MacGyver 1.01


Don’t fear, this will not be a full review. 😉

So, now we have seen our new lead-in. Will it be a good match? I guess only time will tell.

I lasted all but fifteen minutes, then I had more than enough. I couldn’t stand the lead, I couldn’t stand the narrative, I couldn’t stand the use of every cliché in the book on this show. Give me a break, please.

For the cast and crew, I hope they will find their audience that will love them, support them and carry them through their first season.

But I will not be one of them.

I will, however, watch the second episode because I have learned that the pilot can often be deceiving. Not every show gets off with such a brilliant pilot like Five-0. Often the second episode is way better.

So, MacGyver will get one more shot.


10 thoughts on “MacGyver 1.01

  1. Sam: Glad to see you back.

    Well, I lasted half an hour. I simply did not make any connection or care what happened to the lead and was so embarrassed for George Eads having to deliver such sophomoric dialogue after coming from CSI. A job is still a job, I guess.

    Very surprised at how well it did in the initial numbers but do not expect that it will hold.
    Definitely will not give it a second chance based on the premise that my time is too valuable to waste when I could be cleaning the bathroom instead. With this reboot there is a need to get my priorities straight.

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  2. I watched but only with half my attention on the TV. I don’t really like the lead and hate that they used his first name right out of the gate. George may bea good actor, I liked him on CSI but that was not the Jack Dalton character I knew and loved. I will watch again to see if this changes for the better but don’t hold much hope.


    1. I think it was the name brand…folks who loved MacGyver really LOOOOOOOOOVED MacGyver. I never watched old MacGyver, so I was iffy to begin with. I too hate the lead. He grates on my last nerve. But I kinda hope it does ok…the combo seemed to work out for our Show.


  3. I kind of liked it. Sure he is not Richard Dean Anderson. But really it is trying to be the 80’s type. But keep in mind this is for the new generation. Will give it a go for a second episode. New shows take time.


  4. I am so annoyed by the combo promos, and find the lead lacking of star power, I will not even try to watch this. I used to love original MaGyver and Richard D A., I however hope this show does great and gets PL´s full attention so he can leave H50 😉

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  5. I’m with you guys — could not find much to like about the characters. There was no heart to the show. This Mac is much more smug and annoying than RDA, whom I loved in the original. Too much gadgetry. And what is the point of the black character? I never figured that out. I will give ep 2 a look-see, but I’m not holding my breath.


    1. Um, CBS got reamed by media for having the whitest casts on tv (vs the other networks, tho no one gave props to 5-0, which is typical :/ ), so I think a few CBS shows quickly added a recurring character of color…possible that’s who this is. Hopefully they will make him a real human. Tho they haven’t exactly managed that with Mac himself, so 2D cardboard character may be all we get here.

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  6. i was intrigued a bit. I was a bit young to be majorly into the original although my brother loved it. I also found some of the dialogue to be painful. If I finish dinner early enough on Fridays to sit down well before H50 comes on, this will pass the time sufficiently. If I’m still out to dinner, I won’t rush home for it.


  7. I like it, but did not fall in love like I did with the original show. I get why they made so many changes, but why did they have to modify the theme song? I think it bothering me the most. MacGyver is not Mac without the proper theme song!


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