Review 7.01

7.01 Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani?

When the bodies of two serial killers are found on Five-0 property with chess pieces in their mouths, McGarrett and the team hunt for a vigilante as fear grows that tourists aren’t safe in Hawaii, on the seventh season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 23

CBS translated Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani? to Ready to Play?

I’m not quite back to my normal lengthy reviews, but I will give it my best shot.

Some long months are finally over and we have our beloved show back. And I can finally rant and rave about what I loved, liked and what I think was ridiculous, stupid or otherwise didn’t meet my standards.

Before we dive into the review let’s have the vote.

OK, let’s get something out of the way and never mention it ever again. Realism is something this show has no idea about. There are a few things that were beyond stupid concerning the recovery from major surgery and being shot in the abdomen, arm and leg.

But seriously, do we really want to keep going like that, after we almost exhausted ourselves with trying to inflict at least a glimmer of realism to what is happening on screen?

I have decided to throw all my knowledge, and all physics and medical facts out the window. It’s the only way to keep your sanity on this show.

So, having said that let’s get into it.

I had my first good laugh at the use of the slowmo with the parkour artist. Not taking anything away from the great performance, but showing him in slow-motion getting from one house to the other and then McG comes and simply steps over the gap, had me laughing.

And then came what had to come, poor Steve couldn’t follow him. At least not right away.

After this quick and short intro, making us all wonder how long after last season’s ending this is supposed to be, we switch back to “yesterday”.


And yes, this song is a perfect match for Steve. And one of my all-time favorite songs.

Ok, one question, why was Steve in the wheelchair? That makes no sense. He will be running around the next day, and patients are encouraged to walk around as much as possible. Not wheeling around when they are capable of walking. You are only wheeled out of the hospital for insurance reasons. Surely there was no reason for Steve to sit in that chair. Ah, damn, I’m not supposed to ask such question. Logic is also part of the deal to throw out the window.

Bye, bye logic. There you go. Was nice knowing you.

So, Steve wheels into the chapel, to find some inner peace, to think. Doesn’t matter why; I liked that he sought out a quiet place. Back in season two Steve admitted that he believed in a lot more than men can explain. He might not be a religious guy, but I think he does believe in something. And I actually really liked that we came back to his belief without being too ‘in our faces’ about it.

Unfortunately, what I liked didn’t last for long. The Creepy guy came on. Oh please, spare me all the talk about the homage to the old show. All nice and fine, but the execution was beyond bad. He looked like from a really bad computer game from way back.

Besides, if Steve wanted to talk about a good marriage and being a cop he would turn to Grover, or even Duke, or any of his other longtime friends from the military. I’m sure there are a few he could talk to.

And it would have been way more fitting and satisfying if it would have been someone from Steve’s past. Like talking to his dad. Like they did in season three’s Hookman episode. And not this creepy creation from The Walking Dead. Just ugh.

AND, he said he carried the badge for six years now and it has cost him so much. Yeah? What about his life before Five-0? His Navy career has cost him at least as much, maybe even more. And I don’t think Steve would question his worth. He knows what he has done, how many lives he has changed, how many saved. The answer to his real question was very unsatisfactory.

And by the way, who still doesn’t realize that Cath is still very much on his mind and in Five-0’s universe is pretty blind, deaf or plain ignorant.

I think he finally realized that he should have done more, and sooner. But, Steve, it is never too late.

Honestly, I could have done without the whole uncle Chin routine. I’m not part of the fraction that wants him to adopt that child. He would be a single father with a very dangerous job. How would he even be able to take care of a kid. And if she has blood relatives who are fit to raise and love her, she would be better off with them. Face it, Chin is not her relative. Ohana or not.

Show, if you want to enhance Chin’s character, that is fine with me. I love Chin. But maybe you should start with giving him a stable relationship. One that is not based on drama. Malia, he lost twice, Leilani was suddenly gone, and Abby doesn’t seem to be too stable either. Maybe start with that before you make him a sudden father.


So, I take it is Steve’s first day back at work? And of course, a case literally drops at their feet.

Should we question the fact how the killer got the man into HQ without being seen? Nah, of course not.


And… credits roll. Wow, over 8 minutes in, and NO previously on. Except for a short deleted scene from 6.25, a short bit that we didn’t see in this way. Thank you, show. Please keep this up. Slightly new intro with a bit more modern fonts and graphics. Nice.


