was okay with the surf side story for some reason. Usually Kono stuff bugs me, but this didn’t.
    The idea that Alicia could be in on this is interesting, but the previews make me doubt that. The actress does do bad very well. Based on the scene of them tracking the van and Steve, I wonder whether Steve attempted to make himself bait or something – or did he just manage to keep his phone after being kidnapped?
    I cannot wait til next week. I’m a bit too obsessed with those previews.

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    • Yesssssss! The few leaks/previews for next week seems to make it the ep to watch! I love Eliz.Rhoam (spelling? 😦 ) and anticipate her being a baddie, but we’ll see….

      As to this week’s ep…I liked it. While Danno irked me in every scene he was in, I’m calloused and used to that now, sadly enough, and the McG that played opposite him was awesome. McG was awesome, period, last night. He was a beautiful running fool, not just in the garage scene, annnnd he was a clever plot-master last night. I adore his chemistry with Clare Forlani (spelling?) and just loved every moment of their wee adventure last night. I’d love for their adventures to go on for a bit. Do we know if it ends next week?

      And if The Godfather could wrangle that horse head into the producer’s bed without waking him, i’ll let 5-0 slip the dead bloody dude into Clare’s bed too. 😆

      I was surprised at myself, but I actually was cool with the surfer story. I dunno why it was there, and I’d expected to hate it, but I think I liked the woman who played her. Not a natural born actress, at all, but there was something very compelling about her, an authenticity. I liked her more than Kono…

      And Sam, love your compromise this week. You disliked the ep, except for the best (McG) parts which were pretty damn awesome, yet you still wrote it up for us and for the record. I dunno how myself and, as we read last week, a whole significant group of us, have gotten so reliant upon your reviews, but we need it want it crave it after an episode. So thanks for gritting your teeth and getting this one out. Danno critique and all. ❤

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        • I’m understanding this next ep may be the final one in this arc? Kinda sad about that if true. This coulda been a larger arc, IMO.


            • Kimphin: If it is a vague comment, it means he has no idea. That’s his thinking out loud mode. We have seen it before. If he needs a filler character to appear for one scene to push along another story line, and she’s available for a few hours, then maybe we will see her again or at least hear her name mentioned. The fact that he said the number 4 for the arc is specific. If it was a character whose appearance is to be hush, hush, then he would sit on that info until he has no choice but to let it out. The bottom line in this case is who the hell knows. PL speak is a science. Ponder the vague and take the specific to the bank.

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    • Sorry, the reference made to who may be playing evil, I got confused. I was totally not paying attention since I am horrible at remember actors names. It would be interesting for the psychiatrist to be orchestrating all this. Of course, maybe the serial killer is also a patient and she is studying medieval chess due to an obsession he has. That may be grasping. The possibility of a professional woman being the serial killer brings to mind the Gravedigger from Bones (i hated that woman!) I think I would rather her be able to help the team find McGarrett. I don’t know……. Oh, why can’t tomorrow be Friday?

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  9. Have to agree with some, so far this episode was worst this season 😉 I bet, many more bad ones to come. But 7.04 preview looked awesome. I can´t really see Alicia being involved in the killings. Her character now became interesting, so hope she gets to stay for a while.
    I admit to skipping Chin and Kono stories in 7.03, just don´t want to waste time on those. I much rather have Jerry´s conspiracy theories to laugh at than Chin´s kid drama.

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  10. I can’t wait for next week. Really the ending kind of gave it away. For next week .As really 7×04 seems to be a Danny less episode. But who knows. As how Steve and the retired FBI profiler will have to try to work their way out. But really glad that the show uses normal people. The person that plays the surfer friend of Kono is like that way in real life. And is from Hawaii.

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    • 7.04 is definitely without Scott, as is the milestone episode 7.07 (150th). Why he’s missing these two important ones? I don’t know and I don’t care anymore.

      The actress playing Kono’s friend is from Asia, born without legs and was adopted by a US family as a 6 yrs old. They’re not from Hawaii.
      Follow her story online, a very inspiring young lady!

