7.02 Review

7.02No ke ali’i wahine a me ka ‘aina

Five-0 must work with rogue MI-6 agent Harry Langford (guest star Chris Vance) to find a terrorist planning to cause nuclear reactors across Europe to meltdown.  Also, McGarrett and Danny ask retired FBI profiler Alicia Brown to help them find their serial killer vigilante.

CBS translated No ke ali’i wahine a me ka ‘aina to For Queen and Country

As usual let’s start with your vote.

And here we go again with the previously on. The show decided it didn’t need one for the premiere, months after the last episode of season six aired, but now, just a week after the last episode we need to be reminded how that one ended? Seriously, who is this for? The ones with an attention span of a hamster? Or the millions of new viewers? Yes, put in sarcasm font here. We really don’t need this waste if screen time.

But I guess we simply have to live with it, and that is a real shame. Instead of writing new scenes, new dialogue they simply recycle the old one.

And yes, this will always be a pet peeve of mine.


After another wasted minute of precious screen time we are introduced to Alicia Brown. A retired FBI profiler, very reluctant to join forces with Five-0. I really liked those scenes. I loved Steve’s clever play to get her to work for them. He looked for her weaknesses and played her perfectly. Well done, Steve.

And no, this wasn’t a waste of time at all. I’m really looking forward to learn her story.

I must confess, I thought the woman had something to do with it. I thought she was a counter spy, or working with him, or something like that. So, the show got me there. 😉

It was a bit easy and simple to get to the diamonds, but a very cool scene taking out the three bad guys. Although at this point we couldn’t be sure if the James-Bond-wannabe wasn’t a bad guy himself. And I wonder why he didn’t lock the door after he got into the room. That was pretty sloppy.

Very nice tone of the scenes. Nothing too spectacular, but they had a movie-like feeling. Well done.

I know many people enjoy this Chin-storyline. But not me. Not really. I do enjoy the little actress; she’s very good. Very refreshing to the often really bad performances by kid actors. And she’s cute, too. And of course, Chin is great with her. But I don’t see Chin at a point in his life where he could be a dad to a little girl. How would he even care for her? Remember, he’s a member of a special task force. How would it be possible for him to take care of the little girl in a way that would benefit the both of them?

It’s a nice fantasy, but unless he gives up his job, or has a partner at home taking care of the girl, it should stay a fantasy.


And now we come to this week’s crime scene. I love it how Steve greets the cop at the door. He’s always doing that with the HPD guys, or CSU guys. I never really see the others do that; I remember Grover greeting one of his former guys. But Steve is the only one who always greets and thanks the HPD guys, at least that we see it. I really like that about him. That shows style and character.


I like Kono’s new wardrobe, way better than all the skimpy, two sizes too small stuff she normally wears. Nice change.


We learn that the apartment had been tossed, someone had obviously been looking for something.

Despite the good luck charm, hers obviously had run out.


And here is our temporary ME again. I wish they would mention Max somehow; even if it was just to let us know that he was doing OK on his mission.


182,88 cm. ROFL. If you don’t get that joke, well, too bad you don’t know the metric system. (OK, still scratching your head? 1,8288 m are 6 ft. But no agency or anyone for that matter, uses millimeter in giving a height. 6 feet would be 183 cm, or 1,83 m. And the metric system doesn’t use a period to separate. It’s 182,88 not 182.88) I always wonder why they don’t have people knowing these things. One time H50 had a mug shot with the metric system in the background where the head alone was almost a meter in height, making up for half of the entire body. Or when they have foreign speaking people on the show, doesn’t matter what language, I wonder why they don’t use people who can actually speak that language.


Anyway, moving on. They learn who was with the victim last. But was he also the killer?


So, was our spy really just after the diamonds, or was there something else going on? Since we already saw him and Steve working together at some point in the episode, it was pretty clear that more was going on.

See, that is what I often don’t like about the press releases and photos CBS releases. They often give away import plot points. I find that annoying.


Ah, Steve, I’m sure you guys will have more luck with getting Langford than Interpol. Nice scenes at the smart table. Most of the time I really enjoy them standing around and talking about the case. And this was no exception.