So, they shipped Abby off to HPD? I like that. This way she doesn’t have to be there all the time, which is really fine with me. I have other suggestions for a job at HPD too.


Until we get Masi Oka a.k.a. Max back, I guess we have to do with her. I wonder what happened to WhatsHerName student from last season. I don’t have an opinion about her, guess she will do the job and be done with it. Or whatever.


Very intriguing puzzle piece with the chess piece. I think it was clear from the get-go that this would be a more complicated case. Although it did take some time to figure out that these even were chess pieces.


I had such high hopes not to see Eric again. Another blood relative I don’t care for. I guess I just don’t get his humor if you can call it humor. I find him gross, embarrassing and inappropriate. But that is just me.


Another positive thing from this episode, no endless, mindless and unnecessary island shots. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my island fix every week, but in season six it was way, way too much. Give us a nice shot that is related to the case, not endless, well… see above. I don’t need barely clad women, or the same surfer and waves time and time again.


And a very short time later they find their primary crime scene, meaning where the first dude’s murder took place. And they found two key cards to a hotel. I guess everyone knew we would find more victims really soon.

And they did not disappoint. Very good scenes getting to the two hotel rooms, finding the victims. Pretty gross, with the eyes and all.

I’m not so sure what I think of the new Governor. Why was she newly elected? When did that happen? I thought she was too demanding. And I heard a threatening undertone clearly in her demand to do for her what they did for Denning. Like… do that, or else. I don’t think I like or trust her. But I will refrain from judging her just yet.


What I did like was that she was interested in the case. That she did talk to the head of her task force. Something that was lacking with Denning. We never saw Steve in any meetings, or at least pretended phone calls. The head of such a task force has a lot of administrative stuff to do to, like budget meetings, for example, monthly reports, evaluations, and what else comes to mind. Talking to superiors just one of those things. So, yeah, I liked that she actually came down to a crime scene and had a talk with Steve. But I had to smile at her “make sure this doesn’t happen again”. Yeah, right.

And can someone please give these guys some shades?

How creepy was it that someone, well, duh, the killer, recorded the killings and emailed it? Ugh. Glad we didn’t have to listen to it.


But that recording brought them to the next crime scene. I think this was all very cleverly orchestrated. Well written.


OK, hands up who asked herself where the heck Grover was at this point? Where the heck did he disappear to? And voila here he is. Listening to Kamekona’s latest harebrained idea. Bigger than google. Although I must admit I would love to get some fresh coco puffs or malasadas. Just a little problem with the delivery I guess.


So after not investing in the new Google, Grover tries to convince a reporter to hold off on the story.


I think Lou was pretty convincing, but it was clear that the talk was not the purpose of those scenes. And that purpose was revealed just a moment later. Another dead body in Lou’s car. I kinda lost count on how many there are now. And I still have no idea who or what is behind all this. What plan is behind the murders. And who is the actual killer? And why?


So, they get a hit on the dead guy, David Larsen, and Steve and Lou go to his house to discover nothing good. But that again brings me to the question, how many killers and victims are we talking about here?

So, Steve again has to report to the Governor, this time at the mansion. Geez, we see more of her in one episode than we saw of Denning in four years.

Her speech made me laugh out loud. Where has she been the last few years? It would be years for people to feel safe again to come visit the islands? What about all the other crap that has happened in the last six years. AND it is pretty stupid to think that people would stop traveling to the islands just because of a serial killer. Look at the real world. People don’t give in to terror, people for sure wouldn’t give in because of a measly serial killer.

Putting the fear of God in the locals, and bankruptcy the whole island? She was way over dramatic. Come on, keep it a bit real. That was totally over the top.

So, Jerry is here, and with him comes a new puzzle piece that will lead to another suspect, and a very, very, very long chase.

So, a short interview and a few screams later we are on the run. 🙂

And still on the run. Loved it how Chin, Kono and Lou were also on the chase after their very fast runner. Although he wasn’t really that fast, Five-0 was really close the whole time.

I have to give it to the guy, some great parkour. You should check out some of the parkour videos on YouTube. Great stuff.

But I must confess at some point I yelled at the TV just shoot him. Get it over with. Enough is enough. I love foot chases. I LOVE them. But, well, you get the idea.

