7.01/7.02 addendum

During the long hiatus I thought about a way to make writing a review fun and challenging for me. So I came up with the idea of not mentioning Danny in them.

I thought that was a brilliant idea; and Cokie challenged me that I couldn’t do it.

Well, I proved I could do it. But was it as fun and brilliant as I thought it would be?

Not so much…

For a better understanding you must know that I was convinced that you would catch on after half a review and call me out on the “missing” Danny. Why did I think that? Well, that’s easy to answer; ranting and raving about the character Danny had always been an integral part of my reviews. In my eyes, it had always been an important and quite frankly often the most fun part of the review.

Changing this task completely to a non-existing Danny, well, truth be told I was quite disappointed that not one of you even seemed to realize what I was doing. You went about your business, writing your replies as if nothing had happened. That made me feel that it doesn’t really matter what I write in a review. Or whether I write anything at all about an episode. Just slap on the poll and give you a place to comment.

To be fair I have to mention that I got one reply from a person who is on permanent moderation that I should stop complaining about Danny all the time and get a life. Well, guess even the haters don’t really read what I am writing… or don’t write.

Oh, and by the way, this blog is not being moderated, but there are two people who are on permanent moderation because of their constant nastiness and attempts to attack the people here having fun. Other than those two only first time commenters are on moderation. So, should a comment by you not find its way onto the blog, please let me know because that must then be a technical problem.

In my original plan, my next step would have been to rave about the greatness and wonderfulness that the character Danny really is. We had just failed to see it in the last few years. Cokie talked me out of that. Too bad, I bet no one would have said anything about that either.  <Cokie knew she would regurgitate if she had to read that… C >

By the way, Cokie predicted that leiCa would be the first to say something; well she was on vacation, so that was bad timing. 😉 My money, or better chocolate silk pie, was on GNP. But you both failed. LOL

The real winner, besides Leni, is actually someone who never comments here on the blog. She congratulated me on the best way to point out Detective Williams’ importance and accomplishments on the show by totally ignoring him. Kudos to BeeM.

And she’s right, he is not really worth my time. I was planning to add here all the parts I wanted to say about Danny in the past two reviews, but that time has passed and I think I have better things to do than bore you with my inside into the writers’ minds concerning the character Danny. 

Besides, it wouldn’t be pretty. But hey, new episode is coming up, and I can assure you, just the sneak peek got me going. Geez.

27 thoughts on “7.01/7.02 addendum

  1. I really do read what you write.. I just don’t find the character of Danny worth noticing…or not noticing as the case may be. Show me something different that pissing and moaning about EVERYTHING and I might notice.

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  2. As I said before I noticed right along the missing D. But I hadn’t seen the episodes so I didn’t want to say anything. I simply didn’t know what was going on. Maybe you would be just tired of him that you just decided to not deal with him anylonger. But I can assure you that I was missing your words about him. He is in the show, he belongs into a review. And I am pretty sure all the other people commenting here are not bored and are absolutely interested in what you’ve got to say. Just have a look at alllll the comments you get, funny, witty, discussable (is that a word?), agreeing, disagreeing, did I mention funny? And then have a sneak peek at other reviews… Compare. Comments and fun. You’ll see.
    I think the people were wondering and thinking you tried to concentrate on the pretty, the adult, the capable and the expressive acting. (Uh oh – I can feel the hate right now…)
    It is so good here. Even if we disagree it is so funny here. Intelligent, adult, hilarious, clever people here. Oh and did I mention funny?

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  3. Of course I read what you write. It’s what I look forward to the most after each episode. I think it just proves how much we block him out. At least that is what I try to do, unless he is so annoying, I can’t help but rant about it. I hope you know how much I appreciate your thoughts. I am sure I am not the only one.

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  4. I read what you write. I just find Danny a lost cause, hardly worth the effort, so I tend to not make him relevant to my comments whenever he pops up in your reviews. He has his fans and that’s just fine with me. I like the actor, not the character. I do know the difference. #HarrynotDanno.