So, Steve’s little plan had worked and former FBI Agent Brown worked on the case, presenting her findings. You have to hand it to her, what she had accomplished in that short amount of time. Wow. 😉

I really do like her, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her and Steve working together.

She is barely done giving them her findings when they find Langford. Which leads to a nice chase and a good fight.

Pretty much the very first time that I like a scene with Jerry that didn’t involve Steve. 😉 That was a fun scene. Grover’s faces are almost as good as Steve’s.


Loved the scenes in the blue room. Funny and to the point.


And another great and humorous scene at the smart table. See, if they could use Jerry like this all the time, I would really like him. 😉

So, now they know what they are really after and a plan is quickly formed.


OK, let’s get the blabla and the, for my taste, way too long dance scenes over with and jump to the scenes on the roof.


They learn what they need to know and hop on a plane to Europe.


It looked like Steve really wanted to fly that plane. He surely was a bit nervous, but he was in control. Those were some great scenes, and I really liked Langford. I hope we will see Steve as the pilot rather sooner than later.


After not finding the holy grail, sorry, the graystone, on the guy, they needed to get some answers from him. And fast.

After they learned what the plan was, a meltdown of the nuclear reactors all over Europe, they needed to get answers, like right now. As a side note it seems like PL likes to play the nuclear card. First a bomb going off and now he again deals a nuclear threat.

Effectively threatening the guy was enough to make him tell them everything he knew. Next they overpower the bad guys and shut down the program. World saved, right?


Nope, wrong. Our friendly spy was kinda doing his own thing. But not for long. 😉 I’m sure we all hoped this would end differently than the last time we saw Steve in a setting like this.

What was still missing was the take-down of the bad guy behind the terrorist attempt. And it didn’t take them long to find and eliminate him. I liked that Steve talked Langford out off killing him. Revenge is not Steve’s game. At least not like that. He never followed that road.


And now we come to one of the most important scenes, one that I bet was discussed quite a bit. 😉

What I take from this is that Steve knows that he had already met the right one. That there is only one person in his life that he let completely in. And it makes total sense, he had been with Catherine for a very long time. They had been together long before we ever met Steve. They had times apart and even a time where they had broken it off and Cath had been with Billy. But they had found their way back to each other. Because they are right for each other.

Well, Steve said there is no chance for getting her back. And even that makes sense from his point of view. But that doesn’t mean in any way it is true.

Steve might even still think that Cath took on the OP because the relationship with him wasn’t enough for her. He knows that she lied about her whereabouts and what she was about to do, but he doesn’t know if she meant the other stuff and that the mission was a great excuse for her. We know that she was devastated to leave him. But Steve doesn’t.

So, he might very well think that she really left him. Especially after he told her he couldn’t wait for her. Which I’m sure he regrets by now.

Just wait until he sees her again. He will know soon enough that he has every chance in the world to get her back, and to finally be happy. With her.


And now, the writers’ really have lost their minds. The George Cross? Seriously? By the Queen? I have barely any words for such stupidity. I didn’t know that US citizens are part of the commonwealth. Or I simply missed the part were the task force members were declared British citizens. Those are the only ones awarded this honor, you know. Might be useful for the writers to at least try and check what they are writing about.

This pulled the episode down tremendously. I really have learned to look the other way, but if you use real life things, then please do your homework.

I feel you can’t suspend the laws of physics or make up something stupid like this. In a way you dishonor the real recipients. Only Harry would have been eligible to receive it. And that would have been a way better scene.

My verdict: It was a good enough episode and I felt well entertained, but I was also a bit disappointed. The episode had some really great scenes, and most of them were entertaining. There was none that I would classify as too stupid or boring, some way over the top stuff like the Queen, yes, but other than that I could live with most of them. The Kono-dance-part could have been shorter though. 😉

But the episode felt like good scenes stringing together. And I think that was the problem. They didn’t really manage to string it together. It didn’t feel whole, smooth and like one well edited piece. It’s hard to explain, but for me, the ep felt like many good scenes shown after one another. It was lacking a concept, in my eyes.

And I would have liked it a lot better if this would have been a continuation of last week’s episode. The governor said the killer put the fear of God in all of them, ridiculous in the first place, but none the less. So, why isn’t this case an absolute priority? Why do they have to deal with a normal homicide? That made no sense.