And finally we are back in the here and now. Yesterday is gone. 🙂


I guess this was the longest chase in the history of Five-0. Very cool stunts. Fantastic work, but a bit too long.

After getting patched up, well, sort of, Steve is also back in the game going after their killer. Do I want to know why they bandaged him all up but left two inches of the incision uncovered? Nah, probably not.

And after more running, and chasing up and down their suspect doesn’t quite make the last jump.


After they finally closed this case, although it didn’t even take them a day, they are ready for a beer and something to eat. Except Steve who wants to go home since he broke pretty much every rule of his post-op instructions. Yeah, Steve, as if resting up would happen. 😉

Before he got home he went to Tripler to get his injury looked at, right? Sure he did, or why would he have on a different shirt when he got home?

Raise your hand when you knew something was going to happen and this case was far from over. 😉


So, not much else to say, except my verdict. 🙂

I am really happy that my favorite show is back on TV. And I really enjoyed this episode. Was it the best season opener so far? No, not for me. But I think it was a very good show, I had a lot of fun watching.

Yes, many things in it I could lament about, but I will keep that for another time. So, yeah, I think I will give this a really great.

BUT I truly loved how they seem to refocus on Steve. I have missed that. They have such a fantastic character and had kind of forgotten about him. And it seems that he will be back with a vengeance. Bring it on, I’m ready for him.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Really I am an organ donor. And that the thing were the crew get up and go to work all of a sudden. They take time. Meaning organ donations. As really Peter L failed to see that. But hey it is TV.
    If someone donated an organ to me, I would kiss the ground they walk on. But hey that is just Steve despite being grateful inside though.
    Other than that, glad that they went back to action. Plus the Jack Lord thing was pretty creepy. Wonder if he applauded or would had been rolling in his grave.
    The thing with the serial killer is going to be all season long IMHO. As really it scares me to death.
    Chin balancing his role of uncle turned would be dad. As really he is now my favorite. No offense to Steve, Lou, or Danny fans. As he is the perfect yin to everybody on the task force’s yang.


  2. Hi, glad to have you back and typing out your reviews again. I also rated this a great. I enjoyed it, was it the best ever….no but that is okay.
    I found the Jack Lord recreation rather creepy and I’m not sure that the talk did anything to help Steve search his heart for anything new. He had wanted to marry Catherine so it wasn’t like he wasn’t able to commit. He is only guilty of taking too long to do it (but that was the writers and PL’s fault). The wheelchair race was only the writers releasing their juvenile wishes loose again. Why would the staff ever allow that to happen?
    The COTW was interesting and the jumping from one crime scene to another was sharp and made sense to me. I think that the powers that be decided that the new Gov had to be tough and that meant she needed to talk that way to Steve. The whole let McG know who is in charge. I did like her.
    I didn’t mind Chin playing daddy for Sarah and I don’t know if he’ll get custody or not. What I find interesting was where was Abby during this scene? Does she have an earlier shift than Chin? Must be nice to be 5-0, feels like they have flex hours.
    I enjoyed the chase, maybe it was a bit long but it sure made for some great visuals. And the ending was a nice dramatic end……this killer at least seems to be smart and very accomplished so far and that is intriguing. Not sure how this guy (I assume) is able to et into 5-0 headquarters and Lou’s car and Steve’s house to drop bodies or clues but he sure is clever. I liked the chess pieces as clues and the fact that it took a bit to figure out what they were. All in all after two viewings I was pleased.


  3. Sam: Right on point.

    Absolutely love all chases, on foot, by car or helicopter, you name it. Love choreographed fight scenes too. This season opener was far better than 601, when the pirates stormed the Island. Maybe not as good as 201 (just my opinion) but still very good.

    Regarding the wheelchair race in the hospital corridor with the personnel looking on and doing nothing? All I can say is whomever wrote that scene has NEVER met a nurse.

    So Chin wants to adopt Sara and Abby is now HPD. Perhaps with a different woman Chin could provide a stable home for this child but as long as Abby is in the picture, I am hoping the relatives in Mexico get custody.