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  11. What can I say… I enjoyed the episodes in big parts but it was far from a great one. I guess telling myself to ignore big fat pet peeves (not sure that word is sufficient anymore) and yet another mention of the previous medical drama still works to some extend.
    However I wanted to yell at the screen at a certain person in the parking garage, you get the idea…

    The surfer friend is a very inspiring person in real life, having read a lot about her plus recognizing all the places she and Kono went to made it interesting for me to watch, though I had SO wished for the main focus to be set on the very exciting chess piece serial killer.
    However I see it as a buildup for next week and boy does that promo look great!!
    I really enjoy the chemistry between Alex and Claire, well done!
    Have I mentioned that I loved the goodness that is AOL? He simply carries most of the episodes.
    Looking forward to next week and a full review from you 🙂

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  12. LOL Sam. You can steal anything you want. Share my wisdom. Snicker.
    And thank you for your thoughts. I feel the same with this epi. Not every episode can be a great one.

    Ok. That’s it. My conclusion for a jumbled episode with way too many storylines.
    But – to get it off my chest – let’s start with my

    Ugh. Seriously show? So D is a math genius now and a psych? Really? In next to no time he set up an equation to be right on time to get to the running perp?
    I am on the eighth floor. That makes round about 17 m (oops, metric ;-)) , 56 ft. A standard elevator goes with 0,75 m/h. And because I am a psych I just know that no one in this parking garage will try to use the elevator too and make it stop. All other visitors suffer from claustrophobia so this is out of question. Or they are too much afraid because I am a cop who has fun dangling his weapon right in front of innocent civilians. Whatever, I’ll be the only one using the elevator. Ding, the elevator stops, I know I’ve time to enjoy the view and then I go to stop the killer in the car he highjacked because I prevented my boss from doing his thing and stopping all of this right in time. My legs are approximately 73 cm, oops, 2’5” , so I’ve got a step length of 1’8”. For one step I need 1,3 seconds. The way to the place I am going to stop the car makes 23 m, damn, 75’5”.
    So this makes (56 x 5280) / 0.75 + (75.5 / 1.8) x 1.3. Yeah! I’ve done it. And because of my psych skills I know that the guy will stop the car millimeters (teehee), inches in front of me and by no means will run me over. ***

    Me, leiCa, has never seen something so stuuuupid in a long time. Not funny doesn’t even cover it.
    And what was that with him suddenly leaving the crime scene after the shoot out and the kidnapping of Frontera? WTH? I don’t care that he was together with Steve in the Camaro after that, because the time jumps in this episode were weird. He? Just? Left? And let his colleagues doing their jobs? And don’t let me even get started about D’s reaction to Steve’s suggestion to play good cop-bad cop. For me, D is absolutely pathetic. Jealous of Steve’s various skills.
    My wish to future directors of the show: Can please someone man up and tell the actor to try a second facial expression and to please, pretty please, tone down his voice? Modulate it? I’m scratching my fingernails over a chalkboard just to relax. That does my nails no good. I’ve got a nearly full bottle of navy blue polish left…


    The only thing I liked was the interaction between Steve and Alicia. I found her a little bit prude at the beginning but I am warming up to her. The lines between her and Steve were gold! That was well written and delivered. Alicia’s confession that she used Steve’s name to get an exhumation followed by Steve’s/Alex’s little “ok” was gold! I am really excited what they have in store with the chess piece killer.
    About Kono, I knew right away that she was in the bag. The phone call before gave it away. And, if it had been Danny I don’t think Steve would have been that gentle putting the bag down ;-). Kono’s story with the former surfer girl didn’t really get to me. Don’t know, maybe it would have been better not to separate it so much, maybe include a little bit of Steve in it? Just because I am sure that Steve has comrades, friends who suffered the same fate. But maybe I just feel that way because I am a sucker for McKono scenes.

    I am sooooo looking forward to the next episode. It is going to be EPIC. #thingsyoualwayswantedtosay
    ***No Scott Caan legs were measured for this theory.

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    • I.AM.Dying

      Please don’t ever hold back!

      Still haven’t seen the episode, but I did see the sneak peek with the parking garage ans I thought the same thing. Pretty lazy/risky to call for, getin, ride down and hope you get to the bottom before letting the baddie get away. Or ditch the car and run. That’s not genius, lol.

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    • You hit the nail on the head leiCa. Loved the whole math thing. I was really hoping the car would ram right into him. Never thought about others using the elevator, brilliant observation. I wanted that smug look wiped off his face as if he was gloating at Steve.