Most of the time I ask myself why were they involved in that particular homicide anyway? Don’t they have better things to do? I mean, come on, how often did a case start out totally harmless and there had been no reason whatsoever to involve Five-0, the elite task force.

And this episode was one of those cases. Why were they called in to a normal homicide instead of pursuing the chess-piece-killer?

And due to all these more or less big flaws I lean toward a good instead of a great. And it was nowhere near an awesome.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


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  1. I gave it a great because when I finally got to sit through it and understand it, I was entertained. Having your granddaughter arrive just before the show airs tends to ruin my concentration. Thank goodness for DVRs. There were parts where I rolled my eyes but since I found the majority of it fun to watch, I forgave some of the glaring unlikely events. The finish was a bit unbelievable even though I didn’t know who was eligible for that award. I love how there are hints being dropped about how much Steve realizes he has lost with Catherine gone. I get that he said he didn’t think he would get her back but that only means he is not going to seek her out, not that he wouldn’t accept her back. At least that is how I took it……I could be wrong.
    Danny sure likes to share personal information about Steve to anyone who will listen. I thought Steve looked uncomfortable on the plane because Danny was sharing his medical history with a guy they didn’t know all that well. And I loved how Steve didn’t want Danny to revisit his past with Rachel if it would cause him pain. I for one don’t mind the Chin and Sara scenes. Whether he is the right person to parent her is not the main point for me……letting us see that side of Chin is nice.
    As usual, great review Sam, I enjoyed your point of view. Thanks for doing this for us.

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  2. I agree with most of what you said. I’m so glad someone else notices when Steve thanks the HDP guys or just pats them on the arm. I’ve always loved that. I wonder if Alex ad libs that?

    Catherine and Steve getting back together — my dream. I’ve heard others say that Steve would be a “doormat” if he took her back, but I don’t agree. When it’s a struggle between the brain and the heart, the heart almost always wins. And Steve definitely leads with his heart. They belong together.

    PL kills things too quickly — Wo Fat, Gabriel, Nahele’s father — they all still had great potential storylines. Now he wants to kill Steve and Catherine’s relationship when certainly he could bring them back to together with a few words on a script. I think he’s got some kind of psychological hangup, haha!

    In these first two episodes I feel like H50 is getting back to its roots — plot twists, carguments/bromance back on a good track, and figuring out who is the bad guy. I love that Harry was at first a suspect, then an ally, then a suspect again, and finally once more an ally. Kept me guessing.

    Thanks for your great summary and pictures!

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  3. Great show as always. Steve and Catherine together is a fantasy. As everybody knows. She lied to him. And that he really needs in a sense, to move on with his life. Needs to find a woman that can give him the kind of live he wants and craves.
    But the show the guy that played the spy was an English version of Steve. Ending silly though.


    • I’m going to have to disagree with this… sorry. I really think Cath is the type of person Steve craves. I can’t see him with another type of person. Just my $.02. Hey, with inflation, I might even go for a nickel.

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  4. I enjoyed 702.

    Regarding The George Cross. No one ever does their homework. That’s how we
    got Liver.

    I really loved our secret agent and how well he and McG worked togther
    (after a few “minor” misunderstandings). Hopefully we will see Harry Lagford
    again and I would be thrilled if he vacationed on the island and helped out with
    a case or three. These two have a lot in common and seem to talk easily about
    very personal things, as though they have known each other forever. The chemistry
    between these two characters was amazing.

    It was heartbreaking to hear the exchange between Harry and Steve at the
    cemetery. Now we know that Steve understands how Harry feels about the
    loss of his wife, the only one he ever let in, because that’s how Steve
    feels about the loss of Catherine. She was the only one he ever let in, too.
    What we saw were two men bonding over shared grief. McG now believes
    Cath won’t return to him, he can’t get her back and he shares blame in that
    having happened. The one you “let in” is the one who wakes up in the middle of
    the night when you are tossing and turning and holds you while you pour out what
    troubles you but makes no judgment. And that is never going to be Danny. Ever.
    Steve has definitely not moved on.