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  5. Honestly, I didn’t notice – and I think that says a lot about how I feel about the character. I actively try to ignore him. Really, what can be said about him? He’s too whiny, he’s too rude, or he’s too absent( I would never complain about that last part tho, 😉 )

    Have no fear, I DO read what you write. Admittedly I skimmed this last review because I hadn’t seen the episode yet, but I love reading your take on things- and how that spurs discussion between all of us.

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  6. Sam, first let me assure you that we do read every word you write. I love your reviews, even if I don’t agree with every opinion. I do like your take on things and for the most part see it the same way. You began the first review saying you were going to throw out any references to realism and I assumed that meant Danny since he is no real friend of Steve’s. my bad on that. Please continue to express your thoughts and I honestly don’t care if there is a poll or not.

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  7. “In my original plan, my next step would have been to rave about the greatness and wonderfulness that the character Danny really is. We had just failed to see it in the last few years.”

    Really? That was part of the plan? Our assumption would have been that your site was hacked. (Or you were being held hostage by someone you blocked, in which case we would have organized an Op to free you. )

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  8. Lots of great point above. Not much to add. Honestly I noticed D’s absence but you know what? I thought you simply had enough and wanted to concentrate on the important things – and rightfully so!

    Please don’t ever doubt your reviews, your readers, your talent, the joy you give us and this place to come together!!

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  9. Hi guys, I have followed you since I joined twitter in 2013 and love your work. TY for the birthday card by e-mail again too. Very sweet.
    Re Danno. I have to be honest, I am not always thrilled with what the show does with his character; if he stays “nicer” this season as is current, then I wouldn’t mind if you started including him in your review. But one of the things about this site is that I always thought it was more Alex/Steve focused anyway, and since I’m a huge Alex O lover, I don’t complain. But if something happens – a significant save scene with Danno, a really nice, old Season 1 type moment – well, it’s your blog and I’m cool either way, but you could include him. But if you don’t, it’s your blog, and as long as you don’t cut out Alex, I’m good to go.
    Thanks again for a job well done. I admire your computing skills.

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  10. That would have been unbelievable- because we actually read every word you write!
    Personally maybe I would have liked a different point of view on Danny- but I would not buy it as yours! Because your ranting about the character and the way the writers want him to be is like the ‘salt in the soup’ !
    That was missing – while reading I asked myself what was different, and I really noticed the ‘D’less’ time! But (silly me) it didn’t cross my mind, that you did it on purpose! Just thought you to be tired of ranting about the role and needed a break!
    I love your reviews and I love the people on this blog – even if I don’t comment much (I am sorry) ! It just really is very difficult to catch up with you all – and that again is a problem of language! And for that I feel sad!

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  11. I definitely noticed the absence in the second review because of how much horrible Danny there was in the second ep. We were all so excited for McG’s return as well as mortified by JL’s resurrection that DW went to the sidelines. We already had prepped ourselves for his liver overobsession, so I feel like most of us had already decided to ignor him for one episode. I have to admit, whatever I read I am thinking so much about my thoughts, i am not careful to notice fine details particularly since most of the review i agree with. I have to work on paying more attention in the more important parts of my life too. I don’t care too much about the poll, but i do love a place to come express my thoughts. Please know your talents and opinions are greatly appreciated. There is no way i could moderate a blog. It would end up growing cobwebs after a few weeks at the most.
    If you would have posted compliments on Danny’s behavior, I would have assumed i had entered that parallel universe where Steven cut down a protected tree for Christmas. There is no way anyone would have let those comments go by quietly.
    Since we have already seen previews in 7.03 of Danny reminding Steve again of his brush with death, do we dare ask how long we will get the backwards countdown from Steve’s surgery? I guess they can’t think of nonverbal(or at least non-nagging) references to his recovery. Surely he has had a dr. appt in the past month.