    Now onto the Chapel scene. It should have been Freddy sitting there while Steve had that conversation. That’s the person who would understand the price of duty and be able to help Steve sort out any feelings he might be having about his choices. Scary “JL” reminded me of the Walking Dead but I will give points for trying to work the concept into the program even if the GI technology was not perfected yet because it allowed us to look into Steve’s mind.

    Cath! I am amazed at how many of the true fans did not replay the whole scene in the Chapel where JL asks if Steve is married or has a girlfriend. He says no. WHAT was that? Lynn who? Guess Steve has been doing a little stepping out with some other ladies too. No permanent girlfriend. Well well well. Perhaps we will get C L O S U R E in 707 on that story line. Let Lynn be McDone, McOver, McCloseured.

    Then scary JL responds that maybe Steve had not met the right one yet. Steve says maybe he did but couldn’t hold on to her. WHAT? Steve has some responsibility for not finding time to have the “talk”? OK, the job always comes first. Scary JL says that maybe she wasn’t the right one. What does our boy say to that? He says “I’m no so sure about that.” Way to go Steve. Not everyone in the “true fandom” watched the whole scene, it seems.

    So now this fits in nicely with PL’s comment that Steve is going to be thinking about his relationship with Cath in the episodes leading up to 707. They won’t get back together at that time but I think PL has laid the ground work just as he did in 603. She is endgame.

    Danny. Why must they continue to beat that Bromance of a dead horse. These two are not even cordial, let alone friends. Chin or Grover work so much better as partners. Danny needs to answer the call to return to Jersey where he can be happy. The car scene was just annoying. Not cute at all. Just juvenile and repetitive. Why don’t they simply use stock film of the thousand other dumb car convos and allow some people more wanted time off.

    Did I mention that I liked the episode?

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      1. What I took from that interview is what we already know. Steve is going to look at his life and the choices he made. We will get answers about Doris and Wo Fat and maybe Cath. And what I always believed– PL tells the cast Zero about the direction of the SL until they get their scripts. I recall Grace Park not knowing Michelle was back for 525 until she was on the set. And even if they know or guess, they have all read the secrecy Memo.

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          1. It’s just so disappointing that they don’t give Alex an idea of what McG is supposed to be conveying overall. Especially with this show, where they change characterization to suit the episode.

            That’s on PL and his epic writing/EP skillz. And it’s a shame

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            1. Agreed. So much easier to play a character if he’s written fairly consistently. BUT, Alex’s genius is that he finds the inner McG somewhere, no matter what the script is making him do or say that week. 😉


  4. Mahalo for the review. You hit everything I thought of, right on. It was an odd episode. I watched it twice and still couldn’t make heads or tails of the storyline. It was all over the place, in my opinion.

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  5. Loved the ep, gave it a great! Best opener since S4…tho I guess that could be faint praise given the craptastic premieres of both S5 and S6. But I legit loved this. As y’all have said, the focus is correctly back on McG (rather than him being merely a cog in a story). And like Sam, I give up with the liver…he acknowledged he felt beat by the end of the ep and he took his damn meds. He’s now officially healed and totally back to normal. 😆

    Hated the carguments. I’m over carguments. I’m also over Danno, tho he was bearable at the end and mercifully missing in the middle. Loved Grover and loved Chin. Loved Kono and Grover’s bet. Loved McG crazily parkouring despite his infirmity. 🙄

    I think the less said about CreepyJackLord the better. Another of Peter’s masturbatory conceits. It’s over now. Let’s try to shake the memory of it and move on, like the brave little soldiers we are.

    I hope they will stick to the original recipe of making Show primarily about McG. We’ve all wandered in the wilderness enough these last 2 seasons. Play it, Peter. Play Hawaii Five-0. 😉

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      1. “Regarding the wheelchair race in the hospital corridor with the personnel looking on and doing nothing? All I can say is whomever wrote that scene has NEVER met a nurse.” NO KIDDING! I would’ve shut that down in a heartbeat!

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        1. I would have loved to have seen the look on our boys faces while being admonished by a nurse. They seemed to show no regard for the surgical patient who was thrown into the floor.

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  6. Hmmm… I’m still not sure what to say. I thought the chapel was going to be a wonderful scene but then I almost peed myself when I saw the creepy stranger with the jack Lord poof. I am still trying to figure out the purpose of all that.