    Does anyone else think tha the Fish and Chips reference to Rachel was the
    beinning of the set up for her return? It felt a litle heavy handed to
    be just a throw away line. I can’t wait to see how they handle Amber/Melissa.

    Post 707 looks like a rebuilding time with new story lines and I believe
    Steve and Catherine will start the journey back to each other. It also appears
    that Lynn is history/not his girlfriend/not he one he loves and mourns. Just that
    little bump in the road PL mentioned. I saw the clip of Steve cooking, presumably
    for her, but with Cath summoning him, I fear she will be left to clean up the
    kitchen. She should walk out and leave the mess behind, both her relationship
    with the guy who’s head is not in the game and the dirty dishes, too.

    I vote for Harry to replace Danny.

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    • Mama, you made my day 🙂

      Sam, thanks for your review – much appreciated and I enjoyed it a lot.
      Although I gave this epi a great. Why? Because I checked my brain at the door (you know… pet peeves, liver post op follow up, medals etc. etc.) and vowed to simply sit back and decided to enjoy the ride this season as much as I can.
      I was well entertained, loved Harry and the chemistry he has with McG, absolutely enjoyed the Bond references (a shout out to Alex trying out for 007 a few years back??), heck I could even tolerate Danny (in parts!) as I found he had showed some genuine concern for his partner who was obviously uncomfortable on the plane especially since he was not in charge.
      However I completely second Mama’s suggestion regarding D’s replacement with Harry 🙂
      And yes Mama, Danny’s fish and chips nostalgia kinda struck me as an opportunity as well. Actually, I could live with that. If we have to deal with him, I’d prefer him “positive”, if that’s even in his DNA…

      The convo between McG and Harry in the cemetery made me swallow. Another Bond reference when 007 lost his wife (the guy who only played him once). The one true love. For Steve it’s Catherine – any doubts? No.
      Just insecurity what PL has in store for his leading man and us.

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    • I second that emotion! #HarryNotDanno 😉

      I also agree with all y’all on the Cath. That was a great scene! McG revealing his heart. To the Brit, not Danno. That speaks volumes…

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  5. Sunny:

    You know, I’m not worried about what PL will do at all. Just writing a scene where Steve equates his loss of Catherine with the death of Harry’s wife was stunning and unexpected. I never expected such candor from the writers so early in the season. Steve looked truly miserable because he thinks he’ll never get her back. He doesn’t know where she is, doesn’t know if she’s OK and told her he wouldn’t wait, so he has no expectation she will ever return. Of course, she will in 707 and I think MB has probably been signed to future episodes which will be announced only when they must. I think Lynn came back for 707 as a plot device and since the actress flew in and out of Hawaii in a day, shooting had to be very brief and targeted. I am guessing she will discover Catherine is still very much in Steve’s life but how she handles that is to be seen. Her screen time will be seconds and then she will join Ellie and the other female characters in the discard pile.

    The second half of the season will be McRoll.

    BTW, Sam-I also do not get notifications of comments. No idea why.

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  6. I gave this a great, cos lots of SuperSEAL doing whatever… and that gray sweater. Just sayin’. I was entertained but well aware of the bizarre unrealities. Due to those it didn’t get an awesome, but in the end I didn’t care. It got a great… Did I mention the sweater? 😀

    I had 2 issues with the ep: Danno and PLenkov’s self reverence. First, Danno. Why was he there? He is not equipped to be a super spy. He whined thru the whole thing, constantly tried to point out McG’s supposed flaws (so McG and the Brit, the 2 cool kids, wouldn’t ignore him I guess?), bitched how McG couldnt do stuff that McG then indeed did do to save the day (thus STFU, Danno), and literally was no help solving the problem. He was just another uniformed dude in the posse, not a leader, and he whined and was afraid the whole time. WHY was he there????