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      • Mee too JAT, me too.
        As if any Cop with a little bit of cleverness would use an elevator to chase a shooter. And I read people claiming D is the brain. Lol, yeah right. And I am the cucumber-queen of Cornichons.

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    • So this makes (56 x 5280) / 0.75 + (75.5 / 1.8) x 1.3. Yeah! I’ve done it. And because of my psych skills I know that the guy will stop the car millimeters (teehee), inches in front of me and by no means will run me over. ***

      LOL, Leica, I’m sure D is thankful that *I* was not behind the wheel of that car!!! My response time isn’t so good… oops, we have a DannoPancake!

      And I knew that SC legs had not been truly measured. You overstated how long they are… 🙂

      Leica, you had me laughing loudly… and I’m at work so trying to snicker and hold it in doesn’t do a body good! You’re too funny!

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  13. OK, you guys have certainly taken care of this episode. You have me crying from laughing! Didn’t someone say during the show that there was no sign of forced entry into Alicia’s house? And that the man was killed there? Did they ask him really politely to walk into her bedroom and lie down… and not to make any noise before they killed him??? I thought that was handled very strangely with no remarks about maybe she had a glass of wine before bed and was drugged or something. The concept was great, but I think it was rushed and not thought through. Oh, wait, this is TV. Time to suspend all belief.

    My favorite scene was Alicia explaining exhuming the body and Steve asking how she did that as a private citizen. That was priceless… probably totally unbelievable as well, but still cute and funny. His reaction and comment was perfect. (Although honestly, I’m not really sure who she exhumed or why he was so important… I lost several details in this episode).

    The parking lot fiasco was totally Ri.Di.Cu.Lous. Leica knocked it out of the park with that one. As for Danny leaving the crime scene, why did they even throw that in there? To give him some more “cutesy” lines? It was dumb. Especially when the very next scene has Steve driving the Camaro. What did Steve say “Hey, hang on a second and I’ll go with you. I can just leave my truck here at the crime scene for a while.” I think there is a whole lot of this episode gathering dust on the cutting room floor.

    Jerry’s obligatory scene… why?

    Chin and Kono doing yoga or tai chi or whatever that was… why, again? Just enough time for Chin to ponder what to do about the kiddo. With flashback scenes we have seen before. Hmmm… no Abby this week (that isn’t a complaint). Have they stepped back with the idea of Chin and Abby living together? Personally I think he can do so much better.

    Totally looking forward to next week. I hope the previews only scratch the surface of a fantastic episode.

    And Sam, look on the bright side. Next week you can write an entire review without mentioning the “D” word. Although I do love “Dannoying”. Whoever coined that is a genius!

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  14. Ok I just watched. You guys are right.. mostly ridiculous, with a few dimly shining lights to make u still watch.

    Jerry.. why? So pointless.
    Kame and Flippa .. ditto. Take those 3 minutes and just show me Steve walking please, thanks.

    So, let me get this straight… Danny just… left a scene? Just… toodles, im annoyed, I’m out? Did he think it was the start of the next episode? WTF purpose did that serve. And then he miraculously appears as a passenger in the car 2 scenes later? Yes, please keep telling me this is the best show ever. I need the laugh.

    Steve took a big risk with Konos life there, didn’t he? I mean… there’s about 85000 ways that could’ve gone wrong. What is she now, the contortionist guy from the Oceans movies? Also, somewhere around this scene I started wondering why we cared about getting the overly muscled dude back from the baddies. Keep the money, I say.

    I liked the story with Kono’s old rival, despite it being a distraction. I do wish that Rosie had just won because she was better than Kono, not because she was “scared to lose to Kono”. Ugh.
    Alicia… is Claire Forlani trying to use some type of accent? It occasionally came thru, and it was bad. I like this storyline, despite the dead body in bed ridic. She’s funny, and I think McG finds her intersting to work with. Looking forward to next week. For many reasons, and one blessed absence.

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    • Hee! Yeah…her accent. Is she trying to do a Brooklyn thing?

      But she’s cute and clever with McG and she helps show off his cute and clever, so let’s keep her. She’s even better than Ellie, who has better prospects these days apparently. She and McG should have beers, or Hawaiian Punch, or whatever liver patients are allowed to drink. 🙄

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