    And then there is the wheelchair race. Ok, Sam I know you said to check belief at the door. But… This is TRIPLER. A military hospital. I do not believe Steve McGarrett would attempt that. Totally ridiculous. Yeah, it was ‘cute’ but to go on as long as it did was a disgrace. There would have been any number of people ranking higher than Steve that would have put a stop to it. I wasn’t amused.

    And then apparently they both get up and are discharged. They go right to the office. I don’t see any doctor remotely agreeing to that. Oh, right, suspend belief.

    Ok, I will do so.

    Sorry… I do have to ask… how did the murderer get a man with a plastic bag over his head into HQ with no one seeing? Anyone? Ideas?

    You know, Steve is grateful… how many times a day does he have to say it? Yeah, they went overboard with him and all the stuff he was doing fresh out of hospital. Odd that he stops driving to shut Danny up, but then he runs a marathon trying to catch the guy. And where was his partner in all that? Waiting to bring Steve a clean shirt I guess.

    Was worried about Grover for while but he finally showed up. Had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t see Abby, jerry or nit-wit nephew, but they showed up too.

    Of course when Steve walked into his dark house, I knew it wasn’t over. I was afraid Jack Lord was back. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

    Oh, granted Chin probably doesn’t need a child but I love that little girl. She was so refreshing after some of the other children on there… I would rather Chin have the kid than have Abby. I still have trust issues…

    And I liked Kono in this ep.

    As for Steve… he’s back. Nice. My thought was that they couldn’t cover up his entire scar without covering his nipples and we had to have the shirtless scene. Don’t get me started on still having a wound that fresh and he’s back at work yet he magically can run and jump on a bum leg. The man is amazing in more ways than one.

    As for grade… gonna have to go with great. Not GREAT, but they are back. And oh, I was so glad to see them last night. (Was out of town this weekend). It is rough but grandson’s birthday does top 5-0. 🙂

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    1. >>>”Of course when Steve walked into his dark house, I knew it wasn’t over. I was afraid Jack Lord was back. Thankfully that didn’t happen.”

      I’m sending you my drycleaning bill. Coffee everywhere!

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  7. P.s. during the chase from hell, I was hoping and praying someone would just shoot the guy. It took forever…

    And… Sam, hats off to you. You really did it, didn’t you? Show got a great, you get an awesome.

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      1. I’m sure the nurses would have kicked our butts. 🙂

        Speaking of wheelchair races. It was OK for Mr. Hypocrite to complain about McG driving, but he made him crash-land on the floor, risking serious injury, and that was OK and funny? Some people. 😉

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    1. On this show, where they go through ridiculously stupid amounts of ammo – WHY DO THEY NEVER JUST SHOOT THE ONE GUY THE SHOULD?????

      It’s ridiculous. I could’ve winged the guy with a bullet a couple of times for the love of all that is Holy.


      1. or you know, just start shooting and scare the stuffing out of him. Maybe he would have stopped. I do have a problem of shooting to kill a person who isn’t armed. 🙂 But the leg… yeah, go for it. He would have stopped!

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        1. None of them would have shot him in the back, or shoot to kill. But they could have stopped him with a well-placed bullet. Steve is a skilled shooter, as are the others… OK, looking back at old seasons, they often didn’t even hit the barn from ten feet away. Hundreds of bullets but never stopping a fleeing suspect in a car. 😉

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    2. I thought that at first too. Just shoot the guy but then I thought if the guy isn’t carrying a weapon there would be those that would scream that he was unarmed and they shouldn’t have fired. There are always those who feel that 5-0 breaks too many rules. And the chase was cool to watch.


  8. Yay for the review Sam!!!! So glad you are feeling well enough to deLIVER for us.

    I didn’t watch until Sunday – typical busy weekend, yes – but I just couldn’t summon enough give a crap to watch. That’s fact makes me sad. And, as it turns out – I really thought it was a great episode – despite, you know…. lots of stuff. LOL

    It had a very cohesive feel to it – They really did a good job keeping all of the characters involved, even blending in SC – who wasn’t there the day they filmed the chase scene – it was very well integrated I thought. The chase scene, while really cool with all of the parkour – was neverending. I loved how they switched out who was doing the chasing, but OMG – it was interminable.

    Do they allow real candles in hospital chapels? << that did NOT play out like PL hoped.