    Second, PLenkov’s self reverence. So many tropes from former eps, mostly S1… Kono in red twisting a bad-guy patsy, pairing her with Danno, their arrival in a convertible, the building dangling, McG going to the Doris solution for a baddie confession…these did not seem unintentional copycatting, or even a lack of new ideas. I think they are revering their own damn past writing! 🙄

    But still a great. SuperSEAL! In a sweater. 🙂

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    • Amen to the gray sweater. And don’t forget he looked great in that suit in the end, loved the tie. Not sure why Danny went along. He was always in the rear when they entered and just looked like he hated being there. And he is still questioning every move that Steve makes. He has no suggestions of his own but sure doesn’t want Steve to handle it. Perhaps he is due for some training all on his own so he can be of help in the future. Oh wait……that would make some sense and we know that the writers don’t deal with common sense. I forgot to mention earlier that I liked Harry a lot.

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      • Moonjat:

        I think Danny was only there because it was an Episode in which SC had to appear and they just wrote him in. It could have as easily been Chin or Grover. It would have been the same story with one of the other characters. Chin would have understood perfectly what Harry was going through, too. There would have been three grieving men in the cemetery, breaking our hearts.

        What I really liked was the different approach Steve and Harry had to a computer program about to wreak havoc on the world. Harry tried to finesse it by attempting to stop the program and Steve looked at the problem and just shot the damn machine.
        I do agree with Sam though. While I love Chin and Sara together, I can’t see how it is in the child’s best interest to let him adopt her. However, they did let Mary adopt a baby so that’s what will probably happen in the land of “what were they thinking?”

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    • YES! All Danny did was whine and bitch. I didn’t like him in the plane and the entire trip to England would have been SO much better if it was just Steve and Harry!

      hey, didn’t Steve wear a sweater in this ep? I’m surprised you didn’t mention it, Grace. 🙂

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  7. After much deliveration, I am going to vote for great. The minutes that I liked far outweighed the stuff I didn’t. Loved Harry and Steve. They were a good match. Loved that Harry felt their fight ended in a draw. Funny, Steve didn’t see it that way. 🙂 I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to Kono and the dance. I was trying to figure out how they fixed her hair that way. 🙂

    I said it last week – I don’t really know what the outcome will be for Chin and Sarah, but she is stunning. I do hope they can keep her for a little while. I find it sort of odd that in 2 episodes there is nothing to indicate Abby is living there even though she was carting all her stuff to Hawaii at the end of last season. I would be agreeable (as if they would ask me) to Chin having a live in nanny to care for her. Of course, Abby would have to go elsewhere…

    I really have no clue why Danny was on that trip. He was a jerk on the plane and then contributed nothing after that. I did love that Steve single-handedly “saved” Europe by shooting the computer to pieces.

    As for the cross, I didn’t know who could receive them, and yes it was far-fetched but I kind of liked the scene. But I was afraid Danny was going to ask her if she had any fish and chips in the kitchen. As I said above, I thought the Rachel comment was placed there for a reason because it just seemed “off”.

    As for the cemetery scene, I am SO glad Danny wasn’t around for that one. These two men had an adult conversation of loss and pain. I’m glad they talked. And I’m glad Steve opened up to another person.

    So, even with its flaws, I have to go with “great”. And maybe it is still because I’m so glad the show is back. I was bouncing Friday night in anticipation!

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    • Yes! To the anticipation! Meeee toooooo…in fact I’m already up for this week’s ep! (I mean, damn! It was a long summer!)

      Alex is also killing it as usual. And the show was exciting, if also utterly unbelievable. Alex doing exciting stuff over-rides much of the 🙄 factor. Hee! I agree with your philosophy. 🙂

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  8. Hello, People! I have spent the last hour pulling Sam away from the abyss where she has threatened to throw herself. And take me right along with her, because I really NEED her!!! So, now I need your help.

    You have had two new reviews from Sam in Season 7. There is something “different” about these reviews. Not one of you has mentioned the difference which we thought would be obvious. Go back and read them again. See the difference. FEEL the difference. It’s major! 🙂 And then, report back here…. you’re on the clock!

    Last week, Sam mentioned that all of you were part “of the game” but you didn’t know it. You still don’t know it and we want to see who can figure it out first! Sam and I plan to celebrate with chocolate silk pie… if anyone figures this out, maybe there could be a dessert in your future, too.

    So, the clock’s ticking… Go!


    • Are we seeing a restrained Sam? Is she trying to keep her reviews more upbeat and less critical. I feel a kinder reviewer but I never minded her past ones. I love her opinion no matter if I agree or not.