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  12. LOL!!! I failed you! But really I didn’t…I think…

    First of all, OMG don’t you dare think we don’t hang on your reviews! I impatiently wait for the suckers as soon as the ep is over. In fact, when the ep ends, I consciously think, what is Sam gonna do with this? I am always amazed at two things in your reviews. 1. You speak my mind with frightening consistency. And 2. You note something every time that I didn’t really notice or pay attention to, so you get me thinking…and in some cases you get me more forgiving of an ep (For the record, your review has never made me like an ep less. If you change my POV it’s always to the positive). You do a wonderful job of calling out the stoopid but modifying the judgementalism and maintaining your delight and sense of fun with Show. I appreciate that most of all in your reviews. It helps me laugh at the stoopid instead of only railing against it, and it helps me just relax and enjoy the Alex.

    The polls are less important to me than the review. I enjoy seeing the polls; on occasion I don’t answer the poll myself cos I cannot decide what final grade to give, but I enjoy noting what you and then the congregate rate each ep. And I vote in most of em…not always in S5 tho… 🙄

    As to not noticing your recent Danno freeze-out, yeah I didn’t. I’m sorry, BabyGirl. :/ But I loooooved both happy reviews. They were so upbeat, I felt you were purposefully getting this season started on suuuuch a positive note…and your positivity had me really singing along to your reviews! It didn’t occur to me they were so happy because HE was not in them. Now I did find it intersting there was no Danno in this LAST ep review, given how much he irked me, but I assumed you just ignored him in your happy new-season celebrate-Show mentality. Did not cross my mind it was purposeful. And TBH I haven’t seen your Danno rants as a trademark of your reviews. 😳 Your reviews are extensive. They almost always include details or some POV I hadn’t thought about when I watched but that I immediately get and often then agree with. They are always accompanied by wonderful screen shots that I adore spending time with. So these first reviews of this season checked all the boxes for me and then some, of what I eagerly come here to read your thoughts for! Nothing seemed missing. I was satisfied as a full-bellied cat with your reviews and the pretty pretty pictures! 😎

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  13. Thought maybe you were just worried about your blood pressure. Your reviews are often better than the episodes. They also serve to point out what *some of us* are willing to overlook just so that we can ogle certain actors. I am awed by the focus and dedication it takes to keep this going. You are as much a hero as McG, (though possibly not as tall and without so many tattoos but that’s just a guess). 🙂

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  14. Here’s my 2 cents worth — I love your reviews! I lurked around for several seasons before getting up the nerve to speak…kinda shy. But my love of Alex brought me out. I’m the oddball here in that Danny doesn’t bother me. I see him as a nuisance, but I think having him there showcases Steve’s strong points. When Danny is hesitant to jump in, Steve is all bravado. When Danny whines, Steve is confident. When Danny balks, Steve is altruistic. When Danny thinks Steve is reckless (because Danny has the normal fears that most of us have), we see that Steve is fearless and will risk life and limb to save others. So I really see Danny’s character as a foil to portraying Steve as the hero he is. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, I love it here because as someone said recently, this is like sitting around a table with like-minded friends. We all love Alex (and Catherine!) and sharing that with you guys has been wonderful. So Sam, thanks for facilitating that and please keep on with your awesome reviews. And pictures. Alex pictures. Shirtless Alex pictures. 🙂

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  15. Oceano, faz todo o sentido!
    Sam, adoro seus pensamentos! Notei a ausência de Danny, mas o site é seu, você decide.


  16. Hi, i just want to say that i read your reviews, and i always love them. And I did noticed the “New Format” since the new season, and i just thought its because you finally have enough of Danny and cut him out for good in your review. Truth be told, after i watched the 1st episodes, i read several difference reviews, while waiting for MostlyFive0 (Sam) review. The reason is because I thought it will be a very interesting review because i really can’t stand Danny in that first episode, and I want to see how you express it. But when i read it, i was like huh, hmm..maybe Sam decides he does not worth the time and energy anymore..Haha, my bad for not pointing it out.

    Anyway, love your review, and thanks for the job well done as always!!

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  17. I know I’m late to the table, due to job changes and such fun but I do read every word of your reviews and really like them too as we see a lot of the same things. I am baffled by some of the other reviews I read where they really like Danny and think he’s concerned about Steve and that what he says is cute and friendly, it always make me wonder what show they were watching cos it couldn’t have been the same one I saw.

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