    The whole conversation with Zombie JacK Lord and McG – sigh. I don’t think someone who doesn’t actually know the circumstance of someone’s relationship can make an educated statement like ZJL did, no matter how long he’s been married. McG realizing he may just have drawn a line in the sand with Catherine that he didn’t mean – that’s growth, in my book. Recall, she had already told him not to wait for her once, but this time I think she was hoping that he would. He’s the one who didn’t want to ride it out – and I think it’s natural to think that maybe he shouldn’t have done that. Whatever her real reason for leaving is – I think we all know she was in distress about the choice she had to make. She left the state, he left the relationship.

    Also>> the scrambling in fandom at the reveal that he has no girlfriend, ROFLMAO. Whether or not he is still seeing Lynn – how pathetic for her that he’s lamenting lost love? Run away RUN!

    The hospital wheelchair scene was ridiculous fandom wank. That is all I’m going to say about that.

    Speaking of Weekend at Bernies – I have this mental image of the serial killer carrying the dead guy through the Palace metal detectors. This makes me giggle immensely. Oh, SHOW…..

    Despite the ridiculous, I am intrigued by this (4 episode I think?) arc. It will be interesting to see it played out.

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    1. I also think it is four eps. And number four will be without a certain character. Am I happy? 🙂

      What I love even more than the scrambling of the fandom about the no-girlfriend, is the rationalization of his statement. Some tweets and texts had me laughing out loud. SO entertaining.

      And thanks, yes, I am feeling pretty good. 🙂

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    2. Kimphin: Your scenario about the body through the metal detectors is more believable than how Steve and Danny got Matt’s body through customs. “Have you anything to declare, Senor?” “Nah, just this souvenir barrel”.

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    1. I’m in public transportation and ppl are staring at me because I’m laughing out loud!! 😀
      Maybe I should do Yoga, too?
      Gosh, how I have missed this and you guys!
      To quote Grover: “Mahalllo”!!

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      1. Have you ever noticed that people who write/lecture on other blogs and the minions who post there lack a sense of humor? Thank you ladies. I laughed so hard from this last exchange tears are rolling down my face.

        Uh, Chocolate silk pie galore in spring. Where, when exactly and do we get our own pie or do we have to share? Because I failed sharing in Kindergarten. Change is hard after 1st Grade, impossible after 2nd. My first spoken word was “mine.”

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        1. Mama, you’re correct – they do not possess the gift of laughter – and with this show, which refuses to take itself seriously, that is a necessary trait. They don’t get it, never will. Oh well, their loss!

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  9. Since I don’t tweet or any of that stuff, you people are my link to the sane fans of the show. Everyone’s sense of humor makes me smile . Much thanks to all.


  10. so glad for the review so i have a place to post my own comments. Of course, as usual, ya’ll “stole” all the good ones. : W we all knew we would have to give up on the “proper” aftermath Steve’s injuries, so i was actually just content with seeing his frustration upon reinjuring himself and his admission he needed to go home after the case. He seemed to acknowledge a bit of discomfort around the reopened wound a few times. I was wondering how he got down from the building where he fell and how they knew to have the ambulance show up at the hotel where the parkour dude disappeared. How many buildings had they traversed by that time?
    I was also pleased at Steve’s st0pping the car during the cargument. If Danny were so concerned about following the rules, he should have insisted Kono and Grover drive from the beginning.
    As far as the “cameo”, I give kudos to PL for actually having a surprise that as far as I know, no one predicted. Upon hearing the voice, my first thought was “Steve is getting advice from Elvis.” The character got less creepy as the scene went along, but the conversation made such little sense. How has the badge taken anything away from Steve? It just seems he could have contemplated his brush with death a bit differently. I could have used more solo McG emoting during that scene. I was most definitely excited that his discontentment revolved around the “right woman” he let get away. I was also concerned about the amount of open flame in the chapel. Oh yeah, I figured Steve in the wheelchair served two purposes – gave him a vulnerable look for the scene and attempted to satisfy us in the fandom who want acknowledgement of his injury.
    i did not see the twitter explosion about McG’s girlfriend comments, but am glad to have missed them. I have nothing against Lynn but she doesn’t come across as stable enough for a relationship with our leading man.
    Finally, I was glad to see the interview with Alex. I could not stay up to watch live stream of SOTB as I had to work this weekend, so any video of him on the red carpet is much appreciated. I did notice he mentioned a back injury/problem affecting his participation in stuntwork. Do we know anymore about that or is he just succombing to age like the rest of us mere mortals?