    • Hmmm…it’s a new look on the blog page, but that’s been around a little bit. The pics look particularly awesome, clear, but she’s always posted excellent screen shots from the eps. And her reviews are witty, fun, informative and pensive as always. Soooo…I apologize for not noticing a big change!! I love this one as I love all Sam’s writings. ❤


    • Lol! I am back from travelling and have not seen the first two epis. But because I am so weak (and curious) I read her reviews and noticed it right along. No mention of the Little buzzing mosquito (teehee, thanks GNP, loved that).
      But…. After watching am I allowed to mention him? Ya know, catharsis. I’ve got the feeling I will need it. Heard about the wheelchair crash, saw the gifs and the smug smile. Maybe Alex needs to add hypocritical, double standard to tedious and annoying.
      Sam kudos to your restraint. Maybe your right? Has it gotten worse?
      I am looking forward to ep. 4 + 7 like crazy!

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      • welcome home. Please give us your thoughts after you’ve had time to watch. And yes, of course, mention the “D” word as much as you want.


  9. The ending just killed this episode for me. There is only so much disbelief I can suspend!

    I want Steve/Cath back or at least for the two them to honestly talk.

    I wouldn’t mind Chin adopting Sara, if the actually showed what it would take like a live in nanny and all sorts of family support or job changes or something real. But not sure we will get that.

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  10. Thank you for another wonderful review. I look forward to you posting these every week. I decided I want to join in on the fun. If that’s ok with you all. I did notice you didn’t mention Danny or have I learned to ignore his name? Those were usually the funniest part of your reviews. Lol.
    I enjoyed this episode and I gave it a great. I am a sucker for James Bond, so maybe that’s why I loved it so much. The interaction between Steve and Langford was smooth and clearly these two understand each other. I will admit, one of my pet peeves is fans asking guest stars to become recurring, and normally I’m against that, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Langford again in the future. He was a million times better than half the recurring caricatures we have now.
    As far as Alicia is concerned, I haven’t seen enough of her to determine whether I like her or not, but the character has potential to be interesting. I did enjoy how she shut down Danny, as she should have. His comment was just stupid. Of course the chess pieces have a significant meaning. The killer didn’t leave them behind because he’s looking for a chess partner.
    Chin and Sarah were adorable but honestly I don’t care if she stays or not because once this little arc is over, we won’t see her anyway. That’s just how the show rolls.
    In my opinion they should have ended the episode at the cemetery and closed the episode with that heartfelt conversation between Steve and Langford. Of course he feels he lost Cath forever. He has no reason to believe he will see her again. We on the other hand know he will. :). Danny’s fish and chips rant just makes him look like an idiot. Can someone please tell him to cross the street, walk a few blocks and he can get all the fish and chips he wants.
    As far as the medal ceremony goes… dumb, dumb and dumb.

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  11. Now I feel kind of bad that all my criticism had to do with Danny. I can’t overlook the stupidity of most of his lines (i won’t call it dialogue since most of it wasn’t conversations). Starting from the beginning, the idea that he, as a detective doesn’t think the serial killer is smart enough to have meaning behind the chess pieces is ludicrous. Then I don’t see the need to criticize your partner’s driving when he is PURSUING A SUSPECT! Whatever his “sex tape” comment was at the tech board was totally out of left field, so by the time we broached his “so obsessed he may ask the Queen” desire for fish’n chips, i was beyond ready to throw him off the team. He looked absolutely ridiculous in the raid – that scene was almost exactly like the SEAL footage the team watched a few seasons back (it may have been season 1) when Danny realized what it was his partner was trained for. It was totally out of his league. The only line of Danny’s I liked was the one about “is ‘uh oh’ a British word for ‘Everything is okay’?”.