    Goodness, I forgot about the Chin thing. You make excellent points about the stability of Chin becoming a parent. I love him to death, but he may not be able to provide his niece with the family she needs. I also don’t like Abby in the place of “stepmom”. I got the feeling in an earlier episode that she would be for sending the niece away. I think a child would encroach on her relationship with Chin too much. Maybe i still have a bit of bitterness toward her about the whole investigation thing though.

    I skipped chocolate pie at lunch today, but i do have chocolate syrup for my ice cream…….

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  11. Ugh, I made the mistake of reading some new reviews……I should know better, and had to stop when they agreed with creepy JL that maybe Steve hadn’t found the right woman. Are all ABCs writing blogs? I need to go back to my own take on Cath returning. But not sure anyone would want to read it.

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    1. Moonjat,

      I would love to read your take on the on the whole McRoll story. Get writing, please.

      And yes, the ABC’s are writing blogs. Sadly, this has turned into a twitter “blog war” which has gone beyond not liking Cath or MB, to getting personal with other fans who hold a different opinion. Apparently there is also some overt jealousy regarding the number of hits or comments some blogs get against their own. If they were more accepting of other opinions they might find people willing to discuss the show honestly and then get more visitors, but since they believe they are in an internet lecture hall with “students” who need their personal instruction in biased and non-intellectual viewpoints, they will continue to write poorly reasoned analytical reviews and only get comments from those who are incapable of independent coherent and reasoned thought. Steve told creepy JL, when creepy JL said maybe she (Cath) wasn’t the right one, that HE (Steve) wasn’t so sure about that. I replayed that scene 4 times just to make sure of what the writers were conveying in that exchange. PL had no reason to bring Cath into that conversation at all if she was truly gone, just as he had no reason to have her return if he wanted us to accept that McRoll was over and Steve had truly moved on. Even PL refers to them as McRoll, and his is the only opinion that counts.

      Perhaps if they spent less time on twitter and writing mean spirited reviews and more time at doing the job they are being paid for, they wouldn’t need to complain about their boss, the boss’s wife and all the other employees who don’t bend down to kiss their ring and deserve to be fired. They could do something drastic, like focusing instead on advancing their careers by actually earning that paycheck. There are lots of unemployed people out there just waiting for an opportunity to move into their spot before their seat is even cold. No one is indispensable except the (real) boss, because he’s the one who signs the checks.

      I guess when someone cannot get validation legitimately they try to get it by destroying others. It is so Junior High.

      Enough serious thought for tonight. Its two AM here I am heading to my home office to finish some work that I need to complete.

      A selfie with their Make Believe “Boss” doth not a relationship make. (or something like that.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh. I seem to miss all this…I blocked a hella lotta people. So I see very little unpleasantness, and I wouldn’t click into their blogs if you paid me cash money.

        But interesting to know. They are still at it. Heh! Years later, still at it…

        I’m good here. Here is good for me. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mama, I am polishing it at present. However Ian not sure it will be posted. As for these blogs, I can’t imagine how they can see the same show and take away such a different viewpoint. They must be desperate to ignore the clues.

        GNP, I run across these on FaceBook. I don’t go near Twitter.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yikes, I went to the CBS H50 facebook page once. ONCE. That was a hotbed of innocents being schooled by fandom nasties. I quickly closed out and never returned.

          GNP is right – after 4 years of this, we’ve all found our comfortable spaces. I’m good.

          Liked by 2 people

      3. What are ABC’s? I haven’t been part of the h50 social media fandom long enough to know some of the history of craziness. I do know some of the major McDanno tweeters and every once in a while respond to their silliness. I make sure to interact also when I agree with them on things.
        I did point out Steve’s “i’m not so sure” response on another blog today. It is interesting how they only heard one part of that conversation. Some have decided that Steve and Lynn have been dating a year since her first appearance was about a year ago. One person tweeted me that he was sure Steve and Lynn would get married this year! I’m trying to figure out who could possibly be having the wedding that has been promised, but I would be pretty much anything it isn’t Steve and Lynn.


        1. ABCs are the “anybody but Catherine” group. I’m not up on all the shortcut language either but I managed to pick up on that one. Could someone tell me what LLWL means? I believe it was in reference to Doris in LeiCa’s delightful storyline for episode 150. At least I believe she came up with it. If I am wrong I apologize.


        2. Joyfuljaj:

          If you think that’s crazy, how about the ABC who is convinced that Lynn’s short appearance in 707 means that Steve and Lynn will be together together forever because the actress, Sarah Carter, didn’t look unhappy when she left Hawaii. Is there a volunteer to tell her that the actress and the character are not the same thing? Bring tissues.

          Apparently its been a year that Steve and Lynn had their first date but she is not his girlfriend. We know of at least one other, Airplane girl, he was with after their first date. He made “no girlfriend” very clear in the Chapel, so I’m going out on a limb here and say (IMHO) that’s one place he would want to be completely truthful. No telling lies there. But with their penchant for revisionist history, that scene didn’t even take place in a Chapel.

          The wedding could be Max and Sabrina because that wouldn’t impact the other story lines but it’s only a guess.


  12. I hope that Sam and Cokie don’t mind if I use their page to shout out to two wonderful people who reviewed my little story but weren’t registered so I could not respond on FF. Kimphin1 and Joyfuljaj, thanks so much for your comments on the story. I really appreciated the support.


            1. Moonjat, I posted a review but I don’t know if it went through. Please let me know. I’ve never posted on that site before.


              1. Oh Mama, just read the review. Thank you. I am glad that I did post it, I had doubts but the reception has been great. The muse is very proud of herself.


    1. aww, thx for the thanks. How do i register on fanfic? I did good to get a login so i’m don’t show up as a guest. On here, I never can remember my login, so i have to wait to comment from my laptop (it remembers my login).


  13. Soooo, here we go again. I am back and show’s back. I’ll make it short, just give my 2 cents because I can not not do it, lol…
    I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. Why you ask? Well…

    abD →

    I love that show focuses on Steve again. He is the reason there is Five-0. He is the reason there STILL is Five-0. But I will come to that.
    I knew right before that I had to deal with horrible CGI again. Lord have mercy and spend some time with Iron Robocopman and Ellie Elephant around the boat-bonfire on Lynn Island.
    So I concentrated completely on Steve in the chapel scene and that was an easy and wonderful task. Oh boy, this man is so good at conveying emotions. And isn’t it so sad that Steve has to make up some people to talk to (like in Hookman)? Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be someone – maybe even in the same hospital – who would be there for him emotionally and mentally? I wanted to hug him and tell him, don’t fear, you’ll get there, you’ll find love. Real love. Just wait till episode 25.
    I like the new governor although I think she was a little bit over the top. And she put a whole lot of pressure on poor Steve. Even more pressure a leader most of the time has, he is the one responsible at the end of the day and in this case he is the one with the most experience and the best training. A good teammate knows of this pressure and tries to respect that and support him.
    The parcours chase? Well at first I thought, why are they all saying it was too long, it is pretty cool. But I thought it would stop after Steve got hurt and then it went on and on and on… Oyyy….
    The chess piece mystery is great! Love it! Maybe Steve should go and look if there is a chess piece in the champ box? Ohhhhh, patting myself on my back here, that would be so awesome!
    At the end of the day I felt really sorry for Steve! This guy does not get a rest.


    How about YOU go through the doors first D? How about YOU chase suspects in the front D? But then 5-0 would long be history. Because YOU are no force at all.
    And making Steve crash on the floor with this rod thingie is caring? Really? Yeah right. I have no words for this hypocrisy. If it comes to his own behaviour everything is totally in order, but when it comes to Steve… Preaching water drinking wine. That’s against doctor’s orders D.
    So for me it is more than Dannover, Dannogo, Danknockyourselfout, Dannope, Dannohow.

    Summary: I’ve been way to nice to D. What was I thinking? Sign the papers Steve.

    I am going to vote great.

    (On another note: I read somewhere (no freaking idea where) that people noticed on Steve’s bracelet february 1976 as his birthday and not march 1977 as in S1. Anybody noticed that too? I couldn’t get a clear shot. Maybe because of my solidarity with postliver Steve. All this drinking does no good…)

    Liked by 2 people

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