    Now on to the good stuff. I also felt like things didn’t quite gel for a complete story, but not enough for me to rate below “great”. I actually like how the serial killer storyline is parallel for a couple of episodes before what I assume will be the climax in Episode 4. ( I’m thinking of going out of town the week i assume that one airs, so I am sad I may be delayed in watching it.) I loved pretty much all that ya’ll loved and feel the same as ya’ll do about the cemetery scene. I had to post on another blog about how Steve did not say he wouldn’t give Cath another try (that is how some people interpreted that scene despite the fact that is not what he was asked!). He simply doesn’t see her coming back. He obviously has not seen the BTS pics we have all seen (or he has interpreted the body language in them and thus knows the outcome of his relationship). In all seriousness, his perspective is that there is no reason for Cath to return. He told her he couldn’t wait for her and he doesn’t see a way to go get her (or he knows she is not the type to go get)

    I love that his introspective nature has at least spanned 2 episodes. I’m not sure how much more liver reference I can take from Danny. We want some realism with acknowledging our hero has suffered a life altering injury but not by constant reminder of his “friend’s” sacrifice.

    Oh, and evidently there was a sweater. There was a jacket too. The tux was on the wrong team member though (again, way out of his league with that attempted swagger). The tango was also atrocious. Look at the dancers in the background if you want to know how the tango is danced. I still don’t know how the governor’s task force shows up at all these high brow events without anyone knowing who they are.
    Okay, negative nancy over here still gives the ep a “great” because of Mcford and jacket. They need to spend some more time in cooler climates….

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  12. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. It appears that Leni was the first according to the time posted. Thanks for coming out to play, Leni!

    Yes, there has been no mention of the D word and/or person in the last two reviews. Which I am quite sure is much harder than it would appear.



    • Just a guess here but perhaps we didn’t catch on quickly because we all want to pretend he isn’t present on the show. There is only so many ways to express how we dislike how the writers present him.

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      • That’s what I said, JAT… most people on this blog aren’t here for D. The reviews were good and it was very easy to overlook him and focus on what was important.

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  13. Lol. Thank you, thank you very much.
    I honesty didn’t notice the lack of Danny mention in the first review. I guess I was blinded by ZJL, as I assume many of you were. This one stood out because Danny had several stupid moments in this epi. Lol.


  14. I too noticed no Danny references. But – knowing Sam and her special “relationship” with him I didn’t want to mention that I missed him in her review.
    Damn, did I miss the cake now?? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  15. You know, the really nice thing about this blog is that we are just a bunch of friends sitting around the kitchen table, pouring coffee or tea and hashing out the merits of something we all love without throwing the donuts at each other. Thank you all. I am so enjoying the ride.

    Liked by 5 people

  16. I am soooo late, so I really make it short because I know you’ve all moved on by now 😉


    I think this was a really good episode, maybe great despite the stupid stupid ending. And I am still giggling over 182,88 cm. LOL! Really??? Come on, the metric system is not that complicated.
    I love how Steve ‘convinced’ the new profiler. He is one smart guy, very observant and a quick thinker. Love that to pieces!
    The fight was ok but by no means epic. Loved Steve’s elbow check. You don’t mess with him, even in his by now not 100% old self.
    I am not that fond of Langford as you all are, after all Daniel Craig made me stop watching James Bond. I need more than one ‘I am the stoic tough guy’ facial expression through the whole thing.
    We got a glimpse of SEAL Steve talking in Urdu (?) and leading the mission. Loved that too.
    The cemetery scene was perfect, talking to abD was the right thing to do. And you must be really really ignorant to not see how much Cath still means to him. He lost hope that she’ll come back, he knows nothing about 7.07. Poor guy. Doesn’t he watch the sneak peeks?
    The end was ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Ugh.
    But now…


    Shut f/ck up Danny. Just. Shut. The. F/ck. Up. Why did he get a medal? He was redundant and way out of his league here, gave absolutely no input, was complaining and bitching through the whole thing, questioning Steve’s every move, every decision while Steve and co. got the job done. With Alicia, with Langford, the computer, the greystone… STFU!!!! And he talked again to a stranger about Steve – his boss – and not in a good way. Remember Abby? STFU! Now. Or leave. Take Eric with you. They are a force, a task force you know? They’re good without you.

    I’ll rate it good, because D spoiled so much fun. I felt the urgent need through the whole episode to punch him in the mouth, choke him, whatever to make him STFU!

    (Have seen a sneak peek from the next episode, seems as my nightmare comes true, we’ll get Danny bitching over his liver in every freaking episode.)

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